True Love
Volume One, The Restoration of True Love
by Reverend Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 2 - Part 1 of 4
The True Parents

The other day, a group of about 50 people from Japan came to Korea and visited the Holy Ground in Pusan. It is right next to a cemetery, in a stony place where no one lives. On that site I built a small hut of cardboard and mud many years ago. It was far from a glorious place, but even when I was sleeping there, I was walking the path of filial piety before God as His son. My quest was a deep, internal standard that no one else had been able to attain. At that time, I had no external possessions. I had no money. I had a beard and an unwashed face, so I looked dirty, and I wore an assortment of Western and Oriental clothes. But everywhere I went, I spoke about very big things, things that were bigger than a cannon, more explosive than an atomic bomb so huge that everybody was surprised and ran away.

I have endured tremendous hardship all my life, but you may not be able to understand it. It would take as much as 50 years to explain it. But my conclusion is that no matter how much suffering you may experience in your activities, and no matter how much you are perse- cuted by your environment, you should be able to always remain standing before the face of God.

Just as Jesus was persecuted by leaders of Judaism, I was persecuted by the established churches here, and in the midst of this, I had to fight to restore everything. In 1945, the situation was such that I had to go to Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, into Satan's camp. I had to leave Seoul and my homeland, which God had been blessing and where He had a certain foundation, and go to the headquarters of God's enemy. Unless I overcame the condition of Satan's accusation in this situation, I could not start a second time. This is the reason why I had to live in prison in a communist country.

In prison I had to gain 12 disciples to restore the situation of Jesus, who was completely deserted by all his disciples while he was in prison. In this way, a new history was able to start from prison. After accomplishing this condition, I was able to return to the South, where I still had to endure all kinds of accusation and opposition from the established churches. We labored for many years to establish a new movement capable of surpassing all the established churches, in order to fulfill God's providence. This is the Unification Church of Korea.

Restoration and Blessing 2-2-69

If my father and mother hadn't liked each other and insisted only on their own happiness, would I have come into being? My mother was very active and my father more of a scholarly person. My mother intuitively decided what was good, while my father waited and reasoned everything out slowly before making decisions, so they were always in some conflict over decisions. If they had both been of the same aptitude then I wouldn't have inherited both elements in good proportion. There is no highness or lowness; what makes something high is that something else is low, and there is harmony between them. If my parents had been divorced before I was conceived, how could they have faced God, who would scold them for messing up His dispensation?

Individual Course of Life 1-20-80

(Speaking at the World Mission Center Grand Ballroom) Right now the beautiful ceiling is complaining that I haven't mentioned how lovely it has become for this day. The beautiful ceiling and moldings have the same birthday I do because they are born today and they want some attention from us. I can hear them calling to me. Why don't you say, "Happy Birthday, ceiling?" You know what this ballroom looked like before restoration. It has been completely revolutionized and I designed it. I know you don't realize it but this place is sanctified and consecrated by this day. This is the only place I have designed. It doesn't matter how big or how old this building is; the people of the world in years ahead will come to see it and remember what I did here.

Ideal Nation of God 2-21-80

Because of True Parents, the true family, true tribe, true nation and true world can come. Because of True Parents, all other true things will begin and can be connected. This is why they are so important. As Unification Church members, you have learned this, but have you ever deeply felt that realization about True Parents? Just knowing that you should love True Parents is not enough; you have to understand how bleak and painful the day was for mankind when the True Parents were lost. Only in that way can you understand the true joy of finding them again.

We must know how difficult and long a course it was for mankind to find the True Parents again. First you must know how sad mankind was in the beginning to lose the love of True Parents, then you have to know how difficult it was to find the True Parents again. God tried to forgive the painful past, and I will try to forget it; from now on we have to help the rest of mankind find True Parents, and then there can be a joyous, ideal world for everyone. God, True Parents, and all of you are going in that direction. All religions are going toward that day of joy when there is no more sorrow. That day is here.

The Dispensation of Restoration and Myself 4-6-80

A long time ago I volunteered to be God's chauffeur, so I started on the highway of love in Korea. All of a sudden I encountered a dem- onstration of people blocking the road and protesting that I shouldn't be allowed to pass. I just told God to fasten His seat belt, and then I pushed the accelerator down hard and the car took off!

True Parent's Mission 4-20-80

One memory I can never forget is my suffering for three years in the North Korean prison. I never preached there, but because I had a father's heart the people followed me. I cannot forget the people who brought me little gifts in the midst of their incredible circum- stances. They might have had a little piece of rice cake, but instead of eating it in their hunger, they kept it hidden in their dirty clothes to hide it from the prison inspectors, and then brought it to me. No money can buy that kind of priceless deed, only central true love. I cannot forget these things. No one can take these memories away, and they will all be in spirit world. The true blessing is having beautiful memories to take to spirit world for eternity. It is not for yourself but for the whole.

Liquidation and Blessing 5-18-80

On my journey in pursuit of this love I met Mother and met the children God gave us, and I feel only gratitude.

Way of Original Form 6-8-80

Suppose Mother's concept was that because I was her husband I should just spend a pleasant time with her and we would take care of each other. If she ever thought in that fashion, what would happen to the dispensation? Who would take care of you and the rest of the world? But Mother is the most obedient Moonie I have ever seen. Even if everyone else betrays me, I know she will still be my ardent follower.

Sometimes my children are in a position to complain that I only worry about the members, never about my children, because I spend hardly any time with them. But they have realized, one by one, that when I do something for the sake of the world it is actually for them too and they are grateful and proud. Then they want me to do more for the world. Ye Jin loves me fervently, unconditionally, and by uniting with me completely she will be loved and respected by the rest of the world. Then the world together with me will come to love her. When you realize this, can you ask for any greater blessing? There is no greater blessing.

Our Tradition 6-15-80

Recently I recommended that one of the Church elders sell his house and help another Church member. Then he began complaining, and I determined that I would never say the same thing to him again. He had been receiving love, but reached a point he could not go beyond. I never had any complaint toward God, no matter what direction I was given. Whatever God asked, I did without questioning. I certainly had no criticism in mind. I know that many people would complain to God but God can count on me never to object.

The World of Good and Evil and My Indemnity 9-28-80

Sometimes I wonder whether I would be able to tolerate the discomforts of pregnancy like Mother does, or whether I would flunk that test. I sometimes think that the skin of men and women must be different, that there must be some force compensating for the downward pull in later pregnancy, enabling women to hold the baby up. If scientists check and find that what I am saying is true, then maybe I will be given a Ph.D.! Mother is embarrassed to be praised while she is present, but I don't want to miss the chance to give her credit.

In some ways I am not very considerate of Mother, asking her to come or bring me things like all husbands do. But she always does what I ask and I forget she is heavy with child. When it takes her a long time to do something I remember she is not as slim as she was three months ago. Sometimes I get aggravated, but Mother might say one small thing like, "Father, have you forgotten my situation?" and then my aggravation is washed away. Then I say, "You're right. I almost forgot." But even if she doesn't say anything, later I remember.

God is the same way. We don't have to remind God about how hard we are working. I just do whatever God asks without complaining, even if He may ask me to do the same thing over and over. God sometimes realizes how much I do, and creeps up behind me when I am not busy to sneak blessings into my rear pocket. That's what God has been doing to me. When a person works hard but doesn't come forward for recognition after everything is finished, I have the urge to bless him more.

Christmas in View of the Will of God 12-25-80

You have never seen my mother. Do you think she would have been tall or short? Was she really a feminine woman or a masculine woman? I grew up among many brothers and sisters, but of them all my mother loved me the most. But the son she loved most would never stay put, and was always asking questions. If we had something nice to eat I would just naturally ask her, "Mother, when we have plenty to eat is it good or not good to bring food to people in need?" I never waited for the answer because we both knew what the right answer was, and later I would bring food to such people.

Whatever I found in the house I would give away to whoever I felt needed it more. I would even give my own clothes to other people. That was one thing my mother didn't appreciate because it was so difficult to make those clothes, but I would give them away regardless. You can understand how she felt when her most beloved son was away for a long time doing some work, or later when he found himself in jail.

Often I would play in the neighborhood and might see a big, bad boy give a hard time to a smaller boy. In a sense it was none of my business, but I immediately took the side of the smaller boy against the bad one, and fought on his behalf. The bigger boy would be dumbfounded and wonder why I did that. I did that almost every day. My mother would hope I was growing out of it and think I would never do it again, so she would cry when I persisted. Finally, she determined that the next time I came back home she would not let me go out again.

I can understand my mother's feelings. Whenever I had something interesting I would talk to my mother about it, and no mater how tired she was or how much work she had to do, she would listen. That is a vivid memory for me. Even though I would speak to her for hours, her eyes glowed and she would ask, "Then what? Then what?" That was our relationship.

Would God's feeling toward men be less than my mother's feeling toward her son? It could not have been less. Since God's feelings toward His own children go beyond any physical boundary and beyond time, His love is always there.

God's Day and My Congratulations 7-1-81

God gave a fair chance to everybody regarding love. If for some reason a couple is being persecuted by their village, that harassment will actually drive them closer together. The power of their love will be most intense under those circumstances. In that couple there is a fire of love burning more brightly than in any other couple. That is very true with Mother and me. You know I have been persecuted by America. At home I will say to Mother, "You are my ally. You understand me." Mother will say, "Father, you are my hero, no matter what other people say." Although she is only one individual, with Mother's words I am comforted. There is nothing that compares to the way Mother supports me. "Besides," Mother will say, "it's nice in a way that the rest of the world is persecuting you, because it drives you home faster!"

Mother and I can really enjoy persecution. Our children understand us, and the cohesive harmony in our home is very strong. The children have a strong conviction that, no matter what the world says about their parents, they are the most wonderful champions of God. Sometimes they feel they cannot suppress their anger at the world, but in the meantime, they feel intense love toward their parents. There's nothing bad about getting persecuted.

When you look at world affairs from the standpoint of love, there is nothing you cannot be grateful for. Because I have been persecuted so much, God blessed my family more and more. The evidence of this is that over the years the children who were born to us are even more brilliant and more outstanding. When I look at them I thank God. When God has big gifts to hand out, you must make your shopping bags bigger so He can give the biggest gift to you. What are those gifts? God wants to give many gifts to Mother and me, so we will have more and more children. God wants to give us more than forty children, but since me human body has certain limitations, God will condense that gift into a few most brilliant children.

Yesterday an elderly Korean woman who has followed me ever since our Church was established came to East Garden. She used to come to the Church three times a day. She said, "Father, unless I see you three times a day, I become crazy and I cannot live." When she came to East Garden she said, "My life is hell now because I cannot see you every day. This morning I have come to see you." I never showed her any special favor in the past; I always treat all the members the same way. Mother was sitting next to me and the lady said, "I feel shy to say this, but I love you, Father." Mother was the first one to smile when she said that.

Who Is God and Who A m 1 7-25-81

The coming of the Messiah is the greatest thing to happen since the creation of the world. He brings the revolutionary movement of true love for the first time on earth, and it is such a priceless opportu- nity that it is worth giving up everything in order to have it. In the last days there must be a religion strong enough to teach this clearly.

I have spent my whole life setting the example and carrying this out. For this purpose I gave up my family, my children, and even my country. I was accused of being too extreme and taking everything away for love, but for love of whom? For God.

Life of Experience in the Realm of Heart 3-5-81

You may think you can be proud of me, historically speaking, but I don't think that way. If I felt proud of myself then I would walk arrogantly and boast, but instead I don't even know when it is time to go to bed or to eat. Mother is always trying to educate me to think about my health and my age.

The Things We Want to be Proud Of 7-25-87

I am very strict about money spent for my family. Even when Mother wants to buy something for the family, I check it carefully beforehand. But I tell her that if she sees any needy Church members, she should even borrow money if necessary to get them what they need. As recently as three years ago, Mother had no freedom at all to spend any money. Only recently have I given her freedom. I am abiding by the heavenly tradition in my family to prevent their being caught by Satan.

In my high school and college days I made a conscious effort to look like a beggar, letting my hair become shaggy, and dressing in old clothes from a thrift shop. Instead of dressing nicely for events, I dressed comfortably at home, but wore rags when I went out. I seldom spoke to people outside. That was how I lived when I was young. You could not have figured that out unless I told you this morning.

I went to the Harlems of Japan and Korea, mingling with poor people. I never mixed with the elite. I worked hard at manual labor to pay tuition for people who were my friends. I know the mentality of the satanic world. No one can deceive me.

There was one rich girl who was infatuated with me. She got much money from her parents, and one day she snuck into my room and left that money in my drawer. I took that packet of money back to her, unopened, and told her that she should learn what life should be like, that she couldn't buy my mind with money. The world doesn't know what kind of experiences I have passed through in order to come this far.

Historical Children's Day 10-28-81

Do you think I have a battle between my mind and body? Yes, I have the same battle as you; the only difference is that my battles have been victorious. I knew the truth, so I persevered through my battles.

I have sacrificed my immediate family, even Mother, for the sake of the Unification Church. It is very seldom that I eat a meal with my own children; I usually eat with the church leaders from all over the world. They are the ones who are sitting right next to me and Mother, eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner; our children are not there. Sometimes when I am eating a meal with the children and some of the church leaders come in, I immediately send the children to the kitchen to finish their meal and give their seats to the church members. My children, as well, must have Cain to enter the Kingdom of Heaven; they cannot enter without Cain.

For True Father and True Mother, there are two types of children: true Abel-type children and true Cain-type children. The true Abel children must be able to unite with the true Cain children. I have been working for them, in their place, fulfilling their role to bring about this unity; so, for that reason, my true Abel children must be grateful to me. On the other hand, the true Cain children must unite with the true Abel children; without that, there is no place for me to stand. There are two kinds of children for Adam; direct heirs and adopted children. Unless these children are united, the world cannot be restored.

This is the reason why, during 1981, which is the year of the final consummation of my 21-year course, I have been able to give Blessing to the true Abel children. Ye Jin Nim was engaged and married; Hyo Jin Nim was engaged. The ages of the children range between 16 and 21; according to God's original ideal, this is the period during which Adam and Eve were supposed to be married.

Sometimes when I go to the bathroom, I fall asleep and Mother gets worried about me. Even this morning, Mother came knocking on the bathroom door, asking, "Father, what are you doing in there?" I woke up and answered, "Nothing, nothing." It is my credo that I will go the most difficult, suffering way, never seeking the easy way. Any time there are miserable duties to be done, I want to be the first to do them without any hesitation.

Why do I go this way of life? Because that is the role of Abel; no one can claim greater sacrifice before me, including the 36 blessed couples. I have never forced anyone to go the sacrificial way, but the original minds of people know where they stand in relation to me.

Victory of Home Church 1-1-82

We have been talking about a new beginning, based upon a different motivation. What is the true motivation, goal and purpose of Reverend Moon? What is the image of True Parents? True Parents are the core vibration through which all the vibrations of the universe can be harmonized. All creation, all people and nations and the spirit word as well need this essential core through which they can have give and take with the universe.

The Vibration of True Love 1-30-82