Textbook for World Peace, Selected Speeches
by Reverend Sun Myung Moon & President Hak Ja Han Moon
Chapter 6
The Reappearance of the True Parents and the Ideal Family
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
President, Federation for World Peace

This address was given on July 6, 1992 at the
rally for leaders of the Women's Federation for
World Peace, Seoul, Korea

President Hak Ja Han Moon, distinguished guests, and women leaders: Today, I received much comfort through the words of President Han. As I went along this single road following the order of heaven, my life has been one of extraordinary suffering. The road establishing the way of heaven is a straight road, and it allows for no compromise. This road does not allow one to worry about honor or human dignity. It was a lonely road on which one can live only for God's will.

Just as each individual has his own fortune, the family and the nation also have a family fortune and a national fortune, and beyond this there is the fortune of the world, and there is heaven's fortune for all of heaven and earth. Even though a person may have been born with a lot of fortune, when his family fortune declines he must endure hardship. For a person who has both good individual fortune and family fortune, when the national fortune declines, he cannot help but be ruined.

Going beyond this, the national fortune and the direction of the world is decided according to the direction and the progress of heaven's fortune which is above everything and includes everything. Establishing the way of heaven in the world means making the way the individual or nation is going correspond to the fortune of heaven.

Today, let us think about the evils of Korea and the problems of the world: economic depression, environmental pollution, political irregularity, racial and religious strife, the decay of ethics and morality, the collapse of the sense of values. Is there anyone who can fundamentally solve these many evils and problems? It has not been possible through human wisdom or effort. We have not been able to find a solution to these problems by mobilizing economic power or governmental power; rather, the evils of humankind are gradually becoming worse.

Now humanity has to humbly listen to the voice of heaven and find the road of resolution directed by God. This country and its people must accept my teachings. This is not because I am trying to raise myself up, but because it is the will of God. God has revealed the principles of heaven through me, and He has given me the answers to the fundamental problems of humankind.

My life has been truly difficult. I have been beaten, persecuted and unfairly imprisoned by successive governments, and due to the prejudice and malicious opposition of some Christian leaders, all types of rumors have been spread about me. But, thanks to the protection of God, I have laid a miraculous and victorious worldwide foundation. Such a foundation has been without precedent since the dawn of history.

In America, which is a prepared nation representing world Christianity, I have a record breaking foundation that no other non- white person has been able to achieve. Of course, I had to suffer from racial discrimination and religious prejudice; I even had to surmount unfair imprisonment. Nevertheless, I rebuilt the Christian foundation, which was shaking at the roots; I educated and trained the youth who were suffering from drugs and immorality, and I gave hope to America. Neither the government of America nor the people can ignore my foundation.

The same is true for Japan and Europe. Already there are Unification missions in 160 countries which are developing every day. Each of these missions has become the symbol of each kind of religious activity and the symbol of the movement to rebuild ethics and morality.

Unification by Giving True Love to Others

From the early 1980s I ordered world-level academic meetings to be held with the theme of the collapse of the Soviet empire. In 1985 an academic journal published an article, which has now become world famous, prophesying for the first time the collapse of the communist Soviet empire.

On the basis of such a foundation, I visited the Soviet Union and I met Mikhail Gorbachev. Now in three of the fifteen republics of the former Soviet Union, there is a movement to make Unificationism the national religion.

Already tens of thousands of university students have studied my teaching, and the Collegiate Association for the Research of the Principle(CARP), which is the Unification Church university student organization, has been organized in over 700 universities. This year, tens of thousands of high school teachers and students will attend Divine Principle training workshops.

Do you think this kind of activity is the result of human power alone? It is real proof that the living God is working together with us. Miracles are taking place as confirmed atheists change their views of life and the universe to one centered on God, after five days of Divine Principle lectures.

I have established a huge foundation in China. I prepared important projects like the construction of the Panda industrial city many years ago, and many underground missionaries have been working hard until this day. Only God knows how much I have done to bring about the unification of North and South Korea. The unification of North and South Korea is not merely a visible and external unification; it is a providential unification centered on God. It cannot be established without going through my foundation.

The unification required by God's providence is not for unification in itself; it is so that on the foundation of unification, eternal freedom, peace and happiness can blossom. It cannot be unification by force or where one side is miserable. It must be a unification by true love in which each lives for the other and gives and gives again. Therefore, the unification of the fatherland cannot be exploited for the benefit of any individual, political party or government. When all of our hearts and actions, colored with love, reach out to the hearts of our fellow countrymen in the north, then true unification will come.

In Order for World Peace to Come

Women leaders! Centered on God's true love, I have expanded supra- denominational and supra-religious movements of reconciliation to the worldwide level. Without reconciliation and interchange between the divided religions, how can world peace be realized? Isn't it true that today there is still appalling religious strife in the Middle East, in Ireland, in the Balkans and in other areas?

Last year on August 27, I gathered together all the highest religious leaders of the world and established the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace. We joined together in order to realize world peace through the unity and cooperation of religious people. It is truly a precious organization. There may be important differences among religions, but there are just as many common points and all have the purpose to seek for the Absolute Being.

It is an important fact that God established all religions with a providential purpose for the whole. Therefore, they must unite together. Just as President Han mentioned in her address, Christianity teaches that man ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil; this means that our human ancestors committed the sin of disbelief and fell. If our human ancestors had not fallen, as God's precious son and daughter -- namely, God's prince and princess -- they would have inherited God's blood lineage; they would have inherited their Father God's possessions -- namely, the creation. They should have grown to perfection and become the ideal husband and wife of love. However, through the fall, they changed from God's blood lineage, they were robbed of God's possessions and they lost God's heart.

God's providence of salvation as the providence of restoration for complete recovery must take responsibility for the mission to restore the blood lineage, to restore the realm of ownership and to change the realm of the human heart. As a result of the fall, Adam and Eve came to be one with Satan and they followed him to hell. The eldest son Cain followed Eve and the second son Abel followed behind him.

God's providence of restoration has been carried out in such a way that the condition to separate from Satan is established through the second son, who starts later and represents the side of goodness, subjugating the eldest son, who starts first and represents the side of evil.

The basis of the providence of restoration is to send the restored Adam namely, the Messiah -- who will change the blood lineage, ownership and heart. However, the heartistic position of the original son cannot be restored at once. The providence must be accomplished gradually, starting from the position of the servant of servants.

In this world which is held under the power of Satan, Abel who is on the side of good should complete the mission of the servant of servants by living for Cain with true love. Then Satan cannot accuse him, but instead cannot help but praise and recognize him. After that, the missions of the servant, the adopted son, the illegitimate son and the direct son are restored following the order of love and affection. Restoration can only take place on each level when the Abel side lives for Cain's side through true love, so that Satan cannot accuse him.

If Abel in the position of the true son and daughter makes Cain surrender and they become one, the mother Eve can stand on that foundation, and when Eve fulfills her responsibility, Adam can stand on that foundation. Then for the first time God can come to dwell on that foundation and the eight necessary stages of the vertical course of the providence of restoration can be completed.

If we look at the stages of the providence of restoration horizontally, there are also eight stages: they are the individual, family, tribe, race, nation, world, cosmos and God. Jesus came as the second Adam, the Messiah, but unfortunately the chosen people of Israel did not know who he was.

Will today's Christians be able to recognize the Lord when he returns? The Lord of the Second Advent will not literally return in the air on the clouds. There are people who believe and are proclaiming that on October 28 of this year, they will be taken up to heaven on the clouds, but it will not happen like this. Please believe me, this kind of event will never happen. The Lord who went through the cross will return through the cross.

When Jesus died on the cross, there were three types of people connected with Jesus' crucifixion. There was the first type, the thief on Jesus' right who repented of his sins and testified to Jesus; there was the second type, the thief on Jesus' left, who was a sinner who did not repent and who vilified Jesus. The third type was Barabbas, a criminal who surely should have been crucified, was saved when Jesus was crucified instead.

At the time of the Second Advent, these three types are realized on the world level. Western Christianity is the first type in the position of the thief on Jesus' right. Although they still have original sin, they believe in the Lord and they are in the position of good. The materialistic, atheistic communist bloc is the second type and is in the position of the thief on the left. Islam in the Middle East is the third type and is in the position of Barabbas. Because Jesus died instead of him and because Israel caused Jesus to die on the cross, Islam came to occupy the land of the Middle East which had been divided between the twelve tribes of Israel. The Lord of the Second Advent, who is in the position of the reborn Jesus, has to straighten out the worldwide achievements of these three types which came about through Jesus' death.

In order to straighten out the Western world of Christianity, he has to bring about a new movement of religious reformation, overcome the atheistic ideology of communism and bring all the communist world back to God's side. The ideology which can overcome the left wing and right-wing ideologies and bring about a unified harmony between them is my proposed Headwing ideology of Godism.

I Have Fulfilled my Mission as the Lord of the
Second Advent, the Savior and the True Parent

As I have mentioned before, the left-wing and right-wing worlds are already being straightened out through the Headwing ideology. Also the religion of Islam has started to promote reconciliation and cooperation. A miracle took place last April when representatives from eight Middle East countries took part in a mass holy wedding of the Unification Church. I conducted the blessing ceremony through which fallen people can be cleansed of sin. I solved the historical conflict and settled the tension between the left and the right; furthermore, I established the miracle of bringing about reconciliation with the world of Islam.

These kinds of works cannot be performed through the ability or planning of an individual alone. God chose me to be the Messiah and during this time He has been performing His work of salvation.

I have fulfilled my mission as the Lord of the Second Advent, Savior and the True Parent. I am proclaiming this in this place because the time has come to do so. Those who accept this will be blessed. If this race listens to me, how good that would be for this country. How good it would be if the statesmen listen to me. Whether a person listens to me or not is his individual responsibility; however, the time is coming when all people of the world will want to listen to me.

People generally believe that the Messiah is thought only to be the Lord of Glory and have the authority of judgment, but they are wrong. God does not want to look at this sinful world. He has thought about judging the world and wiping it out in an instant. However, the God of true love always worries about the eternal life of humankind. You have to know God's heart which has endured for so long, trying through true love to make humanity comply of its own free will.

From the point of view of fallen man, the Messiah is the Savior, but from God's point of view he is the True Parent, the True Son who will realize the ideal of creation of true love, which was lost at the beginning. The Messiah is the person who has pioneered the way of sacrifice, dedicating his life to liberate God from His grievous sorrow that was caused by the fall. He is not a person who stands only in a glorious position. He always weeps together with God's heart, and he is concerned about how to make Satan surrender.

He is deeply concerned and anxious about realizing God's purpose of creation. He knows better than anyone else the heart of God. Who is like a servant of servants, wandering and shedding endless tears in the satanic world in search of His lost children, and unless he completely liberates God from His sorrow, he cannot receive glory.

Complete the Ideal of the True Family

Leaders of the Women's Federation for World Peace! It must have been difficult for you to have a succession of rallies, and you probably complained when you heard this rally was going to be held within ten days. However, if together with me you devote your heart sincerely every day, then God's will of goodness shall be accomplished. I have no intention of exploiting you. You need me. You must become one with President Han and be like an extension of her, and in your family you must educate your children and your husband properly. I want all of you, under the ideal of true love, to receive God's blessing.

What I am most concerned about is for each of your families to complete the ideal of the true family by becoming one through true love. City, town, village, county, ward and block leaders of the Women's Federation for World Peace: through you, morals can be restored. If you expand this movement of true love, what movement could be more patriotic than this?

There is a mountain of work to do. We have to spread a movement for proper morals, a movement for the eradication of drugs, a no-smoking and no-drinking movement, a movement for the removal of the red light districts, a movement to expose immorality in the leaders of society and to inspire and encourage the youth. When the Korean society based on you women leaders becomes purified, and harmony is realized through true love, then the cherished hope of the Korean race, the unification of North and South Korea, will be achieved. Not only that, our nation will come to lead the world, and a peaceful world will be realized.

You Must Become One with True Parents' Family

Women leaders! Until this day I have never directed my followers to do anything that I have not first done myself. I sincerely ask you to practice true love and devote yourself, even if it is one hundredth of how much I have, and raise up a great movement of national salvation.

The most effective units of the Women's Federation Movement are the town, village, county and ward. When the movement of true love rises up in these basic units, then it will go through the level of neighborhood and come to settle in the family. We have to go through the original homeland before the fall and recover the family which has been separated from God before we can hope for eternal settlement. God has worked so hard. He has suffered so much to raise up the perfected Adam. That is why the True Father came about. The true man of heaven has been born.

Because the satanic world knows this man is the true groom, the master who comes as the king of the Kingdom of Heaven and earth. individuals in the world are trying to destroy him by uniting individuals, families, nations, the world and the universe against him. From the position of having to suffer all kinds of persecution, plotting and slandering by Satan, he has gained victory on the individual, family, national, world and cosmic levels and has become one with God. As the first victor of history, he came to the satanic world of the individual, family, nation, world and cosmos.

The True Mother, who has been in the position of following after the True Father, has for the first time in history come to stand in an equal position. Through her worldwide declaration of the liberation of women, the True Father and the True Mother will take their children, go before God, and inherit all the authority and power of heaven. They will establish the original family, and reclaim the tribe, race, nation, world and cosmos, and reorganize the perfect world of God's will.

All men are in the position of the archangel. Therefore, they stand in the position of having to give back all women. Women stand in the position of being the extension of the True Mother, the perfected Eve. From the position of the extension of Eve and on the condition of becoming one with the True Mother, they come to the condition of becoming one with the True Father. From this position they must educate their sons and daughters in the thought of the True Parents.

Through this education the sons and daughters come to have the status of being true sons and daughters and they should become one with their mother. Then they should reeducate the worldly father and receive True Parents' blessing. From the position of being grafted to the True Parents, they come to learn the family duty of the True Parents.

Because Adam and Eve fell on the family level, restoration also has to be accomplished on the family level. Restoration has to go beyond the levels of county, ward and block, and settle in the family, and then the families must meet the True Parents. The True Parents have gone over the individual peak, the national peak, the world peak and the cosmic peak, and have been victorious. However, in order to save each family they have to come back to the cosmos, the world, the nation, and return to the family. That is the meaning of this meeting.

The rally on April 10 was the True Parents' world rally, and its purpose was so that rallies could be held on the national level, the city level, the district level, down through the town, village, county, ward and block levels, until they arrive at the family level. By becoming one with True Parents' family, it is possible for you leaders of the Women's Federation for World Peace to attain family restoration and become absolute victors. You have to connect this to your tribe. The True Parents have already assigned tribal messiahs all over the world; if you receive education from them and become one with them, the restoration of the nation also will be accomplished nat- urally.

In this way the unification of North and South Korea, unification of the world, and the unification of heaven and earth will be realized; God, too, will be liberated. After this happens, we will come to see an age of peace centered on God.

Let the True Mother and the women of the world join together to meet the True Father who comes as the groom and, standing in the position of the bride, let us restore the ideal family of creation.

I pray that you become members of the Family Federation for World Peace and create families which will receive much blessing.

Thank you very much.