Andrew Byrne's Seung Hwa

by Linda Haft
Monday 6 August 2001

Sunday August 5th, I went to a Seung Hwa for a 16 year old 2nd generation Andrew Byrne. His father was a professor at UTS. Over 200 came including 100 high school friends and BC attended, spilling out into the courtyard to the street amidst tears in the sweltering heat. Some young people had to be carried out as the sadness was too much for them.

He was an excellent kid, good person, just got off the PLA tour as a well-loved leader and had a great experience. He and I used to chat online sometimes, a dear friend of Umi's.

Andrew had just returned from PLA a day or two before and he and a high school chum decided to whoop it up and enjoy the summer's freedom so the driver had a couple drinks (I don't know about Andrew) then they went racing his SUV down a long straight away in Red Hook, NY where they both live. It flipped over on a slight curve. It was 2:30 in the afternoon on August 1st.

Neither were wearing seat belts. Driver and Andrew were thrown out of the car. The SUV rolled over Andrew. They removed the life support system the next day.

Two months ago Andrew's grandparents came out from Ireland to witness the marriage of David (he was already blessed), Andrew's eldest brother, and now they returned to bury Andrew.

Many beautiful heart-wrenching testimonies from the young teens. Andrew's oldest brother, David, said, "Please let this be a lesson to you all. Do not drink and drive!"

The driver, one of Andrew's best friends, had only a couple bruises, and now faces charges of manslaughter. Please pray for him.


Linda Haft

P.S. Umi seems stabilized now. We are watchful, but modern medicine is wonderful. However we are looking into macrobiotics and CPL in the future.