Creation of Korean Exchange Mailing List

by Andy Lausberg <>
Wednesday, January 17, 2001

Brothers and sisters,

This is to inform you of a mailing list that has been established for talking about issues related to Korean language.

Some of the topics that can be discussed are language learning, cross-cultural communication, translation issues, etc, as regards Korean.

Members already fluent in Korean are specifically invoted to join the list and share their experience and insight with members who are still beginning their path with Korean. Also, translators of Korean are encouraged to use the mailing list to network and support the dissemination and refinement of True Father's words in the English language.

You can find out more about the list as well as subscribe to it by going to the Korean Exchange website at:

It should be self explanatory, but please take the time to read the Charter/Mission statement as well as the mailing list guidelines.

I look forward to seeing many of you on the list.

Fondest regards,

Andy Hirota-Lausberg
C.B.F. 6500 family blessing
Andy Lausberg <>


(^ ^)/~~~

Andy, Suzie, Essie and Elijah
Sydney, Australia