Cham Sarang eui Jip
The House of True Love

Washington DC Family Church
Sunday January 23, 2000

Translation by Tim Elder;
Unofficial notes by Tyler Hendricks

We sang songs from 5:45 a.m. to 6:25 a.m. and then Mrs. Myra Stanecki read hoon dok hae, from The Way of Unification. True Father was at Jefferson House reading hoon dok hae with the True Family. This was Tim's first time to serve as True Father's translator.

Today's title is Cham Sarang Eui Jip, meaning True Love House, or the house of true love. What is the color of true love? Does it have a color? You Japanese sisters can speak neither Korean nor English. If I speak Japanese, however, the translator cannot function. This is a problem every time; language.

What is today's title? The House of True Love. I don't feel like talking much; I just want to say it is great to see you. I don't need to talk. God does not need an interpreter. Who made this situation? Satan, God's love enemy. Satan made it like this. That is how much I hate it. God definitely hates it. God's enemy caused it and God cannot enjoy it. (Father acts as a mime.) Do you know what I meant in my mind? You don't know.

Koreans raise your hands. I will speak Japanese and Tim Elder will translate Japanese to English. (At this point Father replaced Dr. Yang, who cannot speak Japanese, with Tim Elder, who speaks both Japanese and Korean.) (Father jokes about Tim's height.) I like people who are taller than I am the least. My fault is that I don't like people who are taller than me, but I like people who are shorter.

Today's topic is the House of True Love. Is the house the center, or the love? (Love.) What is love? Love tastes good. How can we eat love? You cannot see love. You cannot touch it. You cannot smell it. You can't sense it with any of your five senses; there is nothing there to sense with your five senses. But do you know it? You know if love is there; you know if love is in a house. You know where there is a house of love. It is the house in the best position in the universe. It is not a place of diamonds or gold, but of love.

Where is the house of love? (Every home.) Where is every home? (Every true home.) You say true home, but what is truth? Is it something you can see? (No.) Love cannot be seen. In the substantial world, it cannot be seen. It is not substantial. In the final analysis, where is the place love can reside? Which is bigger, something that is invisible or visible? (Invisible.) If you think in terms of your own family, the greatest thing you have is your grandfather, then the father, husband and son. Those are the greatest things. To have a house where love can reside is the most wonderful thing, but what are the conditions necessary for a home to be like that? What is the thing that must be the subject there? Love, or something else? (Something else?) What is that something else? (God.) Why? (God can see with True Love eyes.) I don't know. You must know better than I do.

Love is great, so it must reside in an amazing place. What is that place? If you would ask love if it would like to go into a tiny space or a large space, what would it say? Is that really true? Is love that you are loving a small thing or the entire universe? (Entire cosmos.) When you love your wife, do you do it by yourselves, or where there are a lot of people? Do you do it where no one can see, or out in the open? Are you covering yourselves and hiding? (Ideally it should be open.) To do it openly is the American way. (Father imitates a couple pulling the blankets over and kissing.) Real love is not in the large place but the small place.

Raise your hands if you have not received the blessing. Wow. All of you are wonderful wives and husbands. Is your beloved wife or husband hiding in the center of your heart, or not? You want to keep what you love the most in the core of your heart. Would you like your house of love to be in the huge heart of God, where tens of thousands can reside, or just in a house where the husband and wife can dwell together? Would you want to be with a lot of people and kiss tens of thousands of women and not just your own wife? Is it just two? Two is the absolute principle in love. How about God? God is huge and has a huge amount of love. Does He want to love many people or just one? How can God go around kissing everyone? One or everyone? (Everyone.) God is huge and great but the object of His love is just one. When God loves and the focus of His love is kissing, when you kiss in front of God would He feel embarrassed? When you kiss, do you want to be able to kiss better than God does or be defeated by Him?

There are several kinds of kissing, with the lips, tongue, teeth and throat. Which would you like best? The tongue kiss! If your tongue comes out so far that it is going to fall off, would God say stop or go ahead? He would say to keep going. Why is that? God will think that it is His responsibility that He made the tongue that way and hence it is His fault if the tongue comes out. Is it better to have one object of love or the entire universe? (One! Universe!) I don't know. Will you want the feeling that the object of love should be absolute, eternal, unique and unchanging? (Yes.) You will want that forever. God's holiness is that He is absolute, eternal, unique and unchanging. Is absolute one or two? (One!) Two! (One!) I lost. Is that which is unique one or several? (One.) Unchanging - nothing can compare with that. (Each of the terms, absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging, implies singularity.) All these are one; that is the most logical number for it. So forget the world and have just two people alone. That is where True Love should begin.

God created Adam as His partner in love, absolute, eternal, unique and unchanging, and Eve the same way. This couple was to become an absolute, eternal, unique and unchanging couple. How could this be possible? Would He have to tie them together with a nylon rope or wire? With a gold rope? A diamond rope? (A love rope.) What is love? Love means L-O-V-E. What does it mean, this L-O-V-E? Do you want some more? Everything becomes one and there is nothing that cannot become one that way. So then, where is this house of True Love? We have to search for it. It is a task that we must accomplish, even if we have to pass through a hundred, thousand or more gates. How do we open those gates? There is one key, for all of them: the key of love.

If you have the key of love that is absolute, eternal, unique and unchanging, even if there are a thousand gates, it will open them all. Then who owns those keys? (My spouse.) You don't have them yourself. You cannot open them by yourself. You cannot deny that the key of love is in your spouse. Even if a man is handsome, he is helpless if he has no partner. But once he finds that key, he can open everything. What is your name? (Antonio.) Do you love your wife? (Yes.) When you fight, I'm sure your often lose. Why do you lose? (Because I love her.) Because she has the keys. When you fight and the husband wins, he gains nothing, because he has lost the key of love. For the sake of love, even if he becomes the servant, he is very happy. Is someone sleeping back there? You have to exercise. Can you see from back there? If you cannot see, I will give more expressions so you can see better.

Antonio, if you were to go to your wife, can you force her to give you love? (No way.) Then, when she says no, what do you do to receive love? (Father acts it out, pleading and pleading with his hands together as if praying.) Finally after three times she will consent. Then love can live in that house. Do you Antonio want to live forever in the heart of your wife? (Yes. YES. YES!) What about your wife? (She feels the same way.) So who should learn first? Should the wife teach her husband or should the husband teach his wife? People over here may feel bad because I am talking over there. There is more light there, so it cannot be helped. And people in the back feel bad, but I can see the people in the front better, so it cannot be helped. So you should plan to come to the front and sit in the light. You will lose a lot if you sit where it's dark.

Will I look at faces that are light or dark? (Light faces. One sister, obviously black, says "Dark faces." Everyone laughs.) Where does True Love want to live, where it is bright or hidden and dark? (Various answers are shouted back at Father, mostly that we want to love in a bright place.) You said a while ago that you love where it is hidden. Why are you changing now? The master of those who wants to love energetically are black people. They love very energetically and with heart. Is history made during the day or night? (Day and night.) I am asking which, so don't answer that way. It is made during the nighttime. Did you come to existence during the day or night? (Nighttime.) You started during the night but you say you don't like dark things, so you are worse than Satan. Follow Father and say it again. You began during the night when it was dark, so if you say you don't like the dark, you are worse than Satan. Does that make you feel good?

(Father speaks and Tim cannot translate it. Father notices this and comments:) Father is complicated. There were a white couple and a black couple. The white lived upstairs and the black downstairs. Which one made love so much that they kept everyone awake? The black one. So who is the master of True Love, white or black? (Everybody is.) I didn't ask about everybody. The black was noisier, so they must be the master of True Love, right? So the black couple that did so were still very active and full of energy in the morning. White people look like they are tired all the time. If a white women married to a white man is widowed, then marries a black man, after a week she will completely forget about her white former husband. One time connecting to that black taste of love, wow, you are occupying everything. God is fair and equal, so does He give the right of love to white or black people? I'm wiping my face with a white towel today.

I've spoken on the subject of the house of true love and asked where true love resides. It is in the darkest and most secret place of the heart. Even until death we will keep that deep and dark place. You want to love so much that even after death you can have this powerful love and travel throughout the universe. American women, do you have a house that is absolute, eternal, unique and unchanging for your husband in your heart? If there are an American woman and a Chinese woman in the same room, which will laugh more? (The American.) Does laughter continue forever? It does not continue even for a week. Do you want an American wife who is laughing for a week, or one who is silent for years and even eternally? An American or Chinese woman? Which? (Chinese.) If you feel that way, how does God feel? Is God laughing and dancing every day, proclaiming He is happy? He has been silent for tens of millions of years. If He is happy and wants to dance, maybe He does it inside Himself, but I've never seen God happy or joyful.

Americans eat meals talking and laughing, but the oriental way is to eat in silence. Not using a fork, but chopsticks, by which you take it one at a time, silently, thinking about the mystery of the past, present and future. Which is better, with the chopsticks or the fork and not thinking about anything but just shoveling it into your mouth? I don't know. One way, destiny.

When you are walking on the road, should you do so in silence or talking and laughing? If a person is serious and thinking about many things, it leads to silence in everything. If the parents are working hard and suffering, the time of meals is a time for silence and seriousness, not laughing. If you think you are eating a meal with the money the father has worked hard to earn, it is a serious time. It is even more serious if you think that God has worked hard to provide it for you. Eating that way, you'll be serious, and healthier, too. Silence is an important part of receiving God's blessing. Silence connects you to a mystical world where you can find God's blessing. Sit properly in silence. It allows you to embrace what you must in order to work more effectively.

Where does True Love want to live, in a place of noise or silence? (Silence.) Silence. From that point of view, where does love want to live? Just where it is silent, with nothing there?

The flat world is a vertical position, if it is perfectly flat at 90 degrees. It can go anywhere from the middle of that flat plane. Like the surface of a quiet lake, like a mirror. That becomes a standard by which everything else can be matched. Everything can be gauged or measured by that. Your heart should be perfectly flat and serve as a model for everything else around. The heart is vertical.

Until now, people did not know what the mind and body should be. The body is flat. The body allows you to cover the entire substantial world. What is the vertical? It is the pillar for everything in the cosmos. That makes everything peaceful. When those two join together, that creates the most stable situation.

You have two; one is the heart, the other the body, that allow you to conquer the whole world. The heart is the subject of the cosmic world. God is in a high place, but is parallel and flat. There is also part of God that is. If you become one with God then you're vertical. Where should your conscience, mind and body be compared to God?

Your angle has to match 90 degrees. If it is 89 or 91 degrees, ... Everything has to be 90 degrees. No power or beauty can change that fact. Whether you like it or not, this is the model. It is unchanging. Even in a model, if there were something you have to embrace it. This applies to the whole universe. You have the heart to love your conscience and physical body, right? If God told you that your mind and body coming together would create a beautiful universe, what would you say? There is just one point where the vertical touches the horizontal, one particular point. If your conscience and physical body are not one, can you possibly create a house of love?

There are top and bottom, left and right, forward and back. There are three directions coming into oneness. They unite and move in a circular motion. This is the house, and this is the family (Father indicates the spherical structure.) This is parent and child, husband and wife, and younger and elder siblings. Those are the relationships in the family. If one were missing it would be terrible. If a husband and wife love each other very much, but only have daughters, would that be great? Or if they had only sons? No. If your husband dies, then everything is sad. If the grandmother is old and dies, does everyone miss her? Yes, each person would remember their childhood and miss her because she would buy them toys and take their side in every argument. I need, therefore, parents and grandparents. I need them all.

What if the daughter-in-law does not like the mother-in-law? If that were so, then there would be no space for True Love to dwell. You need a third point, so that it is not a "one-line dwelling." On a straight line, nothing can be placed. There has to be three points for stability. The grandpa is necessary, I need him, and my husband, and elder son. Four levels, making and connecting into three stages. Even your head has four points, the three objective purposes. All people need their grandparents, father and mother, and children. The center of everything is at the same point. Everything comes into the same standard. That origin place is where God wants to dwell. When True Love is at that point, then everything becomes one, centering on God's True Love. It is the center not just of the spherical world but of the flat world too. Everyone becomes one centering on that one point.

But your conscience and physical body always struggle. Your core angle is in your family. If your angle is wrong, then everything that extends out from there is wrong. You need a standard of measurement. The standard for the metric system in France is kept in the Louvre. We have to have a standard too.

Where is God's house of love? Now you have come to know that this house comes in the vertical and horizontal relationships of husband and wife, parents and children, and brothers and sisters. You've come to know that this morning. Vertical love comes from grandparents, husband and wife and children. God's love is the combination of parents' love, husband and wife love and children's love, so where the three come together is where He wants to reside. You can look everywhere else but you can find it nowhere other than at this one point. This one point is the point that is absolute, eternal, unique and unchanging. You cannot deny that this is the place where God resides. Even if I deny it, it is still true. So if you want to grab hold of God and bring Him to your house, all those loves have to be there first. Grandparents, parents, husband and wife and children. No part of this spherical shape can be missing. If any part is missing, everything has to be thrown away.

You cannot deny that love is where all these things come together, and you cannot have anything missing. If you grab your wife and make the angle of love, it would be like this. If the husband is working hard all day and comes home, he has to match his love to that of his wife. Even though God is great, if He wants to have love, He has to have that angle too. One who goes against that is an evil person, who destroys the spherical motion. The wife cannot deny her husband, daughter or grandparents. If you do so, you are denying the entire spherical shape and all the relationships.

(Father counts to eight.) Every direction, okay. There are six points, but you cannot even deny one without losing your freedom. Why are American people bad in recommending freedom? They can break this apart, failing to honor this kind of formula. Without it, you can never be free. American people speak much of freedom, but human liberation is not just by making a sound. You cannot have freedom except by this formula. That is the standard for the completion of freedom.

There is a big crowd here and when you leave here you will move in a variety of ways, but I taught this one concept that you need to understand. Forever K-N-O-W. This is the true formula. So American people, no matter how famous, need absolutely parentship, grandparent-ship, couple-ship and children-ship. If you deny any one of them, you deny everything and go to the zero point. Is this clear or not? This is morning time, not nighttime. I teach a constant word and if you understand it you will create no problems. It is an open formula. The letter "O" means open and okay. "K" means kitchen or kingdom. Each of us should be able to say that it all connects to me, that I am the center king, that it is my property, mansei.

You blessed couples should understand this content clearly. We need the absolute everything. Now you know clearly about the house of love. Washington means washing stone, a stone for being washed, a white stone, and it is located in the White House. But the house of true love is more precious than the White House. Who is the master of the White House? If we make the White House a house of this formula, it will be the eternal place.

If I give you such a wonderful gift, don't you think you should give me a small gift in return? Give me something to eat, a meal. Should I continue speaking or not? (Yes.) But I am hungry. I spoke last night until early in the morning, and again from early morning, so you should sympathize with me and let me go have a meal. Say so! (No!) Say! (No!) Say! (NO!) I have to leave now, so I wish for your blessing for thousands of years. God's blessing will be with you.

[Dr. Yang led three cheers of mansei. True Parents proceeded to have breakfast at a McDonald's, and the rest of us had breakfast at the church and then we had a leaders meeting.]