The Way Of The Spiritual Leader (Part 2)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 5: Events That Occurred During the Early Days of the Church [Part 1]

1. Events That Happened to True Father

1) An Episode During the Ya-Mok Workshop

I will tell you about an episode that occurred during the Ya-Mock Workshop. In the lake there, there were plants called gae-yoen, and because of their thorns they looked fearsome. Because there is poison on those sharp, bluish-green thorns, even if you are lightly scratched by them you will suffer serious infections. In such an environment, I dragged everyone, both men and women, and did fishing. But as I was dragging them in, I stood at the very front. However, there were people who said, "Oh, no! How can we go in there. I am afraid that we will catch a cold." I told them, "Do as you wish."

I still remember even to this day those who did not follow through. I will not mention any names. If you ask those people whether or not they remember the time at the Ya-Mock, they will say that they wish for another such opportunity. Nevertheless, that time has already passed by us. Even if you go through similar experiences ten or a hundred times in order to pay indemnity for it, they can never be the real thing. There is only one real thing. There is not two. No matter how proud some of them are, if you mention the episode at the Ya-Mock, they will feel ashamed because they have conscience. Man's conscience is truly both good and great. They all know what a shameful thing is. This is the shameful salvation. [36-36]

2) On a Tour in the Countryside

After completing the tour this time around, I lost my voice. This is because everywhere I went, I spoke for three, or over four hours, and I have stayed up many nights talking to the new members.

One time a certain event took place. We were scheduled to arrive in Sam-Chuck at nine in the evening, but because the car broke down midway, we spent that night there and arrived in Sam-Chuck at four-forty in the morning the next day. So, how much must the members gathered there have waited for me? They were all exhausted. We had the gathering early at dawn but because it was the on the coastline of the Eastern Sea and there were intense security activities, I could not speak for a long time. After speaking for about one hour, I went to Chun-Chun through Won-Joo, and then this morning I came here to meet with you.

When such events occur, what kind of thoughts and prayers do you think I have? This year, our young members are out there doing witnessing according to my directions, and they are enduring suffering with the sense of common mission toward it in order to fulfill the will of God. In truth, there were events that were extremely difficult. While being concerned about these things, I have offered the prayer, "I am praying in order to place on my own shoulders all your difficulties, so please understand." Therefore, during my journey I could not sleep even for one night. (11- 179)

3) Comrades in my Prison

Those whom I have met first centering on the causes of the Unification Church, I have raised up under difficult circumstances. I have raised them under the most difficult circumstances. This is what is so precious about it. They were supposed to go through the environment in which, if they obtained a piece of bread or some delicious thing to eat, then saving it and wrapping it, they come and wait in order to give it to me. They have to have the affinity with the position in which they can shed tears and give consolation. These kinds of friends are what one needs.

You should try to put this into practice centering on your minister. If there are one thousand people in the congregation of the church, all you have to do is make three times the effort of the person who is most loyal and attentive to your minister among the congregation. You are to research into this. No matter which prison I was in, I have always had such friends. For this reason, when they came out of the prison, they only said greetings to their wives, mothers and relatives, and without staying in their homes they followed me. They have followed me.

4) A Sick Person met on the Street

You should not have concepts when you witness to people. Even if you are dealing with an unworthy person, by displaying the level of sympathy that cannot be found in this world, you can rise to a high position of heart. There is something that I cannot forget even today, and when I go to the vicinities of the No-Ryang area, the memories come alive. I used to live in Heuk-Sek Dong, and at the boundary of the Sang-Do Dong, there are many pine trees there. A little way off from it there was a Japanese style house where a garden was nicely kept. If you go around it, then there is a rice field, and on the opposite side of that there is a village, and at that place there is a house where I used to go during pioneering witnessing campaigns.

Once there was a sick person lying on the road whom I had never seen before. It was about the end of March. That was the time that I was carrying the tuition for the new semester, which had just begun. As I observed him closely, I realized that he was a pitiful person who did not even have a son. When he told me that he had a daughter in Chun An, I used all of the tuition money to cure his illness and give him traveling expenses. When you look at this, it is clear that his ancestors are not bad people. At that moment, my feet were glued to the ground. I could not turn away from him. (56-39)

2. Events That Happened To Ministers

1) The Experience of Moving from House to House

Recently I have heard from one regional leader that while he was doing his mission he had to move his house seventeen times. Since he has moved seventeen times, when he makes a move again, people just assumed that he is moving his house again. In the process, his clothes became so ragged with holes everywhere that he could not go around with his face raised up. Is this a good thing or not? Even if the situation becomes like that, you must survive. You must survive even if you collapse. When you die, it is the end of everything. Even if you collapse, do not be resentful. As you fall down, you should pray, "God, let me rest in peace." But I do not mean to tell you to die.

It was when Jacob was under such difficult circumstances that the messengers of heaven traveled back and forth; do you think that they came down when his spirit was overflowing with confidence and hope? It was when he was facing death that . . . How miserable was he when he had to put his head on a stone and take a rest because he had no where to go to. If it were you, then you would have probably questioned why you had to put up with all that despite the blessing. You are doing it to become the spirit of the Unification Church. (30-345)

2) Ministers' Hungry Lifestyle

I know that some of the area leaders of the countryside today do not have any food to eat. In my prayers I can see which ones are suffering hunger. However, I do not talk about that. As the time nears, I want to see who are the people that have the proper ideology of the Unification Church. So all of you have to make a new determination. It should not be vague.

The ideology of the Unification Church is the glorious and traditional ideology inherited from heaven. Since the days of antiquity, it is that dispensation which the countless ancestors have inherited centering on heaven while they were paving the path of suffering at the cost of their lives. Even if you look at it centering on the historical times, or even when history passes behind us, its essential characteristics will remain unchanged. It must not change. (43-56)

I know that the churches in the countryside are facing difficulties right now. I also know very well the church leaders, which are starving. They must persevere through the hunger. In order to save the nation, good people have to live the lifestyle of hell. This is the only way that the evil people can come to repent. These kinds of events must take place. This is my philosophy. For this reason, I am still living this type of lifestyle. The Unification Church is proof. Some people might ask that, if we lack money, then why couldn't we bring some from Japan and different nations throughout the world. This is true. However, if we do that, then Korea would be indebted to others. So, from now on, even if you don't have enough money, you should not complain about it any more.

There is a saying that, "A noble man does not warm himself on a chaff-fire even if he freezes to death." When I help others with my debt, because I do not have any of my own money, who would think that I am indebted? I do not have any money, but I still have the freedom to do things the way I want. Then would you go along with me? [Yes] How about you ladies? [Yes] If you are to do it, then to what extent are you going to do it? Are you going to stop at just liking the Korean nation, or are you also going to like the world? [The world] In order to move forward for the sake of the world, you have to have some basic capital. How can you bring success with your own hands without some foundation of capital? At such times, you must be at the frontline. If I was to sell you off, would you let yourself be sold or refuse? Do you have confidence that you will let yourself be sold? [We do] When you are being sold, it should be you who are doing the selling. In other words, this is the public path. (35-148)

3) Surviving on the Lunch Boxes of Students

Look, when we were doing pioneer witnessing in the frontiers of Korea, each day it was difficult to make enough money even to live just that day. When young members go out and walk around, it was not uncommon for some of them to limp like this. Under such circumstances in the pioneering days, our missionaries went to some village to pioneer as leaders. Because they did not have anything to eat and because if they were to work in that village the persecution would be more intense, as people will accuse saying that they came to the village to took for work. So many of them had no other choice but to commute to a place far away for work.

So all the members who were under them . . . A leader is not supposed to draw pay checks from the headquarters, and in that kind of situation, continue doing pioneer witnessing. Even while going through all this, he would rather die than to complain about his situation. The members could not believe how this was possible. When the members found out about the leader's situation six months or a year later, they grabbed onto him and wept.

So, they began a campaign to bring lunch boxes and give it to the church leader. So, how miserable was the heart of the leader who was to eat that lunch box? How much would he be thinking about the student who gave him his own lunch box and went hungry in school? In this atmosphere, they built a strong bond of heart with the determination, "Let us overcome all this, and even if we were to fall dead, fulfill the will of God."

Then, when they went to school . . . Even until just a few days ago, those who used to bring the best lunch boxes before joining the Unification Church did not bring it any more after joining the church. At every lunch hour they were hiding alone in the schoolyard and at times as they were coming back to the classroom, their friends saw them. The reason for such caution was that if their parents were to find out about it, they would be in big trouble. Not once or twice, but because the students have to repeat this every day, their friends who could not believe this went to their parents and protested. They said "Your children used to bring good lunch boxes but these days, after they joined the Unification Church, you don't even prepare lunch boxes for them; how can parents do such things? Do you not consider those who go to the Unification Church as people? Why don't you treat your children properly as your children?" So, the parents asked their children, "They say that you do not eat your lunch in school, but what is going on?" When they were asked, they could not but tell their parents the truth.

When the parents found out what was going on, they put up a vigorous opposition saying, "You bastards! The members of the Unification Church are all vampires who snatch our children's lunch boxes, exploit them, suck their blood and eat their flesh." Such events were not infrequent and were found all over the country. So, when people heard that the members of the Unification Church were coming, they made a lot of fuss saying that people who suck the blood of their children are coming. They mobilized opposition in the village to beat up the members or do all sorts of atrocious things. Especially, the Christians, all over the nation they have intimately partaken in these atrocities, saying that the pack of wolves who snatch away the lambs of God were coming. How do you think I must have felt as the teacher of the Unification Church when I was leading them under such circumstances?

If you were the leader of the Unification Church, wouldn't you be wondering, "What would happen to them in ten years?" In this way, I have earned money with my own hands. When I built a factory, I have worked in the factory for 24 hours at a time, and I gave ideas; everything was done with my own hands . . . Because I had to prepare for the future in this way, I have been laying the economic foundation. (94-231)

4) Pioneering Stage of the Early Days of the Church

When we were pioneering in Korea, there was no place for us to work. So, we frequently went without food. It was very common for us to skip meals. You have to understand that we have done the forty-day witnessing campaign with just grain or rice powder bought and mixed in a cup of water. Even then we did not have enough to eat. We considered it as the training for the forty-day fast.

So, they have to at least do some manual labor, but for a leader in a region to do such menial work would be too embarrassing, so they could not do it in their own region. Therefore, in order to do manual labor, they had to wake up at dawn and walk for at least five hours. Then, after finishing the work they have to come back at night. They have to do this within twenty-four hours. They have to spend five hours going there and another five hours coming back, and they have to do the manual labor in such far away place. When they do that, the daily wage they earned was only five hundred won. For just five hundred won . . . This would only buy two meals in Korea. Money enough to buy just two meals. Do you understand? This is what they get for working the whole day. What this means is that even if they work everyday they cannot live on it. So, you cannot possibly understand how much your predecessors have suffered even if it is explained to you in words. You cannot understand. No matter how many times I tell you, you cannot understand.

For example, they had to do their mission for the sake of the dispensation, and they had to go out lecturing, but how could they do this when they are famished? So, they had no choice -- as they pass by a wealthy household they saw that its dog is drinking water, so . . . It is different from the way dogs are fed meat here. In Korea, dogs were fed some water in which rice had been washed. So, grabbing onto its ears they told it, "You have a wealthy owner, so even if I take this away from you, you will not die," and having chased away the dog, they drank the rice water. You have to know that this is what they have done. Do you know these kinds of things? You don't understand but I know these things very well. I have witnessed it all and . . . You must understand that I am someone who has seen and experienced numerous situations that people cannot bear to even look at or speak about because their heart is overwhelmed with sorrow to do so.

Every time I went through such an experience, I have made the determination within myself to build the economic foundation . . . I have to have financial power in the near future . . . In order to lay that foundation, I have poured so much of myself to work in the factory. I have worked with the diligence that no one else can match. You only have to suffer to a limited extent, enough only to rise to the national standard. But because I, the leader, have to be responsible for the future, I knew that I had to make economic preparation for you who would lay the foundation from now on. So I have been making the utmost effort night and day. (89-278)

5) The Lecture of One Young Minister

There are many anecdotes in the Unification Church. This was when our one area leader has visited a village as a VOC lecturer (Victory Over Communism). All the important people of the town gathered, from the chief of police to the county headman, all the public servants gathered. However, contrary to their expectation to receive a teacher responsible for the lecture, they saw one young man with a short hair cut walking toward them.

At first, they thought that he was a helper of the lecturer, so they asked, "Where did you come from? Where is the teacher who is going to lecture?" So, the young lecturer hesitated and did not know what to do. When they asked him where is Mr. So-and-so who is being sent by the Unification Church to give lecture that day, he answered that he was that person. Then, those who did not know that this young man was the lecturer made a lot of noise. They could not stand it because the lecturer was this young man who was about the age of their children.

However, since they had made the official invitation, they had to let him proceed to the stage. So, the young man lectured for about two-and-a-half-hours. They were all flabbergasted. All of the area leaders who served as the VOC lecturers were all young men in their twenties, right? These people were able to make friends with the county headsmen and chiefs of police, so they have become quite successful after joining the Unification Church, isn't this so? Has there been anyone who has come to their ruin because have lived according to my words? (19-218)

6) Women Who Went Out Pioneering

You, the members of the Unification Church of today, have lived a different lifestyle. It is fundamentally different. We have been living for the sake of others and a greater cause. You have gone out to the countryside to pioneer, and up to now you have been doing things that other could not do. At first people mocked us. At the very beginning they were mocking you. At first people cursed us, saying "These bastards have come to ruin the village," but this did not put an end to our activities.

People thought that we were just gathering the students together, but next, from women to men, all the intelligent people of the village joined us, and in this way the number just kept on growing. When this took place, people began to develop a different opinion about the whole situation. They were in awe, and they reflected on themselves. They were thinking, "When I was young I was like this and that, but when I look at them again now, they are truly great." We are great. They would come to repent and regret their past attitude with the attitude, "Just a few months ago, I was trying to chase away these great people." The greater the depth and amount of their repentance, the deeper their respect would become. It would be transformed into respect, and it would make them much more compliant. You have to understand this.

Our women who have only had an elementary school education went to the countryside to build churches, and alone they have persevered, suffering for one, two, three, and four years. The fact that they have been doing things which others were not capable of cannot be forgotten no matter how much the whole village puts up opposition. Eventually, they will come to realize that the women are better than they themselves are. People in the village realize that, while they themselves have been complaining about their life even when they were living together with their spouses and children, our members have been digesting all the tribulations and enduring for one, two, and three years, despite the fact that they were alone and were living a lonely life style out there facing the opposition of the whole village. You cannot find such people in the world. So this is what they were moved by. When this happens, everyone from older grandfather and grandmother all the way down to the women, men, and teenagers of the village would come to admire them. We have been leaving behind these kind of impressive achievements. (172-91)

Section 5: Events That Occurred During the Early Days of the Church [Part 2]

3. In the Early Days of the Church

1) Meeting Beloved Members in Witnessing Areas

We must usher in the new era of springtime when we members can long for each other as members. In the past, because those of you who went out witnessing felt lonely, even just to meet one lonesome member, didn't you travel on the road for fifty Li? That was the time when we were walking on the individual level, but now is the time to head toward the national level. At such times, only when you have the yearning heart to go visit the members around you as many as ten times and not just once, can we properly take up the name as the members of the Unification Church.

This has to be the case centering on one county or borough. Moreover, it is not enough for your own state to do well. In order for the whole state to prosper, you have to do things that will serve as examples before the whole state. In becoming an example, it must not be done for the sake of yourself. You have to be an example according to the will of the family and the parents. While carrying this out, you have to increasingly become a shining example as a filial son. (60-29)

When members meet here they are so happy, and centering on the leader here they meet with each other and stay up all night . . . This is how it was in the past. In the past in our headquarters church in Chung Pa Dong, it was very common for people to stay up until two, three, or four in the morning. This is how we trained ourselves. So when I went some place, everyone, including women, old men, grandmothers, men, young ladies, and young men, all cried because they missed me so much. They wanted to see me. Just like the sun, it was just like how the buds of pine tree, cabbages, cucumbers, and certain flowers turn their faces toward the sun. In respect to how they face the sun, they are all the same. (126-196)

Why have we abandoned our brothers? Why did we abandon our brothers? We have abandoned all that up to now and met with each other, because brotherly relationships that would enable us to become even closer will be bestowed upon us centering on God, and because higher content and a higher standard of values will be given to us centering on God. Since we have met in order to seek after more valuable things, shouldn't the affection we have for each other be stronger than the love between physical brothers?

This is how it used to be in the past. There were instances when members witnessing in their assigned region were placed in different regions. They were leaving each other after coming together for a visit, because they miss each other so much. One would see the other off walking in the distance, and then they would both head back because the other one in return wanted to see him off. In this way they spent the whole night traveling back and forth. This is what also takes place between brothers. There were times when, concerned about the difficult path of life that the younger brother was walking on, if there was anything to eat, wrapping it and saving it for his younger brother, he would travel fifty Li at once to just bring it to him.

However, is this how it is among the members of the Unification Church today? Is it or is it not? Without building the bond of love among yourselves that is stronger than the relationship of love between physical brothers, you cannot enter heaven. You have to have strong brotherly affection with brothers who are not your real physical brothers, and serve them more than your own parents who are not your real parents. That is what a member of the Unification Church is like. In the Unification Church we talk about the True Parents and true brothers, right? Because we have been pursuing a true family centering on True Parents, true couple, and true brothers and sisters, people who are not brothers must come together to develop a relationship of love that is stronger than that of real brothers, and serve parents who are not one's real parents more than one's own parents. This is the path that members of the Unification Church who are brought together must walk.

Look at the world. When you look at the relationship of people formed centering on the blood relationships, how countless are the examples of parents sacrificing for the sake of the children. Similarly, I question myself, "Have I, the teacher of the Unification Church, been walking the path wherein I can accomplish such a mission?" If the answer is negative, I must retreat. (49-229)

2) Members Who Traveled Miles to Participate in a Meeting

I have returned after five days traveling all over the southern half of the Korean peninsula. After passing through Dae-Chun, Chun-Ju, Kwang-Ju, Ma-San and then going through Dae-Gu to go to Sam-Chuk, and next, passing through Jac-Chun and Chun-Chun, I have returned home.

What I felt during my tour, this time around, was that now is the time we must engage ourselves in the fight. When I look at how our young men and women in the countryside have incredible determination, I am convinced that the fight in this period will bring great victory. However, what made me painful was how our members traveled on foot for hundreds of Li to the places that I was supposed to visit. People in the outside world don't come because they don't have the desire to do so, even though they can afford to come in a car. Yet our young men and women walk hundreds of Li to come. When I went to Kwang-ju, there were people there who said that they had walked day and night for two, three days from Mok-Po or Mu-An to come there. When I saw this phenomena, I was reassured that the will and the purpose that our church is trying to accomplish will surely come to pass.

Those who ignore their own individual difficulties to overcome any kind of tribulations and have an impact for the sake of one purpose and one era are not those who have lots of experiences in the society. Moreover, they are not people who are preoccupied with their own individual situations, and not those who have a certain individual mentality or knowledge. When I saw how a young man around twenty years of age made a firm determination to put his life at stake for the sake of the dispensation, I was so deeply moved. There are many members who are like this. In general, they have more intrepid spirit than the young men at headquarters here. In comparison to the members in the vicinity of Seoul and Kyung-Gi province centered around the headquarters, and in comparison to those of you gathered here, they have such an intrepid spirit, in respect to their earnest heart toward God and loyalty toward the dispensation, that you cannot match them. I felt that if you do not fulfill your responsibility, then they will step over you and complete that responsibility. (11-179)

3) Climbing a Mountain While Carrying her Baby on her Back

Since the path that we are walking departed from death, we must continue on at the risk of our lives and be prepared to face death. Let us go! Everyone is the same when it comes to bearing the difficulties and exhaustion that people experience. Let us go! Our standard of ideology is different. Even when harsh winds blow and the stream of death flows toward us, we should continue on. Even when the weather is hostile and the wind blows hard, we should proceed on. Compare today with the time in the past when we were climbing the mountain Baek-Oon-Dae. In the past, there were four people who climbed the mountain Baek-Oon-Dae with their babies carried on their backs. How many people would do such a thing right now? (12-13)

4) Members Who Have Shed an Ocean of Tears

When you hear the truth for the first time after joining the Unification Church, you will shed an ocean of tears. At the extreme, you will even forget about eating your meals. You will dread going back home, which will feel as if you are dying, but on the other hand, you will be overjoyed to come to the church. Have you felt these feelings? You will reap what you have sowed. If you sow beans, you will reap beans, and if you sow red beans then you will reap red beans. (35-67)

5) Losing Members Who Pledged to Follow the Way Until Death

Until now, there have been many members who fell away from their life of faith. There were such a huge variety of people that one can even say that the ten thousand types of men in total have at some point in time gathered before me. There are many people whose memory cannot be erased from my mind. At times, when I reflect on the times between the days in Pyung Yang and now, I find that the type of people that I once dealt with in the past can be found here today, too. Countless types of people have passed by. Among the people who used to follow me and then fell away were many whose determinations were many tens of times stronger than yours.

So, when you tell me today, "I will follow you until I die," how much should I believe your words? [You should believe us one hundred percent] This is what is so painful. If I have trusted you one hundred percent, then when you turn away, I have to bear the cross one hundred percent. Because it means that I was able to introduce God only to that limited extent, so I, who has made the introduction, will be embarrassed. Isn't this also how it is in the world? Accordingly, I face a great dilemma of how much I should believe.

Among those who used to follow me in the past there were these types of people. There was a person who pledged that even to the top of the Baek-Doo Mountain he would attend me. He would attend until the stone ground became a field and planting potatoes there, he would serve me for even a thousand years never forgetting the resentment of heaven, and even if the whole world were to change he would remain unchanged. Do you understand what this means? There was a person who pledged that he would make a field out of the stone ground to plant potatoes there, and even if he has to live there for a thousand years bearing the resentful heart of heaven, he would live for the sake of the will of heaven and serve me. However, when the winds blew he did not even last two years, and abandoning me he ran away in an attempt to save his own skin.

All of you have heard about the story of Peter, right? He made the pledge, "Even if everyone abandons you, I will not leave you (Matthew's 26:33)," but before the cock crowed it was Peter who betrayed three times. (26-140)

6) American Members Who Have Shown the Example of Obedience

Now, if the Unification Church members of Korea eat barley rice, then Unification Church members of America will also want to eat barley rice. Even the place they sleep, they do not even care for beds. If they are told that the Korean members sleep on the wooden floor, then they will abandon their beds to sleep on the cement floor. What was interesting was that when I toured around all of the 48 states, I found that this is what the young people in America were doing. There is one member who graduated from a graduate school in California and speaks 11 languages fluently. I told him to be a driver. Next, even to the leaders of the church, I told them to provide service as drivers, and giving them many chores to do, I made them really suffer. Then, I told them to reserve a place for me at the first class hotel. I told them, "Get a place in a nice hotel. Since I have come to America for your sake, this is what you should do." So, they made reservations at first class hotels wherever I went.

Meanwhile, I told those who were following me, "As for you, sleep on the ground." I wanted to see how many days they would last . . . Similarly, I frequently make people go through difficult trials. Wherever I go, I always make them do this. Having done so, towards the end as much as possible I tell them, "You should also reserve a room at a good hotel." However, by that time, they would not do that even if I told them to do so. When I asked why they are like that, they replied that in the past when they woke up they had to look up to me, but if they were to sleep on the bed also, when they wake up they would have to look down on me. It's because they are taller. They said that they couldn't do it because they cannot look down on me. I thought to myself, "Now they understand . . ."

When I saw that I thought, "Ideology is such a powerful thing. I will not be resentful because I do not have any money. I will not complain that the world is difficult to live in."; when I think about how in this foreign land such people can emerge even without meeting me, I realized how much effort God has been putting in. (48-117)

7) I Think of Him Every Time Someone Mentions "Kim Il-Sung"

There is something that I still remember. There was one man in his forties who received the Blessing. One early morning he knocked on my doors. So when I opened the door he came in. When I asked him why he came, he said that there was something that he wanted to talk to me about. When I said what it was about, he replied that it was something very serious. I told him to say it, so he said, "I will come back with the head of Kim II-Sung, so please give me permission to go." (Laughter) When I asked him how he was going to accomplish it, he said that he did not know how he was going to do until the time comes, but at any rate, he wanted to be sent on that mission. This is what I feel good about.

What he is saying is that as for the question of how it has to be done, he must wait until it happens. The problem is setting out for the mission first, and the question of how to do it will be known only after one gets there. So, I told him, "Good." Even now, I sometimes think of him. When I think about North Korea and Kim Il,Sung these days, the vision of his face suddenly emerges before me. Recently, when I asked him, "Do you still want to go?" he answered, "Yes." This is very good. When the time that such a thing becomes feasible, I will be able to give a top secret directive, "Go and try to do it." He should wait and not pass away until that time. So, when someone mentions "Kim Il Sung," I think about that man.

If there was someone among the members of the Unification Church who can tell me, "Teacher, I want to wrestle with God or believe Him to the extent that God will say that I should not believe Him and run away, so please introduce me to God," then every time I think about God in my heart, that person's face will also emerge in my mind. I cannot but think of him. If there is someone who can believe so intensely that God will be shocked and run away, then when the name "God" is mentioned, that person will always be a problem.

You should reflect on the question, "What are the things that I cannot believe in? What is the first, second, and third . . ." Why do this? In order to take care of the satanic world it is not enough to just be equipped with things that the satanic world can believe in. What do you have to do in order to turn it upside down? Should you turn it from the bottom or from the top? What you can turn from the top has no value even if you can turn it upside down. (44-344)

8) Pioneering Times in Chung Pyung

Isn't it the case that even I, teacher Moon of the Unification Church, feel ashamed to face the members? Just recently this was the case. I spoke for thirteen hours on Sunday from morning till noon and evening time, and then I went to Chung Pyung. Despite that it was raining heavily, members were still digging the ground. Because they had to complete their responsibility by a certain deadline, they had to get on with the work. When I arrived there I was so tired, but because I could not rest, lying down on the blankets, I stretched my legs out, and leaning against a stack of blankets in the tent I took a deep rest. Then, I woke up to my own sound of snoring. When I looked out after waking up, I saw members were still digging the ground with hoes and pushing the carts around. When I saw that, I shed tears.

What would have happened if God came to visit here? What would I do if God, with whom I have been having ultimate communications throughout the course of my life, came for a visit? Because I have this type of mentality, even if they themselves are tired, when they see me, they wish that I would take some rest.

What kind of warrants is issued frequently? There are many people who try to leave during these times with the excuse that they have to go to some military training and so forth, but how many people are trying to come? Who will come when they have completed their obligations? If someone does not return, then he is not someone who is working with a sincere heart.

Yesterday, one young man who was born in Ye-Soo received a telegram from his father, the first in two or three years. So when I heard him say as he read the telegraph while working, "Satan has appeared." I wondered "If Satan appeared then what are you going to do and how are you going to get rid of him?" Then, since I could not send him empty handed on the first visit home, so I gave him two thousand won and told him to make the trip. I wanted to see, "So he said that Satan appeared, but let's see if he is going to disappear completely or not." However, he came back yesterday. So I thought, "Wow, this guy has set the right condition. He has lived up to the standard that I want and set the condition that we can be proud of before God when the construction of the building is complete. It was a good thing that he came back."

Everyone is trying to leave because it is difficult to be here, so the one who has come back again is the real member of the Unification Church. That kind of person, those who came back after paying a visit have the inner content to be much more prosperous than those who went and did not come back or those who have continued to toil by staying behind the whole time. Why is this so? This is because not every one went through the test yet. Because you have not been in the position of having received a direction, and you have not had the experience of carrying it out in action, and because you have not yet faced the dilemma of having to make a decision this or that way, so who can be trusted? We have to trust ones who have left and then returned. So I think that when I go back today, I should buy something for that person. Should I not buy something for him? If I buy something just for that person, other people should not complain, "Why does he buy just for him?" (46-53)

9) Members Who Loved the Church Very Much

Every member of the Unification Church has the experience of being very fond of the church at some time after he or she joined. They would experience the feelings, "I do not know why, but I have this enormous desire to go to the church. I can't resist this desire to go to the church." At times, there were many people who climbed over the walls of the church because the doors were shut. Their craving desire was to spend a night in the corner of the church. When someone chased them away, they lamented as they went out, and after the gate was shut they climbed over the gate to come in, determined to stay at the cost of their lives. If someone were to beat them to death because they thought that they were thieves, then no doubt, they would have headed straight toward heaven. We had such times in the past.

Moreover, when they ate meals in the church, they didn't know why, but they felt that the meals were very delicious. Though they are the same as any other ordinary meal and are not enchanted by some ghosts, they were exceptionally delicious. Even soggy and aged kimchi or kak-du-gi (kimchi made out of radish cut in cubes) tasted special. Why does the meal that one eats in the church taste so good? This is the same as how people say that the meals made by parents who have poured their heart into them taste delicious. Because in that place there is an overflowing feeling of yearning and the reciprocal existence can be substantialized, even bad things seem to be good. Moreover, because this becomes linked to oneself and it emerges with the respective value, things will appear to be good and even things that taste bad will become something delicious.

This is all a part of the function of the nerves. Isn't this true? We come to taste something that taste good through the function of our nerves. However, the nervous function of heaven is supernatural. Because it is in the position to combine the whole and govern it, there is nothing bad there. You have to be intoxicated by the grace. The whole world seems like a palace. Even if you are inside a sewer, you will feel as if you are inside a palace. Even when you see maggots playing around, they will appear to be some world class dancers dancing. This is how things will really appear to you.

Although this cannot be felt by the senses and emotions of men of today, but because man has the subjectivity of the supernatural senses and emotions, this is how one can feel. So, all that one sees will appear to be objects of delight. Accordingly, we can arrive at the conclusion that there is nothing bad in the spirit world. (36-118)

Don't you want to go to the church again and again when you don't even understand why you feel this way? [Yes] Even if your parents tell you not to go, as soon as you finish your meals you somehow want to go there. Even when you go to school, you cannot concentrate and you feel anxious. If you do not go to the church after your classes are over, it feels as if you have lost something. Have you felt such feelings? [Yes]

Who told you to come here, so that you flock to this place like uninvited guests and we feed you, serve you coke, and provide you a place to rest? Are you guests or owners? If the owners do not treat the guests well, then would the household be blessed or cursed? [Be cursed] Accordingly, I am serving you such fresh meals. I leave my doors open wide and treat you well. Next, what do I treat you with? I treat you with the word. I hope that after meeting me you can learn the best lessons while you are laughing, feeling delighted, and being cursed at. If you see something that you like even as you are being condemned, don't you feel closest to it? If you like it even when you are being cursed at then there is nothing that is better than that. When I consider various things, it is better for me to speak the word like this than to take a rest and eat a meal. Because you like it this much even when I do not feed you, I do not feel any grief. (26-193)

4. Names Of Which We Can Be Proud

1) Rev. Won Pil Kim

I restored three women (Seung-Do Chi, Sae-Yeon Ok, and Dal-Ok Chung) and one man (Won Pil Kim). Without this foundation, the dispensation of restoration could not be fulfilled. (19-273)

Ladies and gentlemen, all of you know the head of the financial department, right? When I first met the head of the financial department, Won Pil Kim was a nineteen years old young man with disheveled hair. After that, four years had passed, so he became 23, yet what was there that he could do? So I had him do all sorts of things such as being a waiter in a restaurant. I ate the meals that he used to bring me, and I had the experience of eating nu-rung-ji for lunch. But this does not mean that I did it to get something to eat. Similarly, I had all kinds of experiences. They were extreme, impressionable, and interesting. (26-68)

When I was living a life of a refugee in Pusan, when Won Pil was painting pictures, it was I who made the preparations, like making the frame and the lines. I made many comments that had big influences over them. As long as he just paints a nose on the face, I painted the clothes and the like. I did it without sleeping at night. Starting at twelve at night, in one night we would paint up to 40 pictures. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes]

In order to paint all that, you have to hold on to the string and draw a line. When he brought forty paintings, I drew the lines, so we painted according to the lines. I drew lines in all of them. How much was one painting? It was three dollars, three dollars per one painting. Going to the residence of the American soldiers . . . What present did they have to give to their wives when they returned home? Because they knew that the best present was giving the portrait of their wives, so we have taken advantage of that idea. Nowadays, it would probably cost thirty, forty, or about three hundred dollars apiece. What I mean is that if it was here in America.

Accordingly, what this meant was that every night one person had to paint at least twenty paintings on the average. So, do you think that this was possible? Therefore, I had no choice but to do it all by myself. I have done it without sleeping at night. So when Won Pil came back from the company late in the evening, I would go out half way to greet him there and come back together. This is the time that I was writing the first draft of the Divine Principle.

For this reason, when we were fleeing from the war, he abandoned his mother and family to come with me. Even when I told him to stay there, he followed me. You have to understand that because of this kind of strong bond of heart, many members in Korea are shedding tears as they think of me because I have not gone back for a long time. There are sons, grandsons, and old men, and all of them shed tears . . . Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes]

You bear this kind of responsibility. When I move around at night, if I have something to eat, then I try to save it to share it with others, and no matter what, I try to bring harmony and resolve conflicts, and if there is some difficult tasks then I try to pioneer it. This is why people like me. This is the reason that they follow me, even when they are receiving persecution, even when everyone in the village and surroundings are making fuss about it, and even when the national government is trying to chase us out. This was the atmosphere that we used to have in the past. When someone joined, then people will come to visit every day to see the new member, because they missed him. (96-143)

All of you here know Mr. Kim, right? You, Won Pil Kim? When we were taking refuge from the war and you were working, as you left for work I walked out with you, and when you came back I went out to meet you on the road, but I cannot do this for my own children. At that time we painted portraits of American soldiers, and we got three dollars per painting. We painted up to 35, 40 pictures a night. In order to do that, I had to make all the preparations. I did it staying up all night. I was more industrious; I worked harder than you. (Laughter) Except for the face, I did everything from the hair to the clothes. The money that we earned in this fashion, I used to finance witnessing activities, and this is the way that I have pioneered everything. (97-222)

2) Rev. Hyo-Won Eu

When I first met president Hyo-Won Eu I was very serious. I was being driven and chased out from Pusan to Taegu, and as the third stage I came to Seoul; having settled down there and meeting him, it was restoration. Going to the very end of Pusan, at Yeong-Do . . . Isn't Yeong-Do at the very end? Yeong-Do is like the manure. This is what I think. I was the only person in the universe who was serious. This is the reason that God worked. President Eu was a thickheaded person. Although he passed away . . . His spirit of chivalry was very strong, yet he only understood one side to things. This is were he sat and was melted completely. (47-316)

You saw it, right? In the past, I often cursed at President Eu in public. For him, that was the source of his pride. Even when I cursed at him, he took it very well. Some of you might say, "If teacher scolds me, the leader, so harshly then how can I properly play my role as the leader; it is embarrassing and degrading." However, how can you think about your own respectability when my own dignity and honor are not being respected properly. In this present situation, when all we have is worn out bundles, how can we concern ourselves with such things as dignity? There will soon come a time when I will care more about my dignity. (51-285)

In the past, whenever our president of the church at the headquarters appeared in public places, I used to scold and condemn him as if he was a dog or a pig. Shouting, "You." So, although he was closest to me, but when he wanted to come into my room, he stood outside the door and hesitated. Then, with the determination, "I will just endure the condemnation again," he came in. Only by doing so this . . . If I am lofty then this is also lofty, and this is what has to happen. (Speaks while writing on the blackboard) This should be there. It will become a realm where such things can be digested, the realm of digestion. There will open a way that will allow one to digest it.

For this reason fearsome teachers are the good teachers. Do you understand? One who can withstand all the curses and whatever harsh words, remaining obedient and digesting them all, can enter the same position. By being in the same place, he will become the direct disciple of that person. This is the fundamental principle. Isn't this so? Is this true? [Yes] (125-82)

The point concerning President Eu, that I used to think very seriously about, was whether or not he brought with him the content that was acceptable when he left. When he was following me, he went through a lot of suffering for my sake. Among them, he was deeply concerned about me when I was in the prison. Therefore, when I think about President Eu, I reflect on how he was this and that kind of man. When I was lying in the prison, I was pulled by the love that made me want to see him, and even a piece of note that I sent him, he was able to receive it as something as valuable as life. This was the extent of his internal connection and support. I remember that he was this kind of president. (33-83)

When you compare life and death, which is the stronger? Is life stronger than death or is death stronger than life? In the satanic world, death is more powerful than life. Accordingly, after one gains the understanding about the dispensation, one should not be reluctant to die in the position where he must face death.

When President Eu passed away, I asked him, "Ever since you met me, the teacher, you have been following me until now, but how are you going to end it?" When I asked that, before he passed away he left the words that he will never change for eternity. This is how it should be. In the satanic world, one day you must die. You cannot resurrect without dying first. Without passing through one era you cannot usher in the next. Do you understand? (34-47)

There must be someone who can obtain his salvation by making the proclamation that he has been as loyal as President Eu had been. (102-63)

In the Korean society of the near future, the Unification Church will become a big issue. You just wait and see. There will increasingly be more people who will do research about me. Then, along with my name, history will probably be written about me. Do you think there will be a biography of me or not? [There will be] Even if the history of Japan and America were to disappear from the scene in the future, the history about Rev. Moon of the Unification Church will remain. It will definitely live on. Here it is written about the teacher Moon. You did the right thing. (27-258)

The talk that I want to give today in particular is the importance of abiding by the tradition. In the Unification Church the accomplishments of President Eu are enormous. So, I have been very concerned about Jin-Seung. I have talked about it with Mother, I should be a leader who rewards one for his accomplishments. For this reason, at the time of (the blessing of) Ye-Jin and In-Jin, I thought about President Eu. President Eu must understand this very well.

What is the vice of Unification Church today? All you leaders must not forget about the contributions of President Eu toward our religious foundation. Rather than letting the memory fade away as time goes by, you should remember the day and . . . Until the day that I tell you to stop, you should set a date aside to hold a memorial service, on the national level, to pay respects to him and draw lessons from him.

He could not live to work in the era of the national level. Although he could not reach the era of world level, from the time that the church was found to the time that we could reach the nation -- 13 years in total -- during that time, it is without a doubt that he made the greatest contribution. Considering from this position, I recognize his contribution in leaving behind the traditional central ideology. Moreover, although he was crippled, I drove him to lecture more than 18 hours every day for three years and eight months. Why? Through him, I was trying to set the tradition of teaching the Divine Principle and have it manifested in life before heaven and earth. I did it so that even if all the lecturers throughout the world were to continue doing their mission every day for more than three years, even if they lecture for more than twelve hours, there would be no one who can complain that he is exhausted. In order to leave this tradition behind before heaven and earth, I pushed him to do it despite his handicapped body.

He had so little to eat and he was undernourished, so if he became exhausted while giving a lecture he would lie down . . At times, he would tell me that he could not lecture in the afternoon because he was sick. I remember how I had to then push him and raise him. I reprimanded him, "How can you behave like this? You have to put your life on the line to spread the Divine Principle. As long as you are alive, if there is no one to lecture to, you should then talk to the empty space in the air." Hearing it, although he was lying down gazing with his tired eyes, he would still say, "Teacher's words are right," and get up immediately. I still can see in my mind clearly how it was so difficult for him to get up because of the fixtures set on his crippled leg. I understand it very well. Accordingly, if I were to think about the time after death anyway, this is the perspective that I should take for my reflection. (130-322)

3) Rev. Young Whi Kim

The reason that I put Young Whi Kim in the central position at this time is because he is the representative of the three couples within the 36 blessed couples. He is the representative of the three sons. Among the three sons, Young Whi Kim is the third one. He is in the position to open the door to the era when the three eras will come. For this reason, he has to safeguard the key well until we go to heaven to build the kingdom of heaven there in the future.

However, he is 60 years old, isn't this so? Since he should not ruin things on account of his old age, he has to make the preparations for the transfer. What does this mean? He is supposed to conduct a new kind of education. Do you understand? He has to set a new tradition. It will not be acceptable to just continue on the way that he has been doing things so far. He has to stand in the frontline to promote justice. Having a keen sense of judgment toward things, he must put an end to the environment that pursues after the traces that Satan likes, and he has to make the environment of heaven wherein God can dwell in peace and joy wherever He goes. Do you understand what this means?

So, Young Whi Kim is like that right now. He has to possess the heart of love and love everything. He could not love God as much as I have, he could not love the nation as much as I have, and he could not love the church as much I have. Therefore, he has to inherit the tradition centering on me. (149-173)

The president here is the person who stands in my place. He will lead you until the end regardless of whether or not he fulfills his responsibility to the full extent. Until we complete this huge task of paying indemnity on the level of the people, I am going to have the president lead the way and fight on. He might have some shortcomings in his character, but even if he does, he himself will not be responsible for it; it is I who will bear the responsibility. Who put him in that position? I did. So, it is also I who will take the responsibility. If someone were to bear the burden of defeat, it is I who will, not he. (24-141)

What is Young Whi Kim supposed to do now? Because he has been named the president of the Unification Church and the Victory Over Communism origination, he has realized the meaning of his name. Young Whi Kim. He stands in the position of glory. It is the position where he can command heaven and earth, how wonderful would it be if Dae Hwa Chung (Mrs. Y. H. Kim) was not a fake Dae Hwa but a real Dae Hwa? That name brings harmony. So the president absolutely needs her, Dae Hua Chung! This is true. The rumor has it these days that he is only concerned about taking care of his wife, is this true? Young Whi Kim! The rumor has it that you have become a worshiper of your wife. You, I am asking you a question. [I have not gone that far.] (Laughter) Although you have not reached that stage yet but you are on your way . . . You have already passed the 70% line. Fine, fine. (148-252)

All of you have joined the Unification Church when you were young, and now you have passed middle-age, and have already grown old. Young Whi Kim, you are going to turn sixty soon, right? [I am already 61] You are already sixty one? It seems like just yesterday when you were walking around with the badge of a captain on you, yet time has passed by that quickly? If you are 61, then you have become an old man. You entered at the time of youth, and passing through the time of middle age, you have arrived at the time of old man. (172-89)