I composed this poem in February of 2003 while my four siblings and I were visiting my father at UTS. During our stay at UTS, our mother was in Korea. The Unification Theological Seminary is one of the most beautiful places I've visited and I really felt God's Love and Presence so strongly there. I thank God for this poem and believe that this is something He wants me to share with others. I hope that through reading this poem, you will receive a portion of God's Heart and Love for you.

To Thee God, In Gratitude For Thy Precious Love

By Jung Hye Taylor

Thy Love?
Thy Precious Love.

Is there a way
To fill this empty sheet
With my true emotions?
Many are the times I've tried,
And yet, every attempt
Has culminated in bitter failure.
If only there were a way
To free my true feelings
For Thy Precious Love
From deep within
My heart and
Let them find
A way to Thine...

'Tis mine only wish
That Thou truly knowest
How much Thy vital Love
Is cherished.

Thy Sweetness
Makes me someone
I never imagined I could be.
I once was
Like a caterpillar,
Dull in color,
Unable to fly.
But Thy Love,
Like magic,
Has made me
A magnificent
It has painted
Delightful colors
On the wings
That it has given to me,
And now,
I fly past
All limits that were.

Before Thy Precious Love
Found Its way
Into my heart,
My soul
Was like a desert,
Completely plain,
Completely dry.
Thy Love has come
Like the cool, soothing water
For which my soul has eagerly longed.
The dry desert is no more
And in its former place
Sits a happy meadow,
Rich with the scent,
Of blooming wildflowers.

Jung Hye Taylor is a 17 year old second generation Unificationist who lives in Washington, DC with her parents, Rev. Joseph and Debbie Taylor, and her four siblings.