Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Everyday Workshop


Notes from Fatherís Talks Given on His South American Tour, November 29-December 6, 2000


The translation over the several days was provided graciously by Rev. Peter Kim and Dr. Chang Shik Yang. Unofficial notes by Tyler Hendricks. A complete report of the tour will appear with photos in the UNews.


Jardim NHEG, mid-day, November 29, 2000


Within one year I have to make a foundation at the UN. By the end of 2000, the IIFWP HDH (Hoon Dok Hae) education of 360 leaders will have taken place in the 192 countries of the UN. We have to provide the superior answer to exploitative labor unions, the separation of politics from religious values, and homosexuality.


Because of the fall, woman lost her original father, king, husband and brother partners. I fulfill all those positions. This is why women like to come near me. You archangels are unaware of this. But I treat them as sisters and daughters. All women want their first child to be a son. Why is this? It is because the elder son brings the seed from God. The father-son relationship is vertical, and it is the one through which the blood lineage is passed on. The unity of man and woman is the unity of heaven and earth. To be a family, man and woman need children. After marriage, you need both a son and a daughter.


Tribal Messiah activity centering on creating the tribe of 185 families is not a New Testament Age activity but is a Completed Testament Age activity. We are not in the apostlesí age. Registration comes based upon the Tribal Messiahship foundation.


We bought 1.2 million hectares to restore 120 disciples from Jesusí time. It will expand to 2.1 million hectares. Inside this land is the love of the parents of heaven and earth, and there is land, water and all things. Because of the Marshall Islands and Hawaii we have the oceanic foundation. The Marshall Islands has only 60,000 people, but they are a member state of the UN. We can reach 1/3 of the UN member states within the next three months. 1.2 million hectares can suffice for establishing several countries. We need land and boats for the ocean providence. I am considering selling all the church properties in North America. The money would be better used for nations in South America. The Midway Islands are small compared with our land. I have confidence to make a powerful foundation.


By 2004, we have to find our fatherland. April 11, 2004 is my holy wedding day. We have to complete parentship and kingship on the world level by then. From now we end our prayers with the following: [this was actually clarified three days later, and it was clarified that this new tradition will take effect after January 13, 200, but I include it here for simplicity:]


In a private setting, a blessed family, both parents and children who have not received the blessing, concludes with


ďIn the name of (husband and wifeís names and last name)ís central blessed familyĒ


In a public setting, a blessed member concludes with


ďIn the name of True Parentsí central blessed family, (husband and wifeís name and last name)Ē


Non-blessed people conclude with


ďIn the name of True ParentsĒ



When you go to spirit world, you will see that everything I am saying is right. I have overcome all difficulties. I spoke of the national blessing registration in 1959. When I married Sung Jin Nimís mother, it was in the middle of a severe typhoon, and I overcame that. Three days prior to the wedding, her father died. I stayed in her home for eight days and walked back to my home in a heavy rain. No one knew the cause, but I was desperate. She was a strong Christian. She read at least five pages of the Bible every day. She repented very much, but I never repented or prayed, so she thought I was not a sincere Christian. She didnít know me, as Eve didnít know Adam. She thought she was the central figure of the Unification Church members. In the Korean tradition, a wife must follow her husband, no matter what. From Seoul to Chunjoo there are 12 railroad stations. It is a seven-hour trip. I went there to see her, by train. There was a famous matchmaker, I was the 24th man whom she had matched with Sung Jin Nimís mother. Her standard was that high. She had a dream prior to meeting me. In it was a large mirror, divided in half. The two halves gradually merged into one, and in the one mirror was reflected the globe. God showed her everything. Who knows the providential age? We have to know the Principle of Restoration.


There also was a course of restoration prior to my meeting True Mother. She also had to overcome difficulties. It was not easy. She had many enemies. How much I have overcome to make a successful foundation in heaven and on earth. Satan always watched and blocked all the roads, all the way to the realm of the 4th Adam. To liberate heaven and hell, I paid indemnity as True Parents.


You have to know Korean or you cannot stand on the family-base side. I donít hear your content unless you speak in Korean.


True Parentsí House at Salobra, evening of November 29, 2000


In Korean, wang means king, so ďwang goĒ means the path to the king. In Brazil, ďgoĒ means ďwelcome.Ē When Heung Tae Kim proposed buying the soccer team, he said if we wait we can get a better price, but I said no, buy it now, so we did. A month later, Brazil passed a law against foreigners buying soccer teams. We have a team in Jardim, too, with a German coach. He is a National Messiah to Israel and is a professional soccer coach. We have to educate all the non-Unification Church people who work with us. If you ask them, they do not know about spirit world.


Those who did national registration at Chung Pyung Lake, but did not yet attend the 40-day workshop at Jardim, absolutely must attend the Jardim workshop. Only from now, it is a 43-day workshop. From now on, I donít like to meet people. The mantle is passing to Hyun Jin Nim. From the fifth registration workshop, the wives only do 40-days in Korea. From now on, the graduates will go to Japan and America, and Korean wives will be assigned in Korea.


Japan will support the work in Hawaii, which is an extension of Japan. Most of the leaders of Hawaii have Japanese ancestry. On that foundation, the American church will take over later. Japanese missionaries and National Messiahs should work in Hawaii. (November 30, Salobra)


Fatherís Words in the late afternoon of November 30, Hotel Americano near Puerto Olimpo:


The Unification Church has great principles but the point is how to apply them to reality, to substantiate them. To show that the theory is correct, you have to examine it by the results. This applies even to God. How can we verify His existence in every environment? By developing step by step, we can do it. Everything should be verified, even the realm of the 4th Adam. What is the meaning of the realm of the 4th Adam? It is centered on realizing Godís ideal in the real environment.


To understand God we need to understand the world of relationship, i.e., the environment, including spirit world. How can we maintain the environment? What is the core that continues the relationships? It is love. Life, love and lineage should connect centering on love, which is the key of the three elements.


What is lineage? Inheritance comes through lineage, not through life itself. Love is different between Mr. and Mrs. So and so, and life is unique to each person, but lineage is connected through thousands of generations. Thatís why we donít die. If I pull Mr. Park, thousands of generations of his ancestors follow. They cannot resist the connection. Therefore, all the members of one nation, such as Korea, are connected, by lineage. Blood lineage is the fruit of relationships, to make descendents. It connects past, present and future.


Why do people look for love? They do so in order to create descendents. What is the essence of the father-son relationship in the cosmos? The father wants to reproduce himself through his children. God, spirit world and blood lineage are the key, interrelated realities. Parents want to produce people of better quality than themselves. Thatís the purpose. How can the vertical connection be made? Man and woman are one world. When people die, it is because the blood lineage disconnected. One self cannot make love; you need plus and minus, subject and object. The relationship between the two creates its image. Love and life should correspond, based upon blood lineage. This is practical, not just theory.


Man and womanótheir blood lineage. What is the meaning of the registration blessing at Chung Pyung Lake? It is to completely change blood lineage. Blood lineage is most fearful. One mistake affects one thousand years. We cannot deny that blood lineage must be connected with reality. We have to clarify that. High noon means there is no shade. It means settlement. Understand God, spirit world and blood lineage.


Why do we tell our children to study hard? We do so for the sake of blood lineage. Blood lineage in spirit world connects life and love with your life in the physical world. Through blood lineage the central root is extended. There are many branches but one root. In blood lineage is the life, love and lineage of our father and mother. What is the instrument connecting the blood lineage? It is the sexual organ.


God is the grandfather in the spirit world. To make love, your blood should be boiling and your bones should shake. Your flesh should be burning. What is the difference between Argentina and Uruguay? It is the blood lineage. I understood all these secrets my entire life, and have never changed direction despite difficulties. Heavenly fortune should be there. Why do I tell Unification Church members to work hard and suffer? I do so in order to develop the peak of true love relationships in the difficult environment. A nice environment cannot produce that emotion. Once we make that environment, Godís love explodes and we become completely one in that environment.


There are good stones in this area, so I want to make a stone factory. The original holy ground is the holy ground of victory. It is an exhibition of Godís creationóbugs, trees, water. This water is great fertilizer, with fish supplying nutrients and medicines. [True Mother calls that dinner is ready.] Godís love is absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging. Throughout my life I have emphasized as the holy ground of victory just what I summarized here. The cosmos means the house of two people, True Parents, a pair.


[Father calls Mother to him and together they lead a long prayer on the porch. Everyone is eaten up by mosquitoes, and Father says afterwards, ďwe must work harder than the mosquitoes.Ē It was about 7:30 p.m. on November 30, 2000.]


Father after dinner on November 30, Hotel Americano:


Within four years I will re-organize the Pacific island nations and reshape the relations of Japan and America. Japan tried to dominate America through World War II and failed. Through the UN, the two nations will make unity. Through the mother, the baby is born. The Pacific Ocean is the womb, and two boys were born, the Americas and the Asia-European continents. 80% of the elite of Hawaii are from Japanese lineage. Hawaii is an extension of Japan. I may mobilize wives from Japan and America to restore Hawaii. I am mobilizing the Japanese movement to support this island nation project. I made sisterhood relations between the four major islands of Japan and four major Hawaiian islands. Judah was destroyed by 7,000 soldiers, so I need 7,000 soldiers in Hawaii. Moses led the Exodus when he was 80. They could have gone to Canaan in 21 days instead of 40 years, but didnít because they lacked faith. This time you must have absolute faith instead of wasting your lives in the wilderness.


In the course of restoration there is bloodshed. Therefore in the last days the Adam nation shed blood in the struggle between north and south. Christianity should take responsibility for this, therefore America is responsible, because Korean Christianity is an extension of American Christianity. Therefore it is time for me to clean up my surroundings also. We all have to receive Godís lineage. It takes at least three generations. Since the 4th Adam era, I stopped giving the comfort blessing, because every blessed couple should prepare their own lineage and the comfort blessing violates this principle. If someone asks me, as several are right now, I tell them to ask their departed spouse for permission.


My prayer today was important. It was a special prayer to engraft the Pantanal providence to the oceanic providence in the Pacific. But so many mosquitoes came, I wonder if my prayer was in order. True Mother wanted to pray in Jardim, but I wanted to do it here.


I will be reshuffling the Korean movement from next year. I climbed to the top of the world, so we have to create new issues, to make controversy. Rev. Kwak is going around the world to establish forty nations as pillars through WANGO HDH conferences. When the time comes to receive the inheritance we should be straight, not hesitant. My name is recognized as the spearhead for unifying religions. To accomplish this, we must love enemy nations. I often appear to have no bones, giving in, giving away, but eventually I will win through true love. My course has been like Godís, who has been pushed around through history, but He will win. I have done enough for Korea and the world. Whatever I do on my own, no one can accuse me. Think of how much Iíve helped the US and UN. Many state-level leaders received my education. When the time comes, the world may change overnight.


Think of those testimonies about me from spirit world. The testimonies of Augustine and Socrates are amazing. How much do you believe in them? Who can say they are a lie? If Augustine and Socrates appeared to you tonight, would you be sitting here dozing, or would you be in tears? Do you think they expected me to believe their testimony? Should I reject them? Or accept them unconditionally? If even one word is wrong, I take it out. There is no compromise. I have yet many instructions to give them after they clean up the spirit world.


This [Hotel Americano] is a fearful place. Thousands of millions of spirits are watching over us here. Whether or not you know it, spirit world does exist. If you know but donít fully believe, itís worse than ignorance. We must get rid of old habits. When the messages first came, not many believed 100%. The world in which I started walking was dark. I couldnít turn on the light fully, because it would have blinded people. So I have to turn the light on gradually. Then people can get used to it and come to see. Even if I die now, many will erect my statue, which will last 1,000 years. After 1,000 years, people will still pay their respects. After you heard my prayer today, you realized there is not much work left for me. No matter how often I say Iím going to enjoy my life, it doesnít fit my style. I plant love seeds wherever I go. The HDH will go on teaching people for years and years, eternally. God Himself will attend HDH.


Fatherís Words at Pledge Service, December 1, 2000, Hotel Americano


This is the 49th day since October 14th. On this historic holy ground I am announcing a providence of new dimensions, the era of liberation. After the next 43 days there will be a providential ceremony. We are the witnesses of this historic event. We have five senses that express the functions of God, through which God reveals His existence. Yet no scientists can describe God. The only thing they can describe is that God and humankind should be in a father-son relationship, centered on true love.


[We had HDH of Dr. Leeís testimony about the nature of God in spirit world.]


God is the center of the universal prime force, which is the power of the original four position foundation. In spirit world, God appears like a bright light. If you try to put it in a container, it is not there anymore. God is like that. God created the environment and then substantiation, which consists of the pair system. All existing beings have purpose and direction. There are eighteen people here from five nationalities (Korea, Japan, America, Germany, Brazil). 43 days from today will take place the inauguration of the cosmic level king. Because of the importance of this, I went through difficulties yesterday to come here, yet I insisted to come here. The fact that God created the universe with hyung sang and sung sang is a great blessing. We need to know about God, spirit world and blood lineage. The center point is important. As when you draw a circle with a compass, the key is the location of the center.


We must not doubt the messages from spirit world. When we enter there, we will be measured by our belief in spirit world messages. I emphasize the responsibility for the Total Living Offering. The history of restoration is to restore Adam. Christianity should have received the Lord of the Second Advent, True Adam, after World War II. Failure at that time led to the wilderness course. January 13, 2001, will be the inaugural ceremony of the king and parent of heaven and earth. Seven days later will be the inauguration of the American president. [Later the ceremony came to be referred to as a coronation.]


Mostly it is colored people who live in the island nations. China is on a march to take control of the world, in a way competing with me. I still have a good deal to clean up in this world, but I will do my absolute best to avoid bloodshed. If you donít practice when you know the truth, you create a bigger shadow than those who donít know. In my life, it doesnít matter if I sacrifice my children or wife; Iíll march to the end. I didnít see any one qualified for the national level blessing, but because of my grace and Heung Jin Nim in spirit world, everyone received it.


Father at the lunch table on the 24th floor of the Victoria Plaza, December 1:


I want to build high schools and later colleges in 14 island nations and then in 60 island nations, so that the bright youth will stay. With brain drain to the major countries, these island nations are in decline.


Punta del Este, Saturday, December 2


[HDH started at 5:20 a.m., and Father spoke at 6:30 a.m.]


Up to now we have had so many conferences, by which we have tens of thousands of contacts among leaders from all over. Now we can bring them together through a HDH organization covering every field. The HD organization will be the most powerful structure in the world. We can use direct mail to raise the necessary funds. In that way we will build the ideal world, centering on Godís word. Eventually we will publish a HD newspaper.


Until now weíve planted seeds; now is the time to harvest. Therefore we have to push this project to get national support from many governments. This way, via the HD newspaper and other means, we will provide the right course for all humanity. So politicians will just become managers over the economy, with no particular power to control the life of the people. Pay attention to the way to create a direct mail system. The key is to show the right direction to humanity. They are lost in the deep sea. The HD newspaper needs a team to analyze my words.


We should make a database of our contacts. [A long discussion ensued on how to communicate with all these people.]


Manís desire may be limitless, but it is nonetheless within the boundaries of Godís desire. Where there is plus and minus electricity, they have to function as give and take, and so too if people know truth they have to act. That is the power of the conscience. The World Media Association and World University Federation should work together.


People need help, just as do trees. They canít develop by themselves; they need man as the master of creation. In the same way, people who are left alone cannot develop; they need the people who know the truth. Thatís why religions should deal with all aspects of life. Without the unity of mind and body, you canít be a filial son or daughter. If there is no give and take action, you canít even walk. Without the environment in which to have give and take action, you canít even walk. We need to find the environment with which to have give and take, even in our thinking.


I am interested in Hawaii, in the island nation providence. My mind is tending in that direction. Man naturally seeks the wider and higher position and scale. Therefore, one of the fundamental characteristics of love is expansion through giving. Recently I declared the establishment of ďhigh noon,Ē the 90 degree vertical relationship that creates no shadow. It signifies absolute oneness with God. It creates no shadow-like traces that we regret later. We have to create the high noon culture.


It is not easy to dedicate our mind to the nation above the self, because of habits inherited over generations. If parents follow the right way of life for the sake of others, however, the children will naturally follow. So we have to live our life so that our descendents will pay respect and show honor for eternity to us. Even if we have to go to prison to do so, we are setting an exemplary life. HDH tradition is the key. It is the harvest of fifty years of my life. Our movement is not just a religion, but is a worldwide civil movement. We have to move in every direction in life and provide proper directions. Therefore the WMA (World Media Association) and WUF (World University Federation) should work together.


We even have to utilize the media for the sake of church development. The church is the mind and the media is the body, to reach the external world. We should begin that movement and activity in the United States, because the Washington Times and UPI are headquartered there. Once we establish our organization in the United States, it can be expanded to the world without much alteration. We need the formula and the model. Build a model from the formula that provides the directions on how to unite. Leaders establish their position as the standard and model for others. It is like the human body, in which each part has its role to maintain life. Leaders set the example in their role to maintain a healthy society.


But I question myself: am I a model following Godís formula? Wherever I go, I start in my thinking by transcending national and racial borderlines. I teach and guide everyone this way, including True Mother. It may take time, but eventually everyone will follow me.


We have to make a full 360 degrees from where we started, to return and restart. I know sometimes I push you too hard, but it is on purpose, to see how much you persevere. Itís like standing on the top of a mountain. There may be sunlight visible in the evening, but already it is dark in the valley. So you have to know how long it will take you to get back home through the valley. Life is like that. Hunting in the 60s, I sent people out to scare up the game, and they didnít carry a heavy load, just rice cakes for lunch and dinner. When there is no food or shelter, if there is a big rock or log, there will be dry branches and space with no snow. Find it and cover yourself with the branches to survive. Learn how to climb and return, leaning on trees, sliding down on a big branch.


In the new millennium, our movement should maximize use of high technology. The entire world is competing to see who can take advantage of it. It is available to all; we shouldnít neglect it. I used direct mail even with Col. Pak promoting the Little Angels. I built a unique house with Mr. Aum using high technology. I want to build a university in Japan. They worked hard and deserve it. In South America also, I prefer Paraguay for a university. Paraguay once was the largest and most powerful nation in South America, but it lost land to Brazil and the others. Even Sao Paulo was part of Paraguay. Those wars decimated the men and allowed them to have more than one wife. There is more possibility for heavenly sovereignty in Paraguay than in any other country in South America. We have to embrace the indigenous people. There are villages in the Pantanal with 60 men and only 2 women, so there are virtually no children. Such a tribe will disappear. The Indiansí life is leading to natural extinction. We have to prevent that.


The Unification marriage blessing is now taking different shapes. Korea has many men but no women applying for the blessing. They are reaching out to other countries for brides.


Sunday, December 3, 2000 Pledge Service Punta del Este


In 40 days, after the True Parents King of heaven and earth ceremony on January 13, we will change ending of prayer, based upon registration. Everyone needs to write their autobiography of oneís principle life and should not violate the Divine Principle. True Parents of heaven and earth are the root of the root and branch of the branch. 72, 120, 180, all the providential numbers should be accomplished. All your descendents should pray in the name of their own blessed parents until they are blessed. By doing that, parents and children should unite as one. [Father reviews the new way to end prayers.]


Because of that, we should not break a blessed family. Because of false parents, the world was broken; by True Parents everything should be restored. But if parents or children make a mistake, you cannot pray that way. From now, the family level Kingdom of Heaven will be created. In this world, True Parents and Heung Jin Nim and the True Family have responsibility. True Parents can lead and manage by law, centered on True Parents and Heung Jin Nim together. In this world, the True Family should be the first to follow that tradition. Until January 13 we pray in my own name, but after that, change to the new way. By fulfilling all conditions, with Godís grace, everyone can return to the original family status, pre-fall.


I prayed this morning that paradise Ö Actually, everyone should do a 40 day fast during this time, but you canít, so just believe centered on True Parents. Only through the blessing can we enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore I even blessed children in the spirit world who died. This 40 days we have to clean our selves and renew our mind. We have to be part of True Parentsí mind and body, one mind and body with True Parents. We have to make that environment to receive the blessing. Yesterday I directed Chung Pyung Lake to liberate the entire spirit world, not just one-third. By the blessing, all the satanic side, including homosexuality, should be eliminated and heaven and earth should cooperate. Then who will be Satan? He will return to his original archangel position to serve Godís children and help God. We have to finish everything in one generation, which fulfills seven generations. From now, ancestors will come down to help their descendents. Therefore there will be no need for a Messiah. Blessed people will come and help, therefore the satanic world will end.


[At this point we did HDH.]


A cosmic level revolution is taking place now. So after the 40-day condition there will be a migration of Unification Church blessed couples. It is crucial that all Unification Church members speak Korean. If their children cannot speak it, they should have the heart to ask parents who speak Korean to adopt them and teach them. It is True Parentsí language and it is the responsibility of the parents to teach their children their language. In that way we can create one culture. Those who do not know Korean will feel like Gentiles.


At this time it is not easy to be parents and children in front of True Parents. You must absolutely guarantee that your children will not fall into the realm of the fall. Soon the time will come when we do not need the words absolute faith, love and obedience; our natural family life will be life in the Kingdom. Now the national boundaries are eliminated in spirit world, therefore the spirit men can be liberated. It is because we are beyond the national level on earth. Therefore I created the IIFWP. I am launching worldwide education through WANGO. It will provide the foundation for the ideal world by educating people so that they can build families beyond national boundaries.


Therefore, True Parents are responsible to restore the rights of eldersonship, parentship and kingship. It is imperative that all Unification Church members make the Total Living Offering. With that fund I am preparing the land to offer to the world at the UN, including the 1.2 million hectares. During this 40-day condition period everyone has to complete the Total Living Offering.


There is a competition to see who can establish the blessed family of the heavenly lineage. For that purpose I mobilized the blessed wives to do tong ban kyok pah (restoring the local neighborhood) in Korea and worldwide. I prayed this morning on the providential number December 3; we have forty days until January 13. The power of the media should promote this. All leaders should become one. The Continental Directors all should work as one. The practice of true love is the key to what we have to do. The family lives for the tribe, the tribe for the nation, the nation for the world, the world for God and God lives for humanity. So this ceremony on January 13, centered on the True Parents, all humanity will honor God as the king of the cosmos. It will be the coronation of God.


We have to buy more land here and build our community [here, at that moment, was Punta del Este]. I want to have a fish farm here in the lagoon. Punta del Este means ďeastern point,Ē but it really means Garden of Eden. Alejandro is lucky to know Korean. In the future you will not be able to go to Korea without knowing Korean. Within three generations the Korean language has to be learned by each family in order to enter the kingdom. You have to solve that problem. We have to eliminate hell and even paradise. There should only be the Kingdom of Heaven.


Husbands are in the archangel position, which means they donít have the seed. Therefore the wives must absolutely unite with True Parents, so that the husband can be restored. The archangel cannot have the seed of life. This mobilization period is special. No husband should expect his wife to follow him. They are strictly under Fatherís direction. Godís direction is as high as Mt. Everest; and you have to go over Mt. Everest. You have to cross it in order to reach the valley of the Kingdom of Heaven. We have to seek 180 couples as our spiritual children, and 180 families from our own relatives, and make these two groups one. We have to know how much suffering and indemnity True Parents went through. All the saints in spirit world testify to it. My last forty years was a time of going over the cross of Jesus. So no matter what, I had to overcome. There was persecution and no money, but I didnít care. It was my destiny.


The providential time is becoming more serious. I completed my responsibility; the task is yours now. This is how you inherit from me.


[Father asked Dr. Yang to give his testimony for 15 minutes. He did so and it was received so well that Father granted him two more 15 minute periods, the third of which he turned into half an hour.]


Dr. Yang testified regarding his fight against communists on Korean campuses in the late 70s and early 80s. This was the foundation for us to overcome the student radicals and this really was the True Parentsí foundation to overcome communism by the late 80s. So I could get the foundation to declare liberation of God. Finally the cloud above me is gone, so the truth will be revealed. So we should take a subjective position to the world and do our mission. The word is a seed, and we have to substantiate it and bear fruit that can produce new seed. We need a strong enough foundation to that spirit world and physical world can support our work. We have to surpass saints and patriots of the past. The times demand this, so we need absolute faith, love and obedience, as God has, centered on His word.


When we substantiate the word, the center is love. So witnessing is not just giving the word, but also planting the substantial seed. That means making our life a model. So after the 40 days we will pray in the name of the central blessed family. I am the king of all blessed families. In the period of fighting communism, Russian, Chinese and Japanese communists studied Victory Over Communism thoroughly and knew they couldnít win. So it is the period of the IIFWP, of dealing not just with one nation, but with the world. Rev. Kwak just finished a HDH seminar in Thailand. Mr. Joo, report about that.


There were 800 scholars from 20 countries; it was the 27th world peace conference put on by PWPA. The theme was that the family is the core of the culture of peace. Our UN foundation is effective at a major UN branch office in Thailand. We used the UN conference center there for this conference. The Thai vice-minister of foreign affairs gave the keynote address; he is a former prime minister. They requested that Rev. Kwak give the second keynote speech. The IIFWP is comparable to the UN in the mind of these scholars. It is ironic that eight years ago, our members were jailed by the military government of Thailand, and still the court case is dragging on. This conference demonstrated our international eminence.


Father: It was not just an external conference. Right after the ICWP, 360 scholars stayed for a HDH conference sponsored by IIFWP and the UN. So our movement and the UN are completely connected. WANGO means ďpath of the king.Ē It will do HDH conferences in 191 countries by the end of this year. There are many NGOs, but we are at the top because we organized them. We try to harmonize and unify the UN and the NGOs, to create one unified organization. It is the most special one.


If Korea is the garden of Eden in the northern hemisphere, Punta del Este is the garden of Eden in the southern hemisphere. To commemorate the start of the 40-days, I had Dr. Yang give his testimony. The final conclusion of the ceremony will be the registration of the blessed couples. With this heavenly fortune, if we fundraise we will make huge amounts of money. Thatís why I said to publish a HD newspaper. Soon Unification Church blessed couples will have wealth. God will give this blessing.


After 2003 ends, then 7 years to 2010 will end this providence. We have to see the light at the end of the tunnel. By 2010, the world will be under Godís sovereignty. This is our responsibility. So, have hope.


After HDH, Monday, December 4 Punta del Este


The time has surely come for registration. It is the last days. Theologians must spread my words through the media. Even if there is opposition, use radio and television. Send this final book of HDH to all schools, seminaries, libraries and media organizations. If they read it over and over, it will provide them the power to restore the nation. Also send the books on spirit world. [The ďfinal bookĒ about which Father spoke is a collection of public speeches given through the 90s. It is entitled True Family and World Peace.]


Providentially speaking, both the right and left have come to the end of the road. Blessed couples should be more aggressive and serious than even the North Korean communists. When people make mistakes out of ignorance, they can be forgiven. But you are punished if you know the law and make a mistake. Humanity did not know the providence, but now Iíve revealed it, so humanity stands in the position to pay indemnity for mistakes.


Satan is the symbol of power in the fallen world. But now is the time for God to act as almighty. That is why we have to crown God as the cosmic and world king. Christianity lost its original spirit and secularized to the point of promoting extreme individualism. I may retreat for 10 or 20 years hidden in the mountains and then go to spirit world. Still, the world will follow me through my teachings given in HDH. We have built the foundation to work with religious and political leaders, especially through the UN connection. If there is a fight between two groups and we are the mediator, then when there is trouble, they will come to us for help.


When I flew over the Andes from Chile in 1965, I viewed this vast land and felt that it does not have an owner. It seems just like yesterday. Even then I dreamed of bringing this entire continent to God.


After HDH, Tuesday, December 5, 2000 Punta del Este


Providentially there are many Cain religions. The representative of them is Christianity. I came with the truth to educate them and focused on Christianity more than the others. So our responsibility is to provide education to Christians so that they can be engrafted into the heavenly lineage. That is the only way we can build the Kingdom of God on Earth. My net is cast over the world, so no one can escape. We must go through the providential steps of restoring eldersonship, parentship and kingship. In the spirit world, the center of Augustineís Confessions is when Augustine asked God for answers, and God told him ďbe yourself.Ē God could not give him everything. Augustine had to prepare himself. That the conscience is prior to God is a revolutionary statement. In our everyday life, the conscience is ahead of everything, even God, in terms of providing judgement and guidance.


It is True Parentsí responsibility to honor God as the cosmic king. Lucifer surrendered, but his followers are disturbing Godís providence all around the world. Therefore I gave the blessing to them, too. The only problem left is our fallen habits that came from the fallen world. Therefore, blessed couples who attended the national level registration cannot be bothered by Satan anymore. The world of liberation is the world in which the love of God and love of man become one.


I have often said that we have to use force to bring our tribe, because we are in a time similar to the time of the Exodus. [Here is what I meant by that.] The Israelites had to bring their tribes in order to save them. It is the same now; the tribes that are left behind will be abandoned. To do that, we have to create our environment, which means to lay a foundation to persuade and convince our tribes to join. That is your responsibility. I have done everything I had to do.


Hendricks must feel my feeling, not knowing whatís going on, stuck here. Even if others translate for you, you cannot really connect to it. I have my own world, and people who donít know Korean cannot understand completely. Once I say something in the providence, I fulfill it. I donít leave the words empty. The time will come when I do not speak, even if you greet me, I will ignore you. Old people become senile, forgetting even their own grandchildren. President Reagan is suffering that way now.


After HDH, Wednesday, December 6, 2000 Punta del Este


Father turned his attention to the Japanese graduates of UTS, class of í99. They have been studying Spanish since they arrived in Uruguay, and now Father decided to assign them to cities in Uruguay as their mission fields, to build up the church. Four of the twelve were with us, but all were assigned to a city by lottery.


Father: First we focused on the center, Montevideo. Restoration of the fatherland is my focus now. Ideally, Korea is that country, but if not Korea, we have to choose another country. Because there is no object in the universe because of the fall, there has been no absolute harmony between man and the universe. Human life sustains itself through breathing; by the same token our effort should go to restore the harmony of humankind and the universe. Without that, we cannot return to the original state. If you analyze your hand, the palm is sung sang, the back of the hand is hyung sang, the four fingers are the four position foundation, or the four directions, and the thumb represents God. Therefore, ďthumbs upĒ expresses victory.


It is time to plant the family. The family is the seed. Adam and Eve were to be the model seed, the seed of love. Love means that the four realms of heart are inside the seed, mixing up among themselves. The four position foundation has four angles but the number five is there too, if you count the return to 1 as the 5th point.

1 = 5





2 ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 4







The body was supposed to revolve centering on the conscience, but because of the fall, the order was reversed.


Labor unions in developed countries cause decline. Communists used them to destroy the free worldís economy. It is time for everyone to go back to the countryside, to nature, not to move into the cities. There are 12 major cities in Uruguay. Do tong ban kyok pah here. They are all UTS graduates. Rather than pursue your goals individually, if there is one of the 12 who is successful, then copy and adapt his method. We are entering the period of no indemnity, so whoever makes a mistake in their own family affecting three generations will be punished. When we appreciate the sweetness of the word, we can embody the word and this will attract people and make them want to stay with us. In the no-indemnity world, anyone who makes a grave mistake will be quarantined on an abandoned island or at the north pole. I will allow a special privilege to our ancestors if we donít perform what we are to do for Godís providence. Once we repent in front of God, we shouldnít repeat the mistake, or we are deceiving God.


If we want to keep a tree alive, we have to cut dead branches, even big ones. Similarly, ancestors will cut non-performers off from the physical world and take them to spirit world. In the past, spirits belonging to the lower realm took us, but now ancestors from heaven will take us away. It is the immediate judgement periodóthere will be no postponement at all. A mistake leads to immediate consequences. Thatís why there will be quarantine, so people can pay for their mistakes. We should launch a worldwide campaign to quarantine people with death-dealing communicable diseases. Thatís now we can secure the future generations. UTS graduates should dedicate at least 4 years to front line after graduation.


The goal is not just Tribal Messiahship, but national and world messiahship. In the spirit world, you find God in the east, not west. Just like the sun rises in the east.


We should give as much as we receive, or we are violating universal law. Our life revolves between Satan and God, victory and defeat. My mind goes further away from South America now, going closer to the Pacific islands. Not much land is there, but I am attracted to it. Seeds grow in smelly fertilizer; missionaries are seeds that will germinate and grow in smelly situations. If we donít have substantial results in this world, we will be ashamed in spirit world. More than you miss your wife and children, you have to miss God and work for God. How can we maintain our life such that it will be protected by the universe? True love is the key that can open all walls and borders. It is the master key of the universe. Do you want to go where I go, or go where your wife goes? The significance of the January 13 ceremony will be that the original Adam and Eve who are perfected will crown God as the cosmic king. Thatís the world of the almighty, all-sovereign, all-powerful God. Once you have a concept about a person, it is not easy to erase it and deal freshly with that person. By 2010, Godís providence centering on humanity should be completed. Even if I leave this world, you should carry it out.


In the secular world, the ambassadors are looked at as a parasite to their host country, because they only care about their own country. But it shouldnít be that way. I am impressed by little animals that survive in the desert. Men should do better than that. We have to plant the seed of the family of harmony and of the Kingdom. I am going to train my family and tribe members hard. In each family, the father and mother are the textbook-like model for the children. When there is a fight between husband and wife, they usually know who is right and who is wrong, but they still fight. There is nothing that prospers through fighting. If fighting continues, the wall becomes higher. Those who fail in the world all desire to succeed. Among them are two kindsóthose who are striving for their self-purpose and those who are striving for the public. Even if they fail, the latter are remembered, but the former are not. If you are sure you work for God, donít be afraid of opposition. Within three to four years, people will realize you are good, because heavenly fortune will be with you.