I am a mountain

Moon Jung Shik
Saturday 8 November 2003

I am a mountain,
My beloved is a mountain.
Two thirds to the summit
Is a hidden pass.
When I go there to meet her,
I see the face of God.

A river of gold runs through the pass,
The river of life.
On either side, choice fruits hang from trees.
We delight in eating from the tree of life.
"Blessed are they who have washed their robes
For they shall eat from the tree of life
And enter the city by the gates."
The holy city of heaven opens up to us,
All its beauty we behold.

I eat the fruit and see beyond the looking glass
And realize that this is the real world;
But heretofore I lived in the looking glass world,
All reversed from true, good and beautiful.

The other fruits built our strength
Before we could eat that one fruit
Long forbidden, denied,
Once defiled, long cursed,
Now pristine, glorious, effulgent.

At the root of the mountain is a cave
Where water springs from the floor.
The water can be clear or dirty.
It can be the Spring of Life
Or the Spring of Death.
It all depends on my motivation.