Textbook for World Peace, Selected Speeches
by Reverend Sun Myung Moon & President Hak Ja Han Moon
Chapter 5
The Central Role of Women in the Ideal World
Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon
President, Women's Federation for World Peace

This address was given on July 6, 1992 at the Rally for Leaders of the Women's Federation for World Peace, Seoul, Korea

My fellow co-workers and women members! I am very happy and honored to stand before you as President of the Women's Federation for World Peace today.

Let me express my deep appreciation to all of you members and supporters who prepared this rally today.

Today, I would like to speak to you on the subject of "The Central Role of Women in the Ideal World."

If someone asked you whether our world today is good or evil, what would you answer? Without a doubt, you would answer that it is evil. But it is not just the world of this age that is evil; we cannot help but say that all the ages of the past and all the nations and the world were evil. Therefore, our world has been one in which sin continues to grow more than good deeds, war more than peace, immorality more than righteousness, hatred more than love, and division and discord more than unification and harmony.

No one wants this kind of evil world. Therefore, we cannot help but investigate how we can establish an ideal world of true love overflowing with peace, freedom and happiness and clear up this world of evil. What all individuals and leaders of the family, tribe, race, nation and world desire as well must be the establishment of a world overflowing with freedom and happiness. Since the beginning of human history, for thousands of years, humanity has been struggling toward this kind of ideal and dream, but we have not yet established the ideal world we desire.

Today, I would like to reveal to you the fundamental cause of these problems. In addition, I intend to present the solution which will make it possible to realize the ideal world which people have desired so much. This is not content which comes from human speculation or wisdom. As you already know, my husband, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, has devoted his entire life to solving these problems. During the time I have lived supporting my husband, I have been moved and inspired beyond words by his teachings and by his life of love for God and humanity.

Be Fruitful, Multiply and Fill the Earth

If a wife, as she lives supporting her husband, gains deep insights into the truth and is continuously moved and inspired by his life and character, this is an occurrence which should be revealed to the world. Why? Because the fundamental reason for this world becoming an evil world where sexual license, criminal activity, conflicts and corruption are rampant is the breakdown and disharmony in the basic relationship between husband, wife and children.

At present, over five billion people are living on the earth, but if we look at it in another way, only two people are living here. We could say that a man and a woman, a husband and a wife, only two people, are living here. Countless numbers of people are living together and there are all kinds of relationships and problems, but at the core of all of those problems are the problems and relationships between two people, a man and a woman. When we look at things in this light, it becomes important for us to investigate the way of heaven that man and woman were to go when God created the first ancestors.

In Genesis it is recorded that after God had created the heavens and the earth, He created the ancestors of humankind: a man, Adam, and a woman, Eve. At the same time that He gave them the three great blessings, and He gave them a portion of responsibility. The three great blessings were: "Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing...." But to the man and woman He also gave the responsibility: ". . . but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat. . ."

This teaches us the purpose for which God created the universe and humanity, and also shows us the basis for life. The blessing to be fruitful means that all people born on the earth must grow to be people of perfected character. The second blessing of life, to multiply, means that, as a man and a woman with a perfected character, they must establish the bond of husband and wife, give birth to children, and raise them. God's purpose of creation is, as a husband and wife fulfilling their duty as father and mother leading a family, they should construct a far more comfortable, prosperous world and establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

This purpose of creation was to be realized if the first ancestors had obeyed God's commandment, ". . . but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat...." But before the first ancestors, Adam and Eve, were perfect, while they were still immature, they did not keep God's commandment; because of Satan, they fell, and all humanity became the recipients of an evil blood lineage.

Due to the Immoral Fall of the Original Human Ancestors, Humankind Has Lost the Purpose of Creation

Ladies! What is the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil that God told the original ancestors, Adam and Eve, not to eat? It is not the real fruit of a tree. It is a way of expressing the husband and wife love relationship that the first ancestors were to have in the future. Due to the temptation of a third being, while still in an imperfect state, the first man and woman entered into an immoral sexual relationship. Actually, in the Garden of Eden, the third party besides Adam and Eve was the archangel. In the Bible it is revealed that Lucifer was the archangel who tempted Eve and committed an immoral sexual sin. This was the fall of man, the original sin which planted the root of sin in the world.

Man committed the sexual sin before his Father God, the Lord and Master of heaven and earth, and the first ancestors had children out of this immoral love; and the world of evil was realized. In other words, they married centered on Satan and by planting false love, false life and a false lineage they became ancestors of evil.

As human society expanded from the individual, family, tribe, race, and nation to the world level, due to this immoral relationship between man and woman, the root of the evil blood lineage was established everywhere, at all times, and this world became hell on earth: it became a false world filled with sin, war and fear. The fallen ancestors, Adam and Eve, should have established the position of True Parents as the eternal good ancestors of humanity, but they fell to become false parents leaving a blood lineage of evil.

This is the first cause of all the tragedy and misery of humankind. What could be more tragic or cause greater indignation than becoming the descendants of false parents and all humankind losing their True Parents? And how great must be the suffering and sorrow of God, the Father of humanity, whose purpose of creation, to establish the true ancestors of humankind and to multiply people of goodness, was stolen by the blood lineage of sin through the immoral fall of the first human ancestors.

Just as the cause of a disease must be discovered and treated in order to save a person suffering from it, in order to liberate human society from the suffering of such sin and misery, the fundamental cause of this sin and misery must be revealed and corrected. The fundamental cause is the fall of the human ancestors, the original sin. Accordingly, unless the cause of the disease called original sin is eliminated, we cannot pull up the root of misery and sin from the world. No matter how many great men, heroes, scholars, politicians or philosophers appear and try to straighten out the world through the reform of the laws and systems or through the education of moral principles, unless the original sin and the content of the fall is clarified, it will be impossible. All remedies will prove useless. That is because the original root of sin and misery is still alive, and it will continue to sprout buds.

The Role of Religion:
The Salvation of Humankind from Evil

Religion teaches the fact that man fell, it reveals the contents of the fall, and directly and indirectly shows God's providence through which He seeks to save man completely from sin. Therefore all religions are the most active prescriptions for saving the sinful world. Religion is the fount of all education or teachings. The teachings of the four great saints Confucius, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed and the teachings of the founders of other religions transcended their ages and locations and have preserved the conscience and morals of humanity, and have been the generative powers of cultural development. Accordingly, all religions seeking to liquidate the world of evil and to establish the ideal world which God and people desire are co-workers and collaborators.

Among them, the scriptures through which God most directly revealed His providence of salvation is the Bible. Through the Bible we can know that the ancestors of humanity, Adam and Eve, committed the original sin and became false parents, and that God's work in the providence of salvation is to restore the lost purpose of creation. The main point of the message of the Bible is that in order to give rebirth to all, the Messiah or the True Parents must come in place of Adam and Eve who became false parents. Adam should have become the true father, and Eve should have become the true mother; that was the purpose of the original creation. In order to restore the purpose of creation back to its original state, God cannot help but carry out the providence for the recreation of Adam.

That is the main point of the providence of preparing the chosen nation of Israel and having Jesus born there. From the time Adam and Eve fell and humanity multiplied with its blood lineage centered on Satan, God immediately began working to separate the blood lineages of goodness and evil. From Adam's family, God separated the second son, Abel, who was in a position to relate to God, and the first son, Cain, was in a position to relate to Satan. He sought to restore the order of the creation to its original state by having Cain yield to Abel of his own accord. Through Cain's murder of Abel, the history of struggle to separate good and evil was extended for a long time.

The Mission of Jesus who Came as the True Father

After Noah, Abraham and Isaac, Jacob through the help of his mother, was able to make his elder twin, Esau, yield of his own accord. Jacob took a decisive role in the establishment of the chosen people of Israel. Jacob's son, Judah, had twins Perez and Zerah through his daughter-in-law, Tamar. Perez struggled with Zerah inside Tamar's womb and, pushed Zerah aside, who was supposed to be born first. Instead Perez was born first as the elder brother. The battle of the first and second born is the battle of good and evil. Thus, when the younger brother won over the elder brother while still in the womb and was born as the first son, this achieved restoration within the womb.

Jesus Christ, who came as the Messiah forty generations later, was born from the lineage of Perez, because of this restoration within the womb. Conceiving and giving birth to Jesus was an act of extraordinary devotion and risk in which Jesus' mother, Mary, put her life on the line. Because God's providence of salvation is the providence of restoration, God had to carry out a providence to cut the blood lineage of sin. This sin has been transmitted from generation to generation because the ancestors, Adam and Eve, had an immoral sexual relationship due to the temptation of Lucifer, the archangel, who became Satan.

This course from Cain and Abel until Jesus was born is the history of the chosen nation of Israel. Due to the fall, Adam fell to the position of a false father. Accordingly, following the course of restoration of the struggle to separate good and evil, Jesus came as the true father of humanity, that is, as the good second ancestor of humankind. Because of that, Jesus had to restore as his complement a woman in the position of Eve, and they had to become a couple, have children and take dominion over creation. This was the purpose for which Jesus came as the Messiah.

Thus Jesus came as the Messiah to restore the three great blessings which God gave to Adam and Eve: be fruitful, multiply and have dominion over all the creation. However, Jesus, who came as their father and Messiah, was crucified by mankind. What an incredibly unfilial act! What a horrendous sin! Jesus who died on the cross promised that he would come again to the earth, that he would come as a bridegroom, and that all people on the earth should prepare themselves as brides and be ready. In Revelation. Chapter 19, it is recorded that Jesus returns to the earth and holds the Marriage of the Lamb. This refers to the restoration of the position of the true couple and the True

The Messiah Reveals the Path of the
True Parents, the True Couple and True Children

Members and women co-workers! How can we straighten out this society in which all kinds of sexual sin, immorality and corruption are destroying our families? It will bring a destruction like Sodom and Gomorrah's upon itself. The fire of judgment has already begun to fall. The frightening disease, AIDS, is a warning from heaven against the chaos of sexual immorality.

Jesus said he would come again in the Last Days of this evil world. The returning Jesus will come as True Father of humankind. He will show the way of the True Children, the True Couple, and the way of the True Parents which all men and women must go. Only in this way can the problem of sexual corruption, the original sin, be fundamentally solved. This will be the true gospel which will save humankind from the world of sin.

The mission of the Messiah, the Savior, is to teach the way to end the tangled history of sin created when humanity lost the way of the True Parents, the True Couple and the True Children.

Today, in this place, I proclaim to the whole world that my husband, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, has devoted his entire life to pioneering this path of the Messiah, the True Parents. As you well know, my husband Reverend Moon has revealed the purpose of the creation of God, and through examining the original sin committed by the first ancestors he has pioneered the future of humanity despite the brutal opposition and persecution of this evil world.

According to the Divine Principle, the teaching of my husband, each major religion is awaiting the return of its founder in some form: the Maitreya, the True Man, the new Confucius and the return of Jesus will be fulfilled by the return of one Messiah, the return of the True Parent of humankind. All religions will be united into one. That Messiah, the True Parent who comes, will not be the same Jesus who died 2000 years ago, as some Christians believe, nor will he come on the clouds in the air; rather, a new person who has inherited the mission of Jesus is to be born on the earth. The country in which that person is born is the nation of Korea; however surprising it may be, the fact is that the Messiah, who is the True Parent of humankind, comes as a Korean.

Unification is the Key to World Peace

When will the Messiah who is coming in this way appear? According to the Divine Principle, the Last Days are the time when this evil world comes to an end, and the Messiah is to return. Briefly, the Last Days are from the end of the first World War to the year 2000 -- a period of about eighty years. During this period the Lord of the Second Advent, who is the True Parent of humankind, is to be born in our land of Korea. This is the worldwide historical age of transition when the Lord of the Second Advent is building the ideal out of the world filled with sin, war and struggle.

Therefore, this era is an age of great chaos with the confrontation and struggle between goodness and evil occurring in the mutual relationships of all parts of the world: the individual, family, tribe, race, nation and the world.

The Realization of World Peace Through the Power of Women

Women leaders! What I am telling you today is not only for the Unification Church members who are following my husband. Now leaders from every level of society, in more than 160 nations, and many thousands of young people, are following this teaching and shedding sweat to build a new unified world overflowing with freedom and peace. Already Korea is being looked to by many people from all over the world as the country to which the True Parents of humankind have come, and the number of foreigners who are visiting Korea to learn the Korean language, culture and manners is rapidly increasing.

Our Women's Federation for World Peace has the fundamental remedy to save our families which are threatened by the present day reality of the degeneration of sexual morality, the proliferation of drugs and all sorts of wantonness and sexual corruption. This is a worldwide women's organization which was founded last April 10, in Seoul Olympic Stadium with 150,000 Korean women, including representatives from 72 countries. We cannot wait any longer to save the society of tomorrow, which is rotting with all kinds of immorality and corruption, and the fallen social climate where men have oppressed women.

Finally we must endeavor to learn and practice the duty of the True Parents, the true spouse and the true child. Through the organization of the Family Federation for World Peace, we must make sure that immorality and corruption will not be able to set foot anywhere in this world. In this way, humankind must cleanse the evil blood lineage and suffering which was caused by the original sin of fornication committed in the Garden of Eden, which has lasted until today, and quickly prepare to meet the new world.

Until now everyone has been helpless to stop the wantonness and immorality which has been destroying humankind. But now a new truth which can completely solve these problems has appeared in Korea in the very age in which we are living. The truth which was revealed by the True Parents will be the light which will bring about the unification of North and South Korea and build a world of peace and happiness. Let us learn this new truth and rise up and become women soldiers who will end this world of sin, which has caused us to suffer since the beginning of history. Let us build a unified world overflowing with freedom, peace and happiness.

Let us go the way of the True Mother. Let us go the way of the true wife. Let us go the way of the true daughter. Thank you very much.