Memo from Dr. Tyler Hendricks - February 22, 2000


for Unification and World Peace, America

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February 22, 2000

TO: Regional Directors, Vice RDs and Tour Coordinators, Vice-Presidents,
State Leaders, Go-World Travel, Headquarters Staff and all members
FM: Tyler Hendricks

Greetings from National Headquarters.

I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for your hard work and sincere faith during the last several weeks. We experienced True God's Day, the January 22 and February 2 birthday events, and Blessing 2000. Since I came to headquarters, January 1989, we have never carried out such an intensive and productive schedule. Everyone deserves great appreciation and thanks.

You may feel, as I often do, that everything was full of holes. That may be true, but nonetheless through God's love and True Parents' blessing, we have made a big impact on our communities. We have uplifted True Parents' name in America. We brought 1,200 American Christians to experience the greatness of True Parents in Korea. I have reason to believe that Father was happy with the job we did. Compared with the past, we outdid ourselves.

That of course means that we have raised True Parents' expectations for what we can produce! It means more sacrificial hard work is coming our way. To prepare, I invite everyone who feels so moved to write up your reflections on these past few weeks. What worked and what didn't work? How can we improve?

Again, thank you and God bless you;

Tyler Hendricks