The Tradition, Book One
Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

Chapter 17
Ae Chun Candles


The English translation of Ae Chun Cho is Love of God Candles,
referring to the love that God has for humankind. Unlike Shimjung or
Birth Candles, Ae Chun Candles are a pair of candles. One is referred
to as a "Father" candle and the other, a "Mother" candle. As they
represent the harmony and love of the True Parents, these candles must
always be burned together.

The candlelight is a symbol to ward off all satanic infiltration; it
gives a spiritual shield of protection from Satan. God and True
Parents are present each time the Ae Chun Candles are lit. As Father
began this tradition with Mother, when we light the Ae Chun Candles we
are allowed to share the tradition of our True Parents.

Whenever these candles are lit, the authority of true love is present.

The speech which Father gave at Belvedere on May 20, 1984, in which he
explains the significance of the Ae Chun Candles, was published in the
August 1984 issue of Today's World and is excerpted below.

     The candles symbolize the true spirit of love. The light is
     on top and the wax is self-consuming; it gives itself up to
     the light. Thus it is representative of sacrificial love.
     The light itself comes not only from the wick but from the
     harmony of the wick and the wax; both are needed. This
     symbolism is very important. Likewise the husband and wife
     are in the same position. You must give yourself up for the
     sake of true love.



On the foundation of the association of the Il Jeung prayer (refer to
chapter 5, Il Jeung Prayer and Fund, for further details) and the
establishment of the Day of the Love of God, Father and Mother created
Ae Chun Candles on May 16, 1984.

Ae Chun Candles were bequeathed to blessed couples for the first time
on May 20, 1984. Father and Mother left for East Garden directly after
the close of Sunday service. They returned to Belvedere shortly
afterwards, each carrying a burning candle. As described in the
subsequent sections, they passed on the flame from their candles to
those brought by blessed members present.

                    Format Used by True Parent's to
                     Bequeath the Ae Chun Candles

The couples able to inherit Ae Chun Candles directly from the flames
of the True Parents' candles received a great honor and treasure. It
is to their benefit to be able to multiply new candles from these
"seed" Ae Chun Candles. However, this does not mean that Ae Chun
Candles inherited from other couples are less valuable; all blessed
couples who inherit the tradition and significance of this candle are
given a great honor.

                         Necessary Materials.
All materials were to be sanctified with Holy Salt before the

Each member was asked to bring a pair of candles according to the
specifications in the section entitled, Candle and Lighter

                          Lighter or matches.
Each member was asked to bring a refillable lighter and either a box
or book of matches.

                       Bequeathing the Candles.
The Father and Mother Ae Chun Candles were lit by our True Parents at
East Garden and brought to Belvedere. The burning candles were placed
side by side on a table in the front of the room. All blessed members
with candles lined up according to Blessing order.

                        Inheriting the Candles.

If both husband and wife were present. The men lined up on the right
and women on the left (facing the altar). If husband and wife were
both present, they stood in line together, each holding a candle.
However, once they were at the front of the line and ready to receive
the flame from the light of our True Parents' Ae Chun Candles, the
husband inherited the flame for both candles.


On approaching the altar with the True Parents' Ae Chun Candles,
husband and wife both offered a slight bow of the head. The husband

took the candle which was to become the couple's Father candle, and
with the respectful position of holding it with both hands, lit it
with the flame of the True Parents' Father candle and set it down. He
then took the other candle which his wife had been holding, and again
held it between his hands, and lit this candle from the True Parents'
Mother candle. After both new candles were lit from the flames of the
True Parents' Father and Mother candles, their flames were joined for
a moment, symbolizing unified love. They were burned next to each
other with the sets inherited by other couples and left to burn for 40
minutes before they were extinguished.

As the couple left the altar, they both bowed their heads again

                       Only one spouse present.
If only one representative of the couple was present, he or she went
through this ceremony alone. Standing in line, he or she held both new
candles. Once at the altar, the member put down the candle which was
to become the Mother candle and, holding the Father candle in both
hands, lit it from the flame of the True Parents' Father candle. After
it was burning, he or she set the candle on the table and then took
the other candle, held it between both hands, and lit it from the True
Parents' Mother candle. After joining the flames of these newly made
candles, the blessed member then placed both candles with all other
sets, and they were left to burn for forty minutes.

     Bequeathing Lighters or Matches to use with Ae Chun Candles.

Lighter. Each member who brought a refillable lighter touched the
flames of each of the True Parents' Ae Chun Candles with the lighter.

Matches were bequeathed in a manner different from the Shimjung and
Birth Matches. Each person who brought a box of matches simply touched
the side of the box (or book of matches) used to strike the matches
through the flames of both the Father and Mother candles.

The translation of the prayer which True Father offered during the
burning of the candles, from the July 1984 Today's World follows.

     May 20, 1984:

     Loving Heavenly Father,

     I declare that today is the Day of the Love of God. This is a
     sign of victory, that this candle will never be extinguished. May
     this light reflect everywhere the love of True Parents and the
     love of God.


     Wherever this candle burns may the family be united, and may that
     family have peace, connecting with the sovereignty of Your love
     through this light.

     This candle will be able to prevent the power of darkness, to
     prevent all that is improper, and to protect from the shadow of
     discord whoever holds this light; please, allow this candle to
     become a candle of the victory of holiness.

     Also, whoever loves this candle, wherever the special prayer is
     given, may they be united with True Parents, with the world of
     spirit and the world of body, under the governance of Your love.

     I initiate the Ae Chun Candle in order to connect the everlasting
     future history with Your glory. Therefore, until the Kingdom of
     Heaven is established I bless them (all those who hold these
     candles) in order that they may succeed. I declare all this in
     the name of the True Parents.

     Amen. Amen. Amen.

                   Candle and Lighter Specifications


The candles purchased should be approximately three inches in diameter
and from eight to twelve inches in length. If it is difficult to find
such large candles, it is acceptable to inherit the flame of Ae Chun
Candles with ones smaller in length and diameter.

Depending on finances and availability, candles to go through the
multiplication process need not be the size as those originally

It is best to purchase white candles.

                          Lighter or Matches

According to personal convenience, Father has approved that either
matches or a lighter be used to light one's Ae Chun Candles.

Lighters should be the refillable kind for lifetime use with the Ae
Chun Candles.

               Bequeathing Ae Chun Candles and Lighters

                   Who May Bequeath Ae Chun Candles

Any blessed member who has inherited "seed" Ae Chun Candles may
bequeath this tradition to another blessed couple.


It is not necessary for both husband and wife to be present in order
to bequeath this tradition to another couple. One or the other may
conduct the ceremony.

                    Who May Inherit Ae Chun Candles

Any blessed member in good standing may inherit a pair of these
candles. (See also the section on Inheriting Ae Chun Candles and
Lighters, for more details.)

Each blessed couple (or one spouse representing the couple) must
inherit the flames of the Ae Chun Candles in person.

                       When to Hold the Ceremony

There is no particular time when such a ceremony should be held. A
major, national, or regional leader may decide the date for such a
ceremony and gather blessed members. Either a national Blessed Family
Department or the International Blessed Family Department may hold
such a ceremony as well.

Depending on the circumstances, such a ceremony can be held for either
an individual couple or a number of couples at one time.

                          Necessary Materials

Each couple should bring two candles (see "Specifications" section)
and either one lighter or a box or book of matches to such a ceremony.
If leaders are bequeathing many pairs of Ae Chun Candles to their
blessed members, they may desire to purchase the materials for them.

                       Sanctification Procedure

Unlike the Shimjung and Birth Candles, no special sanctification pro-
cedure is needed other than the use of Holy Salt on all materials.

                         Bequeathing Ceremony

Refer to diagram 17.1 for one possibility in setting up the altar area
for this ceremony.

The leader (or blessed member) bequeathing the light of the Ae Chun
Candles should light his or her "seed" Ae Chun Candles with his or her
Ae Chun Lighter or Matches. The flames of these candles should be
brought together for a moment and the leader should offer a prayer.


           Figure 17-1

17.1. Setting up Ae Chun Candle Bequeathing Ceremony

                Inheriting Ae Chun Candles and Lighters

All blessed couples may inherit a set of Ae Chun Candles. Couples must
inherit the flames of the pair of Ae Chun Candles in person at a
bequeathing ceremony. Therefore, the husband of the couple should not
inherit only a Father candle and his wife inherit only a Mother candle
at two different ceremonies. If the couple is not together, either the
husband or the wife may attend a bequeathing ceremony and should
inherit BOTH candles at this time. The couple should decide among
themselves which of them will attend such a ceremony.


           Figure 17-2

17.2. Inheriting the flame of the Ae Chun Candle

The member who inherited the pair of Ae Chun Candles may then multiply
the candles (refer to Multiplying Ae Chun Candles and Lighters, this
chapter) and send one pair to his or her spouse.

After lighting the set of "seed" Ae Chun Candles with the bequeathed
Ae Chun Lighter or Matches, the blessed member should pass a new
lighter or box of matches through the flames and send it to his or her
spouse along with the set of multiplied Ae Chun Candles.

              How to Inherit Ae Chun Candles and Lighters

According to diagram 17.1, either individual blessed members or
blessed couples should line up with candles in their hands. Members
should follow the basic format presented in the sections under "In-
heriting Candles," Format Used by True Parents to Bequeath Ae Chun
Candles (refer to diagram 17.2).


After the couple has inherited the flame to their Father and Mother
candles, the flames should be joined for a moment (diagram 17.3) and
placed standing side by side to burn for forty minutes.

           Figure 17-3

17.3. Join the flames

During this time, members should have a prayerful attitude, although
it is not necessary to pray throughout the entire 40-minute period.

Mark the Candles. The Father and Mother candles should be marked or in
some way the differences between the two candles designated. The
candles should not be mixed up.

               Multiplying Ae Chun Candles and Lighters


The Ae Chun Candles are multiplied in a similar format to the Shimjung
and Birth Candles; however, these must always be multiplied in pairs.
Therefore, six new candles must be purchased. (Refer to
"Specifications" for details.)

                            Candle holders.
If large candles are purchased for multiplication, it is not necessary
to use candle holders, but they may be used if desired. If large
candles are not affordable or available, candle holders may be needed
during this procedure. (Refer to chapter 15, Shimjung Candles: Candle
holders, for details.)


Two four positions are formed (diagram 17.4). The "seed" Father and
the "seed" Mother candles bequeathed to each couple are placed in
God's position. Three new candles are to be placed in the positions of
Adam, Eve, and Child for each of the four position foundations made.

Light both "seed" candles from the Ae Chun Lighter (or Matches)
(diagram 17.5). Three new "Father" candles are multiplied by using the
"seed" Father candle to light the new candles placed in the Adam, Eve
and Child positions in this formation (diagram 17.6). Replace it in
its position (diagram 17.7). The same should be done in the Mother
candle formation.

The flames of each pair of candles in the corresponding positions
(i.e., the candles in the Adam position of both Father and Mother for-
mations, etc.) should be joined together for a moment (diagram 17.8).

These candles do not have to be burned for 40 minutes in pairs.
Rather, they should be burned for a few minutes in their positions
before extinguishing.

All candles should be marked and not mixed up. They should be stored
in pairs according to the positions they occupied in the four position
foundations, i.e., store together the Father and Mother candle which
each stood in the "Adam" position, etc.

           Figure 17-4

17.4. Positions for multiplying the Father and Mother Ae Chun Candles


           Figure 17-5

17.5. Use Ae Chun Lighter (or matches) to light both Ae Chun Candles

           Figure 17-6

17.6. The "Seed" Father and Mother Ae Chun Candles are taken from
God's position to light the new candles in the positions of Adam, Eve.


           Figure 17-7

17.7. Replace "seed" Father and Mother Ae Chun Candles in God's
position in each formation

           Figure 17-8

17.8. Join the names of each pair of candles in the corresponding


The prayer should begin, "Under God and in True Parents' name, I want
these candles to become Ae Chun Candles..."

When it becomes necessary, refill the lighter with butane or some
other fuel.

Ae Chun Matches may be multiplied by briefly touching a new box of
matches to the flames of both Ae Chun Candles.

                         Extinguishing Candles

Ae Chun Candles may be extinguished in the same way as Father has
taught, i.e., between two fingers. However, it is also acceptable to
blow them out.

                  Using Ae Chun Candles and Lighters


Ae Chun Candles must always be burned as a pair. However, the flames
do not have to join each time the pair of candles is burned. (Refer to
diagram 17.1 for the proper placement of the Father and Mother candles
on an altar.)

                        Use of Ae Chun Candles

                        During Il Jeung Prayer

Each blessed member may light his or her Ae Chun Candles during all or
part of his or her Il Jeung prayer vigil.


If there is an emergency on the family level or center/church level, a
blessed couple may use the Ae Chun Candles during prayer; however,
basically Ae Chun Candles should be burned during prayer for a high
level purpose -- i.e., national, world or cosmic level.

                             Daily Prayers

The Ae Chun Candles may be used by blessed families during daily
prayers (services or conditions); however, it should be remembered
that True Parents bequeathed these candles to be burned during prayer
for purposes higher than the individual and family levels.


                      During Times of Separation

Blessed couples in separate missions should each have a set of Ae Chun
Candles to use, multiplied from the "seed" Ae Chun Candles bequeathed
to them as a couple.

                        Storing Ae Chun Candles

                        "Seed" Ae Chun Candles

It is recommended that couples never allow their "seed" Ae Chun
Candles to burn completely but save them in order to make more pairs
of Father and Mother candles. If they have been burned completely and
are no longer usable, it is proper to use another pair of previously
multiplied Ae Chun Candles for multiplying more sets. Place those
particular candles in God's position of each four position foundation
formed to multiply more candles.

These candles are very different in purpose from any others and should
be marked and stored accordingly.

                      Multiplied Ae Chun Candles

As the Ae Chun Candles are multiplied in pairs, they should be stored
in the same manner. (Refer to Multiplying Ae Chun Candles and
Lighters, "Candles.")

After a set of candles is multiplied which a member will use imme-
diately, the other two sets should be marked (distinguishing Father
and Mother candles) and stored accordingly. When the set in use is
finished, bring out another set from storage.

As with Shimjung and Birth Candles, small pieces of the candles may
eventually be discarded after they are too small to use.

For definitions of the terms "seed", bequeath, inherit, and multiply
please refer to the appendix