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Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Continental Director
Rev. Michael Jenkins, President

March 8th, 2001

Dear Leaders and all blessed families,

I want to express my sincerest heartfelt gratitude for the enormous sacrifice you are making to bring victory for our True Parents and America. Every event has been a great success.

Today Father expressed disappointment over the level of seriousness to outreach to 2500 Christian leaders. He said even if they can't come if you desperately invite them three times then a condition will be set.

It is obvious to me that the key to victory is the unity between the Regional Directors, FFWPU State Leaders, and ACC/AFC Leaders. True Father is asking that we determine to bring 2,500 ministers. In Houston, Rev. Jackson and Rev. Hernandez courageously united with their Regional Director and secured the largest church in the city. And they brought victory! There was an overwhelming expression of love from the Christian Leaders for our True Parents.

Based on the Foundation of Faith and the heart felt unity our brothers and sisters they were able to acquire top entertainment (Vicky Winans) for the event. Then, by concentrating on the Christian churches along with radio advertising, great results were achieved.

I want to encourage the use the bus mobilization strategy that we used so successfully in Chicago. When you use school buses (not church buses), reaching out to church congregations, community centers, and ethnic groups you easily increase the number of people attending three to five times. But to use this strategy effectively you need at least two Sundays, or even better three Sundays. If you do not have at least two Sundays before your event, please carry on with your current outreach method. In some cities there are those who stubbornly hold on to their concept that buses aren't needed here. In each and every one of those cities the mobilization has been weak.

When you put a bus in front of a leader's church everyone can see what level of commitment they have. They become accountable. If you have more than two weeks before your event PLEASE USE BUSES. Even if it's only a small number of buses this time you will learn the power. Rev. Kim and Rev. Galvan in New York used the buses. Rev. Galvan had 19 buses in the Bronx to go to a church in the Bronx! That's why our kick off event exploded with more than 3500. Because of unity, obedience and heart. Father is not pleased with less than 2500.

Don't be fooled by our own self promotion. Just because Father doesn't scold us doesn't mean he was overjoyed. The other night he we had a very good event that had about 600-700 after the wall was removed. He quietly commented at dinner. "The goal is 2500. Bring more leaders." If you bring less people it simply means that God will have less to work with for the next dispensation.

Father's heart is desperate. He is in a battle to save the soul of America. I can ask nothing less from our church. Please inspire all members to join with our Father and Mother's condition of total sacrifice. They can start by offering immediately the $800 donation. All this money stays in the region and is urgently, urgently needed.

My dear brothers and sisters, especially the Vice Regional Directors and ACC Directors, do not hesitate to call upon every blessed couple in this decisive hour. Only 20% of the families have made their $800 offering. I do not believe this is the fault of blessed couples, but rather because our leadership has not wept with our members regarding the opportunity to serve God during this triumphant 50-state tour of our True Parents.

Please have pride and courage in reaching out to the highest level of VIPs. The highest level clergy, the Governor, U.S. Senators, U.S. Congressmen, State Legislators, Mayors, City Councilmen. Follow Mrs. Wards plan for VIP outreach. Reach out to the Seminaries and Religion Departments of Universities. We want to invite the Bishops, Lutheran, Catholic, Episcopal, Methodist and the Cardinals of every Catholic Archdiocese. Father's message is unique to every state. He is touching the hearts of even some of the most skeptical and embracing all of them as the beloved children of God.

Don't hold back. This is the last chance for this great people to have a direct connection with True Parents on their home state soil.

Remember, this 50-state speaking tour is our True Parents' last gift to America. This is the last time‹for All-Eternity‹for our ancestors in the spirit world and for all of us here on earth to directly serve and attend our True Parents. Do not hold back or be afraid to call upon all those who consider themselves children of our True Parents. We all need to rise up and make whatever sacrifice is necessary so that America can fulfill her God-given role to become the True Elder Son Nation.

America is a great nation with a noble history of sacrifice and courage. Whether it was the War of Independence, Gettysburg, WWI, WWII, or the Korea or Vietnam wars, whenever and wherever Americans have understood that the life of their Nation was on the line, they have responded with absolute, unquestioned sacrifice. I believe that our American Blessed families are of this spirit. I believe that they have the same fortitude to put it on the line as the women who proudly encouraged their sons to sacrifice themselves for the sake of America in the great wars. We are now at such a point of time.

If you as leaders truly go the way of the cross, blessed couples will follow. Set the condition to unite with the Regional Director. Let us collectively put ourselves on the cross so that we can inherit the foundation that was created by the filial sacrifice of Jesus' crucifixion 2,000 years ago. If we do, I see a vision of a Christian hurricane force rising upon this holy soil that will cleanse, restore and resurrect this nation.

True Parents are going through the most incredible and grueling course that can be imagined. Every moment is either in giving love to the members or pouring out every ounce of energy at the speech or meeting with the key Christian leaders or in travel. (Many times when we get on the airplane everyone collapses for the duration of the airtime.) There have been many victories. Also, there have been grave disappointments. In one city many left during Father's speech. "Father stopped and quietly asked. Do you want me to continue? Those who will stay with me to the end please raise your hands." Then Father continued. He was so hurt. When this happens the energy just goes right out of him.

Thank God that Mother is there to comfort Father. Still he plows on determined to go to every state no matter what the price and lack of understanding. And yet, in the midst of their sorrow and suffering for the sake of the American Family, which had been ripped apart by breakdown and divorce, they continue to smile and give joy in every state they visit. I'm truly, truly amazed.

America is mobilizing in this crucial time like it has never before in its entire history. Please sacrifice without hesitation. Try everything possible to bring 2,500 Christian and religious leaders to each event. This is Father's deepest desire. Mobilize the spirit world so that God's Will can prevail.

The reason that Father is so desperate to reach the Christian leaders is because they represent the second Israel. In his extemporaneous speech Father has been proclaiming that America is the second Israel and if the Christian leaders unite with him at this time. The Second Israel will rise and embrace the third Israel ­ Korea.

Also, through America, the Second Israel, the world will hear this providential prophetic call. We are laying the foundation for the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven. Amen.

My country tis of thee, sweet land of liberty of thee I sing!  Land where my Father's died, land of the pilgrims pride, from every mountainside let freedom ring.

May God abundantly bless your family, your children, and your children's children. Thank you America!

Sincerely Yours,
In the love of True Parents

Rev. Michael Jenkins
President FFWPU USA