Bridgeport International Academy (BIA)
Opening this Fall

Fall Opening

Bridgeport International Academy (BIA) will open this fall on August 27 as a four-year independent high school serving young people throughout Fairfield County. Featuring a college preparatory curriculum, the central orientation of the curriculum will be world cultures (including American history and government) and the underlying universal values on which they are built. Thus, character education will be integrated into the social studies classes as well as the English language literature and composition classes.

Opportunity to Take College Courses and Use University Facilities

BIA has a special arrangement with the University of Bridgeport (UB) which allows qualified high school students to take two university courses each semester during their junior and senior years. Students receive both high school and college credit for these classes and gain the benefit of both challenging classes and a head start in college.

BIA, through a special arrangement with UB, is able to offer its students use of Wheeler Recreation Center, the Marina Dining Hall, Wahlstrom Library, the Student Center, and other campus venues.

Character Education

Modern technology offers today's student instant access to enormous amounts of information, communication and knowledge. BIA recognizes the greater need for internal character skills for making moral judgments, pri oritizing, developing integrity, making good career choices, learning to serve and developing healthy relatio nships with other students and teachers. Courses and extra-curricular activities are geared toward the develo pment of such life skills. Community service is a required component of each student's academic plan.

Major Areas of Study

Students will be expected to gain fundamental understanding or "literacy" in every major academic area:

* English Language Literature and Composition: A BIA student should emerge from high school with a high level of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills; be familiar with both world and American literature; and have the confidence to communicate in a variety of public and private situations.


One student: $4,500 per year ($450 per month paid on a ten month basis).

Two students from the same family: $8,000 ($800 per month paid on a ten month basis).


If a student would like to buy lunch, lunches can be purchased at the Marina Dining Hall on a $70 per month b asis which covers five lunches a week. Students can purchase meals on a per meal basis at any UB eating facility as well.


To obtain an application, please call or e-mail one of the contacts below. There is a one-time nonrefundable application fee of $25. The application deadline is August 10 for the fall 2001 semester.


Hugh D. Spurgin, Ph.D., Headmaster
Bridgeport International Academy
400 Linden Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 06604

Telephone: (203) 334-3434 or (203) 366-5799
Fax: (203) 344-8651

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Bridgeport International Academy

We put the heart in education!

Bridgeport International is a non-sectarian senior high school located on the campus of Univer sity of Bridgeport. As an international, college preparatory school, the Academy is committed to promoting ac ademic excellence and value centered moral education in order to prepare students for college and for a meani ngful life and successful career. Qualified and conscientious students from a diversity of cultural backgrounds comprise the student body.