One of WFWP USA's Activities Early in the New Year

WFWP USA National Office

Monday 27 December 1999

In America, there is currently a focus on a program sponsored by the American Constitution Committee (ACC) and the Washington Times Foundation. This series is for American leaders and will focus on areas such as leadership, character and spirituality, marriage, youth, community building and volunteerism, media, America's New Century, "Our Families Our Future," and Common Ground -- all areas of similar concern to WFWP.

Tom McDevitt of the Washington Times serves as the chairman of the organizing committee and invitations are being coordinated by the ACC representatives in the regions and states. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to participate in the move to encourage people worldwide to "gather and read together, sacred and wisdom literature." This kind of opportunity is an excellent one to further educate ourselves and involve our extended WFWP membership in America.

There are two dates set for these conferences: 1) January 7-9, 2000, and 2) January 21-23, 2000. For those who attend the second conference, all participants will attend the exceptional January 22nd event: "America Honors Reverend Sun Myung Moon on His 80th Birthday."

If you are interested in having one of your American leader-contacts invited to one of these events or have any questions, please e-mail Alexa Ward at

NO LATER THAN Tuesday 28th December, 1999.

To all of you and your families, the WFWP USA office wishes you a most beautiful, loving and renewing Holiday Season and New Year.