Textbook for World Peace, Selected Speeches by Reverend Sun Myung Moon & President Hak Ja Han Moon Chapter 4 Women Who Will Take the Leading Role in the Ideal World Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon President, Women's Federation for World Peace This address was given on June 10, 1992 at the first Nationwide Rally of the Women's Federation for World Peace, Seoul, Korea.

Distinguished guests and members of the Women's Federation for World Peace:

I am very honored that I can share my beliefs about world peace with such a tremendous gathering of women leaders from every level of society. The title of my address today is "Women Who Will Take the Leading Role in the Ideal World."

We are now entering the pivotal age for the creation of one world. The time in which we are living is the age where humanity has started to go beyond the barriers of ideology and language, the differences between cultures and the conflicts between races.

It is the cherished desire of humankind for all war, oppression and exploitation to be banished forever from this world leaving only the promised future of true freedom, peace and prosperity.

All the while, my husband, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, has advocated the ideology of Godism and has overcome strong opposition and persecution from those individuals who have relied on strength alone. In the past he played the deciding role in opening the door to leave behind the age of the Cold War. Today in this historical age of transition where conciliation and cooperation are sought, I am presenting Godism to be the great principle and basis upon which we can build the eternal world of peace. I would like to stress again that the Headwing ideology and Godism proclaimed by Reverend Moon must be the principles followed by all women who will pioneer the future world.

To Possess God's Love

Originally God created an object of love in order to feel joy. Where does the heart of a sculptor, who is willing to invest his youth and work unceasingly day and night in order to create one masterpiece, come from? Doesn't it resemble the heart of God. Who created an object of love in order to feel joy?

If we look at the world, we can see that everything has an inherent duality. Minerals, plants, animals and people all exist in pairs. Do you know why everything exists in pairs? It is to be able to interact with each other. In the world of minerals, there is the action between the positive ions and the negative ions. If there is no common point between atoms, they will not join together. God also is unable to hand down His system if the reciprocal elements are not right. However, on the opposite side, if the reciprocal elements are right, then even God cannot prevent them from becoming one. Even though it is on a low level, the action in the world of minerals can become the ideal model of the love of creation.

So it is inevitable that centered on true love, God's heart and an individual's heart, the whole of creation and even animals will be able to communicate together. The problem is that you have not had such a relationship. If you go into the land of ideals, then the whole of creation is harmonious. In the land full of love and joy, if I laugh then the whole of creation, including God, laughs in harmony.

Ladies and gentlemen! All of you have loving husbands and loving wives, don't you? How much do you love your spouse? If somebody offered you a billion won or ten billion won for your wife, would you sell her? Is there a wife who would exchange a truly loving husband, if she were offered heaven and earth? What it all comes down to is that man was born for woman, and woman was born for man. It is all because of true love, which always exists for others. God created woman and man as the harmonious yin yang, so that they could realize the ideal of love. We can only find the unified true love through true man and woman. God and an individual as well, become one through true love.

Marriage is such that, after a man and a woman join together horizontally through absolute true love, they try to possess God's vertical, absolute true love. The absolute God set up true love in the highest position as the center of absolute true value. When a true man, a true woman, and God become completely united, centered on true love, then they will find the solution to all problems concerning our view of the universe, our view of life and our view of God.

The Path of Sacrifice

God's true love is such that, though He loves and loves again or gives and gives again, He forgets what He has done. If some kind of memory about what you have given remains, then love cannot be eternal. Because love is an eternal action, you should not remember what you have given. Love continues to flow because you give and give and forget what you have been given.

So the path of true love is not to receive something, it is the path of sacrificing and living for others. That is why when God Himself created an object of true love, God stood in the position of living for others. He wanted to invest and invest again, one hundred percent of everything He had. The reason why God wanted to invest Himself completely is that He wanted His object of love to be better than Himself. The creator of the heavens and the earth, our heavenly Father God, the original central existence, has this kind of heart. So the act of living for others, which is contained within true love, means that you give one hundred percent or even one thousand percent until there is a vacuum. In the earth's atmosphere, when a low pressure system forms, then a high pressure system starts circulating automatically. It is the same with love. When you create an absolute low pressure or vacuum of love, then God's love starts circulating. So living absolutely for others is like creating a typhoon which unleashes tremendous power.

My dear members of the Women's Federation for World Peace! There is an old saying that, "Women are weak, but mothers are strong." A woman by herself may be weak, but if a woman as a mother assumes the position of being the subject of love, or as a wife or a daughter, if she performs the role of being the center of love, then she will be the strongest of all. The reason for this is that if a woman as a mother, wife or daughter assumes the position of being the subject of love and if she gives one hundred percent to her object, then God's love will come to fill up the vacuum that is left after she has given everything. That is when the power of God's love starts working. So even though she is a woman, if she resembles God and assumes the position of being the subject of love, then a tremendous force will be let loose and the power of that love will give life to the family, it will give life to the nation and it will give life to the world.

Centered on True Love

The fact that Yu Kwan Sun, a young girl of sixteen, caused such a great surge in the Korean Independence Movement, was a miracle which occurred out of her burning, sacrificial patriotic heart to save the nation.

God stands in the position of being the subject of love living completely for His children humanity. Through continuing the action of His original nature, which is to give and give again, He can exist for eternity. In this way, the way of true love, the logic of eternal life, is established.

If God's companion of true love, humanity, had matured according to God's will and inherited God's absolute unchanging love, then the world would have seen a history of absolute unity, and there would not have been a history of war, bloodshed and misery. If your mind and body become one centered on true love, then each of you will become God's companion of love and will come to be in the position of God's eternal object. Not only that you will come to inherit the eternal love of God.

Contained within the inheritance of love is the right to inherit, the right to live together with God and the right to participate in what God does. Even though a woman may have been born to a lowly family and did not graduate from elementary school, if she becomes the wife of the president and they become a loving couple, then what belongs to the husband belongs to the wife. She can be together with her husband day or night; she also has the right to participate in what her husband does.

Because true love contains the three great attributes of "inheritance," "living together," and "participation," if you stand in the position of being one with God's absolute, unchanging true love, then you can go to where God is and you have the right to be together with Him and participate in anything and everything He does. Because humankind fell, God's heart came to be full of grief. There are those who have experienced God's sorrowful heart. Such people, as they walk along, will stop and burst into tears because they feel God's grief so deeply.

Even in the fallen world today, there are many cases of a mother feeling intuitively that something has happened to her child and sometimes, even while she is sleeping, she wakes up calling her child's name. A mother's love is like this.

If we can come to absorb, in our mind and body one hundred percent of God's love, which wants to live for others for eternity, then the root of God's true love will form in our hearts and we will be able to communicate with God freely and feel everything He does; then our body will automatically act in unison with our mind. Centering on true love in the world of the mind, the body was created to be the body of unison. So you must know today that we have to recover God's true original love in order to bring back the unified world of our mind and body.

According to the principle of "unison" which arises from true love, when a person becomes one centered on true love, and enters the realm of communal oneness, then we can say that God's love is my love, God's life is my life, God's blood is my blood and God's creation is my creation. Accordingly, the mother and father who embrace the universe in their hearts, will have their names entered in the family register of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Is love first or is life first? Love is first. A person has life because of love, and conception takes place centered on the ideal of love. So the essence of a person's life is love. Therefore, it is a heavenly law that life, which has its essence in love, must be "a life for others." So we can say that from the moment a person is born, he was born for his mate.

If we say that I was born only for myself, or that everyone else was born for me, then the concept of love cannot be established. The starting point of love is when you sacrifice yourself and live for another person. The person who lives for his family can initiate family love, and a person who sacrifices himself for his friend can initiate friend's love.

If you sacrifice for others, it may seem as though you will lose everything, but actually the opposite is true. Not only do you become the subject of love and master of everything, you go to a higher level.

It is a principle that love is such that, the more it sacrifices for others, the higher the level of that love becomes. If you sacrifice for some bigger purpose, you will not be absorbed by it, rather you will stand in the central position of it, and a new and higher level will be realized. Christianity has become a religion of resurrection because it teaches people to sacrifice themselves for others. The sinless Jesus went to meet his death on the cross, praying, "Not as I will, but as You will," fervently asking God to forgive the ignorance and sin of the Roman soldiers who were piercing him with spears.

Jesus' life was a model life showing how to sacrifice and live for others. It should have become the base and central ideology of Christianity in making the new history of resurrection. If you sacrifice your life for others, then you will come to have a higher level of life.

God Always Protects

It is precisely through true love that the base to occupy hell is formed. If you come to possess true love, then all pain and suffering will resurrect in that true love and become joy. In other words, true love, which is part of the original nature of a person, transcends any individual desire for power, knowledge or wealth.

Seen in this light, God's strategy to save humankind throughout human his. tory, and the strategy of Satan, who has tried to prevent God, has been completely opposite. It has been God's strategy to be hit and then take, while Satan always strikes first to take, but loses.

Look at the First, Second and Third (war of ideology) World Wars. The side which struck first perished. God does not recover what has been stolen from Him by killing the people on Satan's side and taking back what is His. God, as the master of the universe, has the power to strike and take back what is His at will; however, He does not do this. Rather He lets His side be struck first.

Parents cause their unfilial child to repent by continuing to sacrifice for him or her. In order for God to set up the great highway of heavenly law, He went to Satan and taught him that when the master comes, he should do this or do that. But history shows us that the master who went to teach was beaten. But what happened after he was beaten? He could receive everything with compensation added. Confucius, also, received a lot of persecution and Jesus died being accused of rebellion against the Roman Empire. But as history passes, the names of the saints remain. Who became a saint in their own lifetime? Even though they died wretched deaths in their own lifetimes, as the different ages of history pass they gradually go up to a higher level.

God does not ask compensation to be paid for only ten or twenty years. The longer the time that passes, the more God recovers until finally the whole world is completely recovered. Patiently waiting for thousands of years, God has calculated the compensation to be received. It is like putting money in the bank: over the years the interest keeps accumulating until one day you have more than enough money to buy the bank. God is a being who bides His time and uses the strategy of being hit first and taking back later.

If you are persecuted by the evil world, then heaven will help you and let you jump over all these hardships. God has let my husband and experience this kind of thing many times. Being persecuted is another way to inherit the possessions of the enemy. God always protects those He loves in such a way. The reason why God cannot kill a person He wants to punish is because He knows that the individual has parents, a wife or children who still love him. Because God also has gone through the valley of tears, when He feels the heart of the person's parents, wife or children, He cannot strike that person.

Meet God and Self

If you truly come to feel God's heart, how can you settle accounts with your enemy? On the contrary, what you should do is mobilize people to help your enemy. Wanting to embrace your enemy and to become one centered on love means that you will come to stand in front of the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven. There, the heavens and the earth will be moved and God, also, will start to cry. God will say, "You resemble me!" and He will be so joyful. Because God is like this, we can come to understand the words "Love your enemy." That kind of power is not caused by knowledge, money or authority. It is caused only by true love.

Therefore, just as you live for your lovely children and parents, you have to go beyond the feeling that North Korea is your enemy and you have to desire unification with sacrificial true love in your hearts.

The unification of North and South Korea, which we desire so much, is only possible with the spirit of sacrificial true love, through which we can love even our enemies. Just as parents take care of their children, or just as brothers and sisters love each other, we should treat the pain of our brothers and sisters in North Korea as "my" pain, and we should meet together and work so that we can be unified again under the unchangeable true love of God.

The point of intersection, where, centering on true love, Adam and Eve can meet God and settle, can only be at the angle of ninety degrees, where vertical and horizontal meet. This is the official point which causes true love to settle.

God is the parent of vertical true love; Adam and Eve should have been the parents of horizontal true love. We should have been born inheriting the love, the life and the blood lineage of these two types of parental love; then my mind becomes the vertical "me" and my body becomes the horizontal "me." When my vertical "me" and my horizontal "me" become unified at the point of ninety degrees, then a person can become the companion of true love of the eternal God.

God has true love, true life and true blood lineage. Because we originated from God, we also should have true love, true life and true blood lineage. Centering on the true love of God, an individual was born to be one body with God. Just as God's mind and body, centering on true love, are naturally united, the mind and body of all humankind also should have been naturally united through true love.

However, fallen humankind inherited Satan's love, life and blood lineage. The body is the front line for Satan and the mind is the front line for God; both continually struggle against each other. The love which an individual has today does not center on an individual's mind, but on his body. Our bodies became Satan's dance hall. Our body is the past to which Satan's anchor is attached. The mind is in the position of being a plus representing heaven, but the body has become another plus and is toying with the mind. It is our duty to rectify this situation within our own lifetime. God knows this and so He made religion as the repair shop. This is why religion teaches us to deny the body through fasting, sacrifice and service. Religion teaches the mind to over come the body. In order for the desires of the body to be weakened so that the body follows the mind, we need to live a life of faith through which the mind conveys good habits to the body for at least three to five years. Religion tells us: do not rest, pray constantly.

God stands only in the vertical position, so He can only be active through the mind. Satan is active in all directions. He can be active in each one of the 360 degrees and so fallen humankind is bound to fall prey to Satan's activity.

Because the mind is in the vertical position, it is one. Because the vertical base is not the horizontal base, the mind cannot enter the horizontal base. Because it is easy for the mind to be dragged along by the body, the mind in the vertical position has to lead a life of devotion and prayer, through which it can receive three or four times more strength. Then it can dominate the body freely and lead the body along the right way for three to five years, creating good habits. There is no method to repair the body other than the union of the vertical and horizontal. Unless humankind goes through the door of a religion that teaches people to lead such a life, humanity cannot go back to its original position. The road of philosophy, knowledge or conscience alone is not enough. The vertical mind and the horizontal body have to become one.

What is the cause of the fall of man, which led to an individual's mind and body not becoming one with God's ideal? The Bible tells us that it is because man ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. However, what part of the body did Adam and Eve cover after they had eaten of the fruit? They should have covered their mouths and hands, but they covered their lower parts; after that, they married, centering on Satan. This is the origin of how Satan's evil blood lineage multiplied.

However, the origin of true love, true life and the true blood lineage for a person are the sexual organs of love. Because of the fall, the organs of love, which should have been the most holy place, became the most abominable place, destroying the way of heaven. The organs of love became the headquarters of evil. And from here they sowed the seeds of false love, false life and the false blood lineage.

The ancestors of man, Adam and Eve, fell when they were teenagers and still not mature. Historically, the evil blood lineage of humankind started because Adam and Eve had sown the seeds of evil. So when the time of the Last Days comes, the youth all over the world will destroy the ethics of love as Adam and Eve did, and the tide of corruption will flow throughout the world.

When we see these phenomena, we must know that the age of Satan's dominion has arrived. It is at this very time that the day of judgment, when God rules with His rod of iron, has arrived.

History teaches us that any city or country which ignored God and engaged in wantonness was destroyed. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by fire and brimstone; Rome was destroyed because the people became morally decadent and did not keep their chastity.

Look at America, Europe and Japan, the advanced nations of the world. Who is able to stop free sex, which is rampant everywhere? This world is becoming cosmopolitan and is full of corrupt love and drug abuse. This is the method by which the body is being dragged to its death. It is not the path our mind wants; it is crying out in despair.

All the people who were called to lead humanity back to the embrace of God failed. Somebody must appear who can lead the people of the world out of the fallen environment to the road of truth.

We can compare fallen man who came to stand on Satan's side to a wild olive shoot. From among fallen men, God has separated the wild olive shoots. Those wild olive shoots which are in the sphere of religion belong to God. God can dominate these wild olive shoots freely. He has prepared everything so that when the Lord returns, he will be able to cut down the trees in one stroke and graft them onto him. In this way the wild olive shoots become the true olive, returning back to their original state. That is why the people who already believe in a religion must find the original true father. This is because they were not born with the original seed of life from the true father. They were unable to fulfill God's ideal and connect with God's blood lineage centering on the original true love; therefore, the Messiah has to come.

Do You Know Who the Messiah Is?

The Messiah is the person who has come with the tremendous responsibility of coming as the True Parent, pulling out and throwing away the roots of all those born from the false parents and restoring them to their original state. He has the responsibility to banish Satan, liberate humanity and build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and thus be welcomed by all.

If you become sons and daughters who can inherit God's love, God's life and God's blood lineage and also inherit True Parents' love, True Parents' life and True Parents' blood lineage, then like God, your mind and body will not fight, and you will become the true unified origin of world peace. The point where the mind and body become unified will be the starting point for the eternal world of peace.

My dear members of the Women's Federation for World Peace! Let us all fulfill our duty as servants with the heart of parents. Let us shed our sweat for the earth, our tears for humankind and our blood for heaven. And let us liberate our Parent, the Lord and Creator of the universe, from His grief -- and in order to build one world of peace, let us march forward along the road of salvation bearing the cross.

Please do not forget that, even though our destination may be in the world, our starting point must begin when our mind and body become one, centering on true love. Each of us must remember that not until my family becomes the place of eternal happiness and true love will our hope for the ideal country, the ideal world and the ideal Kingdom of Heaven on earth bear fruit.

In the not too distant future, our Women's Federation for World Peace will be joined by all people in the world and will become a Family Federation for World Peace; then we will build a world of true love in which all races will live for each other for eternity.

Let us determine to rise up and take the lead to complete this historical mission. I pray that God's blessing may be upon you and your families.

Thank you very much.