Rev. Sun Myung Moon's
Teaching on Divorce


November 22, 1987
World Mission Center

Now you know the answer to these kinds of questions: Should you send your elderly parents to a nursing home? Should a woman discard her husband if, for some reason, she feels he doesn't suit her? Should you divorce? No. Mankind never knew this before, but divorce is similar to the act of abortion. Staying married creates the possibility for the fulfillment of all these goals, but divorce breaks down every possibility, destroying the parents, the children, and the ideal.

Ask your original mind: Should you divorce your spouse? Ask your children whether they want you to divorce. What about your parents? Ask them if they would like you to divorce. Nobody wants to go through divorce. The one who is pursuing a divorce will feel sad, but if he doesn't realize the seriousness of the issue, he will go ahead and sign the paper.


January 1 and 2, 1994
Seoul, Korea

The problem is man and woman. If we solve that we solve eighty per cent of the problems. Divorce came about because of the fall. The results of the fall have to be resolved in the Last Days.


Divorce means cutting off the root of love.


February 16, 1997 Belvedere

If that kind of love core has to be connected, should that occur through your body or your mind? (Mind) Why? This means that your conscience is closest to God. We all experience the struggle between our mind and body. Why do we have this struggle? We are born as a seed of love. However, within our seed of love exists the seed of love of mind and the seed of love of body. These two identities are divided and the struggle begins. Do your parents always live in perfect peace and harmony? Or do they struggle and fight sometimes? (They sometimes struggle and fight) Don't you think that your parents sometimes entertain the idea of divorce in their minds? (Yes)

In this world, parents do not have absolute unity. They are inclined to struggle and fight with one another and even think about divorce. Is such a world Heaven or Hell? (Hell) Do you imagine that your two eyes desire to divorce? (No) These eyes always have harmony and unity one with another. They follow each other. Do you think that your left nostril desires to divorce your right nostril? No. They always work in harmony with each other. Your upper and lower lips always operate in oneness and remain eternally together. Do you think that your right ear will decide not to hear anymore and let the left ear do it all? (Never) (Laugher) If there is a sound which is unclear, these two ears will mobilize the entire head in order to catch that sound. What about your hands? When you clap them together, do they protest and want divorce?

What about people? People who run to divorce courts all the time? Do their laps jump together for joy because they are divorcing? Actually our five senses do not have any concept of divorce. However, our body's desire is the problem. Our bodily desire demands that our mind follow. This bodily desire is the king of individualism. The very name America has the connotation of a nation only caring about cars. Not people, not ideals, nothing but pride in cars. Even if you own a car, you need a driver and gasoline. America is presently out of gasoline. It is falling down to the bottom of Hell. America has no power.


Within True Father's family there are children from two different mothers. Because of this wilderness course Father lost everything in a way. Just as Father had to go through the wilderness course when he lost his first wife through divorce, now the entire world is experiencing the same thing through the breakdown of families. It completely lost God's True Love family center. God's value system was lost.

Blessing and Ideal Family
by Reverend Sun Myung Moon

Chapter Seven Part 2 B

Human beings should have the experience of bringing up children. Then they can possess parental love and children's love. Western people don't seem to do that; they are avoiding bearing and bringing up children. Because they think children could be troublesome in the time of divorce, they are hesitating to have children.

But when a human being doesn't establish the four position foundation, he or she cannot understand God's heart and therefore cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven. Many Americans think they don't need children. But if they would deepen their conjugal love by rearing children, there would be less divorce. They live in false love instead of true love by leaving out children, and repeatedly divorce. The ethics of American society are declining due to this bad trend.


January 18, 1987 Belvedere

Imagine if there were only one man and 2.5 billion women-then how valuable would that man be? Have you really stopped to consider that your husband is a priceless being who brings you that best mystifying gift of love forever and ever, not just for a few years? Have you ever thought about the value of that person? More than half of all American marriages end in divorce now. Think about the cause of divorce. Only the women can answer this question: Who is more likely responsible-women or men- for this high divorce rate and breakup of the family? It is women. So, now you know how to behave. You have to think, "Oh, since I am a woman, I must be careful"

You are American women. Do you think the average American woman would be like you-so docile, sitting on the cold floor early in the morning listening to Father's words? When I scold you or pound on your head, you sit so nicely and obediently. Can we find even one American woman like that out in the secular world?

Let me continue the line of questioning: Do more women or more men go to Heaven? We have to be candid and frank about this. After all, the first condition before we can go into the Kingdom of Heaven is to be frank. Absolute love needs to be stored in an absolute vessel. Women are more changeable, so they often cannot contain unchanging love as well. Therefore, it is likely that there will be more men than women in Heaven because men can better contain absolute love. There are some who are not satisfied with this!


October 2, 1983

We have many good reasons to be grateful for being born as men and women. There are many kinds of animals but, for the most part, they all have only one or two mating seasons each year. Are people also restricted to only one season for making love? It is my opinion that if mankind had only one mating season a year and men and women remained separate for the other months, there would be no divorce! Did God make man and woman the way He did so that they could divorce more easily? Certainly not.

Put yourself in God's position and think what He would want for men and women. Would He want people to experience love just once or twice every hundred years, or to feel a new sensation of love every other hour? We resemble God; therefore, God resembles us. How would God want to love man? Would He just look at us or touch us and be satisfied? Maybe God just thinks about love. What would give enough sensation to God that it is a new experience?


January 9, 1983 Belvedere

If you consider getting a divorce, you should feel shocked and faint. In the future, the word "divorce" will be erased from the dictionary. God will never compromise one inch on this. If you discuss the possibility of divorce without feeling stunned, then you know how far from God you are. This is an absolute criterion. We have to live according to that standard before we can say we have gained absolute love.