Entering the Book of Life

Rev. Young Whi Kim
October 8, 2000

Father gave a special Blessing at Chung Pyung after the Blessed wives' 21 day workshop. Some of you already have received this Blessing. This is a very important event. Because we have many workshops, I thought this workshop is similar to one from before. I thought this is routine workshop. But this time Father mobilised all wives and talked about registration. When I attended the Blessing Ceremony I could understand the meaning of this workshop. Father never explains things in advance. He himself prepares everything in advance. He asks permission from God. He had to pray very hard in order to mobilise all wives. He knows that all Blessed families are not rich, wives cannot separate from husbands and children for long time. He knows this very well and he does not mobilise them by his own will.

In 1970, there was a general mobilization of Korean wives. They were all sent out to all parts of South Korea for three years. At that time nobody complained even though they had to overcome many difficulties. On the foundation of their unity with True Parents, True Parents' family could receive the Registration Blessing. This time Father is mobilizing all the blessed wives to Korea. So far no one is complaining about the mobilization. I think on this foundation, Father is giving the Registration Blessing to us this time. Before Father mobilised all wives he prayed a lot. He shared his heart with God and then he gave directions to us. It is difficult to understand what Father is doing. We received the Blessing many years ago, but Father said that in the future there will be two more Blessings.

In our lives we are to receive 3 kinds of Blessings. The first one is the one you have already received. The second one is given this time in Chung Pyung and it should have come after we restored God's nation, but as you know it is not easy to restore one nation to God. Father's desire is to establish a nation very quickly, but this was not possible until now because of persecution against Father and Mother. After the Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988, Father declared the Foundation Day of the Unified Nation of the World. He started to prepare from 1988, but finally only this year he could give the second blessing. It took a long time to give this blessing. He knows he cannot live on Earth for too long and before he goes to the spirit world he wants to establish something for us, not for him. When Father goes to the spirit world he also has to report to God about everything he did. He wants to give a good report to Heavenly Father and he wants to say he did his best to realise God's ideal on earth. Originally to give the Registration Blessing, God's nation must be established on the earth. He had to make many conditions because God's substantial nation is not yet restored but finally he can now give this blessing.

This Registration Blessing means two things. Firstly, we made many mistakes in our lives, big and small. We made numerous small mistakes in our daily lives, between husband and wife, parents and children, True Parents and us. All those things are forgiven through this Blessing ceremony. We drink Holy Wine in order to get forgiveness for all things we did wrong. At the same time we get the permission to enter God's family.

In Korea we have the domicile system and each family has a family tree book with all ancestors' names. It keeps the family line clearly. After our True Parents came on earth, they became the first ancestors of mankind. A new family book will be written starting from True Parents, as the root of God's family. One day in Korea, several leaders sat at dinner table with True Parents. Father asked one leader about his family. He said to Father that he and his wife are the first generation, his children are the second generation and his grand children the third generation. Father said you are wrong and said True Parents are the first generation in God's family. All those who received the Blessing, we become the second generation. Blessed children become the third generation and our grand children become the fourth generation. In order to be written in the book of God's Family, we need to be registered. In the bible it is mentioned about a Book of Life. Registration is entering the Book of Life.

All those who are Blessed are children of God. Blessed families before the Registration Blessing ceremony are like illegitimate children of God. Illegitimate children have no rights to inherit things from parents. To receive the Registration means to become legitimate children of God. After Father gave us the Registration Blessing he said he now has a different attitude to us, as now we are entered into the direct lineage of God. He said that before we received registration, our mistakes could be forgiven, but after registration in the book of God's Family, it will be impossible to forgive us. Therefore we have to be very strict in our lives to keep God's word.

Father also said that in the spirit world, Heung Jin Nim, Young Jin Nim, Dae Mo Nim and others, have received special orders from True Parents to look over the Registered Families. They now have a new mission to protect Registered Families. Now more help can come from the spirit world. This is the stage we now come to.

Father gave a special name to Mrs. Kim in Chung Pyung. The work in Chung Pyung is very great. Without these workshops, what would have happened to our members? The reason we make many mistakes is not because of ourselves only, but because of the evil spirits who stay in our mind and body and work through us. They lead us to do evil things and it makes it difficult for us to get rid of our fallen nature. To get rid of our fallen nature we have to send out evil spirits from our physical body. It is very difficult to remove them without going to Chung Pyung. Heavenly Father prepared the Chung Pyung workshop for us, to clean us. It is not easy to pray for ourselves and it takes time to bring results. Therefore God prepared everything for us, to send us to the world where He wants us to be.

When Dae Mo Nim went to the spirit world, she found about evil spirits in our Blessed members' bodies and she knew that without removing them we cannot get back our original nature. She was anxious to come back to help us. She prayed very hard to God and finally she got permission to come down to the earth to help us. But Dae Mo Nim had no physical body. Therefore she had to find someone with whom she could work on the earth. She looked for a person to come to work through and she found Mrs. Kim. Mrs Kim is spiritually very sensitive and she has a strong will and when she determines herself, she does it till the end. At the beginning, Mrs. Kim didn't want to do this work, because she knew how difficult it was. All spiritualists know that it is hard work and they cannot do as they want, they cannot even sleep as they want. Everything is limited. Dae Mo Nim had to push her into corner so that she could not escape. Mrs. Kim's husband did business but his business went down and everything failed. They couldn't go on anymore and she accepted Dae Mo Nim's request.

In the beginning nobody understood her. She had to build up everything from the bottom. Mrs. Kim is my spiritual grand-daughter and one day she came to my house and she explained about her work and myself, my wife and my wife's mother received her prayer and removed evil spirits from us. This is how she began to work with several members. On that foundation she went to Chung Pyung Centre and she began her work there. At the beginning, Korean Church Leaders couldn't understand her and they didn't want to go to her. I had to help her and we explained to them why such things are needed and how she is doing from the Divine Principle viewpoint and they began to co-operate. Now Chung Pyung became a wonderful place and she does such a wonderful work for members.

Father called her Elder (woman) Kim, but after the Registration ceremony Father gave her a special title. Father publicly recognised her work. Because of her, great things could happen. Father gave her the title: Hoon Mo Nim. Hoon is the hoon from Hoon Dok Hwe. Mo means mother. Her name means "the teaching mother". In the spirit world there is Dae Mo Nim (great mother), True Mother's mother, Chung Mo Nim, (loyal mother), True Father's mother, and Sun Mo Nim (sun means forefront), the first lady who joined in Pyongyang and followed and served Father. All of them are people who are in the spirit world. For the first time Father gave a title to a person on earth, that is Mrs. Kim. From now on we call her Hoon Mo Nim. This is a great blessing for her and now she can do her work even better.

Fallen men can build a fallen family. God's people can build God's family, God's Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore we have to become God's children. Heavenly Father can help us, True Parents can help us, through words, but we have the direct responsibility to help ourselves.

When an important person dies, Father gives special words about that person so that he/she can go to the spirit world with a mission and work better there. When I go back to Korea I will find out what Father said about Rev. Won Pil Kim's wife. She is the first person to go to spirit world after the Registration workshop and there must be a meaning there. For sure it is different before and after the Registration Blessing.

I understand many of you have difficulties to go to Chung Pyung and leave your children and husband, but you have to try very hard to find a way to attend. Until now you suffered very much and worked very hard, but at this stage, if you lose this Blessing, you may lose everything. At all costs, you have to go. I do not know about mobilization after the workshop. This is another matter. Do not mix Registration Blessing and mobilization. The most important thing is you get the Registration Blessing. I'd like to ask all Blessed wives to attend. I encourage you to do it.

Thank you very much.