The Way Of The Spiritual Leader (Part 2)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 1: The Unification Church and Spiritual Phenomena [Part 1]

1. The Unification Church and The Spirit World

1) The Meaning of the Name, Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity

The official name of our church is "Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity." What is meant by "the Unification of World Christianity" is that its destiny is to unify the Christian churches throughout the world; next, there is "holy spirit" in the part, "the Holy Spirit Association," and this Holy Spirit refers not to the human world, but to the spirit world. It means that on the foundation of having unified world Christianity, works of the Holy Spirit will take place. Through the holy spiritual phenomena, we are trying to bring the world into one.

Therefore, if this divine spirit is left out, then what would it become? It will be the same as the Christian churches. If we leave out holy spirit from the term, the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of the World Christianity, then it will become the Association for the Unification of World Christianity, isn't this so? It will be reduced to nothing if the divine spirit was left out.

When we take this point of view, we can see that even in the history of humanity today, there is always a thought or spirit that influences the course of history. The thought exists inside one's mind, but it is not dominated by the mind. It tries to transcend the mind as well as the environment, to conquer the world. Isn't this true? When you say to yourself, "I am going to become a great person," that "great person" is not referring to the ideal of a great figure that you will realize by employing the service of your body in an environment where you can do whatever you please centering on yourself. Of course you are to act as your heart moves you, but that desire of the heart will lead you to transcend the family, environment, nation, world, and taking a step further, guide you to become someone who can even influence the spirit world, provided that such a thing exists. (168-241)

What is the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity? What are we going to bring about the unification with? [With the divine spirit] We are to bring the unification through the divine spirit, and we are to bring the unification through the divine spirit of the father and son relationship. What is this Holy Spirit? Why are we talking about these strange things? The divine spirit is something that can bring harmony between the spirit world centered on love and the human world. Do you understand?

Giving eyesight to the blind man is not an important part of the Holy Spirit's task. It does not concern itself so much with making the deaf hear again. Today, Christian churches like to talk about how there is nothing impossible for the omnipotent God and tell a cripple to stand on his own feet, but this is so insignificant. God does not need this. The divine spirit of love, you have to know that it is a Holy Spirit of love.

In the Bible it says that when you hold a religious service you should do so with spirit and truth, so what does it mean by "truth" here? This is not talking about some Pythagorean principles. It is not talking about some Newtonian laws. It is not that kind of truth. It is the truth of love. What is the highest aspect of that truth of love? It is that between father and children, and this is how you should understand it. What God needs is not money, power, or knowledge. He needs love.

Why does he need love? Because God needs objects in order to feel happy and fulfilled, he created men. Because he created men as the objects of joy, men have the same value as the entire creation. But with love, we have the potential to assume the equal position as God. This is what you have to understand. Christians of today assert that creation is less than the creator, but they should stop with their nonsense. So, why did God create all things? You have to understand this clearly.

What is the Holy Spirit Association? [Love] What kind of love? [Love in the parent child relationship] Centering on the love of the parent child relationship, harmony is to be achieved. As long as there is this harmony, when a small and insignificant event takes place on the earth, the ripples it creates will reverberate out and have universal consequences. Although it is weak, the ripples will be felt all over the universe. Similarly, the domain of harmony of love means that although its scale might be small, it has the content that will connect up with the universe; you have to understand this very clearly. (113-103)

The name of our church is the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity. As I have been doing all these works up to now, I have not been doing them with my breathing passages blocked up. Rather, I have been conducting the program of the spirit world for everything. I do not talk about how heaven is or how heavenly father is, and so forth. I do not talk about them carelessly. I only talk about them after I have digested them with the truth and can explain them in some systematic manner. Do you think that I simply listen to the words of some women or grandmothers, or some spiritual medium? No way. They are ignorant. They know how to testify to the present, but they do not know how things operate. (68-276)

It is clear that our organization is a religious organization. It is a religious organization. But what kind of religious organization is it? It is a religious organization whose goal is the unification. This is why we call it the Unification Church.

Then you have to know clearly what the center of that word, "Unification," is. What does the word center on? Of course you might think that it is centered on the world, but when you say the world, there are two different types of worlds. One is the spiritual world, and the other is the substantial world. This is how I see it. However, ordinarily when people say, world, they are talking about the world on earth, the world that they are living in right now. Therefore, it is easy to think that we are talking about the unification of this world. It is normal to think that way.

Now, when we look at this, what does the word, "Religion," center on? It is not centered on this world, and the spirit world is its background. This is definitely true when you examine the past history. This is true.

Then, in the name the HSA-UWC there is a term, "Unification," and the question is how to unify world Christianity. The Catholic Church and the Protestant church denominations are numerous, but they do not preoccupy themselves with this feat. You have to understand this. You have to understand that unification welcomes all churches of this world. But because the churches have been in conflict with each other up to now, they will not try to unite no matter what kind of things emerge. They will not try to become one.

Then what do you do to bring unity? Until now, countless church leaders, at times centering on the Roman Papacy, have attempted to initiate a movement for unification, but was it possible? The results have showed that it was impossible, and it still remains impossible. However, what is the path that can bring this unity? Do you think that it is enough merely for a strong religious leader to appear and order the unification? If there is no political foundation, then even if the leader is powerful and resolute, he is completely powerless. The conclusion is that it is impossible.

Then, what if there is some truth based on which the denominations cannot but come together? What do you think? They might support it halfway, but they will oppose again by saying that it might be the work of Satan, the devil. This is how difficult it is. Then, even if Jesus had not passed away, but survived to evangelize the world centering on the Roman Empire, when the young Jesus who had died in the past appeared in the world as a man and claimed that he is Jesus, who would believe him? People would not believe him. What I am saying is that even if Jesus himself was to resurrect into a new life, people would not believe him. How many percent of the people would believe in Jesus? How about you? How about Moonies? How about Moonies who tend to believe and trust too readily? Don't people say that you have been brainwashed? You have been brainwashed. How is it? How many of you will believe him? Do you think you will believe him? [No] (Laughter).

So, when we examine these things, we can see that Rev. Moon is truly great. You have to understand how great was this feat of gathering together these young people who had been leading chaotic life styles in the white society, and in an attempt to create one world, bring them together in this manner and have them intermingle with each other.

Did Rev. Moon accomplish this with the power and knowledge of this world, or through the spirit world? When we consider this, it is clear that despite the impact of the standard of this world, the employment of the standard of the spirit world brings greater power to influence.

Of course just the mere fact that you can independently gather here and proceed in your mission shows that the words of the Principle and my guidance have impact. Although this should be recognized, this is not all there is to the story. The reason that something invisible is influencing you to make the transition is because there lies behind us a spiritual force that is many tens of times stronger. This fact cannot be denied. Is this true or false? [It is true] It is truth that you can feel this to your bones. You have to understand that this cannot be denied even if you were to be employed as the evidence. No matter what anyone says, this cannot be denied. Is this so? [Yes]

Then what is the thing that Satan likes the most? What is the thing that Satan desires the most? This is the problem. Satan says:

It is all right to give the lectures on the Principle words of the Unification Church. It is all right for someone to be a great lecturer who can give the speech with the whole book memorized. I acknowledge it. There is nothing that I can do about that. There is nothing that I can do because it is truth that is already revealed and manifested. However, I will not allow spiritual phenomena.

Do you think that he will do that? [Yes]

Without spiritual phenomena, no matter how great the truth is it is difficult to maintain the same level of faith as before. It is difficult to march forward with one's life placed on the line for the rest of one's life. It is easy to develop a life of habits. Although one might remain faithful when one is young, one may lose one's faith when one grows old. Accordingly, as far as Satan is concerned, he figures that everything will be fine if people lose their faith after they grow old and as a result go to hell after they die.

This is the way Satan sees things, so what is God going to do? It is logical for a good divinity, who is opposed to the evil divinity, to deeply contemplate on the following question: in spiritual territory, how does he spread the spiritual truth that can increase the power for the rest of one's life, even if one dies of old age. (131-208)

What must be done in order to bring about the unification of the world? Where does liberation take place? The spiritual world and the physical world must be liberated. The liberation of the spiritual world and the liberation of the physical world . . . God does not need the liberation of the spiritual world. If there emerges one man who has the ability to unite all of the Satanic domain just like God, then the spirit world and the physical world which have been separated will be reunited. They will be liberated. As soon as there is someone who can have dominion over Satan, then the liberation of the spirit world as well as the liberation of the physical world will take place. (161-243)

2) Unification Will Take Place First in the Spirit World

Listening to all the words that I have been saying up to now, you might be thinking, "That is probably true," but you have to understand that the earth is following after me who has already learned this in the spirit world and has already flipped over the decisive page. Originally, if there had been no fall, the physical world would have stood before the spirit world, but because of the fall, the order has been switched around. (131-40)

For this reason, without making the spirit world united, it is impossible to bring unity on the earth. If unity is not attained in the spirit world, oneness will also not be found in the spirit world. They share a common fate. Look now. The phenomena wherein the Western people want to marry with the Asians, and the Asians want to marry with the Westerners are very good.

When the spirit world looks down, think about how happy your ancestors will be. Think about how great it would be for the people of the five races to . . . "Ha!" (Laughter) Think about it. In the spirit world, white people are clustered only among white people, and black people stay by themselves; the spirit world is all divided up. People with yellow skin stick to themselves. Races are always in conflict. Because these things are happening on the earth now, those in the spirit world will be softened up and become one, all of them. Unification will take place. Accordingly, it will become one world, one world. Just like the prayer, "Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven" because this is what is happening in the spirit world, similar things will happen on the earth. You have to understand this. So, have I accomplished great works? How about it? [You have accomplished great works.] (Applause) (90-188)

Without uniting the spirit world, the earth will not be united. At the very least, I who stand here have the ability to unite the spirit world. Not only do I have the ability, I have already accomplished it. Jesus, Confucius, Buddha, regardless of who one is, everyone must cooperate with me. For this reason, a person who is faithful and is open to the spirit world . . . Even yesterday, a Buddhist devotee came to bow before me three times. He said, "My parents ordered me to pray for teacher Moon twenty-four hours a day, so I had no other choice but to obey."

Buddha also has to cooperate with me. If there is someone who does not cooperate, then I will use the heavenly law to make public accusations. I am one with such capabilities. Do you understand?

Confucius, head of Islam, or whoever it is, they will all melt before me. You have to understand that even the communist world is all eroding in the spiritual realm right now. Do you understand what this means? (82-309)

3) Teacher is the Expert on Spirit World

Isn't Moon so-and-so the world's best expert on the spirit world in the world? Isn't this true? [Yes] In that regard, I am not the recipient of the Nobel prizes, but the head of the judges who choose the candidates for the prize. No matter how well someone communicates with the spirit world, he does not understand the content. People have to learn this from Rev. Moon. Isn't this so? Accordingly, all the spiritual mediums are my inferiors.

According to the science of spiritualism of today, it is believed that for every person on the earth three thousand three hundred and twenty spirits are mobilized, and sticking around each person, they try to help them. How many billions of people must be in the spirit world? If you multiply the number by four billion, then how many trillion is that? Such numerous spirits are the subordinates of this Moon so-and-so. Does this feel good or bad? [It feels good.] That is how it is. Do you understand? [Yes]

Therefore, the president of the Shin-Do sect of Buddhism comes to visit me every day, and bowing before me, he says, "Buddha has ordered me to serve you." They also have to go through me to be liberated.

How about Jesus? Even for Jesus to realize his dreams, I have to lay down the bridge. If I say these kinds of things, then the four limbs of Christians will stiffen up. They will stiffen up. I will receive the punishment of heaven if I lie. I know this very well. I am telling you the truth.

When this happens, spiritual phenomena and communication will take place all over the place. Even without receiving education about God, everyone will have to say that God exists, even as they are trying to deny His existence. This is what will happen. Do you understand what this means? If you continue to say, "God does not exist, God does not exist. God does not exist then your mouth will be sealed shut.

Such times are coming. Such times should be called an era of urgent emergency, or, what should it be called? Such a time will dawn upon us.

Two hundred years ago if you had told someone that a huge chunk of metal could carry five hundred people and fly in the air, who would have believed you? Would people have believed you or not? What kind of crazy person would try to make others believe it? They would say that the person is without a brain, without a mind. How about now? Do people believe it or not? [They believe it] One hundred years ago if you told someone, "This metal object can swim inside water freely just like a fish," then would anyone have believed you? Would people have believed it or not? [They wouldn't] Look. If you told someone about the satellites 30 years ago; "People can fly to the stars from earth in some ship that flies," then do you think people would have believed you? Do you think that they would have believed you or not? [They would not have believed it] They wouldn't have believed it.

So, do you think that people would believe what I am saying now or not? [They won't be able to believe it.] Just as people could not believe thirty years ago, who can confidently say that such things will not be possible thirty years later? Who can confidently say it? You professors here? It is nonsense. My antenna is higher than theirs and my eyes of observation are more keen . . . Because I have the qualities and ability to become world famous, I have become famous.

So, in short you should believe me. You should believe me and see what happens. If it is difficult to believe then let's believe it and see if it can be proven. Isn't this so? What would you lose by believing? This should be like this, but it is said that it is like that, and although you can walk around upside down, it is said that it cannot be done . . . (83-116)

In the past, there were many saints and sages, but I am the only one who is trying to engage a lonely battle in this world stage full of opposition. (Applause) For this reason, the spirit world cheers me on, "Do well, victory, victory, Rev. Moon." Look. Is Yankee Stadium bigger or is the spirit world bigger? [The spirit world] Have you ever thought about how many people there are in the spirit world? According to the spiritual mediums, they calculate that there are about three thousand three hundred and twenty spirits following around each person. Considering that they are all on our side, do you think we will be defeated by the world or win over it? Think about it.

Are spirits scared of nuclear bombs or cannons? [They are not scared] Similarly, you will never know defeat if you are not scared of bullets, nuclear bombs, and the nation. (Laughter) You will surely win the victory. You have to transcend it. You may oppose but I tell you to move forward, and jumping over you and following behind you, I am going to close the door behind you and play the role of the master. (Laughter) When all of you pass through the door, I am going to lock it. So, you have to understand that I am fighting with such a mentality.

When the spirits in the spirit world see that Rev. Moon is thinking this way, do you think that they would judge me as a small-minded person or feel very content? They will open their mouth and eyes wide and in great delight say, "Ha!" This is how the spirit world must be. When God looks at such things, He will say, "There is something exciting to watch. " Wouldn't He have to do that? So, God, spirit world, and the angels, and then those on the earth who are reflective and love the world will say, "Good job, Rev. Moon. Good job, good job!" In the near future, the nation will rush toward us and the world will be moved. (86-193)

4) Many Spirits Follow the Members of the Church

How many spirits are there in the spirit world? What do you think the number is approximately? Yes? [Some say that there are about seventy billion] Seventy billion? [Yes] That whole spirit world is on our side. They are on our side. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes] (167-37)

Therefore, the work that you are doing now is not your own accomplishment. Behind you there are countless spirits who are connected to you. Of course your ancestors are connected to you, but if there is a religion that you especially believe in, centering on that religion, they will focus completely on the direction that you are moving toward. Accordingly, if you believe and launch the attack, there will be a breakthrough. So, you should not think that you are alone. There are many tens of thousands, many millions of spirits who are mobilized.

So, forty million will not be a problem. Billions of spirits are trying to cut furrows to cultivate history. So, in order to dig the furrows . . . In order to till the hard land, then the plow has to be firm. Then, the ox has to be strong, and then the tiller has to press it down hard. No matter how strong the plow is, the person in the back has to press it down with a lot of force.

However, the ox and the plow are already prepared. The spirit world is pulling you just like oxen. You have to dig in the plow centering on our truth. Then, who is to press it down? Your leader is supposed to press it down. This is the only way that the land will be cut deeply. This will be influenced by the state of your faith. You have to understand this. (164-169)

God and spirit world understands my purpose. They are watching you. So how can you stop? How can you rest comfortably with your two legs stretched out? You have to keep in mind that God is watching over all the situations. Your mind understands it but your physical body does not comply with it. It is moving in the opposite direction. All of the environment will tempt you. You will be able to see such environment. Now, our time has come. You have to move forward. You have to progress on. You can conquer every place. God is always protecting you by your side. Even in such an environment, God is protecting us. You have to think about this. How much did God wait for such times? Such times have come to us. You have to march forward. You have to continue to move forward until the day of victory, until the final destination. Do you understand? [Yes] This is our mission. This is our responsibility, us humans. You have to bear such responsibility in all the domains of the individual, family, tribe, nation, and the world. On that foundation, God's love will be materialized. Moreover, the spirit world is ceaselessly helping you wherever you are. Do you understand clearly? [Yes] You have to be clear about this. This is your problem. (162-94)

The only people who can understand this are the true members of the Unification Church, those who believe sincerely. In the physical world one can live on as is, but in the spirit world, the bridge has to be laid down. There has to be someone who is helping you. Helping you on the individual level, on the family level, on the tribal level . . . You have to understand that because the Unification Church group can represent such love and represent it world wide, behind us there are many spirits who are following us.

Among your ancestors, according to the level of their goodness, the better ancestors stand in the front . . . If among the descendants of that ancestor if the one who joined the Unification Church just looks similar to him, how flabbergasted would he be, just by that fact alone? "Wow, he took after me!" The better the ancestor is, the happier he would be to find out that they look similar.

If at some point one gets linked up to the Unification Church, then the spirit world and the physical world will make a lot of fuss over it. On that side, they will support and follow the person around trying their best to provide assistance. While on the earth, people create an environment of opposition to prevent him; such phenomena will take place. (92-212)

You might think that the number of people in the Unification Church is small, and receiving opposition, they are lonely. But while you are not aware of it, we have placed fences all over the world and people are rushing in like a flood. When the big flood takes place, as long as there is a small hole or crack, through that crack the flood will break out. Similarly, this is what is going to happen to us. Although we have left open a small side road that leads to it, something similar to a flood is flowing over it.

Now, think about it. God has been concerned about the restoration of the earth until now, and all the good spirits who had once lived on the earth and all those who have sacrificed their lives for God desire the completion of the resurrection on the earth. So, when God begins his march, would He come down with all the spirits or not? [We will take them along.] In order to take them along, first, there has to be the fulfillment of the condition of the bond through which people of the world can love each other. Because the Unification Church today has already set the conditions, which will make it possible to love all the brothers of the world, they will come down at once. (90-198)

Ultimately, the purpose of the whole spirit world is making Rev. Moon succeed . . . The way that the field of spiritualism judges is that there are three thousand and three hundred spirits per person on the earth. In the future, will those spirits come down and cooperate? Billions of spirits are gathered in the spirit world, and regardless of one's ability and character, they are fully mobilized to make Teacher Moon, this one man, succeed. Do you understand what I mean?

Look. Bring my name to some spiritual medium that is in communication with the high spirit world and tell him to pray about me. As they pray, they will realize who I am, and then go down. They will call out, "Teacher!" Do you understand? [Yes] Those who are neurotic and whose nerves are numb will not be able to understand. I know this very clearly because I am an expert. (82-308)

5) My Spiritual Experiences

You have to begin making an earnest effort to educate yourself about the unity of the mind and body. You have to listen to the voice of your heart, the sound of your mind. The more you suffer, the closer you can hear that sound. In this way, you have to feel that you have become a resonant body. After that when you see your hand, you can see light radiating out of your hand. You will undergo such three-dimensional mysterious experiences. Do you understand? It will become like that for sure.

For this reason, you are not to complain. Jesus did not complain even as he was bearing the cross. It is the same thing. There are also the same ironclad rules that apply to your life today. The stronger such a mind is and the more assertive such actions are the more your mind and body will become one resonant body, a resonant body. When this process unfolds, what happens is that you will realize that at night you have slept embracing someone, but as you look closely, you will find that the person is none other than yourself. You will find your spirit self sleeping embracing you. You will come to realize that it is your spirit man. Do you understand what this means? [Yes]

This is how man is. You have to have such experiences. In order to experience this, you must go through a process of sacrifice. What had been most impressionable during my life in the prison is the difficult course of suffering I went through. I found that the more one has such experiences, the more one becomes sensitive toward resonance with your mind. Although I was doing physical labor that a normal person could not endure, and even though the body was doing the labor the mind was not. When you do such things, your spiritual experiences will take big steps forward.

When you experience them through this, your body will not know exhaustion. You have to experience this no matter what. Do you under stand? Without such experience, you cannot become a resonant body after you go to the spirit world. You have to make an effort to have this kind of experiences. Then, the times that you experience me spiritually and meet me in the half-awake half-asleep state will increase.

The more you do so, the more your spiritual vision will widen. Then, you will be able to know just while sitting down what I am doing. Moreover, although it is in your house, you will enter the realm where you can live with and attend your parents. You will see it, you will see that they really come and live with you. When that happens, then the door to the spirit world will open automatically. That is how it is. This is a practical problem, a practical problem. It is not some nonsense, but a substantial problem. Only when you do this, as you do your mission the whole spirit world will help you. Because they help you freely, all the things that you do will expand horizontally. (102-48)

Religion tells people to throw away and give up. Do you understand? [Yes] By denying in this manner, what is the one thing that is being sought after? By denying, you are not trying to destroy yourself, but are trying to resurrect yourself; this is the ideology, the ideology calling for resurrection. Do you understand what this means? [Yes] So, you have to have conviction about yourself, a conviction that surpasses the universe. I represent God and the universe from the position of goodness, and under any circumstance, I will remain unchanged . . . Do you understand what this means! [Yes]

Then, the phenomena that take place next are attacks from the spirit world. There will come spiritual attacks. There will be physical and spiritual tests. Do you know this? Have you ever gone through such spiritual or physical tests while you were in the Unification Church? [Yes] How does a man come to be recognized as one who has won victory as a man? Is he to win by fighting with a man? [No] It is woman who is supposed to carry on the test. You have to mercilessly defeat this test by a woman. No matter how beautiful a woman appears to tempt you, you have to remain unwavering. (95-88)

What "Experiencing the spirit world" means is that you are being connected up to the higher dimensional world. Moreover, when this takes place, you of today can have a relationship and conversations with saints and sages who have lived thousands of years ago and you can even confer with them. In other words, within this time frame of substantial life of today, you can have an experience and feel it with your senses. (4-225)

We are talking about the heart of God. When we consider the question of where the heart of God is, if you listen to the voice during your prayer, it will say, "You should listen closely to the words of the teacher. You should never make him sad. You have to make him happy"; this is the only thing that matters. This is what it will teach you. Moreover, when someone could not sleep because he missed me, the spirit world was opened up to him. This is the fastest way. The spirit world will be opened up. You will see what I am doing in America. This kind of things will occur. This shows that on the horizontal stage, you have created the realm in which you can experience with me, who has been the subject of faith, as the practical and substantial subject. You have to understand that this is a great revolution in the religious world. Accordingly, you must have such concrete experiences. (76-152)

Section 1: The Unification Church and Spiritual Phenomena [Part 2]

2. Spiritual Works and the Help of the Spirit World

1) Spirit World Is a World of Heart

There is so much to the facts in the spirit world that if they were to be recorded in books, many tens of thousands of books will still not be enough to contain them all. Because the spirit world that has been revealed and taught to men so far is only a small part of it, you cannot unravel the whole spirit world based on the books that have introduced it so far.

When we ask the question, whether or not the words recorded in the Bible contains the whole picture about the course of faith that men have to go through or whether or not it contains the contents needed to restore the whole value, I want to say that the answer to both is negative. There might be some people who curse at me for saying these words, but . . . So, as the condition of faith, it commanded people to believe in Jesus. God has been performing various works in order to have people believe that Jesus is the person with the highest value. (3-20)

Do you understand how complex the spirit world is? Nevertheless, Non San, the grandmother there, performs spiritual works. If I did not understand it all, this Unification Church probably would have already shattered into pieces. Countless spiritual mediums are sent so that all of this could be taken care of.

How do you, centering on the Principle perspective of the world, set the standard of criticism on the individual level, the family level, the tribe, people, nation, and the world level -- the standards that God uses? That standard will not change along with the changes that have been made in historical times. We have to seek after a standard that can uphold an absolute era and digest the absolute era. Where is such a standard? This is the place where the heart is. You have to proceed forward while feeling it in your heart. Do you think they think about God's heart and the sort even in their dreams? All these neurotic people and dogs of impure breed are making so much noise. The ship that sails without knowing its direction and destination will sink. (71-49)

What you have to understand is that in the spirit world, everything is connected with God as the center. However, such is not the case with the physical world. There is no center. Because it is not a center based on God but based on evil, everything is in contradiction.

However, in the spirit world, everything is unified. Even if everyone is not of the same rank and there are those who are in higher position, and although everyone is from different regions, they all know that all must follow after heaven. Spirits of a lower level must also follow centering on God; such has become the goal of life, which is like a concept of faith. This has become the eternal goal of life. This does not exist in the physical world. (161-220)

3. The Spirit World Is Amazing

Before us, the time for the invasion of the spirit world is nearing. In the physical world today, there are many strange phenomena which we cannot understand taking place. For this reason all of you must nurture your own spiritual power, and those who fail to do so will be pushed out. Those who are pushed out will naturally face judgment. (4-154)

The way things have been in the course of history up to now is that when two entities are engaged in a conflict, the one that is better has won. This is the basic principle. What will happen when the physical world enters the domain of one ideology? One that is more good than the earth will win. This is the time when the spirit world attacks the physical world. For this reason, many unknown diseases today break out in the nervous system and similar type of illnesses. This cannot be cured with medicine.

The time for spirit world to attack the earth has come for the sake of an ideology that can bring harmony to heaven and earth. Because it is the time when a man on the earth acts on behalf of the will of God, in order for oneness to be achieved, there will be a fight without fail. It is at the time of judgment when the one world that is born out of the two worlds previously in conflict with each other comes together centering on heaven. In such times when the spirit world launches attack on the earth, the one who comes with the mission as the commander in chief capable of representing the earth is the Lord of the Second Coming.

You who have departed on the course to build the third Israel! What do you have to do? You can find a way out only by understanding the law of the spirit world. You have to understand how to decode the orders. The only way for an army of a nation to prevent itself being attacked by its own side is understanding the secret codes that its side is using.

This is the time when the cipher of heaven can be understood. Now is the era of communication by secret codes. It is the time of communication by the codes of the dispensation of history and codes of man and mission. It is the time when through this kind of code, people can communicate with each other, execute plans and strategies, and replace ideology, for the unification of the earth. (3-353)

Until now the evil spirits of the spirit world have been attacking the earth, but from now on, good spirits will come to save mankind. In the past evil spirits attacked and dragged people to hell, but now good spirits will attack to pull people up to heaven; such movement will begin. The opposite world will unfold.

If there were no fall, then Adam and Eve would have been able to go anywhere in the spirit world. Wherever they went freely on the earth, there would not have been anyone who would oppose them. If they had normalized the foundation of one lineage centering on God's love, then children who are centered on God will be able to pass through anywhere in the world and spirit world. You have to understand this. What you have to understand is that because of the fall, the root has been altered. (161-248)

Until now, evil spirits and devils have been giving both the disease and the cure. When evil spirits are at work you can feel your body shivering in fear, but when it is the good spirits at work, you will feel good without apparent reasons. You will want to dance, like this and . . . When Satan is at work, then you will feel as if you are becoming stiff in a cold room. You have to feel this in the Unification Church as well in the satanic world.

When you come to the Unification Church, you feel joyful and free. Your heart is at peace and is free no matter what you do, but as soon as you go back home, you feel chills. This is true even if you are going back to your own house. If you stand on the side of Satan you feel chilly, and all the things that your parents say will sound very strange. Such things will take place. You will grow to dislike even your beloved husband or wife. Those of you who have been feeling these things raise you hand. Please put them down. Those who are not feeling this are all fakes. In America or in the world, no matter how thoroughly people examine what kind of mysterious powers Rev. Moon has, they cannot figure it out. They will never understand it before becoming a member of the Unification Church. (90-198)

If you just barely make it over the hill, it is not the case that the spirit world does not exist. In the future, there will come the era of super-sensitivity. The time will come when there is none who is not opened to the spirit world. The time when the people attack the earth will pass behind us and then the spirits will attack. Although Satan and devils are launching the attacks now, there will come a time when the good spirits will attack. I am doing all this in order to pave the way for that. When you look at the heart of parents toward their children, it is good because there is a parent who can live for the sake of the child with the loving heart, from the position of love.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have come this far up to now. This is the path that we have to walk no matter who denies it. Moreover, it is the path in which we have to walk the road of death. What are you going to do if you are going alone? If you encounter a desolate spirit world, then where are you going to go? Do you have a nationality? Where do people who do not have nationality go? Do you have a house, where do you go? It will become the most fearsome world. There both Satan and angels will come. If you stand on the side of Satan, angels will not come. (61-327)

Right now, countless spirits are descending upon the earth from the spirit world like patches of clouds. If we do not understand the spirit world, we will lose the opportunity to obtain their help. In our work, if we collaborate with spirit world and receive the help of those spirits, then we should be able to reach our goal faster.

We do not know what kind of crisis will fall upon us in our future. To be ready for it, we have to make all the preparations. The reason that the missionaries sent to different nations in the world have been able to build a firm foundation for missionary activities is that there was help from the spirit world. While we conduct the missionary activities, we have to draw plans to protect ourselves. The spirit men understand who I am and what I am doing. For this reason, when you possess my picture, spirit men will help you to overcome crises. Moreover, they will protect you.

You are a group of people who have set your foot on the fateful road of serving and following the True Parents. Accordingly, in respect to the fight with Satan, we are like the soldiers who stand at the frontline. Therefore, we are in great need for the protection and cooperation of the spirit world. We all want to cross over the mountains of barrier that lie before us. (130-291)

1) Good Men Will be Helped by Good Spirits, Evil Men Will be Helped by Evil Spirits

Today, you who live in the human world can observe spiritual phenomena centering on the human world. Regardless of time and place, religious people as well as all the other people live in the environment where they have become intertwined with the spirit world according to some karma of the spirit world; such is the undisputed historical fact. The fact that through the course of history or through our daily life such things do take place can be witnessed through dreams or other mysterious experiences, and this holds true even if we do not believe in a religion.

So when you look at the spirit world, it is divided between good and evil spirits, and receiving its influence, the earth is also divided into good and evil people. This is the logical conclusion. It matches with the theory. For this reason, what is the proper concept of an evil person? There are those who receive the help of good spirits and there are those who receive the help of evil spirits, and we draw the conclusion of good or evil person based on these two types of internal content. (131-167)

What has the spirit world been doing up to now? Leaving God out of the picture, what have our ancestors been doing so far? Those who are trying to add burden on the earth are the evil spirits, and those who are trying to take the burden away from the earth are what kind of spirits? [Good spirits] They are the good spirits. Why are they good spirits? Good spirits stand on the side of God, and the reason that they are good is because they have aligned themselves with God.

Then, what is the best good of all the good? You have to understand this clearly. You cannot have a haphazard attitude toward good and evil. When we consider the question of among all the good which one stands out as more good, the answer is that rather than one who wants to take the burden of an individual, the one who is trying to bear the burden of the whole family is the better person. One who takes responsibility for the family is better than the one who takes responsibility for an individual. Isn't this so? [Yes] Why is this so? It is because this is the way God is. This is the way that God works.

What is the purpose that God has been pursuing through the dispensation up to now? It is not for the sake of the happiness of one individual man, or to achieve some individual goal. He has been toiling in order to reach the goal that the whole world desires. The purpose of seeking after the individual is that, having found the individual, one can seek after the family, and the reason for pursuing after a family is for the sake of finding the tribe. In this way, the scope has to continually expand in order to reach the levels of people, nation, and the world. (62-191)

The reason that Christianity has become a world religion is that in each era whenever they encountered difficulties, they sacrificed, and for the fulfillment of the much desired heaven, the ideal kingdom of heaven, in the last days they sacrificed everything including their lives to fill up the internal content. When the individual content is about to overflow, they moved on to the era of family level.

Although we are not aware of it, God brings the resolution. If there were such people, then I do not know about that people, but who is the one that helped them go beyond the individual era and connect up with the family era? It is God who did that. By mobilizing the spirit world focused on the directions that He would give through the spirit world, "You should head this direction," God links up with the environment. Every such time, the saints or prophets who receive the revelations are not in line with the position and pace of their era and environment. The opposite phenomena took place. This is the reason that they could not be understood. (168-82)

What you have to reflect on is the fact that the spirit world is active twenty-four hours a day without any rest. You have to understand that it transcends time and space. Does the spirit man in spirit world need a time for rest? [No] You should think about it. How amazing is that. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? [It's a good thing] What is so good about it? Why? (107-13)

The history before the third seven-year course began and the history from now on, when the third seven-year course has begun is very different. Centering on this third seven-year course, the evil forces will diminish and the good forces will be on the rise. Therefore, you have to understand that this period of the third seven-year course is the time when the spirit world and the physical world are supposed to cross over.

Seen from the perspective of the spirit world, evil spirits, good spirits and spirits who are in between exist simultaneously. Just as men are supposed to pass through the three stages of formation, growth and completion, by being connected to the third seven-year course, and by the institution of the course, what will happen is that the way will open up for the good spirits to communicate with the earth. This has to come about. Because the formation and growth stage remain in the realm of Satan's dominion, and because they are within the domain of the evil forces, the evil spirits have played the primary role and evil people were able to control this entire world. However, from the institution of the third seven-year course, this situation will begin to turn upside down.

When the intersection takes place, the spirit world will descend and evil spirits are the first to come down. Isn't the time of intersection the time when the middle-level spirit world is surpassed and we have crossed over to the good spirit world? When we do go over, good spirits and people will be on the rise while evil spirits and people will decline. Until now, good and evil have gone up at times and have gone down at times, intersecting in a disorderly manner, but from now on, I believe that we will enter a new era when good and evil will be separated completely.

Therefore, what will become the problem from now on? When the good individual, and good family, tribe, people, and the form of a good nation centered on that individual can rise above the level of the nation just like how Satan has formed one nation, we will enter the era when goodness will completely prevail over the whole world. (75-193)

Suppose that there was a group that had the power that amounted to one hundred. In order to overcome it, one must combine forces to reach one hundred ten, one hundred twenty or two hundred. Thus, through the process called war, humanity unconsciously moves into the domain of development in clusters or in synthetic manner. When there is a fight, there will always be a division into the good side and the evil side. God controls the good side while Satan controls the evil side, but the good side always wins the victory. The good side has always won. In the end, this history of conflict is man's history of war after the fall, but humanity has not been aware of the fact that what took place in the background is the history of war between the good spirit and the evil spirits.

In this fight over the people, even spirits who have passed away combine their forces to fight on. Good people are helped by good spirits and evil people are helped by the evil spirits. In this way evil people go to the side of Satan, while the good people go to the side of God . . . Humanity does not know that the physical and the spiritual come together in this manner to further the history of conflict. (161-13)

2) To Receive the Help of the Spirit World

If the members of the Unification Church do not live selfishly but live for the sake of the whole, then all the good spirits will protect us. So, wherever you go your heart is at peace . . . They will all come to protect you. When you go to the spirit world, since the spirit world is the place where those who have lived for the sake of others go, people who have lived selfishly will have the hardest time. People who have entered the altruistic world can march forward by having a relationship with the whole world because they have lived with an altruistic heart, but those who have lived selfishly will have to turn back. They would have to turn back because they are driven out ceaselessly. Therefore, these people will gather in different groups of similar types to go down to hell, to hell.

So, right now, these kinds of good spirits have descended to help you. Your ancestors are all helping you. (164-308)

What is the most important aspect of our heavenly lifestyle oriented toward the dispensation? It is a lifestyle that can win sympathy from heaven. A lifestyle that can obtain sympathy.

For a district leader today, there is a standard that heaven measures you by. Suppose that God observed you with the standard in regards to ten things, but there were five, which did not meet the standard. Then, the condition of opposition will be at work to the degree of five and members will fall away as a result. Not only would they fall away, but also, your environment will strike you. If a district leader falls down due to his failure to complete his responsibility in this manner, then he will not have another chance to revive.

However, if you penetrate into that environment and before the standard of God you fulfill up to twelve or fifteen, then the ten that heaven claims will be yours and you will stand in the position of having completed the responsibility while the remaining five will be bestowed on earth. After it is given, because you were the one who made the contribution, it will always remain the foundation that you have a say in. What is implanted will become the foundation that can replace the role of life in step with the fortune of this era, so that it will become the basis on which heaven can work here.

As long as this foundation remains, because there is a condition for it to be used as the stage and the foundation for the spirit world to help defeat Satan, for the people who serve heaven, they will always be in the position to receive the sympathy of heaven. If they stand in the position where God can sympathize, then it is the fundamental principle of heaven and earth that they automatically win the sympathy of all the people whom are living for heaven. (153-281)

What you have to understand is that, when you make the determination and act for the sake of heaven in the state that your faith is at its peak, then the good spirits will come down from the spirit world to help you. However, if your heart of faith weakens, then those spirits that have been helping you will leave you one by one. When they depart, how sorrowful will they be, and after they return, when will they come back to earth and cooperate? If they leave you once, it is difficult for them to come back to you again. For this reason, you have to understand that you need to act in such a way as to increase the number of spirits around you first. This is the way that your work will make progress in leaps and bounds. The heavenly fortune will be bestowed onto you. The heavenly fate will . . . Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes] (161-273)

The spirit world, fully mobilized, will come again and help. You have to understand this. With one condition, you have to work harder than the spirit world. Adam has to put more effort in than the angel does. It is the same thing. When the spirit world helps, is it trying to be indebted to you, or are you trying to be indebted to it? In the spirit world, they want to be indebted to you. However, how can you, who are in the position to give benefits and become the master, be worse than the spirits who are trying to be indebted to you? How can you be masters like that? Do you understand what this means? So when the spirits of that area help, more than anyone who has lived in that region, you have to have the absolute conviction that you will not retreat even one step when it comes to the question of being loyal to God. (102-98)

Ladies and gentlemen, you cannot make it without the help of the spirit world. In order for the spirit world to help you, you have to be sincere. All of you have to be earnest and sincere. As the son of God, in the pure position of having transcended all the content of the fallen lineage, by taking after the heart of God, you have to seek the position of the son, whom God cannot but always think about. Can you come to know this? You will come to understand if you know the Principle. (75-180)

Speaking in terms of water, if that side is the higher side of water and I am the lower side, then I cannot flow down. Always they would want to come toward me. So, if I achieve the state of vacuum, then the high-pressure zone will naturally approach me. This is the Principle.

So, wherever I go I will connect to the place with the low-pressure zone. What will take place is that good spirits will rush toward it and good phenomena will occur. In other words, a new movement will unfold. This is the reason that every place I go there is always a problem. Even if I don't do anything, a fight will begin. A big fuss will be made, people arguing outside whether it is good or bad. How noisy is it nowadays? Recently, people have begun to testify that Rev. Moon is a good person. Isn't this true? (131-33)

As soon as we go past the eighties . . . I have amazing plans but I cannot tell you right now. Keeping this in mind, I hope that you can persevere, holding a great pride in having joined the Unification Church, and no matter what kind of stone walls you are to meet, with the firm determination to penetrate through them, go out and do your mission. Moreover, spirit world will provide ample assistance.

You have to have confidence that you will succeed in the work that you are involved in. You must set out after having received a guarantee from the spirit world. Having done so, you must continue on your activities. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes] In order to do this, you have to have a purer and better heart than anyone else does. While praying and adjusting yourself to the rhythm of heaven you must proceed forward. In this way, you have to have the training in your life, which will teach you to walk the course of indemnity with gratitude. I believe that you cannot make progress without doing these things. (88-261)

Then the question is why can't the spirit world help you? It is because you are not abiding by this Principle that they cannot help you. If they help you, the end result would be helping Satan. (97-176)

The spirit world cannot be moved that easily. You have to understand that without embodying the Principle, it will not move. (102-47)

If there is a village whose whole population can be won over to the Unification Church, then centering on that village, in order to manage the responsibility towards the borough, county and the state, you have to transcend your own village. You have to understand that if God had put in a lot of effort to prepare this foundation, then you cannot be successful with the county and the state without putting more effort than that.

When we look at it centering on the Unification Church, to what degree is God helping the Unification Church from behind the scene? At this time, how much is God helping the Unification Church? Centering on the degree of that help, we have to be prepared to toil to a greater extent. (30-19)

What kind of people does God help? They say that God helps those who help themselves. All you need to do is do well independently. This is the absolute condition. You can never stop or retreat voluntarily. This is the formula. Those who want to deny it try your way and see what happens. Try thousands or ten thousands of years and see if you can succeed. If it were possible in that way, I would have been the first one to take advantage of it. (172-164)

What do you want to be in charge of? Have you ever thought about what you want to do and how much you want to do it? You have to have the attitude that it is absolutely you who would do it -- that you yourself have to do it. You should never want to rely on others' support. You have to have the mentality that you will have an impact on others, and others will not influence you. This is the only way that God will help you. This is also true for heaven. Heaven helps those who can have impact, not those who are just influenced by others. (132-10)

You have learned it in the Principle. When you become the perfect plus, then perfect minus will emerge. When I was in the prison I did not open my mouth, but I still managed to do a lot of witnessing. Even under the situation where it would have been absolutely disastrous for me to be discovered before the swords and guns of the communists, the spirit world helped me. You have to understand that despite that God, who had been helping me, is more than ready to help you. But, because you have not become the center of that kind of conviction God cannot help you. (69-288)

You have to decide everything on your own. So, you have to have your own set of secret formulas. It seems that it is not enough to just follow such basic principles when you face severe opposition, but it will work. You have to push back whatever the opposition force, and make them experience and feel to their bones that your achievements are in accordance with the will of God. In order to do that, you have to be able to make judgments centering on the internal questions and God has to help you. In order to receive God's support, you must pray a lot and exert yourself to the utmost. (46-297)

It is because even if God were to help, it is only when He helps from the position better than Satan that his dignity, honor and authority would properly be demonstrated. He cannot help from the position below Satan. (49-243)

The original nature of man moves only in one direction. If man moves only according to his original nature, then God will help. Because where one manifests goodness moral laws will appear, everything will go well automatically. (14-15)

From now on, in your every act and word, you have to reflect the heart of God. You must be intent on bringing resolution to the cause of sorrow and resentment of the angelic world as well as take the historical revenge for your ancestors. In this way, we have to save this world where evil permeates everywhere. Since this is also the wish of the saints, we have to bear the responsibility of realizing that wish.

You who are in such a position must not allow God, spirit world, and countless saints to remain in the way they are now, isolated from each other. In hoping that their wishes come true, if there is no hierarchical relationship between them and you, then such a person can only be one individual. If the spirit world were to be mobilized to help such a person, then it will suffer a great damage. Even God cannot be responsible for that kind of person. Moreover, God cannot help that kind of person.

For this reason, if you wish for the support of the spirit world and God, and if in your position of serving the cause of God's dispensation you wish for His protection, then you must not forget that you have to become one in heart with God and good spirits. (14-8)

Section 1: The Unification Church and Spiritual Phenomena [Part 3]

2. Spiritual Works and the Help of the Spirit World

3) Mobilization of the Spirit World

As you establish, first, the subjective domain of unification on the earth, which will not fall behind the spirit world. The spirit world of the reciprocal domain of unification will become one and thereby you will be able to enter the realm of victory where you can fulfill the purpose that God anticipates. The earth is the subject. Because the earth is the subject, only when the domain of unification is established here will the spirit world be able to help, and conversely, if the earth does not establish that domain of subjectivity, spirit world will not do so. What is that? Adam and Eve were the subjects. The angelic world was the object. (131-167)

You have to believe in God. You have to rely only on God. In our organization, the subject-object relationship must exist. Because the Principle standard is that those organizations that do not have subject-object relationships will not be able to survive, we have to be the subject and mobilize the angels of the spirit world. This is what we are doing right now. Because it is said that when it is resolved on earth, things will also be brought to pass in heaven, the earth is the problem. (65-152)

The spirit world is the Cain type and the earth is the Abel type. Up to now, the spirit world, which is in the Cain position, has been dominating mankind. Spiritual mediums have been governing over men. They commanded the men on earth to benefit themselves.

The relationship of superior and inferior according to the law of God . . . First we will enter the era when we will institute the law that determines the order centering on the person who is closer to the side of God. The people on earth stood in the position of second son, Abel. With the time of transition dawning near us, when, just like Jacob, we can seize the birthright of the oldest son and by receiving the blessing, win the victory. The spirit world will no longer govern over the earth, but we will enter the time when the people on earth can have dominion over the spirit world.

If this is used, in the opposite manner, then the spirit world will make accusation. That is how it will be. From this perspective, it is clear that the time will pass when countless spiritual mediums on the earth apply all of their spiritual experiences in their lifestyle and earn money by telling people's fortunes or foretell their future to better their own lives. We will enter the time when if they were to do that they themselves will be harmed.

Eventually, it will become the time when things have to be done centered on the people on the earth. The time will come when all must live for the sake of the children of God. When we look at the spiritual world itself, it corresponds to the angelic world before the creation of Adam and Eve. Eventually, this archangel has come to govern over humanity. This is the fallen world. This has to be turned right side up.

Angels were created before Adam. Coming into existence first and by having dominion over the realm of Adam . . . Because until now Adam has been in a worthless position, in other words, because there is no foundation for Adam to come into existence and only the sovereignty of angels existed, all people on earth today have been dwelling in the world of Satan's sovereignty. They have been under the yoke of the spirit world. Do you understand what this means? (83-15)

What is the most urgent thing! It is the issue concerning numbers. The number is the problem. Then, in order to secure a large number, what has to be done? The problem is your abilities. First you have to be capable. You have to have capabilities and then you have to have accomplishments. The way to bring resolution to this is by increasing our abilities and accomplishments. You have been doing witnessing up to now, but the way that you have been employing so far is not acceptable. The fact that you have not been able to make much progress with your method so far shows that such ways do not work.

Then what kind of method has to be used? You have to mobilize the spirit world. The issue at hand is how to move the spirit world to reach the anticipated goals. The reason is that Adam, Eve and the archangel caused the fall, so in respect to you during the time of restoration today, if you are in the position of Adam then the archangelic spirit world has to help you. You have to become one so that the spirit world can help you. Otherwise, you will not see any progress. Without the two becoming one you cannot enter heaven.

Because during the fall Adam and the archangel became one as they fell down, according to the Principle of Restoration, in order to enter heaven you who are in the position of Adam and Eve have to cooperate and become one, and only then you can enter it. The Principle perspective is that although the angel caused the fall, you cannot enter (heaven) unless you are in the position of being led by a guiding organization that can be supported by the angels in restoration. Do you understand? [Yes] (72-35)

The only key to victory in Korea is the mobilization of the spirit world. Do you understand? Do you think this is true? [Yes] All the odds are against Korea, so what is the way that it can win? Suppose that for every thousand people mobilized, ten thousand spirit men are mobilized in the spirit world; then would we win or lose? [We won't lose] Japanese people can only mobilize the Japanese spirits, yet if Korea can mobilize the spirits of the world, then it will win. This is the only way. Do you understand?

Then, what do you have to do to mobilize the spirit world? Since I have told you that as long as we mobilize the spirit world we can win, does it mean that we can mobilize the spirit world just by sitting idle and ordering, "Spirit world, mobilize yourself'? How wonderful would it be if at that time in spirit world they say, "Yes, I have been waiting for you. I will do as you ask."

The only way to mobilize the spirit world is to stand in the most serious position. You have to be clear on this. In order to mobilize the spirit world on the world level, you have to possess the spirit of the patriot on the world level and shed blood and sweat for God. Only in such position can the spirit world be mobilized. This is a hard truth that I have experienced. You might not have experienced it, but this is how it is.

You have to be ready to invest your life and face death, and setting out in pursuit of the ways of the patriot and saint, you have to love the nation and the world. In the position where you have completely forgotten yourself, you have to put on a hard struggle with the attitude that it is all right for you yourself alone to perish but you will not allow the world to decline because of you. Only when you stand in such a position will the spirit world help you. Do you understand? I found that the question of how much you stand in front of other nations in regards to this matter is the essential factor that determine victory or defeat. Do you think that is true or not? [It is] It is certainly true.

When we look at the spirit world, who is the person that the spirit world likes? Looking at the question on the world level, of course it will probably like the Japanese people, as well as Koreans and Americans. Although the spirit world likes all peoples including the English and German, there is someone whom the spirit world likes the most. Perhaps that person is the Teacher Moon of the Unification Church. Do you think that they like me in the spirit world? [Yes] The spirit world will support whatever I am trying to do. Is this true? [Yes] For this reason, as long as you become a group of people that please me, the spirit world will be attracted to you and help you.

Then what is the problem? Just like the direction I have given, the question of which nation is spearheading is ultimately the conclusive point for mobilizing the spirit world. Do you understand? [Yes] Even when the task forces engage themselves in a fight, there will be teams who fight only after having completed the things they want to do and there will also be teams who put all of that aside to fight intently.

So, are you going to be the ones who are fighting with zeal and determination or be the ones who are fighting on casually? [Fighting with zeal] You have to be on the teams who fight on with zeal and determination. Those who say, "It's time for breakfast in the morning, so we should not fight," are not being intent enough. Moreover, ones that say that they cannot fight because it is time for lunch are also not being zealous enough. One who is zealous does not have any time to eat or rest. Unless one fights with all of one's heart and soul, one cannot mobilize the spirit world.

We arrive at the conclusion that because the earth does not have a subject around whom the spirit world can coordinate its activity. It cannot provide help permanently. You have to be so preoccupied by it that regardless of night or day, every part of yourself is consumed by it to the extent that even if you are alone, you unconsciously mumble about it. When you proceed with a deep concern about the dispensation and have the mindset that in this way you are going to carry on an exemplary campaign for the purpose of taking the nation back, the spirit world will without fail be mobilized to help you. Do you understand? [Yes] (58-98)

You have to understand that decades ago I have fought while shedding tears for the sake of this Korean peninsula. In my youth, the time as beautiful as a blossoming flower . . . That was during the Japanese occupation era. You should never forget that while our enemies were trampling upon this nation I have established the tradition of appealing to God with showers of tears, and God has established a tradition. You know the will of God now and your age is just about the same as mine during my youthful years.

So in order for you to receive copious help from God, then you have to surpass the degree to which I used to pray for the sake of this peninsula in the past, and inheriting that spirit you have to offer similarly urgent and earnest prayers centering on your area. If you do that, then I am confident that the peninsula will be turned upside down without any difficulty. If your strength is inadequate, then God will help you live on. (153-279)

4) Help of Ancestors

You should always think, "I am the son of God." Because "I" am such a subject, then all the objects that I deal with will have equal status and value as the son of God, the subject. Therefore, even a patch of grass that I relate to will be blessed. So, even toward the town that you are going to visit, you should have the attitude, "Oh, today to this village, a man for who it longs for will come . . ." You have to continually have the attitude, "Those whom I deal with, and those to whom I speak sincerely and freely with will be blessed . . ."

If you can become such a person, then when the village persecutes you, spirit men in the spirit world will help you and become one with you as comrades. Even if a town opposes you, they in the spirit world will try to help you. However, when they help you in the spirit world, they are doing it for that purpose which they have in their mind. (66-259)

Although the good ancestors among your ancestors have provided service for the works of God centering on Christianity at one time or another, if you serve the causes of the Unification Church horizontally now, then the ancestors of those of you who believe will all be resurrected. Why is this so?

All ancestors are the children of Adam. Although God's dispensation had been centered on Judaism and was connected through Christianity, now, because it has unfolded horizontally on earth, just like the people who have believed in Christianity for thousands of years, those who believe the Unification Church will have laid the foundation for the good ancestors to be linked to and work on the earth. (90-320)

The spirit world will also help. This is the time when their ancestors have no choice but to be mobilized. Because the spirit world has to be supportive about things that I have prayed about, their ancestors will help them. For this reason, when they go back after receiving education, they will want to come back to the workshop site again. Up to now, many people have come and gone. Even today there were people who came for a visit. (134-42)

Just like believers of major religions in all cultural spheres come down to the earth and support their fellow believers to help the progress of the world, the tribes of you who are in Korea now are supposed to stand in the commanding position similar to the clan heads in order to inherit the same benefit for the works done by your good ancestors and saints of the four major religions while they were on the earth. In other words, you face the era when they can stand in the position of archangels through the returning resurrection to assist Adam.

Now is the time when your ancestors will help. In the past, evil ancestors used their descendants for their own benefit. However, from now on it is the time when good ancestors can come down and work. For this reason, you really have to bear the cross. There must emerge people who are willing to bear the cross of the tribal level, and pay indemnity on behalf of the people, bear the cross for the nation and the world, and pay indemnity for the nation and the world. Because the hope of the nation and the people lies in the era of the world-level ideology, spirit men have not been able to stand in high positions but remain at the very bottom. However, if, in this time of the domain of worldwide merit, you bear the cross and fight, then because of you, all of them can be resurrected immediately. Then, from the horizontal position, you will have laid the foundation to save generations of your ancestors. This is the only way that your kin will be liberated. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes]

You have to bear the cross. You have to take responsibility for the indemnity on the individual level, family level, tribe, people, world, and heaven and earth level. Representing this nation and land, you have to march forward as brave soldiers of liberation. You have to bear the cross, and being hit by arrows you have to overcome all difficulties. If you stand in a difficult position and endure the beating for the public causes, then you will later be rewarded to the same degree. You have to offer the prayer, "Even if I am not to be rewarded, please forgive all the wrongdoing of our ancestors. Our ancestors hesitated and wavered, and while going this way they at times walked the opposite direction and did all sorts of bad things, so please forgive them for having done so. Even though they hesitated, please open a way for them to qualify for returning resurrection as the ancestors of direct lineage who can play an important role in the dispensation of God." This is your responsibility. You have to bear the cross of sacrifice for this.

First, you have to liberate your ancestors. You have to understand this. Then, you have to liberate your kinsmen. Have you assigned yourselves in your hometown in order to do this now? Being dispatched to the hometown is taking place for the first time in the six thousand biblical years. In the history of restoration wherein Cain is supposed to be given salvation, there are no theoretical grounds of the salvation of hometown. You are supposed to return to it and save it after loving Cain first. Isn't this so? Because I have returned after having paid indemnity for the Cain on the world level, you are bestowed with the blessing. (172-254)

When you become the person who can work on behalf of God after having inherited His will and ordered the ancestors in spirit world, "Please adjust your orientation with the direction that I am pointing at," what is the direction that all of those spirits want? When you say, "We are to march toward the destination of the ideal world of love," would the spirit world say, "No?" What they will say is "Amen." (173-112)

5) Liberation of Ancestors

In this historical era, there will come a time for the intersection. Even in your lifetime, there is a time for intersection. This also holds true for such questions as marriage. There are more eras of bad intersection than the eras of good intersection. If the ancestors of both sides are bad then there certain misfortunes will take place such as sudden death or accidents that you have never even dreamed of or imagined. This is true both for individuals and nations.

For this reason, there is not one nation whose path is smooth. It might first unfold this way and then move that way. It will move going up and down like this. When you draw the sine curve, then there will surely be an intersection. This is the way that the progress has been made. This was the case during the Old Testament era, as well as the New Testament era and now.

Therefore, the reaction of the ancestors will be reflected on the earth and it will cause the knot to be tied and then undone. Through this process our fortunes and misfortunes will be decided. Our Unification Church has now entered the historical era of intersection.

The person that I want to introduce to you is Grandmother Non San. You have to understand that this grandmother has suffered tremendously. Why did I raise her up? Now is the time when the physical world and the spiritual world are to come together and intersect. We are entering such a time. The spirit world has to come down to the earth to perform the liberation ceremony and the physical world has to rise up to the world in heaven to secure its foundation. We have entered such a time of intersection.

Neither Christians nor regular followers of a religion understand the concept, Liberation of the Ancestors. When you observe the ceremony, it may seem like some shamanistic ritual, and it does not feel comfortable. Superstitious aspects can be found in it. However, originally, religion cannot stand without some kind of superstition. Jesus? That is also a superstition. In a large sense, it is a superstition. It is a superstition with a great significance, to which elaboration can be provided and a clear perspective of purpose can be added. Jesus had performed many superstitious acts. Walking on the water, and so forth. How can you believe all that? They are incomprehensible. (75-249)

What kind of time is it right now? When you took at the whole world, then you can see the unfolding of phenomena in which people are becoming paranoid. Why is this so? This is because the spirit world and the physical world are being intersected. When they are being intersected, the good people are not the ones who come first. Who is the one who gets to know the news faster? It is not the good people who learn of it first, but is the enemies who find out first. It is the enemies who try to find out the news about the good side first. Similarly, when the spirit world descends upon the physical world, it is not the good spirits who come first, but the evil spirits who arrive on the earth first. Because the spirit world will come down, this is the way that it is done.

When we look at our situation from that perspective, we can see that we need leaders who can cause intersection to take place. In this position, it is Grandmother Non San who is liberating the ancestors. In liberating the ancestors, good ancestors, and not the evil ancestors, are the ones that are being liberated. Moreover, because Korea has a worldwide mission, only when such movement begins in Korea can it be expanded out to the world. This has to be performed by everyone. (75-251)

The thing about resolving the wishes of the ancestors and so forth, when you observe them all is like some noisy shamanistic ritual. I know that very well. I understand very well that aspect. The spirit world has to go through such a process. Only after it is crossed over several times . . . For this reason, the ancestor who appeared first . . . In the first hour Satan enters and in the second hour good ancestors come in. One hour is taken up by the evil spirits and another hour by the good spirits. You have to separate these. You have to ward off evil spirits with evil spirits. (75-255)

From 1975, the spirit and physical world must truly become one. So, shouldn't spirit world and physical world both be forgiven? While the spirit world is forgiven and liberated, we have to simultaneously forgive the Christian ministers who have committed mistakes. For that reason, aren't we doing this now to forgive the ministers at this opportunity? The spirit world and physical world both have to be forgiven. As a result, those who are forgiven feel that they are indebted to us, so they will support us. You have to understand that such a path is opening up. (75-260)

Section 1: The Unification Church and Spiritual Phenomena [Part 4]

4. True Parents and the Spirit World

1) True Father Received the Imperial Seal from Heaven

In order to inherit the history of restoration, one has to go to the spirit world and set the standard of having reaped all the victories. In other words, one must unite the spirit world. The savior who comes on that foundation comes as the fruit of the spiritual victory and the beginning of the physical victory. (23-255)

You of today must be able to step forward, ready to become the victors who can judge the world centering on the dispensation by mobilizing countless spirits in heaven. Otherwise, you cannot secure your status as the prince of heaven. I, Teacher Moon of the Unification Church, am someone who has lived his life with that kind of determination. From now on, it will no longer be a problem for me to go through testing and evaluation of heart on the individual level. Moreover, there is no problem on the family, tribe, people, national, and world level. At one time, numerous spirits of the spirit world have staged protests for forty days against me. This is a truth that sounds like some lie, but you should listen carefully. Even Jesus and the twelve disciples did not recognize me. They were saying that Teacher Moon of the Unification Church was ruining the spirit world. While it was they who were the ruination, they who were they accusing . . . So there was a fight that took place to determine whether I am true of false. There was a fight for forty days.

At that time, God did not provide arbitration. His attitude seemed to be that he wanted to see who would prove to be true. So I fought for forty days to bring it to a conclusion. In that fight, I was surely not the loser. When God looked on closely, He found that neither the spirit world nor I was going to yield an inch. So He was forced to arbitrate, because otherwise, the fight would have continued for thousands, or tens of thousands of years.

Now I control the spirit world. Because I have set the condition of having unified the spirit world, I am making plans for the unification of the earthly world. You probably wouldn't understand this just by listening to what I said. When people of the world who are boastful of their own appearance look at me, I might appear to be an insignificant and ignorant person. However, there are also people who can recognize my true value.

In order to become the princes of God, you have to have the unwavering determination to mercilessly cut off all the vestiges of the chaotic world that you find in your heart and spit on them. Without such a mindset, you cannot become the prince of heaven. The reason is that this world is the world of evil that departed by striking God. For this reason, you cannot just abandon this world of disarray. (19-154)

At one time, the whole spirit world was mobilized to write up a letter saying, "Moon so-and-so is the traitor of heaven." What they meant was that from nowhere, some foul and impure man was born. It meant that in a field of stone pears, a true pear was born. So, the whole spirit world rose up in protest. (25-326)

So, in this way, I have met spiritually all of the so-called leaders of denominations in the spirit world, and engaging them in a conflict of the principle, I brought all of them to their knees. Do you understand what this means? [Yes] I know all the secrets of Jesus . . . "When you came to the earth, didn't you fail to accomplish this and this mission?" "How do you know this?" he asked. "How do I know? You were not supposed to die, but because of this and that you passed away." "Yes, it is true." This is the type of struggle that I had with them. If a Christian minister came here, he would probably be stunned that I would say such things. Let his eyes roll back in shock and pop out. They will know immediately after they die who is telling the lie and who is telling the truth. Concerning these things, Moon so-and-so is who? [Champion] I am the champion, and what about it? [It is a source of pride] What kind of pride? [It is the pride of our Unification Church.] Pride of the Unification Church.

When considering the question of exactly what the Unification Church is what does the character "tong" of "Tongil" (Unification) mean? [It is the character, tong, which means to lead.] When you say that it is the character that means to lead, does it mean that one receives guidance or gives guidance? [It means to give guidance.] What is supposed to be done after the guidance is given? Are they then made into two or one? [They are to be made into one.]

The answer is so obvious! For this reason, when you go to the spit, it world, you will find that Moon so-and-so is the leader. Do you understand? [Yes] There I have many subordinates, but among them the heads of religions will come to pay their respects and greet me as the morning dawns. What is that? [Source of pride] Source of what pride? [Pride of our Unification Church.]

Some of you might be hearing this for the first time. So, I am the person who has received the imperial seal from heaven. Appearing on the earth with the imperial directives, what am I to do next? I am to fight centering on the races of five colors as well as tribe and people. Here, we have all the races, white people, red-skinned people, yellow people, and black people . . . I am to fight with all of them, including businessman, thief, and so forth. (100-25)

2) True Father, Who Has Been Unifying Spirit World and Physical World

Now, the fate spirit world is being decided by me. Because I have set the condition of having unified the spirit world, I am now making plans for the unification of the earth. (19-155)

Since it has become one with me, the satanic world, the Cain domain, is no longer needed. In other words, centering on the original standard, and centering on Adam, the angelic world has turned around and set the standard of cooperation. Do you understand? Having done something like that, I have to organize something similar on this earth. (165-110)

There are two large walls on the world level; one is the spiritual area and the other is the physical area. You have to drill a hole and climb over (the wall) in the physical area. I have to drill a hole and climb over in the spirit world, whilst holding up the motto, "for the sake of the fatherland let's climb over the hill of internal and external Danbury, dismantling every wall, and in the fatherland given by God . . . (133-327)

In the past, if people prayed centering on the founder of each religion then they were connected vertically. If they fasted, prayed or exerted themselves, then they would rise up. When they went up, the spirit world came down to meet them, centering on the heads of religions. However, because it was within the fallen domain, the fallen domain had to be penetrated. Through prayer, this fallen domain and the realm of heart . . . We in the realm of dominion by the Principle are in the satanic domain. We in the direct dominion are in the spirit world. Moreover, we are the same as if we had fallen down to the realm of no principle. For this reason, we have to climb up while penetrating it and receiving persecution. If you put that much effort and heart into it, help will appear and teach you so that you can deal with the situation. In this way, the spirit world increasingly descends. The spirit world will continue to come down. With its emergence, the Unification Church has made a great contribution in connecting the spirit world and the physical world.

The reason that this realm has come into being is because of the mistake of the individual, the path of indemnity left for the individual to walk, and for the family to walk . . . When we are talking about the family, we are talking about countless families. There are also countless tribes, peoples, and nations. The road that each of them have to walk is different. For this reason, if they were to pass away in their present state, then in the spirit world, walls will erect between them. There will appear a wall between Japanese and Korean people, and between every group there will be walls. This is not how the spirit world was supposed to be originally. If a person has become one centering on the love of God, then such boundaries will disappear, without exception.

For this reason, Satan governs over the realm of dominion. Accordingly, they were taught to pray and fast ceaselessly. Jesus did the same thing. I have also done it. There was a time when I prayed for seventeen straight hours. I cannot pray like that these days. All the contents that I need to pray about have been fulfilled. I have prayed until calluses formed on my knees. When I prayed, normally it lasted for twelve hours. You have to carry on this kind of tradition. Otherwise, there is no way find the path to bring resolution to all the problems in the spirit world.

Doing this you have to raise all those who have been divided. Even if you try to pull them up here, they won't come up all at once. Special groups will continue to expand out to the world centering on me.

In contrast to how they come up here, they will follow along and come down. They will come down. They will come down to dismantle the walls on the earth and the spirit world, and carry on a movement of alliance. (169-9)

How can the unified world come about? The unified world cannot be realized without the appearance of a person who can liberate the spirit world and the physical world. Can you make the spirit world and the physical world one? Can you liberate the spirit world and the physical world? This is the problem. If there had been no fall, the spirit world and the physical world would have already become one and united. It would have been one world. There would have been no need for such things as liberation and the like. Because of the fall, however, the spirit world and the physical world have been divided. All these realms must be liberated. They have to be unified. (161-249)

3) True Parents and the Spirit World

When you look at the prayer of Jesus, you must not think that just because he prayed, "Let your will be realized on the earth as it has been in heaven," that in heaven all has been fulfilled. What Jesus means when he says that all is completed in heaven is that in a systematic form, they have set themselves upon the direction toward the one center toward which all can comply. However, this has not been accomplished on the earth. It should have been accomplished centering on Jesus and the one representative, but such is not the case. You have to understand.

Then who has been doing the central work in the spirit world so far? Jesus was the center -- Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The systematic foundation, whose purpose was to bring unity centering on God and centering on Jesus and the Holy Spirit, has been shaping the system of the Christian culture that bases itself on Christianity, in the name of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Because this is the way the spirit world is, the physical world has also taken up this form, and as the spirit world and the physical world become synchronized with each other, they have to become one. It is the same thing.

In this way, when would the spirit world and the physical world become united as one? They will become one at the time of the Second Advent. Then the Lord of the Second Advent, who is to come, will inherit all of the common customs and systematic contents of the spirit world. Once he comes to the earth, he will drive the world to move up into the environment where it can become one with that system. He will push the world upwards.

However, behind me, all the organizational forms of the spirit world have already been inherited internally. The spirit world is on my side.

However, because the substantial world is on the side of Satan and I do not have a substantial foundation, I could not utilize the foundation in the spirit world. Therefore, in order to get out of the domain of Satan's accusations, I have been advancing for forty years to reach the realm of victory on the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, and the world levels. (161-220)

Now as the world takes on the unified organizational structure of the spirit world centering on the Unification Church, the satanic world will begin to crumble completely. When the time comes for the peoples of the world to praise Rev. Moon of the Unification Church, then the unified foundation of the spirit world will be transferred to the earth and become systematized. When this takes place, the kingdom of heaven on earth will be established.

Then what is Rev. Moon really trying to do? I am trying to institute the unified structure on the earth in the same way that it is in the spirit world according to the wishes of God. You have to know that when this can be fulfilled, at the time I say that the end is near, the realization of the Will of God is very near.

Is the spirit world perfect? The spirit world is still imperfect. Why is it imperfect? Originally, the spirit world is supposed to be arranged in a hierarchical system. That is, centering on God, True Parents and True Children the whole world is supposed to be linked up, but this has not been brought to pass. This is also true for the earth. If only this content can, in spirit world, be . . . The spirit world is automatic. As long as the earth is set straight, then things will happen in the spirit world automatically.

In other words, the spirit world is a hierarchical organization based on the ideology of Adam who has not fallen -- the ideology of Adam centering on God. At the same time it is centered on the True Parents. This has not been brought about. Until now, in that center dwell the club of Buddha based on Buddhism, the Confucian club, and the Muslim club. So, the spirit world is waiting for the ideology of True Parents and the ideology of Adam to appear. This is also true for the groups that belong to Mohammed, Confucius, and Buddha. Because it has to move toward the direction of unification, when the history of True Parents rise up in pursuit of a worldwide standard on the earth, all the boundaries between religions will disappear. Following the movement of the spirit world engaged in a unification movement, the results will automatically reveal themselves on the earth.

For this reason, as the teachings of the Unification Church become the ideology of the world, the event that will take place is that all the spirit men will not remain in the spirit world. Because the purpose is to reach perfection on the earth and return in the opposite direction, all of these spirit beings have to go through the process of returning resurrection. All of these spirit beings will descend in returning resurrection. The hope of the trillions of spirit beings in the spirit world is that the members of the Unification Church would take on the role of the spearhead and command, "Move! Move! Move! Move!" When the spirit world synchronizes itself to this, then the world will come under the dominion of God. The one world unified before the name of the True Parents will last forever.

The center of the hierarchy of the spirit world is first God, second True Parents, third True Children, and fourth true nation. Here the True Children are the children of True Parents in their direct lineage. Here, centering on a nation a people must be formed, but this is where all will split apart.

Who is the person that should live in the palace of the heavenly kingdom first? Who is the one who should sit on the throne of the palace and rule? Originally, God was supposed to enter inside the ideal Adam and Eve, and becoming one, God and True Parents were to enter the position where they can rule over their sovereignty. If the fall did not take place then this is what would have happened, but because of the fall, True Parents have to emerge again to bring this to pass. ( 161 -222)

The spirit world is structured according to this kind of principle, how long would it take for something similar to appear on the earth? Centering on God, secondly, True Parents have to emerge, and thirdly True Children have to emerge, and fourth, a true nation based on true people has to appear. How much have the spirits in the spirit world been longing for thousands of years for you to appear on the earth and fulfill the original will of God.

What is the thing that governs this? (Speaks while writing on the blackboard) First, centering on Satan, second, centering on fallen parents, evil parents, third, evil children, and fourth, an evil nation; this is how it is. Both the spirit world and the ideal world of the future, all these are going to be denied. (Speaks while writing on the blackboard)

Because we talk about True Parents in the Unification Church, your fathers and mothers put up an opposition, protesting, "How about us?" (161-224)

The big task for today is how to standardize the spirit world. In standardizing the spirit world, first centering on God and centering on the main world religions, a movement of alliance must be conducted. This movement of alliance centering on religions is very difficult to push forward. This movement of union cannot be led by just any person. Entering the era of True Parents, this . . . Because this state of separation began from fallen parents, the ones who will bring them together will also have to be parents.

The messiah is someone who comes in place of the parents. In this way they have to become connected centering on that parent, and based on the parents themselves, the highest religion has to be connected. Christianity is this religion. Accordingly, had Christianity become completely one with the Lord of the Second Advent, that is, the savior who was to come, then . . . Because the Lord of the Second Advent is the parent to countless descendants, both good and evil people, he must love them all. (164-164)

The task that True Parents must be accomplished on the earth. Even if it were to be done only conditionally, all the things that have been blocked off in the spirit world have to be indemnified on the earth, from the rock bottom. They have to go through the process of paying indemnity for all of history. Conditionally based on the eight stages, they have to pay indemnity centering on the conditional nucleus through which this can be linked up to the eight stages on the world level. I have been carrying this out for forty years. (164-166)

God has been leading the history of salvation, establishing the cultural spheres of religions, and teaching ignorant men . . . How difficult is it to develop a relationship with the earthly world from the spirit world? How difficult do you think it is? God has been pulling up ignorant people with such situations in the background. From the era of servant of servant, to the era of servant, then of adopted son, illegitimate son, direct heir, the era of True Parents, and then passing through the era of parents, the restoration has to be carried on until it reaches the position of God.

These eight difficult stages of a suffering path have been walked through. Although today Rev. Moon of the Unification Church appeared to bring conclusion to the pioneering of this orderly course in one generation, our ancestors and mankind did not know this fact. No matter how many electric signals we have sent out, there is no response. There is some low mumbling sound, but I hear no words. This is because they did not adjust to the right frequency, because they do not know the right frequency. (162 -184)

I do not talk about things in the spirit world even though I am very well aware of them. It seems that I do not know about them. However, in regards to the questions that I have to deal with, I am merciless. Because I have some qualities with which can decide upon a direction mercilessly, we have been able to prevail over the confused spiritual course and the course of this confused era. No matter how harsh the tribulations we face, it is not I who gets pushed back by the difficulties, the opposite is true. (71-50)

In the spirit world, I have been made the leader now. There is nothing that can block my way. From God to anywhere in that other world . . . Why? It is because I am trying to follow the path of love with the door of original love opened wide. (168-290)

4) The Spiritual and Physical Guidance of True Parents

If I mention angels, you cannot believe them, right? Angels do not know who the angels are. For this reason, who is supposed to take on this spiritual completion of the growth stage responsibility? Originally, it was Jesus who was supposed to do it. Do you understand? Because Jesus came as the second Adam, he was supposed to reach perfection centering on the spiritual and physical completion of the growth stage. Yet because he perfected only the spiritual standard, he is at the central archangel level of the growth stage. Do you understand what this means? The central archangel level of the growth stage. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes] Is it clear? [Yes] Because he is in such a position, Jesus has to help. This is how it is.

However, when we consider the question of whether or not Jesus can help you, although it is possible for Jesus to help Christians, it is difficult for him to help the members of the Unification Church directly. That's how it is. Do you understand? Why? Originally, the members of the Unification Church are people who have to climb over the completion stage. With what? They have to cross over with both the spiritual and the physical. Jesus, who has the spiritual foundation and does the central archangel mission cannot help those who have to rise up to the completion stage both spiritually and physically. For this reason, you have to understand the Second Coming is necessary. Do you understand what this means? [Yes]

Then when we ask the question, who is helping the members of the Unification Church, my spirit being guides the Unification Church, and even in physical aspects my physical self provides the guidance. This is how it is. Do you understand? [Yes] By helping on the two sides, and by helping with the things that Jesus has been doing in the angelic world, I also provide the archangel support to help you cross over to the world of perfection. In actuality, in this present domain of dominion through the principle, I am also leading the way to the world of the completion stage. (72-36)

The Unification Church began when it was sent by the spirit world. You of the Unification Church must understand this. The beginning of the Unification Church did not start with my own assertion. I kept my silence, but because the spirit world provided guidance, all began to come together. This is the history of the Unification Church.

The path that I am taking today was not based on my own individual insistence. I am paving the way to bring a solution to the spirit world's realm of reciprocity. For this reason, the concept of God's heart came into existence. The heart of God. The issue at hand concerns the heart of God. When someone denies this, they will surely result in evil. You have to understand this. (71-49)

Are you having spiritual experiences? You have to develop a direct relationship with me. You have to nurture a direct relationship with me and with God in your environment. You must carry this out. Do you follow with the expectations for some gain? You are coming in order to develop a relationship with God and receive the love of God. It is not that I am a good speaker, but when you listen to me you strangely becomes excited and your heart . . . Is this true or not? It is like this for the purpose of seeking the realm of God's heart. The realm of God's heart. This heart is the heart of love. Our destination is the heart of God. (91-69)

The difference between you of the Unification Church and Christians is that although you live on the earth, you can go up and come down freely, and therefore you can experience spiritual phenomena horizontally in this world. Do you understand? Isn't this where you are different from Christianity? Is this true or not? [It is true] It is I who teach you everything, right? [Yes] Those who are taught by me raise your hand. If this is not true for everyone, then you must be lying. Do you see me in your dream? [Yes] Those who do raise you hand. Let's see how many there are. It is one hundred percent!

As this unfolds on the horizontal earth, the foundation of heart that surpasses the level of the people will be established, centering on the realm of love. For this reason, respective amounts of vertical, not horizontal, love of God on the level that transcends the people will be bestowed. Therefore, the spirit men of the spirit world help out. The time of the Second Advent will come. Do you understand? [Yes]

So, in the near future, a good era will dawn upon us. All this will unfold as individuals are in conflict against individuals, family set against family, tribe against tribe. As it all takes place, when it becomes one on a straight line on a plane, then in the future the spirit world will no longer be the dream, but it will enter the realm of practical life. Therefore, the time will come when, if there are ten households in a village, seven of them will make prophecies. In the near future, the super-mysterious world will open before us. (101-79)

Now, do the people who are related to you, such as your mother, father, and I, appear in your dreams or prayers spiritually and guide you on everything? In the Unification Church, they will appear in dreams, prayers, and visions to teach you. Some of you experienced this only a few days after joining the church. Furthermore, you have to realize its value that it is the result of decades of history of sacrifice, and on the foundation of being linked to the altar of martyrdom of countless spirits. You have to understand that it has the heartistic value that cannot be bought even for billions upon billions of dollars. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes] (91-177)

All of you have to see me in your dreams or prayer. You have to see mother and father and receive directions from them. When you pray about a difficult problem, they will guide you, and that is how it should be. It does not occur just occasionally, but for the rest of your life, they will live with you and lead you.

If they are that kind of mother and father, then even if they are aged parents, would you like to be with them or say, "Oh, mother and father, I do not like it?" [We want to be with them] When you can be awakened centering on that kind of love, "I am the child of such parents," then you have obtained the qualification to claim the universe. In the religious world, this kind of religion is first and last. There will not be another one. (90-199)

When you join the Unification Church, what changes take place? Where it differs from Christian churches and regular religions is that when you have spiritual experiences after joining the Unification Church, True Mother and I will always appear to you. You will see that. You will feel that this phenomenon has become fixed as the inseparable central thought of your life. For this reason, in whose body, in whose image can God appear before the people on the earth? You have to understand that God can appear before the children all over the world in the image of True Mother and I.

Today, the place that the Unification Church differs from others is that although I am here, I am spiritually guiding members all over the world. Is that true or false? [It is true] Who is the one doing this? It is God himself that is doing this. You have to understand the amazing fact that God himself has descended to do that work. This is how it is. So, when you go out witnessing somewhere and feel hopeless, I appear before you and show you the way first . . . It is the same for you. If I teach you morning and night, then there can be no mistake about it. It will surely come to pass. (90-197)

5) Settling Down the Spirit World

People thought that when I went to Danbury, the Unification Church would fade away. However, we have to liquidate all the historical ignorance until now centering on Danbury. So, that was the time of crossing over 1945. At that time . . . Why did I have to go to Danbury. It is because Nixon and Carter made mistakes. America failed to fulfill its responsibilities. They have created such circumstances while I stood here in front of their eyes. So in 1983 again . . . If we had been able to push through the dispensation centering on Nixon in 1973, then there would not have been any problem, but because that had failed, new problems surfaced on the national level. So, we have to go Korea to make the connection again. Otherwise, there is no way to return. No matter how much I try to go back, without paying indemnity for it again, I cannot go. I will create a condition for accusation.

So, focusing on December of 1983, we are to go to Korea to mobilize all the people. I have undertaken a movement to tie together all the people. Doing so, I swept around the whole nation. Completely . . . In this way I have engaged Satan in a vigorous fight. So, the whole Korean nation became very excited about the campaign of Rev. Moon. I planned to dominate Satan in this manner. Because it was the time that my family was receiving attacks on behalf of the whole world and since Satan could not attack me, he attacked Heung Jin. The accident took place at the same time as the last convention in Kwang-ju. If the nation corresponds to father, then the church is analogous to the son. Under these circumstances, since Christianity still put up the opposition, in order to indemnify the situation, Heung Jin had to go as the sacrifice.

Because of the opposition of Christianity on the earth, there remained no way for Christianity in the spirit world centering on Jesus to help on the earth. The Christian spirits of the spirit world could not come down on the earth centering on Jesus and help when Christianity on the earthly plane was putting up opposition. Thus, there had to be a condition of sacrifice made in order to connect the spirit world with the earth.

As you know, until now there was not yet an instance when a spirit man or a family member of the True Parents went to the spirit world and made a direct relationship. And the dying wish of the spirits is to make a connection of heart with True Parents on the earth. However, since that cannot be done, when I send my son from the earth, through the relationship with my son who went to the spirit world . . . In other words, going through Heung Jin they can come down to the earth to help Christianity and digest it. By doing so, the Christian spirit world centering on Jesus can descend on the earth in returning resurrection, and create the environment for the whole spirit world to come down in returning resurrection. (161-80)

The spirit world lies within the domain of government through and by True Parents. For this reason, at the same time that the True Parents are in position to govern over the earth, our son is allowed to inherit the right to govern and he is sent to the spirit world. The purpose of sending him is in order to bring him back. This is the purpose.

When he returns, because he came through the parents, he can settle down. He does not have to go back. He can settle down and do his mission. Do you understand what this means? Therefore, the satanic world will melt down. If a good spirit comes down temporarily and goes back after the job is done, then Satan can continue his old ways; but he will come to settle down for good. He is going to settle down.

Here, due to the love of Satan, the realm of death came into being. The realm of death means that there is no path for going back and forth. (Speaks while pointing to his writings on the blackboard) By setting Heung Jin at the place where the realm of death sprang into existence, the realm of death was being demolished. Not centering on the love of death but centering on true love, the realm of death has been overcome.

In the middle of that we have to drive in a stake that is centered on the love of True Parents. So I have driven in the stake centering on the parents. He can come here any time on the foundation of this stake. He can travel any time. There is nothing that can block the way. We won victory over the realm of death.