Forty-Day Summer Pioneer Witnessing Activity

To : Continental Directors, Regional Leaders, National Messiahs, National Leaders
From : FFWPU International Office
Date : July 16, 2001
Title : Forty-Day Summer Pioneer Witnessing Activity

May the love and blessing of the Parents of Heaven and Earth be with you.

After gaining victory in the 50 state speaking tour, True Parents returned to Korea on June 29.

In Korea True Father, Mother and Jun Sook Nim each spoke victoriously at four "Rallies for the Settlement of God's Fatherland," a total of twelve cities, between July 3rd and July 12th.

On July 13, Father spoke as the invited speaker at the Korean National Assembly (Parliament). This event too was very successful. Among the many who attended were members of the National Assembly, representatives of provincial and local government and religious leaders.

In light of True Parents' effort to establish the heavenly fortune of God's Fatherland, Korea, on the foundation of the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God, we must determine ourselves to accomplish the children's responsibility as one body,.

I know that all leaders and family members throughout the world are working hard day and night during this special Pentecost mobilization period. The leadership of each nation should submit a report about the achievements of the 40-day special mobilization (please see May 28, 2001 official letter).

From July 20, as leaders may be aware, a 40-day Summer Pioneer Witnessing traditionally begins. This year in particular, it is connected to the special Pentecost mobilization. I hope each nation can inherit True Parents' victory. Please note that all students should mobilize during the summer break period.

Forty-day Summer Pioneer Witnessing

  1. 40-day Summer Pioneer Witnessing period: July 20 to August 28, 2001 (40 days)

  2. 40-day Summer Pioneer Witnessing participants:All blessed families and members

  3. 40-day Summer Pioneer Witnessing method: Registered blessed families can mobilize to the wife's assigned Korean area, tribal messiah erea or local area - wherever they can gain the most result.

  4. Goal of 40-day Summer Pioneer Witnessing Activity

    1. Completion of hoondok rallies in 50 cities in each nation (Please see May 3, 2001 memo)

    2. Blessing activity: Each nation to set up its goal according to the situation; each family has the goal of bringing at least one blessing participant.

    3. Tribe witnessing activity: Go to your tribes and hold a hoondokhae conference; explain the meaning of the Coronation Ceremony and read Father's speech from the Coronation Ceremony.

    4. Do your best to witness to and prebless 180 couples as a tribal messiah

    5. Do your best to double our membership

    6. Strengthen the weak points of our church foundation

  5. Method of Activities Blessing explanation meetings, Divine Principle workshops (1 day, 2 day, 3 day, 7 day, 21day workshops, etc.) and revival meetings to achieve the goal

  6. Conditions for the sake of Achieving the Goal

    1. Blessed families all over the world should have a 6 a.m. hoondokhae, a prayer at noon in the church or place where they live, and an evaluation meeting for all mobilized blessed families at 10 p.m. in the church.

    2. Prayer content

      1. For the safety of True Parents and True Family

      2. To gain real members of the church for the unification of the fatherland and achieve the goal of the mobilization activity.

      3. To have the identity as a central blessed family who has inherited the realm of cosmic victory of True Parents

      4. For the victory of the 40-day Summer Pioneer Witnessing period

Sun Jo Hwang