True Love
Volume One, The Restoration of True Love
by Reverend Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 8 - Part 5 of 5
True Love

The motion of love joins together with the vertical line coming down and a gigantic circular movement is begun. In other words, the love of God along the vertical line is always circling. At the same time, men and women are also making circular motion in their love. This is another element of universal principle -- there is no straight line or movement in God's creation; it is always a circling movement. Everything comes to a certain point and then returns, then comes back, and so forth. When you are living with this 100 percent commitment of true love, you don't have to worry or have ulcers. You can always have serenity and peace of mind, knowing that as you stay in the center, everything always comes back to you. You are the winner. This is the ideal realm of the heart of man-shim-jung -- Heartle. When there is 100 percent commitment, there is 100 percent freedom. The tiny little child can climb all over his grandfather; he has that kind of total freedom. The big, muscular husband can lay his head on his wife's lap. That is what we call the romantic, dramatic life of men and women, where you enjoy true freedom within true love.

The Day of All Things 6-7-86

A couple may find the going very difficult and wonder if they can continue; but the next day they find they can rise and go on. Of course they can do it! They were the only ones who worried that they couldn't. Everything must move around; without movement, no unity can take place. What is up goes down and what is down rises; the front goes to the back and the back becomes the front; left and right will constantly change position. As long as you stand still, you can never make progress. You must have motion. What makes motion? Only love. Love moves people. What does God actually need: man and woman, or love? Which does he long for most? God created man and woman -- not just one being but two -- as His objects of true love. Within Himself, God contains both plus and minus natures. Once man and woman achieve unity, they revolve and become like God Himself; they become the perfect image of God. Once they completely unite as a couple, the next stage is to achieve vertical oneness with God. When this happens, where will God dwell: above them, between them, or in their center? He will be right at their center.

The Glory of the Victor 8-31-86

The unity between men and women is very difficult to achieve; it is a virtually impossible task, but that is the ideal. A universal design and will caused men and women to be made the way we are; we didn't decide how we should be built. That universal will made us this way for the purpose of harmony. Even a man's skin is designed to be masculine, which means a rough texture and lots of hair, even a beard on the face. But women are meant to have soft skin, tender like the snow. Thus two extremes are brought together. The amazing truth is that all the features you women possess are not for your own satisfaction or liking, but for the enjoyment of somebody else, namely a man. The same is true for men. In other words, women are created for men's liking and men are created for women's liking. That is why we say you are not born for yourself or exist for yourself. The ideal means unity and harmony between extremes, from one end to the other. Once you achieve unity, you do not stand still but begin a circling motion. The question is, what sort of circling motion will you make? Do you want to just circle around in a small area or will you circle around a greater thing and a bigger purpose? Does love exist for the purpose of giving, or just for receiving? The essence of loving is giving. What about here in America? When you women get married, do you say, "I am marrying because I want to give love"? Or do they feel, "I want to receive love"? What do you think? That was a very pragmatic American answer -- "both". However, which one should come first? What happens when you only want to receive love? If the woman says, "You love me," and the man says, "No, I want to receive it. You give love to me," there can be no give and take, no intercourse. Therefore you both stand idle, with no unity. If you cannot unite, you cannot move upward. The ideal requires that you make a circular motion; the horizontal and vertical lines must come together and create the global, circular motion. What is the worst sin of you women? It is that you always want to receive love. That is the sin of sins because it is so destructive of humanity and the rest of the universe. But when you are determined to give and serve others, then you not only unite but you also make a circling motion. You create the rhythm of up and down. Therefore, what is most wrong in our world today is that people just want to receive love. Someone might say, "Nobody ever taught me that before. I certainly didn't learn that in college. Reverend Moon, you have created something brand new." This may be new to you, but it is universal law. No one can deny even one iota of this. You women, please be honest to me and I promise to forgive you: have you been thinking of ways to receive more and more love, or have you thought about how to give more love? This is the revolution which I have proclaimed -- the revolution toward selfless love. That is what the Unification Church revolution is all about. Men naturally pursue women, but for what purpose -- to receive love or to give love? That is the most important question. It is a serious problem that American people have not understood how universal law works. You men should never think, "I'm so glad I'm getting married because now my life will be easier. I will have someone to cook breakfast for me and wash my laundry, someone to serve me." But all of a sudden, that is not what happens and you start to complain, "Hey, what's happening here?" Your first concept was wrong; you are not supposed to get married in order to make your life easier. You should think that your life will get tougher, but you should be willing to do it in order to give love. Love is always developing. Once you begin your love relationship, it must always expand. Your horizons must become larger and greater, expanding to the society, nation and world. Why are men and women so essential to each other? It is because you can develop your love to the world level through that most basic unit, the "building block" for love -- that relationship between a man and a woman.

Road Toward the Ideal 9-7-86

Dominion over the creation cannot come through vertical love alone. Vertical love must be translated into horizontal love, like the spreading of a wing which encompasses all of creation under itself.

Ideal Home Church 12-21-86

What is powerful enough to liberate man and God from the agony of this strange, distorted state? We have come to see that only God's love and God's life can do something about this. Because of the love that we have with Satan, even though we are alive, we are actually dead. Even though we have life, we are lifeless. Only God's love and life can help us. Man has to go through a transition to allow God's life to flow into him. For God's life to be transmitted to that person, he has to move from the old, satanic place into the new or original place where the flow of love and flow of life can be experienced with God.

Liberation of the Spirit World and Physical World
and the Unification of the World 2-22-87

Even though some woman may be respected by everyone, unless she can be proud of her husband, then she cannot be such a happy woman. Upon what basis can a woman be really proud of her husband? Where does she get the power to be proud? An elderly man can't say, "Well, since I am the grandfather, that's enough reason for me to be proud." He cannot take pride in himself all alone; other people have to be able to join in his pride. When the grandfather and grandmother are proud of their love, then we say that is valid. It is only love that two people can be proud of. Suppose God said you could choose between several things. You could have great wealth to enjoy for the rest of your life; or you could have all the influence and power you could desire; or you could partake of the greatest store of knowledge so that millions of audiences would want to listen to you. You could have any of these, or you could enjoy the true love of a dear spouse, although you would have to live very poorly. If you could choose between these four options, which would you take? Why would you take the last one? You have to have a valid reason. This is an important question. Why would you choose number four? It is because you know you can connect to God when you have that love. You will never be able to connect with God through money, power, or knowledge. Once we connect with love, we can connect to God and all the rest of mankind. We can connect to the past, present and future. With this love, we can connect to everything good. Love is almighty. Mansei to love!

Our Pride 3-22-87

The greatest of all statements made by Jesus Christ was, "Love your enemy." The power of that statement can conquer the world.

We Shall Live In the Original Homeland 7-1-87

We all have a physical father and mother, don't we? What is the difference between the physical father and the True Father? All things want lo turn away from a father of the fallen lineage, but everything in the universe welcomes and loves the True Father. In the Unification Church, you consider Reverend Moon your True Father. What is the actual difference between worldly fathers and the True Father? One has true love and the other does not, so it is a big difference. The true child, true family, true society, true nation, true world, and a true lineage which are eternally unchanging are connected by love all the way up to God Himself.

The Blessed Family is Very Precious 4-5-87

Do you understand clearly the concept of true love? True love is defined as love that is both vertical and horizontal and whose expression is welcome everywhere. True love is not merely the horizontal love of the contemporary age; it also means love towards our ancestors and descendants. Only with such a vertical and horizontal love can we create a sphere, which is our home sweet home, the perfect love which fulfills all directions. In other words, true love is the base upon which we can both give and receive vertical and horizontal love. Centering upon an individual, true love can expand to the worldwide level. True love is the one love which is applicable in every situation and brings happiness to all. True love is not just for men or women, not just horizontal or vertical, not just for Orientals or Westerners. It is the one love which can apply to everyone, whether they are from the west or east, man or woman, young or old. True love binds the realms of east and west and makes them whole. What is too low to be raised by true love? What is too high is lowered a bit by true love, to suit the occasion. What is indented is filled a bit by true love, to suit the occasion. What protrudes is absorbed a bit by true love. Such things true love does automatically. I talk about love almost every chance I get. Is it because I have nothing else to talk about? Actually I wear myself out speaking about true love to you. I speak and speak and get excited about it -- even if no one responds! The atmosphere of the spirit world is that of love, and those unable to love will suffocate and go to hell. In the spirit world, God is at the very center, and everyone tries very hard to get as close as possible to Him.

The Way to Grow 8-30-87

There are three major purposes of true love: When you possess true love, you are automatically entitled to receive the inheritance; True love gives you the right of participation. You are not an observer or bystander but an agent which initiates action; Thirdly, true love brings you to the same level of heart with God. The power of love can do these three most desirable things. If Adam and Eve had attained true love and were lying together in bed, would God observe two happy faces or sad, desperate faces? Every part of Adam and Eve would be filled with the joy of love. Therefore, every expression represents joy and happiness. Have you women thought, "I am the happiest woman in the world because I am lying next to my husband in the fulfillment of true love." Do you men feel the same way when you lie beside your wife? If husband and wife are so fulfilled and joyful in love, do you think God will want to be somewhere else, or right there with you? You must understand what hell is. Hell is the place where vertical true love and horizontal true love cannot be found anywhere. There is no trace of it. There is no order or discipline, and everyone bumps and clashes against each other. Cruelty and violence rule. Do you understand this? You don't want to go to that place, do you? The most hellish place on earth is where no trace of vertical and horizontal true love can be found. In the end, people who misuse their love curse themselves. Women say, "Why was I ever born? I despise the fact that I am a woman." The same is true of men. People in hell hate their bodily parts by which they engaged in illicit love. They condemn their own bodies throughout eternity. Our sexual organs were meant to be used for the consummation of true love, so when they are misused in illicit love, they become the object of hate and detestation. Once the sexual areas of a person's body are misused, including a woman's bosom and hips, they become objects of eternal condemnation in the spirit world. When I was in prison in Korea, I observed men who were awaiting execution. Every day they grieved and repented, hanging their heads, saying, "If I had taken that one step differently and gone the other direction, I would not be in this position. One misstep brought me to this end." They could not get away because the deed was done. This is a good analogy with the misuse of true love. Once true love is mis- used, a person will face eternal condemnation and he will live with eternal grief.

Wake Up, America 6-12-88

When all the world turns white the impression of the greatness of nature is so acute. Snow is like the unity of heaven and earth, the marriage of plus and minus. When you see marriage you are moved to tears of happiness, of sadness and love. Those of you who are married know what I mean. What does the Unification Church mean? It is the unification between true man and true woman. What is true man and true woman? They are persons who resemble God, man who resembles God and woman who resembles God who become sons and daughters of God. There's some sweat on my face. When it runs down my nose I sometimes want to drink it. Sweat has a nice taste. It's nice and salty. When you have true love you can love your sweat and even the unpleasant smells of your own body. Those who run away from their own smells, raise your hand. (No response). You must appreciate the aroma of your own body. (Audience in hysterics). If you are centered on the vertical love of God, will you curse God for having created all these bodily functions or would you rather praise God?

Our Church and Korea as Seen from
the Providence of God 2-12-89