Raising Children In God's Will

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 3. The Reason You Have to Study

1. Studying is Not Easy

Where is the student who goes to school because he likes it? In the beginning, all children go to school because they have no choice. Moreover, elementary school students go to school because they have no choice. They are frightened of their parents. Do any children study because they like it? Everyone is like that in the beginning. They start to study because they have no choice. It is only later that they come to know the taste of learning and go to school to learn. Then the parents are quite surprised.

When the children realize that education contains many stimulating contents, they begin to enjoy studying. There don't like study in itself. But they come to realize that their area of freedom is relative to how much they study. That's why they come to enjoy studying. There is no one who enjoys study in itself. There might be a person who enjoys sleeping, but there is no one who enjoys study from the beginning. They come to enjoy study because, through it, their area of activity is widened. (36-120)

Do you students like to go to school? Do you like studying in school? Actually, what is good about study? Think about it. You go to school early in the morning. You have to endure five or six long hours sitting down listening to the teacher. What is good about that? But you say to yourself, "What's to be done?" You study, but is studying as delicious as the food you eat when you are hungry? It's quite frustrating isn't it? Seen in this light, everyone dislikes studying. They study because they have to. (42-18)

Parents tell their children to study hard at school. But that's not easy to do. It's painful! But it is a warning for them to prepare for the future. The professor standing on the podium energetically teaching his students is also preparation for the future. A farmer going out and energetically working on his land is also preparation for the future. It is preparation for building the country. (147-205)

2. What the Purpose of Study Should Be

Rev. Moon of the Unification Church is no different than you. I might be a little fatter, but other than that, nothing is different. Then what is different? The way I look at things centering on the conscience is different. The resultant actions are different. For example, between the parents who raise their children in order to be taken care of and live well when they are old, and the parents who raise their children so the whole village can benefit, which is better? [The parents who raise their children so the whole village can benefit.] As you know that, you don't need any more education.

Going further, of the parents who raise their children to benefit the village and the parents who raise their children to benefit the country, which is better? In other words, which parent is greater? The parents who educate their sons and daughters to say, "The reason I am studying is to take responsibility for the fate of this country, this race, and to be a pioneer to make the base for the restoration of humankind," or the parents who worry about their sons and daughters' future and educate them to become people who can benefit the village? You, over there. How about answering this question? [The parents who educate their children to live for the country]

It is good to live for the country, but we were not born with the authority to be the master of one country. We are people who were born for all people, for the world. Because all the things on the earth belong to humankind, we have to live for the world. So although Koreans may teach their children to say, "I am studying for Korea," you should teach them to have a philanthropic ideology to go beyond their tribe, their nation and their race, and to become pioneers who, with the heart of a brother and sister, sacrifice their bodies and their whole lives for the restoration of humankind.

Of the parents who teach their children to be like this and the parents who teach their children to be loyal to their country, who are better? You, ladies over there. How about answering this question? Which of the parents is greater? [The parents who teach their children to live for the world] You know everything already. Yes, that's how it is. (38-233)

3. You Need to Urge Your Children to Study Hard

Parents letting their children sleep when they want and play when they want, those urging them to sleep more and play more are fine as far as I am concerned. After all, these are not bad things. Why do they keep on saying to us, "Study! Don't fight with your brother. Love your parents. Do this! Do that! Why do they tell us not to fight?" Children often wonder in this way. (95-50)

You should always urge your children, even if they know already. If you keep on encouraging them, they will gain power. It is not good to say nothing at all. This applies to your school-aged children as well. Even if they already study hard, you should urge them to study harder. You have to do this frequently. [Laughter] You shouldn't just leave them to study or not just as they please. (131-244)

Think about it. You have to push your children to study hard in kindergarten, push them to study hard in elementary school, push them to study hard in middle school, push them to study hard in university, and even push them when they are studying for a doctoral degree. (103-199)

Most children want to play when they see their neighborhood friends. They are really happy. They are even happy to see the village dog. To the children who like to run and play about, you should say, "Hey, you little rascals. Don't do that!" If your children study, shedding tears, they will succeed in life. Who should they study for? Not for themselves. They should study for the country and the world. Do you understand? Is this good or evil? Is it bad? [It is right]

Do you like your mother and father hitting you? [Yes] If the children don't study, the fact that the mother has to say, "I and your father are sacrificing very much to give you a good education so that you can be happy in the future. Why don't you study? I'll teach you to disobey me!" is because of the fallen history of man. The fact that you and I have to put right this world, is a pledge that you and I have made together. (97-99)

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