Editor's Note

The talks in this book have been compiled from among the many speeches given by Sun Myung Moon in 1971, 1972, and 1973 to members at Unification Church residential and training Centers in the United States and Canada.

The editor has worked with transcripts of simultaneous translations from the Korean of Rev. Moon's talks. Translation was done by Mrs. Won Pok Choi or Mr. Young Whi Kim. The rendering of any Oriental language into English presents many difficulties to the translator, particularly when he has to deal with abstract ideas and terminology. In this case, the translators had the additional problem of producing immediately a concise verbal account in English. Despite these difficulties, Rev. Moon's talks passed through their interpreters retaining their abundant inspiration, challenge and beauty.

Since Rev. Moon addressed his talks to members of the Unification Church, he often used terminology which is familiar to them through their study of the Divine Principle. For a complete explanation of terms and concepts which may be unfamiliar to the reader, we recommend your reference to The Divine Principle, which may be obtained from the publisher.

With confidence that you will find in these chapters a new hope for the realization of the fullness of life with God in an ideal world, we are happy to offer this book.

Washington, D. C.
October 1, 1973
Rebecca Salonen

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