Unification Family Life
by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 2 - The Unification Church

Section 4. Establishing The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (Part 1)

1. God's Will To Establish The Sovereignty Of A Heavenly Country On Earth

What is God's will? It is to make the people of this earth into his beloved people, to make this earth into his beloved territory, and, by bringing the people and the territory into one sovereign nation, to create the ideal world. Do you understand what this is saying? Who will come and rule that ideal world? The coming Lord and God will act together to create an eternal, unchanging, ideal, sovereign nation. If you reach that point, because you enter the realm of direct dominion, when that time comes it will not be an age when people say they do not know God; everyone will communicate with spirit world and will be able to feel God.

Until now although God existed, God could not show His power even once. Until now even though God existed, He was pushed around by Satan's world, sacrificed and chased. Until now He could not be the God who ruled this satanic world or who judged this satanic world. Why is that? Because He didn't have His nation. Because God did not have a nation which was better than the nations of Satan's world, God could not act as the God He is.

He sent Jesus into the world in order to establish one sovereign nation which would be higher than the archangel nations of the satanic world, one sovereign nation centered on one world-level national standard which can stand above the nations of the satanic world. Only then can Adam rule and God's original dignity be established. But even though God has dominion, in order to stand with honor, if He has a nation which is less than Satan's nations, or tribe or family, then when God is working from such a position, His honor and position cannot be established. (56-133)

What is the mission of the Unification Church? Even though we are living in the world on earth, we are paving the way which will relieve the sorrow centered on the sovereignty of the heavenly nation in the spirit world. When God looks out from the spirit world, the spirit world should be filled up with the ancestors of the history of the cosmos; but in spite of that, the kingdom of heaven is empty. They are all in paradise or in hell. How sorrowful God must be to see that.

Therefore when the day of the Lord comes, from the very bottom of hell or paradise, which is not heaven, we will begin by making a new concept of the ideal. We will find the Cain and Abel connected to the bottom of hell and establish God's new concept of the family. We will establish God's new concept of the tribe, God's new concept of the people, God's new concept of the nation, and God's new concept of the world. And all the people on earth have to be restored through indemnity.

Without carrying out restoration through indemnity centered on Cain and Abel, absorbing and digesting everything, passing through the unified world, and for the first time forming on earth the empty spirit world, we cannot release the will of the hope of God centered on the heavenly country. So Jesus also said, . .whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven."

Without realizing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, will the Kingdom of Heaven in the spirit world appear? [No.] Without establishing the heavenly country on the earth, the good sovereignty in spirit world cannot be recovered. These are the inherent and awesome origin and circumstances of the matter. (143-29)

1) The Purpose of the Church is to Save the Nation

What is the purpose of the church? Churches exist in order to save the nation. But Christianity does not know this. In Christianity they say the purpose of the churches is to go to heaven. And if we see who that is centered on, it is centered on the individual. That's why it created an individualistic country like America. The place which is saying we should pioneer the world anew is the Unification Church.

The Unification Church members' witnessing is not in order to make the Unification Church prosper. It is in order for the nation to prosper. A religion must not just remain within one nation. Because the Jewish religion lost its leading role to be able to save the Israelite nation, it was ruined. Living for the nation is the policy of the Unification Church.

If the Unification Church seeks to unite many religions, it can't do that without loving the members of many churches. We must love other churches more than the members of those churches do. What is the unification policy of the Unification Church? It is love. Without being loved, this evil world cannot be subjugated. What did Jesus say to do if your right cheek was struck? [To offer your left cheek] For whom did He say to do that? You and I are citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. You and I still have remaining before us the road of death which we must go over.

If we love like this, centered on the heavenly nation, we can forgive. Do you understand? A and B were not one individual and one individual. You are a person to be pitied, and I am a person to be pitied. Does it make sense for people who are to be pitied to fight with each other? Since all of us are in the pitiful position of not having a nation, and we must seek the nation, if I realize that first, I have the responsibility to find it for everyone even while being beaten along the way. Therefore even if your right cheek is struck, you must find that nation, even if you have to offer your left cheek. (34-330)

What must the Unification Church do? This is important. Religion must lead the nation and lead the world. It must lead the world. Therefore the Unification Church is saying we should save the nation.

We must work for the nation, and the view that we must work for the world is clear. (73-119)

What our Unification Church is hoping to do is to find out how to establish one good nation in front of God's will. On the day that one nation stands in front of God's will, no matter how diabolical and vicious the realm of Satan's world is, it will submit to the good nation. That is the principle of the original creation of heaven and earth. That's why the Messiah is sent. (75-194)

2) The Unification Church Which Must Accomplish the Liberation of the Homeland

Why does our Unification Church use the word unification? It is not to bring blessings to my individual self. What is the desire which is the unchangeable determination of our minds? It is the liberation of our homeland. The homeland which God had hoped for, the homeland which Jesus Christ hoped for, the homeland which the Holy Spirit hoped for, the homeland which our many ancestors hoped for. Let us make that homeland our center, and let us give our full devotion to the way that God has prepared in order to realize that homeland. How can we establish the individual who can offer filial piety, and the family which can offer filial piety, and the tribe which can offer filial piety and the people which can offer filial piety? This is the present-time Unification Church's mission. (155-215)

What is the Unification Church saying we should do? What is it saying we should unite? It's a unification religion so we are saying we should unite religions. So what are we saying we should do? Liberation of the homeland in God's name; we should liberate the homeland of the earth in God's name. Therefore if someone is one of our Unification Church missionaries, he knows that he must bury his bones in that nation, and he has gone determined to bury his bones there. He takes responsibility for the partial mission of that nation in establishing the homeland, and has overturned the administrational order of the districts and provinces.

So now to say how far it has come, the future time when the political people of the world will not be able to accomplish anything without our help is already arriving. Now it is already starting to happen. We have never had a constitution which was in accordance with the principle of the unity of heaven and earth. In the constitution of Korea there is no content which coincides with laws which can lead to the standards of the unified world centered on the ideal Kingdom of Heaven on earth and the constitution of the heavenly country in God's name. There is no content which coincides. God is not there. Do you understand? [Yes.]

Therefore we are shouldering that kind of mission. Our final landing place is the earth. Our brothers are the 5 billion people on the earth. That's why we have international marriages. It is humankind's desire to want the line of love to put down its anchor in a farther place. That is what God wants. (148-110)

3) We Must Become a People Who Have a Nation

Today because the nation and world in which we are living are to be the restored form of the Garden of Eden, the world must become the world of peace, the world without sin, the world where heaven can be happy. But because it could not become that, you must think as follows, "Oh, when I see Satan flourishing in the world which I should possess, I should not forget that I should have a nation and be proud of it, I should have a nation and be proud about it. . ."

Have you ever been proud of your nation? Satan brags about his nation. When we confront Satan we are in the position of having only a family. In front of Satan who has nations, from our position of shame we cannot wield authority; therefore you should know that in front of Satan we are always driven to the wall. In order to relieve the sorrow of the Lord of Heaven, we must become a people who have a nation.

On the settled foundation of having registered your family with dignity in the heavenly nation, you must have an environment where your sons and daughters will be assigned the authority of the nation, and the duty of loving loyalty to the heavenly nation can be distinguished under the protection of heaven. Only then for the first time as an original person can you find the way to go and by realizing the family foundation be grafted onto the restored position. You who are the Cain people of today must know this. "Well, I've got to educate my son, and then my wife. You say that, and of course you must think about the economic restoration as well. But the family must cooperate and take responsibility for the nation.

To save the nation the people must sacrifice. To save the nation, the tribe must also sacrifice; to save the nation, the family must sacrifice. When we look at it from that position, in order to find that nation, the Unification Church itself normally carries out activities based on that principle. Do you understand? Because of that it will not be ruined. Knowing clearly that we stand in that position, from this time on, you must go forward centered on that one determination. (58-198)

Then do our Unification Church believers have a Unification Church nation? Do they or don't they? Do we have the Unification Church or not? We have the church, don't we? When this church group seeks to lose its life, what happens? It will find it, and when it finds it life, it will die. Christians, are you seeking to lose your lives or to find your lives? In the Last Days that is what will be compared. The religious group which sought to sacrifice itself for the nation will live together with the nation; the religious groups which caused loss to the nation will be ruined together with the nation. This is a historical, absolute rule. Then today we must proudly realize that we are the group which is going forth with this as our standard. Do you understand? [Yes.] (55-22 1)

4) The Place Which is Seeking to make the Citizens of the Heavenly Nation

Then what is Unification Church, this Unification Church? What is the Unification Church saying we should do? It is saying we should build the ideal nation. What is Unification? Unification has in it a subjective nature. Does that mean following along in a reciprocal relationship? If we say unification (Tongil) the "tong" character is the leading "tong." It means to lead or guide. Do you understand what that means? Accordingly, when we say Unification Church that means making all the churches into one.

At the same time that a church represents the family, it also represents the nation. So it is like a tribe. It means it's in the realm of the tribe. It's a middle position. Here all the tribes which represented the nation are gathered here. What is God's purpose for making an educational organization like this? Here all the races will gather to be trained. . . .

This is a training center, a place for training. A spiritual training center, it is a training center for the family of the future, for the people of the future. The church must correctly teach the way the family should go, the way the tribe should go, the way the nation should go. Like this ,in the past all of the prophets, if the person responsible for the nation, the king, did something wrong, the prophets pulled all the kings down. They appealed and pulled them down.

So centered on this parent-body called the church, God is making the families of the future, the tribes of the future and the world citizens of the future. Into what kind of citizen does He make them? God seeks to make them into the citizens of the ideal nation. God seeks to make them into the families of the nation of the ideal of God, and He seeks to make them into the citizens of the nation of the ideal through the tribe of the nation of the ideal.

That which is called the ideal citizen of God, is not any citizen of the past, nor any citizen of the present; it is referring to citizens who can exist in the future. You must know that. And what does God think about the white race, the yellow race and the black race? He would make them into three brothers; He wants us to make them into three brothers. That's the God of Unification Church. I don't know the God of other churches. I don't know other churches, but the God I know I like the best. (clapping) I think they are different. (106-34)

2. The Activities Of The Unification Church

1) Different from This World

What is the Unification Church? What kind of word is the word "Unification" (Tongil)? Until now, the things that we thought about were different, what we talked about was different, how we acted was all different. Whom should we try to resemble? We should try to resemble our subject. We are to resemble God. (1976 March 28, Belvedere Training Center)

How can you tell at once whether the Unification Church is a good church or a bad church? How can you tell whether it is a church in which you can have a relationship with your original nature that is not your fallen nature, the original nature of we human beings? Do we have to act like the people of this world? Is that so? How can you tell? Must we be the same as this world? (No.) We must differ from this world. How much should we differ? We must be 100 per cent different. (1971 May 7, Central Training Institute)

The Unification Church did not emerge in this world to follow suit and become one with this world. Something must differ. Therefore, it must emerge with something to pursue with the original mind of mankind, with an ideal standard. Originally, the final destination that man should pursue is to be restored as man before the fall in the Garden of Eden, and to settle there and live. Thus even though man fell, the original mind constantly pulls him toward that place. (1968 July 14, former Headquarters Church)

When we view things in terms of the theory of the Unification Church, the world that we are pointing to is not the world of Satan. It is the Kingdom of Heaven, the world that God aims for. The world that God desires is essentially different from the Satanic world. The quality is different. If one heads west, the other must go east, the opposite. If one goes south, where must the other go? It must go north.

If we think about men and women, the logic that women ought to do what men do and men ought to do what women do also makes sense. People cat and sleep, but we must work; while people play we must battle, and while people go take a rest, we must be conscripted. Do you understand conscription? It is being required to go and serve.

As this world is a world of resentment, we will never compromise with the way that these resentful people believe is good, but the Unification Church will absolutely go the opposite path. The Unification Church is the opposite of this world. You must know that. We will frantically go the way of this world, is that right? [No.] Then what will we do? We will frantically go the opposite way. When others sleep, we will? [Not sleep] When people don't sleep? [We will work] (Laugh) Take a look. In this world, people eat and sleep, etc., but if we eat and sleep like these people, we won't be able to restore things even after 6000 years.

Thus, you must all think about this. Those who wish to eat and live like others while going this path are truly mad persons. That means externally insane. Externally. Don't eat while others eat, don't sleep while others do, but do everything in advance. This is Father's style. Do you understand? (May 31, Central Training Institute)

3. Opposition And Persecution

1) Consequences of Opposition

What is the Unification Church? Because we advocate /assert the Unification Church, everyone opposes us. The entire world is against us. Black people are against us, the yellow people are against us, the people of Africa are against us, all are against us. Isn't America a comprehensive mix of all races? It's like a hybrid corporation.

If I come as a representative and am opposed, all the people of the world are gathered here; so if people oppose us here that is reflected so that the entire world opposes us. The external world all rise without any real reason, saying, " Reverend Moon, you scoundrel! You're worse than the Mafia or any other gangster. Worse than Stalin." (Laughter) They gave the worst names in the world to me. Wasn't that so? So I said, "Try and kick me." They thought I would be overturned, but I wasn't. (102-238)

Until today the Unification Church has been criticized and opposed, emerging as the representative church group to be persecuted in the 20th century. The Unification Church was not opposed because the people hated it. The world-level, global Satan acted to bring about this situation. If you look at this, don't you think that what was trampled on has moved up a lot? (156-171)

God is with the religious background, the foundation of the Unification Movement; therefore, everything on Satan's side is mobilized to oppose this. This means that an opposition movement that mobilizes all groups belonging to Satan's side will inevitably occur. Thus in the same way that many religious people have been persecuted throughout history, this historical tradition is inherited, and spiritual phenomena in which all religions, all races, all nations of this age oppose us must occur, representing the persecution of all religious people in the past on the stage of world history.

The democratic world opposed the Unification Church as well as the communist world; not only that but communism and democracy united in their opposition toward us. Other denominations became one to oppose us, and although factions are split among themselves, they all became one to oppose us. We must know about this. It is a very strange thing indeed. Within the democratic world, groups are fighting against each other, but when it comes to the Unification Church, they will oppose it together and a similar thing will happen among communist nations as well.

As they do this, attacking the Unification Church on the side of Heaven, they are collapsing rapidly. Today, there is no way for anyone to control the democratic world, nor is there a way for Christianity to control Christianity. The communist world used to be global, but today they are not even a racial communism. They have fallen to the level of tribal communism. They cannot control themselves, and after opposing everything, they collapse. They will fall away. (1987 Feb. 22, Belvedere Training Center)

The reason why God has been following a path of indemnity throughout the 2000-year history has been to send the Lord of the Second Advent representing the democratic world of today and Christianity to make them one. However, when the Lord of the Second Advent comes, if the goal is not met with a particular standard and opposition takes place, there will be trouble. The Lord of the Second Advent will no doubt be born in a particular area representing the world, centering on the national characteristics of that country. The Christianity of that nation represents the world. The sovereignty of that nation represents the world. That is the position. In terms of the Unification Church, that position is Korea, and Korean Christianity.

Thus, if that is against the Unification Church, the opposition is not just against the Unification Church. It has gone against the entire historical dispensation of God. If that is the case, then churches built to complete a historical mission failed to welcome the Lord of the Second Advent, and all Christianity will face a problem here. The cultural sphere behind it, in other words, nations will face a problem. What would be the consequences then? They will be all caught up in the Satanic world. Therefore, the democratic nations and Christian nations today are in the stage of being engulfed by the Communist Party. (1972 April 23, Tokyo Church)

People oppose the Unification Church terribly, but why? The more the entire world opposes, there is a possibility of justifying and validating the Church at once on the worldwide stage. The fact that the whole world opposes, during the single generation of some Moon so-and-so of the Unification Church, that the entire world is against us is not a bad thing. This is to allow a worldwide foundation that can justify the Unification Church upon the course of a single generation. In that sense, Rev. Moon is a champion, more than any other world religious leader, when we see that such a foundation has been built in one generation. We have been able to build a foundation that the country which opposed us and the world which opposed us now looks up to, but how amazing is this? (1980 Oct. 26, Headquarters Church)

You all like balloons, don't you? Doesn't a balloon get bigger as you blow more air into it? If this bursts it will be disaster. We are a balloon that cannot burst, so to speak. We are like such a balloon. We grow larger and larger, riding on the winds of opposition. We become so big, that in the end we will rise up, carrying those who oppose us. Without knowing the world, these people who oppose us will find themselves being lifted up, and say, "Please help us, we surrender."

The more opposition it receives, the more the Unification Church can grow. Is that really possible? I say, it is possible. How big will we become? If we are as big as some room, people will say, "We can make something like that," but if we grow globally, the people of the world will all become involved, and God will also say, "Look at him, he's worth studying." Do you all have confidence in this? That is why I say, "Go ahead and keep opposing us. Go against us. I will rise above the opposition." If that is the case, the victory is already assured and we fight on that determination. (1976 May 30, Belvedere Training Center)

One person said, a world-renown Japanese by the way, an authority in Japan, "Oh, Rev. Moon! Why did you call it the Unification Church? The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity. What does it mean that Christians who are fighting each other will be unified? They will all try to bite and attack." That is true. Do you think I did this because I am not smart? I know. I had to do this, even if intentionally. We must send members out to be opposed. Isn't that so?

These days, they don't say the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity but they call us the Unification Church. I heard people are saying, "The Unification Church talks about unifying religion, unifying Buddhism, Islam, unifying the whole; doesn't that make Moon so-and-so like a thief? Hearing that here in Korea, the Buddhists opposed us or the Confucianists opposed us, I said, "Good! Good!"

Then, was it good that the Unification Church was opposed, or was it bad? Did all of you feel seriously and desperately, "Oh, when is the opposition going to end?" or not? If we simply say, "Oh, may opposition go away. May the time come when we gain strength so that we can move this world in the way we like," from a position of not having paid any indemnity, then we would be thieves. We would be wicked thieves. Wicked thieves. (1978 Oct. 22, Headquarters Church)

In history, numerous religious people have opposed Rev. Moon, but what for? This is because all of the institutions and sovereignties and cultural backgrounds of the evil world today must be denied once, and then rediscovered again. After being denied, they must become one in that position of denial and seek for affirmation. If we are all denied at once, individuals will come from the corners of the world to affirm and join us. This is God's strategy of being struck first and then taking. That is why a religion will develop when there is opposition. The reason why all people will give this kind of a definition throughout history is because this is the fundamental rule.

The Unification Church grew when it was opposed. Today, what will happen if there is no opposition? We must take a firm stand here. What happens when the world welcomes the Unification Church? It will be disastrous. That would be the most frightful time for the Unification Church. I know this. It was the most critical time for Rome when it ruled the world and gave out orders. The law of Rome was for the world, and thus when it tried to move the world, it should have divided all of its wealth and power among the world. Had it done so, Rome would have conquered this world. (1985 Dec. 22, Headquarters Church)

The Unification Church developed in this way by being opposed, but had it been welcomed, how much would it have developed? For forty years, if the world had welcomed Rev. Moon's philosophy, what would have happened? I was able to grasp the world that opposed me and turn it around, but had the Republic of Korea welcomed me, had Christianity and America been unified and appointed me as advisor, what would have happened to the Republic of Korea and America? The Communist Party would have gone under me. Because this was lost, we must deal with what could not be accomplished. It is the same. In order to enter Western society and deal with it and return, all of this must be indemnified.

Centering on the cultural history of Christianity, the unified sphere was lost forty years ago; this is why I returned after a period of four years, went to America through a path of ordeals to redeem the situation, brought the Japanese people and educated them as England could not fulfill her responsibility. "The way for your race to survive is not as the despot that dominated Asia. You must become a people who will sacrifice yourselves and your race in order to live for the world." (1986 Jan. 28, Sheraton Walker Hill)

2) The Value of Persecution

The Unification Church built its worldwide foundation through its course of persecution of a decade similar to the development of history. We cannot deny how much God has helped during this period, in order to form the religious foundation of the Unification Church that could build a global base. Thus, it means that Satan did the persecuting while God did the blessing. Persecution was done by Satan's side and the blessing was done by Heaven's side. From such a perspective, we must know that the Unification Church has adequate and satisfactory content to become a world religion. (1983 Jan. 1, World Mission Headquarters)

From now on an avalanche of people will come to the Unification Church. Until now, Heaven disliked that many people would join the Unification Church. Why? If many would join, that many people would have to pay indemnity. Do you understand? Many people are not needed to pay indemnity. That is why indemnity has been paid, centering on myself.

The portion of individual responsibility, the portion of responsibility of the family, of the tribe, the race, the nation, the world and the cosmos all remain. After Adam and Eve failed, Satan's sphere of dominion extends from the earth to right under the throne of God. We must break through this and rise. In order to do this, Adam himself must remove all conditions of accusations from Satan.

What must be done in order to remove this? In the method of removing this, we must not welcome this at all. We must deny everything, and sever everything. We must cut off everything. Even if I have cut off everything, is that possible? It is not. That is what Satan attacks and strikes. He persecutes. The enemy persecutes. By receiving such indirect persecution, we stand in the position of having severed everything and paying indemnity. Persecution is not bad in itself. Yes! I know the fact that Satan's persecution is one formula for passing on blessings. Do you understand? If you do not deny Satan but have a positive condition for the Satanic world, you will be accused by Satan. (1985 Dec. 24, Headquarters Church)

When we observe today, it is so with society as well as with religion. Just the thin bones of religion remain. Where is the song that can praise my life, and where are the words that extol life? There will come a time when we can be proud of those powers, but if you assert your power too excessively at such a time, it is inevitable that you will be sacrificed. It is that kind of an age. Because of the environment of the times, it is the same with established churches and established religions and established Christianity. All religious groups run into that kind of a fate. If they try to emerge, they will be confronted.

When we think of this, the Unification Church was also born in such a sphere of historical fate, so we must not hold our heads high and emerge at this point. As God loves us He gave us persecution so that we could not emerge. If you think of it in this way, you will be grateful. Do not appear. All will die. If there is a secretion that seeps out from the body that represents all of the internal power and all connections that God has dispensed, that must all be concentrated at one point. (1971 Oct. 24, old Headquarters Church)

We must say, may persecution not leave the Unification Church. A religion that evades the way of persecution will be defeated, and if it can have the strength to digest persecution, and set as its goals what the country and the world expects on a higher level, rather than its own expectations, Heaven will be with it. That is why the Unification Church, although persecuted, develops without collapsing. You must all know this. (1972 July 16, Chongno Church)

Look. Our Unification Church is different from a social organization. Social groups will all disappear through legal sanctions, but it has been a historical fact that religious groups will see an explosive revival by undergoing legal sanctions. Do you understand? The more they persecute me, it is their eyeballs that bulge out, it is their muscles that become stiffened. We just know that. (1977 Nov. 6, Belvedere Training Center)

Why is it that today in the Satanic world, the Unification Church, the true church is being so opposed? What does the persecution and the opposition mean? We do not deny what ought to be denied, and thus, by the world coming together to strike us, we can stand in a position of being denied. By standing in such a position, we can say, "Become one with you as you strike me? You! I go the opposite path," and automatically stand in a position where we can sever ties with Satan. You must know that religion treads a history of persecution in order to do this. Do you understand? Doesn't it sound strange? These are the things that Rev. Moon knows. Isn't it the first time that you are hearing such things?

The historians say that religion is revived by persecution. If you ask why, they will reply, "We don't know why, but that is so." What in the world does that mean, "We don't know why, but that's so?" (Laughter) That flows like the clouds. Why? As religion does not deny the path that ought to be denied, the people who should be denied by the religious world will strike hard to enable denial and thus they can stand in the position of having separated from Satan. This is the tactical effect of God's strategy. (1986 Jan. 31, Hannamdong)

Then is it better that the Unification Church is opposed or not? [Its better.] We must know that. If you receive persecution in a true position and are victorious, you should know that you can be a hero among heroes. There is none who will strike against the truth and not yield. Therefore, this year, the entire world will oppose Rev. Moon, even the Soviet Communist Party. Is it a good symptom or a bad symptom that the entire world will oppose Rev. Moon this year? [A good symptom.] Why is it good? It means that an original point that enables overcoming at once has appeared. Look! The Washington Post crushed Nixon in one year, and it's said they attempted to crush Rev. Moon within five months.

We must know that the truth is more frightening than an atomic bomb, and stronger than any strategy or any persecution. That is why, in that sense, the world is now. The world struck me, so will I be forgiven by God if I strike the world, or not? What do you think? If I did strike the world. If I mistakenly struck at the world, whose side will God be on? As we stand in an amazing position of a win-win plan, we will win whichever way we go. We will always win, and always develop. (1976 April 25, Belvedere Training Center)

That is why it is not bad to be opposed. If opposed, that indirectly proves that you are good. You just need to do more than that which is being opposed. We received opposition in the bad sense, but if we do more in the good sense, the evil will be indemnified and as with this fundamental rule, if you indemnify and survive, you will rise. It is the same logic. That is why the Unification Church has not complained when being opposed, but digested that 100 per cent. Do you understand? No matter how much we are opposed, we can digest everything. Once you have digested the problem, that person can three times. (1975 Jan. 12, old Headquarters Church)

Those who have entered a deep valley can climb a high mountain. Do you understand? The top of the mountain is connected to the valley. The peak is never connected with another peak. All peaks are connected to valleys, so that those who go through hardships will succeed. This is the principle of the universe.

In recent times, the Unification Church is the first religious organization to have been thrown into a valley worldwide. The question is whether it can climb up out of it or not. Can you climb out? How much? How far will you go before stopping? [Until the end.] It won't be easy. Someone has to climb first, strike steel props into the mountainside, put a rope around them in order to build bridges or cable cars.

We fell into the valley, so we must climb out of it first. Is it easy to go up, or difficult? [Difficult.] We have come down into the deepest valley in human history, the greatest valley. Within the history of man, there has been no system of thought as high as what we have. The principle of the cosmos (Chonchuu chu'i.) There has been no philosophy that tried to monopolize all of God's love. This is the most difficult path in the world. We must know that, do you understand?

If we build a cable car here, how long would the line of people from all over the world be, who come here to try to climb? We would have the longest line in history. It would be unprecedented in the world. Do you think so? We are now at such a plant, working to build this. In such a plant, Rev. Moon is the overall superintendent and the person with all responsibility. (1977 June 19, America)

3) The Unification Church has been Slandered

Then what kind of a religion does the Unification Church have? For what purpose did the Unification Church appear? It emerged as a problematic religion in the latter half of the 20th century. What kind of a person is the Rev. Moon who leads the Unification Church? It is now a problematic organization, notorious throughout the world. It seems as if it will be destroyed and disappear, and yet why doesn't it? That is the issue;. Wherever people go, they run into us, and they all spit at us, saying the Unification Church, Moonies, etc. It seems to be on the verge of collapse, that it will disappear without a trace, and yet, how does it still survive? This is the mystery. (1978 Oct. 1, Headquarters Church)

How much did the world at one point talk about the Unification Church and create an uproar? When I go into prison, I still eat well. In prison, whether it is coarse rice with barley or whatever, I can eat it as they give it to me. But that is not the issue. The only concern I had wherever I went, was whether a negative effect would appear or not in the road of indemnity by my mistake. This was the frightening thing and nothing else.

When I first went into a prison, I still will not forget those in the Planning Section. When I first entered, they pointed fingers in my face, saying, "What, you are Moon so-and-so of the Unification Church? Who the heck are you?" (1968 Jan. 1, old Headquarters Church)

The Unification Church was criticized a lot. From now on, in the spring, what had been wrapped over many times will be peeled one at a time, to reveal to the ministers of the established churches. In this way, it is time to get one layer at a time and retreat. If we look at our bundles wrapped in a cloth from several decades ago that we discarded without knowing, we would hold that and break down in tears. At that time we are not able to sympathize, because all things will have come to a stop. All ways would have been taken, and it would be too late. (1970 Dec. 27, old Headquarters Church)

Even if you are slandered for believing in the Unification Church, don't be afraid. The criticism will come and then go, and there is no worry. Criticism is like a tree, trembling in the wind. You will feel good after standing your ground in the face of a little criticism, but if you rise after being praised, it will be a problem. It is a man's character to talk big, and not in his character nor is it interesting to just follow orders from the start. From this perspective, the way of the Unification Church is in complete agreement with Rev. Moon's character. (1967 Aug. 13, old Headquarters Church)

Section 4. Establishing The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (Part 2)

4. God's Strategy

1) What Kind of Strategy Will God Carry Out?

What must we in the Unification Church do? "In order to enable the People's Republic of Korea to live, the Unification Church should be sacrificed!" This is the way of our church and the way of goodness.

Do you understand? Until the nation is saved, until evil disappears from the nation and until the last day, Korea will follow even if the Unification Church tried to get away. Such a time will inevitably come. Look. That is why the Unification Church will not be destroyed through persecution, but it has developed while being struck. Do you understand? The strategy of Heaven is to be struck, and then take over. Satan dominates by striking, but when we are to take from him, he repays us for the loss. This is wonderful. We did not know this in the past. Evil will strike first, and when it loses, it will make complete reparation for the losses and return everything. Isn't that so? If we violate a good person, we must repay the losses. Similarly, evil must strike first, dominate, and must return everything. When returning, it must attach all compensation and do so.

That is why God has raised up the religions, caused them to be struck, and them redeemed everything. Rome struck Christianity, and in the end was overcome by it. Isn't that so? Today, the Republic of Korea at first struck Christianity, but the first government of the Republic was established on the basis of Christianity. That is how everything will turn out.

You must know this. The strategy of the good side is to be struck and gain, while the strategy of the evil side is to strike, dominate and [as a consequence] lose everything. This is why evil is meant to be destroyed and good to prosper. You must understand this. Is it clear?

God is the king of wisdom, so knowing all of these things, planned everything until now, in such detail, unerringly. Therefore, the final victory will be gained by our Father, God. Does that feel good, or bad? [Good!] Who has the final victory? [Father.] After Father wins, what next? Learning from the secret of Father's victory, "I" can also win. All of the historical saints up till today did not know this secret and could not win; thus all the saints who couldn't find victory will have to learn from us. (1972 May 14, Sutekli)

What will happen to the Unification Church as it is opposed? Speaking of God's strategy and Satan's strategy, Satan has been striking first and losing, while God has been struck and gained, regained. You must know this. Where the good and evil sides battle, you must know how God's plan and Satan's plan differ. This world does not know that. The evil side strikes and loses as they try to dominate, while the good side dominates while being struck. The opposite, complete opposite. While being struck, while becoming a sacrifice without sin, they regain.

They pay indemnity, ask for compensation of the losses and expand. These two strategies are deployed.

Before the parents, isn't that so with siblings as well? The bad child is the one who hit first. This is one formula. God's strategy and Satan's strategy are different; Heaven plans to be hit first and then regain, while Satan plans to hit first and then loses. (1978 Feb. 22, Belvedere Training Center)

What about the Unification Church from now on? Until now, everything about the Unification Church was criticized. It was worse than the Communists, worse than the democratic world, worse than hippies and yuppies. What was that? We should know that it was a strategy on Heaven's side to protect. It was a plan to keep the good side from being influenced by the bad, and on Satan's side it was a warning. We must know that. Two plans will be developed. (1983 Mar 20, Belvedere Training Center)

God, backed by our blood, sweat and tears, is struck and regains. He uses the tactics to be struck and gain back. This is the strategy of Heaven. If I were told to fight with a sword, do you think I won't be able to? Had I fought that way, I would have wiped everything out. Even as I was dying, I would have done so. However, that is not the way. I must be hit to gain.

That is why the Unification Church has been struck until now. When being struck, you as individuals were not struck, not as family units. When I of the Unification Church was struck, I was hit for the Republic of Korea. I was hit for Heaven and Earth. I was hit for the cosmos. As such a universal foundation has been built, Satan is now doomed to retreat. You are among the happiest of the happy. We must deal with this situation now. The Satans who are dispersed in this world are like defeated soldiers. (1963 Nov. 15, old Headquarters Church)

2) Win As You are Struck

If you are struck in this way and stomped on, the rule is that you will disappear. However, the Unification Church has created a worldwide foundation in spite of that. (1974 May 7, Imperial Hotel)

In Korea, how much has Korea opposed me? However, I did not even pretend to listen. that is my responsibility. As the sun sets and darkness comes, we team about light. That is why when Korea is in a complicated situation, when Japan is as well, and America, the more complicated it is, the more people will begin to realize and talk about the need for the Unification Church. (applause) (1976 April 25, Belvedere Training Center)

The Unification Church will not collapse even if struck. (Laughter) Do you understand? It will be struck, but it will not fall. I was struck for thirty years, but to this day, I don't even have an ear that's gone bad. My heart just got hurt a little. I think it was a dream while I was asleep. A dream, just a dream. I think, "I must have had a bad dream." That is why, will we fall? Even if the side that hits is striking with all his might, we are smiling. In that way, I don't consider these people to be enemies. I see them as a living poster that helps me to grow and advertises me. Without these posters, I would not be able to become famous. (1976 Feb. 22, old Headquarters Church)

3) Growth Through Struggle

Our Unification Church has a real, clear origin that no religious organization was able to know in the past. From that real origin, we have a direction to lead this certain and valuable content to a higher dimension. That is why where Rev. Moon of the Unification Church goes, even if he is chased there, he develops. Isn't that so? Being opposed by the nation, opposed by the world, the Unification Church will set down roots. We go to places that are decayed to deal with them. When leaves decay what do they become? Fertilizer. If we put down our roots where there is the smell of decay, we will be able to take in life elements for development. Therefore, if we go a little further, we will be able to see phenomenal growth. if not, I will make that happen. Don't you have that kind of confidence? Those of you who came for the first time, don't I look confident? Moon so-and-so is a man with that kind of confidence. Do you think that I have been dancing around naked in the Chungpadong valley? That is a mistake. (1975 Jan. 12, old Headquarters Church)

Rev. Moon and the Unification Church are now being chased. We are being chased. Where shall we set our feet down, where? That is why we have to become brothers soon. If we come to know those in the Satanic world, they become brothers. Brothers, I say. They are younger brothers, elder brothers, elder sisters, elder brothers, younger sisters. That is why I am telling you this. "Satan, if you work 24 hours a day, I will work 25 hours a day." With such a spirit, we are able to regain [what is lost]. "If you hate, I will counter it with love." That is how it should be. It is inconceivable. (1979 Jan. 14, Belvedere Training Center)

"Furious thunderstorms, come before our Unification Church. Volcanoes, come flying. We will block you." This is the kind of battle that I myself have been having. Even if the Republic of Korea should be destroyed, the Unification Church will not be; with this kind of a faith, I will digest the issue of the Communist Party that Korea has been unable to digest thus far. (1976 Mar. 1, Kyungnam region)

5. The Aim Of Activities Of The Unification Church

1) The Purpose for Establishing the Unification Church

The purpose for establishing the Unification Church was not only for the Church itself Thus, the larger the target is, the happier God will be. (1972 Nov. 12, old Headquarters Church)

2) What Does the Unification Church Work For?

Then, what does the Unification Church work for? You must know this. We aren't working for the sake of the Unification Church. The Unification Church does not work for the Unification Church. We are sacrificing the Unification Church to seek for the Will of Heaven, guiding the Church. (1971 Sept. 5, old Headquarters Church)

Then what does the Unification Church itself do? The Unification Church does not exist for its own sake, but it exists completely as an object of God, for God. That is how it should be. Nothing should be used arbitrarily by the Church. As God wishes, if He says to go east, we go east, if He says to go west, we must go west. If He pushes us forward, we must go forward. As we push forward, we must not be like the snow that flows off the side. We must always stay with the center and stand in the same position.(1972 Nov. 19, old Headquarters Church)

We can live for the sake of others, if they are good people. However, if we consider God and us human beings, God is good to the good people as well as the bad. The issue now is to find the one sheep that is lost) leaving behind the other 99 sheep.

So, the Unification Church should not be living for the sake of the Unification Church. We must live for the sake of the world, in order to find the lost sheep. (1978 Dec. 10, America)

What is the Unification Church working for? Not for itself. We work for the world. We must share our blessings before the world. ( 1984 July 10, Belvedere Training Center)

3) The Unification Church Works for Others

Until now, within the Unification Church, we cried and did everything conceivable. For whom were we doing those things? If they had been for the Unification Church itself, then the Church would be destroyed. There is no sympathy for that. However, if we cry and shout for the country, the world, for God, then God can comfort us saying, "Well done. How are you able to do that, for the world, for God? You can cry for not only a day, but even for a thousand years." Others will come and comfort you in the same way. That is what will happen. (1971 Nov. 18, old Headquarters Church)

Now, who are you doing this for? [God] Not for myself, not for the Unification Church, but for God and the sake of the world. If you do this for the Church, you will be accused. If you do this for Rev. Moon, you will be accused. Not for me, not for the Church, but we are working for the world and for God. For others. The Unification Church is working for the sake of others.

In other religions, in established churches, who are they working for? They work for themselves, and their perspective is not to live for the world, or God. That is what is different. This is the difference, and not other points.

As I mentioned before, what is more public? The Unification Church working for itself is not public. If it can sacrifice itself and work for the world, that will be considered public, as it is for God, which you must know. (1976 June 6, Belvedere Training Center)

4) The Unification Church for the Nation and the World

Where does the Unification Church stand today? What the Unification Church seeks for is not the Church itself. We are looking for something higher than the Unification Church. Not something inferior to the Unification Church, but for a higher level, a more superior dimension.

Then, what is a standard of a higher dimension? Rather than the Unification Church itself, the members need the ability to digest many organizations in this world, the bigger they are. They must team there and develop the qualification to absorb things as their own nutrition. They should not be assimilated there, but be the ones to assimilate. These must be unified and presented transcending the 30 million people as the national characteristic of both North and South Korea. Otherwise, even if a nation is formed, the sovereignty of that nation will be faced with difficulties. Therefore, a people is necessary before the sovereignty of the state.

The Unification Church must first fight for its people rather than for the nation. It must fight for the people. However, viewing its people, they are divided into North and South. If the people are divided, North and South Korea cannot become a power that can attain peaceful unification even if a sovereignty exists. It will only become a one, sided sovereignty. The most important thing is how to unify a spiritual standard for the race that can transcend North and South. I believe this is the future task for which the Unification Church should expend its efforts.

If this is not prepared, the term "homeland/fatherland" cannot appear. Otherwise, even if the name of homeland did appear, it would be a wounded homeland. It would not be a homeland built with authority and conviction, but it would be a land bearing many wounds and disgrace. We must not welcome such a homeland.

Thus, the young people of Unification Church and those with aspirations should wish that the nation as desired by the Church would prosper, rather than the development of the Church, even if the Church itself is destroyed. Even if the Unification Church disappears, the nation that it desires must prosper. The Church must become a sacrifice for this. If both can prosper that would be good, but if that is not possible, the Church must be sacrificed.

If all of you have the hope and desire, "May dawn come for the homeland, how then must dawn come for the homeland? We must have the heart to joyously welcome the dusk as the sun sets and the nighttime. Today when we view the approaching last days worldwide, we must not feel gloom but be able to say, "The reality that must come is now here. Come, night. When the night comes, I will go running." Rather than evade the night, we must be able to say, "I am running towards the dark night in order to welcome the dawn and brilliant mom."

Because there is a dusk in the evening, the dawn of early morn eventually comes; and during that course there is always the pitch-dark zero-hour of midnight. That is a time when all things have gone to sleep. A time when all things come to a halt. No one likes to move at this time. (1971 Oct. 9, Central Training Institute)

When we ask what this world needs today, it is not America that it needs, neither is it communism nor democracy, nor is it the Unification Church. What is needed is the kingdom of Heaven on earth. If the Unification Church is to carry out this tremendous responsibility, the Church must be sacrificed. As this is the invariable principle, God's situation is that he must send us to the way of sacrifice. If Rev. Moon is to shoulder that kind of responsibility, you must know that in order to implement his responsibility, he would not qualify as a teacher unless he slapped and ordered you to go.

It is God's will to leave the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, even if the Unification Church is to disappear, and thus He seeks for a Church that can build that kingdom. That is why it is impossible to do without taking this kind of a path. We must know that this is the final path and the best path, thus we have no choice but to choose this path. Do you understand what I am saying? This is what all people desire, a sacred . . . that God desires. . . An organization or a church with such a responsibility, as it is a sacred obligation of a state, will become 100 per cent one with God by fulfilling this obligation. Do you understand what I mean? [Yes]

If all of you bring several strands of hair to help build the kingdom of Heaven, or bring sweat or money to supplement, bring your heads, your tears, whatever to compensate for everything, then the kingdom will come. However, if you take everything, we will not be able to accomplish this. There will be no kingdom. As there is no nation. . . If you take everything, nothing will be left. (1976 May 16, Belvedere Training Center)

The world situation is in an inexpressible state of confusion and unresolved chaos. Only God knows how this can be controlled, and the Unification Church is working to unify the consequences centering on that direction that only God knows. This is not done for the will of the Unification Church. The Unification Church must also enter into the country of Unification Church, the world of Unification Church. It must enter into the desired country of God's will, the world of God's will. Thus, the Unification Church is not working for the sake of the church. It does so for the sake of the country and word that the Unification Church desires. (1972 Sept. 17, Taegu Church)

5) Activities of the Unification Church

Today, what is the aim of all of the activities of the Unification Church? It is to rebuild. It seeks to love all things from the smallest of animals, love man, and if it is the Republic of Korea, to love Korea, and love the world. From what kind of a stance? It is not the same stance as in the past. Today, when we look at things centering on the essence of creation, we are meant to be connected to God's love.

That is why we will overcome, centering on that love. We will overcome. If we transcend, it will certainly return to you. If you develop a connection, it will certainly come back to you, but where does it return? It will return to the center. To the center. Do you understand? That will become the way of sacrifice, the way of service. (1981 April 26, HQ Church)

What have we the Unification Church been fighting for until now? It was in order to make the external Cain world surrender before Abel. For that purpose, we had been developing the individual struggle to the family-level, the clan/tribe level, the racial level and national level struggle. (1971 Jan. 1, old HQ Church)

You all know well that the work of the Unification Church is connected not only with a two-dimensional world but with a three-dimensional world. (1984 Jan. 15, America)

The activities of the Unification Church thus far were to destroy the external environment of Satan's world. We were in an environment to oppose, and it was merely a tactic to discover a race within such an environment. That is why there was a lot of attrition within the Unification Church itself. We fought a war of attrition. (1969 June 8, old HQ Church)

The Unification Church works centered on whom? (God.) The beginning was God, the process is also God and the end is God, but what are these people trying to do? We are trying to sell off Satan's world. We must completely get rid of it. Then, after we sell it off, to whom will we bring it? It would be the True Parents. The True Parents are not thieves. Those beside the True Parents are nearly all close to thieves, but only the True Parents cannot be thieves. If we deliver it to them, what will happen? All will go back to Heaven. (1985 Dec. 15, HQ Church)

6) The Ability of the Unification Church

How powerful is the Unification Church? We do not hold weapons, but that is not a problem. We are not armed but we have the most powerful weapon actually. It is something that nobody else can own and it is fearful indeed. Once a determination is made, Satan would fear this. We would be in a position similar to God's. You don't know how strong that power is.

Is the Unification Church spiritually strong? [It is strong.] It is stronger than the Communist Party. However strong globally this is, if it is in a financial mess, it will be destroyed. Do you understand? This is our life philosophy. It is our philosophy of existence. (1978 Jan. 2, America)

In the end, does the Unification Church want to be the weakest religion or a strong religion. Do you want to be the strongest religion? [Yes] Really? We must be able to say, "The billions of people in the world, come, all people throughout history, come, in the future there is only us." (1972 Nov. 1, old HQ Church)

We in the Unification Church are like a ring made of rice cakes. A ring of rice cakes. If you get stuck once, will you fall or will you stick? (You'll stick.) Isn't that true? (Yes) (1975 Jan. 12, old HQ Church)

In Korea, don't they say that the Unification Church is very tough and tenacious? Then, are you all tough? Tough in that way? Do you get along well with the tough Unification Church? Who is tough? Rev. Moon of the Unification Church is tough. (1972 Sept. 17, old HQ Church)

The word "First" goes well with the Unification Church. The Unification Church is a church that attempts to become the first. It is a tough church. If it isn't tenacious, it wouldn't be able to get first place. That is why the Unification Church is tough. As a child, someone who becomes first by causing a problem in his town is also a stubborn guy. He gets first place because of his tenacity. You can't be first in anything unless you're tenacious.

Then what is the opposite of tenacious? Shall we say silly? Then, should the Unification Church be tenacious or silly? It must be tenacious. (1970 Nov. 29, old HQ Church)

Our organization is different from the kind of religion that has been floating around in the Satanic world. Those will break if they collide. If struck, they will break. "If we go before you, you can't swallow us, but if you come before us, we will swallow you." This is the kind of confidence we must have. When the truth and evil confront each other, the evil will be defeated. We are in such a position. (1965 Jan. 21, Women's Hall)

That kind of a storm is blowing against this world today and colliding with a confused environment. In all of these battles, will the Unification Church be able to maintain the kind of ideal and philosophy enabling it to fight with power greater than winning victory against the Roman Empire 2,000 years ago? If so, this Unification Church will definitely able to digest the entire world. In trying to fulfill a part of this, I have no choice but to make these young members work, even if they are unwilling. (1977 Oct. 1, Pasadena House, USA)

The Unification Church is to grow by feeding on bad things. It is not that we go to places that are evil and fight there with guns and swords, but we try to swallow everything without a trace, with true love. The question is whether we have the capacity to digest these as fertilizer. That is why we must nurture these buds with independence. (1970 Aug. 23, Central Training Institute)