The Way Of The Spiritual Leader (Part 2)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 4: Restoration Through Indemnity and the Formula Course [Part 1]

1. Historical Course of Restoration Through Indemnity

1) Historical Course of Restoration Through Indemnity

You understand that history indemnifies the vertical history horizontally. It proceeds along the Old Testament, New Testament, and the Completed Testament. The Old Testament is offering things as sacrifices, the New Testament is offering the body as the sacrifice, in other words offering the substantial body as the sacrifice, and the Complete Testament is the time to offer mind as the sacrifice.

Why does it proceed forward in this way? It moves according to the law of creation of the universe. Because man fell, because fallen things are worth less than even a lump of dirt, water is put on it and oil is poured into it to remold it and carry on the re-creation process. In order to create one man the creation is made, and after that the body is made, and finally God's heart was blown into it. This is the way that man has become a synthetic being. He has become the synthetic being of the universe. Just as the Principle says, man is a microcosm. This is the meaning behind what you have learned as the substantial Sungsang form and substantial Hyungsang form of God.

So, what must we do in order to restore through indemnity? First, the creation must be restored. Because after the fall, the creation and God's things, have become Satan's belongings. In order for them to be considered as God's things, they must be remolded and created again. They must be recreated, but what must they be made out of?

What I am talking about are ideals and conceptions. Because they were created centering on the Principle in order to materialize the Word, this is what is to be done. Therefore, the Old Testament is the time one is to believe based on the Word, and what comes next is the time when the Word is to be put into practice, and the next stage after that is the era of living centering on the Word. We are to enter the time of living the truth. In order to build the kingdom, all this must become one. The era of faith, of practice, and of life; this is the course that the progress takes. What is this? Because one man has fallen . . . Originally, Adam and Eve were to at once . . . (Speaks while writing on the board) The realm of materials, then the realm of body, and the realm of mind. After that is the realm of spirit. In the Unification Church, we consider them as precious as our lives.

Since when all these are achieved creation will take place, the material will become one with the body, the body will become one with the mind and the mind will become one with the spirit. (Speaks while writing on the board) These are the domains of Formation (Body), Growth (Mind), and Completion (Spirit). It is the same. This is the unfolding of that. However, while it is unfolding during the seven-thousand-years of history, it has been divided into three stages and made progress.

In the Old Testament, to be returned to God, as a condition of indemnity blood had to be shed. Blood had to be shed no matter what. Why? It is because Satan's blood was inherited. This is because Satan's blood must be taken out. For this reason, the sacrifice had to shed blood.

The Old Testament is the time of sacrifice centering on the animal, and next the New Testament is the time of sacrifice of the body centering on Jesus, in other words the time of sacrifice of the son. This was because people did not believe. Next is the Completed Testament, and this is the time of sacrifice of the mind. Therefore, you are to experience great pain in your heart after joining the Unification Church. This is how the restoration has been proceeding forward. (74-318)

Making sacrifice with the material things is the way to pay indemnity for the Old Testament. Sacrificing with the physical body is the way to pay indemnity for the New Testament. Attending the will of God with heart of faith and tears is the way to restore the Completed Testament.

(1) The Old Testament is the era when the Foundation of Faith is restored through indemnity and during this time, all things are restored through the symbolic offering.

(2) The New Testament is the era of restoring through indemnity of the Foundation of Substance and through the substantial offering man's physical body is restored.

(3) The Completed Testament is the era of restoring the Foundation of Heart and in this period man's mind is restored through the sacrifice of the heart.

So, what is this? When this is restored though indemnity, when the world comes to an end, then what would happen? In the Last Days, all these are not supposed to be indemnified in separate positions. This will be manifested horizontally according to the era. This (speaking while writing on the board) is Old Testament, right? This is the time of all things. This is time of material. We have to rise to the position where we ourselves can be claimed, to be re-created before God. All must be unified at once before God. It is the realm of man's possession. Next is our bodies. Then is the mind. All this at once . . . Man always failed because these were separated. Because we rose to this occasion based on failures, in this era all must be unified at once to bring victory? Who was defeated? The failure was not before God but before Satan. Because humanity was defeated by Satan, it is the same as God being defeated.

Then, on account of man's victory, who will reap the victory? God will claim the victory. For this reason, it is not God who brings the victory. It is man. Man is the one who will bring it about. Yet how is it done? It must be made to be one with the Principle. (74-320)

2) The Eight Stage Course of Restoration Through Indemnity

Until now, the six thousand years of history has progressed along the line starting from the level of individual, to the level of family, of tribe, of people, of nation, and of the world. In the Unification Church, we are to go through the eight stages of the restoration of individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, universe and the restoration of God's love.

When you pray, you pray centering on these eight stages, right? Heavenly father, after completing the individual restoration and the family restoration . . . The completion of individual restoration takes place at the heart of the family. The completion of the family happens at the heart of the tribe. The completion of restoration of the tribe is at the center of the people. The completion of the restoration of the people is found at the center of the nation. The completion of the nation occurs at the center of the world. The completion of the restoration of the world is in the middle of the universe, and the completion of the restoration of the universe takes place at the heart of God's love. Everything is trying to become one on the universal level centering on the love of God.

Therefore, the Unification Church is proclaiming the ideology of the universe centering on the perspective of history based on the heart. Some people might say, "We are busy making a living for today even, yet what is all this fuss about the ideology of the universe? We don't know if we will live or die today, so what is the point of this eternal and abundant idealism? These are crazy people." It's true that we are crazy. (61-75)

Then, how great is this stage? How many stages are there? You must pass the individual stage. Moreover, passing the individual stage alone is not enough. Is the test something that can be passed in comfort, while sleeping, resting and eating all you want? Is this so? You must pass the test. Why do you have to pass it? By doing so, one stage . . . Night and day will be swapped. It will be different. You can go from the era of the night to the era of the day. You can go from the springtime to the summer time. This is how it is. You can make progress.

Just as there is a test whenever one tries to bring something to conclusion, in our course of restoration, the eight stages are left for us to pass through. The course of indemnity on the individual level, of the family level, of the tribal level, of the people level, of the national level, of the world level, of the universal level, and then what is next? There are eight stages including the stage of God. If you look at the actual course, there are seven stages. Up to that, this is the fate that fallen man must walk through. This cannot be left abandoned forever.

If you as an individual made a contact with that, then in whatever way that you can, you must connect it to the family level. In order to connect this, you have to love this more. Having loved this, you must stage a concentrated attack in order to be one with it. You must not put your own opinion first. The question is how to adjust and focus right onto this. (125-250)

What is the Principle of the Unification Church trying to do today? This is the only path, yet just because this is the Principle path, one cannot just enter it. It has been made to be the path whose fate is to pass through the eight stages. Do you understand! There are eight stages from individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, universe, and until God. The number eight is the number of beginning all over again. After that, the number of beginning again will not emerge again. Do you understand? [Yes] (135-304)

When you possess the love of God, there is no need for you to commit sin. You will have no need for sin or greed. In love, everything exists. Do you understand what this means? [Yes] What we must do is fulfill our portion of responsibility. You must understand clearly that only what you do in these can be said to constitute the restoration through indemnity based on your portion of responsibility.

In the course of indemnity, there are eight stages, indemnity on the level of the individual, of the family, of the tribe, of the people, of the nation, of the world, of the universe, and then of God. There are seven actual stages. What did I just talk about? What are the eight stages? [Perfection of the individual, perfection of the family, then perfection of the tribe . . . The eight stages must be passed through.] What is involved in going through them? What is the reason that one must go through them? You should be able to answer if you heard me speak. [If you enter the position of God, then God can become the governor of every, thing . . .] It is very simple. I am talking about restoration through indemnity. What have you been doing so far? You have been dozing off, right? Putting you through such embarrassing situations is the only way to make you become alert and listen. Why are we to go through the eight stages? Didn't I just teach you? Why are we supposed to go through the eight stages? It is for the sake of the restoration through indemnity. Do you understand? [Yes] You are to pass through the eight stages in order to achieve the restoration through indemnity.

When did you pass through these eight stages? [We have not yet] You might be thinking, "Those eight stages were created by Rev. Moon. I do not need indemnity." If the existence of man's portion of responsibility is true, then this kind of course came into existence because of man's portion of responsibility. If the fall did not take place, then at once, in 21 years all would have been achieved automatically; but because there is this wall that blocks us, it must be taken care of step by step. They cannot be gotten rid of all at once. This is because Satan is tied to it. Accordingly, we have no choice but to deal with it one step at a time. (Speaking while writing on the board) Satan came into being because of the fall and this is also the reason that the indemnity condition came to exist. Because the indemnity condition lies within man's portion of responsibility, it is an inescapable course, an unavoidable course.

So did you know the individual course of indemnity or not? You are to go through the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, universe, and God. You are to return. In returning, how are you to do that? When you rise up, in order to stretch up and climb up to the eight stages what do you have to do? You cannot climb up. In order to claim the vertical column, you must first move to the side and gain individual victory, and to do this you have to go up on the side centering on your mind to fight with and then win over Cain. This is the only way to climb up. Why? This is because Satan is attached to you. You have to understand this. Do you understand what this means? [Yes]

If there was no fall, individual, family, tribe, people, nation and even the world would be centered on you as an individual, and family, tribe, and everything else will be the one center, and even God will also lie in one axis. However, because of the fall, the whole axis has been twisted. Because people's angles have become crooked, due to the fall, the axis has become twisted. Accordingly, along this twisted axis, Satan controls you.

For this reason, you have to go along this crooked axis to straighten it and by linking it up, climb up it. This cannot be connected up here. In the restoration of the tribe, after having laid the victorious foundation centering on the family, one must go out to the domain of the tribe and centering on the place where the tribe is putting up the opposition, it must be made to submit naturally. Having done so, one is supposed to come this way, taking a turn here and climbing up there. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes]

If there was no fall, at once, in twenty generations humanity could have climb up all the way, but since that is not the case it has taken two thousand years. It has taken two thousand years from Abraham to Jesus and the two thousand years after Jesus. You must understand this. You cannot simply go up directly. How nice would it be if we can climb up directly. If there was no fall, we could have climbed up at once. Individual perfection will become family perfection, and family perfection will become perfection of the tribe . . . At that time there was no tribe. It was supposed to expand naturally. However, after the fall, everything from the individual, to family, tribe, people, nation, and world are points of accusations. The Satanic kingdom had been established. The universe had become the sovereignty of Satan. How do we restore this world? Centering on the individual, it must be implanted here. Separately, going in the opposite direction, it must be dragged on. We must escape. This is why in such religions as Buddhism, one leaves one's home. One is not permitted to love one's father and mother as well as one's older sister and brother. The words in the Bible, "Those who cannot love me more than their father and mother cannot become my disciple," is a paradoxical theory, but this must be accepted as the reasonable theory that will lead one to the heavenly path. Do you understand? [Yes]

For this reason, having understood the laws of indemnity in this world and universe, I have been adjusting the focus of love on the levels starting from the individual and expanding to the family level love, tribe level love, people level love, and national level love. Every time this was being undertaken, Satan tried his best to destroy it. Therefore, religions must walk the path of persecution. Tears and blood must be shed. One must not climb to the top. One must remain in the shadows. This is a safe zone. Because Satan is arrogant, he does not like dark places. Accordingly, the most miserable place is the safest place.

Starting from the servant of servant; this is also eight stages, right? Starting from the servant of servant, to the servant, and then what is next? From adopted son, to the illegitimate son, to the child of direct lineage, and then from mother, father, to God; all together they are eight stages. It is the same. Eight stages remain. You must understand this clearly. Before becoming a leader of the Unification Church, one must first become the servant of that nation. Otherwise, there is no path for liberation. Having become the servant of servant, one must be treated as the adopted son. One must be treated as the illegitimate child.

How much mistreatment has the Unification Church suffered so far? This is how we are to climb up. When we climb up to this stage, there is always indemnity to be paid. Then, have you or have you not walked the path of indemnity? Did you or did you not walk the path of indemnity on the individual level? You don't understand, right? Have you fought with Satan and through God's fair judgment claimed the victory? Have you or have you not? If you have not, then your families cannot walk the course of indemnity. How can you travel the course of indemnity on the tribal level when you have not even done so on the family level? There is no way. How can you go the course of indemnity on the people level when you have not even done so for the tribal level? How can you walk the course of indemnity on the national level when you have not even done so on the people level? How can you walk the course of indemnity on the world level when you have not gone the course for the national level, and how can you walk the course of indemnity on the universal level when you have not done so on the world level? You must understand this clearly.

The law of indemnity that the Unification Church teaches is the truth, yet in practicing this truth, the crucial issue is when have you fought with Satan centering on God in the triangular position and having defeated Satan serve God on that foundation. I am not talking about fighting. Satan must submit naturally.

You must understand that what lies incomplete before you is the duty of loving God more than anyone of your ancestors in history, and being loyal to God more ardently than the combination of the loyalties of the people in history toward Satan. You must understand this clearly, that you must pay the indemnity.

The restoration through indemnity; why do we need indemnity? Without paying indemnity, there is no way to subjugate Satan. If the original focus of God's love is fixed on an individual, can there be Satan there or not? Looking at it with the Principle perspective, would there be Satan there? (1988.10.3)

There were numerous paths of tribulations in history, but the eight stages of the path of suffering that I have walked cannot be found in the Satanic world in history or in God's history. You must understand that the path of indemnity has been such, that I could not shed tears just because of the difficulties I was facing, telling God, "God I cannot endure this any longer." Someone heading toward heaven must not walk the path while shedding tears and wiping them. Unless the situation in which he was shedding tears does not become the foundation on which he can move toward happiness, then it is the universal Principle that the basis of the kingdom of heaven cannot remain on the earth.

For this reason, everyone must walk: the suffering path of the king of servant of servants, the suffering paths of the king of servants, of the king of adopted sons, the suffering path of the king of illegitimate sons, then of the king of sons, king of mothers, and then the suffering path of the king of fathers. You must not shed tears because of your own tribulations on the path, but grabbing on to the humanity, you must cry for the sake of the liberation of the humanity. This must be liberated. You must repent for the sake of the humanity.

Before God, for God, I am one that God cannot afford to lose more than anyone else in the world, but even then, my attitude is, "I cannot abandon these adopted children and miserable slave children. I must save them even if it means that I have to switch places with them." Every time this happens, as God asks Satan, "Should I listen to his plea or not?" then Satan cannot but say, "You should listen to his plea." He will add, "Even in such a miserable position he loves God and humanity, and this is the realm that I cannot reach, therefore, since there is no universal Principle that will allow one to oppose such person, there is no basis for opposition. The path that he is walking on is the domain of liberation."

When I was setting up Holy Grounds in forty nations, as I was traveling through wealthy countries, pitiful countries, and that servant like nation, when I came across miserable people in my heart I comforted them with confidence, telling them in my mind, "I who has been through worse places than the situation that you are heading toward came here and prayed. My prayer will become your shield through which you can gain life, and the path that will lead you to the road of life will be shown to you from this earth to the kingdom in heaven." This is the path of restoration. This position should have had a glorious beginning, but it began with the path of suffering and agony.

Although such a story lies behind me, who would have believed me forty years ago; people believe me now only because I have already accomplished all this. If I said those words, then wouldn't people have treated me as a maniac? They will say, "That lunatic, he has gone mad. What? He says that he is going to move heaven and earth, having impact in this world, and turning this evil world upside down to make it a good world?" So how ridiculous was it? I have been walking this path for forty years. If those of you gathered here have evaded the path of suffering then you are nothing more than thieves.

The seven-year course is designed to shrink it and pay indemnity. This is also made up of seven stages. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, there are seven stages. Within seven-years. This is home church.

Israel's people must walk the path that Jacob went, and the Israel nation must walk the path that Moses went, Christianity must walk the path that Jesus walked, and you must walk the path that I have gone through. Isn't this the principle? [Yes] You must go here and receive persecution. You should receive persecution. You are to receive persecution. I stand in the parental position, yet I have put my children in the place of suffering. The question is how to decide in my life a time period in which all suffering can be blocked and on the world stage where you will be welcome and you can pay the indemnity. This is home church. After Danbury, the period of persecution has passed by.

What is applicable here is the era of individual, the era of family, of tribe, of people, of nation, of world, of universe, and the era of heaven; these are also in eight stages. (Speaking while writing on the board) They are eight stages. Similarly, this is also the case with the course of restoration. Like the course of suffering, the course of restoration is also like this. From the individual to the family, to tribe . . . So, you need a nation, right? You need a family, right? It is the same thing. It is the same stage. Adding it all . . . So, centering on home church . . . (161-195)

3) The Seven Year Course

God has been toiling for seven thousand years, while Christianity has been toiling for two thousand years, so next, we as individuals must walk the course of seventy years. How can you get married when you are supposed to offer service for seventy years? In the Unification Church, it is seven years. For God it was seven thousand, for Christianity seven hundred years, for those who believe in Christianity it is seventy years, and for members of Unification Church it is seven years. The number is decreasing gradually. After serving for seventy years what can people do once they get to heaven? They are already so old. If they go at that time, even if they get married, it is of no use. Can they bear children? Therefore, because it is seven years for us in the Unification Church, we can build the kingdom of heaven on earth. (96-119)

When you look at formation, growth and perfection each as taking seven years, it becomes 21 years. Therefore, in order to establish a standard of perfection you need a period of seven years. Thus when someone comes into the Unification Church, he inevitably has to go through a seven-year course. We must, through this seven-year course, inherit True Parents' heart and at the same time establish a condition to restore everything that was lost. Adam and Eve lost all things as a result of the fall; their substance was tainted because of Satan, and they were robbed of heart. All this has to be restored through indemnity. That is, we need to bind together completely the problem of all things, the problem of substance, and the problem of heart, centering on God, and in this way pass through the perfection stage.

After receiving the Blessing, we must restore all things, restore substance, and restore heart, in a period of seven years. When we took at this horizontally, all things are the Formation Stage, substance is the Growth Stage, and heart is the Perfection Stage. This is the content that indemnifies horizontally the entire historical, vertical providence. The standard of all things corresponds to the Old Testament Age, the standard of substance corresponds to the New Testament Age, and the standard of heart corresponds to the Completed Testament Age. These three have to become completely one. In the Old Testament Age indemnity was paid centering on all things; the New Testament age indemnified substance through God's only begotten son. By that becoming the victorious result, a heartistic standard was to appear.

By parents' making mistakes, a standard of hardship was imposed upon humankind. But because Father has completed his responsibility in the position of parent, you who are standing in the position of children can surpass all the standards of persecution and accusation. This is the purpose of the seven-year course.

Everyone, no matter whom, has to go this seven-year course. Proud and distinguished people or ugly and unfortunate people, no matter who they are, have to go this course. Anyone of fallen descent has to go this course no matter who he or she is, or else they will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

God has toiled for seven thousand years, and I am to persevere for seventy years. For you, seven years is sufficient. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes] God has gone through several thousand and ten thousand times more than I, and I have toiled several thousand, several hundred times harder than you. In this way the indemnity was paid; do you think I have gone through such course of suffering? [Yes] (80-112)

We are not to die along with Jesus to cross over the hill of Golgotha, but live and climb over it. In this way, we are to pay indemnity horizontally for the vertical history. The six thousand years of history corresponds to this seven-year course. The six thousand years are supposed to be indemnified in seven years. The seven thousand years, the six thousand years plus a thousand years, are to be indemnified in seven years. Because this is the formula, every fallen man must go through this seven-year course. After fulfilling this time period, everything will go smooth for you. This is the reason why revival groups who experience the Holy Spirit must pack up and leave after seven years because it will completely be emptied out. This seven-year period is the time that is needed to horizontally indemnify the vertical history. (21-211)

Ladies and gentlemen, what is the seven-year course? It is the path to restore all the stages beginning from the position of servant of servants, all the way up to the position of the direct heir. Therefore, during this seven-year course, you must go into the position of servant in order to love Cain. For this reason, we are to go out to the villages and other such places to do witnessing. We are trying to love people centering on the Principle from the perspective of the heart. We are not trying to do this as son and daughter of someone's lineage but as people who have found the common focal point with the heart of God that can be linked to heavenly compassion. Moreover, we are trying to find a point of union for our lifestyle and hope. Centering on God, we are trying to bring unity to our heart, actions, and hope. (34-60)

What is the seven-year course? What is to be done? Through the fall, man has also caused all things to fall. This has brought about the realm of sorrow for all things. Two realms of sorrow, one of the human world and the other of the world of all things, have come into existence.

In the created natural world, centering on man, all the environmental factors will be formulated. In other words, due to the fall of man, all things are thrown into the realm of sorrow, and centering on the fallen descendants, humanity dwells in the realm of sorrow.

For this reason, the creation must first be liberated. Since in the process of creation all things were created first and then man was created, in the process of recreation, the same course will be undertaken. The course of indemnity for the course of restoration, in other words, the course of re-indemnification, must be walked. The realm of sorrow for all things must be liberated. Didn't God create man on the foundation of the realm of all things? God created man through all things. There was no fall back then. There was no realm of sorrow. (172-49)

We are to find all the conditions for the creation and offer them to God. This is the three-and-a-half-year period. During the seven years, since through the number seven God has created the universe, three and half years are set aside for claiming the creation back. During the three and half years, you must exert yourself to the utmost, pouring out your heart and body to the fullest.

This is the seven-year course, and with three and half years as a unit, it must be divided into two stages. Spending three and a half years and then another three and a half years, centering on sons and daughters and joining efforts with them, you must restore what has fallen on the level of the family to enter the kingdom of heaven on the family level. You have to understand that the three and half years is the period of bearing the cross for the sake of the family.

However, one thing that you have to understand is that originally this is supposed to take fourteen years. Seven years here and climbing up to here takes seven years, all together it is fourteen years. Moreover, with seven years here it takes 21 years, but we are to complete the whole course in seven years. (Speaks while writing on the black board) Do you understand what this means? It is the 21-year course of the Unification Church. Who is to bear this burden? I am the one who has to do it. It is I. Do you understand what I am saying? (133-160)

4) You Must go Through the Formula Course

The development of science always relies upon formulas, and by applying the formulas, development comes according to the result brought. Today, the modern civilization stands on that foundation. Similarly, we must reflect on the question whether or not people also have some ideals to which we can apply some fundamental formula and rule. Eventually, a person of mature character has to be a figure of formula that can freely be linked to the past, present and future. (87-11)

Ladies and gentlemen, can there be two different formulas or definitions to concepts in mathematics or physics? Are there two or one? The modern civilization is a scientific civilization, and this scientific development is the same as the development of the formula. The modern civilization of today was built all based on the fundamental formulas that have been manifested in actual accomplishments. Do you understand what this means? This did not come into being in random or in some haphazard way. All have made progress through the course that embodies formulas. For this reason, traditions are to be respected, and if there is a good fundamental formula and rule in the past, then it should be maintained, and living on top of it, moreover, formulas that are more advanced and precious . . . This is the way that the civilized world has been making progress. (97-119)

As church leaders, what you have to understand, as you go out witnessing to the churches in the regions, is that whenever you witness to a person, you must apply that formula. You must go through that formula. (47-293)

In solving a math formula, it is the same for an old person, or a king, or for that matter, it is the same for anyone else. This is the principle. For fallen people to find their way to the Kingdom of Heaven there is no way they can avoid these fundamental rules of the Unification Church, for a director of the Elder Park or for anyone else. They are insane people. Elder Park misused the Divine Principle that he learned from me; as much as two thirds of it. They are traitors. He had become the disciple of the grandmother that I had sent to Seoul to do witnessing, and then he betrayed . . . Their fate will be miserable. (127-65)

Section 4: Restoration Through Indemnity and the Formula Course [Part 2]

2. Portion of Responsibility and Indemnity

1) Indemnity and Restoration

Members of the Unification Church today do not like the path of indemnity. What this means is that they do not like restoration. There is no such a thing as, "I like restoration but do not like indemnity." So, which comes first? Does restoration come first or does indemnity come first? [Indemnity] Why do you now say that indemnity comes first? However, which is the one that you like? Let's frankly talk about the thing that you like. [Restoration] You like restoration but do not like indemnity. What is this when we look at it from God's side? It is the opposite. Which side are you on? Are you on the side of God or on the side of Satan? [On God's side] You have to be clear about this. You have to understand this clearly. You like restoration. However, the side of God cannot like restoration. Only after having paid the indemnity, restoration occurs.

So, which is the side that likes restoration? It is the side of Satan. And which is the side that dislikes indemnity? [Satan's side] Satan's side. Also, which is the side that likes indemnity? [God's side] You understand now. This Unification Church is also on that side. You didn't know that, right? You understood this now.

Then, you must deeply reflect upon yourself and repent. Are you on God's side or Satan's side? You know this well. You should ask yourself. O is on the side of God and X is on the side of Satan. Which one is on God's side? [O] There is only one person who answered and the rest remained silent . . . You must understand this. Until now, you have been following the will of God, but now that you have understood that one who likes restoration is Satan and one who likes indemnity is God, which path would you take? [The path of indemnity] (16-127)

How did the fall come about? The fall came about because of lack of faith. Disbelief was the primary cause. Then, it was because of the assertion of one's own self. The assertion of the ego, it was centered on oneself. The fall occurred at the place where oneself was being asserted. Next, the realm of love centering on oneself was demanded. These are the three causes of the fall. Disbelief, then? Assertion of oneself, centering on oneself. Next is desiring the realm of love centering on oneself. This was the basis for Satan. This is what the fallen Archangel has become.

Then, in order to restore this through indemnity, in order to negate it, what must be done? The opposite must be carried out. Absolute faith. This is why absolute faith came into the scene. Because disbelief led the ancestor of mankind to the fall, we must step on it and climb over it. We must go up beyond the line where our ancestors fell. We have to practice absolute faith. What is absolute faith? It is going forward until we die, even after we die, and even while we are dying. You do not understand absolute faith, right? The limit of absolute faith is . . . When we compare this with ourselves who have a substantial living body, it means that we are to go forward even while we are in the process of dying. It means that even when we are dying we must walk this path. We are trying to go this way even when we are dying. When I die, I will not fall to the side but fall in the front, heading forward. In this sense, if you deny your faith, you are choosing the road of death.

What is the second? It is denial of oneself. You must deny this eye one hundred percent. It is the denial of the self. My eyes that want to see, my mouth that wants to eat! Until thirty years of age, I never had even one day that I was not feeling hungry. Even though I am aware of it, I have chosen the path of death.

What is the third? Absolute love. This is the absolute love. Only after digesting the enemy . . . Taking revenge is not forgiving. The enemy himself must voluntarily hand over his nation, all of his authority, and the birthright as the eldest son. You must receive them from him. (126-35)

If people understand the true meaning of the word indemnity, then they will all live it the most. Without indemnity there can be no blessing.

Indemnity is the unlimited nugget of gold in the Unification Church. It is a shocking word, which can put the life on the line, sacrifice everything, and overcome all the difficulties. (1978.2.26)

The history of restoration is not supposed to be carried out after giving an explanation for it. One is supposed to cope with it only after completing it and winning a victory. If the explanation could have been given beforehand, then there is no need for the sixty-six books in the Old Testament and the New Testament. Why would we need sixty-six books?

It's no big deal. Even ten pages are too much. Everything can be recorded in three pages. (62-126)

2) Portion of Responsibility

What would have happened if man did not have his portion of responsibility? Why was man given his portion of responsibility? You lecturers don't even know that? Why was the human portion of responsibility set? [In order to realize Father's will on the earth] It originally concerns the purpose of creation. Originally, why was man given a portion of responsibility? In order to have man participate in the great creative undertaking. What is next? [In order to have dominion over all things.] Then? [In order to qualify him as the master of creation by making him a co-creator] Next? [For the absoluteness and the completeness and perfection of the truth] It is these three contents.

You must participate in God's great creative undertaking. Even if there was no fall initially, such responsibility still exists. The human portion of responsibility was not established by the fall, but even without the fall man still has this responsibility. Even if one is equipped with God's 95% ideal form necessary to reach perfection, one must still complete the remaining 5% of his own responsibility. God cannot bring about the perfection of man alone, man has the responsibility to make a contribution in perfecting himself. This would be true even if there were no fall.

Moreover, there is the absoluteness of the Principle. Principle does not know forgiveness. It must be obeyed. You must go the Principle way even after you are dead. It must be adhered to forever. If God can do as he pleased, then there is no need for the path of suffering that He has been walking during the course of dispensation of restoration. Because it has been set up in this way, because there is a limit in the way that the responsibility has been apportioned, God is unable to escape this fact and thus has been going through the course of countless tribulations in order to restore man. Responsibility does not lie only in God. Man shares the responsibility. This is true even if there were no fall. Isn't this so?

Looking at it from this perspective, what has fallen man become today? The human portion of responsibility is not the only thing that fallen man is accountable for. All of the 97% of the creation has been infringed upon. This is the reason that re-creation must be brought about, yet what is re-creation? It is not something that can cross over the limit of the portion of responsibility. The entire course of creation has been devastated. So how difficult is it. Therefore, without fulfilling what accounts for the 95% of the responsibility, man has no way to eternally complete his portion of responsibility. It must be re-created. The dispensation of restoration is a work of re-creation, but why is recreation absolutely necessary? It is because of the human portion of responsibility. Even just to fulfill the human portion of responsibility and proceed toward the position, the re-creation process must be passed through. In order to pass through the process of re-creation, the indemnity must be paid. The condition of indemnity must be set. The path of suffering must be walked.

Until now, God has been dealing with the human world in the position that surpasses the domain of the human portion of responsibility. However, all those who fell below this must somehow bridge the gap and climb up. All of humanity falls under this category. All in the world, history, all that went to the spirit world in the past, all of humanity in the present world, and all of the descendants who are to come cannot escape this fate. This is the dreadful realm of the fall.

So, in the recreation process how must it be done? The process of conflict must be passed through. With whom? With Satan. What is all this? In other words, who dominates over the domain that is necessary for the creative process? It is Satan. Satan dominates over 95% of the domain, and after 95% God dominates over it. This is how it should be seen. (115-66)

In the portion of responsibility, there is the domain of individual portion of responsibility, the domain of family level portion of responsibility, of the tribal level, of the people level, of the national level portion of responsibility, the domain of the world level portion of responsibility, the domain of the universal portion of responsibility, and the domain of the heaven and earth level portion of responsibility. Why? Isn't it a fallen world? Because it is fallen world, there is no door. The door will not come into being without the domain of love centering on the portion of responsibility. The individual will oppose it, and family, tribe will also oppose this. (162-92)

What will be accomplished after the completion of the human portion of responsibility? What this means is that with the completion of the human portion of responsibility, man enters the realm of God's direct dominion. (Speaks while writing on the board) You have to understand this. This is how the Principle is, right? [Yes]

Once you enter the realm of direct dominion, what does God center on to have the direct dominion? Centering on money? Centering on one's outstanding talents? Centering on what would He govern? [Love] That's correct. It is love. At that moment, Adam and Eve will receive God's blessing and enter the realm of God's love. You have to understand that the time when Adam and Even can go into the realm of love, and after having become one in that realm of love, practice and manifest the love of God in the horizontal world, is the foundation of the kingdom of heaven on earth. (124-306)

Satan cannot appear any more when centering on the love of God; the complete love of God can be manifested. This is the completion of the portion of responsibility. If the portion of responsibility was completed, at the realm of indirect dominion and the realm of direct dominion, the connection of love can be linked up. There the vertical love and horizontal love are connected together. (173-286)

You have to understand that the Unification Church's discovery of the human portion of responsibility today is a universal discovery. The invention of the nuclear bomb or Einstein's discovery of the theory of relativity cannot even compare with it. The question is why righteous people in history have been sacrificed? Only after their time has passed by do they become famous. There is no way that even historians or philosophers can solve these kinds of problems. (124-303)

All the contradictions and all the sorrowful and unfortunate events in history, all of this was caused by man's ignorance of his portion of responsibility in history. You have to understand this fact. You have to understand how important the portion of responsibility is. You have been interpreting the meaning of the portion of responsibility in the way you see fit. You have been thinking, "The portion of responsibility is a concept that the Principle teaches, so it has nothing to do with us. We can live our life in the world in any way that we like."

Seeing from this perspective, you have to understand how great Rev. Moon's discovery of the word: "portion of responsibility," is. Have you understood how important the portion of responsibility is? How seriously have you tried to understand it? Around this issue of the portion of responsibility, the whole universe revolves. God cannot be liberated, the universe also cannot be liberated, and the door to hell cannot be opened freely, and all the unrighteous and contradictory things plague society because this wall of portion of responsibility could not be crossed over. (124-94)

Do you now understand what portion of responsibility is? [Yes] How many times a day have you thought about portion of responsibility? You are to memorize the words, "portion of responsibility," whenever you are having a meal, picking up a spoon, washing dishes, going to the bathroom, or even as you are walking. Adam and Eve met their doom because they did not think about their portion of responsibility. You will also perish if you do not fulfill your portion of responsibility. In order to become a victorious person through restoration, you must take to heart and think about the portion of responsibility twenty-four hours a day. (124-103)

3) Internal Indemnity Condition and External Indemnity Condition

When we look at the issue of laying down the foundation for the dispensation of restoration centering on the Unification Church, we find that the foundation is laid through the course of indemnity, and not without any such effort.

Then with what do we set the condition of indemnity? Moreover, what are we supposed to do once the indemnity condition is set? This is not so clear. We have the concept of indemnity, but what are we setting the indemnity condition for? The purpose is not so manifest. What is the purpose of paying indemnity? This is not how it should be. You have to understand clearly what the purpose of indemnity is.

In the course of restoration, the restoration of individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, universe, and then including the restoration of the love of God, these eight stages must be passed through, all at once. If Adam and Eve did not fall, then this would have been completed at once, but because they fell to the position of servant of servant, in the historical era, they cannot climb back up at once.

For this reason, the course of pioneering and connecting these stages absolutely requires indemnity conditions. By setting indemnity conditions, what happens is that Satan is separated. Indemnity conditions are necessary only because of Satan, but without Satan there is no need for the condition of indemnity. Do you understand this? [Yes]

Up to now, who has been moving and shaking this history? Satan has been. For this reason, Satan must be separated. Without getting rid of Satan, God cannot enter. It is not God's territory. Because it is Satan's territory, within the domain of the fall, without setting indemnity conditions to separate Satan, without setting the indemnity condition needed to chase him out, the expansion of God's territory cannot take place and the foundation for God's activity cannot be built. Therefore, Satan must be separated and chased out.

Then, what was the main cause that allowed Satan to come in? First is because of the fall of Adam and second is because of Cain's murder of Abel. Because of these two conditions, Satan has come to completely secure the vertical and horizontal dominion. Even in the spirit world, Satan has the dominion over it. You have to understand this clearly.

In order to set the condition of indemnity, there has to be a being that can represent Adam and a being that can represent Abel. What is this trying to indemnify? What is trying to be indemnified through the representative of Adam is to restore through indemnity the vertical foundation of Adam's fall. Having secured the position to restore the position of Adam in this way, then Cain and Abel must be restored through indemnity. Because Cain had conquered Abel, Abel must now conquer Cain. However, because Adam himself does not have sons and daughters, he himself has to accomplish this in their place. He must accomplish both of these two missions. (161-207)

In separating Satan vertically and horizontally, there are internal and external conditions of indemnity, The external condition of indemnity is the Cain-Abel condition of indemnity, and the internal condition of indemnity is the Adam condition of indemnity, centering on the portion of responsibility. By doing so, when Satan's environment of affection and emotion can be completely overcome and gotten rid of. Centering on all the environment of Satan's dominion, where persecution was received, then, the beginning will dawn upon the side of God. This is the fundamental principle. (161-207)

Then, the question is why Adam fell. The fall of Adam is the severance of the relationship with God and His love due to the failure of not having completed the portion of responsibility. The portion of responsibility has not been connected, and next, the love of God was not connected. Due to the fall, the portion of responsibility was lost and the domain of God's love was lost.

Then, how do you separate Satan? Look. You have to become the representative figure of Adam who can set the indemnity condition. I am not talking about the fallen Adam. Moreover, it has become love in the Satanic domain because the fallen Adam had lost love; therefore, one must be in the position representing Adam who has the love in God's domain, and after fighting with Satan separate him. Standing in the position of having completed the portion of responsibility, God's domain of love must be conquered.

However, the situation has become such that based on the failure to complete the portion of responsibility, and centering on the foundation of God's love inside the Satanic domain, Satan has conquered the whole world. Accordingly, being in the position of Adam who, according to the original standard, has completed his portion of responsibility centering on God, by fighting with Satan. Centering on love, in the realm of dominion according to the result of the Principle and the realm of direct dominion, by setting the condition of having loved from God's side more than those who face Satan's side, and more than when dealing with the love that is on both sides of God and Satan, one can bring about the separation. You have to understand that this is where the indemnity condition is set.

However, because Satan has dominion over his environment, he is employing all kinds of methods and tactics. He will try to cut this off. Nevertheless, as long as you can overcome the environment, and no matter what kind of situation you face, as long as you can claim back the portion of responsibility that Adam lost in God's place, then success will certainly be achieved. It will be eternal. Moreover, unless you can set the standard of loving God that no one can discredit, the indemnity will not be completed. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes]

For this reason, you must absolutely fulfill the portion of responsibility in the position of Adam. No matter what kind of temptations or other trials you face, you must not waver in your determination to reach the goal. By securing the authority as the child of God, no matter how much love in the Satanic domain or any other power of love and emotion that dominates the whole environment tempt you, and no matter what kind of force opposes you, you must be unchanging in loving God. It is absolute. If you persevere the persecution in this way once and twice, it cannot come more than three times. By doing it like this all must go over the hill.

After receiving opposition, it always divides into two. There will come about an occasion when the whole world on the Abel side can be absorbed, yet only when such an environment can be brought to victory, can Satan be separated from that environment by setting the indemnity condition. If Satan is not separated, then it remains Satan's world.

What does the indemnity condition separate? It is completing the portion of responsibility and next it is loving God. No matter how much Satan persecutes and attacks, when you can get rid of it and not be influenced by it. After striking repeatedly for some time, as the time that he must retreat approaches, he must retreat. This is how Satan is to be separated. Without bringing resolution to this, there is no way to indemnify Cain and Abel. (1611-205)

What is the vertical indemnity condition? With what do you set it? It is the two conditions of completion of the portion of responsibility and the completion of the restoration of the absolute love toward God. Because there is such a standard, even Jesus had once said, "Those who do not love me more than their own mother, children, wife or any other person do not have the qualifications." This Principle is where such words come from. In this way the whole Bible can be interpreted. Isn't this true? Similarly, do you love me to the same degree? [Yes] Do you understand clearly?

You have been leading a casual and relaxed lifestyle, right? Although I have spoken about indemnity conditions, although I have explained on the pulpit how these are not mere words and nothing more, you have been suffering up to now because you do not understand how all of this is applied. It is only because I am here; otherwise, all of you would have divided up and scattered away. Do you understand you Korean gang? [Yes]

What is the internal indemnity condition? [The completion of the portion of responsibility and the love of God . . . What are we trying to do after that? Let the Satanic world persecute us and see what will unfold. Let them hit us. I will conquer you. With what? With the power of love, with the creative capability of God . . . Then God will be with us. Here, God will be present. Try and see if God will be present or not. I am someone who has been fighting on, never forgetting this point no matter if I am in a prison or am receiving the worst kinds of torture. Isn't it true that only then it will be separated?

In the manner of the internal eight stages and the external eight stages, the internal indemnity conditions and the external indemnity conditions are to be set, as progress is being made. You have to understand this clearly. Have you understood this clearly? [Yes]

How are you to set the external conditions? Is it better to send Abel alone or is it better to also send someone in the position of parents, representing all of the family members and have the two people pioneer together? [Let the two join forces and . . .] Who should go first? Should Abel go first or should the leader go first? [The leader] The leader is supposed to go first. For this reason, I, who am the leader has come to America first. Who has pioneered the Unification Church? Who has done it? I have done it with the aid of the principle. This is how it has progressed along. (161-213)

4) The Portion of Responsibility and Indemnity

You have to understand that because the human portion of responsibility was not completed, the sorrowful and resentful phase of restoration through indemnity has come to existence, the phase of resentment and sorrow. During the time of the course of restoration through indemnity, God or the headquarters must not support you, but you must do it by yourself. It must be done alone. When assistance is given, indemnity will not be achieved. It will not be. Why? Due to the existence of such a thing as the human portion of responsibility, according to this Principle, indemnity cannot be paid when help is given. If it can be helped, then at the time of man's fall, God would have intervened and prevent it. He could not do it because of the portion of responsibility; because there was the human portion of responsibility. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes]

No matter how great Rev. Moon is and no matter how much God loves, in the course of fulfilling the human portion of responsibility, to when walking the course of indemnity, God cannot help. I myself must win over Satan and move forward. Because it was the ideal authority given to Adam that he win over Satan and the satanic world, I have to exceed that ideal authority. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes] (124-304)

Between the portion of responsibility and indemnity, one is on the right side and the other is on the left side, and one is like the right leg and the other is like the left leg, yet all this has been forgotten. One is like the left leg and the other is like the right leg, yet all the members do not even understand portion of responsibility and indemnity. So how can you advance forward? How are you to move ahead? You cannot go forward in this state. You have to understand that the advancement is impossible unless the portion of responsibility and restoration through indemnity are connected together. Have you thought about such things? You don't like indemnity, right? You ladies do not like indemnity, right? You dislike God, dispensation, and the whole lot, right? [No]

From now on, even if you forget eating, even if you forget to sleep, even if you forget to think about the person that you love, you must never forget this; you have to be clear on this point. This is how serious it is. God also has to go through this, Rev. Moon also must go through this, all the members of the Unification Church must go through this, and the whole world must go through this. It will not do otherwise.

You want to pass through them all for free, right? How can you become a professor or a doctor without doing anything? You have to go through the course to attain the doctorate degree to become a doctor; how can you do so without paying the dues? If you do not pass through the course, then the degree is fake. You understand now, right? [Yes] (124-105)

Section 4: Restoration Through Indemnity and the Formula Course [Part 3]

3. The Formula Course of Unification Church Members

True Father has emphasized the formula course in Belvedere. Therefore, I am now going to talk about what kind of relationship exists between your Blessing and the formula course.

1) Education

How is your past church life related to the formula course? According to the principle, someone who has just joined the church must follow the official course of workshop in the order of two days, seven days, twenty-one days, and forty days, totaling 70 days in all. We are trying to implement this workshop formula course in America.

2) The Second Stage is the Restoration of All Things

Three and half years are needed as the basic period to restore the all things. This course is related to the restoration of the external form, in other words the restoration of our physical body. God created the environment first. Moreover, the period of activity while in the fundraising team on the vertical side gives us the qualifications to recreate our physical bodies. During this period, you need to work hard physically.

Looking at it from the dispensation of God, restoration does not only signify the restoration on the individual level. The course of the restoration of the all things corresponds to the restoration of the Old Testament era. Without the restoration of the historical events, there cannot be a complete restoration of ourselves. The active and sacrificial effort made during the three and half years in a fundraising team is a way to offer the all things in order to be linked with the Old Testament era.

This period is the time when that type of indemnity condition is presented. Therefore, our toil and efforts automatically become connected with the central dispensation of God.

All of you have the experience of having done fundraising. However, within a short conditional time period, or for certain purposes earning money inside the department that you are in, cannot compare with the activities of the fundraising team. The intention and purpose behind fundraising is not at the level of the department or nation, but they are to be connected to the purpose of God's main dispensation, whose purpose is concerned with the whole.

As you know, a fundraising team normally works diligently from early in the morning until late at night. This course sets the indemnity condition to recreate the physical body and gives us the qualifications to indemnify the Old Testament.

3) The Second Stage is the Restoration of Man

In the formula course, the restoration of humanity can be divided into two periods. The first three and half year period is the time for the restoration of humanity and finding three spiritual children.

As everybody knows, originally man reaches perfection after passing through the growth period. However, since fallen man fell at the Completion Stage of the Growth Stage, they must be restored to that stage. All people are to reach the completion of the Growth Stage once more. So, when we talk about the three and half year course, it refers to the time before receiving the Blessing. We call this "the path of restoration." In the early days of the church only those members who have completed all the conditions of the formula course can receive the Blessing.

The second period of witnessing is another three and a half years after the Blessing, and through this the perfection is achieved. We call this period after the Blessing, "the path of the Principle."

I will elaborate on the important differences concerning this in detail. Before receiving the Blessing, we have to walk the seven years of the formula course. Ordinarily, everybody needs at least three years of life of faith and three spiritual children. However, in recent years True Father has also given the Blessing to those who have worked in the church for only two or three years.

According to the principles, 14 years are required to be able to receive the Blessing by paying indemnity for these conditions, but it has been reduced down to 7 years. Father wants to give Blessing earlier and permit us to complete the course after the Blessing. The most important thing that we have to understand is that we have been greatly blessed and benefited. In this historical moment, we are not worthy of receiving such great benefits. Accordingly, we have to take to heart the understanding that for the sake of the formula course, we in reality need a seven-year period.

4) The Path of the Principle

Originally, for Adam and Eve to perfect each stage of growth, they are each given a portion of responsibility. In one stage of the Growth Period, the portion of responsibility required for that stage -- in other words, in the Three Stages of Growth, one must complete the portion of responsibility required for all three stages. There is no exception for this. Everybody possesses the same conditions and can grow only by completing the responsibility.

If after the fall, God demanded that fallen man to fulfill the same amount of responsibility, then there would be no hope that we can restore ourselves to the original position before the fall. In exchange for the lost opportunity to complete the portion of responsibility, we must set the conditions of indemnity.

In the path to restoration by God's grace, just like a high jump, we can make a great leap. This is what we mean when we say that we are inheriting the Merits of the Age.

There are three eras: the era before Abraham, the era from Abraham to Jesus, and the era from Jesus to today. People received benefit simply by living in an era. The reason is that it was the time when the dispensational history made progress through the conditions of indemnity.

5) The Merit of the Age of True Parents

We need the seven-year period of the indemnity condition for the sake of our restoration. Three and a half years for fundraising activities and three and a half years for witnessing. Moreover, for the restoration of humanity, we need seven years, three and a half years before Blessing and three and a half years after Blessing. Father granted the permission at Belvedere that a husband and wife can complete the seven year period together. Accordingly, all Blessed Couples have the duty to complete the three and half years.

Please do not misunderstand. Your course after the Blessing is no longer the path of restoration through indemnity. Then what is it? Your course after the Blessing is the "Path of the Principle."

The meaning of the "Path of the Principle" after the Blessing is that rather than making leaps toward your perfection, you are to make advances toward it step by step. If you have not fulfilled the minimum required indemnity condition after your Blessing, then you must continue to set the indemnity condition.

Already many members have been walking their incorrect path and at times they have a superficial and faulted understanding of the direction that Father is heading towards.

If you have failed to set the indemnity condition that is required by the formula course, then you have to understand that you have not gotten rid of the debt yet. However, at the present moment when we are following Father, who has successfully completed the 21-year course, the merit of the age is enormous. Father has performed the mind-boggling ten thousand couple Blessing ceremony, and he did not strictly require three spiritual children, three and a half years of fundraising, or the three years of life of faith. The reason is that he wanted to share with you the merit of his victory. However, most of you owe this debt to him.

6) The Position of Father

Father talks as if all the members have already become qualified candidates for the Blessing who have already completed the formula course and have no debt left. Father talks from this perspective but members who have not reached this level do not understand. From what I hear, most of you have not completed your responsibility and at times you have been busy doing other kinds of witnessing. Also, I know that you can decide upon easier tasks. Those who complain say, "the policies of the church headquarters has a huge variety; they are not in line with the Principle, because the policies are always changing." Father can never change. The Principle can also never change. The only thing that constitutes a problem is the fact that we have not been able to reach the standard that God wants.

7) The Tradition of the Blessed Couple

In the sermon last Sunday evening, Father talked about the three and a half years minimum period of indemnity condition through which the husband and wife can fulfill the seven year course in total. Fulfilling this period is a tradition for the Blessed Couples.

I remember this to be an event before Father came to America in 1971. At that time, Father gave the direction that all the Blessed Couples of Korea establish a new tradition. Whether you have four or five children, or regardless of the fact that you have just received the Blessing, all these do not pose any problems. Wives were completely separated from their husbands and children to walk the path of pioneer for the sake of the nation. This is the three and a half years of sacrificial duty, and this has become the tradition among the Blessed Couples. After that, Blessed Couples have been split apart and in different places most of them focused on witnessing and toiled on for three and a half years.

8) The Blessing of the Environment

According to the Principle, Blessed Couples should have already been liberated of all the courses of indemnity. After that, they are supposed to enjoy the Principle life style. However, in reality, Blessed Couples could not receive the Blessing of the living environment. Looking at it from God's point of view, still Abel's sacrifice is required for the sake of the nation and the world.

With that much sacrifice and service, the efforts of the Blessed Couples can bring amazing results. This is completely different from the effort made during the period when the condition was being set. The reason is that our purpose and interest is the restoration of the world. For this reason, the blessed wives must walk through the three and half years of sacrificial course from 1971.

9) Working with the Old and New Testament

Why do we need the course that is related to the restoration of humanity after the Blessing? The three and a half years of witnessing activities before the Blessing are connected to the restoration of our own spiritual self or mind. In other words, it signifies not the resurrection of the physical body, but of the spirit. Historically, this is indemnifying the New Testament. In the Old Testament, all things were offered to God for restoration, and in the New Testament the internal restoration was undertaken mainly through faith.

The restoration before the Blessing is the restoration of each person's external aspect or environment. After restoring the internal aspects of man and the New Testament, the time will come when one can connect with all eras. This is just like how a child is not a parent yet.

According to the principles of the creation, man was supposed to grow up in the natural environment of God and as they become a perfect son and daughter, take the position of the parent. However, since we fell at the Completion Level of the Growth Stage, we must first restore the position of children. (At present, although we are in the bosom of God, it is not yet the stage of perfection.)

By receiving the Blessing, we stand in the position of perfect child, and having done so we stand in the position of parents. For us there are two types of duties toward restoration.

After receiving the Blessing, through our relationship with the True Parents we have to recreate the heart of parents to be linked to the Completed Testament. Sacrificial lifestyle nowadays is the same as life of attendance. Through our act of attendance, we are to restore our heart.

Now, we have to understand the two types of categories, one before the Blessing and the other after the Blessing. The former signifies the restoration up to a certain degree and the later signifies the perfection.

Our Blessing is not given so that we can simply lead a normal marriage life, and it is not just for the sake of the external family. The most important point is salvation. Just as Father said, one who spends more than three years after the matching will soon start the family life. This is considered to be the completion of the minimum condition of indemnity. In reality, your central leaders must examine each of your individual records in church life. The reason is that there one can find all kinds of situations.

As the formula course becomes shorter and as the dispensation of restoration gradually expands, difficulties will decrease. In the future, the three and a half years of sacrificial period of duty will also gradually become shorter.

4. Fundraising and Witnessing

1) What is Fundraising and Witnessing

Because Adam violated the creation that God created and trampled upon man and love, I must respect the creation and act properly before man and the love of God.

This path is not the road toward business, and this path is not the road of witnessing, but it is the fateful path of indemnity. It must be traveled no matter what. I know all these things. You say this and that, but I understand how difficult it is. I even know how you are doing. No, when I tell you, "Concerning this issue, you should do this," then you should be able to say, "I have taken care of it like this." You should be able to even grab on to me and insist on your way. Then what would I do? Even God cannot do anything about it. What can He do when you grab onto Him with love? (94-271)

It would be terrible if you cannot accept and digest its true meaning and act upon it with a joyful heart, despite the invaluable training that I am providing you. How wonderful is the saying, "Doing the financial activities will make it possible to love the creation closely and witnessing is done to love men." Fundraising is designed to help you form good habits. If you can become like that while possessing love, when you go to the spirit world, you will enter it with the same habits. The ladder will be automatically be laid down. It is the same. Everything is for the purpose of climbing up. (Speaks while pointing to what he wrote on the board.)

When you do that, then you will surely become the incarnation of love in the spirit world. When you could not become the ideal perfected being in respect to love, through such a course of training, you have to eventually return and become a man who possess the divine qualities of God. For this reason, I begin from such divine qualities of love of God, and going through this course, to go from the earth to the spiritual world, I will return to the divine qualities of love. This is to say that I will become the son of God. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes] This is where you must go. Don't you think about this? (118-117)

What is fundraising? It is the public evidence that one has loved material things. What is witnessing? It is the public proof that one has loved man. Only after having done them does one needs a bride or a husband. Who needs a husband or wife if they cannot even love the creation? Who wants them? Who? What kind of bride will come forward to accept such a man as a husband? They will not come. If there is such woman, then the husband will also not come to her.

What is love? You have to lead a frugal life style, saving material things. You must first love material things and then love man. While living the life in a society in which people come into conflict with one another, there can be fights and complaints at times, and if one is at disadvantage, one may conjure something up and so forth. You have to train yourself to endure through such a lifestyle telling yourself, "I will endure because I love." (111-178)

2) The Two Things that must be Restored Through Indemnity

When we walk the course of restoration, why do we emphasize fundraising and witnessing? Viewing from the perspective of the dispensation, because man wrecked all that God had created, I have to recreate them. In re-creating them, since God had exerted Himself when I exert myself, that condition is being restored. Can this be done while you are playing around? [No] When God was creating this universe, He did not do it while He was playing or dancing around. He poured out everything that He had. The path of restoration is recreating it in the same way that God had created it.

Viewing it historically, this (fundraising) is the means to go through the Old Testament. You have to understand this. In the Old Testament era, the material offering was made. In restoring it through indemnity, the material offering must be made, and through this, victory must be won. Did you do this or not? [We did]

We must bring it to perfection. Only after passing it, we can enter the New Testament era and begin witnessing. We can deal with the people. Do you understand? Only after passing the course of building the financial foundation that the church presents before you, can you go out witnessing. What is witnessing? It is creating man. It is going out to recreate man. Can one just casually do witnessing?

You have to reflect on this point. You must be thinking, "How difficult was it to restore the financial problems; I cannot let go of it because I have put so much effort in it." You have to understand it. This is how you should have done it. You must have the thought, "Because for its sake I have put in all the treasures and everything that I had and shed my sweat and tears, it is the most precious thing."

You must complete the restoration through indemnity in the world. What is the most precious thing once you go to the spirit world? It is not money, nor children, and it is not nation. The most important thing is the restoration through indemnity. If you suffer affliction while doing this, then you will come to realize that this is the most precious thing. You cannot go to the kingdom of heaven without passing through it. You will not have any relationship with God and me.

Therefore, you must cross over the restoration through indemnity, the financial foundation, and the Old Testament. After that, after passing that, where should you go? Then, you must go out witnessing. You have to witness to twelve people. What are you to do after that? You have to restore through indemnity the failure of Jesus to find twelve disciples in three years.

When Jesus died, all the disciple ran away, right? You have to raise disciples who will not run away when you die, who are better than the disciples of Jesus. You have to understand this. When you think about how difficult it is to raise one person, you will understand how difficult it was for God to raise one Adam and one Eve. Everything that you have must be poured out. Unless you exert yourself to the extent that your bone marrow melts, nothing will remain. Do you understand? [Yes]

By walking the three-year course, you have to witness to more than twelve people. Then, you will not die. You will become a part of the group that will not die but survive. This is how you can pass over the New Testament. The reason that the New Testament came into being was the death of Jesus. He died because he lost all of the twelve disciples. In order to cross over the New Testament era, you have to find people who can be better than the twelve disciples and become the representative of the messiah who can love God and humanity. (96-115)

3) The Course that you must go Through Before you Turn Thirty

What? You do not like fundraising? Why do we need training through fundraising? In order for you to carry on activities, you need funds. No one will just hand over money to you. You have to understand it. You have to make it with your own hands. I have laid the worldwide foundation of today with my own hands. I have done it with my own hands. No one did it for me.

Financial problems will accompany you for the rest of you life. This is Satan. It follows you around always. You have to drag it. Financial problems are dragging you instead. No matter where I am chased out to, whether it is an island or any other place, I can live. Even if all of you die off, I will live on. I know all about what kind of mushrooms can be eaten and what plants can be used as medicine and what are poisonous. Moreover, as long as I have a needle and a string, I can make a fishing pole to catch fish. I can survive wherever I am. I have the wisdom to be independent whenever I want. My philosophy is to give this formula training in the Unification Church before people turn thirty.

After receiving financial training, you must undergo training of love for seven years. You have to train yourself by receiving persecution from people. Even those whom I meet for the first time, when I judge them in this and that way, it always turns out to be right. How did I attain such abilities? I have researched while receiving persecution from people and dealing with many people. You need this. When people ask, "You, Moonie, can you be responsible for solving the economic problem?" You should be able to answer, "Yes." As people ask, "You Moonie, in conducting your life in this world, can you handle people diplomatically?" You should be able to answer, "Yes."

Next, you should possess the ability to overcome all the trials related to the spirit world and ward off the attack of the spirit world. However, born as a man, how can I live my life being indebted to other people? Being indebted financially, being indebted because of lack of capability . . . You should die instead. Where can you not go? Why can't you go? (117-24)

For this reason, unless you do witnessing . . . Witnessing is loving the children of other people more than one's own children and people. You must love people just as if they are your brothers, just as if they are your children, you must love them more than anyone in the satanic world. Therefore, while Abel wins the victory centering on the standard of Cain and Abel, simultaneously he can take Cain along when entering the kingdom of heaven. By doing so, the blessing is received. Because Cain and Abel fought and failed to become one, the whole family of Adam was devastated, right? When they become one, the blessing is materialized. Isn't this the principle? It is the principle. (93-283)

4) You Must Shed Tears for the Sake of Fundraising and Witnessing

Shedding tears while doing fundraising and witnessing . . . When a captain of the fundraising team comes to the church and sheds tears, and when the leader of the witnessing activities shed tears, and after that Neil [Neil Salonen, President of UC USA], as the leader, comes to shed tears, and if in this way the three of them embrace each other and shed tears of encouragement, pledging that they will do more for the sake of the dispensation, and bear the cross for the sake of the humanity, then God will join them and cry together with them. There, the kingdom of heaven is completed. Because this is principle, fundraising teams and the church must become one. This is the fundamental principle. This is how I think. (97-224)

Therefore, you must cry while doing witnessing. You must cry. As you do witnessing, how much do you cry? One who weeps will receive the Blessing. Next, putting life on the line, for the sake of the world of heart, just . . . When you see the morning sunshine, you should be thinking, "where is God's love that gives out such fiery light." Even for one who does fundraising or for God, heaven cannot be entered without shedding tears. There the kingdom of heaven is restored. The restoration of man, the restoration of sovereignty, and the restoration of all things, all of these will be accomplished. Do you understand? [Yes]

For this reason, those who are in headquarters should worry about the people who are doing fundraising at times such as raining. When it rains, or is foggy and snow is pouring down, you must be concerned about them. You have to shed tears together. Those who are doing witnessing should also cry. You should be doing this. You must understand that at the place where even God weeps, the kingdom of heaven on earth will be built.

This is where it begins. Can you understand what this means? [Yes] Although you say that you have entered the Unification Church and believe in it, although you have received Blessing and you claim to be some leader of some sort, you have to understand how far off you are. (97-222)

Today, people in the world live and die because of the financial problems. However, we Unification Church members must believe that we are managing God's money, earning God's money, and spending God's money. In the act of loving, it is not selfish love and neither is it love for the sake of the nation. You must love centering on God and humanity. People and the nation do not take precedence. What takes precedence is the world that God can love. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes] Unification Church members are those who are putting into practice in their environment the most difficult undertaking that are like dreams.

Next is witnessing. You have to shed tears, sweat and blood. You have to shed tears, blood, and sweat for the sake of the people, and then for the sake of that family, and then for the sake of the restoration of all things. Financial activities are nothing. Witnessing activities are nothing. There is nothing more difficult than making the family into one and building a heavenly family. When you form a family, there will be times when your hearts are at odds. At those moments, you must endure. You must endure saying, "When I was doing fundraising in the past it was like this, and even when I was doing witnessing, I persevered through it, so how can I be that way when it is my loving husband that I am dealing with." This is education. (94-271)

Section 4: Restoration Through Indemnity and the Formula Course [Part 4]

5. Spiritual Children

1) Two Ends of Children

The members of the Unification Church have two types of children; one is their spiritual children and the other is their own children. Why is this so! Even you church leaders do not understand the reason. I have to give you another lecture. [Because we can love our own children only after finding spiritual children.] What you say makes some sense.

The path of restoration is going there and returning. In order to go and then return, in order to pay indemnity . . . This is the spiritual world, this is the children of the angelic world. The fallen world is the world of sons of angels. They are Satan's sons, and they are the sons of angels who are the traitors of God.

The sons of angels who have betrayed cannot just enter the lineage of Adam and God. For this reason, they must be put in the position of the sons of angels who have not betrayed . . . This position is the same as the position of Adam before the fall. You need three of these sons. You need three archangels, or in the course of history you need three children of Adam's family. Moreover, after that, you have to go through the three stages of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. You have to go through the three stages through the angelic world that represents everything and the whole world of creation. Man is the center of all the number threes. In this sense, the three spiritual children symbolize the domain of archangel, which is claimed by God's side that represents the angelic world and the world of creation. For this reason they are angels that God can govern over.

It is the angels who must originally educate Adam and Eve. Rather than God educating them, until they grow to become adults, they are to be raised and educated by angels. Similarly, spiritual children must help their spiritual parents to return to heaven. When due to the assistance of the spiritual children the parents can return to heaven, the spiritual children can go along with them based on the condition of participation. Do you understand? [Yes] In this way the three angels of the angelic world become restored, and the three sons of Adam are restored, and the three sons of Noah are restored, and the condition is set to enter the position which represents the whole that is in three stages.

The meaning of having become completely one is that in the Garden of Eden centering on Adam, who has not fallen, the three angels have become totally one. Based on this unity, they are to move into the domain of God's blessing. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes]

Isn't this how it was originally? Just like, before the fall, the three archangels were supposed to become one before Adam and Eve and long for the day of their marriage, spiritual children must earnestly desire for their spiritual parents to receive the Blessing. Do you understand what this means? [Yes] However, because of the mistake of the archangel, all the angels are in the position of accusation.

After having done this and having received the Blessing, even when the parents give birth to their children and love them, the satanic world cannot demand an indemnity condition and make accusations. This is the principle. Do you understand? [Yes] If there was no fall, the angelic world would have become one centering on Adam and Eve. Because the physical and spiritual world has become totally one, in that place of oneness, as Adam and Eve rise to the position of Blessing, the satanic world would have completely faded away. (127-52)

2) Why Spiritual Children are Needed

Because such principles exist, the fallen world can be saved through spiritual children. The satanic world can be saved. For this reason, new members of the church all need spiritual children. Since you need spiritual children, you must claim them from the satanic world.

Then who is to go and find them? It is someone who can become Adam and Eve that must go and find them. Who lost this? Adam and Eve lost it. Do you understand? [Yes]

Because there is this Principle, which allows one to return to the position of Adam by raising the spiritual children, you have to become one with your spiritual children. After becoming one, because they came from the satanic world, they must obtain God's public recognition. In this way, you can go out to the satanic world to find more spiritual children again until the satanic world is completely restored, and in this manner Satan can be substantially gotten rid of from the earth. For this reason, spiritual children are conditions that need to be fulfilled absolutely. So, without three spiritual children you can neither be Blessed nor start your family life. Is this clear? [Yes]

The first reason we need spiritual children, is for the sake of restoring the position of the fallen archangel. The archangel was supposed to become one with Adam who has not fallen and long for his day of blessing. On that foundation he should receive his own blessing, but because this blessing was not given, in order to set the standard to restore this through indemnity, under the condition of spiritual son, the three must completely become one. Spiritual children must love their spiritual parents more than their own parents. This is how it should be. Without making this kind of heartistic bond you cannot triumph over the satanic world. This is the first.

Second, in order to restore the satanic world, spiritual children are absolutely needed. Although all of you are also spiritual children, you cannot be restored if you do not have spiritual children yourselves. Even if you stand in the position of Adam, it is a fallen position. The question is how are you to be restored? You do not have the foundation needed for restoration. It is not enough to just follow your spiritual parents. You have to surpass the position of spiritual child. Having done that, you have to pass through the position of archangel and the position of Adam, and then after repeating the conditions that Adam and Eve failed to meet, and because you have to bring resolution to that, you yourself must also find three spiritual children.

Here, my position is the position of Adam. You have to absolutely present before God the condition of having attained unity with the three angels, while being in the position of Adam and Eve before the fall. For this reason, you have to be absolute before spiritual parents. Having become completely one in this way, when you can receive love before God and receive blessing, you can also go over this.

Crossing over it, you have to pay indemnity all over again for the lost blessing that Adam and Eve should have received at the position of unity with the three angels. You have to come from the satanic world and by paying indemnity for the original standard that Adam and Eve lost. Cross over it. When you can go over the place that exceeds it in degree, you, as the spiritual parents, can finally be able to receive the Blessing.

Therefore, if you do not have three spiritual children then you can never receive the Blessing, isn't this true? [Yes] Is that for sure? [Yes] Since Adam and Even fell and took down with them their three children, and because the three children are still needed, there were three sons in Noah's family. This is the reason that the family had eight members. This is also the reason that Jesus had three disciples. And when he finds his bride, the family would have grown to eight members. Jesus died because he could not realize the ideal of reciprocity.

So, when he goes to the spirit world and returns, he is to come as a bridegroom. By fulfilling the ideal he forms a family with eight members; unless he manifests it on the earth in this manner, there is no way that he can reclaim the foundation of the original family of Adam and Eve. It is theoretically sound, right? [Yes] For this reason, you absolutely need spiritual sons. (127-54)

3) Spiritual Children and Children of Your Direct Lineage

Having spiritual parents alone is not enough. Spiritual children must also become spiritual parents themselves. Even after you become a member of the Unification Church, your blood still remains in the fallen realm. Isn't this true? [Yes] For this reason, you yourself have to also have dominion over the three angels. In order to do that you have to educate them to become one. Unless you are in the position to love them more than your own parents and brothers, in order to raise them fully, you cannot build the basis for restoration. Do you understand? [We understand]

You, regional leader of An-yang, how is it? [Yes, I understand] Perhaps you have not been asking this question. You did not even ask the question of why spiritual children are so important in Unification Church. So, in Unification Church what is absolutely necessary? [Spiritual children]

If the spiritual children become one and wish, "We wish that Adam and Eve become a couple and have a child. Please let them have a child soon," when the child is inside the womb, they should applaud and make preparation for her. Who is supposed to make all the preparations? They are not supposed to be done by Adam. It is the archangel, the spiritual children that are supposed to do it. When the three wise men came to bow before Jesus at the time of his birth, they did it as the representatives of the spiritual children, representing the historical era. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes]

Similarly, you must also sincerely wish that your spiritual parents could truly become that kind of couple who has received the Blessing inside the realm of God's love and given birth to children. Only after you do this and love the children that your spiritual parents have given birth to, can you really be loved as angels. Do you understand? [Yes]

Your spiritual children must love your own children. The spiritual children, the angels, must serve Adam and Eve as their ancestors of faith. Only after they love your own children can they receive love as spiritual children . . . Isn't the principle of restoration through indemnity annoying? It is in line with the theory. Do you understand? [Yes]

Because this is how things are, when the spiritual parents give birth to their children, those who have become their spiritual children must serve the children just as angels were supposed to serve Adam's children. Only after that, the parents will give the Blessing, "Now I support you to receive the Blessing." They will say, "Because you have loved our children." Then you can become adopted children. The lineage is different. Because you have loved the children of their direct lineage, by standing in the position of having attained oneness with the son, you can finally be pulled into the place of Blessing. You cannot go for free. You must love the children of your spiritual parents from when they are inside the womb, as if you are their twin brother or sister.

Because centering on God's love you have loved the child of your spiritual parents from inside the womb, in the standard of heart, this is the same as your being born from the womb. In regards to the order of birth, you were born first as the first son, and the child blessed inside the womb of Eve was born later. So horizontally, because you, the spiritual son, were born first you are in the Cain position, the older brother position. Nonetheless, Adam's son, who was born as the younger son, is the true son. For this reason, only by serving absolutely, from that place, can Satan's birthright of the oldest son be canceled and the second son of the heavenly realm become the oldest son and the new beginning take place. Then all will be resolved completely, right? [Yes]

Having fully fulfilled the condition of total oneness, you have to help that child become the best oldest son. Then, only after he grows up and asks you, "Since you have loved me from while I was inside the womb, please receive the Blessing together with me," you, the spiritual child, can enter the position of Blessing. This is the fundamental aspect of the principle. Do you understand? [We understand]

Similarly, Adam's son also needs this. He needs archangels who can wait with a longing heart for the blessed parents to have children, and then help them raise them. You have to clearly understand that for the purpose of substantially paying indemnity for the difficult thing, you absolutely need spiritual children.

Do you understand what spiritual children are? [Yes] There are three kinds of meanings. First is the necessity to restore the archangel, second is the restoration of the whole Satanic world, and the third is for the sake of moving up to the position of son where you can be blessed. So, the spiritual children must engraft themselves to the children of the spiritual parents. They must engraft themselves to the children of direct lineage that the spiritual children have given birth to. Do you understand? They are not to engraft themselves to the spiritual mother or the spiritual father. Since they are sons, they must be engrafted to the sons. (127-56)

6. Education and Training

1) The Importance of Education

When we consider the question of whether we possess more factors to relate with evil or more factors to relate with good. The whole body is surrounded with factors that leads us to evil.

To walk the path of evil, there is no need for education. Anybody can walk that path without receiving education. Because history began from evil, anyone can walk through it without receiving education. Is there a need to educate someone on how to travel the path of evil? Because it comes naturally, today we are educating people to center on the ethical and moral standards, making judgments based on the standard of conscience.

What is education centered on? Despite the fact that education was given centering on goodness and conscience, how many people have met the standard of education? Anybody can perform evil deeds without being educated about it. Everyone can receive a perfect score on evil. (36-57)

This is the reason why education is needed. Just as I have educated people at every opportunity that I had, for 24 hours day and night, you should grab on to people and shed tears, skipping lunch and dinner, being intoxicated in the word, and staying up through the nights. Do you understand how I have been living my life here so far? When I don't go out, what do I do here? If one person comes to visit, don't I talk to that one person? Haven't I lived that kind of lifestyle all my life? I have been pouring out my spirit, always.

So, you are to educate. Do you understand? If you succeed in education, you will not perish. Education is indirect preparation. Indirect preparation is for the sake of the direct preparation. If you make indirect preparation, then I will be responsible for transforming it into direct preparation; so you should just focus on making indirect preparations. (149-205)

If there is hard steel, then the blacksmith must repeatedly beat it. He has to beat it at night as well as in the day, but why must he beat on it day and night? This is to set the condition to pass through all of the four seasons. Morning is equivalent to the spring, day to the summer, evening corresponds to autumn, and night corresponds to winter. For this reason, through the four seasons, starting from the child era and passing through the youth era and the adult period, one must finally cross over to the time of old man. The more you beat the metal, and the longer you beat it for the rest of your life, the better it becomes, is this true? [Yes] It is the same thing. You should beat it. You should beat on it with all your strength.

People who do not understand this might say, "Before teacher told us to do it like that and today he is telling us to do it like this; he changes his mind all the time." If you look at how God does things, he often changes the way he does things. Why is this? This is because right now is the time to throw away. If something cannot be used to make a contribution, then he cannot be used for anything else.

Even yesterday, while they were doing construction work on the building, with the head of the factory watching, I went there and heard all about the metals. Considering the question of the strength of the metal, they say that there is thirty times the difference in strength between the times when metal is pulled to expand and when it is pushed in like this to bulge like that. When you look at the surface, it seems that they are the same in strength. When we look at that, we can see how great God is. When you build a high-rise if you build like that, if it is lined up one to one, then it would be disastrous. In that manner, you cannot build a high-rise. Although you think if you put that there, then it can withstand thirty times the original weight, so if you just put on twenty nine times the weight, then it will not crumble. For this reason, you don't put the steel rod side ways, but stand it up straight . . .

When we put them in upright, they cannot be bent. It must be put straight. Otherwise, it has to be round like that. Centering on the whole, the tension on it has to be enough. This is the only way that we can place the foundation stone on it. Isn't this so? When putting the foundation stone on, there is no one who puts it in a rectangular fashion. When we look at the way that forces of mechanics behave, because it goes through a 45 degree angle, and because this kind of force is at work, we should follow this principle. For this reason, in the circular shape, according to this principle, the foundation stone must be secured when the building is being built. Isn't this so? Those things on the side serve no important function. As long as you buttress the pole and make the circular shape, then those on the side will not have any pressure on it. (64-483)

2) The Purpose of Training

Where did the word originate. It came from the heart at the time of the creation, and it passed through the course of restoration. You must never forget this fact. Without being equipped with the word you cannot build the substantial body, and without creating the substantial body you cannot create the heart, so when you listen to the word, you have to listen to it with your body, mind, and heart.

Trainees need to go through an extremely rigorous physical training. More rigorous than was ever given in history. They need to endure through it with word and heart of faith. You have to learn from Adam, Moses, Jesus, and me. You have to see from the position of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and I. If you win victory in the internal fight in which you are trying to bring unity between the word, body, and mind, God has no choice but to acknowledge you publicly. You should be saying everyday, "Please give me the most difficult task." (11- 159)

3) The Course of Training

What is the Unification Church supposed to do from now on? Those who join the church go through the training course. The way that they go through the training course is that first they should go through the two-day workshop, then? [Seven-day workshop] Seven-day workshop, then? [21-day workshop] 21-day workshop, then? [40-day workshop] 40-day workshop. So they need to go through 70-days of training. What does this 70-day training period represent? People who have fallen due to ignorance can restore what was lost through understanding. Moreover, although they have been living their life in their own ways so far, during this time they are to completely cleanse their habitual environment.

Then, what is the two-day workshop? It is time to change their thought and mentality, which have been going the opposite direction, and put it on the right course. To talk about it in terms of a stage in the dispensation of restoration, it corresponds to the Dispensation of Foundation for the Restoration. For this reason, people who have been living up to now in a chaotic world will say that he must go to the two-day workshop. They are to enter the time of ideological shock absorbing. So, the first two-day workshop is the time to make people be awakened to their own situation. After receiving the two-day workshop, one can tell how the conventional mentality is and what the Unification Church mentality is, and one can change the concepts that one has been holding on to, saying, "This is good. Up to now, I have been wrong."

Next, what is the seven-day workshop? The seven-day workshop is entering the era of the Formation Stage. This corresponds to the completed realm of the dispensation of the Old Testament. Through this, by entering the Completion Stage of the Old Testament, what will take place? You have to think that you are going forward to meet the messiah of the New Testament. Do you understand what I am saying? For this reason, receiving the seven-day workshop corresponds to the Old Testament, and it is the time to liberate character on the formation level. This is how I see it.

So after receiving the seven-day workshop, from the transformation of concept, they will move on to the transformation of oneself. The trainee will, by himself, get rid of the old concepts with the attitude, "After hearing the word, I realize that I have to also become a holy body and win over Satan. I have to flee from this satanic world." When he makes the decision by himself, generally after the week's time is passed he will be on the right direction.

Moreover, in the seven-day workshop, during the seven-day course, one must complete the number seven of the Principle course again. This is because man was made after six days. You have to firmly establish your identity as the citizen of God and His kingdom, as one who can recognize God absolutely, and not one who can recognize Satan. If you become the citizen of God, then you have to become God's man and with God's love complete your responsibility.

Next, what is the 21-day workshop? This corresponds to the New Testament era. Through this, you have to become someone who can serve the savior to indemnify the failure to serve Jesus as the savior. In other words, it is perfecting the character of John the Baptist before the substantial messiah. Do you understand what I mean? In other words, what this means is that it is completing the qualification as an adopted son. This 21-day workshop is the crucial moment, and as long as one passes through the 21-day workshop, one can become a member. He will sacrifice himself even if you don't tell him to. For this reason, "workshop, workshop!" You must be obsessed with workshops.

Next, when people receive the 40-day workshop, because it corresponds to the Completed Testament era, it is the time to engraft. Do you understand? Because this is where man meets messiah and becomes one with him, finally he is to be engrafted to the position of son who can carry on the lineage of heaven. In this way, he is to enter a position higher than that of Adam before the fall and inherit the qualifications to become the son of God.

In general, as long as people receive the forty-day workshop, they will say, "Since I am going anyway, I should become a leader and walk the path of the number of the restoration through indemnity. I have to go through the path of Home Church." Leaders must travel this road. After receiving such training . . . Before that, never give them work to do. You can give them a mission, but you should give them the mission of witnessing. In this way, centering on the numbers forty of forty days, centering on the number 4, they have to pass through all the training that will prepare them to fight with Satan.

Having done so and raising the standard of heart higher than anyone in the Satanic world, these trainees must rise to the position where Satan can publicly recognize the standard of heart connected to heaven. All the things that belong to you and your standard of heart must make a connection with heaven. Until now, due to the fall, the situation has become like this, centering on Satan, Satan's possessions, Satan's body, and Satan's heart; yet all this must be indemnified centering on God and gradually linking to God's heart, God's body, and God's belongings. After that all these must be offered to God. These are not yours. Originally, all possessions belong to God and not you. (Compilation of sections, 75-94, 99-267, 107-241, 172-47)