E-Letter to Parents

Hugh and Nora Spurgin
New Eden Academy,
Bridgeport, Connecticut

Greetings to parents of high school students from Hugh and Nora Spurgin at New Eden Academy located in Bridgeport, Connecticut:

The last email communication you had from us was a questionnaire. We want to thank everyone who responded and took the time and effort to let us know your situations, thoughts, and desires. It is obvious from the response that the ideal educational providence would be something local and inexpensive. There are already some on-line distance learning programs, so we will eventually need to develop a few courses, which are specific to the spiritual and developmental needs of second generation. Hopefully, in the near future something like this can be developed.

With an increasing number of second generation reaching high school age, we as their parents and educators are challenged to find the best way to prepare our youth for faithful and productive adult lives and to protect them from the attraction and "pull" of contemporary immoralities. Whereas it was once the transition to college that marked the more dangerous territory, youth today face the danger zones earlier and earlier, placing them at great risk during their teenage years.

At New Eden Academy, we have also been confronted with the awesome challenge of steering these lovely children through the years of discovery, adventure and the search for personal identity and faith. We have faced many challenges and learned much during these three foundation years. On June 1st, we proudly graduated eighteen students, all of whom plan to attend college either this fall or after one year on the STF. Five of those students were able to complete necessary requirements & graduate one year early with as much as a full year of university credit. This was a great financial help for their parents.

We are writing this letter to inform you of some of the changes taking place for our high school for this upcoming school year of 2000-1 and to give you an opportunity to apply to our program. Even though we will continue our fundamental goal to provide an excellent character and value-based educational program, revisions have been made in the academic program to reflect our Founder's desire for a broad-based, value-centered, non-sectarian school - open to students of all religions and faiths. Students will continue to be offered four university courses per year for which they will receive both college and high school credit. The changes will allow us to apply for financial benefits and grants from the broader community and build a day student (as well as international) population. Thus, our continued growth is not limited solely to residential students. One of the benefits of our contractual relationship with the University of Bridgeport is students are able to take university classes while still in high school. Also we have a cooperative effort with the English Language Institute at UB that enables us to issue I-20 forms allowing students who are 17 years old (in the future, 16 years old) to obtain student visas. Students may apply to the Academy who are ready to enter ninth grade or above. They must be willing to sign a code of conduct agreeing to various dorm and school regulations such as no smoking, alcohol, drugs, or sex. There is a dress code requiring a navy blue polo shirt and khaki-colored pants. (No oversized, wide legged pants).

We are pleased to announce that Mrs. Joy Garratt will be the Head of Faculty and primary English teacher for NEA beginning this school year. Joy and her husband Dale were dorm parents at Little Angels School for 5 years, and she has her master's degree in education, specializing in high school administration. We still have an opening possibly for another math teacher and for additional residential life coordinators. Any second generation who have graduated with a major in math., please contact us.

Our academic program and our residential/religious program are two distinct areas and Unification religious traditions and education will take place before and after school - not during the day, since we have declared our academic program and school to be non-sectarian and open to students of all religious backgrounds. The dorm, located at Cooper Hall, will include opportunities for religious education and worship. It has also been our desire to make a character-based school which is self-supporting. This is not easy and these early years have depended on church support which is no longer available.

The major reason for the high cost is residential life which requires room and board, 24 hour per day supervision, transportation, entertainment, trips, sports, and recreation. With an increase in the number of international students, we hope to keep the school thriving. During this transition period, we are seeking a number of ways to continue to provide supplementary scholarships to students.

One boarding student for one year costs 50% less that the cost of most private residential schools. Yet it is still expensive. Therefore, scholarships and work-study grants are available for those demonstrating financial need.

The costs of establishing a world-class, college preparatory, boarding school are substantial. The price of $16,000 is the cost of studying for one year at New Eden Academy, including room, board, tuition and a multitude of miscellaneous expenses. We are doing all we can to make New Eden financially feasible, while maintaining the highest possible academic and moral standards.

The good news is that financial aid is available! Through New Eden Academic Foundation, we are able to offer scholarships that cover more than 50% of the cost for students who show academic promise and financial need. Hence, your cost as a parent will be $7,200 per year. This means that the price you will pay will be $600 per month for the 12-month payment plan or $700 per month for the 10-month plan. You may also pay the entire amount up front for an additional discount.

You may contact either Hugh or Nora Spurgin to discuss any other concerns that you have. We will do our very best to accommodate your specific situation. Nora will be in Korea until August 14, but Dr. Spurgin is available. We expect an exciting new year and will do our best to meet the educational and emotional needs of your child, as we build a school in accord with the Founder's vision.

Students should arrive in Bridgeport by August 20 at the very latest; classes begin on Monday, August 21, 2000. For more information and an application form, please contact us at the Academy at the address listed below. Our office phone is (203) 334-3434; the fax is (203) 334-8651. Our home phone/fax number is (203) 366-5799. Our email address is neweden@erols.com. You can also log on to our web site and download an application. ( http://users.erols.com/neweden/ ).

Hugh D. Spurgin, Ph.D.       Nora M. Spurgin, MSW
Principal       Vice-Principal