The Tradition, Book One
Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

Chapter 12
Indemnity Fund

                       History and Significance

Father first announced the establishment of the Indemnity Fund on May
12, 1964. Father explained that fallen people have a debt to God
because of the denial, betrayal, and murder of the Messiah, Jesus. The
crime of betrayal was not only Judas' mistake; Judas was the
representative of all humanity.

Judas "sold" Jesus for thirty pieces of silver; because of the
overwhelmingly negative historical meaning of this action, it cannot
even be monetarily indemnified by donating this amount of money only
once. According to the Principle, four is the number of foundation.
Therefore, each Unification Church member must fulfill a condition of
offering the Indemnity Fund four times (a total offering of $120.00),
sharing their hearts of repentance and building a foundation of

                      Offering the Indemnity Fund

                          Obtaining the Money

This fund represents our heartistic donation to God, and if possible,
each member should earn the money personally either through fund
raising or employment.

Since the initiation of this tradition in Korea, the amount has
remained 3,000 won; in America, thirty dollars (per year for four
years) has always been offered.

                             When to Offer

As previously mentioned, each member traditionally offers the
Indemnity Fund four times (i.e., over four consecutive years). There
is, however, no designated time of year that this donation may be offered;
the four donations may be made within a period of four years or less
(i.e., it can be given at one time), according to the member's
individual situation and decision.

                            Where to Offer

The money should be donated to the financial department of the
member's national headquarters (either the member's home nation or the
nation in which he or she is working at the time the donation is
made). Each national headquarters should keep accurate records (name,
date, amount) of each donation received in order to determine when
each member has fulfilled the condition.

                            Use of the Fund

This money signifies Jesus' blood, and therefore should not be used by
headquarters to pay monthly bills or regular expenses, etc. Rather, it
should be reserved for commemorative purposes. Approval may be given
to purchase land, build a headquarters, etc., with money from this

                    As a Condition for the Blessing

According to Father's direction, offering the Indemnity Fund is one of
the external conditions to fulfill before attending the Blessing;
however, it is not part of the "Blessing fee" itself.

If it was not donated before the Blessing, blessed members should
arrange to donate the money ($30.00 x 4 = $120.00 for each blessed
member) to the national headquarters of either the member's home
nation or the country in which the member works, as soon after the
Blessing as possible.

In this case it may be offered all at once, if desired.