World Scripture


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The International Religious Foundation announces WORLD SCRIPTURE: A COMPARATIVE ANTHOLOGY OF SACRED TEXTS.

This is an extraordinary reference work, representing a new, holistic approach to understanding world religions. Commissioned in 1985, it required the labors of more than 40 scholars and religious leaders from every faith. World Scripture compares passages from the sacred writings of the world's great religions and all the significant issues of life: God, the purpose of life, sin, salvation, and the spiritual path, and demonstrates the vastness of spiritual common ground.

Anyone who wishes to comprehend the variety of the world's religions and their inner connectedness can benefit from World Scripture. Religious people should have a copy of World Scripture in order to understand how the teachings of the world's religions connect to their own faith. Through World Scripture, the world's religions can embrace and we can begin to build a peaceful family of humankind.

You may purchase the World Scripture online at the Paragon House web site.

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Paperback, $22.95

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