True Mother's Tour
First Stop Washington DC

Edwin Pierson
Sunday, 9 April 2000

Mother spoke in Washington D.C. on April 8th from 1:00-3:00 pm at 999 9th St. the Renaissance Washington Hotel. Metro stop is Gallery Place - Chinatown.

A brief report from one who was there:

It was a cool, blustery spring afternoon outside, but inside the ballroom of the Renaissance Washington Hotel in central Washington, D.C. the atmosphere was warm and peaceful.

Approximately 1,000 guests gathered for the launch of True Parents' 12 city U.S. speaking tour. Among the guests were several VIPs, including the former president of Belarus, a King of Rwanda, ambassadors from several embassies, ministers, and business leaders. Welcome music was performed by a wonderful hip hop choir called "Urban Nation" (from Norfolk, Virginia, I believe). Rev. Levi Daugherty welcomed everyone and his daughter, Lena (also a member or the choir), was one of the introductory speakers. She spoke clearly about abstinence and the Dream Alive Abstinence program. The other speakers were Minister Abdul Khadir Muhammed from the Nation of Islam and Dr. Charles and Frances Ballard, founders of the Institute for Responsible Fatherhood.

Rev. Michael Jenkins served with vigor as Master of Ceremonies.

Rev. William Bennett gave an impassioned invocation. Former Senator Larry Pressler gave some welcoming remarks, mostly a reading of a biography of True Mother's life. These were followed by a moving rendition of "The Lord's Prayer" by Yoshimi Kadota, accompanied with grace on violin by Makiko Taguchi. Dr. Tyler Hendricks gave a few very warm opening remarks (sorry, no notes). The video presentation "Living for the Sake of Others" served as the final lead into True Mother's entrance. She was welcomed enthusiastically with a standing ovation.

The speech given was: "The Path For America and Humanity In The Last Days."

True Mother spoke magnificently and touched the heartle of God reaching the original mind and heart of everyone in attendance. Especially, as she spoke of when she and True Father first came to America and stood on Fifth Avenue...the love of True Parents cried out loud and clear.

"It seems like only yesterday that I stood with my husband on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. I watched as he wept openly. He was holding onto God, to keep Him from leaving America. Unfortunately, as we predicted and feared, America has persisted on the way of moral decay

" spite of all the opposition and suffering he has endured, why do you suppose Reverend Moon continues to cry out to America? It is because he knows, better than anyone, the blood, sweat, and tears that God shed in the course of establishing this country. During the past thirty years in America, my husband has not spent so much as a single day in comfort or ease.

"We continue to plead with you because God has chosen America to be the elder son, His leading nation in building the Kingdom of God on Earth. Even now, Jesus is spirirually present mainly in America, and he is offering earnest prayers that his purpose will be accomplished in America...."

After some presentations of proclamations and awards (including a pure love gold ring for every tenth person) True Mother (accompanied by Hyun Jin Nim) personally greeted the VIPs in the front....and was off to the airport. Next stop Boston.

God bless True Parents! God bless America!

Man Mansei.