Raising Children In God's Will

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 4. What the Parents Should Teach

1. The Thing that is More Important Than Study

Those people who have been blessed by me, put up your hands. All right, where do you think you are headed for? Before you heard my words, you lived as you pleased. The blessed families these days, say to their second generation children, "Study! Study! Study!" You stupid people have forgotten the very basics of the path of the life of faith. You who have become half-wits, do you think that by telling your children to study hard, they will become faithful and filial sons and daughters? That's preposterous. They will say, "My mother and father suffered in the Unification Church, but I am not going to go that path!"

You have to teach them the way of love that will enable them to digest all these things. That is why the mother and the father have to drag their children wherever they go, even going without food, they have to show their children with tears, how to love the neighborhood, and pray for the country. When they had little sense, they thought this kind of thing was a waste of time but after they come to their senses, they will say, "Our mother and father are the best!" The children know that their mother and father are not shedding tears for them. The more they grow up, the more they will come to realize that their parents will love the country and live for God's Will and to save humankind, even if it means discarding their children. I have come to realize this.

When Hyo-jin was still young and not so wise, he didn't understand about me, too well. However, the more he came to understand and grow up, the more he bowed his head, unable to lift his face before me. He is like that these days. When I leave America, he telephones his brother-in-law, although he could telephone me directly, and says, "Hey, what is Father doing these days? Find out everything and report back to me." He could ask me. Mother is here, too: he could ask her as well if he wanted to. But asking Father is....The more he thinks like this, the less he feels able to raise his head.

When he sees me he remembers that the father of his youth and the father today is exactly the same. There is no change but.... When I see this, I feel rather sorry. And there are times when I turn my head away first. You should not live as you please. The universe will chase away that kind of person. Do you think that your children will become successful just by your worrying about them? They won't. You have to raise them giving love as the nourishment. You have to teach them the direction they can go with love. The more they grow up, the older they get, when they find a gold vein, although they thought that the mountain was not much, the more they dig the more they will come to realize that the mountain itself is just one big piece of gold. The more they dig, dig... Do you think they will stop digging because it is difficult? (139-77)

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