Harlem Victory and Conclusion of 50 State Tour

Rev. Mike Jenkins
Wednesday, 16 May 2001

Dear Leaders and Blessed Families,

Thank you for your sacrifices and steadfast faith. I was immersed in the final event working with our New York District leaders and then other national issues after being away for two months. Sorry for the delay in communications. Rev. Kim and New York family brought a tremendous victory for heaven. 2700 clergy, religious leaders and special guests jammed one of Harlem's most famous churches.

The conclusion of the 50 state We Will Stand Tour occurred on Tuesday, May 8th at the historic Canaan Baptist Church in Harlem. The host pastor Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker is renowned throughout the Christian world as a leader of integrity and commitment. He just celebrated his 50th anniversary of marriage.

He is most known for being the chief of staff for the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and is referenced in all the books on Dr. King almost as many times as Dr. King himself. Dr. Walker spoke at the Mobile Alabama event as well as the Norfolk Virginia event. He brought great prestige with his presence on the tour.

The preparations for the tour were handled by the District leaders. Bishop George Augustus Stallings, Bishop Dan Johnson and Bishop Abraham Storns worked night and day traveling with Rev. Levy Daugherty and Rev. Jenkins. From 7 am until 1 am on some nights we went from place to place in Bronx, Queens, Long Island, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. We focused mainly on Harlem. We met all the blessed families in each district and various rallies. Our first rally was at Sylvia's restaurant in Harlem. 40 clergy and different leaders attended. Bishop Johnson is a white pentecostal Bishop from Kentucky. He traveled with the Billy Graham crusade. When he was younger he was a drummer for Jimmy Swaggart. He has led revivals with 15 to 20 thousand in huge tents. Each one of the Bishops testified to the clergy that a new Pentecost had come. Father Moon had initiated a great healing movement.

At the Harlem church later that evening about 70 blessed members gathered to meet the Bishops. Bishop Johnson spoke just like his ministry's title - Heart of Fire World Outreach. Blinded as a boy he received a faith healing that restored his sight. He preaches with that kind of fire and faith. He testified at the Harlem church that we as blessed couples don't know how precious our calling is. He said he could see in the blessed couples a faith and dedication that no other people of faith manifest. Yet he also saw that many are not realizing that all of their years of sacrifice led up to this time. The time of harvest. Bishop Abraham Stornes testified about one child who was being burned at the stake in a communist country in front of his father who was being told that if he denied Jesus his son would be spared. As the boy cried out in pain, he proclaimed, "Daddy, don't deny Jesus. Daddy, please don't worry about me." With that he expired. Bishop Stornes said that is the faith upon which the spirit of Jesus manifests. Bishop Stornes struggled greatly after he had viewed internet writings on Father Moon. He fasted 40 days to find the answer. It was revealed to him without question that he should follow the We Will Stand Tour. He testified how, when he overcame the trials of faith, God blessed him abundantly. He is standing with the tour. 21 women and men volunteered that night to go out to prepare for Father's visit to Harlem. Our members have great faith and ability when given a chance to work.

We went on to Westchester and met the great blessed families there. Rev. Grodner is the pastor. The meeting was again profound as we pushed ourselves to touch every area of New York. The Westchester families, many of whom work at East Garden, were very serious. The Bishops testified there. Then Mrs. Phyllis Kim testified to the Bishops that our members have been dreaming of a time when the Christian leaders would understand True Parents. Their testimony demonstrated that the time had come.

The understanding that they share is that True Parents are the manifestation of Jesus' promise to come again. Bishop Stallings understands so much that he requested that True Parents select a wife for him from Japan. We are happy to announce that last Friday morning Ms. Sayomi Kamimoto was chosen and they have accepted. The Holy Wedding will be at the IIFWP convocation on January 27th. True Parents will bless Bishop Stallings, Pastor T.L. Barrett's reunited family and 10 other couples.