True Love
Volume One, The Restoration of True Love
by Reverend Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 8 - Part 1 of 5
True Love

When you plant bean seeds, beans will grow. When you plant carnations, carnations will grow. No one can deny this principle. If you sow hatred, hatred will result. When you sow love, then the fruit of love will indeed come. The important thing is the size of that love.

Ideal Nation of God 2-21-80

You know that the most painful thing in the universe is not a physical pain, but the pain resulting from the sickness of love. If there are many irregular situations in a country, it is destined to perish and a new nation will appear in its place. That is the situation we find in this country. Americans want happiness, but they must know that it begins with orderliness; only harmony with the universal tradition will heal sickness and pain and add prosperity and happiness.

Happiness must be based on love, which is nothing else but having the subject and object knowingly situated correctly in every area.

If in your teen years you start on this orderly and harmonious level, then you will continue to go up as you mature, never sinking down. If you begin a business on these principles then it will prosper and be admired by others. How happy will the family be whose husband and wife cherish this, each wanting to be the best husband or wife in the world. Such a wife would want to enter into her husband's cells and stay there for the rest of her life. The man would feel the same way.

When such a wife goes to spirit world she is no longer simply a woman, for by becoming one with her husband she has inherited the qualities of a man as well, so she can go anywhere in the spirit world. And it is the same for the man.

Our Tradition 6-15-80

What is your destination and goal? My destination is the Love Pole -- like the North or South Pole -- the summit of love. Don't look for me anywhere else because I won't be there. Don't say you looked in heaven but I wasn't there. I will be at the Pole of Love, relating in love with God and everyone in the world. When God is at the North Pole, I want to be at the South Pole of love. Once both poles are occupied, a sphere is formed through the relationship. What more can you want?

God has been working on this dispensation for 6,000 years and during this time there have been many impossible barriers blocking Him. Only the fact that He has been driven crazily and blindly toward the goal of love kept God from chopping off the heads of everyone in the dispensation!

The World of Good and Evil and My Indemnity 9-28-80

Now TL (true love) is a code word in the Unification Church. History will record that at Belvedere, October 12, 1980, at 7:05 a.m. I created the word "TL" and you can say you participated.

If a bee is sucking the nectar from a flower, you can try to pull him away; but instead of letting go, his body will tear in half; he will never stop sucking the nectar. You people are like honeybees. People outside our Church are pulling at you, but you never let go. The honey of the Unification Church is true love, and once you taste it you cannot let go. The world knows that I must have something to offer because they cannot separate you from me.

Let Us Set the Record 10-12-80

Your body wants to experience love. Your five senses want to be intoxicated with love. Once you get a taste of love, you long for it to continue for eternity without stopping. It is human nature to want to be intoxicated. That is why people drink, smoke, inject heroin and pursue all kinds of drugs. Such endeavors intoxicate people momentarily and artificially. If God were to sample such drugs, would He say, "This tastes so much better than love! Please put some on my breakfast table tomorrow." Would God become a drug addict? Would He find the taste of whiskey delightful?

What do you think God wants served for His meals? Love. He's a love addict. If you served God nothing but love for breakfast, lunch and dinner, would He eventually turn it down? No. He wants to receive that love and return it to you, making a complete circle. One circuit won't satisfy Him; He will want to continue for eternity.

The Blessing From the Viewpoint of the
Dispensation of History 1-18-81

Where there is love, nothing is impossible. Certainly God who is the person without any impossibility, would want to dwell in love. When men and women are united in love and they find there is a place of greater love, they want to get there together. When you meet your fiancée and you establish a loving relationship, how would you like to move toward greater love? Do you want the fastest form of transportation, or would you like to travel slowly in a carriage? You want to get there the fastest way. What is the fastest way? The jet plane of love.

Where would you like to land? You said you want to land in the heart of God. Do you need permission to land? Planes cannot land without some control tower on the ground to guide them to the landing strip. There is a correct way to land on the landing strip of love. What kind of welcoming party will there be? Amazingly enough, when you land on the correct landing strip, there will be a welcoming party from many thousands of years of history, including Abraham and Noah. They won't seem like strangers, but will come right up to you. What power could make that happen? Again, only the power of love.

In love there is no distance of time, even if there is a difference of thousands of years. In love, time and space are completely disregarded. You think Germans and French are far apart, but when you are united as a blessed couple and come in for a landing in your love jet and see people from many thousands of years who have come to greet you, then you know the distance between German and French is nothing. Even if one of those people is 6,000 years old, there is no foreign feeling between you. You can instantly become one and understand him completely.

Love is a really strange thing. Even if you are from different nations, when you come together in a marriage relationship, you don't feel bad at all. One thing is for sure: You are marrying a person of the opposite sex and no explanation is needed! You want to touch him or her tenderly and there is no distance. The power of love can unite strangers. The power of love can shorten the distance of time.

Who Is God and Who Am I 1-25-81

Your life is the fruit of the love of your mother and father, coming vertically down to you. Thus, the energy of your life should be directed toward love, becoming a seed-bed of love.

The Two Worlds of Good and Evil 2-15-81

The love which everyone can see is not the most valuable. The love which God will slip into your back pocket when you are not looking is the best.

Prayer 3-19-81

This law of love is the most rigid one and we cannot be indifferent to it. Love is the thing we take most seriously.

Our Identity 4-1-81

Once you obtain true love, God will come without formality to you, even in His pajamas, wanting to dwell with you.

Core Love and Indemnity 10-22-83

Our ultimate goal is Canaan. While we are marching toward Canaan, our supreme duty is to follow orders, but once we enter Canaan we don't live by commands but by love. This is that time. We are arriving now, and we must live in a God-like way.

Historical Children's Day 1981 10-28-81

When a man and a woman can be pulled together, both living in harmony for the sake of others, then the entire universe will be influenced by them. Their center is a noble dream of love. That is the epitome of beauty, which other men and women would look at with admiration and longing. Heaven and earth would respond in the same way.

The focal point of the universe is harmonizing, noble love. When you move with such a heart, the whole universe is turned by you and you feel joy.

Noble Dream 12-1-81

It is important for all people to find some unchanging principle or foundation for their life -- something that is continuous for the past, present and future. What should be the goals for our struggles in life? Do you have your own concept of life and struggle, as well as a goal? What is it? You say it is true love, but that is very easy to say. Can you just say, "I want true love," and expect it to come and be with you automatically? No, that is not the way it works.

Since true love doesn't come that easily, how will you get it? There is a very simple answer: If true love doesn't come to you, you have to go and get it! Is it easy to find true love? How very, very difficult it is! Let's give a realistic analogy. Pulling out one of your eyes would be extremely painful. Is the difficult path to true love more or less painful than this? Is finding true love more difficult than chopping off one of your arms or legs? You may lose two eyes or an arm and a leg, but do you still need true love? You say yes, and that is a very serious yes.

In human history, has there been anyone who has sought true love and won the victory? You say Father, but how do you know I am not a swindler? Let's suppose there is a great scholar and winner of the Nobel Prize, someone respected throughout the world. We could ask him, "Do you have true love? Have you won it?" Would he shout, without hesitation, "Yes, I have"? Wouldn't he more likely say, "Let me think about it"? If even the greatest of scholars cannot get to true love, then who can? When you seriously pose the question of true love, you might conclude, "Well, it is difficult but there may be one or two people who have won true love in their lives. Certainly not many more than that." When you realize that you are not one of those, you can become very serious, can't you?

Think for a moment about God, the absolute being. Let's pose a question to Him: "Are You really in the position of the King of true love?" What would He reply -- "Yes," or "Well, let me think about it"? Let me ask you a question: do you think love can be initiated through only one person, or do you need someone else to consummate love? Even God needs someone else. Since God is absolute, it is logical that His someone else should also be absolute.

We realize that God wants to consummate true love; thus we must understand what true love is. When you think of true love, you can think of it as the "house" in which God wants to dwell. We might ask God, "Where would You like to live?" Would He say, "Since I am the King of Kings, I just want to live alone in a big palace and sit on a golden throne"? What about you? If I asked you the same question, you might reply, "Father, I just want to be someplace where I can sleep. I'm so sleepy!" Do you think God would say that, since He too is so tired?

Do you think God would like to have a good time and play sometimes? Maybe He would tell you, "I want to live in a place where I can play games and have fun all the time." Or maybe God would say, "I just want to dwell in my mind for eternity; all I want to do is think." Or might He say, "All I want is to work, since I am the God of creation." No? Then where would He say He would like to dwell?

God will say, "I want to live with a smile, to be happy," just as this white-haired, noble-looking gentleman here might say. What do you think makes a person with a PhD. happy? Will receiving his degree make him smile for the rest of his life? Maybe he will smile for a day or so, but then he will get bored.

No matter how great and wonderful and dignified God is, He desires to live His life with a smile. Thus it is important to know what element allows Him to continue smiling. Is it looking at His hands? Is it looking at His own eyes? Maybe He has a big mirror in Heaven -- do you suppose He smiles all the time to see Himself? God's body may have beautiful features, such as long lovely fingernails. Maybe He gives Himself a manicure every morning, or maybe He grooms His feet. Does God want to spend all His time in front of His mirror? No? Then what makes God smile? Since love is the only thing which enables someone to continue smiling forever, automatically we come to the conclusion that God needs a good object, such as a wife or children with whom to have the give and take of love.

Let's say a man is very handsome, manly, and also he is well educated, with a PhD. from Harvard. He has everything a man needs to be respectable. Does that make him smile for the rest of this life? No, he might even be very solemn, but as soon as a beautiful woman comes around, his whole demeanor will change. He will light up and start to smile.

Imagine a small, delicate-looking woman sitting somewhere very quietly and solemnly, and her husband, a big tough man with strength like a tiger comes up to her. Other men may fear him, but this small woman will smile as soon as he comes near. She will light up and her eyes will start to sparkle, almost as if electricity was flowing into her. Isn't that true? What makes a woman react like that?

You were all very sleepy a few minutes ago, but as soon as I started talking about love and men and women, everybody woke up! Love must have a pull stronger than the power of sleep. If God is looking for true love, He definitely needs a true object who can respond to Him so that He can create a circuit of give and take. Where can He find that perfect object?

I am sure you have concluded that God must find His perfect object in human beings.

Unification members today can cherish this one very important confidence: "I am the unique object to God. Without me, God will feel lonely and cannot consummate His love." This wonderful statement is the key point of my teaching today. Just think of it: you can be the unique object to God! No matter what, if even the entire planet disappeared, you would still be God's unchanging, unique object. How wonderful! Without an eternal object, there can be no foundation for the existence of true love.

Anyone can speak easily of true love, but to fulfill it in reality you must have the right foundation. We have four bridges to cross, all of which are heading for the goal of true love: the unique bridge, the unchanging bridge, the absolute bridge, and the eternal bridge. After crossing these four bridges you will meet with true love on the other side. Beyond these bridges is the only place where true love dwells. The people who are making an effort every day to go across these four bridges are the ones in whom true love can dwell, and through whom true love can be communicated.

Many people think, "Life is too short to spend it suffering. Enjoy yourself now!" This is the prevalent philosophy today. But the Unification Church goal is not focused on this world. We are looking at the eternal world and learning to live according to eternal principles while we are here on earth. We know that only with true love can we obtain a victorious life here on earth and forever after. Such accomplishments will never change or diminish. In other words, our life's goal must be to perfect ourselves and become unique, unchanging, absolute, and eternal. This is the goal of the Unification Church. Why do we want true love so much? It is because true love will fulfill God and ourselves; the consummation of everything good can come out of true love. Only true love can completely fill the universe -- not God's power, total knowledge or anything else can do that. Only true love can make everything sound and solid. Inside the realm of true love, there can be no resistance or limits. As soon as you touch true love, you become one with it.

Which is bigger -- God or true love? True love is actually bigger than God because, even though God is almighty, He only has an up and down relationship on the vertical line. In order to consummate His love, He needs an object with whom to have horizontal give and take. Thus He requires the horizontal line in order to create the circular motion of love. By Himself, as a vertical being, He could not create that circle. That is why we say that true love is even greater than God. Once you have true love in your hands, you have absolutely everything else in the universe.

You have to be very hungry for true love. You must keep on digesting true love -- on the family, societal, national and worldwide levels, all the way up to spirit world and God's level. Still you should continue because you have such a hunger and thirst for true love. This is why the Bible teaches, "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied." It is very important to have that urgent hunger and thirst for the righteousness of true love. If you thirst for true love but there is nobody to give it to you, then you must make yourself the perfect object to God. Create within yourself that circuit of give and take with true love. This is what our movement is all about.

Victory and Peace 1-10-82

The Unification Church is the church of vibration, the vibration of true love. You did not come here for the sole purpose of singing "Happy Birthday" to True Parents. I don't want you to come for that. I want you to become somebody. Become a Moonie of true love vibration. From today, as a birthday gift take back with you the vibration of true love. You are starting to vibrate today for the sake of the world. Those who want to become true vibrations of love, raise your hands. Where will you give your love vibrations? Home church. Thank you.

The Vibration of True Love 1-30-82

The human body is composed of many different kinds of cells. Also the different races of man can be represented in the cells of one body. An example would be the cells in the whites of the eyes, representing white people. The dark cells on the sole of the foot might represent the black people. All are making up the one body, simply in a different location. Who could say that the cells of the whites of the eyes are superior to the cells on the bottom of the foot? All human cells are equally valuable, working for the same purpose and serving a joint will. How about husband and wife? From the universal point of view, husband and wife are like two cells which are next to each other and have close give and take -- virtually one cell.

From this universal point of view all human beings are equal. We have a common nature which belongs to that one universal nucleus consciousness. Among all the billions of human "cells" there must be a certain harmonizing factor which brings people together peacefully. This is the power of love. The power of love is like a thread between every cell making smoothness and harmony. In a way, love is like glue, binding and cementing together all the cells of humanity. This is why love is universal and love is good. The action of love is ultimate. Therefore, without love everything would fall apart. The action of love unites subject and object and mind and body.

Without love the interaction between subject and object is very clumsy. However, with the power of love we can experience total freedom of action, and freedom of movement between east and west, north and south. In a way, love is a shocking intoxication which can make everybody drunk. That is why love is good. There is a drunkenness which comes from drugs or alcohol, but this is merely an artificial and momentary intoxication.

Because of the power of love differing individuals are pulled together, particularly men and women. Men love women and women love men. Without the action of love no one can remain dulled; it is like connecting to an electric circuit. One becomes totally electrified through love. Love must go to the nucleus because when the nucleus is activated the whole self becomes excited. Love penetrates to the nucleus-center and the entire objective body is activated. True man is the center of true love; thus, when true love activates the nucleus of a man all his actions will be true. Love will "turn you on" and true love will turn you on truly.

If man is to pursue the action of true love, he must recognize the nucleus first. Love must go through the nucleus turning on every cell. Therefore, in order to fulfill and consummate love, we first have to recognize the existence of the nucleus, the center.

In terms of consciousness and existence indeed it is within the consciousness that the internal character, the nucleus, is created. This must be recognized. When we are pursuing ideals and love, we must first give recognition to the existence of the nucleus -- both the individual nucleus and the universal nucleus. Thus the consciousness comes first; will, ideal and thought come before existence.

Thought or consciousness comes before everything. The ideal thought is centered upon true love. The fulfillment of true love is the purpose of that ideal thought. The Unification Church has truly penetrated to the depths of this universal truth. That is a miracle; that is a joy!

Where does our existence come from? God's ideal is the universal subject; the center of that ideal is true love. The fulfillment of the ideal of love is the purpose of creation. Therefore, everything was designed by God under this plan for the purpose of the fulfillment of love. That is the way men and women are designed and that is why we were created.

Why are men attracted to women? That's the step to reach the ideal of love. Why are women attracted to men? It is an inevitable step in the search for the ideal of love. The people who marry and divorce freely are behaving like animals and have no way to connect with the eternal nature of the love of God. Everything God has created is based upon the eternal quality of love. Some people go after carnal knowledge or physical love, love "just for fun," using their bodies for the consumption of love. This is terrible. Such catastrophic love should be removed from mankind.

Do you want momentary love or eternal love? You want eternal love because the central nucleus of love is eternal; you can connect to that nucleus through eternal love. Therefore, only love can remain throughout eternity. Your body will not remain; it comes and it will go, but your love endures. This is why some of the greatest master pieces of literature throughout history have been portraits of love.

God and Us 2-1-82

When can real true love be found? Do you have it in the center of your minds now? Through whom will it become reality? It will come through your partner. The love comes from God, but your counterpart is required in order for God's love to rest in you. America has become so great and sophisticated that there is almost nothing it cannot do; women even expect love through another woman, and men through another man! American men think they don't need women in order to receive God's love! Men and women are meant to be complementary, with one indented and the other protruding. Can two positive elements be drawn to each other, or would they repel each other? When the central shaft of a machine turns around, everything that is attached to it will also turn. What kind of axis does a man or woman need? Some women would turn around for diamonds! Actually, true love is the best axis. We become certain that each person needs a spouse. Some men and women think they will be happier living alone. Are they really convinced of that, or do they believe that it is impossible to find a faithful spouse? If someone close to the ideal comes near them, however, they feel something unique and new. A person who doesn't want to get married must have had a bitter experience, or been close to someone else who had a bad experience with marriage.

A woman who has truly loved a man has already loved God; a man who has truly loved a woman has already loved God. Suddenly they are aware that God is around them. Even though God is omnipotent, He cannot go just anywhere and find love. He must follow the Principle of Creation and find love with that man and woman also. In order to reach woman, God has to go through man; to reach a man, He has to go through a woman. If you truly love your spouse then God will automatically come to you. Harmonizing true love will spark there between you, for it takes two to emit that spark. God's mind and body will both be overwhelmed by that spark of love. It is simple to conclude that God wants to reside in the family where a man and woman truly love each other. All men must truly resolve to change their attitude, so that they look at women with God's eyes, with God's senses. The same is true for women.

The utmost truth can be strongest and have dominion over everything. The truth has a certain limitation, however. It can know and rejoice, but it can never lead you into the highest joy. Only when your love becomes true love on the foundation of absolute truth will nothing bother you. Would you like to live where truth is, or where true love is?

If there is one axis at the center of each conscience, where will it lead? We cannot deny that conscience is leading us to one objective -- to the unity of an ideal man and woman in true love. Isn't this reasonable? Certainly this is a common point that all mankind can share.

Declaration of the Ceremony of Unity Between
Spirit World and Physical World 3-28-82