The Way Of The Spiritual Leader (Part 2)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 1. The Growth and Progress of the Church (Part 1)

1. Basic Theories of Development

1) Action Is the Key to Progress

What do you do to achieve progress? You must carry on actions. For any action to be carried out there must be a purpose. When there is a plus, then there will be a minus. Considering this, when you view it from the perspective of the Principles of Creation, what point of view should you take? The most crucial question is your perspective on purpose. The universe needs a purpose. Fulfilling this purpose requires reciprocal conditions. (He is speaking while pointing to the things he wrote on the blackboard.) After establishing the reciprocal conditions, power to bring them together is necessary. Without utilizing force, a being cannot come into existence. That is how it is. Thus, existence requires force, and force necessitates reciprocal conditions. That is the way it is. Since conditions of reciprocity are required, then what about the makeup of God? God exists, but he cannot exist alone. There are subject and object; thus, dual characteristics come into being.

One cannot make progress single-handedly. Therefore, in the days ahead, building the new ideal world also cannot be done alone. One in the position of an object cannot do it just by oneself. [27-223]

The give and take between a subject and an object brings multiplication. Here, you are not the subject -- God is. [60-349]

2) Making Progress

Where is development produced? Development is only possible when two beings, in an environment that has conditions of reciprocity, can both increasingly assume the role of a subject, and when subject and object can both become the subject and reach the stage where both are better than before. This is the Principle emphasized by the Unification Church today.

Considering the origin of a being, action is necessary for it come to exist. In order to carry on activities, force is needed. Where does force come from? Force is never generated alone. There needs to be a subject-object relationship. To exist, action is necessary, and for any action, there must be a subject and an object. Without subject and object, no activity is possible.

Even when nations are trying to establish good diplomatic relations, the attempt can be successful only when they pursue a common purpose that would bring both of them progress. The Communist world and democratic world had been continually carrying on a fierce struggle, but in recent years, the stage has been set for their reconciliation. At this moment, as long as they can gain a perspective of purpose that promises progress, the two worlds will certainly be able to unite. But they lack such a perspective.

What do we need here? The world can become one if there can be presentation of a new purpose which can point the way to obtain the qualifications of a subject and make up for the inadequate and imperfect traits that force one to become a minus . . . It will become one. All beings seek after those who are better than themselves. Why is it that actions are based on pursuits after beings that are better? If there is someone who is absolute, he had to use such a Principle during creation in order to bestow reciprocal wholeness before the absolute subject. [59-78]

All things originate from one source, divide into many entities, and then finally rejoin into one large being. This is how things make progress. From one thing they divide into many, then come together as one. From there they divide again and then become a bigger being. This means that all will enter a one world that is greater than before. [26-189]

In order to develop into something larger than that at the present, subject and object must have give and take. Without that, there cannot come into being something greater than that of the present. Therefore, men as well as all things try to have a reciprocal relationship in pursuit of greater and more valuable things. Similarly, the universe is created in such a way as to have relationships in continual stages. [40-276]

3) The Basic Rules of Progress

In order to become greater, one must invest oneself. "One must invest oneself to become greater," is the truth. You should understand that this is the basic rule of progress in the phenomenal world. You all want to extend out and make progress, right? If the answer is "Yes," then you must invest yourself. Sincere investment will make sincere expansion and development possible. Casual investment will bring haphazard results, while sincere investment will bring serious results. Is that true or false? Is it true or false? [It is true] Is that really so? [Yes]

In the Unification Church, we express this concept in simple terms by using the words, "sacrifice yourself in true ways," and believe that this is only possible through the road of true sacrifice. What is sacrifice? It is pouring in and investing oneself. If you want to do business you should give up money. You must give up the money that you have earned with the deepest love. Investing is the same. Do you understand? [Yes] Sacrifice in true ways means investing oneself. True investment . . . it means that you should make a true investment. [129-60]

In order to make progress, there must be replacement with something of corresponding value. Without such supplement, development is not possible.

Everything is arranged much like the breathing of air that is needed for life. Why do you eat when you are hungry? In order for me to live on, I must provide myself with food. Providing alone is not enough. There must be metabolic activities to consume it. It must go around in circles. [165-67]

What are the basic laws of progress? These must become one. You must follow them. If you follow them from now on, you will not face destruction. (He speaks while pointing to something he wrote on the board.) At this moment, you should know that it is a new age of embarkation. So, what does God do? Among those who live for the sake of themselves and those who live for the sake of their families, who should remain? Those who cherish family should remain. Therefore, God blesses those here who cherish family and lets them lead a good life. Thus these (those who put themselves at the front) will copy the other group's example and naturally follow them. Do you understand? [96-81]

A perfect plus will beget a perfect minus. Therefore, if their heart becomes one, there will come forth a complete object of heart, and if they cannot establish the vertical relationship of bridegroom and bride by . . . the couple's . . . heart, they will establish horizontal relationship of comrades, family, or compatriots and multiply these relationships. [172-95]

Without God's love there cannot be any progress, and where there is absence of God's love, existence itself will be destroyed. [27-342]

The core of love is created in such a way that there can always be harmony; so, when the original heart is touched, the object will without fail try to become one there. In that way, when the object desires to be created into a substantial being by the hands of the subject, then there can be progress. From that moment, development centering on God is possible. [29-321]

The origin of our life is the relationship between father and son. It is the realm where I can say God is the father and I am the son. Without father, I cannot prosper. [26-221]

4) The Form of Progress

Does progress proceed forward in a straight line? No. You should understand that. Even a bullet does not travel in a straight line. It makes this type of turns. What is that? Like the breathing of air, it is carrying on the action of give and take. Do you understand what I mean? [Yes]

Progress moves forward in circular action, in a line similar to a spiral.

2. The Actual Conditions of Progress

1) Progress of Society

For a man, it is not enough to just become a true individual; but he must develop a true family. A true family should not end with just being a family, but must develop further into a true society. Likewise, a true society must progress into true people, true people into a true nation, and a true nation into a true world. [26-111]

For any organization to make progress, there must be a center that can influence the organization and there must be a purpose that the organization can pursue. The greater the scale of the organization that seeks to reach its goals, the greater is the probability that the organization will be divided into departments. In each department, there is a leader who works under the central figure of the organization. The organization can progress forward and realize all of its goals and plans when departmental heads and their members can unite vertically as well as become one with those in other departments. By looking at examples in society and our daily life, we can see that this is true.

To found a company, three factors -- management, facility, and technology -- must be harmonized as one. All things and events follow this rule of three. Philosophers nowadays talk about the "great three" philosophy, but we have established the philosophy of four-position foundation. It is much greater. Until yesterday it was like a two-dimensional plane, but our philosophy is three-dimensional. Therefore, the only one that will live on is our Divine Principles. Do you or do you not know this fact? [We know] You know? [Yes] [26-193]

2) The Progress of a Nation

A nation is always composed of a network of administrative personnel and institutions throughout the nation that center on a figure of authority that dictates national policies. On this foundation, it establishes organizational structure inside and outside, which can connect all of them together as one whole entity.

Even if the organizational structure, down to the grass-roots nation wide, is as complex as the cells in a body, so long as all of them can unite based on the wishes of the central leader without being in conflict, and promote an environment of harmony, then no matter how big the national environment is, it will surely continue to develop. [41-102]

The person of authority will perish if he is not always in the position of giving. After I rise to a high position I must be able to give to those in the low positions. Only by abiding by this Principle will everything develop. [141-44]

A nation is divided into several political parties. They are bound to collide. But even during this conflict, if the two can give-and-take well, they will both develop. In the shape of a spiral, carrying on a circular motion, they will advance on. However, the reality is that they are unable to engage in beneficial activities, but rather engage in conflicting and destructive actions as if moving on a flat plane. We must also come up with a way of bringing unity to this type of situation. [28-247]

A wealthy individual or nation was not always that way from the beginning. If it is a large nation, then for that nation to become wealthy, it had to experience misery and suffering that corresponds to the scale of its final success, and in the process had to determine its destiny on the forked road of life and death. You should know that history has progressed thus far with numerous such stories behind it.

When the resolution to a crisis came, it came not based on the merit of one individual, but because the nation and its people, united as one centering on the destiny of the whole, made their utmost effort. When a nation was overcoming a crisis, it went through the process of resolving the difficulty by the vertical and universal unity of the whole, and on that foundation brought the continual result in development. As a result, it was able to build an advanced nation. We cannot deny this fact. [27-272]

3) The Progress of History

Viewed from the perspective of the principles and fundamental rules, the world today is not a simple world. This world is to be restored. Originally, there was to be a realization of a cultural world through the connection with the parents in heaven. But until today, all was done based on Satan.

The original history of creation was to begin centering on Adam and Eve and evolve into a world, but since that was not materialized, there must be conflicts during the course of restoration through indemnity. [16-199]

Until now, the history of fallen men has progressed centering on the foundation which can bring the development into a world greater than the individual, family, the nation, the world, and the universe. But this is not how it should be. It has been six thousand years since the fall of Adam and Eve. If humanity had the world view which led them to cherish the day six thousand years ago rather than place all hopes in the world six thousands years later, then the world would have already been unified. But because humanity was in the position where they had to place all hopes in the future, the history was delayed until today. [25-115]

Those in the daytime mock those in the night, but you must know that history was advanced by those who were mocked and chased. Those who were chased around and driven out have revolutionized the world and brought its progress. [27-312]

Only after walking through the path of night and going past the midnight, can one greet the bright morning light. Therefore, those who did the chasing and driving have not actually brought destruction. Instead of blocking their path, they have made contributions by chasing them forward and encouraged them on. In this way, history until today made continual advancement by those who were being chased. [27-312]

What is the ultimate cardinal point with which we can pursue an ideal and bring the resolution? It is the words of God. In other words, we should know that history advanced until today in order to determine a standard through which the truth sought by the humanity and the truth that God tried to establish join together as one, and this in turn becomes one with God. The external world evolved also in preparation for this standard of truth. In other words, the material world also has been making progress. This task was assigned to science. [20-310]

4) The Progress of Religion

God has never made advancement in the dispensation by striking the enemy. Rather than striking the enemy to further the dispensation, he sacrificed those whom he loved the most and were closest to him. This is how he advanced the dispensation. This advancement is progressing toward the Kingdom of Heaven. [320-223]

The world should have created the environment where God can dwell, and since such a place was not built, a new perspective should have been formed and a new place should have been created. If we cannot accomplish this while alive, we must achieve it even after our death. Thus Christianity advanced forward while shedding much blood. Everyone wants to live in a place that they prefer. Why would anyone want to die? [20-313]

When does religion progress? It makes advancement while undergoing difficulty and persecution. Why? Because in that situation there is the possibility of God's Will to be realized. Because God works when there is such possibility, every religion makes progress while being persecuted. If there is no persecution, when would the Unification Church advance forward? It must voluntarily seek after a path of suffering. Until the day that the whole world follows the ideals of the church, it must take the road opposite to the society. Why? The good world and the evil world walk two different paths.

Even if the world welcomes the Unification Church, its members should not think, "Now, since the world welcomes us, and the time when we can materialize all our wishes has come, we should do all that the people in the society do, and live a similar lifestyle!" The less the persecution, the more the church should voluntarily take the attitude, "Since we are trying to influence this evil world and are trying to digest this environment, we should walk the path of suffering." Some people ask, "When would this road of persecution come to an end? When would the Unification Church realize all of its ideals?" This type of thought is very different from the initial attitude at the time of the church's founding, which is in agreement with God's wishes. [108-296]

The religion is bound to develop when under persecution. Why is that so? In such a place, Satan feels powerless, and thus retreats. Why? Because we are loving the enemy, we have set the foundation of having loved Satan, the devil, the number one perpetuator, and his sons and daughters. Therefore, the place where one loves and prays for blessing is connected with the place where God exhibited his love. Do you understand? Thus the door of persecution has opened up to the religious world. Although there have been many religious leaders and followers of faiths, they all did not realize this fact. Today, with the advent of the Unification Church, with the coming of this teacher of the Unification Church, all of this has been revealed. [127-115]

Section 1. The Growth and Progress of the Church (Part 2)

3. Father and the Progress of the Unification Church

1) The Reason Father Is Making Progress

I, the teacher, have been receiving persecution and fighting in the court battles all of my life, so why am I not exhausted? Am I exhausted? [No] Why "no," why? (Laughter) It is because of the power of love. Even in the U.S., those with the original heart of love will be attracted to me. Like a magnet, a magnet. Thus Rev. Moon is delicious. If American young people taste me even one time, they will lose control. Why? Because they themselves do not possess such taste. Because I have true love. Ladies and gentlemen, when your mother spanks you, wouldn't you still follow her even if you were in tears? This type of thing will happen. Why? That is because of love. You should understand this clearly. Do you understand? [Yes]

Rev. Moon possesses such power of harmony. So he will not perish. If I think about this, I do not feel lonely even if I am alone. Why would I be lonely? There will be multiplication and progress wherever I go. All I have to do is act, and everyone will like me. Wherever I go friends will appear and all will follow me. As soon as I leave they will follow me naturally. They are being drawn to me.

Aren't you all like that? Love will always grow larger. If I truly received love that amounted to 10, would I return love that only added up to nine? I would want to return love that is worth eleven or twelve. This is the fundamental law of love. Love never wants to become smaller. Is this true or not? [It is true] [131-123]

If you step on the grass, does it not rise up again? Similarly, they run, then I also start to run. Isn't it true? Therefore, there can be no loss when leading a lifestyle for the sake of God. Since progress will be made whenever God is present, there cannot be any minus. [30-154]

I believe that the advancement of the Unification Church in America depends on me. If I become a leader that is indebted to you, the church will never develop. My philosophy is that when I become a leader whom all of you are indebted to, the church will advance forward. This has been my attitude until now.

Moreover, my philosophy is that I must feel more desperate than the spirit world, God or the angelic world. This is how I think about the world. I first think about the world and then think about the Unification Church. I live for the sake of the world and the world of God's will. Therefore, I do not believe that if I, who have been always thinking about the world despite heavy persecution, die without fulfilling the will, then the Unification Church will disappear. The day I die, I must alleviate the suffering of God. I must advance it forward even more. Do you understand what I am saying? I believe that there exists God who will answer my prayers and help accomplish the will, so the Unification Church will not perish until the will is done. I think in this way from the moment I awake and walk toward to bathroom. I think about this 24 hours a day whether I am awake or asleep. Wherever I go, whomever I meet . . . Do you understand? Therefore, I am not someone who will be indebted to you. I am not one who will be indebted. A leader who owes debt is truly an unworthy leader. [93-95]

2) The Reason Why the Unification Church Is Making Progress

You do not know that, whether it is night or day, in the background there exists an ongoing conflict for the sake of progress. Here, we must invest a tremendous amount of material resources. Although you say that members of Unification Church are following me, rather, I am in the position of supporting them. [28-227]

You must realize this and walk the path that you should be heading. I lived for 40 years a life of suffering revolving around this type of question, and even now and for the rest of my life I am carrying on my fight centering on this type of questions. I am carrying on a fierce struggle. Perhaps you are asleep, but even then Unification Church is still advancing forward. Ladies and gentlemen, you know about rock drills that drill holes in mines? It is similar to this situation. You may be asleep, but I am doing this work. I have already drilled a hole and have placed dynamite in it. Now, all you have to do is put on a wick and light it, and it will explode. [34-290]

Even though all of you are sleeping comfortably, Rev. Moon of Unification Church is working continuously without any rest through the night. As long as I do not rest like this, Unification Church will progress. Even if all of you leave and revolt to beat Rev. Moon to death, because of my toil thus far, the world will not oppose me, but will welcome me. Do you understand? I will not perish. No matter how much the Korean nation opposes me, even if the Christian churches continue their opposition for decades in numerous ways, I will never face destruction.

You cannot tell from looking at the leaves, but the root underneath extends deep and wide. Then, when the spring comes, leaves will suddenly appear in large numbers. A large tree will die after growing to its peak potential. Isn't this so? But because the Unification Church has deep roots, no one can uproot it. Even I myself cannot uproot it. Moreover, God also cannot uproot it. People in the position of Cain are trying to pull us out, but they will not succeed. If you follow deep down the roots, they extend beyond Adam and Eve and reach the realm of God's heart, so it will also involve God. Therefore, Unification Church is the place where the root is the deepest. [24-345]

The dispensation did not progress thus far because of your own merit. The reason that the Unification Church could have prevailed, and developed thus far is because I have been absolutely unyielding. If I was not around, do you think that Unification Church will remain? [77-77]

This is the time when the Unification Church must travail once again. In the past, we toiled away on the vertical standard, based on the foundation of heart for the sake of fulfilling the will, but now we must do it horizontally. In order to do this, each of you must take on the responsibility and move forward.

The Unification Church will continue to progress as long as it maintains the unchanging standard that calls for possessing the heart of parent and the body of servant and leading a life of loyalty for the sake of humanity, the earth, and heaven. If it does not develop, then it means that God is no longer with the Unification Church. Do you understand what this means?

There will come forth an environment in which there is no choice but to make devotion centering on yourselves. It this does not come about, then the Unification Church is false. If this does not take place, then God's Will, will not be realized. [23-214]

Since you do not carry out, even though I have given the commands and have made statements, I have no choice but to . . . Neither your ancestors nor you will be able to make a false charge. So, I will freely distribute it among those who perform well. You must know that you will be completely deprived of it at that moment. Thus, if those who joined recently do well, then they will take it all away. Even if you fall down, not because of you, but because of those who joined recently, the restoration will continue on. This world also is in the same way. God's will is also the same. Therefore, on account of those who are more faithful and putting more effort in, the will moves on and advances toward the world. It's the same type of phenomena.

When a cabbage seed grows, its leaves appear. The Unification Church will also give rise to leaves. There is no choice. This is the natural law. So, even if you do not work, I believe that the Unification Church will develop. As long as I am around, it will progress on. Do you know what this means? [91-314]

3) To Progress, You Must Become One with the Dispensation

While living for the dispensation until now, where did I place the emphasis? Where is the place that God dwells, in other words, where is the cardinal point that God could dwell in? How do we become one centering on this? How do we assimilate? How do we establish a unified foundation that God can recognize, and apply it internally? I placed great emphasis on these issues until now.

The satanic world interferes in an attempt to block this externally, and God carries on the battle in order to conquer the satanic world.

For this reason, all the worldwide situations that are taking place in this world today are, strictly speaking, external. Where in this world does God dwell? If it is in Korea, then where in Korea? God always enters the church. What is the relationship, then, between the church headquarters in Chung-Pa-Dong and the place of God's dwelling? If they are two different places, then the Unification Church cannot progress, but will come to an end right here.

If there is something wrong with this, then it cannot become the central place of worldwide assimilation. Moreover, it cannot become the center for digesting the world. The internal center cannot be founded in such a place. Then what must be done? The person in charge must always be preoccupied by the determination that no matter how difficult the environment, he will not lose the cardinal point and the position that determines the center. By upholding this philosophy, he could find resolutions to all issues of private life and public life in the society.

Your life in the society is no more than an expression of the internal life. The crucial question is, amidst this type of life, whether or not I move toward the direction that is in line with the dispensation. As the body acts centering on the mind, the external world must move centering on the internal central point of the dispensation, i.e., the dwelling place of the dispensation. [22-39]

God never provides a period of external transformation unless there exists the foundation on which the period of internal transformation could be undertaken. If He provides it without this condition, then they will perish. You must understand this. The reason that He strikes the period of external transformation is to give the period of internal transformation. Therefore, in any period, leaders of the period of internal transformation were persecuted and chased out by the environment. That was also the case with Buddha, Confucius, Mohammed and Jesus. You will come to realize this point if you examine history.

Then why is it this way? This is in order to create a secure internal root that corresponds to the degree of external persecution. Just as the standard of mind is higher than the standard of the physical body in the eyes of God, since the internal standard is higher than the external standard, He is trying to strike the external standard in order to absorb the internal standard. All peoples of history are to pass through such a process. [18-75]

The mission of Unification Church is not limited to the church. The responsibility of those who are gathered here or those members of the Unification Church worldwide is not particular to Unification Church. It is responsibility that can link nation, world and even the spiritual world.

4) If the Unification Church Were to Progress

What I am concerned about now is why our church throughout the nation cannot make progress. We have the sufficient amount of internal content needed for advancement. We are also fully equipped with the right conditions in regards to the era and the environment. However, what is then the reason that we cannot develop? This is because we are not adding to the era, the situation, the environment, and villages that we are in. Even though the people could not receive material benefits from us, if they can still feel that everyone is benefiting on the spiritual and psychological level, they will be coming to the church, even if you tell them not to come. [56-16]

Fallen men must shed tears. How much did you shed tears in Seoul? Did you ever cry through the night? How much did you do for the sake of this peninsula and humanity? By praying and thereby linking with the original vertical standard, and by feeling love, you can attain the right to be on the same position based on the right to participate from where you are. Looking at the value of the content, if this side is the east, then I am standing on west with the same standard. Do you understand? For this reason prayer is necessary. Do you pray? Do you now understand the need for prayer? [Yes]

You must tell others when you go back. [Yes] As leaders before all members in Seoul [you] were fake. Didn't you make a pit of excrement and live there? Do not brag that you are great. Then, progress will not come. If the Unification Church were to prosper, then since there are fundamental laws, you must abide by the laws. [71-20]

Viewing it centering on Unification Church, for the Unification Church to progress, you must digest everything, including all that is good and bad. If you say, "I can digest good things but cannot digest bad things," then who will be responsible? The burden will all be inherited by your descendants. (66-112)

5) The More the Unification Church Progresses, the More the Satanic World Will Perish

Does God need liberation? God is already liberated. Isn't that true? The reason that God needs liberation is to liberate man. God himself is already liberated. It is because man is not free that God still has the condition to be liberated, but He himself is not someone that is not liberated. Therefore, it is all up to man.

There is no group in the world besides Unification Church that is trying to create that kind of men. You should know that. Centering on me alone, the satanic world and God's world are at issue. Centering on Unification Church, this has become a problem. Whenever we stand between God and Satan, and stand in the position that can benefit God's side, man is liberating God, and as Unification Church progresses, the satanic world is perishing. Then what is our purpose? Man's purpose is the liberation and victory of God, and the destruction of Satan. This is the wish of history and humanity. Moreover, it was the purpose of God's dispensation. You must understand this. [161-244]

Because we are unchanging, the satanic world is increasingly crumbling, and on the contrary we are making advances. As a result, they become absorbed, and we are able to pass over to a new world. The more we move forward, the more we are filled with hope and confidence and understand history. However, for them, the more time passes, the more they feel uncomfortable and ignorant. They are increasingly moving apart. [71-18]

Section 1. The Growth and Progress of the Church (Part 3)

4. The Progress of the Church and the Responsibility of a Preacher

1) Clear Up Your Past Wrongdoing

Looking at the current situation of Unification Church, we cannot expect a revolutionary progress by continuing to use the methods of operation that the leaders have relied upon up to now. We cannot continue to employ the way of life-style, witnessing methods, or the perspectives on life of faith of the past without any change. Why is this is? We have not been able to bring great results by using these means. It's a different story if there have been great results, but since we cannot deny that this is not how it has been, we must take up new attitudes and reform our life of faith, attitude toward life, and methods of witnessing. Therefore, without coming up with a new style of life of faith, attitude toward life-style, and witnessing methods, we cannot bring about new developments. [30-120]

In the past, we were able to carry on our life casually . . . However, you must realize that through this casual life-style, we cannot bring historical victory. With innovative conviction to get rid of all the habitual vices of the past, we must lay the secure foundation for a new enlightened self, and attaining the character of a strong subject, we must strive forward resolutely with God on the side. When this can be realized, a new history of creation will dawn upon us. You should know that in any era in history, a new dispensation of creation appeared under these circumstances.

Thus, you have to eradicate all evil habits of the past, firmly be linked with the internal content of subject that has new meaning, and as a subjective pioneer become a creator and sacrifice for the cause of demolishing the environment. I strongly feel that this is the time for such a move. [58-343]

Progress is the thing that we need the most. But the question more crucial than seeking progress is that of how to nurture purity within one's self first. So you need time for prayer and devotion. Devotion must be undertaken with great care and deep reflection. You must clear up the past. If there still remains the mentality of the past, then I must seriously reflect where it would lead me. You must critically examine how pure your past has been and deeply reflect over how strongly I am bound by the past mentality. If you have been pure and genuine, you must critically examine whether or not you have been good, whether or not you are in the same state of mind right now. Moreover, you must critically reflect whether or not the wishes you hold are pure.

Then what is the state of having genuine goodness? Genuine goodness cannot abide where one is living selfishly. Goodness does not dwell where one is strengthening oneself. Why? Goodness is one of the bases for serving God. Attending God in the midst of goodness is the same as serving God as the master of goodness. The master of goodness is God, and not fallen man. [36-106]

2) Progress of the Church Depends Upon the Minister

When you are witnessing in the frontier, first you must become one with the internal aspects of the people of that village. Internal oneness means unity of heart. Then, you must lay the basis for the unity of lifestyle and ideology.

You must realize the necessity of uniting mind and body centering on God on the actual stage of action. At the moment when God and mind become one, the body must be made to submit. Only in such a way we can link the three points of formation, growth, and completion. Not only is this true on the individual level, but also people must be led in this way.

You should understand the will of God toward this era, and should not think that your responsibility does not extend beyond the village that you are in charge of, but realize that your responsibility extends to a level higher than that. If you are in charge of a county, then you should extend yourself toward the state, and if you are in charge of a state then you should extend yourself toward the nation. You must extend yourself to one level higher. The battlefield is on the individual level, but your mind and faith must reach higher centering on the nation. You must take up this attitude, if you are to be in preparation for the future course of heaven. You can establish relative conditions on the foundation that God has prepared.

For this reason, whether or not you make progress depends entirely upon you. When you are involved in a fight on the individual level, you must think about the family, when in a fight on the individual level think about the clan, and when in a fight on the level of the clan, then think about the people. Similarly, your thinking must expand out toward national and worldwide fight. A person who places the fight in the front and prepares for the battlefield at the next level will never tire. We must cultivate this type of mentality. [13-302]

The reason why the Unification Church could not advance until now is also the same. Why is the church not able to develop? This is because people in charge of each church are not able to play the leadership role in the environment of violent collisions. They were not able to implant in the minds of followers the mindset needed to digest the environment and progress toward the future. They were not able to clearly convey the secret that by visiting those people the ideal will be realized in Korea and the base of victory will come to the church through God's dispensation. This is due to lack of mature character. [1986.5.6.]

If you were to complain despite your position as a pioneering missionary, then there will be no end to your complaints. If you were to be dissatisfied, there will be no end to your dissatisfaction. If you were to believe half way and doubt half the dispensation, then there is no end to that. If you were to rebel, there will be no end. Because it does not have an end, it is bad. Thus, if you were to not complain, doubt, or rebel, then you must believe absolutely and follow absolutely. This is the way that you can continue to do much work for God.

Going this path will bring revival and multiplication; this is the Principle point of view. I believe that it is when one can live for the sake of greater things under difficult circumstances that one can do a lot for God. [44-13]

What is the cause of a church's progress? Moreover, what is the fundamental standard for laying the foundation during the course of God's dispensation on the earth? If that depended on the church leader, then what should he do? He must go through the sacrificial course. If you have objects who have become one with you and they are willing to toil and sacrifice on your behalf, then you can make offering through them. [47-294]

3) Practice Divine Principle Lecturing

What is the reason that our Unification Church could not develop until now? The first reason is due to the failure to secure the regional headquarters. The reason is that even when regional headquarters was able to obtain a place to rent at the heart of the city or village, they had to be moved after the contract expired. But considering the actual financial situation, the value of currency drops each year. Thus, you cannot obtain at less than five hundred thousand won a place that used to cost three hundred thousand won. Accordingly, with the rise in the cost of rent, the financial burden increasingly becomes heavier, and as a result we had to move the headquarters. It would be fortunate if the place that we moved to was better, but often we had to move from the city center to the suburbs. Although we secured many members while at the city center, when we moved out we lost many of them. This is the first reason for the church's failure to grow. [29-185:1970.2.28]

What is another reason? It is lack of your capability. In other words, you were not able to live an organized lifestyle. If there are 10 counties under your region, then you must have separate plans centering on each county. Then, you must have separate plans for smaller units of organization under them. You must have plans to increase membership through witnessing, centering on counties that can influence the state and on cities that can influence the county. Having done this, you must try hard to materialize the plans.

Then what are the ways of making the plans materialize? First is Divine Principle lectures. We must proclaim our word. However, when I look at the way that you lecture, the majority of you do only a little bit at a time in the village, and the scope of lecture is very limited. In other words, the way you lecture is first do a little bit on the principles of creation and then a bit on the principles of last days and the Second Coming. This is not acceptable. In order to carry out your strategy, you should plan ahead what kind of lecture content is suitable for which place, and then try to do both the first and second part of the principle. You must make this type of plans and carry them out. Most of you are not doing it this way.

In a year there are twelve months, in one month 30 days, in that 30 days ten places, or if that is not possible then seven places is all right. Whatever the case, you must go to the place that you planned on and lecture the Principle there. While lecturing, you should change lecture topics among yourselves. Then, you do not have to do the same lecture in the same place twelve months of the year, and you can do lecturing at other places. If you do lecturing while switching around and taking turns, then you can soon be able to lecture the whole of the Principle. Accordingly, you should make plans by dividing the first and second part of Principle into, say, 12 parts, and continue to lecture. Then, your lecturing skill will improve tremendously.

However, you are lecturing according to your own habitual methods and attitude. You could not develop comprehensively because you only focused on the area that you were well versed in and neglected to connect with other parts.

Then, in order to make up for such insufficient areas, you must make plans centering on specific areas, whether a county or some other, and do the lecturing. Even in proclaiming the Divine Principle, we have to make strategies. We should look for ways to lecture on one topic and apply to the whole. In order to do this, you must become fully knowledgeable about the first and second parts of the Principle. There is no other way but to do a lot of lecturing.

You should not say the same thing over and over. While lecturing, you must decide the topic according to the object and the place, and change the content of your speech. In order to do this, you should find all relevant materials and research them. Then, if you make plans centering on the question of how to increase the depth, width, and height of the content, you will naturally make progress. Because most people do not use this method of making plans and giving lectures, they cannot take a step forward, but remain at the status quo. Didn't you stay this way for several years or several tens of years?

When you go back this time, you must make fresh changes to your activity methods and perspectives. The regional leader should study the map of his region and find out how many villages he must visit. In general, there will be 200, at most 300 villages. After that, make plans to go to each village to spread the word. If you do that, there will surely be someone in the village that God prepared in advance, someone who, based on the foundation of his ancestors' merit, can be connected to our work. So, being responsible for bringing them before God, you should at least visit him three times while you are staying there. With this strategy, no matter how difficult the circumstances, you should take the time out to make a lecture tour.

After the first lecture tour, then the second tour does not require more time than the first. From the second lecture tour you need specific content. You must build organization. In other words, if there is someone who displayed a good reaction during the lecture, then you should write to him after you come back. After connecting to him through the letter, you should make a request to him that since you are going back there to return his hospitality from the last time, you would like him to gather more people around. Then, when you lecture again, you should not repeat the same material as the last time, but lecture on some new content. [29-186]

4) Be a Leader Who Raises Members

What is another reason that our church could not develop? It is because we could not follow through in taking care of those who joined. Despite the fact that we should pay increasingly more attention to the people whom we have witnessed to, we neglect them after they join the movement. This amounts to killing the new members. At least for three years, you must continue to take good care of them under any difficulty.

Why is this so? That person's faith grows gradually. The time that he first encountered the Divine Principle and one-year afterwards are totally different. After one year, new members will be able to understand more its three-dimensional content, both internal and external. The more they understand, the more desperate they become in wanting to know the Principle. So, they would want to approach one who can guide them. When you reflect on this process through which one becomes a new member, you should spend more time to make more specific plans and satisfy their hearts craving for truth.

You should not take the opposite attitude that since they have already become members, you need do no more than just telling them, "You should study on your on from now." You should attend to their well being for at least three years after they joined. Comparing a year old member and a two-year old member in their normal path of faith, the latter will become involved more deeply and more concretely. He becomes more enthusiastic in more concrete ways, and desires to become involved in all areas. You should try to take care and raise these people.

This headquarters also could not fulfill this. Many people passed through this place. At first you asked them to join by introducing the Principle, but then do not pay much attention to them when they come back later. A new member will remain faithful and come to the church for six months to a year because they are pulled by their love for the Principle and the word. But there is no one who can guide them or be responsible for them.

The one who is doing the lecturing must put them under the wings and raise them. After about one year, their scope of understanding in Principle will broaden. The scope of their experience and realization will also broaden and deepen gradually. Thus, they increasingly want to learn more about the Principle, but since they cannot find a subject who can teach them further about the Principle, they become aware of the inattentive attitude of the older members toward them. So when they face difficulty in their environment or have some doubts, you must provide an explanation with the Principle, and make them understand that the formula of progress is that way.

If you do this, then they will come to realize that the Principle has deep meaning and is great and gigantic. However, because you did not pay enough attention to them, they completely lost the environment to have a stimulating experience. Therefore, they were first inspired by the Principle, but such feelings could not last. So you must continually guide them. If you can no longer be responsible, then you must find a replacement who is connected to the foundation of heart on which you have been raising the member, and let him inherit the responsibility. Taking an actual example, this was the report of those sisters who came back from a witnessing campaign in the countryside recently. According to one sister's report, in some village about thirty young men and women who graduated high school had become extremely zealous about the movement. At first they were on fire and wanted to go out witnessing, but after 40 days they all went back. After meeting them, if missionaries visited or wrote letters to them even once a month, they could have retained them all.

Yet, when they went back after ten years of neglect, they found that none has remained. There have been several succeeding leaders, but those leaders never contacted the pioneers to find out the situation of each member and get advice on how to guide them. In other words, without even inquiring into background information about their life of faith, the succeeding leaders each took the casual attitude that he was used to and gave orders on his whims, saying, "You should do it this way and do that that way." Accordingly, since some stranger suddenly appeared and played the role of a master, they feel that he is not agreeable.

Because a new leader goes to this region with public authority, if there are about thirty members there, he uses the excuse that he wants to solidify the system, and employs dominating methods based on his own concepts. If you act this way, you will lose all members. You won't be able to fulfill the responsibility of inheriting from the predecessor. Until now, all regional leaders made this mistake. You should not order members around when you have not even made all the plans about the heartistic and internal things and inherit them, or when you have not even created the environment for the members to voluntarily request that orders be given, more so when they do not desire nor understand the changes you want to make.

A new leader should be receiving criticisms from the members at least for the first three months. You should not tell members to do this or do that according to you own opinion while members are still observing you. Even for someone you have been raising for three years, there can be side-effects if you become too commanding, so it will create more problems for the new member if you tell them to do this and do that as a stranger who has not even established a heartistic relationship. At least for three months, you must devote yourself.

In the method of transferring leadership, there has been this type of mistake, and there was also a failure to make introduction to the new leader about the person that you have witnessed to. Because the leader behaved in this way, they felt disappointed. Even worse, the new leader disappointed them further, instead of resolving their dissatisfaction, embracing and caring for them, providing solutions to their difficulties, or giving them hope for the future that will give them power to move on.

When this happens, members simply have no choice but to fall away. If they miss church three times, some accidents will occur, and if they do not come for one, two, and three weeks, they will become much more distant. They will be worried that when they meet the leader, the leader will certainly ask them why they are not coming to the church. If they are questioned, then although the actual reason is due to disappointment, they cannot give an honest answer but tell some ties. If this pattern is repeated several times, they become increasingly distant, and eventually leave completely. [29-192]

Even though you have brought in members in such way, you sacrificed many people because of bad policy in taking care of members after they joined. So, what should the leader always be concerned about? The mission of the leader is not spreading and conveying the word, but reaping the harvest. You must understand this. Proclaiming the word is planting seed, and reaping harvest afterwards is the mission of the leader. In other words, you must give water to the young bud, and uproot the weeds and help the blossoming of flowers in order to produce fruits.

The mission of the leader will be completed only after the fruit matures after some time and he is able to reap the harvest. A new leader should not try to implant again from scratch what the predecessor has already done. Rather, he must take a good care in raising what is already there. Although someone else planted the seeds, if he can raise them well and bring in harvest, then they will go into the storage of heaven. However, because he does not have such an attitude, because he does not try to first understand the personality and leadership style of the past leader, but plants his own seeds, they will die. You should never make such mistakes.

I believe that because the leadership transfer and inheriting responsibility did not go smooth, many people were sacrificed. Looking from this point of view, more than the spreading of words, leaders must be able to reap the harvest. You should not be a leader who implants seeds, but a leader who collects the harvest after implanting seeds. It takes more than three years in order to make a harvest. You should not try to reap right away. For this reason, Jesus wandered for three years in order to find the twelve disciples. This is the principle. Therefore, you must devote yourself for three years.

For this reason I told you when I was sending you out witnessing, "You must play the role of someone sold as a servant, or in the military for three years, and must loyally fulfill your duties in the villages." Moreover, what do you teach them? You should teach them about the true way of loyalty. In addition, you should show them through practice. Then, without you telling them to do so, they will try to inherit your mission and work. When everyone displays this attitude, then you can secure your foundation in your villages.

Because you could not fulfill your responsibilities in the frontier despite such direction, all over the world the foundations laid down are like not having built a complete house. It is more difficult to continue to build on top of that structure than to build a new house from scratch. If you return to a place where a witnessing campaign has failed in the past and all members have dispersed, then you will find that it takes two or three times more effort to pioneer there as compared to the first time. You must already be well aware of this fact through the experiences of the past. Reflecting on this, we arrive at the conclusion that we did not accomplish our responsibility fully.

Considering all these questions, we have to reevaluate this. First is the issue of solving the problem of regional headquarters, second is the issue of enhancing the Principle lecturing skills, third is the question of witnessing and raising members. You should not just give birth and abandon them. You must raise them after the birth. You must raise them to be your own heir. We have been neglecting these problems so far. Therefore, when you return to your regions tomorrow, you should make plans centering on these issues.

How many have you witnessed to so far? If you have witnessed to ten members, then you must have a meeting with them together with the people under you at least once a year. Even if they are spread out in the Chunla state, Kyungsan state, or Kangwon state, you should gather them at least once a year. If all of them cannot gather in one place, you should try to call them individually, or take the time out to go visit them at least once a year.

Just like the relationship between a parent and child, you should be able to talk about the things that happened so far. Just like how a parent will embrace and encourage a child who comes to visit from far away and tells him about his recent affairs, you must have a time of unity centering on the bond of heart of the past, and tell each other everything from sad events to happy affairs. The longer these times are the more they cannot forget you. However, you have not been doing this so far.

Then, what did you do so far? When a leader from Chunnam area is transferred to another region, then I am told that he calls all of them over by writing letters. This is not how it should be. You must introduce them to the succeeding leader. You should write to them saying, "Although I did it this and that way, if there is conflict with the leadership style of the new leader, then you should do this and that to eliminate the problem, and when even that does not work, you should write to me." You should not try to drag them to where you are. You should try to connect them to the new leader, and try to create the basis for them to be better, based on the standard that you have been using to raise them. Since the new leader does not understand about each member, this is how you should do it. We have not carried this out so well. [29-191, 1970.2.28]

5) You Should Become a Leader Who Lives for the Sake of Others.

Who enters the highest realm of spirit world? If you live for the sake of others, you will penetrate deep into God's heart. If you go to the spirit world after leading a life of faith according to my teachings, even if I tell you not to come near me, the universe will automatically lead you toward me.

I told the church leaders to gather here today. Why did our church not develop? That is because the leader did not have this heartistic content. That is absolutely true. When God puts on that pair of glasses and looks, He cannot find anyone qualified. So, the spirit world cannot cooperate, and thus, there cannot be progress. Leaders know how to order members around, but do not know how to run errands on their behalf. This is where the problem is. There cannot be a progress so far because there is no leader who can live 95% for the sake of others.

If you change your attitude from now and live 95% for others as I have asked you, but there is still no progress, then I am a false one. I am a liar. If there are just three people who are living for the sake of others, then they can expand out to the four directions. Do you understand what this means?

Even Jesus wiped the feet of disciples with the towel on his head. He said that he came to serve, not to be served. Whey they refused, he made the last proclamation that "if I do not wash your feet, then I have nothing to do with you." Do you understand these words? Even Jesus led this type of life. What I mean is that although his scale in numeric terms was not so big, he lived 95% for the sake of others. Do you understand clearly? [Yes] When you talk about 95% living for others, you should be able to do so with a clear and sincere mind. Then, all will be O.K. Do you understand? [Yes]

So, you should sleep less, overcome eating, be efficient with time to do more activities for the sake of others, become examples for others, and at times you should even hold their hands to cry in tears, to pray and struggle, pleading with them to protect the nation and inspire patriotic and God-centered ideology. This is linked with the love of parents, of filial son, of patriot, of saints, and of sages.

If someone really leads this type of life-style, then after he passes away there will be a foundation on the earth, for all whom he cared for will shed tears from the deepest part of their heart and really lament his death. He will have comrades. The branches will be spreading out. So his sons and daughters can be proud of him. You should become ancestors who will be praised as true father, and become such husbands, citizens of the nation, humanity of the world, and citizens of heaven. If you want to become someone whom others can refer to as "a loving saint that represented heaven," then you must possess altruistic love and must shed tears while struggling hard.

Ladies and gentlemen! If you want to witness, then you cannot remain insensitive after spending one and two years in the village. You must weep while clinging on to a rock or holding on to a tree. Since you were supposed to have just met a person but you could not, you do not have the qualifications to even appeal to the rock and tree. However, when you still tell them your story and lament in tears, if the mountains and rivers can sympathetically support you, then those who grow up eating plants and grains that were harvested from there will naturally follow you.

Wherever you go in your region, it should be that you feel the strong urge to cry, and the feeling that your devotion is so deep that even heaven cannot forget it should remain as a treasure in your heart. [134-253]

Just as God has cared for you, you should live for his sake, and after meeting me, just as I have lived for you, you should live for the sake of members. All will return to you. Isn't that true? Concerning this, many of you are actually like thieves, taking things away. There are too many of those who claim for themselves. You snatch away God's things as well as members' things . . . This is the scariest position to be in. If you do that, then your lineage will be cut off before the seventh generation of descendants is over.

Have you become one who is indebted to others, or one to whom others are indebted? Have you become one who adds a burden to others or shares the burden of others? [We became those who added burdens.] Is that true? [Yes] Then, you must make an improvement. God does not help you, and why does He not help you? If you look at how He helps me, it is clear that He should be able to help you. But why does He not help you? Because the fundamental rule is different, because your way of thinking is wrong, because the direction you are heading is wrong, so He cannot help you. [70-149]

6) You Must Possess God's Powerful Love

No matter how strong one is, if I am stronger than he is, then he can be pulled toward me. This is like a magnet. If your love is centered on God . . . If a brazier gives out warmth in the middle of chilly winter, then would people not gather around it? They will gather even if you tell them not to. This is like how all insects gather around light. Thus, you should be able to move life by revolving around the powerful love of God as the center. What impels life? Love does. The origin of that love is God's love. There is no life that will not be shaken when you approach it with the love of God. You should experiment with this fact.

When I came down to the southern half of the Korean peninsula and was starting in Youngdo, Pusan, I was standing at the position to make the ultimate decision. Because it was the most serious time in my life, I felt compelled to love comrades, brothers and sisters, and the people more than anyone else has ever done. Because all of my spirit and concentration were intensely focused and God was also at the most urgent state of heart to find one child, family, and nation, God's feelings were fully conveyed through my words.

My speeches at the time were not my words. It was like broadcasting through a microphone. At that time, all those who came could enter the spirit world in one week. One week is perhaps too long. Within just several hours, there appeared miracles that allowed them to experience the spirit world. That is like sending electronic waves to the physical world. It is like sending God's electronic wave of love. Because this wave radiates out to the world, those who were moved by the spirit world got electric shock and came back again. This type of phenomena took place.

For this reason, you must set a standard. So, having the standard of heart that will allow you to feel without going there, seeing it, or meeting them directly, those who have inherited from good ancestors high heartistic standard can experience a phenomenon much as when the sun rises in the morning, all that are far away and close will equally be able to greet the sun.

Then, how much have you been longing to meet God and Jesus? Were you ever longing enough to have eyes full of tears? This is the problem. As for me, I had moments when I was so yearning for God that I prayed for more than a week straight without sleep. Then, when I looked up to see the morning sun my eyes squinted . . . I had moments like that. You must be so full of longing feelings. Otherwise, you will face serious situations in which you cannot completely solve the life and death question of whether or not I can live on as a man. But you cannot die. You cannot die an unworthy death. Therefore, you must confront the question of where you can fundamentally resolve the question of life and death, and there you must have the final conference with God. [50-283]

You all like me. You would not have come had you known that it would take such a long time. When you find out I am coming, all will rush here. [Smile] Isn't that so? [Yes] You will also all become like that. You will also become like me. You will come to think that so long as it is my direction, it does not matter where you go. You must understand this. This is the basic principle. You must become a person who longs for a church member more than for those you love. If the members gather with this mind set, then I cannot stand up to leave. My feet do not want to move. So, in the early days, we stayed up through the night, wives forgot to go home and prepare meals in their homes or send husbands off to work. They followed after me wherever I went, whether it was day or night. Even if I hid in a mouse hole, they tried to follow me in. They do nothing else but follow me.

Why is this so? Because of the presence of love, because God's love is there. You cannot see love, but it gives off something similar to light. This is what is needed. Do you understand? When you think about the place where your beloved mother is, just the thought itself makes you happy. Everything is this way. Therefore, although I do not have anything, this is what I sell. It is the most expensive thing. Do you understand? [Clapping] You understand now? Do you understand how things are? [Yes] [102-41]

7) Become a Leader in Right Love

If you were able to give love toward Korea that could surpass the world, then that love will never disappear. It will never be that when we go out to the world we won't have any more left to give. When you start out by giving love beforehand, the bundle of love will continue to put more out, because it is able to multiply by thousands to the world. So, love is limitless. Do you understand? [Yes]

The more you give love, the more love will be generated. It will never be exhausted. So there will be room enough to give more each time. The difference is that money, knowledge, and power all will come to an end. All human affairs of the world and all that are based on humanity will come to an end, but eternal true love will never be exhausted no matter how much you tire. What is surprising is that there will be an eternal continuation of the inner content that will allow you to increasingly approach the infinite. So we arrive at the conclusion that this power is more than enough to run the universe with. [Yes]

The important question is whether or not you are expanding the crucial right to possess that which, is centered on God's love. You must understand clearly. You should understand that it is an issue of such seriousness that you should be willing to even kneel down for the rest of your life and be determined to not get up or pass away unless you can find a resolution to it.

If you cannot do it yourself, then it must be done through others, so that the people should be able to testify, "He is your loving son who has lived to such standard." You will be recognized through this testimony. If not directly, you must be recognized indirectly. Why? This is much like how in the dispensation of restoration for God to reclaim the Cain position, the Cain figure must acknowledge that the Abel figure is "the loving son of God" or "Abel." Only after that, can God accept him. Striving to get recognized indirectly if you cannot do it directly is the path of the church leaders of Unification Church of today.

I have recognized you and have placed you in the position of loving son of God and myself, but this is not enough. If you cannot bring resolution to it yourself, then you must do it indirectly. Through these dual paths, you must make a determined attempt to secure the recognition. Do you understand? [Yes]

Thus, wives are not your own wives. There still remains before you the task to live for the sake of children as well as a task which, must be consummated with their right of determination of love. Because these tasks still remain unfulfilled, you cannot yet become the subject.

If you follow my above directions the church will develop. If it does not flourish, then what I told you is false. Try it out and see. Have you ever had the experience of waiting for the other members to come and share your meager meal and not eat it yourself even though you are starving? Have you ever waited through the sleepless night for the members who have not yet come back from their work? This is the love of parents. You should not just talk about it, but also live it. [121-242]

Therefore you must repeatedly set such a foundation. It must become a habit. Do the habits of the fallen world lead you to think of heaven wherever you go? Do you think about it when you are sitting down, or eating? Are you centered on God 24 hours a day? How is it? You all understand yourselves. When you think of True Parents you should be experiencing your bone marrow melt and your legs shake heavily while walking on a road. This is what happens when the heaven and earth draw their attention to you who have not fulfilled your responsibility. They would say, "Shame! How can children of such a noble Unification family behave that way?"

You should have the heart that is ashamed to see grass on earth and flowing stream, and cry out to dogs in the village as they bark at you, "Go on and bark harder; toward someone like me, dogs should bark." Only when all of you can pass through such experiences, can the agony of heaven, which is hidden deep in the history of the universe, one day be erased. Due to whose efforts? Due to your own efforts. As the descendants of the fall trying to follow after heaven and serve the parent in heaven, your eyes should always be drenched in tears.

The reason that the church cannot progress is because we have not become one on this issue. It will never be so unless all that you think, hear, and feel as well as your eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and your lifestyle are all in line with it. You must long for the members to come. You should yearn for them more than for your own wife and children. Try it out.

If you make an excruciating effort and not even get a second of sleep, you will be able to see clearly a vision of what they are doing. At this moment, all of the good ancestors of the members who are in the spirit world will be linked up and help you. When he finally comes, you should be able to tell him, "such and such things happened yesterday." Do you understand? Is that how it is? You false ones! After you pray, you will be able to say what time in the morning he will come. You will know all this. Even the time of the visit. If you declare he will come, then he will without fail. This is how great the power of love is. Do you understand? The heart of yearning and adoration is great. [171-31]

The realm of the heart means God's right of domination, which firmly stands at the center of the connection by love between the kingdom of heaven in heaven and the kingdom of heaven on earth. This must be set straight in theory. Then there is no room for Satan to invade. He will automatically submit, and you can scold him, "You bastard, where do you think this is . . ." The universe will protect it. Why is the universe providing the protection? Since this is the ideal subject of all things, then all will try to be a part of it, not take something away from it. Accordingly, it will remain under protection.

What can you use to measure whether or not your church is making progress? With this basic principle -- by seeing whether or not your church is in line with it -- see where the problem is. If this is not set straight, then no matter how much you try, it will not work. It is a great sin to consider the church foundation as the stage of your own life and think of everything in terms of your own convenience. You must represent the world and the nation. Isn't this true? Isn't the world larger? What do I have to do to move forward toward the world? I myself must sacrifice my individual self to be linked to the family, sacrifice the family to be connected to the nation, and then sacrifice the nation to move toward the world. Then when you return, you do not return in a straight line. You will have made a full circle. [71-16]

8) Wrap the Church with the Cloth of Love

A person must be sensible in his daily life. You must have an agile mind. Then you must be heartistic. Being sensible means being in accordance with reason. You should be able to examine front, back, left, and right. You cannot be dull-brained. You should be able to distinguish up and down, front and back, and left and right. Then, your heart and affection can embrace it all. The cloth of affection will wrap them all. It will wrap grandfather and grandmother, as well as a little child. Isn't this true? The cloth of theory is only one-sided, but the cloth of heart is comprehensive. For this reason even an eighty-year old grandmother likes me. Nowadays, this place has become the resident headquarters of grandmothers. As is also true for the children, if you wrap them with the cloth of love, then everyone likes that. The inside of the cloth of love is a place where all will want to grab each other, and never wanting to be split apart, want to rest and sleep forever.

You must possess that kind of heart. Only then would the mind be at peace. Then, when someone goes near you they will be happy for no reason. If he eats in your house, he will be delighted at the humblest of meals. When he sleeps in your house, he does not need blankets and can just lie on the bare ground and fall asleep comfortably; and he does not mind staying up for a night prayer vigil. This is how it should be. Is your church like this? Is it like this or not? You must make development in your church. You must develop your church. Since the house is already built, you are the owners of house, and you are the leaders. But the important issue is how you spend your time in it, how you are sleeping, how you are playing and eating meals. This is not everything. You should be responsible for the church, but you must also take responsibility for the nation. Then be responsible for the world. This is the path we must walk in our lifetime. [81-328]

9) You Must Pray for the Members Who are Suffering

There are members in your regions that have represented the whole and made contributions as model members. You, as the regional leaders, should clearly understand that if you let those model members go hungry or suffer, then the region or area will not progress.

When I pray for a region or area in the countryside, I do not pray for the regional leaders. I pray for those exemplary members who are doing their utmost to become loyal, and work hard by building a reciprocal base. This is what I must do for our will to progress forward.

We should not commend the leader when the region has done a good work, but should praise those members by whose efforts the leader was able to bring the victory. In the future, the leaders should pray on behalf of the members who have helped him. You must not be in debt to them in the realm of faith and heart. If there are members out in the frontline who are going through suffering, then even when you are having a meal, you must think of them, and with tears pick up the spoon and with tears swallow your food. A prayer, "God, please take good care of them," must come out unconsciously. If you lack this type of heart, then there will not be any progress. That regional leader will continually suffer.

We must view the thirty million people of Korea with this principle. You must not forget that there are those among this people who are in great misery. Even while you eat one spoonful of rice or soup, you should pray earnestly, "Heavenly Father, among our people there are those who cannot even eat this, so please give this to them. Since all in the universe is yours, please give to them." This type of desperate heart of giving must reach the end of the hair of this people. This is how you should be, so you certainly should not do things in attempt to receive something.

10) You Should Take the Role of Father and Mother

For that couple (the Dursts), what is important is that they are united. You should know that because they help each other, they have become examples. Moreover, the whole group tries to fulfill the responsibility of father and mother, and new members also try to do the same . . . You must create an environment in which you become attentive to a new member who has just heard the Principle, asking as soon as you return whether or not he has become a member yet, and inquiring before you eat or put on clothes, despite your hungry stomach, whether or not he has become a member yet. Isn't this how it should be? This is the fundamental principle of progress. There is none other besides that. [94-152]

In order for the church to develop, you must love the elderly. You should also love the youths, but you must first love the elderly. Regardless of their attire and appearance, you should not think of them as strangers. You should have the heart of a parent. With this type of heart you should pray, "Please let me become one who leads one's life centering on God's will." [23-68]

11) You Must Win the Sympathy of Your Colleagues

When I look at all of the Unification Church members of today, I ask the question, why is it that although our present responsibility is making a step forward, we are experiencing stagnation? Regional leaders have been self-centered so that they were not in a position to be sympathized by the other regional leaders around them, or were not in position to win sympathy from the headquarters and me. Furthermore, they did not build the basis for heaven, earth, and all of humanity of today to sympathize with them. For this reason you become exhausted, and wherever you stand there is loneliness, and the foundation that you stand upon heads towards destruction. You must understand this.

For this reason, those who are in a position of responsibility must stand on the foundation that will always leave behind God's sympathy, and only then will the descendants that follow after him become filial children and patriots before heaven. You should take this to heart, and when you go back to the regions, you should become adaptable to the present era, and I wish that after laying the foundation that is in line with God's standard, you should mobilize all of your abilities to carry on the work.

Section 1. The Growth and Progress of the Church (Part 4)

5. The Progress of the Minister Himself

1) Man Needs Stimulus to Progress

For a man to make progress and reach certain goals, he needs to receive stimulus. If you want to reach a purpose with the value of 100, then you need determination that amounts to the value of 100, and need to go through a time period just as long. In other words, you have to go through some time period. In passing through this time, you need the power of propulsion. One obtains power of propulsion through occasional stimulus. [31-273]

Man cannot advance without stimulus. Man needs stimulus. Those who cannot get stimulated at the present circumstance cannot make progress. In order to receive stimulus you have to have enthusiasm, but such enthusiasm cannot be generated alone. Without a reciprocal relationship, it cannot be produced. You must understand this. You cannot generate enthusiasm without establishing a relationship of subject and object. [36-131]

You must always be stimulated. You should receive stimulus that is better than that of the present. Where do you get replenished? You must be replenished by God or members. If not from the people, the king and heaven are the only source of stimulus. Therefore, you should hold in two hands, members and heaven. Isn't this true? Is there anything else? If you do not abide by that, then you will be violating the will.

Suppose that it takes ten years for one to accomplish a great purpose. Then, in attempting to persevere for ten years, you will become exhausted unless you have secured a way to generate power that can provide you stimulus every day. Is that true? Some people become tired before three years are over. The reason is that their source of stimulus is severed. [56-57]

2) You Must be Capable of Stimulating New Things Centering on God.

In the Unification Church of today, if there are members who can surpass the emotions of daily life, and pursuing new things every day can actually experience that God is helping on that foundation, then such people will make limitless progress. [30-131]

If you can reap actual results in the environment, and be able to always be in pursuit of new situations without losing the fruit of deep impression, then there will always be infinite advancement. In carrying that out, it does not matter whether one is a man or a woman. If there is none who is seeking truth, then you should even gather children and tell them fairy tales, and singing children's songs you must feel new stimulus that will make you intoxicated in the environment. When you can feel that, then God will be with you. In order to receive such new stimulus, you must always pioneer new fields in your life. [30-124]

You must directly experience a life-style in which you can be stimulated by new aspects of yourself centering on God. When you do your work while feeling this heart then multiplication will definitely come. Then, development will follow. In a living tree there will sprout new buds. Today will be different from yesterday. There, power of life will certainly be at work. On the other hand, a tree without roots is a dead tree. It will change quickly on daily basis. [30-133]

You should stand in the position representing the heart of the creator who is creating something new in a new field, and then make the determination to make a contribution in finding the new standard that can raise further the infinite value. If you can become such person, then you will never perish. Because God is always with him, he will always make a step forward. Do you understand? [Yes] [30-155]

I can be confident in the attitude, "Whatever I decide is not from the position of my individual self. It will come to pass. No matter how severe the opposition, I am not one who will succumb to oppositions." You should know that I am one who possesses such historical tradition. Do you understand what I mean?

You must have such a foundation for life. If I am alone, I do not engage myself in other idle fancies. When I am alone, I immediately have many thoughts about how this will be this way and that will be that way centering on the dispensation. More than anybody, I am immersed in such thoughts as, "Heavenly Father, wouldn't this issue move this way? Unless it moves that way, will it not be in accordance with your will as seen from the Principle's point of view? This must be changed to that way, but for this task do we not need such and such person?" When you look at me, I look as if I do not have those thoughts, right? I always have time to think. When it is possible, I often go to places like Chung Pyung, and I really cherish those times.

You must always revoke the past when you were making devotion, and were making the final conference with God, and recall the thrilling feelings of fighting in desperate situations with God on your side. If it is raining you should recall the days of the past when it had rained, and when it is sunny you should remember the sunny days. You should receive stimulus in daily life by repeatedly feeling in the present environment the heart of the past when you were making connection with God in the historical era. Without stimulus, you cannot progress. [56- 56]

3) Mistakes Can be a Stimulus

Making a mistake is not a bad thing. If you made a mistake, you should receive new incitement and make a jump. After making a mistake, if you can make a leap toward goodness, then making a mistake is a good thing. Even if you failed a course because you did not study, you may become an honor student by failing once.

Because people will say, "You fool, how did you fail so miserably and not become the best among your peers," he will be shocked. However if he can make a leap toward a new direction, then the failure will lead to the path of goodness. When you move forward, it is difficult to go on a straight line. When you go this path, you must put in your best efforts. [100-88]

4) You Have to be Able to Stand in the Subject Position to Lead the Environment

You should make progress with the help of one core stimulus of joy, thereby absorbing all situations in the environment. In such a place, even if you tell God to leave, he will not. As long as you employ some developmental factor and overcome the realm of practicality and time, God will not leave you. That person will for certain enter the bosom of God. And he must enter. Otherwise, God's Will cannot be accomplished. [29-244]

You must reform the environment. You should always take time out to go to some quiet place without children or to the holy grounds. Then, in regards to the internal aspect of yourself, you must find the subjective position inside of yourself, where you can create a stimulus for yourself on your own. If you do otherwise, idling in the habitual living environment of the present and yet expecting some progress in yourself, this is a wild fantasy. For this reason, you must always try to give rise to new circumstances. [30-125]

5) For a Minister to Develop

I have displayed more devotion to God than anyone else among numerous Christians in Korea has until today. A person with faith will surely develop. From the faithful heart of an individual, he will advance forward and experience the heart of the family, of the people, and then of the world. Therefore, if there is someone who with faithful heart makes more devotion, then God will hold on to that person. If God were to hold on to someone without such qualifications, then God cannot carry through his strategy. For people who have been granted the mission to defend the Kingdom of heaven, the most serious question is how they guide their situation with faith. [25-318]

Your devotion has to be touching. You must experience sadness. You should shed tears of sorrow whose cause only you know. There should be a repetition of lifestyle in which even when you are walking on the road, you feel so uncontrollable that you hold on to the telephone pole to suppress yourself. This is how my life is. I go back and forth in the 50 states and say such prayers. When I pray that way, the axis of heaven will be secured firmly. Thus, as I continue to make devotion, the battle will eventually end with God's victory. [145-119]

If you do not act according to the Principle, then there will not be development. For this reason, Principle of the Unification Church is not some fanciful doctrine. It is scientific principle. If this is not practiced in reality, then progress will not take place. God will not be moved. [56-346]

You must be honest. If you are hiding things inside and are not straightforward then you cannot develop. But honest people will make progress. That is because the universe will back that person up. Wherever he goes the universe will support him. Regardless of the east and the west, past, present, and future, to someone who is honest, everyone will become a friend. [100-88]

When you want to find out what kind of people will make progress, then all you have to do is look at how attentive the people around them are toward them. If such attention fades, then the person will eventually perish, and a second figure that is receiving the attention of others will appear. [17-333]

A man should have desires. When you are at work, you should have the desire to do more today than yesterday, do more tomorrow than today, do more day after tomorrow than tomorrow. Only then can you advance forward. [21-91]

The sole and ultimate purpose is investing all your efforts in your own development. If you expect others to recognize your merit while you are still in the process of carrying out your responsibility, then you are a fool. This is like going to a party, and asking for kimchi without knowing whether or not the host is willing to even give you rice-cake. Think about it. Without knowing he will treat you with a meal, how can you take your spoons out? You should lead a life with proper etiquette. [23-146]

A person who, upon facing the coming of autumn, already starts preparing for spring will prosper and grow. On the other hand, those who even after the advent of fall do not prepare for the coming spring are like dead people. They do not prepare to receive spring. But a tree starts to prepare for the coming of spring as soon as its leaves fall down in autumn. Do you understand? You must understand this. No matter how cold the winter and how severe the cold winds, we must persevere through in order to receive spring. Similarly, no matter how great the persecution, it should not become a problem for us. You should be able to drop anchors of life from your four limbs. [41-150]

If you want to restore, then from one to two . . . For this reason you must prepare your mind to start from the bottom. If that is impossible, then you should be prepared to move up by speeding up your work. "Let's hurry up and move into New York. Go to New York," is what we should be saying. Each person must decide whether it is going to take three years or five years, for example. Do you have such an attitude? Do you or not? You should have something like this, no? You should have the determination, "I will go even if it takes seven years. When that time comes, I will mobilize all that I have prepared for seven years." A person, who thinks, "All the trials of the past seven years were preparations for this day," will win victory. If you put forward as conditions all the battle victories up to date, and when you attack with concentrated efforts, then you can make a big breakthrough. You should understand this quickly.

Do not try to become successful too hastily. You should not be in a position where you are incapable of carrying out the wrap-up tasks that come after your success. On the other hand, even if you gain victory only gradually, if you can continue on and maintain for eternity, this is what you should be aiming for instead. This is the type of success that I want. In order to achieve that, you must pave the way more diligently. You must be steadfast. [66-11]