April 25, 2004

Naked and Unashamed

Susan Fefferman



Creation of Eve Gen 2:21-25,

Fall Gen 3:6-7,9-13,

Curse Gen 3:14-19


Exposition of the DP page 59, 1.3.2 2nd paragraph “In the world before the human Fall, what act would one be willing to carry out even at the clear risk of one’s life? It could be nothing else but the act of love. God’s purpose of creation, described in the blessings ‘be fruitful and multiply’, Gen. 1:28 can be achieved only through love. Accordingly, from the viewpoint of God’s purpose of creation, love should be the most precious and sacred act. But because the sexual act was the very cause of the Fall, people often regard it with shame and even contempt.”


Adam and Eve were God’s children. He created them to be the original ancestors for all humanity. They would have set the pattern of living and loving for all generations to come. Their life would show how to live with God for all eternity. In actuality, God created Adam and Eve to be HIS body. He could experience all that He made only through them. He could touch all things through their bodies, taste all things through their mouths, smell all things through their noses, see all things through their eyes, hear all things through their ears. He could experience the gamut of emotions that their love created and he could experience the thunder and lightning of making love through them. They were unashamed because they were pure and God could feel all that they felt. They would all experience joy together. The entire creation would enjoy their lovemaking together. Father Moon says that all creation would rejoice in the lovemaking of Adam and Eve. He describes the first couple as having no clothes and no shame. He said they were proud of their beautiful bodies. “Adam would be proud that he was unique and different from Eve and she would be proud for the same thing.” He continues in this Parent’s Day speech with his usual exhortation, “Man was born for woman and woman was born for man.”


We can see from this that God would have had his own physical body with the union of Adam and Eve. From them He would have had 3 bodies, 4 bodies, and more as the descendants multiplied. Anywhere God’s children lived, God would live and enjoy all things through them. God’s senses would have been filled with the joy of knowing everything through His children.


But from the Fall, all His hopeful expectation was destroyed. And humankind became ashamed, ugly and descendants of the devil. Our shame holds us down and makes us weak. It occupies our mind so much that we forget who we could be if we connect to God. Our shame doesn’t allow us TO FEEL GOD. It blocks our ability to share all things with him and our actions become confused and we commit sin, mistakes upon mistakes. Our thoughts are dominated by the struggle between good and evil.


We have been taught that through repentance and sacrifice we can draw closer to God, through rebirth we can cut our relationship with Satan and draw closer to God. Through the blessing we can be claimed by God as His children once again, and that our children can be born without sin.


Our dilemma is we haven’t yet left the fallen world to be able to live with God 24-7.


After the blessing we should feel unashamed. How many of you were there at the matching speech when Father Moon talked about being unashamed and he dropped his pants to show his white long underwear? I was up in the balcony and I could see he was doing something with his belt. He was so bold and he really made his point well. Mother Moon nearly fell out of her chair though and Mrs. Watanabe almost fell over the balcony in shock. He was so serious he had to make a memorable example for us to believe him. After the blessing we should have no shame, just like Noah. No shame. Ham still had shame and disgust at his father’s nakedness and when he covered him up, not wanting to see his father, he invited Satan right back into his family.


Where does our shame lie? In the little secrets that we don’t share with our spouse. In the things we harbor in our hearts and are unwilling to give up to God in repentance because we cannot forgive, or we cannot forget, or our pride is dominating us. Or we are just plain selfish.  How many people pick their nose in private? Do you ever do it in the car when you’re alone and then notice the guy in the car next to you is looking? How many little things do we do or think that we don’t want anyone else to see or know? We keep inviting Satan back into our lives.


Father Moon says, “Act as if you have the blessing and you shall receive it.” If we fully act like a blessed couple we will truly be a blessed couple with no shadow, and no shame. When we practice the traditions our True Parents have set down, we are a true blessed couple. When we have purity on all levels of our lives we are a true blessed couple. When we act as a good example for others we are a true blessed couple. And most of all when we are open and true, communicating freely with our spouse we are a true blessed couple. How many of us have whispered some complaint about our spouse to another? How often have we yelled at our spouse or children yet we would not want Father or Mother Moon to see us doing that? WE NEED TO REMOVE ALL THINGS THAT CAUSE US SHAME.


Recently, Father Moon said we should be so serious about building the kingdom of heaven that we don’t even have time to make love. And he asked how can we take time for ourselves when God doesn’t have His holy nation where He is welcomed and loved by everyone. But then Father Moon started asking us to sleep naked with our spouse and that the wives should hang on to the special part of the husband that actually belongs to the wife. April 19th, he said, “ You must now sleep together without clothes. You must be very intimate to achieve harmony. You must follow the principles and laws taught to you by the True Parents. All of your relatives would like to visit you with this kind of spirit.” April 8, “In the nighttime you must become totally one body. What belongs to you belongs to your spouse.” And, “without this you will never become the owners of heaven.” “Love is the central point of release, of liberation.” (4-20)  (4-12) All couples must be very close and intimate to create the right spirit.”


He goes on to describe the result of our efforts to create the true intimacy. (4-13) “We must totally go back to the beginning before the fall, where there is not even any trace of the fall. If you reach that state you can be free.” (4-12) “The sexual organ is the most fearful thing. If you use it correctly there will be no problem of disease. The world has so much trouble with diseases transmitted through the sexual organs. The proper use in blessed marriage will end these diseases.”


And on the 8th of April he spoke about the problem of homosexuality. He said if through creating this true intimacy then “all the children will follow the tradition of their parents.” In fact, if three families practice this in every village, homosexuality will cease. Homosexuality deprives people of the unbelievable experience of sharing their love with God, actually having God present in their love relationship. It also deprives them of the important experience of creating God’s children and their eternal lineage.


Which brings me to my last point. It seems that if we create a true love relationship as couples we have spiritual power that will influence others around us, our relatives will want to visit us, our children will follow us and homosexuality with “wither” and cease. I think we must produce some kind of energy wave of true love, a vibration, which spreads out from our holy bedroom. If we create such a holy place, God can enjoy our love through us and each couple becomes a generator of His power to transform the world.


In his recent speeches Father Moon emphasized doing Hoon Dok Hae, doing Home Church, witnessing to your tribe, blessing 740 couples, creating mind and body unity, giving all things back to God, don’t tell lies, be honest, and “be determined to give our utmost sacrifice and devotion until 2012.” Now he has added the most amazing direction create heaven in the love relationship between husband and wife. So blessed couples, do your duty, make waves of true love and transform this world.