Raising Children In God's Will

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 4

Parents' Responsibility

Section 1. Parents Exist For Their Children

What are parents born for? They are born for their children! This is exactly the right thing to say. (128-298)

We have to establish the family even if it means sacrificing the individual. The sons and daughters have to live even if it means sacrificing the parents. Parents are willing to risk their lives in order to let their children live. It is a heavenly law that parents sacrifice themselves for their children more than children sacrifice themselves for their parents. The parents have to make their children live. If they don't make their children live then their way as parents is blocked. Also children need relatives. You must sacrifice yourselves for your relatives, too. A family who lives like that will be respected as a good family by the people living it that neighborhood. (27-352)

So why do a mother and father exist? Who do they exist for? Is the father for the mother and the mother for the father? If you have the name of father and mother it means that you already have children. If you don't that is against the order of the universe. Do you understand? This is an absolute principle. So who do the father and mother exist for? [For their children] What are children? They are the number one object of love. There is nothing other than that. That is how love is. There is no love in the individual alone.

So on the way which seeks for love, no matter how great the subject is, if he doesn't meet an object, love cannot exist. Isn't that right? [Yes} If you get married, no matter how old you are, even if you are past 70, if you don't have children you cannot know parental love for children. You will die never knowing parental love for children. Do you think you will know it or not know it? [Not know it] Is this an absolute not knowing, or a relative not knowing? [It is an absolute not knowing] Yes, it is an absolute not knowing.

Can you know if somebody tries to explain to you about parental love for a thousand or ten thousand years? [No!] You could try to learn about this for a thousand or ten thousand years but you still can't know it. Even when the baby is in the womb you still do not know properly, but the instant the baby is born you start to learn about parental love. Do you understand? When the cow has a calf even if it tries to kick it away, the calf will always come to its mother. The umbilical cord is hanging out behind it like this. (Shows with actions) Then the mother turns around and does this and then it does this. Have you seen that? (Laughter) Have you seen it or haven't you? [We've seen it]

If you witness this kind of scene while you are eating do you think that you can pick your spoon up or not? You don't feel so good. In the beginning after the calf is born the cow starts eating the stuff that is stuck to its behind. "Agh!" You don't feel like you want to pick up your spoon and start eating at all. Why is that? That kind of thing looks revolting to the person who is standing nearby watching, but to the cow do you think it is a happy time or a sad time? [Happy time] What's there to be happy about!? (Laughter)

So why is the cow happy? Because it has just had a baby and it can be the owner of love towards its new-born baby calf. That's why it is happy. If it doesn't have any young then it can't experience that kind of feeling. If you visit a poor district you can often see mothers trying to sell some fruit by the roadside. If they babies who are lying next to them say, "Mom, I'm hungry. I want some milk!" They take out a breast as big as this and start feeding their baby (Laughter) Even if she has to sell her fruit to live and do all the housework, when she sees her child she doesn't feel unhappy. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes]

In the same way it is natural for people who have the name of parents to live for their child. Who do parents exist for? [For their children] Does it go without saying that parents live for themselves or for their children? [For their children] If there is a person who says parents live for themselves then that person is not a parent. In the future a proper code of ethics will be established. It will be a code of ethics based on the principle.

So how should the parents be? They should try their best to live for their children. This will be the number one code of ethics. Why does this have to be so? I don't need to explain! Because that is what will bring them joy. Do you understand? Not because it will bring them unhappiness. No matter how big you are or how great you are, no matter if you have a doctoral degree or have won several Noble prizes, you will forget everything when you have children. Is this situation in which you want to live for your child because it brings you joy, an unhappy situation? [It's a happy situation] Yes, it's a happy situation. (62-215)

Section 2. When You Raise Your Children

All parents are happy when sons and daughters are born. But if they don't fulfill their responsibility as parents the children will accuse them and say, "Why did you have me?" Parents have the responsibility to raise their children. They have to help them to acquire all the necessary skills so they can go and be active in society. (32-68)

You have to raise your children loving them more than you love yourself. The best way to help your children to grow properly is for the parents to sacrifice themselves for their children and love them more than they love themselves. Because you loved your children more than you loved yourself it is natural that they will inherit our love. Your children grow up and develop through your showing them that you love them more than you love yourself.

In order for a tree to grow it needs to increase its range of give and take action, giving more and receiving more. It is only in this way that it can grow. In the same way, you have to raise your children with a heart and love greater than what you have for yourself. And if the parents fulfill their responsibility in this way, the children will come to understand the parents' situation and when they have their own children they will raise them in the same way. And if this happens, then the parents' sadness will be their sadness, the parents' joy will be their joy, the parents' work will be their work, the parents' fulfillment of their responsibility will be their fulfillment of their responsibility.

Then without the parents ordering them they will step forward to help their parents saying that the parents' enemy will be their enemy, the parents' work will be their work, the parents' responsibility will be their responsibility and the parents' circumstances will be their circumstances. Raising up that kind of child is the principle of creation. (29-96)

After you have a family and have sons and daughters you have to raise them and then you have to educate them. That is what we have to do in life. Living a life in which you want to die with all people loving you and all people respecting you should be the hope of people. You have to go along this path. No matter how talented you are you still have to go along this path. Isn't that so? [Yes]

So you would like to have a good husband or good wife, wouldn't you? And then you would like to have good sons and daughters wouldn't you? [Yes] What does a good husband, good wife, good children mean? What kind of people are they? In order for them to enter the good axis of humanity they should not become indebted to the family economically, they should not become indebted to the neighborhood, their should not become indebted to the nation and they should not become indebted to the world. They have to become people who have no debt to the family, the country and the world. If you think about it is true, isn't it? [Yes, it is]

Then, what do you have to do next? You have to be people who influence their thought. You have to be a mother and father who can influence your sons and daughters, influence your neighborhood, influence your country and influence the world. Do you understand? [Yes] (96-106)

Section 3. Parents Responsibility For Their Children's Lives

All people are born after having spent 9 months in the womb and they don't need anything extra. They are born with a perfect shape. Birth is the transition from the embrace of the first parent to the second parent. Then what has to happen on this earth? The baby has to become a true person under its parents' guidance. You provide for your children with the notion of what man is. The world in which your parents are living says, "Become this kind of a person," and you provide what is needed to realize this.

Education, and everything is provided by your parents. Your parents even provide the time you are born. Your parents provide the country and the world you are living in. Do you understand? [Yes] They give you everything as a representative of the world, the country, the family and the parents. According to what is right and proper. Everything has to be right. You have to provide the right things. So I am asking you to provide good things for your children. What do you have to do after you complete this? You have to connect all this with the horizontal foundation centering on love. Do you know what I am talking about? I am talking about marriage. Parents have to take responsibility for their children until they receive the ideal marriage.

Then what has to be done after marriage? What is marriage? It is the inheritance of the love of your father and mother. It is the succession to you of your father and mother's love. Do you understand? [Yes] Then what do you have to succeed to next? You have to learn how much you have to love yourself and how much you have to love others. You have to inherit everything that is instructive. You have know how much your parents loved you and inherit this love.

After you have received love, knowing that you have received love, you have to be a person who knows how to give love. Knowing clearly that you have received love, you will become a person who clearly knows how to give love. You become a person who can completely receive and completely give love. That means you have matured into a perfect man and perfect woman. (107-40)

You have been born as a man or a woman. What happens next? I ask you what happens next? What does your future hold? Women have to open their hands and seek for something and men have to open their hands and seek for something. They do this in order to find a partner. So why were men born? They were born to meet a woman. And why were women born? They were born to meet a man.

So from your own point of view, your parents let you be born as a man in order to meet a woman.... That is your parents' motivation for having you. It is the same thing, your parents giving birth to you is so that you could meet a man or a woman. Your mother, your father and you, too, all want this. You all want you to get married. And then, what should you do? You have to become a mother and father yourself. And what should you do when you become a mother and father? What do you need? It is through this that you can have an unchanging love.

Your parents cannot but want this for you because the meeting of a man and woman means that you can discover for the first time the realm of unchanging parental love. Even though their children getting married eventually means that their children will leave them, why do they still want this for their children? It is because it is in this that they can revive a higher dimension of deep parental love. This is possible through their children getting married and having children. Only this kind of love never changes. Do you understand? [Yes] (74-17)

What should children do after they grow up? If the husband and wife become one, on the foundation of having experienced the love of God, they will come to set up the family tradition of love. They'll come to live as husband and wife, and having experienced all the different forms of love they will come to establish the tradition of love. In the first stage, the individual receives the vertical love from God. And after they become husband and wife they give and receive horizontal love. Then, after they have children, the vertical love continues on down. Through having children parents come to experience the vertical love of God for his children. (52-46)

Section 4. Education of Love From The Parents

Where does love come from? There is no such thing as love originating within oneself. Love comes from the object. You have to know this. So where does love come from? [From the object] If you don't have an object partner to love, then you cannot experience love.

If you look at God from the point of view of man, He is in a relative position. A man needs a woman and parents need children. We are all in a relative position. Love cannot be realized without an object partner to love. This is what we call in the Unification Church, "Triple Objective Love." A person who has not experienced three object love cannot stand in the position of saying that he has experienced God's complete love in place of Him. This is how it is. Do you understand? [Yes] It is the teaching of the Unification Church's Divine Principle, that in the same way that God felt joy when he made Adam and Eve, we too should feel the same joy when we have our own children.

God felt so much joy when he created Adam and Eve. Don't you think He would have been full of hope, saying, "Let's start ruling the world together. Our family will become the central family of the world. Hurry up and grow up. Hurry up and grow up." Adam and Eve were raised under the loving protection of God who felt so much joy and satisfaction when He saw His children and whose only hope was for them to see the day of their marriage.

In the same way the mother and the father are responsible to raise up their children well and choose a wonderful partner for their child so that they can become a good husband and wife. If you help your children to be a good husband and wife do you think that family will perish? [It will flourish] Yes, it will flourish. In the same way that God created Adam and Eve and loved them, we should inherit this love and love our own children wanting to take them anywhere and everywhere we go. Eat with them. Do everything together with them. Do you think the sons and daughters would like or dislike that kind of father and mother? [Like]

Who is the best friend? It is not the neighborhood youth with thick bushy hair who is friends with your children. Your real friend is your father and mother. This is how it should be. You have to know this. That is why, if I have the chance, I try to take my children with me in the car when I go to Chong-Pyong. Some people complain about me. They say, "That person takes his children with him whenever and wherever he goes." But that is the way it is. You have to be parents that your children like better than their own friends. Isn't that so? You have to think like this.

You have to be the friend of friends and the teacher of teachers. Who does? [mother and father]. The mother and father have to become their children's best friend and best teacher. The mother and father shouldn't make their children cry. They shouldn't say, "Hey, don't do that or I'll give you a beating." That's not so good. You have to educate with love. "Hey, that's not the right thing to do, is it? If you do that, Mommy and Daddy will be sad and you don't want that, do you?" You have to educate your children in this way.

So the parents must become the friend of friends and teacher of teachers. Did Adam and Eve have any friends in the garden of Eden? The only friend Adam had was Eve, then God. Isn't that so? God hoped that Adam and Eve wouldn't become friends with the Archangel. The Archangel was a servant. But they made the wrong kind of friend and were ruined. So the parents have to become the teacher of teachers, the friend of friends and the love of loves. Don't you agree?

Love starts from God. So in the end, relative love is realized through the parents. So when the parents say, "The things you like are not because of you but because of your parents" the children will think, "I dread to think what might have happened if my parents hadn't raised me up as they did and hadn't found a good object partner for me." Dating marriages are not good. Do you understand? [Yes] The parents have to be responsible for the education of love. When the children see their parents come together and love each other like cooing pigeons, they will be able to inherit that love. They will say, "Wow. Seeing my Mom and Dad love each other so much, I'm beginning to feel lonely myself. I need an object partner with whom to love and coo together, just like my Mom and Dad."

Parents have to raise their children in this way. Then the children will do what they saw their parents do and the world will become a world of good and human history will become a history of goodness. This is what we are trying to do in the Unification Church. Do you understand? [Yes] (57-119)

Section 5. Parents Must Take Responsibility to Teach Their Children Faith

Your children will listen to the Divine Principle. But don't just let it end there. If they have listened to the Principle when they are teenagers, even though they may accept the contents of the Principle, we don't know how much it will influence their view of society. A certain time period has to be gone through for this to happen. I would say that they have to at least pass the age of twenty. If you don't concern yourselves about your sons and daughters who listened to the Principle when they were 15 or 16 years old, you will find that when they reach the age of 20, they will be living a life completely different from the Principle.

The age we are living in today is not just on the family level where we act just centered on our family. We live concentrating more on the requirements of the society we are living in. Young people are very critical about everything and they have no interest in doing what they should do, but rather what comes easy to them. Because this is the reality we are in today, parents have to be more serious about taking responsibility for their children. When your children listen to the Divine Principle when they are teenagers don't leave it at that. The parents should discuss the Principle with their children as their friends. Be it once a week or once a month you should choose a subject connected with the life of faith and discuss it with your children. If you do that, your children will be able to apply the Principle that they learned when they were teenagers to their lives after they are twenty.

You have to provide the support and a base for your children to be able to do that. But you are not doing it. You shouldn't be satisfied with just sending your children to church. You have to extend the education they receive in church to the home as well. But because you neglect doing this, even though they may come out of church inspired to do this or that, they don't do it when they get home.

Our families have to be the model for other families, but unless we educate our children in the right way, we will fail. The children cannot be the stimulus to establish the model family. The parents have to do it. (31-272)

Section 6. Bringing Your Sons and Daughters Before God

Even though you are living in the Satanic world, you still have to remain faithful and keep your integrity towards Heaven. Did you regard the children you are raising as God's children? Did you think that you and your object partner belong to God? Did you think my parents, my ancestors, my race, my country all belong to God? The ignorant people who are living on this earth do not know that they are moving towards this standard. Take a few moments to think about it. Is what I am saying true or false? You will come to realize that what I am saying is true. (8-85)

So who do you think the things you have belong to? You have to think that they are the father's. Who must your sons and daughters offer everything to? They must offer everything to the father. Loyal sons and daughters who could have taken the place of Jesus should have been raised. If you have become a parent, then you should use any method you can to make your sons and daughters have the standard of the Unification Church. You must do this. (23-322)

You have to restore your Cain family quickly. The person you try to witness to must be a filial son or daughter in the Cain world. You have to go to the countryside, you have to look everywhere to find filial sons and daughters that you can witness to. When the time comes these people will appear.

Seen in that light you also have to bring your own families into the Unification Church. The wife the husband, the husband the wife. You have to offer everything you own including your sons and daughters, to God. You have to return them to God so that they can be restored in God's name .... Everything you have owned until now has been dirtied by Satan. If you don't return everything to God and have it purified and then receive it again, then you have no foundation to live in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

If you offer everything to God then the Kingdom of Heaven on earth will spread. Do you understand what I am saying? Centering on God's ownership is how your own base for the Kingdom of Heaven is made. It is the condition of restoration to restore Satanic ownership to God's ownership. Do you understand what I am saying? You haven't done this until now. We haven't been able to clear up this problem yet. We haven't done it. The king represents the Old Testament, the children represent the New Testament and the parents represent the completed Testament. If these three become one then we can enter our original position before God. Then you can have your own ownership. (131-151)

Even those people who have love, will die one day. You have to bear the fruit of love before you die. If you don't, the love will not be able to return to its proper position. I will give you an example. Let us think of a fruit. If you sow the seed in the spring season, the roots sprout and it grows. The leaves come out, then the flowers bloom and after that the fruit comes out. The owner feels joy on seeing the fruit. Isn't the fruit of a farmer his harvest?

God is the same. He planted the seed of humankind. Do you think He just planted a male seed? Or a male and female seed together? [Together] Planting the male and female seed together, the children sprout roots and made a Moon seed, a Park seed and....

As the trunk increased, the branches spread all over the world and the flowers bloomed according to the seasons. There were some successful families and some not so successful families. The summer causes the leaves of the weak trees to be gaunt. The season when the leaves should be plentiful is the summer but it is natural law that the leaves have to become thin in the autumn. It is not a bad thing that the trees become thin. Through the leaves dropping off, the hidden fruit can be ripened, which is a time for joy. Do you understand what I am saying?

In the winter time no matter how thickly the snow covers the tree and the tree looks like a dead tree, the owner who has picked the fruit of that tree has hope. He is not worried and he says to the tree, "I picked this fruit from you and with it I'll be able to multiply you a million times and make our garden green. I'll make an orchard where I can harvest much more fruit like you."

In the same way, there has to be fruit on the road of love. What is that fruit from man's point of view? [Children] Children, and what do you have to do with your children? You have to return them back to nature. They are not your sons and daughters. Mankind has a common responsibility to harvest the fruit centered on the master of the universe and multiply it. So you have to put your children in the warehouse of your country. You shouldn't put them in your own warehouse and keep them for you own use. If you have to think it will be a good idea to offer the best of them for use in the country's garden. It is the parents hope that their child can be an important person for their country. Isn't that so? [Yes] (177-115)

What do you have to do after you enter the Unification Church? You have to resemble the image of God. That will be a glorious day. And after that I am saying let's resemble the nature of Adam and Eve. This should be your hope. What I am really saying is that you should resemble me. And according to how much you resemble me, God will automatically love, as he loves Adam, His grandchildren who resemble him. You don't need to seek to be loved by God. You can't go back to this point from here. You can't go back to this point only from Adam either.

You have to pass through these three stages. Why? Because the universal principle requires three stages. Do you understand? [Yes] When should we die? The person who dies after he has married off his sons and daughters and seen his grandchildren get married will receive glory. Do you understand what I am saying? You have to know how to love three generations. You have to stand and feel things in the mother and father's position, in the son's and daughter's position and in God's position. You have to have grandchildren before you can stand in God's position.

Why is that? If God Adam and Eve are in a vertical relationship, who are those born to the horizontal relationship? They are grandchildren. Isn't that right? If Adam becomes one with God, the horizontal position means his sons and daughters. When Adam and Eve become one, sons and daughters are born. It requires three generations. You send out your grandchildren in all directions. Do you see? In all directions... That should start from the third stage. (96-234)

Section 7. The Parent's Responsibility is Heavy

Have you fulfilled your responsibility as a husband? I am asking, have you fulfilled your responsibility as a husband within your family? Let's not even think about your responsibility in the church for a moment. Have you fulfilled your responsibility to your wife, your children, your family and relatives? You should feel shame. The person who has failed in his responsibility and is in that ugly state who won't come to his mother and father's house feeling great reproof will perish. He is worse than a pig or a dog. You have to feel shame. The person who does so has hope. The person who tries to avoid this will perish. When a piece of cloth rots, it becomes like a piece of dung. (126-25)

This applies to you as well, but in the future blessed families have to raise up their sons and daughters well. I'm telling you, you have to raise them well. Originally, you should fence off your children from the world today. You should raise your children without letting them have any contact with the world. That is how important the parents' responsibility is. The parents have to use their wits to protect their children. Our age should be the pure blood lineage, pure blood lineage, pure blood lineage.... That is the ideal. Your children will be born intelligent according to how much the parents loved each other, depending on how much hope and love they had before having the baby. They will be born with a deep and beautiful nature. Your children have to be better than you, don't they? How can you make them be born better than you? If you do what I just said. The motivation for coming together is love and the more you love each other the purer your baby will be born. (66-227)

Because you are living in the age of transition you must be careful to decide on the right direction to take. Where must I go? If I am the fruit then I have to bear fruit. I have to become the seed and sprout roots and then I have to grow in this way and become a trunk and branches and spread out my roots and then flower. This is the public course. You have to know clearly that if you don't follow the public path connecting the past, present and future you cannot arrive at the eternal realm of love. Do you understand? [Yes] In order to do this, centering on the heart of longing you have for me and as a blessed husband and wife, you have to long for each other more than you long for me. You have to long for your children more than you long for me. I have the responsibility to graft you in this way. Because man lost his connection to true love, I, centering on the Will, have the mission to enable you to connect your mind and body to the realm of love. That is why I have to do what I am doing. (141-74)

Section 8. What the Parents Have to Leave Behind

1. What Should You Leave Behind?

The problem is what kind of life should I leave behind? Some of you may be over 60, some of you may be over 40, and there may be some really young people here. In the position you are in, what kind of life do you want to leave behind? You have to have the mind to worry about the future of this nation, you have to be able to feel by yourself what kind of mission you have. When you older people reflect on your past you will realize that you have no fruit, and you will probably feel that no matter how much you struggle you will not be able to reach the level you are seeking.

But the more you feel this, this more you understand about this, it is not a time to feel discouraged you have to determine that for your remaining short life you have to invest yourself more and more with all your power to settle everything up. There is no need to worry that you are old, invest all your remaining life and make a new determination, thinking about how you should invest yourself for your country and for history. (35-18)

What should you leave in your lives? What should you leave? This is the big question. Can you feel solid standing in the position where you are standing? Even if you have done one thing well you can feel solid. In the last moment of your life you have to be able to say to God, "Father, I am a good child." You have to become a child with that kind of qualification. That person is greater than all the undefeated generals and history-changing figures in human history. (45-265)

What remains forever? It is leaving the standard of goodness. I am telling the people in the Unification Church to do this. So the problem of whether you have done it or not done it will follow you around. You have to know how to be a person who knows how to repent if you take a nap during the day because you are tired. No one who has the wrong attitude can be happy. You have to understand this. (24-31)

There are many people in the world who live and eat well. There are many handsome men and pretty women. There have been many people who have been the hope of their village, but none of them could influence the world. In the world where people live and eat well, those who don't live well, strive to do so. Do you understand? Even they don't eat and live well they still try to eat and live well. People are born to live for their family, live for their country or live for the world.

What is the purpose for being born? What do we absolutely have to leave behind? Climbing Baekdu mountain? Saying that you have prayed on top of the highest mountain? No, it is not this. You have to leave a spiritual something that all the people can respect. For example, let us say that a patriot was killed fighting. The more wretched his death, the more desolate and forlorn the place is, the more value his death has. Do you understand what I am trying to say? The value is decided in reverse proportion to the circumstances. The things that move history cannot be seen. This that cannot be seen move history. Isn't that so? (181-13)

So, our Unification Church members... I am like a free spirit. Other people say I am great but I like to live it rough. I don't like appearances. I like nature itself. Even if I am wearing a suit I don't care if there is any dung, I just sit down without looking. I don't clean the place first. In our lives, can there be anything more simple and honest than nature? There are so many false things in the world. Do you understand? [Yes]

People in the Unification Church must know that the way of true love, the way to go into God's realm of love is not to advance yourself or put yourself forward. I have learned this through testing everything. People in this world who have a lot of money are waiting to leave it all to their children. You have to first prepare what you can leave to the world and then leave it to your children. That is the right order of things. In that way everything can be connected. (130-52)

What will you leave to your growing children? The only thing that you can leave to them is the fact that you can say, "I lived for the nation. I lived for the world." This is the greatest inheritance you can leave. Physical things or a masters' or doctoral degree are not important. "Live for the world." This is what you should leave your children. You should say to them, "You were born as a Korean but you are not Korean. You are a child of the world so you must live for the world. Not only that, you should live for Heaven and earth." This is 'cosmosism'. People who have heard and understand this incredible truth must not be of little account. (29-223)

2. The Life Course We Have to Leave Behind

"What road will I take?" is the question you must ask yourselves. You have to understand this clearly. Some of you may pray for your physical or external environment. Those people will be swept away with the external, physical world. Those people who entered the Unification Church for their own benefit have left.

You have to become people who can complete your destiny as a pioneer for the sake of future mankind and the world, pledging to connect yourself to the true ideal of God. There is no value in worrying about who saw you do something. When you think that it is in the unseen, deepest places of your internal heart that you make a bond with God, you have to become a person who, whether somebody sees or not, is willing to go the way alone, shedding sweat and blood to take on the responsibility, and working hard to establish this bond with God.

It is through this kind of person that the new providence will be made. You have to establish the spiritual victory. If you want to remain, you have to stand in that position. So you have to pray without other people knowing. In the Last Days you have to pray secretly, with determination, that even if the winds blow and Heaven and earth shake and everything around you falls down, you will die with the firm confidence that you will leave behind the historical connection. This is the life that Unification Church members have to live the course of our lives that we have to leave behind.

What do you have to leave behind? There is no parent who will leave as a family heirloom a dirty used cloth that needs to be thrown away, for his loving children. You want to leave a precious thing that you have made through your sincere effort, a treasure that only Mom and Dad know about. You don't want to leave something that is useless. It has to be something that you want to keep until the end. Something that is more valuable than everything you own or have sold until now. You want to leave that kind of treasure. Then what is this treasure? The treasure in itself is not important. It is the love, the mind, the sacrifice that the parents have put into this treasure. It represents the very heart of the parents. It is something that can move not just your own parents, but Heaven and earth as well. When it is a sacrifice that can conquer all the historical people, when you can instill this treasure in their young minds, this is the greatest treasure in history.

3. You Have to go Leaving True Sons and Daughters Behind.

Even if you have lived your life investing all your effort, even if you are about to take your last breath, you have to leave the sap of love as your fruit. You have to leave sons and daughters. Have you left this kind of son and daughter? Mongrels have given birth to baby mongrels. And you want to show your babies to me? Huh! You should be ashamed. Giving birth to babies in any old fashion. (146-25)

4. Let's Go Leaving a Tomb Of Love

The only thing that you have to leave from your heart is the original love of the ideal realm. Centered on that love, we have to realize the ideal family, the ideal society, the ideal world, the ideal Kingdom of Heaven on earth based on the standard of the true blood lineage and the standard of true love. We, on the foundation of our original minds, have to become the pivotal point of liberation, liberating the thousand or ten thousand years of historical misfortune, of groaning and of crooked, winding paths. When you want to leave something, if your business is very successful and you want to establish a university, this is good, but what should you leave? You should leave a foundation of the results of your love. There is nothing besides that. (120-183)

What will I do with my life? Let's go leaving a tomb of love. That is the conclusion. Let's go leaving a tomb of love! There are no regrets if you live in a tomb of love. No matter how tedious life may be living near a tomb, if you live with love there are no regrets. Do you understand?

Let's leave a tomb of love when we go! Then we will gain the eternal victory of life. If you die after having lived that kind of life, God will bless you. He will bring His sons and daughters out to greet you. Then if it is a ring finger that has never had a ring put on it, God will put a diamond ring on it for you. If you have never been able to wear nice clothes, God will clothe you with the best clothes of the kings of the Kingdom of Heaven. If the people of the world find out about it they will all want to live in this love tomb. Some tragic things might keep on happening in the world. But you can find extreme happiness in extreme tragedy.

Because I know this, this is why I have been living the way I have. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes] What should I leave? [A love tomb] Don't forget it. Those people who will say I will try to live like that, please raise your hands. You all raised your hands! God's blessing will be with you all. (97-169)

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