Report on True Parents Speaking Tour in Korea

by Rev. Michael Jenkins
Monday, 9 July 2001

Glory to God!! America is victorious, Korea is victorious. Every night these ministers would speak as John the Baptist for our True Parents. Testifying without hesitation that God's anointing is upon our True Parents. mayors, members of the president's cabinet, the highest ranking officials of the Presbyterian church and other Christian organizations were amazed of the absolute support that Father has from Christianity.

At pledge this morning Father offered an amazing prayer that encapsulated this theme of victory. He prayed that now truly a new day has dawned because American clergy representing all races, together with our Asian family in Japan and Korea had become one. The successful transfer of True Parents' incredible "We Will Stand" 50 state speaking tour victory from America to Korea has been accomplished. Particularly meaningful was Father's prayer that now black and white have joined together as one. If you saw the relationship of Archbishop Milingo, Archbishop Stallings, Bishop Dan Johnson, Rev. Jesse Edwards and Pastor T.L. Barrett Jr. ... they are one in heart and spirit.

The impact on Korea was enormous. The greatest impact was with the Family Federation blessed couples who have suffered incredible hardships to see this day. Detailed videos were made of all the clergy that were National speakers on the "We Will Stand" tour. Especially the final celebration at East Garden on April 18th in which Dr. Yang gave an incredible presentation on PowerPoint of the "We Will Stand". His presentation showed city by city, church by church the spirit in which Christianity welcomed our True Parents. Also, every Korean member that I talked to from the leaders to the halmonees (grandmothers) saw the video of the testimony of Bishop Dan Johnson and Archbishop George Augustus Stallings testifying to True Parents. A vivid image was etched into every Korean heart. That was of True Father putting his head together with Bishop Stallings and Bishop Johnson and saying, "We're a trinity!" Therefore when they saw these famous leaders in person it was as if they were having visions.

We could see the impact in Rev. Yim the leader of Pusan. His mother was a devout Christian that joined together with Mrs. Kang the first Christian to join our church. He testified to Bishop Johnson and me, how moved he was to hear the clergy. He had tears in his eyes. He was in his 50's. His mother was severely beaten by his father because she joined with this "beggar" Moon who had a little hut in a graveyard. (He explained that that's how the people saw Father's work at that time and that he wore beggar's clothes together with Rev. Won Pil Kim. The area of the rock of tears that Father chose was a graveyard area. No one wanted that land.) For him just holding Bishop Johnson's hand for a moment was such deep vindication.

He told of how his mother and Mrs. Kang were prominent members of a very prestigious and powerful Presbyterian church in Pusan. They were highly respected Christians. However, suddenly they became crazy to follow and study with this beggar on the mountain. So much intense persecution came. He said that every night his Father, not understanding, beat his mother until she was bloody. He ordered her not to go to beggar Moon anymore. When she refused to stop he said they had to divorce. He said as a little boy he never can forget his mother crying and crying in their house begging his father not to leave her. He gave her a clear choice either me or Unification. She cried with endless tears pleading with him to understand that she didn't want this to happen. She said let's keep our family but God called me to this church. I must follow God.

Many Presbyterian ministers came and prayed at his house. They had all concluded that she was possessed by the devil. They said she had a curse. Rev. Yim said, "My dad finally was convinced that the devil had her and he left us." Even though we were standing there hearing this tearful testimony of a distinguished FFWPU regional leader of Pusan, in the spirit I could feel that I was listening to a little boy who was explaining his broken heart when he saw his mother suffer so much and his father leave without knowing the truth. How many second generation have suffered countless nights going to sleep alone with only their brothers and sisters to care for them. How many endless lonely nights were spent by True Family when the parents were on an endless course to serve humanity.

However, I saw the hope in his eyes. He was saying to us that because he saw these Christians so deeply testifying to True Parents it was healing his pain. When he saw these leaders so deeply believing that Jesus was with True Parents and that Jesus had guided them to make this "Stand". How deep is their belief? It is so deep that they would stand before the world and call upon the Vatican to open the doors to Rev. Moon. It's so deep that they would break from all cultural norms and let Father and Mother choose their wives with whom they shall live both day and night. This was a small glimpse of the background at the Pusan church where our Father started his journey at the rock of tears. That's why the impact of these Christians was so enormous. This was just one ten minute experience in a week that was filled with such experiences. This is what we shared just minutes before True Parents arrived on top of a mountain (about three times as high as the prayer ground at the Tree of Blessing) for the ground breaking ceremony for the new Palace that Dae Mo Nim is creating for God and True Parents.

We rode up to the top of the mountain on a freshly bulldozed path. Two grandmothers came in the van. When they saw Bishop Johnson, they just began to cry. They couldn't believe it was him. They just kept holding his hand and crying all the way up the mountain.

The ceremony began with Rev. Kwak's address. He gave the history of Chung Pyung and how father came there for years to pray. Now, he we were decades latter, dedicating God's eternal palace and the palace of our True Parents. Thousands were gathered for the 10 am morning ceremony. Rev. Kwak said that an Interdenominational Theological school will be opened there also that will be a representation of all the theological work that was done in history and finally culminating in the Coronation Ceremony of God's Kingship centering on the Blessed Central Family.

True Father addressed the gathering of about 3000 people. (They all had to climb up the mountain.) Father expressed that this was truly a day of victory and joy for God. It came upon the culmination of the Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship. It also came upon the foundation of the Victory of the 50 State Speaking Tour, We Will Stand, and the transfer of that victory to Korea.

An outdoor lunch was held and the celebration included Mrs. Seiko Lee. Also, Bishop Johnson, Rev. Jenkins and Bishop Stallings sang for True Parents. Amen and This Little Light of Mine. Bishop Stallings kept singing to the tune of "This Little Light of Mine".

"Abonim and Omanim we're going to let it shine..." Bishop Johnson sang, "Victory in America, We're going to let it shine, Korea, Japan and America we're going to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine."