Updated Cheong Pyeong workshop schedule

by Soonja Richardson
February 1, 2001

Ongoing 40-day workshop schedules: The 40-day workshop schedule will be ongoing. Cheong Pyeong 40-day workshops usually end in the middle of the week, with the next workshop starting that following weekend on a Saturday. For example, the 50th 40-day workshop ended on Wednesday the 31st of January, so the next workshop, the 51st, starts on Saturday, February 3. This has been the normal pattern, so if someone wants to come for a 40-day workshop they can basically figure it out for themselves by looking at past workshop beginning and ending dates.

Ten-day workshop schedules: Those who want to attend a 10-days workshop by themselves can attend at any period within a 40-day workshop, but when accompanied by children, participants should begin a 10-day at the same time a 40-day begins.

Attending weekend workshops for liberation of ancestors: These workshops take place on most weekends (Saturday and Sunday) except during those weekends when a church holiday takes place in which Hoon Mo Nim attends somewhere else.

*Note that ancestor liberations also take place on weekends in which Ancestor Blessings are held.

Ancestor liberation of generations 29~35: From the weekend workshop of February 3~4, and continuing through the end of May, members can liberate generations 29~35.

Number of generations that can be liberated during any one weekend workshop: Two groups of 7 generations, for example, 8~14 and 15~21, can be liberated during any one weekend workshop session. If a member liberates generations 8~14 and 15~21 on both their father's and mother's sides, a total of 28 couples is the maximum number possible at any one time.

Ancestor Blessing Ceremonies: "Ancestor Blessings" are normally held once each month. The weekend each month in which a Blessing takes place can vary month by month, so the schedule should be confirmed (cpkr@tongil.or.kr) before attending. Blessing ceremonies for ancestors will take place on the 3rd weekend in February and March for ancestors from 1~28 generations. Only ancestors who have completed 100 days in Heung Jin Nimís workshop and for whom the liberation fee has been paid may participate.

*Note that ancestor liberations also take place on weekends in which Ancestor Blessings are held.

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