An Investigation into the Cause of
Immorality and Suffering,
its Historical Origin and its Solution


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And the publications:

This essay, although it makes references to the teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church, does not represent and should not be considered an official publication of the Unification Movement. The full responsibility for the contents of this work rests solely on its author.

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Love is the greatest and most powerful force in the universe and the source of life and happiness.

The act of love is destined to be, according to the divine principle, the most beautiful, sacred and sublime experience. But, if this act is carried out in an illicit way it becomes the dirtiest, most degraded and shameful experience. Therefore, illicit or forbidden love is also a very destructive force that causes enormous frustrations, disappointments and suffering.

An analogy can be made between the physical power of atomic energy and the spiritual power of love. If atomic energy is used wisely for peaceful purposes, it can allow for unimaginable prosperity and progress. But if it is wrongly used, atomic power can cause unimaginable destruction and death. In the same way, love experienced in a constructive direction gives us the greatest happiness, but when experienced in an immature or improper way it can result in divorce, unwanted pregnancies, abortions, incest, domestic violence, etc.

This book, which has been inspired by the extraordinary discoveries made by Reverend Sun Myung Moon, introduces important revelations on this everlasting and important topic of love.