The Way Of The Spiritual Leader (Part 2)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2 - Subject and Object, Cain and Abel [Part 1]

1. Subject and Object

1) The Ideology of the Unification Church

What is the ideology of subject in the Unification Church today? It is ideology of subject centering on love, but what is the content of love? God. Then? [True Parents] It is True Parents. When the world becomes one nation, all people will hold up the ideology of true parents in place of their own parents. True Parents will go to the spirit world. In their absence, people must become one with the parents and family members on the earth. This love must never be shattered. Great disasters will take place when there is a crack in it. What happens to everything when this is cracked? You will be kicked out of the world of the Universal force.

When you depart the sphere of inclusive power of love, then you will be shattered into pieces. You will not be able to live or be welcomed anywhere. That is how it is in the society too, right? You will become an unfaithful son. When we consider that, we can see that in Western society everything is just the opposite. Because God wants to put all under the subordination of the East, He is doing that.

That cannot be done centering on the Christian culture, and the reason that it becomes like that in the last days is because since all must be put under the subordination of the East, it is to become the subject of the East. Everything is like this. Do you understand what this means? What is our ideology of the subject? [Love] What is love? God stands in the middle and in the midst of that True Parents exist, and in the middle of that your own parents dwell, and in the middle of that there are the ideal husband and wife, and in the middle of that there are ideal children. This is where the ideal family begins.

Centering on that family, that family having become the nucleus, it can be developed and expanded to become the world. The family remains as the axis. That family will not be rejected anywhere it goes inside the world environment included within the true love of God. It will be protected. If one does not meet the qualification there, one will be chased out. The universe will oppose. So, if there is no parent, then sadness will engulf you. When a wife dies, her husband will feel sorrow. The universal force will not protect them. Why do you feel grief when your child dies? It shows that you lack this.

Because you lack one section from the way that you can perfect love, because you lack the factor that can fit you in with the sphere of perfection of the ideal love, according to the amount of your inadequacy, you will be chased out by the universal fortune. That kind of person will walk along the periphery. According to the law of "Yin-Gua," if you have inherited sin and wrongdoing of your ancestors, then you will have to go outside taking them with you. Since this movement behaves much like the breathing activities of the lung, if there is anything wrong, then you will be pushed out to the outside. Do you understand?

What is the ideology of subject in our Unification Church? [Love] Love. You all understand its content, right? [Yes] Wherever you go, when you stand on a place, it will be expanded outwards to the world from there.

Our life philosophy in the Unification Church is, centering on love under the dominion of such ideology of subject, from the position of applying to the whole one decisive content of a family to lead our lives. From this perspective, what was the purpose of your lives so far? Were you struggling for money? People fight because of financial problems and then because of knowledge.

From this point of view, the concept of love that we are preaching in the Unification Church today, can be connected with the family, society, and world that have ideal content, and it began from the mentality of the ideals of creation that God desires. If that cannot only disembark but also continue till the end, because it will be expanded, it will return. It has been concentrated. It will be intensely concentrated, then be spread out, and this is how it develops on.

When you possess such mentality and lead your life, trying to make such a connection to your living environment, the will of God will be fulfilled within your living environment and progress on. Because I know this fact, I am giving you such words. Are you going to try to live this kind of life? [Yes] (164-95)

Today, don't we teach the ideology of the subject in the Unification Church? What is the ideology of the subject? The ideology of the subject has the purpose of being responsible for the whole, giving to the whole, and pioneering the path of the whole. This is the Principle perspective. Do you understand? Do you want to become the subject or the object? Which one do you want to become? If you are in a county, then you are to become the leader there. Isn't this true? [Yes] You are ones who are responsible, right?

Then, centering on the regions in the four directions, how many times have you walked around at dawn, in tears, and climbing the mountain in the village. How much did you pray for the protection of the people in the village in tears? This is where the problem is. When you shed tears, your ancestors in spirit world, saints and sages, and then God will shed tears with you. When this can take place, the road that you walk will be full of testimonies and proofs of God's work. If you cannot have a major impact in a village, county, or a city even after exerting yourself in such devoted manner for three years, I can only consider you as a false one. (81-315)

2) The Vertical Subject

Who is the vertical subject? There is none other than God who is the vertical subject. The original homeland of your conscience is God. Only after forming a family on the basis of God centering on the conscience of individuals, and then forming a tribe, people, nation, world and universe centering on God, you can be one with the vertical standard which will allow God to freely come down and go up. This vertical standard must also have give and take, right? It must revolve up and down. After making circles, a sphere will be formed.

When you go to a school, who is the vertical representative of the school? The vertical representative is the teacher who comes into the classroom. During that time, students must absolutely obey the words of the teacher. Those who gossip or complain on the side are destructive.

Now that you understand what is said on this signboard, go ahead and analyze it. What kind of qualifications am I able to meet? Can I sway and move back and forth as the family head that has brought the vertical and horizontal principles into one, or as the head of the clan or people, or as a representative of the world? God as the center of the universe will not freely move around. Even a thousand years ago or ten thousand years ago, he did not sway. He is unchanging. (148-25)

You have to have control over your conscience centering on your own individual conscience. What is the meaning of the character "tong" in Tongil (unification)? [It means to command and lead] It means to unify, in simple terms. How is unification brought about? [By leading and commanding] By leading and commanding . . . The meaning of leading is commanding from the absolute vertical position. Without the vertical standard, how can you bring unification? You are all members of Unification Church, right? Those who are members raise your hand. I am saying this because among you here there are those who are not members, at least in my eyes. Only senseless and ignorant old people casually raise their hands, without even being able to distinguish their left hand from the right.

You have to lead. What does it mean to lead? Although the four seasons change, you must uphold the unchanging vertical standard so that what you have led in spring, winter, fall, summer will not change. You cannot say, "Since spring has come, I am bored with the vertical position; how wonderful is the horizontal position. I do not like the vertical position. I will move to the horizontal position." A leader cannot behave in this way. (148-22)

3) The Responsibility of the Subject

A subject has to have a strong power of life. Otherwise, one cannot become a subject. Moreover, a subject must contain love. Without possessing love one cannot become a subject. It means that one cannot lead objects. It is the same. Unless one becomes true and truthful, one cannot become the center. Without love, one cannot become the center. Furthermore, a leader must be able to make progress and lead for eternity. Therefore, he must be true. One cannot become a leader without being connected to the true life and true love. Does this sound right?

So we come to the conclusion that although it is not easy to clarify all this at once, we must exist for the sake of others because we are trying to walk the straight path. When you live for the sake of others, when you are trying to live for the plus, then you can follow after the position of the minus or rise up to the position of the plus. Up to here, there are numerous ways of being connected to it. (133-31)

In order to become a subject, you must love. Do you understand? You must become crazy about loving. A man should not just love a woman, but by first loving the nation, standing in the position that the nation guarantees love the woman. That man is to love the woman in the position guaranteed by the world. You must understand that this is the position that we are in.

Then, you should repent. I do not exist to receive love. Members of the Unification Church are not a group whose purpose is to receive love. Its purpose it to give love. Do you understand? Since it is a group formed for the sake of giving love, because people in the world like to receive love, we will be welcomed wherever we go. Is this true? Because people in the world are a group that wants to receive love and we are a group that is trying to give love, it is natural that we will be welcome. People who stand out among them will give love. They will follow wherever we go. (59-58)

When we look at you today, the question is whether or not you have become people who possess the subjectivity and take responsibility on behalf of the dispensation. Ladies and gentlemen have you become such people? In order to possess such character, you must become revived. Otherwise, you cannot become victors. All of you will face accusation. (17-51)

As leaders you must posses independent subjectivity, and as the minister of God you must become the subject of faith. There must be progress because we are mobilizing God for our activities. I have been helping Korea, I have been helping Korea even after going to America, but . . . I have been living like that with that kind of conviction up to now. I am like that even now. (68-112)

No matter where I go, even if I go to a factory, I must become the head of the factory. How great is such conviction. Being confident that I can deal with everything is a great conviction. How great a thought is that? I know that this and that is no good, and when I meet with the president and say how his factory is, he will ask, "How did you know that?" I would then say, "How do I know? I know because I have done it before." The Washington Times won the first place in the newspaper Olympic games. At that time, in the position of the leader I have coached everything, giving orders on what to change. When you can understand this Principle and apply in your life, then you will find it surprising that doing so will grant you a world of tremendous powers in this free environment. You cannot become the weaker being.

When you consider that, I am telling you, "Do not just sit in the church but go and meet with the leaders in the region and meet with the Christian leaders," because I want you to become my second self. But without doing that, you just sit and do no work, but still consider yourself as the leader and the subject when you don't even act like a subject to others; you will perish. If you are in the subjective position, but without fulfilling your responsibility as the subject, if you still claim to be the subject then you will be ruined. There is no progress because there is no subject. For this reason, the Principle requires that leaders must put more effort than the members when they are doing their mission, Otherwise, it is a swindle. You will become thieves. You will become swindlers. (131-223)

I have traveled often all over the Korean peninsula. As soon as I arrived in America, taking forty days, I roamed all over the 48 states, saying, "Run run. My footsteps must reach there. You mountains, streams, grasses, and trees, you have been longing for me, haven't you? I am here now." Then, I visited every valley and prayed in the highest possible place . . . This is what you must do. When I open the doors and go out in some place, I feel the field greeting me and the thought emerges, "All right! I should go once. I will go. I will go even to the mountains." All things also wait for the masters. Isn't that so? If there is a dog, how much would it have waited for the owner to come out, waiting for the night to pass in the cold winter or hot summer. Even if the dog fell asleep, when the owner opens the door and comes out, it will rise up and rush toward him waving his tails. You should see in the morning. You should see if that is true or not. See how happy its expressions are . . . Do you know such things?

It is the same. As you travel over the mountains and fields you should have the attitude, "I should go and visit that valley. If there is a village in the valley where the smoke is coming from, then I should go and visit the village once. I should go there sometimes." When you go with that kind of mindset, then the ancestors in the spirit world will make the people in the household to start clean up because the VIP of heaven is coming to visit. This will take place. Do you understand? [Yes] They will see the whole thing in their dream and unconsciously say, "Is there someone there? It seems like someone is coming here."

The public sentiments are directly connected with the heart of the heaven. In the original world of the heart, there is no need for a bridge. There is no need for a messenger. You will sense somehow that someone is coming. What you think will turn out to be true. You will come to sense: "Although I am not clear who it is, but someone is coming to visit our house." If I have such an attitude then this will take place. Everyday, unconsciously you will look far beyond the mountains far away, watch the winding road and the road that disappears around the valley and wait for someone; do you think such thing will happen? Just as parents wait for the children, parents who are waiting for the child to come will also love the land where the child is. It is the same.

So, what is the responsibility of the owner? What is the responsibility of the subject? When you are hungry, they you should ask whether or not there are people in the village who are starving. If there are, then you should be prepared to save your lunch and give it to the children in that household. If you have that kind of mindset, then there is no way that you will starve. Even if you are trying to skip meals, someone will repeatedly bring food to you. This is the principle of the universe. This universe is seeking after one center. (81-297)

4) The Position of the Leader in Regards to the Principle Perspective on Life

A leader, a subject, must be responsible for the whole. He must be responsible for the whole and play the role of the guide who can lead people to good places. When he can pave the way, and lay a strong foundation so that the followers can ride on the highway, the more he does that the greater subject he is. It is very simple. It is a simple logic. Do you understand what I am saying?

When you go home and see your wife sleeping, you should be thinking, "Because I have not fulfilled my responsibility today she is behaving this way." Have you ever thought, "She is not waiting for me because I have not fulfilled my responsibility?" Suppose that she did not even make lunch and is just taking a nap. You have to think like that. You have to think like that in all personal relationships.

When a person that you are dealing with for the first time has made a mistake, then you should think about what you have given him and how much you have invested in him. Only by doing so, even if mistakes are made, you can find the universal laws of forgiveness. As the subject, you have to first greet him with a delightful heart before you expect him to do so, and if you expect him to greet you with a bright face when you yourself are not, then you are just a thief. What is a thief? A thief is taking things from someone else's field and eating it without working for it. This is the beginning of evil.

From this Principle perspective on life, did you understand clearly what it means to be in the position of a leader? Do you understand? [Yes] Those who do, please raise your hand. Please put it down. (81-305)

What kind of person is the leader, the subject? He is one who takes responsibility for the whole. After you go into a village, you should be thinking, "I came to this village as the leader. I came as a member of the Special Forces sent by God to build the kingdom of heaven and materialize heaven. What did I do as a member of the Special Forces? What did I give to the village after coming here? Did I become the subject? Did I become the object?" If you failed to become a subject but became an object, then you should be grateful that you have not been blown off by the wind and not struck by the lightening and lie dead.

You should have the attitude, "This village is better than my own village and because it is just like the homeland of hope that I have always wanted, I want to go out and meet with the people in the village. If I meet them in the morning, then I do not part with them in the evening, and if they come to visit me at my house in the evening I just want to give something more to them. I want to talk to them even through the night, and hope that they would not leave." This is how your heart should be. Why is that so? It is because you are brothers who were separated thousands of years ago. Although parents have passed away, because you are brothers who came together after thou, sands of years, tens of years, and hundreds of years, as soon as your hearts can be connected in a straight line, everything else will also be linked together.

As a leader you should never tell someone who is coming to visit you to not come. I only stay for several days, but to be honest, when people come to the headquarters and wait for me, it is a bit annoying. This time, I could not get any sleep from Japan, and last night I was so caught up in what I was doing that I did not know whether I was walking around or sitting down. Because of the jet leg, the time is just the opposite from here. When it is time to fall asleep here, it is time to wake up there; when it is time to wake up here, it is time to fall asleep there. I try to open my eyes, but they keep on closing by themselves. This is because I have not slept for several days. But I never thought that I should sleep anymore because of this. I wish that the night would pass by quickly. I am preoccupied with the concern, "How can I make them be connected to the heart of God during this time?" This is what is needed.

Therefore, when a leader fails to fulfill his responsibility, he will receive the gravest punishment in the world. It is more fearful than being locked up in the prison and having chains placed on your hands and feet. How can you stand on the pulpit without fulfilling your responsibility, and how can you talk to the people in the village without fulfilling your responsibility? You should be moved by the heart that does not know what else to do but cry in tears. This is the place that the original relationship will begin. (81-312)

5) The Mission of a Central Figure

What should the subject do? The subject has the responsibility to protect. Moreover, he has to determine the position and direction of the environment. After making the determination, he must protect and be responsible for it. (1978.3.19)

Who is the central figure? He has the responsibility to provide protection and the ability to do it. Suppose that an ugly man was standing in front of a pretty woman, then when he is facing a crisis, is he going to hide inside the armpit of the pretty woman? Think about it. Even a tall and pretty woman, would she hide inside the armpit of the ugly man if she is facing some dangerous situation? Which is the case, you ladies? No matter how tall and beautiful the woman might be, she will hide behind the man. She wants to be protected by him. This is a natural expression and reasonable behavior. The central figure must take responsibility and provide protection.

Moreover, the central figure must the lead the movement. He has to guide the way. Isn't this true? Only someone who knows the way can guide it; how can someone who does not lead the way? Isn't this so? A lady has a doctorate degree while a man only graduated from the elementary school. However, when they are climbing a mountain, does the doctor lady walk in the front or does the man with elementary education lead the way? In general, if there are ten men, then all ten will ignore the lady and try to lead the way at the front. Isn't this how it is? The central figure has the responsibility to lead. Toward what? Toward the good place.

Who is the central figure of the Unification Church? [True Parents] Don't say True Parents, but say teacher. It is the same logic. This teacher takes responsibility for everything in the Unification Church, whether it is good or bad. Among the members of the Unification Church there are many that are older than I am and better than me. Although I am not that unworthy. Only by doing so, I won't doze off. It is easier to doze off when there are many people. From this perspective, you should tell someone both good bad things right away? If someone does not seek the consultation of others just because he is the leader, he is a false one. Since the center of the four limbs and all organs is the head, everything must be passed through the head. That which does not pass through has already lost its life. It has no value in its existence. Therefore, a central figure must 1. Take responsibility, 2. Know how to provide protection, and then 3. Know how to lead. (173-346)

The center is supposed to be responsible for the whole. The center must know how to give everything. The center must take responsibility and know how to protect. (134-317)

Viewing centering on man and woman, husband and wife are the same. They are the same when they like each other. However, although they are equal on the horizontal standard, on the vertical standard, who sets the standard for an even balance? It is not the woman, but the man. It is man. For this reason, man stands on the right side and the woman stands on the left.

The subject must protect the object. He has the responsibility to protect. Then what does he have to do? He has to lead. He must point out the direction, which will lead to the right way. So should the wife listen to the words of husbands or not? [They should listen] If the husband behaves like a dog, aware only about the horizontal standard, and believes in himself more than God and thinks that he is absolute, then you do not have to obey him. However, if he listens to his conscience, is concerned about the family, society, and nation, then the wife must try to be in harmony with him. She has to follow her husband. (148-17)

6) The Creation of the Realm of Object Centering on the Subject

Look. There were people who had joined the Unification Church who said, "I graduated from a certain college and coming from the intellectual class, I am intelligent and wise; therefore I do not wish to suffer like Rev. Moon." But who is the more intelligent, knowledgeable and wise? Seeing the result now, all of them fell down and became those fallen leaves, but Rev. Moon, who they thought would fall down, became the branch at the top that bore fruits. Although they fell down, Rev. Moon became someone that the world admires.

How did this come about? It is because I know that there exists the subject-object relationship in the environment, and because I go through the changing process of development that can benefit the subject and object. Because I have this philosophical perspective on life and perspective on the way that the universe operates, although I may seem to be declining, but actually I am making progress. I can only progress. Unless my theory is wrong, I will surely advance.

Therefore, the original mind knows. God is the powerful plus. For this reason, if Rev. Moon is destined to become the medium through whom one can seek God, then one's conscience will naturally be drawn to him and think of him. It will approach it continuously. The body moves toward me continuously. This is the action that will take place. (131-222)

No one will oppose religious leaders like me for going to a bar. In order to take care of all the people there, you must first deal with the subject there. Moreover, since what the subject needs is the object, in order to lure them out, you have to excel the best person there in doing something; this is the way to lure them out naturally. Viewing from the perspective of, shall we say, the philosophical perspective of social science, how did the Unification Church develop so far? You have to understand it has been making progress by applying this type of principle.

Since God links the relationship between subject and object through the history of re-creation, when you stand as a man to represent God, then you have to recreate. You must recreate centering on these principles. Then, what do you have to do? You have to recreate a realm of reciprocity. As you meet someone, if you pour all your heart and effort to create the realm of object in the environment that accords with your own field, then you can stand on the theoretical foundation of eternal existence.

Then, in the process of doing that, what do you center on? You are not to center on Rev. Moon. You are to do it from the position of subject centering on the heart of God during the creation, the standard of heart that seeks to complete the ideals of love and purpose of love. When this can be done, you can naturally obtain the power that would enable the hearts of subjects with original nature to be absorbed into the realm of the subject's heart of faith, despite the fall. This is how they will be connected. Do you understand? In order to make the realm of object in that environment, you have to pour all of your main effort and energy twenty four hours a day, just as how God was carrying on the creation process.

In this way, you are to make the realm of reciprocity on the individual level and then on the family level. This is the original way. The environment on the family level I am talking about, it is not the family inside the realm of the fall during the historical era of the world, but the family that was to be created centering on God. If you stand as the subject on the standard position centering on the family, this will allow the formation of the realm of reciprocity and environment on the foundation of family centered on God, and create the domain of tribes. (135-177)

The way to safeguard the battlefront of unification is not surpassing oneself and making it possible for God to help. In other words, it is not having the force of heaven put into oneself, but it is creating the conditions for the force to be put into the object on one's own account. You must understand that this is how the protection of the environment that you are in is secured. For this reason, you have to believe that you are always one with God. You should think that when you go out witnessing, you should go with God. When you speak you should speak together with God. When you are eating meals or sleeping, or whatever you do, you must have the mindset that you are living intimately with God. This type of person -- if one lives such life -- then when you meet a sad person, you will automatically become sad. You can feel what God is feeling. This is having the actual experience of God. You have to enter this realm of experience.

So, when you go to certain town or village, you can immediately sense what the village is like. When you go to a high place in the village to pray and sing, people from the village will come up, those who share your cause. The fundamental Principle is that whenever there is perfect plus, the perfect minus will emerge.

When you do business, sell flowers, or whatever you do, even witnessing, if you do it with prayer and a devotional heart, then it will be revealed to you. You will be shown what kind of person you will meet. When you set out witnessing, you will want to mysteriously go to a place that you have not even thought about before. If you go there, you will meet someone whom God loves. You cannot deny the existence of God when you are having this kind of experience. (69-288)

Section 2 - Subject and Object, Cain and Abel [Part 2]

2. Cain and Abel

1) Cain and Abel in the History of the Dispensation

You may think that when Cain and Abel both made an offering, God's position of receiving the offering of Abel was different from His position of rejecting the offering of Cain, but this is not true. If there were even a trace of willingness in Cain to go through Abel, who represented God, then God would have surely accepted the offering. Although there may have been a difference in regards to when, God tried to deal with them fairly. (3-205)

If Cain did not really care about the offering that he made to God, then it would not have mattered to him so much whether or not God received the offering of Abel. However, what made him furious and resentful was the thought that his devotion was less than that of Abel. Cain must have thought that the devotion with which he prepared the offering was at least equal to, if not better than that of Abel. Don't you think this is how it was? It is human nature to want one's own to be received first, even if the offering had the same content and was made from the same position.

Cain cannot complain if Abel's offering deserved to be accepted. If they can be compared, how can he raise a complaint? However, won't he complain if the offering was not accepted, even if they were offered from the equal positions? Therefore, you have to be better when you are exerting yourself. You have to offer it after preparing the devotional heart that is better than the offering.

When you look at it centering on Abel, Abel made the offering with the same degree of devotion as Cain. However, because Abel was on the side of God from the beginning point God accepted it. For this reason, Abel should have been grateful and humble even if God accepted his offering. Then would Cain have tried to kill him? Nevertheless, since God only received his offering, Abel must have expressed great joy to the extent that aroused intense feeling of jealousy in Cain. It would have been good if he just kept the feeling of happiness to himself and not expressed it, but he boasted to his older brother. Don't you also want to boast about some happy events in your life? Don't you want to brag about it? Similarly, Abel must have boasted to his brother. In the process, he must have gone overboard and said, "God did not receive older brother's offering and just accepted mine. Therefore, I am better than my older brother." Thus, Cain's face must have grown red, and he must have felt intense anger. It is reasonable to have this kind of thought.

Abel should not have bragged that he felt happy because he received the blessing from God. Instead, when he received the blessing, he should have realized his shortcomings and said, "Older brother, I am sorry." If he did that, would Cain have beaten him to death? He probably would not have killed him. This is the mistake of Abel. (34-51)

Do you like Abel or do you like Cain? [Abel] I like neither Cain nor Abel. Why? Abel made the offering together with his older brother Cain, so even when God accepted only his offering and rejected his older brother's, he should have been nice to his older brother. He should have been more considerate toward his brother. What do you think God would have done if at that moment Cain wept and make a havoc protesting, "Father, why did you only receive my offering?" and then go to his older brother and say, "I dislike God who only accepted my offering." God would have had to love Cain for sure.

Cain and Abel probably made the same preparation to make the offering to God. Cain prepared grains and Abel prepared lamb for one year, and with greatly devout attitude they offered them. It is good that they both put in great effort. However, without considering the question of who put in more effort, and just looking at the question of receiving or rejecting the offering, God accepted the offering of Abel because He had to.

However, since God accepted only his offering, Abel thought that this was because he was better and God only liked him. Thus, he must have bragged to his older brother, "Older brother, see, my offering was accepted." This must be what he did. Otherwise, why should Cain, who did not do anything, grow red in his face? Do you think this took place even when Abel did not do anything? For sure, Abel went before Cain to mock him, "What are you. My offering was received." Abel must never be arrogant. He must be humble. For this reason, he deserved to be beaten to death. There was no choice but to be beaten to death.

Unification Church members have to become Abels, right? [Yes] Then have you become Abels yet? Perhaps you are in the process of becoming one, but you are repeating the mistakes of Abel who was beaten to death. If you act arrogantly and say, "What is a Christian minister? How did the Fall take place? What? It was committed by eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? You ministers cannot solve these questions without us, right?" If you do that, then Unification Church will face difficulties. Did you do this or not? I told you not to do so, but you have been doing it anyway outside. (34-272)

After the offering was made, Cain hated and beat Abel to death when he found out that God only received the offering of Abel, but you have to understand that even from when they were making preparations for the offering, Cain held grudges against Abel. It is not the case that he beat Abel because he was suddenly overwhelmed with hatred when God did not receive his offering, but rather, even before that took place, Cain felt the hatred that wanted to kill Abel.

What do you, who have inherited this fallen lineage, have to do to climb over the hill of universal sorrow? Now, you are not to build the attar that will set the condition of unfaithfulness and conflict before God, but build the victorious altar of Able that can return glory and happiness to heavenly father.

For this reason, your life today must not be limited to yourself. It is a life to be led on behalf of the whole. The times that you lie down before God and the lifestyle that is centered on the principle, your life must not be limited to these moments and lifestyle. This is where it is determined whether one stands in the position of Abel or Cain. In other words, you stand at the incredible historical crossroads where you might easily become either Cain or Abel.

Knowing this, you should be able to distinguish, centering on the church, who is the Cain figure and who is the Abel figure. If there are two people, one of them is certainly Abel and the other is Cain. If there are three people, then two people might be Cain or Abel, but what you must understand is that there is always the most central Abel and Cain, and you should be able to distinguish them clearly.

Moreover, Cain and Abel must never be separated. One side is the right hand and the other side is the left hand. Accordingly, you must have a faithful heart to understand that God is your God as well as the other's God. God not only loves you but also loves the other. Then, you must always seek and serve the Abel type figure and try your best to avoid the position of Cain. You must clearly understand that unless you can become such person, one-day God will surely judge you.

When we look at the Unification Church today, there is also Cain and Abel. So, God reveals His words through Abel and wishes that every one will become one with the Abel. However, there is one person that prevents this unity with the Abel, and this is Satan. For this reason, in order for you to lead the right life of faith, you have to be able to discuss everything with someone who is more Abel-like than you are and become one with him. (3-206)

The fact that we, the Unification Church, are raising the issue of Cain and Abel shows that the era of Jesus has passed. Moreover, when we talk about Cain and Abel who can stand in front of the parents, we are talking about the restored Adam's family, in other words, the position of brothers that is not invaded by Satan. Do you understand what I am saying?

I told you that in order to stand in the position of Abel you must find Abel. Then, what did God do to find Cain? God carried on the dispensation on the national level by putting Jesus in the Abel position in order to find the Cain figure through Jesus. For this reason, there is a Cain type nation, Cain type religious denomination, Cain type tribe, Cain type family, and Cain type individual. (34-54)

2) What You Need to Become Abel

Abel has to take on the most important mission in the course of restoration. The reason that the position of Abel has been created was because of the fall. If there was no fall, then there was no need for the creation of the Abel figure for the dispensation.

Establishing Abel cannot be done with Abel alone. Before Abel comes into being, there must be a Cain. The first prerequisite for Abel is Cain. Abel cannot become Abel without Cain. Moreover, in order for Abel to be chosen as the true Abel figure, he needs a preparation period. In other words, he needs a period during which whether or not he can stand on the side of God is decided. In our Unification Church we call this time the period to establish the foundation of faith, but this is the period during which offering is made.

The meaning of making an offering is mending and linking through the heart of faith the separation between God and man, and it also means building a relationship externally. For this reason, without achieving this, one cannot become an offering. We know that a sacrifice always exists for the sake of one who makes the offering and the one who offers it. We know that this process of sacrifice has been extended through the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Completed Testament. (56-74)

In order to become Abel, one needs Cain. Abel cannot become Abel alone. Cain is absolutely needed. However, among Cain figures, there are those on God's side and those on Satan's side. For Jesus, John the Baptist was the Cain on God's side. Restoration was possible because John the Baptist was made the Cain figure on God's side. Isn't this true? [Yes] Cain on the satanic side will bite and hit. This is the fundamental Principle and the original nature of Satan.

In order for you to become Abel, you must first become one with God and then have Cain. Then who is Cain? Who is your Cain? In order for Cain to rise to the position of Cain, he has to start from the position of servant of servant, then rise to the positions of servant, adopted son, and then son. The son here will not receive accusations. Only by passing through this position can he rise to the position of Cain who can stand before God. However, Cain alone cannot rise to such a position. Someone must raise him up. Then who is to raise him up? The one who raises him up does the mission of messiah. Then on whose behalf is he raised up? He is to be raised in place of father. In other words, he is to be raised in place of God's heart. For this reason, you can raise Cain only when you have a parental heart.

In order to become Abel, you must look for Cain. You cannot become Abel before finding Cain. Accordingly, standing in the position representing God, you have to pass through the position of servant of servant and the position of adopted son to rise to the position of son. By doing so, you have to set the condition of having subjugated Cain centering on Abel. Only then you can complete your responsibility as the son who can stand before God, and from there when you stand on the position that Cain cooperates, then you can move toward the position of parent. Do you understand what I am saying?

Therefore, the purposes of your witnessing activities are first to create a Cain figure, and then to establish the Abel position. So, you who witness from the Abel position stand as the representative of God. Moreover, centering on God and on behalf of Jesus, you are restoring what the ancestors did not fulfill in the period when the position of servant was being restored. By doing so, you are to progress on, from the era of Adam to the eras of Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. Only after arriving at the period of Jesus will Cain and Abel will be determined. Before the era of Jesus, all stand in the position of adopted sons. (34-53)

Now, the rule to decide the Abel figure . . . In determining the Abel figure, who has the first responsibility? [Heavenly father] Then? [Good spirits] After that? [Angels] Next? [Satan] You heard this for the first time?

Why is this so? When Satan accuses, saying, "He has no qualifications to become Abel," then it cannot be done. Satan is very clear about what conditions a man has to set to become Abel. When Satan argues, "He should be like this and like that, but he has not set such conditions," what can God say? Can He assert, "You Satan! I say I am going to do it; who are you to object?" [He cannot] When the prosecuting attorney makes the accusation before the judge, "This person committed such and such crimes," can the judge say, "You! I am making the decision; who are you to raise your voice?" Can he do that? [No] It is the same thing. God is the judge and Satan is the prosecuting attorney who makes the accusations. It is the same. Then, who plays the role of the defense lawyer? It is the good ancestors and angels. It is the good ancestors and angels who have been restored like us that play this role.

However, can you make the decision? Can you insist, "God! Ancestors! Angels! Satan! Since I have chosen myself as Abel, you should recognize me." Can you do this yourself? [No] You can stand on the side of Abel. You must clearly understand that you can stand on the Abel side but you cannot become the Abel figure on the side of Abel. You have to be clear about this. Do you understand what I am talking about? [Yes]

In order to be chosen as Abel, you have to be called upon by God. It must be that chosen when God decrees, "You, so and so, you have to fulfill this mission," then you say, "Yes." If God calls upon you like that, then your good ancestors who stand on the side of God will be happy or not? [They will be happy] (89-121)

What does Abel have to do? First he has to become one with God, and second he has to love the archangel. He must win the archangel's recognition. The archangel must acknowledge, saying, "You are truly the son of God, and therefore the heir apparent." At this moment, the person in the position of archangel is Cain, and one in the position of Adam is Abel. You have to understand this clearly.

Are you Abel or Cain? [Abel] Have you become Abel? You cannot become Abel unless you receive the love of God, yet are you receiving the love of God? Do you think that you are? Have you ever said to your hands as you look at them, "This hand is receiving the love of God. How beautiful it is." Have ever felt, "God loves every part of my body." Have you ever felt, "Inside my blood and flesh, God's blood and flesh exists, and in my love, the life element of God operates." You have to be able to feel this kind of feeling. However, all of you are not like that. Do you understand?

What do you have to do first? You must understand this clearly. First, you must receive the love of God; second, you must love the archangel. You must be able to do both of these things.

False parents came into being because man fell. For this reason, they are to be divided between Cain and Abel to carry on the work of restoration. In other words, restoration is done with Abel as the representative of Adam and Cain as the representative of the archangel.

Then what do you have to do to become Abel? First, I have said that you must become one in heart with God. When you become one in heart and are pleasing to God, then God cannot but love you. Moreover, because you become God's child when your heart becomes one with His, He will give you specific commands in your life, "You should live like this and do like that." Then would you follow the directions? [We must follow] You must follow the orders to fulfill God's purpose. By doing so, your unity of heart will be manifested as external oneness. You have to understand these principles clearly. (34-85)

Where is the position of Cain and Abel decided. This is the crucial problem. Cain and Abel will not be decided in some good and comfortable position.

Why do we need Cain and Abel? Think about it. They are needed for the sake of the restoration through indemnity. Isn't this so? Then, what do we have to do to undertake the restoration through indemnity? We have to become a sacrifice. (34-91)

Where does God decide upon the Abel figure? He makes the choice at the place where Satan cannot accuse. Then, what is the position where Satan will not accuse? It is the position where unity with God is achieved, yet this position is not a position of joy, but the most sorrowful and difficult position. In other words, in the position where one is willing to die, in the most miserable position, there you can become one with God. (34-51)

For the Principle perspective, what is Abel? He is the center. God has to enter the middle of the center. However, have you become Abel? [We have not] Why have you not? In order to become Abel, one must obey. One must obey God and become one with Him. In order to become one with God, must you do everything that God tells you to do? [We must] You cannot be an Abel unless you can do all that God tells you to do. Even if you did ninety-nine percent of them, if you fail to do the last one, you cannot become the Abel figure. (34-46)

When I ask you, "Have you become individual Abel?" -- in order for you to become Abel, you need three Cain figures. Then, when I ask, "Who is your Cain?" you should be able to say, "My Cain is so and so." Then, this kind of individual can indemnify horizontally the vertical history centering on that Cain. For this reason, in regards to this vertical standard, if that kind of individual stands on the central position, then through that one person, horizontal indemnity can be carried out; however, if you cannot become that kind of individual, then you must pass through three eras, three stages.

For this reason, the ones you can present as shields before heaven as "so and so" when you are asked for your Cain, are what we in the Unification Church call the spiritual children. Three spiritual children are not enough. With three sons, you must lay the foundation of a family. When you have formed a family, you can enter the kingdom of heaven. (56-98)

Now, when we talk about Cain and Abel in the Unification Church, is it correct to say, "I am Abel because I joined first?" [Not correct] This would instead cause him to become Satan. He might easily become Cain. Those who joined the Unification Church first are those who might easily become the vanguard of satanic side.

Then, the only one with the qualification to become Abel is one who has the victorious foundation of having become Abel. In the Unification Church, those who are born first are Cain, and those who came out later are Abel. Accordingly, if one who joined first can command angels like God and become like Adam who did not fall, then he can always be Abel; however, those who assert their position and fail to show example in regards to the will of God, will all become Cain. This is the way things are tied together in Unification Church, but even if you look at the world after dividing it centering on the Unification Church, you will find that because this world came out first, it is Cain. This is how we see it. In other words, we can be the Abel side.

Now, when you look at the external world, you will find that there is also Cain and Abel here. Among evil people, there are those who are more evil, and those who are less evil; there are Cain and Abel. Even in the external world, democratic world and the communist world are fighting, and in the internal world, the Unification Church is fighting with the Christian Churches . . . This kind of phenomena will take place. Christianity is older brother and we are younger brother. Christianity who came first is the older brother, so it is in the Cain position; we are younger brothers, and for this reason they must submit to the younger brother. If they don't, then they will be cut off. (76-329)

3) Who is Abel and who is Cain

Among the members of Unification Church today, there are those crazy ones who say, "I am Abel because I joined earlier and those who joined later are Cain; so you should serve me!" There are many such crazy people. What kind of person is Abel? Abel is one who lives according to the will of God. One who is more public is Abel. You have to understand this. Who is Cain? He stands on the side of Satan. Who is Satan? Satan starts off from selfish thoughts. Abel begins from thinking not about himself but about God. You should understand this.

Even if you joined earlier, one who is satisfying one's own greed is Cain. One who thinks about oneself first is Cain. This kind of person must be chased out. This is the Principle that I use when I am dealing with people.

No matter how long one has been in the church, if one is living selfishly, I completely ignore him or her. I cannot do anything about it now, but when the time comes, I will tell him to pack up and leave. You are not Abel just because you joined earlier. Do you understand? One who pursues personal agendas more is Cain and one who thinks more about the public matters and heaven than about oneself is Abel. You have to understand this clearly. (58-68)

In deciding upon the brotherly order among the members of the Unification Church, one who joined first stands in the Abel but is at the same time also Cain, and one who joined later is in the position of Cain but is also Abel simultaneously. (24-348)

Centering on the Cain-Abel problem . . . You might say, "I am the regional leader, area leader or district leader sent by the headquarters, so you should listen to me." But, this is not how it is. This is God's side and that is Satan's side, so would Satan's side listen to you? He won't. To make him listen to you, you must put in three times more effort. When you put in three times more effort, then a third of that will return. Why is this? Since the number of completion arrived at after passing through the formation and growth stage belongs to God, so in order to save Cain in the course of restoration today, we are to put in three time the effort to take one. This is how it is. However, ignorant of this Principle, you just order people and do not know how to receive orders. This attitude is wrong.

This is not how the principles of Cain and Abel are. Abel is supposed to shed blood and tears . . . The difference is that he is shedding tears to open the way through which Cain can survive. This is where the precious thing, the foundation of victory is. You are the same. How much did all of you fulfill the responsibility of Abel for the sake of the members? Sacrificing for the sake of that one life . . . You must reflect and answer to yourself the question, "How much you have exerted yourself to raise the life of one person considering it as the ultimate goal of your life?" (70-149)

Among the members of the Unification Church, ones who assert themselves are all Cain. Wasn't Cain born first? Abel was not one who was born first. Because one who was born first is Cain, those who think of themselves highly just because they joined early and scorn those who joined later are people who have inherited the lineage of the Cain tribe. These types of people have to receive training all over again in the spirit world. There is no other way. You just wait and see.

I will not use the service of those who assert themselves just because they joined earlier. If I were to use them, then we will surely be ruined. This type of person stands on the side of Satan.

For this reason, you are to respect people until the end; you are to love and revere people until the end. Those who sleep until late in the morning, despite my waking them up at dawn, will all be chased out. You have to understand that there exist such principles. Do you understand?

Among the members of the Unification Church, what kind of person is Cain? Those who raise their heads high and order others around are Cain. Then who is Abel? Those who are trying to complete their responsibility are Able. Do you understand? [Yes] Despite the fact that those who joined first are originally Cain, they try to act like Abel. This is like falling into a trap set by oneself. For that kind of person, no matter what he does and how hard he tries, unless he does things according to the principle, I will not use him. (49-214)

What kind of being is Abel and what kind of being is Cain? According to our Divine Principle, the being called Cain is one who tries to put the burden of his problem and concerns on the shoulders of others. While Abel is one who is trying to reach out and take care of problems of others even if he himself is also facing difficulties. That is the difference. (62-189)

What kind of person is Abel? He is one who receives God's love first, then sets on doing the mission to the degree that equals the love, and then makes contributions to the dispensation as much as the love he received. Because Abel received the love of God, he must even sacrifice himself in order to walk the way of dispensation. He has no other alternative but to move forward because he has the duty to establish the reciprocal foundation to receive love that is equal to the foundation of dispensation, even if he has to offer up his life. This world is not a world of correspondence but a world of conflict. The fact that we still hope to destroy the world of conflict and build a world of correspondence shows that the world is not the world that we have now. The new era is going to dawn upon us. (51-82)

What kind of person is Abel? He is one who is liked in any environment. Who likes him then? God must first like him and then the environment must like him. When reflecting with this perspective, we can understand that Abel did not fulfill his responsibility to the full extent in Adam's family.

Suppose that two people hold intense animosity toward each other, as if toward an enemy, and no longer able to hold it in, they get into a fight. Among the two, what kind of person will prevail at the end? Here, revenge is not an ironclad rule. If on the other side of revenge there is a condition, a room for forgiveness, then there can be no excuse for undertaking revenge. Everything will be absorbed when it comes before something that is better. Here, which one is the subject and which one is the object? That which is better is subject and that which is worse is the object.

Then, what kind of person is one who is trying to become a good person? He is one who has established the absolute standard before God, the absolute being. Within that absolute standard, the world, nation, and people as well as all the institutions and ideologies of the society will be included. This is how it should be. You must create the absolute environment in which this can take place. You have to become someone who has the capacity to give and extend oneself, regardless of what society and system you are in. (34-233)

Up until now, you have failed to understand the tactics of God and Satan. The road of Abel is being hit first and then taking it away. At first, it seems that Satan is winning because he is striking first, but in the end, he has to return everything adding unto it all that is good in him. Do you understand what I am saying? For the evil side, even if it conquers others, it will not be triumphant; instead, even the goodness within the evil will be seized. In other words, the way God works is much like how God strikes rice cake and then hands it over, but then when He takes it back, there is powdered beans added on top of the rice cake. For a short period evil flourishes and stands in the position to strike goodness, but that does not mean that heaven will decline.

Then you have to understand how to distinguish Cain and Abel. Even among the Unification Church members, if there are two people, then among the two there is Cain and Abel. To define which one is Cain and which one is Abel, the one who is struck is Abel and one who strikes is Cain. Even if you call out rudely to someone who has brought no harm to you, you become a Cain. Let's take an example and say that there are two sons before parents, and the age difference between the two is quite substantial. However, even if for consultation or in any other aspect the older brother can act on behalf of the parents, if the older brother hits the younger, that is without any fault, then the parents will stand on the side of the younger son. People do not understand that this is the criterion for judging good and evil that applies to today's society. The one who is harming others always becomes the Cain figure.

Among the Unification members, if you mock one who is working hard and exhibiting great devotion for the sake of the church, "Why does he act so special?" then you become Cain. You must understand this. This is how Cain and Abel set themselves apart from each other. One who is being criticized and being harmed without having committed any sin is always Abel, while one who criticizes and strikes others always becomes Cain.

This is how it is even when saying just one word. Even when you are speaking, one who speaks words that are beneficial is Abel, and one who speak words that harm others is Cain. In other words, when you benefit someone you are not striking him, but when you are doing something for someone for your own sake, it is the same as harming the other person. For this reason, the public position is the place whose purpose is to benefit others, and the private position is the place where one lives for the sake one's own benefit. In this way, centering on public and private, Cain and Abel as well as good and evil are differentiated. You have to understand this. (56-85)

One who is more public-minded is Abel. Among the members of the Unification Church, there are those who believe that they are Abel because they joined first, but even if they joined early, if they cannot be public-minded, then they are Cain. They are Cain for sure. Cain was born first, but because he could not be more public than Abel could, he had to follow Abel. There might be those among the members of Unification Church who insist just because they joined early, "Because I joined early, I am Abel." However, what are those who cannot be more public-minded than those who joined later? [Cain] They are Cain. If they claim to be Abel, then they are thieves. The Abel figure is one who stands in more public position. (31-165)

Within the Unification Church, you are all linked up together as Cain and Abel. According to the principle, we have to restore the individual, family, tribe and people, but if you try to make horizontal relationships, then you will come into conflict with one another. Even while you are like that, you have to silently cast your head down and live for the sake of others.

Therefore, there are many people who seem to be apathetic to each other. However, you have to understand that one who sacrifices for the sake of the whole is the Abel. Do you understand. No matter how early you joined, that is all of no use. Because the vertical history is composed in the three stages of formation, growth, and completion, the horizontal history also is composed of the three stages, formation, growth, and completion. The time period can be shortened or extended. You have to understand this. (49-217)

You will naturally come to admire me because I have offered my life to sacrifice more for the sake of the public cause than for my own benefit and invested the materials and quantity. This is the principle. This is the heavenly fortune.

When you go back this time, I hope that you can become someone whose memory will dwell in the hearts of many people. This is the only way that you can become Abel. Do you understand? The will of Abel will not be realized in the rebellious position, but when one sincerely bows the head down and lives for the sake of others. This is how one is connected to the foundation for the perfection of Abel.

The restoration of the worldwide kingdom of heaven cannot come into being unless the foundation for the perfection of Abel on the individual level, family level, tribe or people level, national and world level can be linked up. We who understand this must apply this Principle centering on each day regardless of night and day, and for the sake of the development of this fundamental principle, we have to be on the run without rest. We can say that this type of person is a man of God. Do you understand? (64-81)

Section 2 - Subject and Object, Cain and Abel [Part 3]

2. Cain and Abel

4) Cain and Abel Relationships Among Members

There are Cain and Abel among the members of the Unification Church, and those who joined first are Cain, so it is they who stand in the important position. So, who is the person that joined the church first? The one who joined the earliest is I. Is there anyone who joined it before me? Therefore, I am Cain. Even if you ask God about it, he will agree. However, I do not force you into serving me, telling you, "You serve me, all of you, come here." I leave you to decide to do it if you want to and not do it if you do not. The only thing is that I teach you correctly. You have to know that the summer wind that blows before the autumn wind is scarier.

When we look at the members of the Unification Church and ask the question who the Abel is, horizontally those who joined earlier are Abel while vertically those who joined recently are Abel. In the vertical and horizontal relationships, the horizontal must be attentive to the vertical and not the other way around. This is how it will become.

When we look at God and man, man must be more attentive toward God than God is attentive toward man. The history of dispensation, that is supposed to value this tradition, is the formula course. The reason that I am putting the thirty-six couples through the course of suffering is because I do not want them to be accused for violating this law. I left all the Unification Church members alone but sent all the blessed couples out to walk the path of suffering. I did it so that they can fulfill their responsibility as Abel. They are to complete their responsibility as Abel centering on the Unification Church.

By doing so, they are to prepare all four directions. You are not to live according to your own wishes but according to my words, and follow that path that I am walking on. I am not telling you to do otherwise. You are to inherit the tradition of the Unification Church. You are supposed to do as I do. I have abandoned my family and parents to walk this path. This is what you must also do. Do you understand? You must be obedient while walking this path.

What is the secret to becoming the Abel figure? It is safeguarding the tradition. One who does not rebel even when one is facing death is to become Abel. You have to understand this. Jesus is said to be the young lamb, right? Therefore, even if you are poked, you must not rebel. (49-214)

Are you leaders Cain or Abel? You are Cain before me. All of you agree and say, "I want Teacher to be my older brother," right? In order for me to be the Teacher, I have to care for and love you more than I love myself. This is the principle. This is true wherever you are. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes] Looking at it horizontally, you are to stand in the front. Do you understand? Horizontally, you are to surpass the satanic world. You are to stand in the position where you have the condition of having being born first. However, looking at it vertically, you are Abel who stands below me. You stand in the position of having been born later. So, I have to be absolutely one with God. Having achieved the oneness, Cain and Abel must become one.

This is the Principle. It is vertical and Principle. Since God exists first He is the oldest and I am the younger son. Moreover, in the Unification Church, I am the oldest son and all who joined the church are younger sons. This is to say that the vertical standard has the Principle form while the horizontal standard becomes the possession of Satan. It will be the opposite. You have to understand this clearly. The vertical standard has the Principle shape. Do you understand?

Vertically, I stand in the position of the oldest son while you stand in the position of younger sons. Horizontally, you stand in the position of the older sons while I stand in the position of younger son. Therefore, in order to restore you, I must serve. This is the principle. It will become the opposite. So, you can come in here only when you complete your responsibility horizontally. Only when you become completely one with me vertically and horizontally, you can enter the position of Abel.

So, vertically you are in the position of older brother and horizontally you are in the position of the younger brother. The members will be in the position of the older son, because they are on the side of Satan. If you do not carry this out faithfully, then all will become twisted. Do you understand?

In other words, like the relationship between you and me, even in the relationship between you and the members, vertically you stand in the position of older brother while the members are in the position of younger brother; for this reason, they can be governed automatically. You can have dominion over them, but in the outside world when you deal with them horizontally you cannot govern them. You stand in the position of Abet while members stand in the position of Cain. It will become the opposite. For this reason, in order to restore them, the leader must go through the course of indemnity of Abel on their behalf. Otherwise, the restoration will not be accomplished.

What that means is that, those members who pledge to maintain absolute faith can be governed as you see fit because they are within you, but those who joined recently must go through the course of restoration through indemnity. From the vertical position, you can treat them as younger brothers from the position of the older brother, but this is not the case when you are in the horizontal position. If you do not lead them through the process of restoration through indemnity when they fail to become one, they do not have any other way to return. It is the same.

For this reason, as soon as one joins the church, all that one has, all the belongings including the body and mind must be offered to the Abel, and say, "I offer even my love to you." This is the only way to become one. Is that easy to do? You cannot become the son before you become completely one with God and me. You cannot stand in the position of the son. Before you become completely one, there is no Abel position. There is no place for you to stand.

So, after you stand on firm ground you have to raise people in the four directions. This is where the twelve tribes come from. Because there are twelve months, twelve tribes must be formed. They must completely submit and become one horizontally in give and take with each other. Just as there are twelve months on the earth to make up a year, even in the spirit world, there are twelve such doors. This is where the twelve tribes originate. If you cannot match the twelve directions in number, then you must create the four-position foundation in four directions. This is not the degrees that indicate the three-dimensionality of the four directions, but represent the twelve directions and twelve months. You have to prepare on all four directions by perfecting the four-position foundation.

By doing so, Jesus secured three disciples centering on him to form the four directions. Centering on this, he raised twelve disciples. This is the reason why in the Unification Church, you are told to witness to three people for the blessing. Without this, you won't have the foundation of the number four and therefore you cannot possess the right to indemnity conditions. Do you understand what this means? You do not even understand this. You are trying to do restoration through indemnity and work of restoration and so forth. If you don't understand this, all your attempts are in vain. Your lives of faith all stand in the position of Satan. (116-266)

5) The Mission of Abel

We have learned about Cain and Abel problems in the Principle. Abel is supposed to separate himself from Satan or from Cain. After that, entering the realm of God's love, by experiencing the sorrow of God and the older brother, we are supposed to make the determination to sacrifice our lives in their place, and save the older brother even if that means putting our lives on the line and offering our life. However, during this process, Cain murdered Abel.

The members of the Unification Church understand the Divine Principle. So the members stand in the position of Abel. For this reason, you must first be able to fight against Satan, and separate yourself from the satanic world. This means that you have to enter the realm of God's love. However this is not all. From that moment, you have to be willing to sacrifice yourself in order to resolve the sorrowful heart of God and the brothers and sisters who are chained to the satanic world. You must try to save them from the satanic world by offering your life and sacrifice as the ransom. The dispensation of restoration will move forward from the moment Abel sacrifices himself. This is the formula that you must remember. This must become one unit of the dispensation of God. (52-52)

What does Abel have to do now? Since Abel cannot go without Cain, he must look for Cain. In a family, who is the most representative Cain figure? As long as you can subjugate this Cain figure then all the rest will also submit to you. Should you conquer the most evil of all Cains or overcome the least evil Cain? [The most evil Cain] Ha ha ha. Why? Why? This is because the more evil one is, the more objects one governs. Would it be easy to conquer him? [Difficult] (76-333)

Who must Abel love? [Cain] Abel must love Cain. He must subjugate him naturally with love. He must stand in the position of loving them with blood and tears. He must give love that is the loftiest. Other wise Cain will not relinquish, and thus restoration cannot be carried out. We must do this for the sake of the Christian church, the Korean nation, and North Korea. This is the reason that I am praying for North Korea right now. (34-283)

Before you love Abel, you must love the archangel, and after loving Cain should you love Abel. This is the Principle. The archangel became Satan, and the older brother is Satan. Therefore, Abel must love Satan. You must love God also. This is important. This is what everything depends on. It is here.

Without love, Satan will not leave. The Christianity of today does not even dream about how to separate Satan and the satanic world. Why would Christianity perish when it preaches, "By faith, with the help of the cross we will receive salvation?" Satan must be separated and Cain must be made to submit. The question is how Abel will take care of these two problems.

What is Abel's responsibility? It is to bring Satan down to his knees. Unless Satan surrenders, he cannot be separated. Satan must be conquered and Cain must be brought to submission. You must understand the Principle that with love the older brother must be demoted to the position of the younger brother, so that the younger can become the older brother. If there was no fall, the foundation for the individual perfection, family perfection, the tribal perfection, people perfection, national perfection, world perfection and the universal perfection as well as the realm of God's love would have been established centering on Adam and Even, all at once. There can be no Satan or fall there.

Due to the fall there is a barrier within the individual, family and in everything else. In this way, Adam and Eve became enemies. There can only be destruction when things are centered on Satan. If God's Will cannot penetrate in here, then all will be destroyed. All will be divided. For this reason, there have been conflicts on the individual level, among brothers, on the tribal level, people, national and world levels, down to hell, and in all of the spirit world up to right under the assistants of God.

Who has to bring resolution to all this? Abel must do that. In other words, because Adam fell, Abel must resolve all of that from the position of Adam. However, because all the four billion people of the world, who have multiplied from an individual, cannot be brought to a conclusion at once, centering on the level we are launching a movement in which restoration through indemnity must connect all the levels of individual, family, tribe. Right now.

Satan and Cain are on the first level. You have to understand this. Satan is the father and this is the son. Then when do they surrender? They will be separated at the position where even if they die offering their lives to us centering on the content of God's love, they will continue to praise God. What do you have to do to make this come true? Abel must enter the satanic world. He must leave his homeland to enter the Satanic world, and only when he can conquer Satan after entering the satanic world, he can rise to the original position. He has to go out. He has to leave home. (129-216)

Abel must stand in the position where he can die for Cain and offer his life. Otherwise, Cain will not submit before Cain. He can return only when he is willing to die for Cain. Do you understand?

For this reason, Jesus taught that those who try to die will live and those who try to live will die. These words apply both to Abel and Cain. In order for Abel to save Cain, he must not have a second thought about giving up his life. Otherwise, can Cain be restored? No, there is no other way. Moreover, in order for Cain to follow Abel, he must be ready to die. Otherwise can he follow him? No. The two are the same. From this point of view, one who tries to die will live and one who tries to live will die. (34-99)

What does Abel have to do? He has to restore three generations. First, Cain must be restored. Then, parents must be restored. Then what mission lies ahead of him? God must be liberated. These are the three great missions. Do you understand? In other words, without liberating the satanic world, parents cannot appear. After that, if parents are not liberated, God cannot be liberated. It is Abel's mission to be responsible for the three realms of liberation. (58-68)

Abel is in the position of son and Cain is in the position of an adopted son. Therefore, Cain must absolutely obey Abel. However, Cain betrayed Abel. Abel must find Cain again. In other words, just as how after his death on the cross, Jesus had to resurrect and look for his disciples, Abel was killed by Cain, but he must look for him. He must go and look for the descendants of Cain who betrayed. Ones who represented such positions were Ham and Shem of Noah's time. (24-331)

6) The Mission of the Minister who is Abel

From now on, we have to restore them through indemnity. Restoration through indemnity is the only way. Who walks the path of indemnity? Abel is supposed to walk it. Then between the church leader and a new member who is Abel? [Church leader] Now, can Cain walk the road of indemnity? Answer me. Is there such a thing? There isn't.

The path of indemnity is supposed to be walked by Abel. Leaders of Unification Church do not understand this. They forgot it all. You have to understand this. All of you who are the representatives of different nations must also know this.

Who walks the path of indemnity? Cain is not the one. It is Abel. In shedding tears, he must cry first, and even going hungry, he must experience hunger first, he must be cursed first, and he must be beaten first. This is the way that he can walk the path of indemnity. When someone joins, then you have to listen to everything they have to say from their past life, and from the parental position you have to give counsel, shedding tears and praying for him; this is what you have to do.

When someone close to you is leaving, you cannot rest with your heart at peace. So you accompany him or her to his or her house, and when the morning breaks, you are so concerned that you wait for him or her in front of the house to meet him or her. You must be able to do this. In the end, you have to become someone that likes people more than anyone else. You have to be one who loves Cain the most, there the path of indemnity. Only by doing so, will that person follow your path in the right way. They will follow the path of indemnity. For this reason, you are to walk the path of indemnity.

Now, who is supposed to bring the unity? [Leader] It is in Cain's nature to bite off, rip up and repeatedly interfere. Therefore, you have to pray shedding tears before God, and pray staying up through the nights. You have to be the sick patient of the sick patients, and the concerned one of concerned ones, and in this way you have to understand that the path of indemnity is reporting to heaven about the sorrowful story. You have to feel like you are going to faint after being surrounded by some mysterious things. Your heart can never be at peace. (88-263)

Who is supposed to pay indemnity for Cain. Abel? Is Cain supposed to do that or is Abel supposed to do that? Abel is supposed to do it. A priest is not supposed to sit idly and do nothing constructive. With a heart of devotion, only after he exerts himself to the utmost and invests all of his effort, does he deserve to be in that position. This is the Principle. This is the process of recreation. You should try this out. (75-167)

Some of you, today, say as soon as you arrive at some place, "Since Teacher authorized me to be a regional leader or a district leader, I am Abel." This person has not become Abel. He was sent to do the mission of Abel. However, without even doing the mission of Abel, he is saying, "Serve me, obey my orders." When parents order children to do things, if they just sit idly and give the orders then those parents are stepparents. Do you understand? They are stepparents. Real parents will accompany the children and work together. They will teach while they work. Isn't this true? It is, right? [Yes] This is a true parent. (75-168)

Up to now, you have wrong idea on the Unification Church's concept of love between Cain and Abel. You think that leaders are unconditionally Abel, but this is not the case. Abel is supposed to save Cain. After that, only by becoming one, they can go before mother. Even if you have not become one with the leader, if you have attained unity among yourselves, the leader will come and join you there. This is the meaning of the saying that whenever there are two, three people praying God will be with them. More than praying alone, if two or three people gather together to pray, then . . . Do you have friends for whom you can carve out your flesh and give your blood? Do you have such comrades?

From today, you have to throw away thoughts centered on the leader that you had up to now and take up the ideology that always centers on the members. Why is this so? If there is a head of the family, then in order to create heaven in the family, the head must enforce the perspective, not for his own sake, but for the sake of the family members. Otherwise, heaven cannot be built in the family. It is the same. Until now, we must change what has been centered on me in the Unification Church until now to something that is centered on all of you, so that the effort can be focused on linking up the congregation of love horizontally. It won't do if we are trying to do only vertically.

Accordingly, you must love True Parents in the same way that you love God, and love all of the humanity just as you love True Parents. You are to become one with all peoples in the world. You have to digest the environment that you do not like, in which you can smell a bad odor from the feet, mouth, and body of the people next to you. You have to wash their feet. If they do not have clothes to wear, then you should give them your clothes to wear. (Applause) (115-56)

If you cannot experience heavenly love on earth, you cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven. Have you sincerely loved a Cain-type person? In order to go to the Kingdom of Heaven, your love should surpass the parental love and conjugal love of the satanic world. Parents have even died for the sake of their child in the fatten world; still, our love must surpass the parental love of the fallen world.

You cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven alone. One man and one woman should be united. In order to go through this process, one person of the couple should surely become one with Cain. A proper environment is needed. Before receiving parents or spouse, you are to set up a standard of unity between brothers and sisters. This is Unification thinking.

When Satan recognizes the condition that I loved Cain as much as I loved Abel, then he will go away. When rearing the babies of your trinity partners, you should be two or three times more devoted to them than your own babies. If the trinity cannot make oneness, how can we create world unity? Three nations should be one. You have to love the world more than you love the Lord. Father received persecution from three nations, three ages and three sovereignties. The trinity is one brother. Therefore, when the three families become one, they can hold ceremonies instead of Father. If you neglect the trinity and just focus on your family's well being, you will perish. You shouldn't represent Father just in His name; rather you should represent Father in His responsibility and heart.

By Cain killing Abel, history went the wrong way, so all humankind became Satan's children -- the children of a servant. Human beings were supposed to be princes and princesses, but they became the children of the servant. How much was God stifled? Jesus, the Messiah, in place of the original Adam, came as a luminary, one with God and God's love in spirit and body. Therefore, all men and women in the satanic realm can be attracted to the Lord, treasuring the day of His coming. That's why history is the history of indemnity. No other explanation is necessary.