The Way Of The Spiritual Leader (Part 2)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2 - Witnessing (Part 1)

1. The Reason That We Should Witness

1) What Is Witnessing

What is witnessing? Witnessing is inducing people to leave the satanic world with a smile and follow the heavenly path. You have to understand this. Do you understand? When I look at the way you do witnessing, you force people to come, completely disregarding whether or not the person likes it; but this is not right. Man is a spiritual being. So pray for that person and see what happens; do an experiment. Try to give your utmost love for a person and cry with painful heart in order to raise him and persuade him to follow the path of dispensation. [50-279]

What is witnessing? If Abel is plus, then Cain is minus. This is the satanic world. In respect to the satanic world, I am in the position of plus and Abel. We are to make Cain submit, so that this plus of the satanic world can become a minus. It is not creating, but is causing him to become one with myself. It is re-creation, re-creation. Do you understand?

So, it won't do if he dislikes it; he must be happy. God created the world with joy and not with sorrow, isn't that right? Therefore, you must give love that surpasses the amount of difficulty and hardship that you are facing. [108-84]

Creation is inputting, investing and investing again. You will be able to reap as much as you have given. Do you understand? For this reason, you will be restored to the extent that you have invested in people and the archangel. It is by the same logic.

Because such a formula exists, when I stand up in public, I tell you, "Put more effort in, invest by sacrificing." Is this a right education or bad education? This must be continued until restoration is complete. God is the master of creation. Did he engage in creation because someone told him to do so? No. He did it voluntarily. So, can it be done by having someone tell one what to do? Would it be accomplished just because I desire it? [We ourselves must want it.] The same holds true for them also.

Then, what is going out to witnessing? It is asking you to complete the task and come back quickly. It is asking you to return to heaven quickly. So someone who is unwilling and reluctant will be doomed right on the spot. For this reason, I am chasing you out in order to avoid your destruction. It is theoretically sound. Therefore, once you understand this, you must go out right away. A German, an American, a black man, and a white man all have to go. You cannot have the attitude, "I do not need that. Even if I try it, the outcome will only be like this and like that." It all depends on this type of thing. [81-154]

The main objective of a witnessing campaign is creating a national sphere for witnessing. If you can build a national foundation for witnessing, then you will set the national sphere of freedom. If you can build a worldwide foundation for witnessing, then you will set the worldwide sphere of freedom. This is one of God's strategies for the physical world. [55-28]

I tell you to go out and witness, but what is witnessing? It is showing the way. It is showing you how to return to God for the sake of the world, so how great is that? If you ask an original man, "Where are you going to go?" then he will reply, "By going through the world, I must return to the Kingdom of Heaven." So how great is the task that paves the way. Receiving persecution, receiving this and that . . . Always, one returns to heaven by passing through the world. [117-102]

If you do not have evidence, then you must find it. In one of the holy songs the lyrics goes, "Jesus, I believe in Jesus because I was given much evidence." Have you received any evidence? You go out witnessing bragging that you have evidences, but do you think they can be considered as proofs? What use does it have in proving things, when you cannot convince anyone to remain? It has no relevance.

When you go to the Kingdom of Heaven, do you have any gifts that you will bring? When you arrive at the spirit world, there will stand before you many martyrs and saints of great merit. Can you unwrap your bag of gifts before such great figures? Please reflect deeply. Do you think that you can unwrap and present things that resemble the belongings of a beggar? What kind of suffering did Unification Church go through, and what kind of suffering did you undergo? You say that you are living for the sake of the nation and the world, but without going through even that much suffering, how can you say that you have led such a life? It is more proper for you to take up the attitude, "Although I have suffered a little, that cannot add up to a real suffering." You still have a long way to go. When you get to the spirit world, you should be able to unwrap your gift box and say, "This is what I have prepared all my life, so please receive it." Even a woman brings a full dowry when she gets married, so how can you go to the spirit world empty-handed? [32-371]

2) Reasons We Have to Witness

What has been the purpose behind pursuing religions until today? The pursuit centered on the question of restoring one's own self. This type of religions will certainly perish away. No matter how strong their worldwide foundation may be at the present, it needs a spiritual revival. What is the purpose of those who are pursuing religion to save one's own life and the lives of Christians? They say they are trying to attain salvation and go to heaven. This is not how it should be. When you go to the spirit world, it is worthless to go there alone. You should be leading a life of faith for the sake of bringing along all of humanity.

For this reason, even if you are told not to do witnessing, you must persist. Even if you are told not to lead a life of goodness, you must embody goodness through your actions. [35-205]

You can never enter heaven alone. You can only go there in pairs. For this reason, you must form a couple, have brothers and sisters, and restore the four-position foundation before you can go. Because Rev. Moon of the Unification Church found out and elaborated in public all that is necessary, then there are many among the young who do not like him. When they think about it, I already took all the best things and sold them. But that does not mean that I am a religious swindler.

Considering these, should you be undertaking witnessing activities in order to gain life? [We must do it.] Whom does heaven belong to? Does it belong to Rev. Moon? If it belongs to Rev. Moon, then are you going to live in heaven by renting it out from me? [34-293]

The purpose of going out witnessing is to gain your own life as well as to save Cain. In other words, the purpose of witnessing is to receive the certificate of validation from God and Satan and put it into practice. It is your battle to live according to the conditions that you have set down for receiving the certificate. Do you understand? You should already be aware of this while walking this path, but is that how you have lived? You have gone about your ways without understanding anything, right? [40-252]

Suppose that you were not able to raise even one new member during your three years in the state. Then, those who died during this period might accuse you, "You bastard, are you not aware of the fact that if you do not witness to the people, then they become Satan? Why did you not witness to me? You were sent by heaven, but why did you not witness to me? I had to go to hell because you did not witness to me." If they say this to you, then what are you going to do? They will resentfully cry out, "I had to go to hell because you failed in witnessing. I was sent to Satan. So I am going to make the accusation against you." Moreover, I will also make accusations against you. [125-18]

Now we in the Unification Church are about to go out witnessing. Is this advancing forward or retreating backwards? "Going out witnessing" is surely advancing forward. "Going out" is the same as making progress. Therefore, without witnessing there will not be any development and advancement.

Those who speak against the people who are out witnessing will meet their doom. If they speak those wicked words, then they will become beggars. You just wait and see. [36-127]

If you do not witness, then you will decline. If you want to fade away, then you do not have to go out witnessing. No matter how much you proclaim the love of God, without Cain you cannot enter heaven. [34-292]

You must go witnessing with all your heart and devotion. When you are doing witnessing, you should plead for help from your mother, brothers and sisters saying that even with your very best efforts, it is not enough. You should try to obtain cooperation of parents, brothers and sisters. This is what you should do. Only then can you receive the help of the spirit world.

If I tell you to go out witnessing, you will run away saying, "I do not want to go out witnessing. I am not going." How can you enter heaven with such an attitude? You must go out and invest more than anyone in the village. If you are in America, even if you display greater devotion than the early pioneers it is still not enough, and it won't be enough even if you take all the assets of your younger sister, your older brother, your parents and yourself and invest them in your mission. Yet, what you do is sleep and play all day. If that is what you are going to do, then it is better that you do not go out in the first place.

Until now, have you passed the requirements for the activities that you were engaged in? Did you pass the activities that correspond to the Old Testament? When you see someone spending a little more money than you, then do you think, "Since that person bought such and such clothes, I should buy a little better clothes?" Do you or not? How about you?

So I am telling you to go out witnessing. So did you witness? [Yes] If I ask you about it, you tell me that you could not do it because you did not have time, but do you really not have time? Did it ever occur to you that it is really because your devotion is inadequate? Is that true or false? [True] You must understand this.

You are all like hooligans . . . Unification Church members should have nothing to do with hooligans. If that was not the case, then I did not have to go through suffering. Life is very short. So why are you acting so foolishly? Why? Why are you behaving that way? This is what you must realize; you must understand the fundamental principles. [95-298]

Can we complain? Can we afford to become tired? You need this type of heart. You should tell yourself, "On account of my full devotion, I will become God's son, a great son." Do you understand? You must go out in place of your father and mother. You exhibit love before you return. This is what you must do.

You should visit each house and explore there just as if you are digging up gold nuggets this big. You must visit many houses. You must carry this out. You must go out witnessing. Witnessing; without it you cannot come to understand the situation of God, Jesus, and me. I am doing witnessing even now. Isn't that the same thing? This is the path of the Principle. [95-303]

For you right now, is witnessing the enemy or is your body the enemy? [Body is the enemy] You cannot go out witnessing simply at your own will. Those who are about to go out witnessing must first be recognized by Satan. We go out witnessing in order to be recognized by God. Therefore, you must first obtain the certificate of validation from God and Satan, then go out to the battlefield. Do you understand? [Yes]

You are not going out to provide salvation, but rather, to obtain salvation. Do you understand? This is my position right now. You must first be saved before you can save others. You must first become an Abel in order to save Cain. Have you become Abel yet? You haven't yet, right?

What do you have to do to become an Abel? First you must receive the love of God and then secondly you must possess life. Then third, you must teach. This is the formula.

To accomplish this, you must first receive the love of God. Are you receiving the love of God right now? How do you receive love? You will receive love that corresponds to the degree to which you have chased Satan out. You will automatically receive the love of God according to the extent to which you were able to eliminate evil. Isn't this how it should be? Love from God that will seek after me will amount to how much evil I have eradicated.

If I put my life on the line and subjugate evil, then the life-giving love of God will be bestowed upon me. This is the formula. It is like a balance scale. If one side goes down, then the other side goes up. If you eradicate more evil, then the side of goodness will be raised higher, and if you hold on to evil then the side of goodness will be lowered. It is the same. God is able to give you only as much love as you have destroyed evil. For this reason, it is said that you should love yourself more than anyone else. The principle behind the love of God is that you will receive as much love as you have offered to God. In other words, you receive God's love because you have loved Him. [40-243]

A plus and a minus should become one to form a greater plus, and seek a new minus. Then, when they also can become one, they can become yet a greater plus and seek out another minus. When a large object can join up with a reciprocal object, then the unified being becomes another plus, and looks for another minus. Similarly, the Unification Church is also divided. Do you understand? It is divided into individuals, families, tribes, peoples, and nations. What Abel is supposed to do is to become a minus in respect to the satanic side. It is in essence a plus, but if all you have is plus types, then the unification of the world will never be realized. Accordingly, Abel should become a minus to digest Cain who is a plus, so that he can make a greater plus on the Abel side.

For this reason, we must go out witnessing. Do you understand? Through witnessing, you must make an ever greater plus. By making pluses in this way, you are forming a family. Abel who has restored Cain will receive the blessing on the family level. Isn't this true? Centering on the Abel figure on the family level digesting the Cain figure on the family level, the two must become one and create a larger plus, the center of the clan. [56-209]

In the relationship between up, middle, and down, there are up and down, right? The high and the low must be connected. Isn't it three stages? Left and right must also become connected. Having front and back, left and right, and up and down is the Principle of the universe. You exist through me for the sake of the descendants. For this reason, you must do witnessing. You must live for the sake of the right side. This is the law of the heaven. Isn't this true? You must live for the sake of left and right. Parents become left and right. Then what is front and back? There are brothers and the nation, right? These are all front and back. Accordingly, you must lead an altruistic lifestyle. [68-104]

You are about to greet the spring; then what is witnessing? What is witnessing? What are you trying to accomplish through witnessing? It is to receive the summer. What we are trying to do is usher in better days when branches sprout outwards and leaves grow big, so that flowers can blossom and fruits can be born. How about the Unification Church? What would happen if you said, "Since I have done witnessing for three years, now I can go home and relax."? What would it be like? Even if that bears fruit, if you do not have the force of life that can surpass it, then when the cold wind from the north blows down strongly, you will begin to wither and shrink. [1968.3.1]

3) The Purpose of Witnessing

The purpose of witnessing is to create my second self. [18-186]

The Old Testament is a time of material offering. Isn't that true? [Yes it is.] What is the New Testament then? It is a time for offering the son, as a substantial body. This is what Jesus had to do. Isn't that what Jesus did? At that time, the body had to be offered as a sacrifice. The body is the best offering that God wishes for. This is what financial restoration is. This is what fundraising is all about; we must do fundraising. First, we must do enough of it so that the people of the outside world, the ordinary people cannot catch up; then, we must raise ourselves up to the position of the son, and represent God by giving love centering on His word. You have to do witnessing. Witnessing: we must do the mission of Jesus [95-294]

What is witnessing? It is standing in the position of a son; in other words, it is paying indemnity for the New Testament. We must win over Satan. We must win victory over him. [119-49]

What is the purpose behind going out witnessing? It is to become better than Jesus. You cannot receive blessing if you are not better than Jesus. Isn't that true? How do you become better than Jesus? Jesus prayed to God three times at the Garden of Gethsemane that his life be spared; in contrast, I must never offer such prayer even when I am dying. [Smile] I won't do it. I will never do it, even if I have to face death. If you can have that standard, then you can become better than Jesus. This is how you should live. I do not pray for myself even at the place of death. I never pray to save myself. Do you understand? [Yes]

So, what is the purpose of witnessing? Since we must be better than Jesus, then we are to raise disciples who would not stand opposed like Jesus' disciples, but would follow to the end, even to the path of death. For this reason, whether it is at night or during the day, you are not to leave them behind alone. You must enter the path of death together. We must be willing to die before that person or his child.

All crosses must be born by me, and you must be willing to be hit by all the stones that people throw in the villages; you must receive all the curse and accusations, and you must be the first to receive all the beatings; this is how it should be. Do you understand? [Yes] What is the purpose of witnessing? [To become better than Jesus.] [96-122]

Then how do you do witnessing? You must put in more efforts than he does! You must be more diligent than he is. Even more than restoring material things and going over the Old Testament, passing through the New Testament and restoring the son requires more dedicated effort. You must be more diligent than that. This is the basic principle. You must work harder than that. If it is otherwise, then it is not in accordance with the principle.

This is the only way to pass through the New Testament. It is fulfilling the responsibility in place of Jesus. Adam lost the creation, man, and love. He lost these three things. Thus, in order to become his replacement and become the child of God, we must claim back the creation, man, and love. This is the way of restoration. This is the basic law. These are not the words of Rev. Moon himself. Isn't that so? Do you understand? [Yes] Therefore, we cannot neglect it.

Accordingly, you wouldn't be able to even fathom how much I had to go through to claim back the creation and raise money. You cannot understand how many tears I have shed for witnessing during many sleepless nights. You do not understand how much persecution I have received and how heavy a cross I have carried in order to restore the family that God wanted. [96-151]

Our witnessing through Divine Principle is carrying on a movement to find love. The world of heart will surpass time and space. The word and prayer are ultimately all for the sake of love. Perfection is realizing the ideals of love. [33-69]

4) The Value of Witnessing

Although one day of life may seem brief, a day of witnessing will be connected up to the eternity. Our every action on such a foundation of order will be linked to the whole or to the eternity, and it will remain forever.

For this reason, your every hard effort of blood and sweat during that one day of witnessing will be linked up to the eternity. After rectifying goodness on the foundation of order, and establishing the unchanging values that promise eternity, when all of you disperse to the Korean peninsula to do witnessing, the values are finally secured; then what will happen? The "standard of truth that is raised high," a true standard that shows the path of true man will slowly be revealed.

It will be revealed on the individual, family, and national level, and the standard of truth that Unification Church upholds will finally become the standard of every man; then what? [Boundless . . .] "The boundless day of goodness will prevail," finally we will greet the continuing days of goodness. [152-219]

When you are doing witnessing, then you will feel joy. On the other hand, without witnessing, happiness will not come. I am also carrying on this work, because if I don't do it I feel great pain. When I do witnessing, I feel great joy even when I am being cursed at. [19-22]

When you go out on a pioneering mission witnessing, then you will have the real experience of God who is always protecting us. On the contrary, when you oppose God and walk the opposite direction, your days are numbered. [35-193]

When you have the living experience that God is alive, then you will go out witnessing even if people tell you not to do so. Witnessing is the most stimulating activity, and it produces new things. If you have ten people before you, and you carry on a sincere conversation, then the ten people will become new people. After that, you should go to the church and pray; and then see what happens. Then, when they are making progress, you will also be advancing. You will rise up. [30-154]

When you go to the spirit world, the only thing that you can be proud of is witnessing. In the spirit world, your wealth cannot be an object of pride. Moreover, you cannot brag about how much power you had once possessed. The only thing to be proud of is how many lives you have saved. The question is how many from your village and borough or from the tribe were connected to the new life. This is your asset. This is your only asset. Since spirit world is fully equipped with everything, there is nothing that you will miss; if there were something that you will miss, then it is a true man. For this reason, those saints of merit who have made great contributions in cultivating true men can become sons and daughters of honor in heaven. Accordingly, this is the only thing that one can be proud of. [30-148]

You must quickly carry on witnessing and go down to the bottom. You should often run out, and produce people who can go up and down at their will. So when I go down, there must be people who are continuously pushing me up. Do you understand what I am saying? Ladies and gentlemen, suppose that I have a difficult and heart-aching task before me; then wouldn't you try to accomplish the task in my place and refuse to have me involved in it directly? This is the same thing. You also have to build a similar foundation. [104-184]

Section 2 - Witnessing (Part 2)

2. The Attitude of One Who Witnesses

1) The Preparation Before Witnessing

You should become a member of heavenly force and a citizen of heaven who cannot sleep at night because of the burning desire to go out witnessing and can put everything aside for that mission. With this mindset, even when you are riding on the train you should be saying, "Train, you are running so smooth. Today will be the best chapter of my life, which I can put on the record as the most precious day in my life. Thank you, Heavenly Father." Even in the most difficult and trying circumstances, you should be able to proclaim, "I am a first class citizen." If you want to love God, then you must be very greedy. [24-336]

Have you ever wailed through the night for the sake of a new guest? Did you ever lament more sorrowfully than at the death of you father, mother, and even your lover? Have you ever done it or not? If you have not, then you must try. You should be lamenting through the sleepless nights. If you can save one life, then there is nothing that you will feel reluctant to sacrifice. Money, clothes, and house are not even an issue. You must be crazy in loving people. [34-270]

The level of members in your church is not high enough. When you come to church, you must bring with you all of your parents and family members. You should bring along your older brother, older sister, and everyone else. How much blood and tears have you shed for the cause of witnessing to your parents, your cousins, your in-laws, and your distant relatives? Have you ever put yourself in the position of sacrifice, struggling fiercely, and praying with tremendous devotion in order to guide a man's life? This is the question. You must become the center of the environment that you find yourself in. You must understand that all of you must become the center. [41-90]

In order to do witnessing, you must research people's psychology. You should be able to tell whether or not one likes something just by looking at one's expressions and the way that one walks. For public purposes, you should be able to judge that person's emotion.

One is able to tell just from the way people walk, whether or not one's wife or someone close to him is in a good mood or in a bad mood. So, when the wife walks in, one can ask her, "Why are you upset?" Then, she is at loss for words because the husband already knows everything without even seeing her. This is how it should be in your life. When you pray for someone with strong attention, then they will also become attentive to you. [42-174]

When you go out witnessing, only after being given guidance spiritually and being coached well, will all things unfold smoothly. Otherwise, you should have some spiritual power that will mysteriously guide someone who was going shopping to the market to turn around and head toward your place. What do you do to cause this to take place? You must witness with a heart more earnest than when you are seeking your lover or when your lover comes to visit. Without this kind of atmosphere, it will never come to pass. [96-320]

When you go out witnessing, the heart with which you are setting out for your mission today must be different from yesterday. You should be determined that although you have set out with such and such an attitude in the past, today you are making a new resolution as you begin the day; then, you will without fail bring good results. However, if you cannot achieve this, and begin the day with the level of heart and mindset worse than yesterday, then you will have no choice but to make a retreat. As you continue your work under such an environment, you will eventually bring destruction upon yourself. Moreover, if such phenomenon is not merely one directional, but the feeling of retreat is spreading in all four directions, then no matter how great the purpose and how firm the determination, we will be stuck in the state of complete stagnation, in which we cannot even move an inch. [42-66]

Don't tell me that you cannot go out witnessing because you lack money. Did Jesus come with money? Did God carry on the history of restoration with money? He did it with life, with life. He did it with blood, with blood. Therefore, the history of Christianity is the history of restoration through blood. It was done with blood and life. It was not done with money. One who lives and dies because of money is only a wage worker. Sons and daughters are not to be raised with money. Isn't that true? You should understand this, and if you move forward with this mentality, then I believe that God will help you. [154-2 10]

For this reason, when you go out witnessing, you should not bring money to pay for expenses. Jesus was crazy. He told those opposing disciples as they were leaving for witnessing that they should not take with them coins or clothes to wear. This is totally unreasonable. They are bound to starve to death. What is that? He is telling them to go out as beggar of beggars. Why was it like that? Why did he do this? What was this? Christians do not understand. Why was this done? This is an important issue. You have to understand that giving such cruel orders to the disciples as to not take money and clothes along is the original tradition of Christianity. This was first given as directions to the disciples. This is the center of Christianity. Is what I am saying true or false? [It is true.] [118-177]

When you go out witnessing, do not take much money along, but go with a faithful heart. [27-267]

2) Devotion and Witnessing

When you go out witnessing, you should not go empty-handed. The critical issue is how devoted your heart is when you set out. If your witnessing mission is going to take, say, one week, one month, one year, or two, three years, then you must make devotion during that time period. Regardless of rain and snow, or when you are eating, awake or asleep, coming and going, or resting or engaged in some activity, you must give everything to that person with unchanging heart. If you give completely, then it will be returned to you completely. This is the Principle.

For this reason, the crucial question in loving God and man is how much we have exerted ourselves. This will transform into mature character in the spirit world, and become the foundation of glory. [42-228]

You will come to realize as you do witnessing that it is not easy; but you must do something that is very difficult to achieve. Repeating over and over, it is like throwing stones into the ocean. You should continue until stones fill the ocean and eventually rise above it to form mountains. What happens when you do that? My heart of faith will grow. The body does not undergo any change, but the heart will grow.

As you wake at dawn, you should pray and shed tears for the region of your responsibility . . . That road of heart is the pathway to connect spiritually with the spirit world. You will find yourself shedding tears because you have come to realize that when God looks down upon that village He is weeping because He knows that everyone in the town is heading toward hell. When you can enter the state of resonance with God's sorrowful heart, then the whole spirit world will be mobilized.

You will be linked to the spirit world only when God can be moved to shed tears because of your own efforts and feel, "Ah, I am so grateful! The descendants of fallen Adam are better than Adam and Eve!" The spirit world will cooperate only when God can be moved in tears saying, "I never expected that the descendants of fallen Adam and Eve you, who are descendants of those who betrayed me, can do something like that."

From this point on, the door to the spirit world will begin to open. It is from this moment. Anything below that standard will absolutely be of no use. This is the Principle. The Divine Principle, it is the Principle. So, how far is this from where you are right now? [96-282]

In order to do witnessing, you must be well versed in the Principle, must shed tears and be truly devoted. [20-345]

Wherever you go, whenever you are alone, you should pray. Always focus and . . . As you look through such eyes, then those who will do witnessing will do so immediately. They do not think about the environment or the present situation. It all fits in like clockwork. This is the road that you should walk. You can survive the world only when you become this kind of man. You can then become successful wherever you go. Even as you are walking in a city, you will notice and be able to judge immediately from the displays in front of stores, "I can make money by selling this and that product." Do you understand what that means? God is working with you. Do you understand clearly? A person who is a burden on humanity and God cannot liberate humanity and God; this is the truth. [128-173]

Among our members all over the world, there are many that had already met me in their dreams before they came to know me. We must have some of them here as well. When they met me after entering the Unification Church, they realized that they had already been connected to me, and had met me and were taught by me. This was possible because of the merit of their good ancestors, and not because of their own merit. You must understand that it was because of their ancestral merit. This type of phenomena will take place.

Therefore, when you go out witnessing for the first time, if you can maintain a devotional and prayerful heart, then you will get to know the direction you should pursue. Then you can lead your life in the direction that God has pointed you to, and you will learn that God is not someone who lives somewhere far away, but is the subject who presides over all the changes in your heart during your daily life. Accordingly, you should attempt to make contact with God in the sentimental environment of nature, and attend him as your father. [50-315]

You should pray with a pure heart. Suppose you are doing witnessing in a village. Then when you wake up at dawn and gaze at the village, you should feel that the village is like a dying child, your younger sister, and your own son and daughter. You should witness with the heart ready to cling on the village and wail through the night; just try this and see. If you cannot be successful in witnessing even after trying all this, then I will be responsible. [36-134]

Did you ever stay up all night in order to do witnessing? I stayed up numerous nights. They will ask you in that nation, how many nights you stayed up to do witnessing. You should try your very best to do witnessing. [10-252]

Try and see how much God will help when you exert yourself to the limit. If you do not witness to your relatives on the earth, then you will have no way to escape their accusations in the spirit world. [18-134]

Witnessing should be done like business. What I mean is that you should do it with efficacy. In the past, no matter where you went, you did not make much preparation, but now you should go with the full preparation. You should embody sincerity and devotion when you go around. Do you understand? You must be different from the past. [102-45]

3) The Attitude a Witnessing Missionary Must Have

You must research into the philosophy of "living person." You should always be thinking how you could guide that person to me. You should think of ways to guide people. There is only one way for this task, and I know that method. It is the spirit of serving others. It's man's basic nature to go close to something that can provide some benefit.

If those in contact with you can gain some benefit from you, then you can naturally attract others. You will face a big barrier if you are trying to obtain some favors from them. When you serve someone, you can become close to him or her. You can teach everything through this method. It should be very clear to you that witnessing is not to be done for your sake. The question is how much energy you can input for the sake of one individual's salvation, and how much you can give in order to move one individual's heart. This is at the core of our activities. By doing so, you will come to understand God's heart, how much effort God has made in creating Adam, and how much energy he has consumed in restoring Adam.

You must also have the same heart as God toward one individual. Even if you are unable to invest all your energy for that person, you should have decided in your mind that you will do your absolute best. This is the attitude that you should have.

Only by possessing this mindset, can you understand the tears of joy that God will shed when he can claim Adam back. Moreover, you can sense God's heart. Thus, when you go out witnessing and meet with people, you should share in his sorrow and cry together, or feel the love that God has felt toward people, and become aware of such a situation.

You should strive to experience this. If you can do that, then when that someone returns to God, then you will cry in joy together. He or she will remember forever that moment of sorrow, that moment of happiness, and that moment of agony. You will be able to make an impression deeper than anyone else has in his or her life that he or she can never forget you. At that point, you must help him in ways that even his friends cannot help. When he is happy, then you should tell him something appropriate, and when he is undergoing trying times, then you should be concerned about his suffering and comfort him. You must think about all this when you are doing witnessing. Men live in harmony with each other through this type of relationships. [52-276]

When you are witnessing on the roadside, you may think that you are alone, but you are never alone. You should always think that you are inside the heart of God, and understand that the nation should be seen as an offering table and you are standing at its lowest point. Even at such a position, you should witness with the attitude, "Satan, come if you dare!" You need this type of bravery and experience. [18-276]

When you are on a witnessing mission in the countryside, you are not out there as a single individual. You are fighting on behalf of the whole heaven and the whole movement, and all of the brothers, sisters, and members. [15-304]

When you go out witnessing, you should not go alone. You should try to connect with those who could not go out. In this way, you should initiate a joint operation between the frontier and the defense line. Those in the frontline should fight in the front and those left in the interior should exert themselves to the full and provide material or spiritual support. There must be such effort. Those who could not go out witnessing this time must at least establish a condition of having participated in the campaign indirectly. [11-210]

Women should not go out witnessing alone. You should drag with you an old grandfather or a grandmother; even if they have to be on a cane, you should try to take them along. If not, then take along an elementary school child. Do you understand? [Yes] I am not telling you not go out witnessing, but I am saying this because it is dangerous. [66-226]

When you go out to the regions during this period, you should work with the determination, "All of you people, come here at once. All the spirits from this village gather here! Let us stage a conference of patriotism." If you run into opposition from someone, then you should deal with him from the position of a parent with a big loving heart which even your own children did not experience. Since the life element of the creation is God's love, ultimate love can conquer these types of people. You should also stand in the position of a child who can serve that opposition force with the dedication greater than that of a parent toward a child. If you carry this out, then you can subjugate him. [11-274]

When you have a witnessing guest, you should be in the state of mind that you want to give him or her any precious thing that you have. If it is clothes, then you must have a strong desire to give him that. If you have some food, then you must not take up the attitude, "I am hungry so I should eat it now," but display the parental heart, "I am hungry, but I am going to save it wrapped in newspapers to see if anybody might come and want it." Even if you yourself are hungry, so long as there is someone who is also feeling hunger, you must overcome the desire to eat it. This is how you should be. Do you understand what I mean? [50-307]

I hope that you all ask yourselves, "Is my desire to do witnessing earnestly?" You should be willing to give all of your effort and even face death. I am driving you hard because I understand the heart of God. [123-29]

Those who are going out witnessing should not worry that they are not skilled in giving Principle lectures. All you have to do is remain loyal, and until someone who can give the lectures arrives, mobilize those who can listen when the time comes. But that doesn't mean that it is all right for you to refuse someone's request for a lecture with the excuse, "I cannot lecture so well." You should give the words with the most sincere heart, but should also add that the headquarters is trying to supply someone who can supplement further on the lecture content. [150-327]

Do not be concerned that you are not good in witnessing. It is all right to not bring people into Unification Church. You should make the impression in the people so that they will say about you in their hearts, "These people are good people." Do you understand? They should be testifying, "These people do not like to be indebted to others. If you give them once, they will return it multiple times." No one dislikes this type of people. [85-42]

If you are wailing because you are facing the crowd, you must sink into the heart of appeal. Even if your throat bursts and blood spits out like vomit while you are meeting someone, if you can witness to one person with such a desperate heart, then this is what you have to do. What I am saying is that you should have this type of mindset. Wailing and shedding tears you should appeal in order to win one person over. [125-23]

When you are on a witnessing campaign, as long as you act on my directions, no matter what happens to the body, what goes into the nose and eyes there is no one who will not be inspired to join.

In catching a carp, all you need is some sort of net-like silk cloth, which you can just place over the fish to catch it. Because the fins are pointing backwards, if you put the net in this way then you can catch it at once. (He is speaking while showing with his gestures.) This is how the fins are located. It is made that way because it is meant to be caught. [92-322]

While you are on the witnessing mission, you should experience material difficulty, interpersonal difficulty, and suffering of the heart. You must be able to obtain sympathy even from wicked people, and win their support before you return. [11-75]

You should not single-handedly criticize how things are. It is a wrong to think that I must perform better than anyone else while witnessing in the countryside. It is wrong for you to wish for your own victory so that you can be commended by the church and me. You can receive commendations but you should not have such desire; instead, you should think, "What can I do to be connected to the realm of the parental heart? How can I be linked up to the heart of God? What can I do to develop a firm relationship with God which no one can interfere with?" These types of internal matters are much more important than the external things. [24-141]

I do not want to brag about your accomplishments in witnessing and enlightenment, but rather want to boast about how you were praying with tears in cold and hunger while clinging on to the stone roots. [11-75]

Your going out witnessing to suffer, be hungry, and be cursed should not be done for yourself. You should have the attitude, "I bear the cross representing my family, brothers, and sisters, and am going to lay the foundation on which we can erect our nation." [15-311]

Even when you are witnessing, if you are doing it for yourself and thinking about yourself, then . . . You should be thinking, "I came to die, in order to die; by spreading myself like seeds, as Jesus had, I can reap the harvest after the bud sprouts out. The buds will breakout from ground only when they have absorbed blood and flesh. Otherwise, it will never come to pass. You will face accusations if you do not pass through the public life. When you can pass these requirements, then you can surpass the fallen world. You will be going over the growth stage. [96-118]

You should first inspire ten people to join. Do you understand? After you join, you should witness to ten people quickly. Witnessing requires sacrifice. If you can do that, then God will certainly help you. If you do it, God will help you from the opposite side.

If you complain while you witness to ten people, how can you inspire anyone to join? If you complain before the ten people, "Regardless of what the dispensation might be, what is this?" then do you think they will listen to your words? Would they listen or would they not? If you complain no matter how much you praise them and plead with them to listen to your words, you can never witness to them.

Then what can you do? Since you cannot complain, you must sacrifice and persevere. The only way is to sacrifice and persevere. Isn't that true? If you can be patient and sacrificial, then would the ten people say that you are bad? [They will say that we are good.] At least you know that. Would the whole look after my well being or bring me down? They will look after you. If you cannot persevere and overcome, then even if they were once taking good care of you, they may stop doing that. On the contrary, if you continue to persevere and overcome, then they will continue to care for you. Therefore, you must persevere and be patient till the end. You must be patient and overcome. You have to persevere and be patient. [44-17]

The same rules apply when you go out witnessing. During witnessing you should not rest in your room. You can be resting while walking on the road, you can be staying up whole night, or you can be having a meal. Having a meal should not be done on a table. You can also eat a lunch box during your journey on the road. How beautiful is that? It is a world that others are not aware of. [72-325]

For witnessing, you must have audacity. You should continue your mission while completely disregarding whether or not other people are cursing at you. When you are witnessing, you are bound to be cursed at by other people. The reason is because you are engaged in activities that others are not involved in, and wherever you go you cause dogs to bark loudly. So, you are bound to be cursed. [42-171]

A man must be audacious, must have audacity. I never tell you to starve to death because there is nothing to eat. I do not tell you to starve to death. You should go to a place where they are having a meal and ask them to share it with you. Since you have a mouth, you have no problem in making that plea, saying a greeting and then getting something to eat. I went through all those experiences. When I am hungry, since I have lived for the sake of the nation, heaven and earth more than anyone else and am thereby more entitled to have a meal than anyone else, I bravely tell a person who is having a meal that I have not had a single meal that day and ask him to share his food with me. This is how imposing you should be. [94-102]

4) The Attitude You Should Have While Witnessing on the Road

Women also should dress more neatly and comb your hair more neatly. Especially the hair, in regards to hair . . Men are all right. The problem is with women. Of all those who are active outside, 70% men. There are more men than women. You must understand that. For this reason, they do not have any interest in men. They are all looking around to see how the women are.

Accordingly, even when you are laughing, do not open your mouth like this (He demonstrates by opening the mouth). You should smile without opening your mouths. All of you try that out. (Laughter) You should first smile with your eyes and then smile with your mouth. You should not smile with the mouth first. The reason is that people look at the other's eyes when they are talking, not the mouth. For this reason, you should smile with the eyes first. It is not a good manner to smile with the mouth first.

Ladies do not let your hair hang down like that. No man likes women letting the hair hang like that. They become displeased. Especially, since this is near the seashore with a lot of spring breeze . . . It if is like this, then take all the hair and . . . It does not feel good. So be careful about it, and as much as possible, be neat. I wish I could inspect all of you. But how can I do that? Therefore, you should make yourself up in such a way that you can confidently say, "This is good enough to meet the teacher's standard."

Moreover, as you feel hungry at lunchtime you should not say, "It is already time for a meal." You are very casual toward those people who are walking on the street as if you are wandering about, but since people in New York will run into members of Unification Church in hundreds and thousands, you should all unite as one. When it is time for lunch, you should never say, "Ah . . . I am hungry . . ." Do not stand staring in the air like this (He make a facial expression showing powerlessness). It is all right for you to be in deep contemplation or meditation while you are standing, but never stand looking weak.

Moreover, how distasteful is the sight of you standing like this against a wall as if you are some stimulating advertising billboard. If you really have to get some rest, then you should put the announcement sheets on the comer and move some ways off to the side to rest. Think about it. They have a good impression of Unification Church members, but if there is even one person who is seen resting, then they will think, "Unification Church also has that type of people." However, if they cannot find even one person like that, then those who are reflective will surely pay Unification Church a visit. The opposing forces in the media take photos of our weak points and put it on the newspaper.

Then, when people look at it they will say, "I thought Unification Church members were all exemplary, but they also have that type of people." This might really take place. We might be made famous in the newspapers. Therefore, never ever do such.

When you take off in the morning you should be dressed like this and even when you return at night after a long day outside, you should be in the same form. After you return, you can act more casual among the family members; you can even have a quarrel. [86-261]

Moreover, if you see a lot of our announcement pamphlets thrown on the street, then all Unification Church members should pick them up and never let them be stumbled upon. This will become an example before other citizens. Think about what would happen to those pamphlets that are dropped while walking on the road. There are all kinds of people watching on the street, and picking them up is more important than giving them out to thousands of people.

At this time, if we can show an example by picking them up, then it is even better than giving them out. Those people who see this, as long as they are contemplative people, will . . . This will become silent propaganda. When someone picks them up, hundreds and thousands of people can see it. You should understand that it is better than distributing a hundred or a thousand pamphlets. You should seize various opportunities such as this.

When you are giving out the pamphlets, you must clean up the area around you. No matter how dirty it is you must throw trash in the basket and clean up the environment. Then, since you go out everyday, shop owners in the vicinity will notice it. They will test you saying, "That man or woman came out again. What is the nature of the person assigned to that place?" The shop owners from the area will gather all the kids in the neighborhood and tell them how that person is, then order them to test him saying, "You go ahead and test him. Nock him and see what he does. I think he is going to respond like this." They will argue among themselves about the outcome, and through this strategy one can find ways to resolve all the various troubles that might have otherwise surfaced. You have to understand this. When they find that your standard still remains unchanged after the second and third test, then they will be deeply impressed, and will begin to do propaganda on your behalf by telling others, "Wow, they are marvelous and great!" [86-263]

When you are going some place, you should also as much as possible . . . What should I call it from now on? It is just like your propaganda board. Even if you go, you should go straight forward, in an orderly manner. Even if there are only two of you, you should still walk in a straight line. Such things as window-shopping should not sidetrack you. This sixty-day period is the time to educate the New York citizens in the right way. You should think of yourselves as teachers who are to educate the citizens. You should be prepared to teach, teaching those who see me, even though I have not seen it . . . In this manner we must influence New York City.

Therefore, you should determine, "I will put on such facial expressions during this period." Then, decide, "I will use such and such kind words." Always act according to the formula that you have memorized. No matter who attacks you, you should maintain such expressions. In particular, do not say to a person with whom you have been debating, "You, go if you like." Never ever do that. After the debate, if the two of you feel at odds, then do not let the person go back just like that. Tell him, "Let's meet again," and "thank you very much." Never let those whom you have met walk away with sour feelings, and make sure that he or she does not go back with some misunderstanding. Do you understand? [Yes] [86-264]

Women must prepare their hair more neatly. Women need to wear colorful clothes as much as possible. As much as possible, ask three of your friends to evaluate your attire, and ask, "Is this good enough?"

Although you may not be wearing good clothes, you must be neat so that you can be accepted. This is what you need. Don't you think it is needed? [It is needed]

Moreover, women should not wear socks and stockings that have several lines of scratches going through them [runs], and then in this manner. (He shows with gestures, and then smiles) If that is how you are going to be, then it is better not to wear them. Do not wear them. Furthermore, women from the Unification Church should not wear shoes that are too strange. Try to wear normal and plain ones. It should not be too fashionable and it should also not be too worn out. Something in the middle would do.

And the facial complexions of women in the Unification Church should be smooth and shiny. There should be some luster. They have this facial cream which makes your face look shinier. If all of you look gaunt as if you have not had enough to eat, then they will say, "Women in the Unification Church all have dry faces because Rev. Moon is making them work too hard." So, put cream on and make your face look more oily. Put on something that has a lot of oil. (Laughter) This is what you need.

Especially ladies' lips: ladies in our church have some kind of lipstick, right? Rouge is what you call it, right? What? Since you don't put it on, you should at least put on something that would keep your lips from looking dry. It does not feel comfortable to watch you speak with those dry lips. [Father, is it all right to put on some rouge?] Ah, it's all right. They have such a thing. They have those with oil in it. (Laughter) It looks bad for ladies to speak with a mouth that has dried up and has splintered. It is true. You may not realize it . . . You must pay more attention to these matters. Do you understand? [Yes]

Moreover, when you ladies are walking, try not to wave your hips . . . (He demonstrates. Laughter) You should never do that. This is needed. I am sure that you ladies will do fine from now on. [86-264]

Next men, men, men . . . (Laughter.) When a man walks, his posture must be upright. Your posture must be firm and straight. Like this and like that . . . (Shows with gestures. Laughter.) Because men are taller, there are quite a few who walk like that. Because men are big they walk like this. (Laughter.) Even if you are tall, you should be walking with correct posture.

When I look at how you walk . . . Even walking itself must be done properly. You can know everything from the way one walks. You must walk in the correct manner. All of you go out to the street and see how people walk. Some walk like this . . . (Demonstrates with gestures) There are many who walk like that. As much as possible, you should try to keep straight from here to there and then practice walking.

Most of you are probably not aware of exactly how you walk. Do you know how you walk? It is already not correct. Your posture must be in straight order. Your shoes should not come up this far when you are walking. Like this, but it should not be too much like that either, and it should not be too much like this either. Some people walk like this, like this. (Demonstrates)

Furthermore, as much as possible men should not shake your hips like this. Your shoulders should not move around like that either. It is important for boxers to maintain proper posture. They must not be out of balance. You must be standing straight and erect. It must be like that. Also, you should take off your shoes and check your outer back sole. You will find that for some people, only this part is worn out, and for others, it might be worn out this way, or that way. This is not so ideal. I am not like that. You can find out many things about the person just by flipping over and seeing the outer sole of his shoes. It is not so easy to become a gentleman. You must understand this. The same thing holds true for hair.

Moreover, whenever you put your clothes on, you should count how many buttons there are. It is very easy for someone to notice missing buttons when they look at you. When they see the buttons and notice that there are two of these, you have failed to meet the standard. If your wife does not pay attention to you, then it is hard for you, the husband, to be steadfast; and if that was not the case, then you must not be heeding to this. Therefore, you should always reflect on yourself. You have to be like that. This means that you yourself are like that.

Moreover, as much as possible, close only one button on the jacket. Do not close them all like this. You must look neat. You have to pay special attention to this. . When you men are going out, quickly examine your attire like this. This must become your habit. Especially, neck ties on men . . . I am not also aware of it because I am moving around a lot. Your ties must always be straight. For this reason I use a pin. If you use a pin, it will never become like that. Some people wear it like this . . . (Demonstrates. Laughter.) You must always be attentive to this point. So, you should first secure the tie in the right place before you go out. (Clapping) Also, you must match the colors of the tie and the suit. You have to match it well. This is pretty difficult. [86-265]

Moreover, as much as possible, you must trim your hair neat. As for men's hands, here must be kept clean. When you are giving out pamphlets, for example, it is a bad etiquette to have dirt built up here on your hands.

When one looks at the back posture of men, it must be firm like this, even more than the front posture. Who looks at your front? All people, however, look at your back. When you are wearing black clothes, if you scratch your head, you will have dandruff dropping all over your back. You have dandruff. It will certainly fall on your back. Therefore, you should always shake them off. You must always be concerned about that.

You should carry on your activities with a facial appearance about which you can proudly say as you examine it before you go out, "This is good enough." Do you understand? [Yes] Since men are going out everyday, you have to pay especially close attention to that. This is even more important for the bachelors. [86-267]

5) Witnessing and Attitude

When you ask someone what their wish is, then since man desires something better all the time, eventually that becomes the ideal. The wish of a church leader is probably inspiring many people to join. Thus, it is very important to ask the question, how a church leader can realize his ideals. [48-24]

First, when you return to regions, what do you do to witness to the people in the region? This world is Satan's world, and therefore the region is a place where the enemies are residing; so, you must find who the representative figure that the enemies can serve is. You must know which persons the leaders are, and which places the headquarters are.

Then, having established a similar foundation, you should make a determination that will last until the day that you can conquer them and make them submit to the dispensation. You make the resolution to persevere until the day that you can restore the region. The dispensation of restoration of today is restoring all things and people, so you should restore those famous figures and places of the satanic world. You should pray that you can restore a certain region.

You should have the attitude that for the sake of restoring this land, you cannot die; you should be determined that under any difficult circumstances, you will restore this place. If your own strength is inadequate, then you should muster your comrades, and if your abilities are not sufficient, then you should mobilize your comrades' capabilities, so that you can accomplish the task quickly. If you still lack something in your work even if you are working throughout the night and day, then you should cling on to heaven and toil with dripping sweat. You should have such prayer.

You should decide upon a person and pray. It is fighting a battle. You should tighten your belt on your waist, tie a towel around your head, and on the stage of battle where life and death is being decided you should pray in a desperate plea, "God, in order to save numerous lives in this region, I need this person. Although his present state of mind is like this, I definitely need him. It cannot be anyone else." When you can do this, God will receive your prayer. So, only those which you have obtained, after much devotion and hard battle are precious. [153-278]

Look. When you look at your region, you should feel to your bones how all will go to hell; just like the cities Sodom and Gomorra they will all go to hell. You should be able to sense how much the spirit world is waiting for your work, and should be able to hear their scream. Do not worry that you do not have enough people for your witnessing campaign. (He is talking while writing on the black board) When you are walking on this path, you may run into miraculous situations, such as the village people greeting you with great anxiousness, saying that you have come at a time when many of the brothers and sisters in the village have been dying off, or they may welcome you happily saying that you are their old friend. If that takes place, then you must weep for the dead more sorrowfully than their own family members; or you should feel toward them a greater joy than when one meets a brother that one has not seen for a long time. You have to become this kind of person. You must always be thinking about that.

Even while you are walking on the road, you have to feel that you are responsible for the salvation of one person's life, and while shedding tears, be overwhelmed by sorrowful heart. Did you ever feel that? Have you ever shed tears with drippings flowing down from nose and even from mouth, which all drip down on your pants? Have you ever had that experience? If you ever become like that, then everything in nature will become your object of comfort. This is the reality. You will feel it, from all of them. When you lean on a tree, then you will be comforted more than when you are inside the bosom of your mother.

Therefore, you are not a lonely person. If you pray in such an environment, then God will tell you what will happen in the future. Then you can picture that day in your mind, and you will feel that even while facing death you must be grateful, and even if you are beaten and chased away it is your responsibility to persevere and overcome. You must know that because of your pledge with God, you cannot abandon and leave. [88-265]

Do you know how much effort I have put in for witnessing? I only slept for two hours, and there were many nights when I could not even get two hours. It continued for seven years. I was speaking continuously. [95-43]

I am like that even now. When Korean members came two days ago, it was midnight. I was exhausted, but as long as at least one person remained, I cannot tell them to go. Even if I am tired, I cannot do that. This is the type of training that I got. Even after midnight and two in the morning, if someone is still here and he understands the value of those moments with me, then for that one person I become a friend and a companion, and I try to extend that moment longer. Moreover, I do not try to get more sleep with the excuse that I have spent more time with that person. If I do not like people visiting me, then can I still accomplish something? Only when the owner is not like that will there be no barriers in the house as someone enters, and he will feet free to go anywhere. Otherwise, it becomes very unnatural and constraining. If the church leader and church were like that, then would anyone like to pay a visit?

Because this is the way things are, you have to educate them. You should teach them about witnessing and about everything else. When you go out witnessing during the pioneering period, as you meet the one person that you have witnessed to, then you should be overwhelmed with deep emotions, welcoming him or her and shouting out three cheers of Mansei. After he or she goes back, you should miss him or her as if you have just sent off your lover. When he or she leaves, your eyes should swell up with tears, and in tears you should unconsciously start praying for that person. You try and see what happens if you can enter such a realm of the heart.

Then, the church will be revived; it would absolutely be revived. After the departure, you will be crying without realizing it, and wish that person did not have to leave, saying another prayer. Soon you will find that you have stayed up the whole night praying, and at the dawn, you will see that person is coming towards you after having received some revelation, but without being fully aware of what is happening. He will be coming to the church as soon as the sun rises. This kind of events will take place.

Therefore, the leader must be responsible for everything. You must become one, and pay the indemnity. If there is still no progress after all this, then our Divine Principle is false. The dispensation of restoration is just a bunch of lies. They are empty concepts and warnings. Accordingly, you should be clear on these issues and with new determination . . . These types of rules, do you understand them? They are quite simple. Unity and restoration through indemnity -- you must always remember these two. [88-264]

When someone talks to you, you must listen sincerely. You should listen through the night. This is where it begins . . . Doing things without sleeping at night. You should not be concerned with time. The reason that parents are so good is that, suppose their children come back after a long course of suffering and share with their parents all about the difficult moments. Then the parents will weep in tears as they listen and they will feel pain greater than that felt by their children themselves. You should come to possess a similar heart.

When you see that some members have put on their clothes wrong, or are wearing clothes that are patched in several places, then you should have the sensitive heart to feel embarrassed on their behalf. This is how a mother, a parent's heart is like. When parents realize that they cannot afford to provide their children with better clothes even though they are wearing such miserable ones, they feel so ashamed before their children; similarly, if you can have such a parental heart, then multiplication will surely take place. I have been working until now with this type of principles, regardless of night and day. If you do this, then God will be with you. [1969.5.16]

Before going out on a witnessing campaign, the leader must clearly educate members all about witnessing. If you can go around in a full circle like this, then you will become someone who is capable of guiding others' lifestyle and educating them about witnessing.

The leader of a witnessing mission must be so well prepared in his plans about witnessing that whenever someone comes and asks about it, he should be able to give a complete direction without any hesitation. A person in charge of education also should be well versed in the Principle, so that whenever someone asks him about it, he should always be able to give a full answer.

Section 2 - Witnessing (Part 3)

3. The Key Methods of Witnessing

1) Why Witnessing Efforts Do Not Bear Much Fruit

You told me that witnessing activities of the church are not going smooth, right? Why should witnessing not go well? How could that be? How could this be true when you have such great truth? It's not going well because your old habits still have strong presence in you and you have failed to reform yourselves. [145-100]

Unification Church members have been doing witnessing until now, and yet why is it not being so successful? It is because the fundamental principles are being violated. If you are not in accordance with the principles, then witnessing efforts will not be so successful. So, when did I tell you to witness to the ordinary people? I told you to witness to the Christians. When I tell you to go and see Christian ministers you hesitate, saying, "Oh no. He is better than me, and I do not know the Bible so well . . ." You do not have to be concerned about your knowledge in the Bible. The more this seems to be the case, the more you should be moving forward.

Have you been doing that or not? Are you doing it this way or not? If you are, then you will have a breakthrough without fail. You can even move into that family as a maid, living and eating meals there, and when you enter the church you should think of it as your own house and bedroom. That house is your house. Abel, not Cain, should govern that house. So, did you go and look around? Is that a place that should be governed by Abel or Cain? It is exactly the opposite right now. It is not in accordance with the Principle. Therefore, you must somehow claim it back, even though doing so may be difficult. If you can accomplish that, then everything will start to turn around at once. Do you understand? Once it is broken through, it will be turned around at once. [55-258]

You must reflect on the reason why witnessing activities have not been so fruitful. It is not because of someone else's shortcomings, but the problem lies within you. If roses blossom beautifully on the roadside, all that walk past them will notice them. Isn't that right? Is that true or not? [True] This is how it is with everything. If you can give out beautiful scent just like the blossoming roses on the road, then see what will unfold. Then, those ladies walking past you will put on a big smile and try to fetch you, saying, "Oh how lovely you are." Moreover, a grandfather would think, "Oh no, it is standing there alone on the road. This is not so great. It would be terrible if some animals passing this way ruin it. I should fetch this and keep it safely in my bedroom." Similarly, you should become capable of giving blossom to this flower of heart. Do you understand? It is very much like how insects gather around a lantern light at dark night. [50-304]

If witnessing does not bear much fruit, then whose responsibility is that? It is first of all the responsibility of the archangel. During the course of restoration and re-creation, it is the responsibility of the church leader who stands in the position of the archangel. Do you understand? Do you or do you not understand? [We understand] [50-325]

What is the reason behind failures in witnessing activities? You will not succeed in witnessing if you ask, "Why is that person coming?" What kind of heart should you possess? You should have the heart of father and mother. When a person comes, you should feel as if your son or daughter for whom you have been waiting for five thousand or ten thousand years has returned. You should be so overwhelmed with joy that you cannot describe your heart with words. Because men are spiritual beings, they can sense it when you do not like them. When they can see from your attitude and actions that you are really glad to see them, then they can be inspired to join the church. If you sincerely inquire about their life story with the heart of a parent who is deeply moved to be together with the child who was lost for a long time, then they will be willing to frankly share all about themselves. For this reason, when people come and see me, even if I do not even open my mouth, they will on their own accord tell me everything. [1969.5.12]

These days, we are witnessing out in the countryside, yet why is it that the efforts have not been so successful! This is because you are doing witnessing for your own life and benefit, and not for the sake of saving the lives of the other people. There is a fundamental difference in the perspective. While you should be in the position to give more like God, all you have done is just talk about yourself. Accordingly, all will break apart. You make the members work hard and you are trying to lead a comfortable life style . . . This is like being a puppet of Satan. God will not be with you. You cannot be Abel. In order for me to come this far, I had to pave the way for thirty years. [76-336]

You may wonder, "The moment in the dispensation has dawned, yet why is witnessing not going smoothly?" This is because of you. Right now, no matter where I go, I can be successful. It is no problem for me to do it. If I concentrate my spirit and enter that realm, then the environment will change immediately. So, this means that there is huge gap. They all look the same, but there is a huge gap between them. You must be thinking about how to create that.

Moreover, although you understand God's will right now, when can you hear the voice of God and when and where will you meet me spiritually? You must, with all your heart, long for this to take place. Then, everything will be taught to you. If you can be so preoccupied with that thought that you forget about sleeping, forget about eating, and even forget about your lover, then you will have a direct and complete communication. [94-157]

Ladies and gentlemen, you must grow such an intense heart of yearning toward me that you cannot even eat your meals; see what happens when you can do this. You will have a direct communication. You will be able to see what I am doing in America. This is not a lie. Do you understand what I mean? The ladder of heart, the antenna of heart can let you communicate with me. Despite this, if you are full of your own thoughts, and although you carry out my directions, but hesitate about the directions from your superiors according to your own calculation . . . You must correct this type of mentality. Do you understand? [Yes] [68-105]

Why have the witnessing activities of the Unification Church not been so successful so far? Because we could not meet this fundamental principle. Even now, I cannot afford to take a nap during the day. It has already become a habit so that if I tried to have a nap then my heart would feel . . . No matter how tired I am, I cannot take a nap. When I think about all the sufferings of the members all around the world, it goes against my conscience to do so. When I see the rain, I start to think of you. When it snows, I also think about you. This is why I go out to the ocean on a boat. Then, my heart is at peace. You should realize that at that moment, I am having a prayer. If I cannot go out, I try to voluntarily pursue some exhausting work. This is what is needed. As long as I am living this type of lifestyle, people will be willing to even face death for the sake of this teacher of the Unification Church. They will never bear any grievance against me. They will be grateful.

Furthermore, they always consider me as a friend in the frontline. They think of me as a friend in the frontline, not a friend in the defense-line. Members think of me as a commanding general in the frontline. You came here as the leader of the state, yet how much do you love this state? How much do you love the land in the state? How much do you love the people of the state? This is the problem. [131-333]

You say that witnessing is not going so well? The reason for the failure is lack of capability and faith . . . You should exert yourself to the full and repeat the activity twice, three times, four times, each time putting more effort than the previous time. Therefore, you should not become dispirited. Despair -- those who despair are unworthy. Do you also have the confidence to influence a state when you go out witnessing there? You should have the confidence, "I can take care of one state without any problem. A nation is no problem." Do you have such confidence? [Yes] [77-20]

2) The Key to Witnessing

When you are doing witnessing in the countryside, you should decide in your mind, several months for some people, that person after three months, that person after five months, that person one year and a half, some after three years . . . In this way, you should decide upon the length of periods during which you can build some foundation with people. Say, after one month, or two months; then, after having made plans for tens and hundreds of people, you should pray. Is that how all of you are doing it now? Are you gleaning the field? After the harvest in the fall, are you going to glean the field or till the land? [We will till the land.] If you are going to till the land, then you need a plan.

Suppose that according to your plan some person is needed after a certain number of months. Then, if things do not unfold as you have planed, then you should pray through the nights that the failure is due to the lack of your devotion. You should pray and fast. Since Godism is all about loving men, you have to love people.

This is the fundamental principle: Even if my own love is inadequate, because I am praying for the sake of others, God will listen to the prayers. But, have you ever done such prayer? Have you? You have all become hooligans and treacherous people who are the ruination of the Unification Church. You may complain, "Teacher returns to his homeland and does not even say one good word." Do you understand? [Yes] There is nothing better than these words. I am sharing with you the life philosophy that I have developed through my life of faith up to now. Do you understand? Try and see whether or not things will not work out as you do as I say. If it does not work out, then I am a false one. You should not believe in me. Perhaps I am a cheater, how do you know? You should try that, and believe in me.

When you meet a person walking on the road, if you do not feel so comfortable with him or her, then you should pray. When you visit a house, you should also pray for that family once you enter. You should praise them. Isn't that true? Witnessing to people and saving lives cannot be done so haphazardly. Therefore, whomever you meet, whether it is the leader of the town or some other person, you should try to analyze what type of person he is and then pray for that person. Witnessing is really interesting. Don't you think it is interesting? You should think about it. You should try to carry this out, and see if it is interesting or not, making plans in your mind, "That person in six months, that person in five months . . ." You should combine this kind of skills and conviction . . . And then, you should pray for that person day and night. When you see a person, then you can know right away.

Now, after having listened to me, do you understand where you are at right now? You are hooligans, scamps. Do you understand? Is this true or false? [True] What? It is true? [Yes] Are you trying to really become true ones? You should shed tears because you are longing for men.

You should think about this. Aren't you following me even after leaving your parents? Isn't this true? Don't you want to return to your hometown? Don't you want to meet your parents, brothers and sisters? Do you ever wonder, "Why do I have to do such work? Why do I have to leave my parents behind and wonder in these lonely mountains and rivers? Why do I have to meet with these people that I have never seen and met?" It is because of God. Because of God. God's situation is more miserable than that of your parents, brothers and sisters, and friends.

Therefore, you should not yearn for them. Instead, you should treat the members that come to visit as your parents, brothers, and sisters, disturbed by the fact that they must leave right afterwards; this is how it should be. Is your heart worried and saddened that they may get up and leave soon, so that you try to give them something to eat? You should have the body of a servant and the heart of parent. Then, when people come for a visit, and as they try to leave, they cannot get up. Do you understand? There is something mysterious there. You will experience it spiritually. It is very interesting.

When you deal with the members with this foundation, and you pray before falling asleep, "So and so will come tomorrow morning," he will surely come and visit you at the time that you have predicted. He will come for certain. Do you understand? [Yes] I also had this Kamiyama go through that training. I told him, "You pray and see. If you pray with this state of mind and this type of heart, then this will happen. You may think that God did not help you until now because you are an Oriental; but since you came to America, you should trust my words and act accordingly." So, Kamiyama believed it and followed through accordingly. As was expected, after he prayed that so and so come the next morning, that person really did come. This type of phenomena will take place. Do you understand what that means?

You must be engulfed in the heart of faith. To what degree? Just exceed the degree to which you yearn for your lover and see what unfolds. Then there will be a direct connection. You all heard of how people become lovesick, right? You should exceed that degree of intensity in your heart toward God and all will come to pass. When you are picking up your spoon, you automatically call out, "Father!" You will say to Him, "Let's have this meal together." You have to feel this to your bones. When you have this life experience, you will sense that it is very natural. When you sit down somewhere, you will cry out, "Father!" When you have some good clothes you will automatically want to offer it to Him, and before you wear good clothes, you will want to put something good on Him first. If you can have this kind of attitude toward me, and are sincerely concerned about me, then you will see before you a vision of me wearing good clothes. You need to have this kind of experience. There is a key to witnessing. It is greatly yearning for a person who is about to go back just after paying you a visit, and feeling unbearably sorrowful that he is leaving. Even after midnight and two in the morning, if he says that he wants to leave, then your heart must, be shaken up and wish that he stay for a little more. If you can have this kind of heart, then the church will definitely be revived.

I have been living up to now centering on that principle. If you examine me closely, you will very much sense that from me. When members gather, even after midnight or two, three in the morning, they try their best to stay with me a little longer. Without this base of heart, there cannot be any progress. The parental heart will dwell in such a place.

You must inherit the parental heart that wishes to sleep in the same room and always be with the child. When someone is wearing worn out clothes, you should feel shame. Even when a brother or sister sees that, they will be sad, so how much so is it when a parent sees that? When a parent sees that the child has become skinny because he or she had nothing to eat, then the parent will take out something that he or she has put aside and give it to the child despite his or her own hunger. This is the kind of heart you should have. [23-67]

You should not take my words lightly as if it is coming from the mouth of some neighbor. You have to put your life on it, and even if you cannot do other things, you have to at least carry this out. There is not much to the path of witnessing. There are only two things: having people listen to and read about the Divine Principle.

What are you trying to do by witnessing on the street? What are you going to do after you bring them along? It is to have them listen to and read from the Principle words. [96-131]

When you are witnessing, how do you talk about love? You lead your life with love and see what happens. People who see you in the town will automatically come to look for you. If the pressure decreases in the atmosphere, then the air from a high-pressure zone will rush into it inevitably. When you love, you are creating a low-pressure atmosphere. Therefore, all from the high pressure zone will rush in.

A person like me will never go hungry in harsh environments like Africa. My way of dealing with nature is different, and my lifestyle is also different. Because a low-pressure atmosphere will be created, the high-pressure zone will approach me in a flying speed. Pressure has to be evened out by filling in. I do not even have to make an effort in witnessing. This is how you should live. You don't have to go out witnessing. Then, God will come looking for you. I smell fragrance coming from there . . . Do butterflies approach blossoming flowers because flowers tell them to come? Butterflies come because the aroma attracts them. They come because they smell the fragrance. Everyone turns his nose away to the north saying, "Unification Church is a cult. It is bad and terrible;" on the contrary, you have turned your nose to the south, to the direction of the church, and before you even know it, you are heading this way because of the fragrance given out. You will be pulled into it more and more. [44-251]

We are not witnessing with weapons. We are doing it with love. Abel must save Cain with love, and on that foundation of victory he must, with true love, restore what was taken away with false love. Only then can we return to the original world where no contradictions exist. You must be aware of the fact that as long as you are limiting yourself to certain methods, Satan still has other means to deal with it. [40-250]

Satan has his own strategy. He has offensive tactics. You have to understand what they are. What does he attack? Why did Satan become Satan? He uses the means and content by which he became Satan. What he is saying is, "If you are like me and if you behave like me, then you are Satan. You are on my side."

So, let's examine how Satan became Satan. When Satan made his first contacts with Eve, would he have said rudely, "Hey you, Eve," or would he have accosted her with a big smile? How did he approach her? [With a smile] So, when you are doing witnessing, (showing with facial expressions) should you be in a bad mood like this, or should you put on a smiling face? [Put on a smiling face]

Now, the key to capturing Satan, the wicked one, is the same. Because it is the same, then you must convince people with the most effective words. It is a method of propaganda similar to that employed by the communists, putting forth the argument, "What is your living situation like? While yours is that miserable and horrible, where we live is this wonderful."

Man has a double standard. This is how Satan is. Then can we on God's side also be like that? [No] Then, we must be genuinely happy both inside and outside. This is the way. If you have been fighting with brothers in the morning, can you put on a nice smile when you are doing witnessing? [No] If you do that, then Satan will say, "Hey you! You are just like me." You have to possess inner happiness in your heart and that should be manifested through your body. This is how God's happiness and Satan's happiness are different. If you compare their strengths, one is only half as strong, and for this reason, God's side will prevail. It makes sense theoretically. Because adding internal and external aspects will double the amount, God's side will win. It will triumph because it is twice as strong. Satan only has half the strength because his inside and outside are contradictory. Our side, on the other hand, is double the power because the inside and outside are the same. Since it is double in amount, eventually Satan will retreat. What I have told you so far is the key to witnessing. [76-333]

3) One-to-one Witnessing Is Better

You should witness to people on a one-to-one basis. One to one, one to one, this should be the tactic. This is how you should do it. [96-316]

You need a one-to-one tactic, one-to-one tactic. How much were you able to focus your efforts on one [person]. As the number of your efforts increase, then the number of people who are involved will also increase. Do you understand what that means! There is not much else. You should treat them with all your heart and soul, and when they can be touched by the way you are exerting yourself to the utmost for one purpose, for that nation and world, then they can be inspired to join; this takes up 70%. 70%.

If you bring someone off the street, then even if they come one time, because they themselves do not initially have genuine interest, then they will all disappear. On the other hand, if you focus your whole effort on one person and bring him along, then because he is bound to be more interested and appreciative, then he will listen closely asking about the ideology in detail, and as a result he will listen on till the end. Do you understand? This is very logical. Do you understand? [Yes] [70-122]

Do not try to witness to two or three people at the same time. Do one at a time. When people are born, they come out one by one and not two at a time. Do you like having twins? You should focus on one only. Only one at a time. Accordingly, you should try to witness to one person per month, and with the plan to bring twelve people in a year, you should make devotion throughout the whole year.

If you were to succeed in bringing in 12 people through your devoted efforts in the twelve months, then we will have 50 new members per every person. Why? It is because the newly joined will inherit as tradition, the effort that you have put in him, and will follow suit in witnessing activities. They will realize, "Ah! He has been putting that much effort in witnessing to me," and from the moment that they join and sit down to listen to the truth, they will be making the determination, "I also should be testifying to so and so." Then, the next person who joins through the new members will also continue on the tradition and such phenomena will spread outwards at incredible speed. You should be aware of this and walk the singular path of the restoration. [23-310]

4) Conversation During Witnessing

When you are witnessing, you have to be very careful in what you are saying. You must first figure out if he is a plus type or a minus type, and then speak according to his personality. Men are divided into two types of plus and minus. To a minus type of person, you should never talk to him when he is in a gloomy mood. For a plus type person, you should talk to him when he is happy. When they are depressed and overwhelmed with sorrow, you should not say any joyful things. In that situation, you should try to be sensitive to his feelings and display sympathy. To plus type of persons, you should not talk to them while they are in plus type of mood. On the contrary, you should talk to them when they are in the minus mode. If you talk to them while they are in the plus mood, in other words, when they are happy, then they cannot keep the words close to their heart and will forget them all. Therefore, you should try to avoid these circumstances, and talk to them when they are in serious mood. [42-173]

In order for you to find people, you should be prepared to go places that are like the spring season, the summer season, the autumn season, and the winter season, and shed blood, sweat and tears. You should be saying to yourself, "I will love people who are of the spring season, summer season, autumn season, and winter season. I will even love the people of the winter season, the Russian people." Only after that, you can love your spouse. This is the process of restoration. [96-152]

You should not feel depressed or lonely just because someone does not pay much attention to your word even after pouring your whole heart into him or her. If you accept that this how the universal Principle is, then you will be blessed. That person will never become sorrowful or lonely. Because it is nearing the time, spring breezes will start to blow. On the other hand, to those who could not receive your heart and efforts, an autumn wind will blow down. This is telling one that one's moment is nearing. [42-174]

After inspiring one person to join, you should take care of him or her warmly, staying up nights to share the words of truth, just as I have done to you. If you ignore members when they come to visit, then who would be willing to come back? You cannot lose the yearning heart in the early days of the church that sincerely longed for new members. [21-321]

5) Things to Keep in Mind During Witnessing

When you go out witnessing, I often see that while your words are great, telling people, "The Principle of Creation is like this and the Principle of the Fall is like that. It is good for you to believe in Unification Church," but you act completely according to your whims. You talk well. But that is not good enough. Instead, if there is a person A, then for that person A you should offer a sincere prayer. The problem is how to set the condition of having loved the person more than his own parents. This is a real fight. How can I win him over with the heart that surpasses those of his own father and mother? This is the problem.

Because men are spiritual beings, they do not want to go where it is declining, and want to be at a prosperous place. The issue at stake, then, is how to be in a position to benefit him, and let him sense that you love him more than his own parents. The love that I am talking about here is not the secular love of the outside world. [50-279]

Witnessing should not be done centering on words. People follow because of their own self-realization. It is important how you connect your own area of responsibility to the purpose of the whole. [24-81]

Your witnessing efforts in the sixties so far were done for the purposes of boasting oneself or for the sake of saving people? You should deeply reflect on it for the sake of salvation. Did you do it to save the Christians? Actually, you did it to boast. This is the problem. [34-273]

If you look at the line that someone is connected to, then he or she is receiving the love his or her parents. When he is receiving the love of parents, brothers and sisters, it is very difficult to persuade him to follow the way of dispensation. You should be able to evaluate that. For that kind of people, you have to present something good. You must show something that is beneficial. But presentation alone is not enough. You have to do something to spark emotions of love in him and make a connection with you.

Then, what do you have to do? Here you need love that is just like leaven. They use the metaphor of leaven in the bible, right? Love that resembles leaven is the love of God. How do I feel God's love? I told you early to pray for one person's life; you should pray for some person. You should pray for that person through the nights, and see what unfolds. We have many older men and women here, and you all know that it is impossible for someone to comprehend the sorrow caused by the death of children unless he goes through the experience himself, right? [Yes] Those who have the experience of raising a child and see him pass away can understand that heart. If you love with the heart that surpassed that, then everyone without an exception will be led to follow. [50-280]

Using the whole organization for one's selfish reasons is the same as using God. You should always beware of this and be careful. Therefore, when people visit the church or when you are out witnessing, you should never occupy your mind with the question, "Would this person give a lot of donation?" Do not wish that it were someone with authority and power, or have some other specific traits. Regardless of one's ability and character, one's mother gives him birth, raises him on the same bowl of soup, and provided equal love. Isn't this right? All men are equal in the aspect that all of them grew up by trusting their precious lives in the hands of the parents. Inside the parental heart, there cannot be discrimination. [33-164]

When you are out witnessing, you may wish that you can bring in someone who is very wealthy, but what is the use? Is that done for the sake of the Unification Church or for the sake of that person? You should never ever plan to ask that wealthy person to make a donation in order to enhance your own financial situation. While you are trying to save people, you should never think about material things. You should make clear judgments on this type of things while you are walking this path.

When you meet someone, you should not judge someone as good or bad. If you want to become someone of high status, then you must be able to take care of people below you well. [34-250]

You should not make wrong choices when selecting people. For a beggar or any type of person, the problem is not being incapable. Rather, those who are inadequate have better faith than those who are very capable do. People will be unable to go to sleep before coming to you, if they really can feel through you the loving heart that they have never experienced, even from their own parents. They will come early in the morning even without eating their breakfast. Try and see if it is true or not. You cannot come up with the excuse that you cannot make it in witnessing because you are not so capable. That does not make any sense. [1969.5.12]

When you witness, do not pick and chose. Do you understand? [Yes] My original character has always been that when I see a passing beggar shivering in the cold winter, after I come home, I could not eat or sleep. This is my character. I even asked my parents to bring the beggar inside the bedroom to give him something to eat, and then send him off . . . Don't you think that this is the basis for God to love?

Accordingly, you should not be selective when witnessing. Do you understand? [Yes] You should be asking, "Why was this person sent to me? Wasn't there a purpose when he was sent to me?" You must help accomplish that purpose 100%. If you could not achieve that, then you should realize that it is the responsibility of the regional leader to shed tears of repentance that there was a personal reason why you could not fulfill it, and make a firm determination to make another opportunity for that person to come back. [56-35]

6) The Difficulty of Witnessing and Overcoming

Witnessing is like giving birth. Based on my experience, in order to win the total trust of one person so that he can believe in me more than my own child would, I must give three times more effort than giving birth. After inspiring him to join, you must still be responsible for him. When a person who was going this way comes back this way, then you may shed tears because you are shocked and touched, or, you may feel intense fury or distress; in this way, you must experience a kind of explosion of heart that you have never experienced before. [66-215]

When you are beaten or persecuted while you are out witnessing, then you must first be concerned about the work of heaven before you think about your misery. You must try to forgive those who have done wrong to you. Then Satan also cannot hit God. He might be able to attack one who represents God, but he cannot hit God directly. This is the way of life. When you are grateful, this sets a condition in the satanic world. The environment that attacked me will face accusations. Jesus also set such conditions of indemnity. [15-145]

Some members often lose their hope as they face the difficulties of witnessing, but for what sake did they start? When you consider the question of for whose sake the mission was begun, and centering on whom that purpose was to bear the fruit, you can see that he is clearly a traitor. [60-24]

When you first go out witnessing in a region, you will find that at the very beginning there is always a period in which you have to be under shackles. You must break through this period of shackles. Then, some time after that will come the period of gunfire. Most people perish during this period of gunfire. Therefore, you must look for a new path centering on the period of gunfire. Otherwise, the period of gunfire will judge you. [42-174]

The first to pose opposition to your witnessing activities are the old people. When you follow this way of principle, the first to oppose are grandfathers. They will come out and oppose, with a long tobacco pipe in their mouth and walking in long strides typical of nobility, and say, "You there! Who are these people that are making so much noise?" Then fathers will put up opposition. Then older brother-type of people will oppose. You must be opposed by these three generations. You have to receive opposition. When we examine fallen history, grandfathers are Adam-type; they are the Adam-type of Satan's camp. Fathers are the Satan that opposed Jesus. Then there must be Cain. Thus, you must conquer Cain-type grandfather, Cain-type father, and Cain-type older brother. [24-340]

You already know from your experiences during witnessing that those who oppose are the parents. Parents who have been loving and caring for their children are those that put up opposition. Do you think anyone ever will say, "Oh, I am so happy that my son is believing in the Unification Church. There is no other church like it." Did you ever meet a parent who was like that? Those who put up intense opposition and become enemies are the parents who have been pouring their heart out for their children. That father and mother are sure to stand in the opposition. This is the principle. This is for the sake of restoration of indemnity. Accordingly, indemnity is the problem. You must be very clear on this principle. [34-91]

It is natural that you will be persecuted, opposed and beaten during witnessing campaigns, but you should be grateful that you are at least not killed. Think about the time you first began this path of dispensation. At the site of death you are cursed at, and while you are being cursed at you get to meet, and after meeting you have a chance to talk, and in the meanwhile you can begin to like each other and make progress through your conversations. [42-172]

When you are witnessing centering on the clan, there will always be someone who will oppose. If there is someone who does oppose, then you must be more zealous than he. Even if Satan attacks me, I should pray for the opposition. If they oppose with great intensity, then you have to be more ardent, so that you can do things for the sake of the people on your side. Only then can you achieve a balance. Satan's camp attacks while this camp makes devotion . . . . By doing so, by making devotion that is more powerful than Satan's attack, you must obtain the recognition that you have done more for the sake of that person than those who are persecuting. This is how it is. You should carry on your fight like this. If there is someone who is persecuting, then you must try harder than him. Do you understand?

In order to pull in someone from the Satanic camp you have to demolish Satan, and since you came to conquer, if Satan who is attacking you possesses some strength, then you must try harder than that in order to attack that side. Then you must be more persevering and make more devotion, and you must be better. Otherwise, you cannot bring victorious results. This is the principle of nature. [56-59]

Ladies and gentlemen, the thing through which you can appraise the results of Satan's activities is . . . You do the witnessing and see. You will find that when you have made an appointment to see someone very important to testify to the truth, then often there will be some accidents. Do you have such experiences? [Yes] So, we members of the Unification Church understand well that Satan exists. We know that they are without fail working twenty-four hours regardless of whether it is night or day. So, you should go forward with the attitude, "I will do even one second more than twenty-four hours." Only then will there be some condition for God to cooperate. You cannot prevail over Satan unless you have the confidence and conviction that you will do more than Satan. You cannot purge it. [76-246]

When you are trying to witness to someone after joining the church, as you try to meet with someone, the guests somehow always have accidents. This is reciprocal; the evil is putting up opposition. Examining this, the final determination is made at the place where only God and I remain. So, Satan is trying to tell you to bring someone alone in order that you may not go alone. He is telling you not to go alone. A person who is about to undergo destruction will not meet his fate alone. He tries to drag someone in. Even those who are leaving Unification Church never want to break away alone. He tries to persuade someone next to him to drag him out together. This is Satan's intention. A good person does not judge others. The reason that it is written in the Bible, "Do not judge others. Do not criticize others," is to prevent that kind of things. [45-72]

When you are out witnessing, some of you say, "When so and so goes out, then everything goes well, but why is that when I go out, my efforts do not bear any fruit? The more I do, the only thing that increases is my suffering." Why is it like this? The reason they are suffering so much is because they have to pay much indemnity. I went out witnessing from that day on, but thing did not start to go well from that day. You must start paying indemnity from the day that you start.

If you retreat saying, "I cannot do this because it is too difficult, despite the fact that you have the responsibility to indemnify it, then you can never go over the hill, and you will have to retreat because you are always falling backwards. If this goes on, then eventually you will collapse out of exhaustion, and run away. [155-296]

7) Witnessing to Christian Churches

You must witness to the Christians. You should never forget the persecution you received during witnessing, and the fury you felt as all those whom you have been treating with great sincerity look down on you as a cult member and a swindler. You should not be a man without bones. You should never forget that and you should tell yourself, "Didn't I face this and that event at that time?" You cannot forget for the rest of your life the moments when you were undergoing misery and agony while living for the sake of heaven and righteousness more than anyone else.

You must dispel this resentment together with the people and the world. You must pull out this root of resentment. You must understand this. We are waiting only because the time has not come, but when we start to act on it, all will be liquidated immediately. When would that time come? It is approaching us increasingly close. When you know that the day is approaching . . . I am telling you that the day is coming. [56-58]

8) Guiding Someone After They Join

It did not matter to me whether it was night or day. You should not distinguish night and day. Whether it is night or day is not the important question. When you go out witnessing, if people do not listen to you, then you should tie them up with ropes, and holding it by one end drag him along.

Yes, if he initially displays a positive attitude, then all will go fine. It should not be done by force. After that as soon as one is inspired to join, then you should drive him at once. That course of act is on the workshop system. One person should make a complete connection with three people. When they are hungry you should feed them, and help them in all matters. You should help him study, and serve him in every way. You should clothe him, and provided him places to sleep. This is what we are doing here. As they come, if they do not have money, then provide with money saying, "Now, you should go and study. After you are done with studying, pay back only as much as you are grateful for." You should raise them quickly and help them become strong fighters. [76-334]

It is critical for those who have joined to develop a way to have generative abilities for their faith. Having done that, you should raise them up to become people who can follow your directions in any circumstance. You must first achieve this through the word, then through your actions, and finally through your heart of faith; then, he will never break away. After that, you should try to have them witness. You must raise them to the level where they can start to witness to others. If you can achieve this, then you will not lose a single person that you have witnessed to.

Just as how you can understand the true meaning of filial piety only after having given birth, you can sense the value of our path and experience the concrete existence of God only after you have carried it out in action yourself. That kind of person will never take off. However, we have not been able to nurture this kind of people. This is the main reason why the Unification Church could not develop. This is the key problem. [29-197]

We should make strategies that can make an impact and carry on the fight by using the three-dimensional background. Just like the war, when you have to fire cannon, fire rifles, and engage in defensive firing. Witnessing must employ similar tactics. If we can use the three-dimensional spirit world as the background and do witnessing in the spiritual atmosphere where good ancestors are mobilized, then how exciting would it be?

You should not plan to witness to ten people at a time, but try to do one person at a time. Then, through the one who joined, you should try to pull in his friends. For those friends, you should just do the lecturing, and leave the rest to the new member to guide and teach his friend. You can become a man only after having the experience of raising others.

Similarly, if you can distribute the detail work that you have been doing alone so far, and expand the sphere of responsibility, then members will naturally increase. Yet, if the members are just sitting there, much like pinecones that just hang down, then how can there be new leaves and roots sprouting out? [42-161]

Section 2 - Witnessing (Part 4)

4. Examples of the Method of Witnessing

1) "I Came to Drink Some Water"

In the past, when people asked the Unification Church members on witnessing campaigns where they came from, they used to answer, "Where did I come from? I was just passing by and I stopped to just ask for some water." Does this feel good or bad? [Bad] From now on, you must move forward with your wide-open chest. [44-205]

2) "Are You Really the Leader of the Village?"

There are leaders in all the villages that you go to. When you visit the leader and ask him if he is the leader, he will say, "Yes, I am the leader." If you ask him again several times even after he answers affirmatively, then it is like being in the defensive position after being struck once. If you tell him, "It seems that there is no real village leader in this world," then he will ask, "Why is there no leader? How can you be so offensive in front of people?" Then, you should reply, "Well, please listen to me. A real village leader should do this and that. But did you ever do that?" He probably never heard such words before. Suppose that you follow him around and show that you love the village more than his own children do, then if he was a true leader, would he chase you out from the village, or get to like you? [Get to like us.]

If you were to run around day and night like a mad man, asking people if there is anything that needs to be done in the village, then would this be against the law? It will be permitted without any objections. It will not breach any law. Do you think that it will breach any law of this world built on injustice? It will not. The site of the heaven where one can naturally possess the right of liberation will be found under such circumstances. This is theoretically sound.

For this reason, you should love people like crazy. You should be crazy about it regardless of day or night. At the dawn, or at any other time, and loving the village more than your own family members, you should weep and toil, thinking that the village is the place where your dreams will unfold. You should be grateful for your toilsome labor and grateful for being cursed at and chased out. This is one of the ways to bring harmony so that your love can become three-dimensional. After a year and three years pass while you are living with such a standard of heart, the village will kneel down and submit before the person. This is the law of the universe. [44-205]

3) You Must Enhance Your Spiritual Sensitivity.

If you have a yearning heart for someone, then even if there is a barrier placed between the two of you, you can somehow go over that barrier. Even if you are keeping silent, such a miracle will take place. The spirit world will fill in the gap. When I was in the Hungnam prison, I did not witness through my words. I witnessed without words. The spirit world mobilized itself and provided assistance. This is because it would have been a disaster if they did not help.

It is all the same. Therefore, when you go out to the countryside, you must do this. How is the frontier? In the sixties, I went to visit all the well known sites. I really regret that I did not take the time in the past to visit all the places in the peninsula. Visiting every village . . . It cannot be done because I have too much work.

I would very much like to go around to every house in each town as a county magistrate and ask them for a glass of water to drink. Are you not curious what kind of houses you will find in the villages and what kind of people live in these houses? You cannot become a leader without such mentality.

You should be thinking about what kind of people you may meet on the street, and who the first, second and third person that you meet will be. In the meanwhile, you should be praying, "Father, what kind of person is he? I am hoping to meet such and such a person, but what kind of person is he?" If the content of your prayer and meditation coincides with the actual people that you run into, then you will be overwhelmed with joy. As you have more and more of this type of experiences, your spiritual senses will become more sensitive.

As you are setting out for the day, you will suddenly have the feeling that you will meet such and such a person. Men's spirits can connect to each other without a limit. When you meet the exact same person that you have anticipated earlier in your mind, then you will be shocked. Similarly, your thoughts and the spiritual senses coming from the spiritual world will often be foretelling the actual situation. You must have more of these experiences. Do you understand what I am trying to say? [Yes]

Through these types of senses and premonitions, you can begin to feel the emotions of people as well as predict the fortunes of the nation. Through these experiences, you should increase your spiritual sensitivity. Then, you will be having visions about the future of the nation. You can be contemplating while walking on the street as well as in empty places or serious places. [30-150]

4) God's Lure to Catch the Satanic World

Witnessing is the same as catching fish with nets. Can you catch fish by just putting out the nets and telling them to come in? You have to drive them so that fish will come into the nets. Similarly, you have to drive people for witnessing. What kinds of people excel in catching fish? It is the people who work hard. If you try hard in every way you can, trying out all different methods, then . . . Your result will depend on the amount of time you spent and the number and effectiveness of the methods you used. The same logic holds true. [96-131]

Regardless of whether you are the church leader or regional leader, if you give an anti-communist lecture, then you can always get a free meal. If you do well, you will also not go hungry during dinner. However, you do not realize that in God's dispensation, God is trying to use me as the lure to catch the satanic world. Are you going to be God's bait or not? [We will] God's witnessing method is fishing with you as the bait. Isn't this true? [Yes] You have to become lures for God. As lures, you must catch Satan, right?

There has never been a case where the evil side has not perished after gulping down the good side. If it swallows, then the seed of goodness will enter its body, and using the body as its base it will grow large. The self will grow and the body will also be resurrected in a new form. Isn't that how it is? If parents want to raise the children, then the mother must breast feed the child. When the mother gives out all the best part of her, both the child and the mother can live. Both will live. On the contrary, if she does not feed the child, then she will become sick. Similarly, it is your mission to become the bait, as God is trying to fish this satanic world.

What do you have to do as bait? You have to attract the attention. In order to do that, you have to be of good quality. They should not spit you out after tasting you in their mouths. After they bit on you because you look delicious, they should not spit you out after tasting you church leaders. If that takes place, then even those who came in through much effort will leave. It is like eating up many live people. You have killed them. They leave after only a few days, right? If you go and visit them the next day, they run away out of fear that they may run into you. [47-337]

5) Go Where You Planned

If you were raised as orphans, then you will only grow up to be orphans. Who are the orphans and the children of widows? What do you call them? What do you call those who grew up without a father? [A boor] Yes, they call them a boor, or a child of a widow. Those who were raised as a child of a widow will only grow up to become a child of a widow. For this reason they need brothers. It is an absolute necessity. You should have old people living in your churches and serve them. This is what all of you should do. Do you understand? [Yes]

You should be doing witnessing in this way from now on. As you do witnessing from now . . . Then, you must exert yourself after coming to like that kind of God and nurturing fondness for people. You must become devotional. After that, how are you going to do witnessing? You should not carry it out haphazardly, but have a focus. I have just given such directions all over the world. In New York, each person is responsible for 120 households. I have made the record for all of them. Having been assigned to just 120 households, they are to visit only those houses! As some as you have some time, you should go and knock on the door! Soon, you may be visiting them ten, twenty, thirty, or fifty times. Isn't this how it should be?

The 120 households will be influenced according to the number of your visits as well as your unchanging attitude. This conclusion is the result of your examination so far.

This is the result of the experiments carried out during the witnessing activities in the 21 cities. It has been proven that the rate of success in witnessing results is proportional to the rate of sincere and truthful contacts with the people; therefore, we must implement the same policy all over the world. I gave such direction in England before a gathering of missionaries from 20 nations.

Accordingly, even for the missionaries, if their witnessing area is not assigned yet, then they should chose 30 or some such number of houses, and only visit the designated places. If you meet someone on the street, even if you have a deep conversation with him or her for say, thirty minutes, no matter how wonderful the content, it is easy to be forgotten after you break off. On the contrary, if you visit the designated places that you have been laying a foundation, then the thirty-minute conversation will maintain its original value. If you have met ten times, the value will increase ten times. Isn't this true?

We have passed by the period of street witnessing and arrived at the time of focused witnessing; we have left behind the time of multi-directional witnessing to the period of focused witnessing. Because we need more membership, we have no choice but to carry on this type of activities. This is my direction. If you devote yourself for twelve months, and just ten people among the 120 household welcome you, then it should not be so difficult to witness to those ten people, right? If a woman from one household starts to believe in the truth, then you should not pull that one person out, but move into that house. After moving in, you should gather the woman's husband and children, and give a lecture before them.

Thus, when one person becomes a member, you should not just think that the person is our member, but centering on him, lay the foundation so that the whole family can be recognized as members. This is the direction that I have given.

Accordingly, you must go on a lecturing tour, a lecturing tour. It is very difficult for the woman to bring her husband to the church. They will not listen after one time. Only after ten and twenty times . . . The woman must be so concerned that her husband will not comply. So she must work up her confidence to ask the first time. She won't able to speak so smoothly once she opens her mouth; then the second time around she will have to make much greater effort. This is how man's psychology is.

As we can learn from that, you should from the very beginning avoid such wasting of energy, and just go to her house to give the lecture yourself. Because you made the effort to come and speak, and what you say is more intelligible as what his wife has been saying, he at least won't be able to deny your words. Rather, because he is hearing good words that he has never heard before, he will become more interested and gradually . . . Then, the woman also will be helping from the side.

If the woman's life has changed for the better after she joined, then her husband will be touched, and since such feelings are proportional, you should quickly centering on the family . . . So long as the husband does not put up opposition, witnessing to the children will be achieved in a definite manner because their mother is standing in the front as the vanguard. Do you understand? [Yes] Then, if you have relatives, you should find an occasion like some party or birthday when they can come together, and at those times, you should give them lectures. Otherwise, you should have the woman send out invitations to all her relatives so that they can gather at such and such time for a meal, and you should go as a visiting guest to give the lecture. If they ask who made the introduction, then the woman should say, "Oh, he is the church leader in this place, and don't you want to listen to him?" Having said that, she does not have to say that she is already a member, but just mention, "I have heard him speak, and I found it very interesting. So I wanted to hear more from him. Won't you like to listen together?" If you tell them like this, they really have no reason to refuse. This is the type of activities we should carry on.

Thus, I have been encouraging expanding witnessing activities that connect horizontally to the four directions through personal networks. My special direction to the worldwide movement this time is strengthening witnessing campaign of our church through the lecturing methods that center on families. Do you understand? [Yes] After you go back, this is also what you should do. [70-183]

6) Witnessing Efforts Must be Focused

If you have any time left during your mission, even going to the bathroom should be done in your assigned place of activity. As for resting, you should also rest there. You should not go to some other place. If you have to rest, then find a suitable tree and sleep under it. If you are going to cause dogs to bark at you, you should do so in that village. Everything should be done in this manner. If you have brought a lunch box, then you should go there to eat it. If you want to sing, then you should sing there. Whatever the case, you should try your best in that place.

Why have we made such a strategy? I have been gathering data until now in the 21 and 32 cities by using this strategy. I make the inquiry, "How did you get connected with the members of Unification Church, through the media?" Then I analyze and divide the source of contact into newspaper, radio, and television by making X and 0. Then, I make a statistics on such facts as, how many times they came to the church; if they have a relative who has already joined, was it the relative who brought them to the movement, or was it the members of the church that made you stay and try to persuade you with the utmost devotion. The more one attends the worship meetings, the higher the likelihood of his joining the movement. Do you understand? [Yes]

If you meet someone once on the street, no matter how much effort you make to move that person, it will rarely bear fruit. After meeting a person one time, if you want to make the same impact then you have to try just as hard the second time; on the contrary, if you visit someone at home and make the same effort, you will find that the result will remain. If you go back the next day, you will find that it is very much like having poured water into an empty cup, so every time you exert yourself, the water in the cup will increase.

For this reason, if you continue to exhibit a sincere heart two and three times, since you are the type of pure and righteous youths that America needs, they will be touched and feel compelled to give in to your request. Why? It is because you are very much like their children. They will be saying to themselves, "My children are out there as hippies and playboys, yet how can they be so pure? If I can become close to them, then may be they can have a good influence on my children." If they have such thoughts, then they will readily agree. They will without fail be very interested and agree to the request of the youth. This has been proven true through our statistics. Do you understand?

Accordingly, if you shun away from dispersed witnessing efforts and make more focused attempt, then it will be powerful. So, how many more people did you meet . . . If you can determine this and examine the data scientifically, you will understand that what I am saying is true.

So, you must spend at least three hours each day at the witnessing area. During your three hours, you should visit the house, ring the doorbell, and say, "I came again. Is grandmother there?" But, say no more. If they ask you, "Why do you come every day like this?" then you should simply reply, "I came because I miss grandmother." In this way you should make a connection, and after that, as you give a lecture, you should not say too much. It should be a five-minute lecture. At the most 15 minutes; you should not exceed 15 minutes. Then, you should visit every day and through these efforts strengthen the bond.

Next, for those who are useful . . . If you circle around once, twice, then you can generally tell in which house a good family resides and in which house an evil family resides. You should divide them into A, B, and C groups, according to such categories as the Christian group, etc. Then, you should only visit those houses that will welcome you. As you enter the house, you should say, "I am here," and help them clean up the house and cook meals. This is not someone else's house. Similarly, you should use tactics that will naturally turn them around. This is how you should carry it out. [72-5 1]

7) Witnessing Through the Children

In Chung Pyung, I often went fishing and caught crabs. There is no other way; you must drive them. They must be driven. You have driven them before? [Yes] In the past, because the net is small and the trap door is small, all the baby rabbits jumped out; since they did not go into the door, witnessing did not bear much fruit. On the contrary, since both door and net are big now, if witnessing still does not bring much result then it means that you have not driven them too well. Isn't this so? [Yes] Are you confident about driving them? [Yes] Are you confident? [Yes] What are you going to drive them with? With thought? You should drive them with your thought, with fists, with eyes, with nose, and with kicks.

Look. If you are going to witness, you should research folk tales of children. This is the most effective way. If three children in the village are gathered, you should tell them interesting folk tales. You should tell them interesting stories from the past. If you do that, then children will run back toward the church as soon as they finish their meal telling their mother, "Mom, I am going to see so and so." Then, parents will follow them along for sure. Do you understand? [Yes] The farther away the church is located, the better it is. Then, parents will certainly accompany them worrying that they may fall into the rice field on the way. This is how it is.

If the parents say, "I do not know who the person in this church was, but since my child likes you more than even his own father or mother . . ." then you should invite the mother in and praise the child before her. You should talk about how the child is and how his features are, adding that he is more handsome than the parents. If you say those words of praise, then she will smile brightly. Is there anyone who does not like to listen to words of praise? You are also like that, right? Even if you are aware of your shortcomings, if someone says good things, then you are still happy, aren't you? Isn't this so? If you praise their children, they will be very glad.

After that, you should make an analysis of the child's personality, and advise that he should be educated in such and such ways, adding that for that reason you have been telling him this and that kinds of stories. Then, you can ask the parent if she has been teaching him that way. Her face will grow red out of embarrassment. Next, you should ask why she did not do so. At this moment, you don't have to be so polite. You should mention that the woman reminds you of your older sister, with whom you have spent much time playing together. Then, using more direct words, you can even scold her a little. Then she will smile. This is how you become close. She still will not be offended, but will come to like you. Because you have done much more praising than scolding, because your harsh words only take up a fraction of your praise, there will be enough room for her to accept it.

If you continue, "If you guide him like this on this aspect, then this child will not only be able to lead the village, but also become a saintly figure that the nation needs," she will be so happy. As you then ask her, "Are you going to do it like that or not?" she will reply, "I will, from now on." At that moment, if you offer, "I will guide and take care of your house," then she will smile.

Since you made the promise to give guidance, you should visit the family. This is doing witnessing. You should go into their bedroom and ask her to introduce her husband, then you should witness to them both . . . This is how you should do witnessing. [73-130]

8) You Cannot be Successful in Witnessing if You Cannot be Flexible

When you observe things, you should have the aptitude to understand the situation well; on the other hand, if you cannot apply your mind, then you cannot even witness. Why can't you do it? For example, suppose that a dog in the village is barking loudly. Then you should intentionally go near it and say out loud, "Since the dog is like this, its owner must be bad." Having heard this, the owner will come out. At that moment, you should try to look embarrassed and offer apology, "Oh, I have made a mistake. I have cursed at a dog owned by a gentleman . . . Although the dog is like that, the owner is surely a fine gentleman." If you say that, then even if the owner was going to curse at you, he will smile . . . This is how you become friends.

When there is a cow tied down in the middle of a field, you should enter the village riding on the cow. This is witnessing. No one saw you untie the cow, right? Therefore, as you ride it in, you should ask, "Whose cow is this?" You should go around the village and say, "This cow was feeding on someone's crops, so I brought it in thinking that someone in the village owned it. Whose cow is this?" The owner will come out and say, "Oh, is that so? Thank you for bringing it in." As dinnertime nears, you can have a meal in their house and witness in the meanwhile.

The lies that you have said under such circumstances are not lies. You are just trying it out as a convenient strategy and method. You are trying it out to examine the world and leave a record. So, would God consider it as sin? If by doing so, the owner can go to a good place and be benefited. When you are bringing benefit to them, even a lie is not a sin. It is a sin if you bring them loss.

Now, you still cannot be successful in witnessing? How can it still go so wrong when you've got so many nets placed out there? If there are young people in the village, you should gather them and exercise with them. You should do it first thing in the morning. (Demonstrating with gestures) Even if you started out doing it alone, since young people like to exercise, they will flock around you.

On top of a hill, on the holy ground, if you can prepare several square meters of space . . . That won't cost so much money. After you have gathered several people and exercise with much noise, if you beat on a gong loud enough to be heard everywhere in the village, they will rush toward you. You can even bring them to the church to exercise. First, you must like each other: and people must like each other. Everyone must feel close. Isn't this so? On the seacoast, you can do it centering on the ocean, and on a mountain you can do it centering on the mountain.

Then why can't you still do it? How can you be successful if you are lying down and daydreaming all day? You should run around busy twenty-four hours a day. Even a tiger travels far at night to look for a prey; yet how can a person who is trying to help God's work expect to do it by just sitting down waiting for people to come? Do you think that Satan will just send his children to you? It will never come true.

You must research how to become a friend with someone you have just met for the first time so that you can be closer to him than a lifelong friend or anyone else. My witnessing method is that wonderful. So, in witnessing activities . . . It is acceptable for the younger generation to do things such as trip, someone walking past and say greetings to him as you help him up. This is how it is. [75-132]

9) People Must Become Close

When you go back, then you should stir up some problem which will keep the people in the village from sleeping. Otherwise, you should plan to fetch fire wood and make fire in the sleeping village, and maintain it for 24 hours or even for all year long. In the meanwhile, you can sit next to the fire and cook sweet potatoes, giving them out the people passing by . . . It should not cost so much to buy sweet potatoes. How much is a bag of sweet potatoes? You should buy a big bag full, and give them out to the people passing by. This is witnessing. How wonderful is it to make a camp fire and cook the sweet potatoes in it? If they call, "It's too hot," then you can tell them, "Although it is not, you should think of it as drinking a medicinal wine."

There are numerous ways of doing witnessing. You should try that. How much can it cost? Sweet potatoes are cheap, right? [Yes] You should try to cook a bag every month, and see what kind of reaction you find in the village. What would happen in the village? They will say, "Such a saintly person probably came here in order for the village to flourish." Then how about your dinner? Since you treated them with sweet potatoes, you can eat dinner in people's houses. At dinnertime, you can go visit those whom you have given out sweet potatoes to, and share in their meal. During winter, you can say, "If I go back to the church after spending a day near the fire, I will feel very cold. So, let me sleep in your place tonight." You can find a place to sleep just based on the merit of having given one potato, right? After spending a night, you will be treated to a breakfast, and after that, you can gather the older people and talk to them . . . There are numerous ways of doing witnessing.

Moreover, suppose it is time for feeding the cows. Suppose that there was a cow tied at the front of a house at dawn. You can take the cow out for feeding, saying that the time for feeding has well past by and the owner has not yet taken him out. Then, wouldn't the owner come out with you? He will certainly come out. If you then tell him that you felt pity on this hungry cow who was waiting for the owner to feed him, wouldn't he be grateful and become your friend? So, why can't you be successful in witnessing? Why are you not doing so well?

Even on the day of shopping, you should not just idly stay behind. On that day, if you have not made any appointment with your guests, you should go out to the market. The farther away the market is, the better it is. If there is a woman who is going there, you should follow her along, and on the way you can give some words of truth. If she likes it, then you should just accompany her . . . This is witnessing. If there is a capable person in the village, then you should make an appointment to meet for lunch. Then, you should treat him to lunch. How much is a bowl of noodles? Is it several hundred Won? If that has to be taken out of your living expenses, you should not eat dinner. If you are reluctant to share . . . This will become blessing. If you buy someone lunch, and as a result have to go without a meal at night, then God will give you blessing. He will surely bless you. Good spirits will definitely be moved by your deeds. After lunch, making your rounds, then when the dinnertime cones, you can go out for a movie. Even if you do not have much money, theaters in the countryside are dirt cheap, right?

Having done that, you will be invited by that family even if you do not go and see them. If they invite you, you should not talk about other things. You should talk about things that the village needs and the person needs. You can talk about the church at the end. At the very end, after giving all the principal lectures, you can give the conclusive remark that they are the words of truth from the Unification Church. You don't even have to put up the sign for the Unification Church. As you speak, the listener will say that the content is very interesting. He will then ask, "These are great words, where did you learn them?" Then, at that moment you can say, "You can become greater than me. If you come to the Unification Church while you are curious, then you can learn all about the teachings because there is a lot of such content." After that, things will move along naturally. You have to become close in heart, man to man. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes] You can penetrate inside using whatever means you can. You can do it; how could it be impossible?

10) Stir up a Challenge

I told the members during my trip in Europe this time, "You should stir up a problem. It is all right even if it becomes widely known in Europe that I am going to serve a prison term. If half of them can say that such things are possible then I will be happy. You should let the people know about it." I am good at spreading rumors, right? They also say in America, "The Unification Church members dance naked. They are cults." Thus, I told you that it is unacceptable if there is no opposition. If there is no opposition, then it will not be exciting. It gets interesting only when there are oppositions. Even when you are drinking wine, it is tasty only when there are people who are watching you. Isn't this so? Doesn't drinking wine become joyful only when where is some give and take, so that as one says "Hook Ah!" here another says "Hook Hi" there?

This is how it is. The same thing holds true when you are working. If you are to be stimulated, you must face opposition. I believe that it would be disastrous for the Unification Church if we did not have the opposition of the Christian churches. We are trying our very best to not be indebted and disregard our pride; if we did not have opposition, and if we do not even have opposition in our current state, then just like steamed radishes, ravens can snatch them away any time.

You should think about this. You should examine yourselves closely. Do you have absolute determination? Do you have the confidence to go out to the world to struggle with others and lead a successful life, proudly living in a large brick house? You don't, right? When I took at you, all of you are very clever. Are you or are you not such type of people? On the other hand, you will be recognized as someone who has upright moral character and is very trustworthy. If you can be known as such, then even if people say that you have done bad things, they will not believe it.

This is how it is in America. As people meet the members of the Unification Church, they see that we are good people. So, when they hear some bad rumors, they do not believe them. Sometimes, you come back all fired up saying this and that and hoping, "I wish that God can punish them." Why would God punish them? Why would God punish them when they are doing what they are supposed to do? He will never punish them. You are foolish to wish that they be punished.

Religion makes progress when they are being opposed. Until today, religions always made progress when they were under opposition. Isn't this so? [Yes] However, they will perish when there is no opposition. Do you understand? Then, if the Korean nation stopped opposing Unification Church and started to support it, then would the Unification Church decline? What are we going to do when that happens? What are we going to do then? At that moment, I will attack you. I will do the attacking. Then, we will not perish. If we continued in the same way that we have been doing it then we will meet with destruction, but if I attack 24 hours and move forward, then . . .

This is how it is in America. Until now in America, scholars are approaching their doom because they do not have opposition. So at such times, there should have been attacks made. Without a good attack strategy, one will perish. When one is being attacked, one will strengthen his foundation, and when one is supposed to attack, he should carry it out mercilessly. So we made attacks. I gave directions, "go and fight with the media world. You should go to the newspapers and fight. Do not meet with the people at low positions, but meet with the chief editors and the top people. If they do not want to meet with you, then you should stake them out. When they go to bathroom, follow them there are wait for them."

11) There are Plenty of Ways to Witness

There are lots of ways of witnessing. Do you have to rely solely on Principle lectures? You can also blow a trumpet or fight on the street. Fighting is witnessing. By doing so, you can gather people around you and reveal the mistakes of that person . . . Was I wrong or right? A man should put forth evidence based on righteousness and live for the sake of righteousness. Don't you have plenty to speak about the youths and leaders of this nation? Why do you just sit still and wish, "It would be nice if people come to listen to the Principle lectures"? What is that? No one will come to you under those circumstances.

In such times, you should go fishing, go to places like the Hudson River and catch a carp. If there is someone watching you, then you can witness to that person by giving the carp as a present. This is better. Especially if you are a woman, then as you get a hook up, if you call out to a man near by and request his help, telling him, "Oh, please help me. I do not know how to fish," then he will without fail rush to help you. Then, he will ask you, "Can I try fishing now?" and you can become friends. After that, if you invite him to a dinner to your house that night, he will certainly join you there.

Our ladies can ride motorcycles. You can also ride motorcycles, right? How exciting is that? It is a lot of fun you should try it. When you go to the motorcycle store, there are many young people there. You should then sit on a motorcycle and ask them, "Are you a good rider? How fast can you ride; and then you can brag, "I can go hundred or hundred and fifty miles per hour. Do you want to ride with me?" This is witnessing. For the sake of witnessing . . . When you go to a restaurant, you should order barbecue spare ribs or something like that and wait . . . This is witnessing. How funny is that? After eating if you sit on a higher place and do this, then wouldn't they pay attention to you. You can say to yourself, "You have fallen into my traps in this small place," and laugh with content. (Laughter) If you make the determination, "I can make everyone pay attention to me," and immediately put this into action, then all will go as planned. Is that right or wrong? Would you be successful or not? [We will be successful] Then, when the audience laughs out loud, you should shyly do this . . . (Laughter]

If we end like this it is not so exciting; it is boring, right? What should I try to do now? Yes, yes, that is how it is. Then you can first listen to all the personal problems and then attracting their attention you can have plenty of opportunities to give sermons and lectures. If you have a fat person, then you can say that at certain time in the past you went to this place and such a fat person . . . And add that in comparison, he or she can be considered still pretty slim. You can make that kind of jokes. This is how you do witnessing. [77-25]

12) Witnessing to Three People Before You Eat

You can also use this type of tactics. When you eat three meals, you must make the absolute determination to talk to at least one person before breakfast, at least one more before lunch, and at least one before dinner, thereby talking to three people in a day. Unless you accomplish your goal, do not eat your meal. This is the type of campaign we should carry out. If you make such resolution, then what do you think will happen? Why are you eating meals? Are you eating the slice of meat to become fat or for the sake of the dispensation?

Shouldn't you spend more time in partaking in the dispensation than in a bathroom? You should spend more time for that than for eating lunch, right? Isn't that so? We should begin such a campaign. What do you think will happen then? Before meals as you approach the door . . . Before eating breakfast, you should go for a walk somewhere and find someone to talk to until it is time for breakfast. Then, this is also very good for your health. Otherwise, do not eat your meal. You will become very serious. If you have failed to do it in the morning and in the afternoon, then you should skip two meals and be content with just eating dinner. If you follow this method, then would you or would you not be impelled to do witnessing? We should carry on this type of activities.

If you do this, then would God praise you or scold you? So I think Unification Church members often may not be able to eat breakfast. When you are witnessing, you may not have the chance. If you get really hungry while on your way to go out witnessing, then you should stop the car at a place where people have gathered, and leave for lunch only after talking to them for a while. This is the training that you need to go through. Even when you are riding in a car, you should stop the car to talk to people for even ten minutes and after that prepare to have lunch. This is what you should do. Should we or should we not do this? [Do it] You should be the first ones to start that. First, the leaders must show the example. If the leaders fail to carry that out, then they are fakes.

Accordingly, you should go for a walk at dawn. You should go and talk before breakfast in the morning. You should go for a walk. You do very well in eating meals with your spouses, right? What I am saying is that you should first set the heavenly condition of four position foundation and then eat. When everyone sits down to have breakfast, if anyone has not yet done the condition, you should drag them out and let them get going on it for thirty minutes. Then let them start eating in the order they come back; this is the training that you should give them. Eat your meal after fulfilling such condition, and see how it is. You will see how great you feel. You will have no problem digesting anything that you eat. You will never have a stomachache. You will do it from now, right? [Yes] If you do not carry this out from the coming year, then you will not be able to fulfill your responsibility. After you go back this time, from the day that you go back, if you return in the evening then starting from that evening begin this campaign.

You should all make name cards in which you can put the addresses and some pamphlets where you can put all the information about the Unification Church. You should write that you offer the services of job agency, personal counseling, or something like that, and give it out to people that come by. You should also have your phone numbers on it. As you meet people on the street with these pamphlets, you could tell them, "You seem to have some grave concern; you should take a look at this and come to discuss your problems with me." There are plenty of methods. If there is someone who likes to make jokes, then you should tell that person that you can introduce him or her to someone who is very good at making other people laugh, and invite him or her to come over. You should at least say some simple things like that before you have your meal. The next time you come, you should come with those name cards made and show them to me, do you understand?

Now, the Unification Church should initiate such a campaign throughout the nation. All of you should make name cards and give them to those you meet, asking them to come visit you. Then, they will come to visit you. You should have your name and title in the church written on them, and you should put on the back that you can give counseling and specify what you excel in. They are just like leaflets. Every Unification Church member should have this. You should all be engaged in this activity. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes]

After that, we will establish tradition with this. You do not have to do it for long stretches of time. You should be able to complete it in ten or fifteen minutes. Within ten or fifteen minutes. Then, you ask them to come for a visit if they are interested to find out more. You should give them out as you express your wish to meet them again. This is the campaign we should promote. Do you understand?

By doing this, when we consider how many people will be connected to us horizontally in a month -- morning, afternoon, and evening -- then three times three is nine; in all, it is 90 people. One person would have talked to 90 people. As you give out the cards, you can ask them to give you a name card. Then, you should contact them through letters. Look. Some people can do fundraising campaigns just through correspondences and they can get 1, 2, or 5 percent. So how can we not get even one person through mails? Besides the letter, we have already talked to them personally 10, 20 or 30 minutes . . . Think about it.

As far as witnessing goes, as long as you can go out for ten minutes before each meal, if you do about thirty minutes a day, then you should have no problem getting one person a month. If you are really starving, then you can make the conditional offering by even just calling on a person passing by you and saying as he stops to look over, "Mr., can I see you for a second? I wanted to see you because you are so handsome." (Laughter, clapping) If you have called upon an older lady, then you can say, "I have stopped you because you look very much like my grandmother." Would that offend people? They will say, "Is that right?" If you grab her hands and ask her to come over saying that she looks like your grandmother, then she will . . . This is how it is.

Are you still unable to witness to one person a month? It is a task that will save America, the world, and God, and I am speaking to you all day like this and pleading with you so earnestly; yet are you still unable to do it. Do you think it cannot be done? [It can be done.]

Now do you understand the method? You understand the method, right? [Yes] Go and try it. You should try and see. You have to put this into practice as soon as you go back, right? [Yes] If we can stir up this kind of spirit all over the nation how great would it be?

I believe that if we can do it like that, we will not have any problem in getting more than thirty thousand members. If we organize ourselves like this, then even if you are working in a company or workplace, you will have no problem in building that foundation. As you just open the door, you can see how crowded with people it is out there. The streets are filled with people regardless of night or day, so why can't you do it? If you have one person join, then you probable can eat even one hundred meals a day. (Laughter) You should not say things that do not make sense. It does not work on me.

When you are going back, if you are going in a subway, you can push a person that you want to witness to. After you do like this then like that . . . (Demonstrates with gestures, laughs) You won't have any problem with that. Anyway, you can do this. Do you think that it will be considered a sin? As God looks over, he will laugh. He will say, "You are doing a good job," and he won't scold you. There are plenty of ways. Even a hundred people a day . . . If it were me I will meet even one hundred people. One hundred people. Do you think that is impossible? Please answer me. Is that easy or difficult? Is that impossible? You should do it.

In this way, the cellular organization . . . Carrying it out in this way, you should think to yourself, "If I can make one person like me, then if I can make a pair, then the two will repeat what I have done and soon I can make twelve people. During the 7 years in the company, it will not be a problem to reach 84 people. I can do this even when I am asleep." You should be thinking about this even when you are asleep.

Do you all know that we have to do the seven-year course in the formula course? If you can witness to just one person a month, then since there are twelve months in a year, you can get 84 people in seven years. The significance of 84 people is the sum of 12 disciples and 72 followers of Jesus; the sum is 84 people. If Jesus was just able to accomplish that, he did not have to die and the kingdom of heaven on earth would have been established. Do you think that he would have died on the cross if he had the foundation of 84 people? So, if you want to create the kingdom of heaven on earth, then you have to be better than Jesus is. [89-307]

Section 2 - Witnessing (Part 5)

4. Examples of the Method of Witnessing

13) Treat Them Like Your Close Friend or Relative

What are you supposed to do in your region in simple terms? You do something like going around while banging on a bell at midnight. You should go around blowing the horns to wake them up, otherwise bang on the doors as you go around, or do something. You can establish the tradition of gathering around some place at midnight for some activities; or do something to become well known.

After that, you should go to a place where people have gathered around and give a speech. You should also make jokes. You should make friends, and even wrestle. Since there are a lot of people in the park, you can divide the people into two groups and do some fighting competition. You should push like this and hit like that. Temporarily, you should create such an atmosphere, and you should guide them through exercise even if they number over one or two hundred. Rather than playing sitting down, it is better to find something that all people like. Why can't you do it? Everything can be done if you do it this way.

You should be thinking about how to absorb the crowd by doing this. As much as possible, you should sleep in their houses. You should befriend them, and say, "I like you very much. I find that you are very much like my uncle and my cousin, so I would like to spend a night in your house." (Laughter) If you say that, then how would he respond? Would he reject your request when you are telling him that you like him, you want to become friends, and feel that he is like your older brother? After spending the night, then you should be up at dawn and clean up the front yard as well as inside the house. Then, you will be asked to come back again to spend another night, and even be asked to come over once a week. This is how it is. This is all a part of the strategy.

Even when you go shopping, you should do witnessing. After you buy something, you can tell a joke, "You are very beautiful. You took like a model. My younger sister looks a lot like you." Would anyone be displeased to hear you tell her that she looks like your younger sister, a relative or someone close? You are trying to flatter her. You can say how you miss your younger sister, so you are very happy to run into someone who looks like your younger sister. Then, you can ask her to have lunch together.

By this time, she will ask who you are. She will become very curious, and will want to find out. Then you should take this chance to boast about your house. After you bring her home, you can tell her that Rev. Moon is in your house and explain how you lead your life. You should tell her everything. After that, you should invite her father and mother to go for a picnic in some nice place, and then . . . This is all a part of the strategy.

It is diverse and interesting. As you try it out, you will find that there is not much to understanding a person. People will want to become friends because as they deal with you, they will learn that they have a lot to gain from you and nothing to lose. This is what you must think about. Do you think you can be successful in witnessing by telling them to simply come and listen to the lectures, to the principles of creation, for example? (Laughter) Rather, it is better to grab on to one's nose and tell jokes, becoming friends by being informal and casual. You must learn how to become very close like long time friends in a matter of one or two hours, or two to four days.

How do you do that? If that person is an old person, then you can tell him that he is like your aged uncle, and you can ride on his back saying that his back looks great. You should say that his back reminds you of your uncle's, and request that you ride on it. Then what would he say? (Laughter) What can he do when you are telling him that you want to ride his back because you like him? Would he scold you then or beat you with his fist? (Laughter]

Do you just sit still blinking your eyes wondering, "Are people coming? Should I go out witnessing?" A man should take on challenges. So my son, Hyo Jin, likes to ride horses. Mother says that he is just like his father. He can do everything like riding motorcycles and so forth. Mother is not so pleased. But one should try everything. This is how one can grow. If you are like this, like a bookworm then it won't do.

If I do it like that, then I can do in three years what normally takes ten years to complete. It is possible. So, what is better? More than someone who memorizes several pages of a book and behaves like a wimp, we need a man who can go out to jump all over the place, shouting loud enough to shake the whole village. You must understand that now. Therefore, you must realize that this is how you should be. Do you understand? You have to be a bit eccentric. [94-97]

14) You Must Lead an Exemplary Life

You should go and meet the professors. Now, because of the science conferences, the time is ripe for you to go and meet them freely. You should go and pay your respects. You should thank them, and say that the professor is like your uncle and your father. You should tell a joke, "I have been feeling lonely out here far away from home and missing my uncle, so when I go and visit you who reminds me of my uncle very much, you should not mistreat me, OK?"

Therefore, you do not have to start witnessing as soon as you get there. You have to first become close. If you build a personal relationship, then all will be fine. Then, he may ask, "Why did you come here? Why are you staying here?" At that moment, they you can say, "I cannot say, because if you find out what I am doing here, then you will want me to become friends with your sons and make them become like me." This will make him very curious, so whenever you come he will ask you to tell you. When he says that he will take responsibility for what happens, then you can tell him everything.

If his daughter goes to kindergarten, then you should go and visit her there. You should tell them that your uncle is a good man so you came to see what his daughter is like. Then as you meet the teacher, you should ask for the daughter of so and so, and as you meet the daughter, you should introduce yourself explaining that you have met with her father. After that, you should take her home when kindergarten is over. You should try that several times. If the professor asks, "Why do you bring my child home?" then you can reply, "I am doing this because I like my uncle's children and miss them." If you give such reply, would anyone be offended? He will say, "You are a good man." You should try and see.

Especially if you are a man, as long as you can fix a car, you can be very successful in doing witnessing in America. If you help people fix their cars . . . You should rush to help as soon as you hear that someone's car is broken. If you do that, you can build good relationships. After a while, rumor will have it that so and so is good at fixing cars, so people will come to look for you as soon as their cars have problems. Next, you should know how to fix plumbing, and after that electric appliances . . . This is how it is. In order to penetrate into a household, you really need this type of skills. This is what you need the most strategically.

For women, you should become skillful in knitting. After you make something interesting, such as a ribbon or a hat, then you should strike a conversation with a student on the street. As you ask, "What school do you go to?" she will answer, "I go to so and so high school" or "so and so college." In the meanwhile, she will notice your pretty hat. Then you should say, "Oh this hat? You should try it on. It looks very good on you. Do you want me to make you one?" It is not that expensive. The next time you meet, you should give her the hat that you made. Through this, you can become friends.

I know how to knit a sock and a hat. Do you understand? [Yes] Some simple things like underwear, I can make them myself. I have been making preparation for the sake of the dispensation, in order to do the work that I am doing now. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes]

As you go into a village, you will soon be able to see clearly where you can make a contribution. Any church that I go into, if I go in undercover without revealing my name, then I can turn the whole place upside down in six months. This is not a problem for me. I will be able to change it around completely within six months. So, how can I do that? It all begins from one's life style. It is safe only when it begins from touching people's heart through one's life style and by becoming a leader in leading a life style.

I am also very good in making things like picture frames. When I was taking refuge in the South during the war, I worked as a carpenter in the American military complex for eight months. I was not taught that. Because I have ample experiences, I can surpass any theory. A normal person can catch up with a specialist as long as he tries three times harder. They do things hastily, but I take my time with much devotion. When I go to a factory, I first look all around the factory and then give directions. This is how I trained myself. This is how I saw things, and I am trained to do everything in accordance with the theory behind it. Do you understand it? [Yes]

You have to be an example in your life style. You have to be a friend when you are playing around, in your daily life, and then in your studies. When you go traveling, you have to be a friend for traveling. When you go hunting you have to be a friend for hunting. When you go out into the ocean you have to become friends there; and when you are tilling the land, you have to become friends for farming. If you have the ability to become a friend in all fields, then as long as you have the ability to persuade people theoretically, you will have an easy time bringing in all types of people from all different fields. This is how I think. In order to have this kind of influence, you have to educate yourself. It all depends on education. You are making friends with people in order to learn from them. You should ask them to teach you this and . . .

For this reason, you must have a lot of contact with the people. You have to have many contacts. If you can build your relationship to a point where that person can discuss with you his or her most sensitive secrets, then you can witness to them with great ease. In my years as a student, all my friends revealed to me all of their secrets. I always kept their secrets. Then, I told them how to solve their problems.

In witnessing to people, sharing Divine Principle alone is not enough. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes] You have to lead an exemplary life style. You have to show through your life. You have to do it not through words but through your deeds and life. Your words and deeds must be one. [95-238]

15) Even Witnessing Needs Strategies

Witnessing abides by the same principles. Witnessing is also like that. If you have made a goal to witness to a lady, then you should measure the time that it takes, and inspire her to join in six months. You must think up a strategy. You should investigate what she likes, what kind of books she likes to read, and so forth. You should investigate where she goes at certain time of the day, and where and at what time she goes shopping. You should find it all out. You should ask her to meet with you next time . . . If she is reluctant to meet you even after you have phoned her, you should try your best to still meet with her. After you meet her, you should witness to her. There are many different ways.

If she still refuses to meet, then you should wait for her at the market as she comes back from shopping and then bump into her on the street. If you fall down, then you should hold on to her. If she drops her bag and some other objects, then you should pick them up and . . . All of this is a plan. As you pick up the handbag, you should apologize . . . If there were many people watching you, then you should phone up her husband and ask for a meeting. You should explain what happened. You should apologize, saying that you have embarrassed her by bumping in to her and so forth . . . Through this opportunity . . . If you can become a friend with the husband, then the wife would be puzzled, saying to herself, "I have never seen such a strange person in my life." Gradually, you will be able to create the atmosphere that will let you go in and out of the house freely.

I once used this tactic, and eventually I moved in and lived with the family for one and half years, witnessing to both husband and wife. If they are important people for the dispensation of God, then I am willing to do such things. Once, in order to witness to this one lady who had ten children, I moved into their house and helped with their laundry. I penetrated deep enough so that more than to her husband or her children, she trusted me to discuss with me all her problems. If you are nice to people, then you can become friends with everyone. Isn't this so?

If you cannot bring results in witnessing, if the leader cannot be successful in witnessing even after one or two months, then you should reflect and research, why am I not able to . . . It is strange that you are not being successful. This is because you are having empty fantasies when you go out witnessing. This is what I think. It is because you are having idle fancy. Why is witnessing not going well? If you have been unsuccessful through this method this month, then next time, you should try the opposite way. If you could not do it in a school, then you should go to a market . . . You have to search for ways. Because this is how I think, I have no sympathy for those who cannot be successful in witnessing. You have to make it happen. Do you understand what I mean? [Yes]

You should also before reaching thirty years of age . . . Those who are older than thirty raise your hand! You must make all of these preparations before you reach thirty. From twenty-six years of age, I began to . . . If I go to Pyung Yang, then I stir up Pyung Yang; if I go to Seoul, then I also make Seoul very noisy. At that time, I stiffed up problems wherever I went. Why did I become the object of controversy? When I enter a village, everyone in the village wants to come and spend time in my place rather than going to sleep at night, so I naturally became the object of denunciation. Even children in the village wanted to come to my house to use my bathroom. It was very strange.

Why was it like that? Whenever I met the children, I told them interesting stories. They even forget to eat meals. They completely forgot about eating. You must be able to do this. I played with the children and let them have an exciting time. Even in a single day, I thought up hundreds of new things and made it very fun. In the meantime, I inquired, "Where did your mother go? Where did your father go?" After investigating all that, I took the children to . . . If they were playing in my house until late, they naturally fell asleep there as they became exhausted. Then, I put them on my back and . . . In this way, I could visit his or her house to do witnessing. How great is that? If children fall asleep while playing until late at night, I took them to their parents. How grateful would the parents be when I brought the child on my back? They would tell me to have some tea before going back. The work of God also takes place there. You also need this type of thing. You have to be able to tell stories to children and become their friends.

Next, become friends of grandfathers and grandmothers . . . In many houses, there are grandfathers and grandmothers. You can hear all kinds of gossip out of them, about what their daughter-in-law and daughter are like, what the neighboring households are like, and all the information about the people in the village. You have to become very familiar with the village. Since you will come to know who works at what company, even if you are meeting a person for the first time, you can greet him or her by name. Then he or she will ask how you know that. In reply, you can say that you know him or her well. In reality, you do know well. You can add, "I might be a distant relative of yours, so the next time let me go and visit you at your house." This is how you make relationships.

If the person is a farmer, you should talk about farming. If he comes back exhausted after a long day in the field, you can ask, "What crop are you growing this year?" You can tell him how this crop will do and what he should do . . . You have to tell him that kind of things. If you tell an exhausted man, "I came from Unification Church, so please listen to my Principle lecture," then you will surely be kicked out. (Laughter) You will surely be driven out.

If he is a farmer, then you can offer, "Let's go and see what kind of crop you have been growing. I would like to go with you, so what time are you going out?" You should then follow him to his fields at dawn. After that, you should spend the whole day with him, becoming his friend. As a friend, you should help him with his work and while you are sitting down together to have lunch, you can talk. If he asks, "What do you do for living?" then you should answer, "Do you really want to know? If you do, you should take some time out. If I tell you about my background, then you will be so interested and excited that you will want to follow me." You should say this type of thing, which arouses curiosity in people. He will say, "I will make time to listen, because I am really curious." Then you should reply, "Make some time for it." After that, you can drop what you are doing in the field and find a suitable place to talk for one, two, or several hours. There are plenty of ways of witnessing . . .

We are not doing this in order to take advantage of them. We are trying to save their life. After you inspire people to become members through different strategies, would they become vengeful or be grateful? [95-233]

16) You Must Lay the Foundation for Recognition

Look, all of you. When you are building a foundation in the village, you have to pave the way for people to feel delighted in inviting you over to their house and feel natural enough to ask you to help with their household chores. It should be that although you do not seem any special in your physical appearance, but when you stand in front of the crowd and speak you are fully capable of bringing people into submission.

Suppose that there were people with the last name Baek; then you should say, "Mr. Baek, this person is like this and that person is like that, and so and so is the best person and so and so is the worst person in the village. This should be corrected, and this is what you should do to lead the village into prosperity; you should educate the children well." Having said all that, you can ask, "I can tell you how the village can flourish. Do you want to hear my words?" Then, you can start talking about the Divine Principle.

For this reason, when you are doing witnessing you are crazy if you expect people to just come to you and listen. When you meet someone, you must benefit the person greater today than yesterday before you send him or her back. This is the ironclad rule. If you could not speak to him, you should at least put your food aside and give it to him or become his friend.

From this perspective, the ones who are easiest to witness to are the young people. The best targets are the college students, from senior in high school to college students. Because they are going through adolescence, they have a strong tendency to absorb everything well. If you can be recognized as a good person in that village, then children in the village will come to you and report to you even the most trivial things. They will tell you all about what someone in the village is like and so forth. Consequently, you can become, how can I put it, some sort of master that can receive all these reports. If this is what grandmothers, then elder ladies, children, and youths do, then you can completely witness to the whole village.

If a grandmother is passing by in a car, then you should say greetings, "Good morning, where are you going? Grandmother, you are doing the driving? Can I help you?" You can tell her, "Let me drive you instead." You can even tell her, "When you want to go somewhere, please give me a call. I will accompany you when you go shopping."

From now on, don't occupy yourself with other things. This is what you should do. You should not engage yourself in the foolish thought, "I am the state leader, so when people come to me I am the Abel figure . . ." For a king to become a king, he needs people to govern. If you are alone, why do we need leaders? If you are sitting by yourself and having idle fancy, then it is not acceptable. God will never help that kind of people. Do you understand what I am saying? This is what you must do. You must create that kind of atmosphere. You must cultivate the land by yourself. You must do it all by yourself. [95-236]

17) You Must Develop the Ability to Do Anything

I can go anywhere I want without any problem. Even if I do not have any money, it is OK. I am trained in everything. Because I have such experience, I can lead many youths all around the world. Who first began fundraising? [Father] I did. Today it is the Japanese members who are doing all the financial activities, but it is I who first began. You have no excuse before me. You should not be thinking, "How do you do that? I cannot do it." Do you understand? [Yes] This is how you should carry it out.

I did all kinds of things for the sake of doing witnessing. I went to the market every day to bump into someone like an elder lady, and after she fell down, I would help her up and take her home . . . I tried all sorts of things. (Laughter) As you follow behind her and offer to pay a visit to her house, then she will welcome you.

The fact that you cannot be successful in witnessing is a puzzling topic of research for me. You should go into a city around lunchtime every day, and wail in front of the crowd at twelve o'clock, and see what happens. Every day, three or four people will come and surround you to comfort you. You should then say, "I will be able to resolve my sorrow and stop wailing if you can listen to what I have to say, but can you really take a few hours to listen to me?" Why can't you do that? Why? You are too comfortable.

For a year and half, I lived with a family that did not want me in their house and did witnessing. This was because I realized that if I can witness to this one person, he can contribute a lot to the dispensation. I was willing to persevere through any kind of insult and curse, but one usually cannot insult you more than ten times, because people have conscience. At first, they kicked me out of their door and cursed at me as I stood there; then after a while, when I moved in a little they remained silent; after that, I moved in little by little, soon sitting on their front porch and then moving into their hallway. After a while, they felt sorry because they had cursed at me so much. After the husband left for work I would talk to the lady all day sitting in the hallway. I did not go into the rooms, at least until husband returned. After he came back if he said, "Why did you sit out here all day?" then I would reply, "How can I go into the rooms when the owner is not here? May I go in now then?" He would smile and say, "Looking at your head it seems to me that it is all right for you to go in." You can become a friend when you can follow up with the joke, "I will go into your room to talk to the lady the next time, perhaps even tomorrow, so you better not have any suspicion." You can become friends even while you are being cursed at. Having said that, I went into the room and . . . When the husband came back from work, I would let the lady stand in the front and go out to greet him adding, "Let the two of us welcome him home today."

Why can't you do it? Dr. Yun, do you understand what I am saying? You cannot accomplish the dispensation of restoration if you cannot do that! You can get free meals and live there . . . What is bad about that? Have we stolen anything or robbed anything?

So, after the wife listens to your words, if she says, "Honey, you should listen to the words of this great man," then he will reply, "Really? Since you are constantly praising him, let me listen to him." After he listens to you once, he will be devastated. Why can't you do it? Why? It is difficult because you are trying to do it the easy way. You should not be too gentle.

If there is someone in the village who does not listen to you, then you should become his friend, and making him pay attention to your words you should guide him on everything in life. You have to be good at wrestling, soccer, and everything else. You have to be good in singing also. Even if you have only met that day, you should be able to lead conversations that are so interesting that he forgets about going to school or eating lunch. So, when the dinnertime comes, all of his family member will come looking for him. When they come, you should become friends with his father, mother, younger brother, older sister, or whoever is sent. Then you should go to their house. It is because you are not desperate enough; if you seek more sincerely than when you are desperately looking for food to satisfy your hunger, then anything can be done. Even a baby bird is capable of finding food to feed on when it is hungry.

Think about it. I am an interesting man. I have researched into that kind of things a lot. Wherever I go . . . If I meet a grandfather in the village, then I become his friend; if I meet a grandmother, I become her friend; if I meet an older woman, I become her friend; and if I meet a young lady, I can become her friend. When I am with children, I play with them. So, those who joined the Unification Church at that time can never forget me.

Those who have given up hope on witnessing are not thinking and researching. If you truly have nothing to do, then you should initiate even some entertainment in the evening. You should come up with some program with which you can go around the villages. At least, do some entertaining activities.

So, as you enter a house, you should ask them what great person they know and after inquiring about where he or she lives, you should go to visit that house. Once you get there if you ask, "I want to have a gathering of so and so famous scholars in your living room for the sake of the village, so would you lend it to us?" They will surely have no objection. I will be the master of ceremonies. I would put on a terrific performance as an emcee. When that takes place, as the people in the village look on they will see that this young man is very talented. This is all a part of the plan. There are plenty of people that you can witness to if you do well. Do you understand what I am saying?

One day you should act like the eye, the next day like a nose, then like a mouth, then an ear, then one day like the thumb, and then like a small finger; you should play the role of all ten fingers. Including the toes there are twenty. So, how many in total? You should play the role of twenty-four different types. When someone teaches you, you should follow after him or her. You shouldn't have any problems.

When you see a pretty girl as you walk on the street, then you can fake a stomachache crying out, "Oh my stomach! I have a bad stomachache because I ate too much for lunch; would you be able to buy some medicine from the nearby drug store?" Having heard your plea, she will certainly help you. Having done that, you should thank her and befriend her asking where she lives.

For you ladies, you can throw your shoes while you are walking on the road. (Laughter) Since you cannot walk over, you can ask some man passing by you, "Mr., would you please pick up the shoes and bring them over?" He will surely bring it over for you. This is how you can become friends. Friends, this is how it is. God will not send you to hell just because you used this method to witness. Instead, he will say to himself, "Wow, that's great. This guy, he is very resourceful. He will do fine even if he is sent to an enemy nation as a spy." You should consider yourself as the spies that God has sent to the satanic world.

Women should build close relationships with other women. There will not be any problem. What is so difficult about that? It is a mystery to me how you are not able to do witnessing when there are ample opportunities.

How can we live in this narrow world? How wide is this universe, You can do witnessing in such wide and interesting ways, yet why are you not doing it? Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes]

I am already old and am over sixty. But even now, young people will not surpass me. Therefore, I try repeatedly. I tried virtually everything; I have experience digging caves, erecting supporting posts in a house, and making charcoal.

There are plenty of things to eat in a mountain. There are many things to eat. Even a rabbit can survive on them, how can men be unable to survive there? When you go to the countryside, there are mountains and oceans, but although there are many fish in rivers and oceans, you do not know how to catch them. I am trying to teach you all this. During the hunting season, you can go off hunting. Do you know how to shoot a rifle? [Yes] You can survive by hunting. You can feed on a bear for almost a year. Why don't you research this kind of things?

I am trying to catch fish in America to sell them . . . Those people with blue eyes; I am trying to become a champion in a world where countless greedy people with blue eyes live. Is that easy? This is what I am doing. Are you or are you not confident that I can do it? [We are confident that you can do it.] I can do it.

I cannot even speak English. Still, I am doing things that no one else in this nation can do. There is nothing that I am not capable of doing in this nation. This is also how you should train yourself. So, if I were to go to South America now, don't you think that I can build a foundation there in three, four years? Even if I go to Africa, or wherever I go, I can lay the foundation within three, four years. I will do it without fail. What do you think? I possess such conviction.

Why do you think I did things like that? Why? I was determined to accomplish the will of God no matter what happens. I was determined to carry on the dispensation even if I had to do physical labor or live in the slums as a beggar. No matter what path I took, I was determined to penetrate into this world. If I made you into that type of people, would you be glad or not? [We will be glad.]

So think about how many curses and insults I have persevered through. I would have given everything up if I were a narrow-minded weakling. I would just smile it off. I can do it because I am a free man.

Now, witnessing is not a problem. All will be fine if you believe that you do not need food, clothes, and a place to live. A man lives his life only once. There is only one chance at life. It will not return the second time. For this reason, you must develop everything. You must build up your experiences one by one and store them well until you use them. You are to use everything. This is a wealthy man. You must be prepared with everything. These types of people are wealthy. [132-210]

18) Witnessing Through Letters

When you are doing witnessing, you can use many different methods depending upon the situation and the type of person that you are trying to witness to. After meeting several times, if you feel that the person is a good man or woman, you can write a letter. You should try to employ some method that can witness to them. And when you are writing the letter, you should not write it in your own style. It would be nice to use passages from magnificent and romantic novels or words of great people, and you should utilize works of literature that deal with men's life.

You should prepare three types of letters. With just these three types, you can make contact with and witness to at least one hundred people. As you use them, you should do an experiment on what kind of response they bring out from people. Your wonderful letters will mesmerize them.

When that happens, you should meet them personally. However, you should not go alone. As you receive a return letter from them, you should be able to distinguish their personality type, so that you can bring along a member who has a similar character.

You are the originator and the member is your assistant. Thus, you should remain silent. At times, all three of you may be engaged in the conversation, but in general you should be just interjecting a few words now and then. After that, as you are leaving, the member should make a point to praise you before the guests, saying such things as how you are a man of character and have always been an honor student in school . . . You should repeat this type of meeting three times.

From that moment on, you can start having a conversation on current issues as well as issues of morality and ethics. At this time, you should not refute their views or make a judgment on the validity of their opinion. This is the time when you should begin in a serious manner to make the introduction, "I know a place where many young people come together to reflect on these questions, and lectures about these topics are given." You can then follow up with the suggestion, "Won't you like to go with me and see for yourself?" When you do that, the guest won't be able to reject the kind offer before the two of you. Whenever you have two people who are one in opinion, it is easier for the third person to accept a similar viewpoint. Moreover, you should become friends. Why is this not possible?

If you write 100 letters, then you will be able to come in contact with a surprisingly large number of people. If you are not getting a good response from one type of letter, you should discontinue using that. If send out different types of letters just three times per type, then you will get some kind of response. [52-272]

19) You Should Do Research

In witnessing to a member of a certain family, you must exert yourself greatly. At times, you may have to spend over a year and half for this endeavor. There will be a continuation of oppositions. All the rest of the family members will hate you for it. Accordingly, you have to put in an enormous amount of effort to guide one person and one family. Yet, if you can move the heart of one person, then all of them will be saved. This is the best method of moving people's hearts. If you have a wide range of experiences of witnessing to all kinds of people, you have nothing to worry about. You will find a way to deal with any circumstance where such instances take place.

You can use the following method in places such as public buses, the subway, and market places. You must research about people. If you do so, then when you see someone, you can come to understand many things about that person, and you will be able to approach him or her and talk to him or her. For example, you might say, "What are you so concerned about? Just from the way you look, it seems that you are deeply worried about something." At this moment, you are making a step toward a cordial relationship. So, we should research and understand various types of people through their physical appearance and gestures. You should be able to say something about a person just from the way he or she walks, and be able to judge a person's personality or temperament just by looking at his or her facial expressions.

All progress begins from one unit. Centering on that one unit, other formulas will come into being. This formula is applicable to all people. From one's face, you can figure out through the process of induction the internal unit where the formula originates.

In order for you to understand a certain person, you should choose three people that you used to know in the past. However, the three people have to be of different types. After that, you should examine how those people look -- their nose, eyes, individuality, etc. After you are finished with the examination, you should think up someone who halfway resembles the person A and someone who halfway resembles the person B. Then, you should first probe into the person that resembles A. Since that person is similar half way, you should be able to understand that person half way.

If you can recollect your fellow students in elementary, middle, and high school, and if you can visualize them in your mind, then compare them with the three types of people that you have just examined. You should be able to do a comparative study. If you can do this, you will obtain a good body of reference materials to understand how they are leading their lives and making their living. If you can apply this method well, then your judgment can have a seventy-percent accuracy. You should try to have contact with as many people as possible. Then, you will be able to develop a method to quickly judge and evaluate all types of people. Depending on each person, the size of their eyes, the movement of eyebrows and eye balls, the way one walks, or one's posture during sleep are all very different. These are very exciting. For example, all animals have similar forms for jumping, but for men, each one is unique. Eating, sleeping, and for all the other activities, each person's movement is different. The nose of each person, for example, is very different from the others'. Its size and position is different. As you observe these closely, you will have some thought about him coming to you. At this moment, you can tell whether the person is telling the truth or a lie, or what he or she has in his or her mind. As you observe closely, you will find a pattern. You should not see each person separately, as an individual . . . The time that you are doing witnessing is the best opportunity to try this.

A politician, a scholar, and a physical laborer are all very different. Their external expressions differ according to their occupation, organization and their own thought. If you can learn all these different types and shapes, then your sphere of social activity will become very large, meeting a politician today and meeting an economist tomorrow. Even those people, with whom you previously thought you could not carry on a conversation, you can win them over to your side. This is the most important method of doing witnessing.

You may want to focus on one designated family and apply this to them. This is because in one family there is a variety of people. As a result, you can select a person that you want to make contact with the most. There is nothing more precious than researching people. When you do such research, you can determine as soon as you meet someone what type of person he or she is. [52-273]

20) You Should Do Witnessing on the Street

What do we have to do now? We must do propaganda. Since the time of confusion in the nation and the world has come, we should stand on the street with a heart desperate enough to vomit blood, and cry out centering on the perspective of Korea and the perspective of the world from now on. You should have a blackboard with you and standing on the street preach, "Wake up! You people who are asleep. You who do not know where to go and stand inside the maze, you must clearly understand where you have to go and move forward."

Policemen might put up an opposition with the pretext that you are blocking the traffic and so forth, but you must not yield. Traffic is not the crucial matter at hand. How can the traffic on the street constitute a problem when the path of the Korean nation has been blocked off? This is when we must possess the kind of strong conviction to go around to every street and every corner of the nation. If it is the day that the market is open, then you should go to the market place and with the delicate voice of a woman crying in tears, you must firmly shake the spirit of the people. We must overcome communism. If the people cannot be ready with the unified foundation of ideology, then there is no way to ward off the wolf pack from the north.

You must never forget that because you bear the mission of newly determining the paths that individuals, families, villages, and the society must head toward centering on this internal content, you must do witnessing on the street with a focus on publicity. Do you promise me or not? [We will]

What is the first? [Devotion] You must exert yourself in great devotion. You must take the place of my devotional heart, which has always been deeply concerned about the future of this nation night and day, and since I am not in this nation, you should inherit this Principle and exert yourself to the utmost. Next, you must realize that the time for you to exert yourself and cry out on the street has come, because this people that is asleep is headed toward its doom and you must wake them up. You should realize that this is my plea as I am about to leave on a long journey soon. I would like to ask you to center yourself on this and, grabbing on to the people and heading toward the future, try your very best to leave behind the will of the heavenly laws until I come back. Do you understand? [Yes] Those who pledge that they will do so, please raise your hand. [50-183, 1971.11.6.]

Section 2 - Witnessing (Part 6)

5. Forms and Goals of Witnessing

1) Witnessing Through the Spirit World

In the early days of the church, God worked directly to bring new members in. By witnessing to the prominent figures in the denominations, we were able to witness to the Christians in their neighborhood.

While the Christians were fighting with much financial backing, we fought with ragged clothes on. [15-273]

As long as you begin the Cain-type Home Church, then the Abel-type Home Church will be taken care of automatically. Isn't this so? Automatically, your family members and relatives will be connected. Such a time has come. Why is that? This is because your ancestors are not leaving. Centering on your ancestors, if you have something on this earth that belongs to you, then you must govern over it. In the past, the evil spirits had dominion over those things by controlling them separately; we must be able to govern over all things that have previously been governed by Satan.

Therefore, from now on, if someone does not listen to your directions to become a member of Unification Church, then you should give him both the disease and the medicine. You can strangle him and say, "You, why don't you go? Are you going to go or not?" If that still does not work, then you should kick him or her and force him or her to go. If that also does not work, then you take him or her to the spirit world. Wouldn't it be wonderful if such times dawn upon us soon? You have to lay down the bridge of heart. You have to lay a bridge of heart. If there is a young man whose horizontal love for his people and the world corresponds with God's bridge of heart, then centering on that person, 70 generations of his lineage will come down and help. How many descendants of these 70 generations are there? This group of people will surround you and protect you so that you will not be harmed. They will serve you as the master of love.

Because we are trying to expand this domain, there is an inevitable competition. Accordingly, we must go out witnessing even at night. The time will come when people cannot but join the movement because their ancestors are witnessing to them in their dream and we are trying our best to witness during the daytime. Do you understand? [Yes] Therefore, the whole Korean nation has been surrounded by Unification Church's net of love. This is the net that I have organized and made. This is the strategy of casting nets. This is the organization. [163-304]

2) Witnessing with the Divine Principle Book

In respect to witnessing, those who joined after having read the book turn out to be much more useful members than those who joined through the lectures. For this reason, I ordered that the book be written as difficult to understand as possible. For average people, even if they join . . . What the Unification Church wants now is leaders. Rather than one thousand followers, we need one person who can lead. Do you understand? [Yes]

If you were to distribute the books to 360 people, then how many among them can be inspired to join? Look. Right now in Japan, of those who listen to lectures only 20 percent join. If 100 people listen to lectures, then 20 people will join. This is because their level of intelligence is rather high. Still, the higher the level of education, the higher is the percentage of those who join. Do you understand? If the world-class professors listen to the principle, then more than half of them will be supportive. Let us make this conclusion. The rate rises as the education level goes up. This is how it is. Do you understand? Therefore, the fact that the rate is lower in Korea shows that the educational and intellectual level of the people is lower. Still, no matter how low it is, it should at least be 2% to 3% . . . [56-221]

Communists have used books to conquer the world up to now. Do you understand? You could not even think about this yet. You have been doing witnessing up to now, but you did not know how to do it with a book. If you do it with books, then the results would be astronomical; so the only way to restore the thirty million people is through books. Even if the rate was one percent, how many is that? If you look at the statistics, in Japan right now, about four percent are joining the movement. Looking at this, it is not possible for one to not be able to witness to at least ten people in a year. This can be confirmed even through scientific numbers. Do you understand? Do the church leaders gathered here understand? [Yes] When you go back this time, you should start on this campaign.

How much is the basic cost of the Principle book? How much is the basic cost? Five hundred won. You should give them to the members at the original cost. This is what we did in Japan. What should we decide upon as the price? . . . Let's set it at four hundred won. Four hundred won. Do you understand? If each person is to buy 30 books each, that is twelve thousand won; you should find a way to come up with twelve thousand won. Everyone without an exception must buy them. Do you understand? As a member, if you do not have thirty Principle books, then I will not consider you a member. The whole world is united on this. Can the central nation of Korea not fulfill this, when the whole Unification Church worldwide is acting in unison? You are false and useless ones. Tradition has not been established in Korea. Isn't this true? All of you should buy them.

All of the leaders, especially the leaders must carry this out from dawn. You cannot waste your time away by just sitting still. You cannot do that. Meeting one person each day and getting back one book from someone -- can't you do this? Do you think you can or cannot do this? [We can] You have no excuse. For those who do not carry it out, you should not even think about receiving blessing or good fortune, or anything else. [55-291, 1972.5.9.]

Then should the Unification Church members just sit still? We cannot just sit still. From now on, average members must buy thirty books each. In Japan, they give the books at the basic cost, at 500 Won each. So, at least twenty thousand books must be sold.

You have been running around every day doing witnessing, but is it going well? You are not doing so well. Rather than doing what you are doing, you should lend the books to the supporters in the countryside. You should lend one book for one month. Do you understand? They have plenty of time to read the book in a month. As long as you are diligent, you can push them to read it in two weeks. Do you understand? Using a book is easier than witnessing. How much is the Principle book? Since we are lending out for free these books that worth eight hundred Won . . .

This depends on how you publicize them. You should go around with it starting at dawn, advertising that it is a worthwhile book to be read to the children. You can lend out one book and get one back each day. If you lend out 30 books and give each person one month to read, then in a year, you would have lent out 360 times. 360 people would have read the book. If you can do it in two weeks instead, then 720 books, 720 people would have seen the Principle book.

When you look at Japan, the percentage of those who join after listening to the Principle lecture is four percent. Considering that four percent join through, lectures, a higher percentage of people will join through the books. If someone, who can read and understand the book, can join, then he can immediately work as a core member. However, this is not the case with those who join through lectures. Do you understand what I am saying?

Now, the foundation for free cultural exchange between Korea and America is sending out letters to the whole nation asking for donations. When they send out one hundred letters, usually they have two to four return letters. The rate is above two-percent. How many percent of the people who read the book would be touched? It is surely more than that. Just sending a letter out has a two-percent response rate, so the result must be better for us since we are visiting them personally to distribute the books. Do you understand? Even if it was just one-percent, how many people is that? Moreover, when you lend the books out, you shouldn't just do nothing. After you lend the books out, then about half way through their reading, you should ask them about their response, and for those who like the books, you can sell it to them. If we do this, I believe that we can sell many books.

Having done that, if there is someone who is interested in the Principle, you should distribute one book and say, "I will personally go and explain to all your relatives and family members, so please have them gather at one place." You should continue your lectures in this manner, and giving them a date by which they should finish the books, whether it is one week or two weeks, you should guide them in their studies by providing explanations.

If you can lay such a foundation is several places, then you can call your own father, mother, and relatives to gather at the lecturing site. In this way, if there can be just lecturing sites, if you can gather ten people in each place, then you can ask your parents or parents-in-law to come. "I am lecturing today, so would you like to come and see?" Father-in-law will say, "the rumor has it that you have been negligent in your household chores, but what are you talking about?" In response you can say, "It is good words, so why don't you come and find out?" If he objects, then you should speak about the Principle for the sake of witnessing to your father-in-law. Then, he will eventually say, "My daughter-in-law is great." If he listens to you for just one week, then he will give a firm support even if you do not request him to do so.

3) Witnessing Through Video

Unification church members should have thirty Principle books, thirty cassette tapes, and thirty videotapes. Moreover, all of you should own a VCR. In the future, all of you should own one. Do you understand what I am saying? Starting from the State Leader, you should all have it. Do you understand? [Yes] So what do you do if you do not have enough money? I have ordered a special individual financial activity just for this reason. [97-231]

Up to now we have been saying that we do not have enough people, but in reality that is true. However, if you prepare several tapes, then you can witness to ten or twenty households even if we lack manpower. Moreover, since they are not offended but rather are grateful, you can even receive some donations from them. Even if you do not go out and earn money, there will be ways that you can obtain the funds needed for your activities. Through this method, even a new member, someone who joined yesterday, can also take the tape and do witnessing with it. I believe that this is the only and the last way that we can have an explosive growth in membership all over the nation in a very short time. [65-341]

4) Witnessing to One Person a Month

We Unification Church members should witness to one person per month. You don't even have to witness to two people. All you have to do is witness to one person a month. We are going to implement this all over the world. During my tour around the world, I have been giving directions to start this campaign in Japan, America, Germany, and so forth. If we cannot be successful even after exerting ourselves to the utmost, we will come up with some new way. [23-310]

For all of you, I set the goal of witnessing one person a month. This is the goal. I am the cause. You are to become a subject and then create an object. Yet, did you do that? In order to achieve this, you have to center your life on it night and day, whether you are awake or asleep, and such mindset must become the center. What you see, listen, and eat must be this and when you sleep this is how you should do it. Have you done that like that? All of you failed to do it. This must always be the center. When you eat, see things, listen, put clothes on, and give the words of truth, and carry on the fight right now, all must be done for the sake of that. This is the goal. This is the motivation. Subject and object must make them one.

It may seem that what I ask you to do is impossible, but they are perfectly doable. They can be done. You will accomplish great achievements. If this is impossible, then God cannot help but be doomed already. For sure, it can be done. See if it can be done or not after it becomes like your humming or steep talking. Even when you are sleeping, you should wake up while counting, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve people." Is that how it is? [66-261]

You leaders, do you have the determination that you should witness to one person per month? Is there anyone who believes that he should do this even if he cannot eat and sleep? [94-158]

You should witness to one person a month. I gave this direction to the whole world. Yet, can you Korean members who are attending me directly fall behind the foreign members? No matter how difficult it is, it is still easier than crossing the thirty-eighth parallel, isn't it? [24-182]

The activities of the Unification Church up to now were for the sake of dismantling the external environment. Because we were in the environment of opposition, it was merely a plan to claim back the people under such an environment. For this reason, the Unification Church took many tolls. We used tactics that consumed us a lot. However, such time has passed behind us now, and as a result, individuals just have to witness to one person a month with a parental heart. Then, witnessing will not be a problem. If a thousand people can witness one person a month, then in a year, the membership would grow to twelve thousand. After another year, the number will increase to one hundred and forty-four thousand people. After just three years like this, Unification Church members will number more than one and half million, and on the fourth year, it will exceed fifteen million. If this can be done, then Korea can be restored in several years.

Therefore, we have been planing according to this principle up to now. You cannot witness to this and that person randomly. One person just needs to witness to one person a month. Do you understand? Then, in the next month, we will have the double the number here. Isn't that so? [23-311]

If you can pray and exert yourself for three hours a day for a month, then you can surely gain a new member. Therefore, if you can exert yourself for more than 12 hours per day in the countryside, then you can surely restore one person a week. With this principle, we are fighting the battle out there. Do you understand?

It is my direction that average members of Unification Church must at least witness to one person per month. Do you understand? [58-111]

You cannot make the excuse that you cannot witness to one person per month. If a person spends three hours on witnessing per day, then in thirty days he would have spent ninety hours. Isn't this so? If you want to put in 90 hours in a week, then you need to spend more than 12 hours a day. Can you achieve this by eating all your meals? Regardless of your sex, you should be doing this from dawn. You cannot possibly establish that a person who spends three hours a day witnessing cannot even witness to one person after a month. [55-289]

5) Witnessing to 84 People

Witnessing simply cannot be unsuccessful. You should write letters day and night and call every day. You should tell your parents, "I will die if I don't do this." All the blessed couples will receive accusation because of this. You will be accused because of the 84 people. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes] The door to heaven opens to you after you receive blessing, but you cannot enter it. You cannot go in. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes]

How do you enter heaven? A messiah must bring along the world, and Unification Church members must take with them their relatives. This is what you should be aware of. I have already paved the way for the roads that individuals, family, clan, nation, and the world must walk through. Three people, twelve people, and 72 people; adding all this you get 84 people. (He speaks as he writes on the blackboard.) This is going through the three stages of formation, growth, and completion. [89-247]

Why are we witnessing to one person a month? What is that! Why do we plan seven years? Seven years is 84 months. This is 12 apostles and 72 disciples. When Moses was assigning six leaders to each of the twelve tribes, you have six times twelve, or 72 followers. Therefore it is not 70 followers, but 72 followers.

Then, he selected seven people centering on the head of the tribe. Do you understand? [Yes] This is how they were organized into groups of seven people. So, centering on Moses, the 72 followers represented the formation stage, the 12 tribes represented the growth stage, and Moses represented the completion stage. This is in accordance with the principle. For this reason, viewing it with the Principle of the three stages, I have to replace the position of Moses, and I must have twelve tribes, and then 72 followers. They are the heads of clans. We have to restore this foundation through indemnity today.

So what is the meaning of obtaining 84 people through this? What Jesus could not find on the earth was the twelve apostles. Jesus should have possessed the twelve tribal leaders before the nation of Israel, which represented the people. These clan leaders were all high priests. Jesus did not have to die if the twelve high priests became one and then all of the 72 clan heads who were the high priests in the regions became one before him.

We have to claim it back from inside the church and the world. It must be done from the external foundation. This must be claimed back from Zachariah's family. Do you understand? [Yes] Zachariah's family. So, what is to be done after winning it back centering on John the Baptist? Then he was supposed to return to his hometown. Having done that, the family of Zachariah in the position of Cain and the family of Joseph in the position of Abel must unite, thereby letting the first and second sons become one so that they can be in the position of twins. Then, having set the condition that the first son stands in the position of the second son, the younger brother must be liberated.

In other words, Zachariah's family in the position of Cain should not have killed the family of Joseph in the position of Abel . . . Wasn't the fall a murder? [Yes] In contrary to Cain's killing of Abel, on the level of clans, John the Baptist's family which was a Cain-type clan must save Joseph's family which was the Abel-type clan. They were supposed to save them fully.

Joseph's family came later, but by attending it like an older brother and becoming one with it, they were to indemnify at the level of clan all the wrongdoing of the older brother throughout the history. The day that just three clans, which have paid indemnity at the clan level, can be formed, the people will be naturally formed. Do you understand? [Yes] There will be a formation of the people. Jesus failed in his attempt to achieve this. Because 84 people could not become one, he lost the foundation on which he can inherit the providence by connecting with his clan after returning home, and the foundation on which he can inherit the four thousand years of Jewish history and the history of the Israel nation. Accordingly, without establishing Jesus' standard of indemnity you cannot move forward into the position of blessing, the position of Adam. Do you understand? [Yes]

Therefore, all those who are walking the path of restoration are destined to find 84 people. Without that, you cannot embark on the path that leads to the nation. Do you understand? [Yes] Without a nation, you cannot go toward the world. No matter how much a foundation of indemnity I have established, because you could not be in such a position, I have put my life on the line and tried my very best to make the connection. Otherwise, there is no path of life. There will be no way to find your nation, world and universe. If you failed to do this, then no matter how much faith you had in me, you will be accused in the spirit world. The door would remain open but you cannot enter. You have to wait because you have not completed the procedure.

Therefore, in seven years, corresponding to the seven thousand years of history, in seven years the unfulfilled will of Jesus and Adam . . . What is the cause of suffering of Jesus? It is his failure to gain three spiritual children. What is his next unfulfilled will? It is paying indemnity for 84 people on that foundation and moving up to the position of the original parents, the position of true parents, the position of parents who have laid the worldwide foundation of indemnity and won the victory. For this reason, the world is fated to go this path. Do you understand? [Yes]

Since all of you have already received the blessing, are you in a better position than Jesus? [Yes] It is all the same. I blessed you by sharing with you my victory centering on my worldwide foundation of indemnity. I have given an extension in time so that you can have a chance to complete this in my place.

So you must witness to 84 people in seven years no matter what. It cannot exceed seven years. If you fail in seven years, then you must do it in 21 years. If you cannot do it in 21-year course, then, since I have repeated twice the three seven-year courses, you must begin a 40-year course. You must do it in the 40-year course. If not, then it would take 60 years. [127-69]

6) Witnessing to 120 People

You must wail, grabbing on to the nation. You must shout out in a wail, "Are you going to let this nation live or die?" Having warded off the national Satan through this, you must then grab on to your clan and weep. Isn't this what you should do? Isn't this true? This type of person is a filial son before his parents and a patriot before the nation. Once you know that the parents and the nation are not in perfect condition, you must become a filial son and a patriot to make up for it. You cannot enter heaven without becoming such a filial son and a patriot.

Thus, do you have to do witnessing or not? [We have to do it] How many people should you witness to? [Up to 120 people] If you want to do 120 people, then you have to witness to at least three people in a year for 40 years. Even if you witness to three people in a year, it will still take 40 years. So, if you can indemnify forty years in ten years, then would you prefer to do it in ten years or forty years? [Ten years] You should indemnify forty years in ten years. In order to do that, you must witness to one person per month.

They say that in ten years, mountains and rivers will change their appearance, right? If you did not exert yourself to the utmost in countless ways during that ten years, then when you go to the spirit world you will feel too shameful to even raise your head. There are many people in this world that pay devotion for ten years for the sake of their parents or the nation. Accordingly, you have to be prepared to at least fulfill the unit of ten years. If you can witness to one person per month for 10 years, you can gain 120 spiritual children. You have to give all that you have, all your soul, spirit and strength for these 120 people. This is the way you can do the most for the sake of the world and God. [34-269]

You have to become tribal messiahs. Because it will take a long time to talk about it in detail from the historical perspective, I do not have such time now. You have to become tribal messiahs. In order to become that, you must witness to 120 people. How great would it be if you can witness to your mother, father, older brother, older sister, and all of the family members? If you can do that, then you can do anything just within the family. You do not have to such things as going around looking for fishermen like Peter, publicizing your presence, or dying on the cross. [34-298]