NY Report 50 State SMM Crusade Great Victory
February 25, 2001
John Doroski

Last Night was the greatest victory. Around 3,000 guests attended in standing room only attendance, at the Garden of Prayer Cathedral in Bronx, NY. TPs were so happy. The HOLY SPIRIT was so powerfully present with Ministers and attendees bouncing and jumping as they sang and praised God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus AND Sun Myung Moon.

The link between so many ministers of different churches and religions was the roots of the UC movement ... The HOLY SPIRIT (Holy Spirit Association .... ) and the expressed common cause to save the "family" structure. Rev. Jenkins was magnificant in guiding the flow of the event.

TF first asked the crowd whether he was handsome or ugly? He warmed everyone with beaming smiles as he shared from his heart for about 15 minutes before reading his speech. His speech was very powerful and I am sure confronting for many. A second speech was later read by an elegant speaking minister. Both speeches combined effectively taught all of DP in a condensed, to the point manner.

It was beautiful having the kickoff event in this cathedral of Bronx, NY because the building and surrounding city was more grassroots America then events we have often had in plush hotels. The feeling was more of TF speaking to us in the garage of Belvedere. It was like Jesus holding a townhall meeting. Don't get me wrong ... the cathedral was big to fit 3,000 and it was very beautiful .... a kind of cross between a large church and Mulsim Mosque with curved ceilings sweeping downwards.

I have so longed for a Messiah of this type ..... going to the grassroots. Many ministers pledged determination to follow with the tour and take up the crusade to save the "family" and build "True Families". Praise God ..... Look Out Satan ...... TF is on the move.

John D