Second Printing of "Family, Church, Community, Kingdom"

by Rev. Dr. Tyler Hendricks
Friday June 23 2000

Due to popular demand!

The first print run of "Family, Church, Community, Kingdom" is sold out. I am printing a second run as a paperback book. It will be available in about one month. It will have the same price as the spiral bound edition--$10 plus $2 for shipping; double for shipping overseas. Orders I receive from today on will be fulfilled with the paperback edition. Thank you for your understanding.

Excerpts from "Family, Church, Community, Kingdom":

To accomplish our goals, what is needed now is the ability to increase membership through religious conversion and life enrichment. To do this, the fundamental unit is the local church. Our movement and eventually our families will live or die based upon the health of the local church. We need to develop a local church based on the family system. . . .

Father grew his church from the 1940s through the 1960s in Korea. By the time he came to America, he was working on the national and world levels. One thing he sacrificed in coming here was his role as a local pastor. Anyone who has had a real experience as a local pastor knows that to give that up is a big sacrifice, only one of the many that True Parents made. Later, Father said, "Now, I am very famous and so busy that I cannot give the Divine Principle lectures. The old days when I was raising members was the most exciting period." (Way of the Spiritual Leader, part 1, p. 238)

We are turning UTS into a place to learn how to create true families and vital local church communities. I hope this book can contribute to this process. I'll get it to you as soon as I can.

ITN, Tyler Hendricks