Rev. Sun Myung Moon Speaks in Baltimore
March 29, 2001
by Damian Anderson

I just came back from Brown's Memorial Baptist Church in Baltimore where Father Sun Myung Moon spoke tonight. It was pouring with rain very heavily all evening, yet the church was full. Father came to the pulpit at 7:20 pm and spoke for 90 minutes spontaneously in Korean with simultaneous English translation before beginning his prepared address. His unprepared speech was very good and talked about how we are in God's image, how God wants us to be greater than Him as any parent feels similarly towards their children, about how the fall of man occurred through Eve not guarding her sexual purity despite God's warning not to "eat the fruit", and what a true family is, how we must become filial children, patriots, saints, and divine sons and daughters of God as we expand our level of virtue. He spoke of how Jesus taught that we must be born again, cut off from Satan's lineage, and be born again from God's lineage. He said we are like the wild olive trees that must be engrafted into the true olive tree which comes from God and has its roots in God.

He said that God lost love, life and lineage in the garden of Eden, but what was most important to him was His eternal lineage. Eve was supposed to start God's lineage with Adam, but by succumbing to the temptation and seduction of Lucifer, she began an evil lineage separate from God. God's lineage can only be reestablished by the Messiah who comes with the mission of True Parents who bring others into that lineage through giving their Blessing. He spoke of God as a grieving father, exceedingly sad over the suffering of humanity, and called upon the religious leaders whom he called prophets, to work to build God's kingdom. He said that no one religion can build God's kingdom, not even his own. It will take the cooperation of all people of faith and good will. In liberating humanity of suffering, we liberate God also.

He spoke clearly about how man and woman possess one another's sexual organs, and how if we live according to strict fidelity in marriage and teach our families and communities to do the same, and create true families, and live for the sake of others, and practice the highest virtues, then the problems of the society will recede. He said that those who practice free sex or homosexuality will go straight to hell unless they repent. Also, he said that those who separate the finances as husband and wife and keep secrets from one another are sowing the seeds of division in their marriage. The Roman Empire declined from within because of moral degradation and the United States of America is on the same path of decline unless it repents and moves towards the ideal of creating true families.

Then he gave the prepared speech which is an adaptation of the following:

The Path for America and Humanity In the Last Days (New Millennium)

while Rev. Peter Kim read in English alongside him.

The energy in the church was electric, and Father was well received. It is truly amazing to see the energy of this man at 81 years old. He spoke like a grandfather that we would all do well to listen to. He got a lot of enthusiastic feedback from the congregation in the packed church, and I had the impression that the religious leaders were really eager to have him come and revitalize their churches, and were honored by his presence. There were representatives there from many Christian denominations and the Nation of Islam.

Rev. Moon was introduced by Archbishop George Stallings, and Rev. Mike Jenkins was the master of ceremonies. Rev. Stallings said that Rev. Moon has God's triple A rating: he is anointed, appointed and approved. Anyone who has God's anointing is a messiah, and we should all become messiahs too. Rev. Moon awarded gift certificates for gold watches to be hand crafted to those ministers who had worked hard on supporting and promoting the crusade. He said these ministers will be those who will lead the future of America by bringing the nation to hear God's call to repent and transform the lives of its citizens.

The event ended by about 10 pm, having started at 6 pm, though I missed the beginning due to the drive in heavy rain and poor visibility.

If the events are all like this, then I am not surprised that Father has been generating a storm in his crusade across America. The media coverage has been extensive and positive as he speaks in city after city across the nation. The 50th day will be on Easter Sunday followed by an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the final day's event in Washington DC, corresponding to the Pentecost 50 days after the resurrection of Jesus.

God bless all of you who have worked to make this tour a success. Please keep up the hard work.


Damian Anderson