Religious Youth Service Projects
Year 2000 Proposed Schedule

by John Gehring

Greetings for the New Year 2000!

Thank you for your interest in the Religious Youth Service. We have put together a partial schedule for the year 2000. Many have expressed a desire to come to one of our programs and we hope this will give you a sense of what we are building.

Trying to create a program for each region of the world is a huge task. I am the only "full time" staff member. Please forgive "us" if we took a long time to get back to you.

The RYS experience opens up people’s minds and hearts in unique and creative ways. Young adults and communities are exposed to the possibilities of building a culture of peace. Since 1986, I have had the opportunity to work with the RYS in over thirty nations. The RYS continues to prove to be a model that can stimulate the highest dreams and vision of people of faith and character. The RYS is surely an experience of a lifetime.

We know that some people would like to spend a longer time in a nation then the time designated for our RYS programs. If that is your case please let us know and we can try to link you with other programs that are going on in that geographic area.

Please review the following (tentative) schedule and let us know if you can join us. We will keep project fee’s at around $ 200-$ 300. This covers room, board and program costs during the project. We work hard to take care of participants from the point of their arrival to the point of departure.

Please feel free to ask for additional information. If you need a brochure and other information please let us know.


Rev. John W. Gehring

RYS International, Director

Religious Youth Service Projects Proposed Schedule

Dec. 30th 1999 draft

Host Site Dates Details
1. Sri Lanka January 10-18, 2000 4th Asian Friendship and Service Project Cooperating with Sri Lanka –UNESCO, Lions Club. We will work in a rural area to build a school play area and repair a local road.
2. Dominica March 11-18, 2000 Focus is on Caribbean region and North American participants. Working on an environmental project. Dominica/Caribbean Youth Council. 7th Friendship America’s Project
3. West Africa April 1-10, 2000
A. Nigeria RYS mini-project with local nations.
B. Ghana or Ivory Coast: Youth Seminar/training
C. Liberia Youth Seminar/training
4. Romania April 10-20, 2000 European based project with IRFF and UNESCO
5. Central America
Seminars and Meetings and Training
a) Costa Rica May 20-21 One-day seminars plus meetings:
b) Nicaragua May 22-23 RYS seminars and meetings
c) Honduras May 24-27 RYS local project
d) Guatemala May 28-29 RYS seminar
6. Uganda June10-19, 2000 East Africa Regional Project: All are welcome

Local sustainable development and ecological project in cooperation with various religious organizations and the government of Uganda.

7. Guatemala July1-15, 2000 8th Friendship America’s Project

Will focus on bringing greater cooperation among youth in the America’s. Other nation’s participants also welcomed.

8. Papua New Guinea July 29-Aug 7, 2000 Oceania Region

In cooperation with the government and local organizations. Possible housing project or work renovating the public market.

9. Mongolia August 13-24, 2000 5th Asian Friendship and Service Project

This second project in Mongolia will involve a network of various local religious organizations. Participants will largely come form Asia but all are welcome.

10. Nigeria September 9-19, 2000 West Africa Regional project
11. Zambia December 2-10, 2000 Southern Africa Region

All participants are welcomed to join this project which will be the third in the region

12. Philippines December 21-30, 2000 Asian Friendship and Service Project

Other possible locations for RYS projects: