The Way Of The Spiritual Leader (Part 2)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2: The Significance of Today and the Major Church Holidays [Part 1]

1. The Division and Significance of the Age

1) The Division of the Historical Periods and its Explanation

The number of today's date, July seventh, is 7.7; it corresponds to the second seven-year course.

As you have learned in the principle, there has to be the number 21. For the creation, it is 21 years.

Passing through the two thousand years since Adam and another two thousand years since Abraham, (God) tried to lay the perfect foundation through Jesus.

The two thousand years after that is a history of prolongation. The significance of the two thousand years after that is that in that period the history has to be fixed right again.

When the year two thousand comes, there will be great changes in Korea.

Centering on this two thousand years, I have been paying indemnity during the sixty, forty, and twenty-year history.

The year 1960 is the year when the two-thousand-year period was brought to a conclusion and the forty-year period began. It is:

sixty years from 1920 to 1980
forty years from 1940 to 1980
twenty years from 1960 to 1980
sixty years from 1940 to 2000

When we look at history, it is the time to pay indemnity again. In that twenty years, there are three two-thousand-year periods; all together six thousand years must be indemnified.

The first seven-year course is indemnity for Abraham. The second seven-year course is indemnity for Jesus. The third seven-year course signifies the indemnity for perfection.

When we took at the Unification Church, it can be divided into three stages. The period before Abraham is the period before the dispensation. Similarly even in our Unification Church such a period of preparation also existed. Next, there was the period of total indemnity. Just as in the period of completion of the dispensation, Jesus comes and works, the same thing took place in the Unification Church.

They are analogous to the Old Testament, New Testament, and the Completed Testament. Moreover, these also correspond to the first, second and third course. As you know, the second period is the period of indemnity of Christianity. This is the historical course of indemnity.

Judaism did not recognize Christianity as a religion. Therefore, Christianity developed revolving around the peripheral people, and Christians were treated as strangers. The history of Israel expanded the domain of God while being rejected. At that time, Israelites were at the top. However, in reality it was not the Israelites who were at the top but it was the will of God pertaining to them that was at the top. You have to understand such traditional ideology.

The Israelites became negligent about the will of God while they fell in love with themselves, and Christianity neglected the will of God while it was trying to promote Christian culture.

From now on, even in our Unification Church, we should be concerned primarily, not with the new culture, but with God who gives rise to the cultures.

Even though cultural and national foundations undergo change, God remains unchanging. Because Christianity forgot about the will of God, it is withering away.

The movement carried out by the Unification Church goes through the Old Testament -- the formation stage, the New Testament -- the growth stage, and the completion stage which is equivalent to the Completed Testament. This contains the six-thousand-year history. This has to be shortened into sixty years.

When you examine it, centering on me, there is a twenty-year difference between the sixty years until the year two thousand with 1940 as the starting point and the period between 1920 and 1980. The sixty-year period between 1920 and 1980 is a period of indemnity.

The final third stage completes the indemnity for all history. This is the first, second, and third seven-year courses.

In the period between 1980 to 2000, we are entering the era of restoration of the Garden of Even, when everything is indemnified fully. In other words, the will of God will be fulfilled. We have to set out with one nation. When that time comes, even communism will adore us. The democratic world will also enter a phase of disintegration, and we will be the only ones that remain.

We have to indemnify everything on the world level until the year 1980. You have to understand the reason why in the twenty years between 1960 and 1980 there have been such rapid changes. Who caused this? It was because of us. We have to pave the way from below the ground to the sky -- this signifies that the path must be laid from hell to heaven. Such a thing did not take place in history before.

You have to resurrect it in this twenty-year period. For this reason, we have to conduct a campaign of liberation for the spirit world and liberate the present of the earthly world. We have to liberate both the past and the present. After liberating them, we have to initiate a new worldwide movement. In the twenty-year period from 1980 to 2000, we are to form a worldwide cultural sphere. We have to make this world into a new world in the eighty year period between 1920 and 2000.

Like the eighty years of Moses, in this eighty years, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth must be built. We have crossed over the number seven to enter the world of number eight. (1974.7.7. Belvedere Training Center. 69-2)

2) The Value of the Time When I am on the Earth

You are not to look for happiness in other places. It cannot be found in the future. In regards to happiness, the time when one can receive parents and together with the brothers find the nation and the world is the highest point of happiness. It is the pinnacle of happiness. No matter how successful one is, if one has lost parents, relatives, and the tribe, then that cannot be considered happiness. Being together with the parents, children, and spouse that one loves, and being with the tribe, people, and heaven is the source of happiness and fulfillment for the individual. This is the only time that can be considered the pinnacle of happiness. After I pass away, such time will never return. (1971.11.26)

My life can be considered the most precious thing. You will never have another opportunity like this. Despite how excited you were about the will of God when you first met me, if you take up the attitude only a few years after that, "I do not care about the dispensation. I just want to be successful myself," then this is very much as if a fiancée turns around and tries to marry someone else. After you die, your corpse will make accusations against you, saying, "What has this lump of meat become?" Young people have to do more! Since the youths that represent the thirty million people are becoming decadent, you have to do more! The heart that you have felt through the will of God . . . Isn't this true? When a student joins the Unification church, more than his own house he wants to come to the church first . . . All of you must have gone through such experiences. The reason for that is that, at the time when the spring season can come finally after six thousand years, you will be pulled into the domain of the fortune of many thousands of years. This is not the fortune of several years, but of thousands of years. It is like that because this is the time when you can be part of the fortune of the many thousand years. Such heart is extremely precious. When you violate this time, you will be violating history. It will be the same as violating heavenly laws. (1971.11.26)

Only after several thousand years, can such things take place based on fortune. Such things must be safeguarded tightly. Think about the time that I teach you. Can such things happen to your ancestors? It is a miracle that in this time and age we have been brought together in this narrow sphere of our lives. The people who, centering on your tribes, can make great miracles and usher in blessings of miracles are the people who joined the Unification Church at this time. This opportunity never existed in the past nor will it in the future. Although everything else might perish, this will remain forever. (1971.11.26)

No matter how many people there are in your family, tribe, or people, the time when you can, on the individual level, accomplish this cannot be found in any other time in history. If the teachings of the Unification Church are true, then this is the only time. (1971.11.26)

For this reason, while I live on the earth, you have the great tasks, lying ahead of you, of creating international political institutions or national institutions, or a national tradition and all things for the future. If you cannot complete this, then the Korean people will have to suffer tremendously. The fact that you have been working side by side up until now in order to build the basis for this and accomplish it is something that history can be proud of. (1971.11.26)

There is nothing else significant besides the fact that you have had joyful moments of serving the True Parents. This is the truth. Think about it. When the spirit world finds out that this indeed is the truth, then think about what gaze of hope and happiness the spirits of the spirit world will hold toward you. This is the position where all the best and highest will consummate in. It is the core through which all the best can be resurrected. (1971.11.26)

The dispensation and I will not always be around. (1971.11.26)

When you reflect on these kinds of questions, you have to realize how fearful and precious this present time is. (1971.11.26)

The position that you stand on is the only such position in the whole world. (1971.11.26)

In this sense, in truth we should be dancing in the Unification Church. (1971.11.26)

This remarkable time when we can pursue the materialization of the hope of the future, this place from which unlimited amounts of hope spring forth, this place, which the eternal God can guarantee, this time is the most important time. (1971.11.26)

When we reflect on the fact that the time that we are living in, right now, is the only such time, it is the duty of the members of the Unification Church to feel that the passage of every year is regretful and sorrowful, make a firm determination live the life of putting your life on the line.

If you lose this opportunity, then another chance will not be given to your relatives and kinsmen. (1971.11.9)

You have to understand that the position that we are situated in at present and this time that we are passing through now, is a great beginning point of history. (1974.9.8)

If we lose this opportunity, then even if we put in several thousand times the effort and strength, we cannot accomplish it. If we lost the opportune moment, all will be lost. If this time passes by, then even if ten or one hundred nations do the job of one nation, still the job won't be done. You have to understand that if you cannot do it, then your descendants have to pay for it many times over. You have to understand how difficult it is to meet this opportunity. (1978.4.2.)

We cannot lose that time, that opportune moment. So we are in a serious situation. When we can time it right, at this moment, then the love of God will come to us.

You have to understand how difficult it is to usher in this time and moment. In order to press the button, countless nations have been sacrificed and numerous religions have been sacrificed. An incredible price has been paid. However, until now, the button could not be pressed. You have to understand that arriving at this era of the Unification Church today, through your fragile, albeit devout, hands things are unfolding in this era. Therefore, how serious are all the spirits in the spirit world and God? (1978.4.2)

In the past, saints and sages walked the road of death with strong faith while not even being sure of how many thousands, tens of thousands of years later such events would take place. Yet for us this task lying before our eyes can be fulfilled, so if we cannot do it . . . (1976.1.1)

3) The Significance of Today

Leaders have to understand what kind of time it is right now. Then, they have to know the mission that we have to do at this time. When you carry out your responsibility, you are not to go about it in a random way. You have to have a clear and deep understanding of your purpose. Moreover, no matter how perfect your understanding of the purpose is, if I tell you to go this way, you must not oppose me. (24-227)

So, what kind of time is it today? This is the time when, on the world level, external things and internal things are to divide completely. This is the time when the internal and external things, having a head on collision, decide upon their fate of life or death. This also is the time when the democratic world and the communist world, materialism and spiritualism come into conflict with each other. Therefore, if you follow the ways of the world then you will be increasingly be pulled into the satanic world. On the contrary, if you deny this world and delve deep into religion then you will increasingly enter the side of God. (102-231)

The era of Jesus is a vertical era. My time is the horizontal era. Would it be easy to usher in this new era? So, we have to pray for more than seven years horizontally. Until now people had to exert themselves for more than twenty years to meet with Jesus in the spirit world and pray. This was unavoidable. These days, you listen to the principle words and all of you pledge, "For the sake of True Parents . . ." In this way, you will enter the realm of heart instantly, within a week. When you realize after hearing the Divine Principle that you have to become the true children of True Parents, then you will enter immediately. How close is that? You have to understand how close True Parents are. (131-158)

The era is nearing more and more the point of resolution. History is flowing toward it and religion and ideology are also approaching it. In order to solve this kind of problem, there are conflicts here and there and there are lamentations here as well as there.

In this time of confusion, just as at the time when people could not believe and things could not be brought to some kind of resolution, Elijah appeared to express a new kind of heart. Isn't there some new voice that reveals the heart of God that could not be found in history? You have to think about this kind of thing. (6-35)

What kind of time is it right now? It is the final stage. Accordingly, everyone is under a coma, so they are in the hour of death. They cannot deal with it by themselves. Here, if there is a God, the issue that he can deal with is the question of how to save them again. (126-112)

Now, our time has come. We are entering the moment that God has been wishing for. Arriving before our doorstep is the era which countless people in history have longed for. The time of hope, for which numerous sages have paved the way by their blood. This depends on our own era.

The way things are right now are like the feeling that we have become bait. We give out scent and circle around big fish with our tails flapping around. I hold on to that bait until the big fish bites, and then I will pull it in. This is how it feels. So, when would we have the time to be tired or linger, and have trivial thoughts? Would you say after a week of fasting, "Fish, if you want to bite then bite and if you don't want to bite then forget it?" When this kind of thing takes place, you will be wide-awake. Even if your bone marrow were to melt down, it is very exciting. (40-22)

The time of material culture based on unlimited energy is approaching. At first, there was an era of eating food raw, and then there was the era of eating cooked meals, and next the era of eating seafood. In other words, the time of taking in nutrition from water will come. In the future, the time will come when we can maintain our health with scientific food. We will jump over the time when man's effort is needed. (4-20)

What do you have to do to walk the path of the Will of God? In order to walk the way of the Will of God, you have to walk the path of the dispensation. Next, there is the period of human rights, and then the period of divine right, and then there is the period of right of love; this is how it is.

What kind of era is the period of material rights in biblical history up to now? It is the period of sacrificial offerings. An offering is a dispensational thing. You need it for the process of the restoration, and there is no need for it in the world of God's Will.

The period of material rights is the period of sacrificial offerings. The period of human rights is the time of sacrifice and service. The period of divine rights is the period of forgiveness. Next, there is the period of the ideal of the rights of love. This ideal is what is desired. This era is the Old Testament era, this is the New Testament era, and this is the Completed Testament era. I believe that the historical courses whose purpose is for you to accomplish the Will of God can be summarized in this way. (118-167)

This is not the time when we can fuss over who is what now, how the area leader, or the regional leader is, what so-and-so in the VOC leader is like, and so forth. We have to unite single-mindedly and focusing on a direction and a goal that the nation needs, fulfill the responsibility of the whole nation on whose foundation the Korean people can obtain sovereignty and establish the ideological basis. You have to understand that in the near future, time will come when you have to conduct these kinds of activities. Do you understand? [Yes] (67-303)

Do not miss or lose the opportunity or have your task be taken away. The only way that you can retain it are the two methods that I have told you. You are to become a person who loves other people . . . If you can put into practice these two things, then you will never lose it. This is the only thing there is. I found that this is the only way. (94-143)

The more you come near the destination, the more exhausted you will be. If God were in your shoes, then he would take the most difficult path, the steepest valley that neither Satan, evil people, nor anyone for that matter can follow. This is for certain. So, those who have the greedy ambition to become a hero for himself will all fall down. All those who are greedy will fall down. Do you understand? (94-24)

Section 2: The Significance of Today and the Major Church Holidays [Part 2]

2. The Establishment, Ritual, and Proclamation of Holidays

1) The Teacher's Engagement

Four o'clock on March 27 of 1960 (lunar calendar: March 1), at the former church headquarters in first district of Chung Pa Dong, Father conducted the formal engagement ceremony with True Mother (Hak Ja Han) and from the year after this he established this date as Parents Day. (From the notes of Rev. Hyo Won Eu)

2) The Holy Marriage of the Teacher

On April 11 of 1960 -- March 16 in lunar calendar -- the holy matrimony of our Teacher and Ms. Hak Ja Han took place.

The holy ceremony began at ten o'clock. Teacher holy salted the ceremonial hall. The first ceremony was the "Ceremony of the parents of the restoration through indemnity," and was conducted with 700 men and women who were chosen from each church congregation.

After walking out and stepping up to the platform, they offered a brief prayer to Heavenly Father and made a proclamation. Following that there were speeches by Won Pil Kim and Dal Ok Chung and poetry by Kwang Ryol Eu.

Following this was the second ceremony, "The ceremony of the True Parents." The two of them entered again and, after offering their pledge and four bows to God, they bowed to each other three times, and then exchanged gifts. The main body of the ceremony concluded with another bow to each other. Then they stood together facing the members.

According to the order of events, there was an offering of gifts, and as representatives Jun Yeong Lee, Young Whi Kim, and Dae Hwa Chung offered the gifts, and two high school students, Ju Jin Eu and Myung Ae Kim, read the eulogy. The ceremony ended with the pledge of the Teacher and the prayer of blessing. (Sa-Bo, No. 1, page 3)

This is the day that holy salt was used for the first time. (9-79)

In order to liquidate the persecution on the world level, we have to pay indemnity for the physical and spiritual condition of indemnity that Jesus could not fulfill on the world level. Establishing in Korea the foundation for indemnity on which Jesus . . . What is the long cherished wish of Jesus? Isn't it marriage? Isn't this true? [Yes] What is the undying hope of Jesus? Isn't it marrying? What else would the wish of a man be? Isn't Jesus also a man? [Yes] Whose wish is it to marry before God centering on God's love? [The wish of Jesus] It is the long cherished hope of Jesus.

However, since due to his death he could not fulfill his wishes, it is his desire to return again and realize that dream. Therefore, today we have to bring to pass in Korea the wishes of Jesus not fulfilled in Israel and Judaism centering on the Unification Church. What is this? [Marriage] What marriage! It is holy matrimony. I married in the 1960s. By doing so, I established the standard on which the indemnity can be paid. (122-106)

Because I built the foundation of family in 1960, we will not perish now. If I could not build the foundation of family, then we would have been doomed. How historical was the Holy Wedding in the year 1960! The fact that Adam could prepare a foundation on the earth and receive Eve, as perfect Eve, on the basis of the efforts that have been made for six thousand years of history and to find one Adam, signifies that the separation that took place between the spirit world and the physical world is being reunited on the earth.

Man is the representative of heaven, and woman is the representative of the earth. The spirit world and the physical world that had been previously separated are being brought together. The wall, which showed that Adam and Eve were enemies, is being dismantled. This wall that prevented Adam and Eve from meeting God is being brought down. Satan will fade away. In this way, God, Adam and Eve will become one. (122-97)

You do not understand how amazing it was to offer the ceremony of holy matrimony in 1960, after Adam, whom God had longed for six thousand years, came and paid the indemnity on the earth. When God was watching this event, how nervous a moment it must have been, just like walking on a sheet of thin ice that can determine one's life and death. Because I understood the whole picture of the Will, I was able to make appropriate decisions and overcome it. Do you understand? (122-102)

Is the year 1960 a year that we should be grateful for? [Yes] You have to understand how grateful you have to be. Therefore, from 1960, there took place great earthquakes in the satanic world. Historians talk about it too, but why are there such earth-shattering shake-ups? Why are such great changes taking place in the forty-year-period from 1960 to 2000? In order to restore it, it must be dismantled and dispersed and swept away. For this reason, such things will happen in the internal forty years and the external forty years. (122-103)

Centering on 1960, I received Mother, conducted the ceremony of holy matrimony, and centering on the family of True Parents, I have been creating a tribe. (135-178)

After selecting mother in this way, the age of women came to the Unification Church. The age of women is the time of troubles. (122-105)

3) The Ceremony of Blessing the Three Children

Ceremony of the restoration of the creation and the ceremony of the restoration of children. April 16 of 1960, March 21 on the lunar calendar.

Today is the date that we conducted the ceremony of holy matrimony in which three couples of sons and daughters of heaven come together.

At ten in the morning, the first ceremony, "the ceremony of the restoration of the all things," took place.

After the Teacher sat in a chair on the stage he received the bows and gifts of many representatives of members, and following the eulogy read by Mr. Won Pil Kim, the True Parents raised their hands and gave a prayer of blessing. And with the prayer the ceremony came to its conclusion, and there were 21 people besides the Teacher and his wife who were called to take part in the ceremony directly.

Immediately following, the second ceremony began, and this is none other than the ceremony of blessing that ties together eternally the three couples, Won Pil Kim and Dal Ok Chung, Hyo Won Eu and Kit Ja Sa, and Young Whi Kim and Dae Hwa Chung.

With them, the first ceremony conducted was "the ceremony of the restoration of the children." According to the order written above, the three couples spaced evenly apart marched toward the stage where the Teacher was sitting, and stopping in front of the stage they stood in a neat line. While the spirit of the thousands of years dwelt on this place, a nervous and breath-taking question and answer ritual took place between the Teacher and the couples. After that, the Teacher offered a prayer of blessing in resonance with the heart of God, which consummates the history, seeks the beginning of history, and bring the sorrowful historical moments and vicissitudes of the restoration. (Sa-Bo, no. 1, p. 3)

When I give Blessing to families, I should do so revolving around the three families. Do you understand what this means? So even when I was giving blessing to my own children, I did it centering on the three families. There was also that kind of historical significance. Do you understand? Only when you tie together on the earth what had been divided in the spirit world can it also be tied together in the spirit world. Only when the indemnity is paid completely on the earth, will also begin to break down in the spirit world. The satanic world will be driven out. (122-101)

4) The Proclamation of the Day of the Resurrection of the Heart

The primary purpose of the course of restoration that we face today is meeting the Lord of the Second Advent. The mission of the Lord of the Second Advent is restoration of the heart that was lost due to the fall. Therefore, we have to receive him who has conquered the heart to give rise to the resurrection of our generation. (9-89)

The saints and sages up to now have been extremely sorrowful in their mind and body. However, there has been none that felt sorrow in their heart. The lamentation of the world of heart is still a realm just being pioneered. We are called upon to be the vanguard who has to pioneer this realm. Accordingly, we have to pass through the three doors of the plea of the body, urge of the mind, and the pressing by the heart.

You have been called by God to be the vanguard of history that can turn the history around. This is not just in words. Only after the door to the heart is opened can the bridegroom appear and can God freely come and go. Therefore, what comes first is the heart and the second is also the heart.

No matter what, we have to pass through the door of heart. Without setting the condition of having passed through the door of the heart, we cannot be resurrected. Jesus could not enter the kingdom of heaven because he could not solve the question of the heart. So, what comes first is the heart, and what comes thousandth or ten-thousandth is also the heart. Only when this door to the heart is opened can one enter the kingdom of heaven. When the door to the kingdom of heaven opens, only those people who do not have scars on their body, mind, and heart can enter. The one who does the work of Jesus on his behalf without being wounded in their body, mind, and heart is the brother of Jesus.

They can call Jesus older brother. This is a privilege among all privileges. The history of the past was the history of conflict over seizing external land and assets. However, this is the time when the struggle is internally to seize people and ideologies. Because this internal conflict did not come to a conclusion, the door to the heaven remains shut tightly. Only when something perfect emerges will this conflict be resolved and the door to the Kingdom of Heaven open. This is none other than the liberation of the heart. Therefore, heaven and earth have to be liberated freely in respect to the realm of the heart. Heaven and earth at this moment are also lamenting in an attempt to build a relationship of heart.

God created all creation through the relationship of heart. For this reason the heart is even connected to a handful of grass. However, due to the fall of man, this relationship has been severed. If there is someone who can connect the relationship of the heart of heaven and the relationship of the heart of the earth, then he can solve any problem in heaven and earth. (9-88)

In today's celebration of Easter, our heart is the problem. We have to become people who can bring out the original flavor in our practical life, in just the way that God desires. There has not been one person in heaven or earth who claimed to have perfected resurrection. The fact that in this peninsula, where our people live, resurrection is taking place merits our humble gratitude, with our head bowed down. If there is someone who has met this standard, then he is someone that cannot be traded, even for billions upon billions of dollars. Although it may seem that he has lost everything, he is actually someone who possesses everything. They are the son or daughter who return happiness, joy, and fulfillment to father who is coming with the sovereignty of the heart held in his hands. So, we have to engraft ourselves to the world of his heart.

God is our father, and the lord savior is our bridegroom. God helped us be awakened to the longing heart, as well as Godism and loyalty. From now on, we have to march forward while possessing the heart of the parent-child, husband-wife, and king-minister relationships and unifying all ideologies. Under the name of that father, there is nothing that cannot be forgiven and no sorrowful vicissitudes that cannot be solved. In the name of the bridegroom, there is nothing that one cannot yield to. When we become loyal to one king, there is no way that we won't become one. This is the final conclusion of the resurrection of the heart.

During the forty years of my life, I have longed for a chance to say these words. Now that I finally had a chance to say them, you have to keep in your heart that it is an immeasurable honor for you to be able to listen to them. (8-91)

5) Children's Day

November 9, 1960 (lunar calendar October 1), in the former church headquarters in the first district of Chung Pa Dong.

6) The Restoration of the Four Position Foundation

January 27,1961 (lunar calendar, December 11), the birth of Ye Jin Nim, in the former church headquarters in the first district of Chung Pa Dong.

7) The Dedication Ceremony for Women

February 2, 1961 was the dedication ceremony of Ye Jin Nim (seventh day after the birth -- daughters are dedicated on the seventh day and sons are dedicated on the eighth day) in the former Church Headquarters in the first district of Chung Pa Dong.

8) Proclamation of the Day of Substantial Resurrection

April 17, 1961, on the back of the mountain where the Dong Jak Dong public cemetery is located, the Easter service.

This is the day that Jesus resurrected. How great is this day? When you receive the blessing of Jesus you will be able to stand on the foundation of Jesus who has won victory in the spirit world. You have to come with the appearance of the brave soldier who can fight and win over the great enemy of the heaven and earth.

When you go past this road smoothly, then going to the kingdom of heaven is not a problem. Since the resurrection of Jesus is a spiritual resurrection, you should congratulate only after fulfilling the substantial resurrection and reaching the purpose. Only after resurrecting completely can you relate to Jesus as a brother. God greeted this day with tears and lamentation. What is the perfect resurrection? It is the substantial resurrection, which fulfills the purpose of creation. (11- 145)

In order to be a being who can resurrect substantially from now on, one has to indemnify the historical standard and in the real life battle win the victory without falling down. This is the only way to resurrect substantially. The day that this can be achieved is the day of substantial resurrection. Only when this standard is set can one say, "Good bye, world of sorrow, good bye. We are going back," and the substantial world will come. Only by completing the standard of bridegroom and bride, the wish of Jesus, through the course of historical conflict can we finally build the kingdom of heaven on the earth that we long for. (11-337)

In order to usher in the day of the Second Coming, we have to perfect all the historical standards and be confident that we can safeguard anything. Now, if someone who can inherit the mission of Jesus and the heart of God comes, then he is the main character of this world. The substantial resurrection must even reach inside the heart. That is the time when the heaven and earth will turn around.

In order for the day of substantial resurrection to come, there have to be substantial parents and substantial children. Through the substantial resurrection, you have to march to the position of glory. In order to do that, you have to carry on a fierce battle. By doing so, you have to establish the sovereignty of glory. This road must be traveled, regardless if we are dead or alive. (11-338)

9) Ceremony of Victory

February 21, 1963, at the Kang-Won province, Myung-Ju County, Wang-San Myen, Gu-Jel Li, No-In Bong.

10) The Launching of the Ship, Chen-Seung

June 26, 1963, 8:35 a.m., at the port of In-Chun city, Man-Sek Dong.

11) The Day of All Things

The ceremony held July 26, 1963 (lunar calendar, June 6), at the former church headquarters in the district 1 of Chung Pa Dong.

After True Father explained "The Day of All Things" as the day of hope that God has been longing for as he was managing the long history, he conducted the "Hen-Gong" ceremony, when the all things of heaven and earth are offered in the name of heaven's children. The Hen-Gong ceremony was the time that the Day of All Things was instituted. He proclaimed at this time that from the following year the lunar calendar date of May 1 would be decided as the Day of All Things. (Seng-Hwa magazine, no. 29)

12) The Offering for the Indemnity Fund

May 12, 1964, morning, in the former church headquarters in the first district of Chung Pa Dong.

I establish this day as the day when the value of the blood of Abel and Jesus is indemnified. The four years of the seven-year course so far was consumed by the indemnity condition, but the remaining three years will be the time when we come together as one on the foundation of individual victory to climb over the standard of indemnity on the national and world level. (14-69)

Originally, the Day of All Things should have been instituted first, and then Children's Day and Parents' Day should have been established, but the Unification Church has taken the opposite course. I, on the individual level, claimed the Day of All Things and Children's Day, and on that foundation I instituted Parents' Day.

Parents who came with true love cannot establish Parents' Day from the position of true parents unless they first experience the feeling of having been abandoned by the children.

Judas bought a tomb with the money that he bartered for Jesus. Thus we have to use the indemnity fund to prepare a house where the saints can stay. The indemnity fund is the most precious of all moneys. There are many untold stories in the background of this fund. There are many miserable events. (14-70)

13) The Proclamation of the Symbolic Temple

May 23, 1964 (lunar calendar, April 12), at the former church headquarters in the first district of Chung Pa Dong.

The condition that is supposed to be set symbolically and in image is from the individual to the family . . . Its purpose is to expand. The condition is set symbolically, in image, and substantially. In the internal and external conflicts they have to pass through the symbolic and image stages. Nations, religions, and everything are all split apart.

Taking the opposite direction, we are to bring these together. Had Christianity served the savior all would have been fulfilled instantly, but because it failed to do so, this has to be claimed back through the course of symbolic, image, and substance stages.

In this ceremony the Garden of Eden is established, the people are established and by securing them on the earth we are to move forward in accordance with the standard of heaven.

We have to fight with the conviction and attitude that we are the owners of this world and nation.

This is the ceremony in which the heavenly palace, heavenly sovereignty, and the people of heaven are established, crossing over to the new era. Moreover, it is the water of life. You should drink this water together with holy salt whenever your heart is troubled. When the water is about to run out, you should fill it up before six o'clock before someone drinks it up.

Holy salt has the power to separate externally while the water of life has the power to divide internally. Water of life connects to the heart. (From the notes of Rev. Hyo Won Eu)

14) The Ceremony of Subjugation of Substantial Satan

June 9, 1964, at the former church headquarters in the first district of Chung Pa Dong.

A. The First Part

The ceremony of the subjugation of substantial Satan, which will be conducted in three parts today, has the significance that possessing the full powers of the original world and instituting the sovereignty of goodness, it would be possible to govern centering on the heart. Now, finding the servant and the son as well as the parents who are doing the mission of father and mother, we have to prepare the base on which God can govern the world of creation directly.

In order to prepare this base, God has been walking the path of suffering and crucifixion. Now, God is about to reap what he has been giving out until now, and by making righteous accomplishments cross over to the new era.

Until now, in order to pay indemnity in the era of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit also stood in the position of a fallen person, but from now on, the Holy Spirit should be able to directly judge the unrighteous. Until now wrong doings were not interfered with, but from now on, mobilizing the spirit world, everyone must be made accountable for their responsibilities.

Now we have entered the era when we have to serve the father directly. We have to act by receiving the directions of father directly.

Until now, in order to pay indemnity the work was done, but from now on the work must be done in order to make people pay indemnity. Accordingly, you have to stand in the position of the Holy Spirit. Moreover, you have to be a public figure representative of the whole, not the individual self. Your individual feelings and grudges must not affect your carrying out public work.

Because restoration is centered on the parent and child, no matter how difficult a situation you might face, you must live centering on God in order to reap the blessing and subjugate all the enlightened people. From now on, all the enlightened ones will come toward this place. Accordingly, you must act on behalf of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

You have to offer everything to meet the demands of God. Moreover, you have to absolutely obey public directions. Even if a directive is not good, if you can obey it, it will be transformed into blessing.

From now on, you have to lead a new life before God. You have the responsibility to guide people even if I have not told you to do so. You have to let all the blessings that God bestows bear fruit.

This ceremony joins back together the division in the divine spirit. You have to be more concerned about the dispensation than your own self. Until now we have been toiling in order to pay indemnity, but from now on, everyone will be working to make his own accomplishments.

Until now the Holy Spirit has been at work indirectly, but from now on, God will work directly. You have to also act on my behalf. The second part of the ceremony to be performed at noon is meant to display unforgiving attitude toward unrighteousness and unite heaven and earth, which have been separated. By mobilizing the spirit world and pushing forward a new fight according to the new directive, Satan's substantial body on the earth will be liquidated.

B. The Second Part

If you spread these words with the conviction that no unrighteousness can remain standing before the truth, then on account of this truth, fear will permeate the satanic world. In the future, what will unfold is taking back of the birthright of the eldest son centering on the word. As we spread the truth, the spirits will also help us.

The ceremony performed in the morning was the ceremony to set the condition for the judgment of the heart. The ceremony being conducted in the afternoon is the ceremony to set the condition for standing before heaven and earth centering on the word and uniting the previously divided heaven and earth. Until now, this word has suffered the slanders of this world, but such will not be the case from now on. From now on, as much as we toil away, it will be propagated widely.

C. The Third Part

This third part of the ceremony after the first and second is to set the condition of judgment of character. This is the last ceremony that concerns a nation (Korea). We do not have to do a ceremony for the sake of the world. The tribulations that the nation and the church undergo become the basis for subjugating the substantial body of Satan.

Do not delude your conscience. This will be recorded in heaven.

What did we mix in the water of life? Just as Moses ground up the golden calf and mixed it into the water and make his people drink, we are to mix Satan in. If you hold the delight of a victor in your heart and work without stopping, then it will remain as your own accomplishment. Now, since you have set this kind of condition, you should have the confidence to subjugate Satan. (14-83)

Section 2: The Significance of Today and the Major Church Holidays [Part 3]

2. The Establishment, Ritual, and Proclamation of Holidays

15) The Ceremony Conducted for Christians

July 15, 1964 (lunar calendar, June 17) 8 a.m., at the former church headquarters in the first district of the Chung Pa Dong.

The number 144 is the number of the whole Israel and the number of the second world-level Israel. The direction of the whole Christianity is to be changed around. Through this ceremony, all of the Christian churches stand in the position of Abel while the rest of the humanity stands in the position of Cain. Our 144 people have to remain loyal as an exchange. Then, we will be able to do, with concentration, all the works performed at the time of Jesus.

The whole body of 144 people (12 times 12) is the representative of the 144-thousand, and although it appears a bit miserable, it has a tremendously large significance. (Notes of Rev. Hyo Won Eu)

16) The Ceremony of Striking Spiritual Satan

August 14, 1964 (lunar calendar, July 7) 7 a.m., at the former church headquarters in the first district of Chung Pa Dong.

17) The Ceremony of Striking Physical Satan

August 21, 1964 (lunar calendar July 14) 11 p.m., at the former church headquarters in the first district of Chung Pa Dong.

18) The Ceremony of Multiplying the Shim Jung Candles

January 5, 1966 10 o'clock, at the former church headquarters in the first district of Chung Pa Dong.

Since Father has selected holy grounds at 120 places all over the world and here blessed children stand, now we have to become one with God.

The significance of this Shim Jung candle is to inherit the heart of Father and restore the position of Adam and Eve before the fall. The meaning behind it is that one must melt oneself in order to light up the world. He prayed that this be the source of our pride and have the power to light our spirit. (Notes of Rev. Hyo Won Eu)

19) The Dedication Ceremony of the Stones

January 27, 1968 1 a.m., at the former church headquarters in the first district of Chung Pa Dong.

I now dedicate the stones and dirt brought from the 120 holy grounds of the 40 nations that symbolize the whole of heaven and earth, so please let this stand as the condition of dedicating the whole of that nation. By performing this ceremony, please allow all the power and authority to gather on heaven's side and cause the power and authority of the Satanic world to crumble.

20) The Proclamation of God's Day

January 1, 1968.

Main points:

(1) The victorious foundation has been prepared, on which God can freely work centering on the tribe or family.

(2) Now, we can achieve the standard that God wished for in the Garden of Eden centering on Adam and Eve.

(3) As this day is being instituted, the march toward the developmental stage on a new dimension has become more feasible. Moreover, because the history until now has been the history of indemnity, all the efforts, sweat and tears, and all our accomplishments were solely for the sake of indemnity, and it could not produce results that God could really be happy about.

(4) However, from now on, all the achievements that we make through our blood, sweat, and tears will no longer vanish as conditions of indemnity in the satanic world.

(5) Our toil from now on will be connected to your own, and you will be able to reap them as your own accomplishments. We have entered such an era. In other words, the time has come when all of our efforts will be consolidated as God's victory. This is a glorious time, a time when God can be happy:

(a) Era when God can intervene
(b) It has become an era when God can coordinate directly centering on the family of heaven

(6) The realm of time has been established when your hard work can bear fruit.

(7) This has become the unlimited source of pride before God. Before Satan, it constitutes a cause of limitless grief.

(8) Due to the institution of God's Day, the time has become ripe for countless spirits of the spirit world to come down to the earth and revolving around the wishes of God launch a full-scale attack.

(9) Until now, the fortune of the world was invisible. Now we have entered the era when you can reap the blessings.

Points to remember at the time of the proclamation of God's Day:

(1) You have to understand the profound significance and value of this day.

(2) You have to pioneer your lifestyle and attitude with this date as a guiding index, and going one step further, you must seek to fulfill your responsibility as the unified tribe to complete the responsibility on the tribal level.

(3) You have to do things that I wanted to do.

(4) You have to equip yourself with all the necessary qualities as a true patriot.

(5) You have the responsibility to teach your descendants about the significance of God's day and leave it behind for them to hold it up as your will.

(6) You have to be dignified filial sons and daughters, and be able to boast before Satan your imposing and intrepid appearance, and complete your responsibility as the embodiment of goodness. (From Rev, Hyo Won Eu's notes)

By proclaiming God's Day on January first of 1968, I restored the position of parents who have not fallen. Through this, Satan will be completely decimated and man will be restored fully. (21-23)

January 1, 1968 is the first joyous day in history. God has been longing for the realization of the ideals of creation when He can finally become one body with Adam and Eve centering on His love and settle down. You have to understand that such a day is God's Day. (Applause) No matter how much the world opposes, and heaven and earth all put up opposition, this date, to God, will still be a happy and fulfilling day, for the first time in history, since the creation of the world. (161-46)

The significance of God's Day is that it is the day when we have entered the direct dominion of God. Moreover, Parents' Day is the day that symbolizes the restoration by the fallen parents of their position before the fall. Furthermore, we have instituted not only God's Day and Parents' Day, but also Children's Day and the Day of All Things. (34-103)

Only on the first day of January 1968 were we able to establish God's Day. Isn't this so? [Yes] Why so? We had to cross over the seven-year course. So, after entering the realm of the direct dominion of God, we can establish God's Day.

Through the institution of God's Day, all the sorrowful days lost in history as well as Parents' Day, Children's Day, and the Day of All Things were indemnified, and we have launched a full-fledged departure on the world level. Do you understand? So, Mother had to go through the seven-year course. It was Adam who was supposed to protect her through all that. (122-105)

Although you have been ignorant -- like an immature child, being carried around on the back while crying and doing all sorts of childish things -- the mission of parents is enormous. They have to decide upon the road that they would take, climb over the mountains that they must climb over, and cross the oceans that they have to cross; this is how they have come so far. So, the fact that through such a course, passing the year 1967 and greeting God's Day centering on 1968 is . . . From there, light finally began to be shed upon the earth.

Next, we have to usher in the era of living a symbiotic life of common fate. 1977 is the physical symbiotic life. From this moment we are to cross over to the era of spiritual symbiotic life. Therefore, the Unification Church is making progress. The holy matrimony conducted in Korea is the basis through which we were able to stand in the position of accomplishing things that Jesus could not accomplish in his lifetime. Even if Jesus were to have gone through the ceremony of holy matrimony, the seven-year course would have still remained. That is the seven years of great calamities. Because we have paid indemnity for it and instituted God's Day in 1968, after that great changes were made possible. (122-107)

21) The Ceremony of the Perfection of the Growth Stage

February 8, 1968

Based on this day, by performing the ceremony in which we climb over the perfection of the completion stage centering on the family, we have entered the position of Adam and Eve before the fall in the Garden of Eden. (23-251)

22) The Seven Months after the Proclamation of God's Day

July 31, 1968 (lunar calendar, July 7) 7 o'clock

23) The Birthday of Jesus

January 3, 1971

Father! In the name of True Parents, this one person here has been connected as the spouse of Jesus, so that they can form a family. Please let the spirit world and the physical world, which could not become one until now, be one through this. Let Cain and Abel, who were divided, join as one. I earnestly pray before you, Father that through the authority, love, life and the power of the omnipotence of the Father, based on this moment, you would allow the authority of the angelic world and the world of Adam to make a new start in the world of restoration. (38-95)

As we perform this ceremony and pass this day, the spirit world will help to move world Christianity. (38-128)

24) The Day of Celebration of Victory

July 1, 1973

This is the joyous day that can represent the liberation of Jesus. This is a day that has historical significance in the dispensation.

On July 1 of 1973, I instituted the historical day of celebration, "The Day of Celebration of Victory," in America. Until now, I have set up all kinds of days of celebration in Korea, but this is the first time in the world I have established the Day of Celebration of Victory. Do you understand? In the history of the Unification Church, this is the day that will mark the new beginning.

The day of celebration of victory could be established because in the second seven-year course we have successfully passed through the difficult era of three years. Because we have passed through it well, we are celebrating the victory. No matter how much Satan opposes, the more he opposes, the more he will lose the ground to stand on. Do you understand what this means? It is going to be very different from the past. The more Satan opposes, the more he will decline. For this reason, the Christian churches have now become exhausted. Even in churches in America, they do not have the strength to put up opposition.

In the near future, we the Unification Church will give rise to a hurricane all throughout the nation. "Oh no, the Chung Pa Dong church headquarters . . . I thought that they were so insignificant and weak that they will disappear the moment Christian churches shout loudly, but . . ." You have to understand that we have established the foundation that cannot be destroyed by any power holder in America. We have established a strong enough base, that even if the American people oppose us, they cannot get rid of us. I have come back after making miraculous accomplishments in about eight month's time. In truth, when I entered here, the voices from the spirit world tell me congratulatory words over our victory. We came out after establishing the Day of Celebration of Victory. I left America on July 7. (Writes on the blackboard) July 7 is a historical day. July 7 of 1973 is a historical day.

I left America on July 7 after deciding upon the Day of Celebration of Victory, and I left Japan on July 8. That is the day of new beginning. At that time, I thought, "Such and such events will take place in Japan. When I go to Japan, I will hear some good reports." just as I had thought, that is what happened. (68-159)

I came back after establishing the Day of Celebration of Victory on the first day of July on the solar calendar, because I entered the position identical to having completed the three-year courses of Jesus' course. All the celebration days of the Unification Church had been established in Korea, but this time, I came back to Asia after setting up the day of celebrating the victory on American soil. (68-271)

25) The Liberation Ceremony of the Moon Tribe Site

August 5, 1973 (lunar calendar, July 7), at Chung Pyung workshop

As you have probably learned from the prayer that I just offered, I prayed for the liberation of the tribal family of the Unification Church. Until now, I have never once prayed for the sake of my own family. I have never offered a word of prayer to God in public, "Please help my mother, father, or my ancestors in the spirit world." I have never formerly made such a prayer. How my parents have become and how my brothers have become . . . From now on, we are not to do that but place emphasis on our tribes and kinsmen. I have loved you more than my family whom I have abandoned. I have loved you more than my mother. I have loved you more than my children. You should pray and see if I have really done so or not. Now is the time to reap that love. I am going to harvest it and love the children. I will love them almost to the extent of insanity. If this is not done on the earth, then I will do it in the spirit world.

By doing so, the spiritual standard of the Moon tribe and the standard of liberation will be fulfilled and what will unfold there in the spirit world is a unified domain of benefit. This relationship will be extended to the countless kinsmen, cousins and distant relatives. Do you understand what this means? When you examine our ancestors, because everyone has been married centering on the Moon tribe or their kinship, the people of the Korean peninsula are linked to this. This event cannot take place when Korea is facing decline. So, my conviction is to depart after opening the door to spiritual salvation. You have to understand that I have been praying and thinking about these things for a long time. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes]

You have not been attending me on the spiritual standard satisfactorily, but as you connect to your spiritual tribal foundation and become one centering on the dispensation, through the internal spiritual standard the external tribes will become linked. (68-271)

For my kinsmen, this is the day that they are receiving blessing. I believe that through this, a way will open for the ancestors of the Moon tribe to return to the earth from now on and cause the Moon tribe members to work for the sake of the dispensation. At the same time, together with them all the people of Korea who are related to them through blood ties can also become connected. When we consider the fact that in this way every tribe will become connected, this will become the beginning of the opening of the door of the spirit world. Therefore, I hope that you can remember in your hearts this historical day.

You should understand that this day of 1973 is the day when the spirit world can also reconfirm the victory, and we on the earth can also confirm the victory.

The meaning of the term, the unfolding of the fortune of the earth, is that the time has come when the foundation that I have laid externally until now can now be linked all the way to America internally. If Jesus and his disciples could become united then the door would have opened through which they could receive all the blessings of the world.

Although there is a quite a distance in between, just because you are in the land of Korea you should not think of America as another country but a part of the same nation. Although the earth is big, all you have to do is think that it is one nation. You have to think that the Teacher is working in the place where he can serve a greater and more urgent cause for the sake of our nation. You have to understand that I am in the same desperate and earnest position as Jesus who offered the prayer as he ascended to heaven. "Just as the father is in me and I am in father, let them also all become one and be inside us," (John 17:21). I hope that when I return, you will have become those that I can be proud of.

In order to do that, before you live for the sake of the nation, your family has to first become one. When we talk about Abel, the Abel is those who have become united. In a family, they are people who have become one as a whole family. In this way, on the foundation of the unity of the tribe, the tribe will be liberated. So, the fact that trusting you, and knowing that you can become like that, I perform the work of opening the door to the spirit world, a movement to liberate the spirit world, this will bring blessing to you in the future. I know that today is a good day when such things can take place. (69-289)

I performed the ceremony of liberating the Moon tribe in July of last year. Wasn't that so? Without liberating the Moon tribe, just as the path was blocked for Jesus because he could not liberate the relatives of John the Baptist and Joseph, the way will not open up. Accordingly, I also have to liberate my tribes. What caused the deep resentment and sorrow of Jesus was that while the families of Zachariah and Joseph should have united and fulfilled their responsibility on the tribal level, because they did not, Jesus took the ramifications. For this reason, in the age of restoration, unless some tribe brings liberation to it in respect to the dispensational will of God, there is no path for Jesus to take. Therefore, we have to conduct the liberation ceremony. (71-237, 1974.5.1)

The reason that I have chosen my relative, Mr. Moon to be the president:

(1) When you look at the history of dispensation that the Will of God desires,

(2) When you look at it from the perspective of how the Moon tribe has to bring the benefit of the opening of the spirit world on this land, because both of these internal and external aspects are good when you examine them,

(3) If such a path is paved on the earth with the significance of opening the Moon tribe spiritually, then while it is good for you in the Unification Church, it is also good for our people. I should not say more about this. I have laid the foundation for them to be accepted positively as the only ones acceptable.

(4) For this reason, from me, there can be a beginning of the fortune of restoration based on both the physical and the spiritual in this land of Korea. (68-295)

26) The Day of Victory Over Resentment

May 1, 1974

What kind of time is the fight now? Although Satan has been attacking until now, from now on it will be the opposite. Until now, Abel has been making sacrifices because of Cain. But from now on, it is the time when, because the victorious foundation has been laid centering on the national standard. Because the time has come when we can restore the failure of Jesus on the national level and make the connection, Abel is not to sacrifice. It is Cain who will be sacrificed in order to realize the will of Abel. Do you understand what this means? [Yes]

Since such a time has dawned upon us, your hard work from now on will become your asset. If America lives for the sake of the Will, then it will become the property of America, and if we, the Unification Church, toil, then we will have a monopoly over all the blessings in the world. You will see the change in the times in the coming years.

If there had been no fall, originally God was to be at the top and the archangel, Satan, would have been below Him, but it is just the opposite. Accordingly, God has to restore it through Abel and rise up to here. In order to do that, Satan has to be pulled down. The intersection is made here. (Speaks while writing on the blackboard) In order for the intersection to take place, there must be a time of intersection. Isn't it true that there should be such time of intersection? There should come the time when Cain and Abel are crossed over.

The restoration through indemnity . . . When this is changed here there will be indemnity to be received. (While pointing to the writings on the blackboard) It is the same thing. Here, even if it is indemnified down there, when this goes down, indemnity has to be paid here. It is the same. The blessing is received here in this way. So, if indemnity is paid here, one will rise like this. Here, because it is on the side of God, there is no indemnity. Because this is going up, the more Satan goes down, the more indemnity will have been paid. From here, as you extend out from the individual and family and so forth, indemnity will increase accordingly. In other words, here indemnity decreases the bigger it is. When you look at this, all will fall down. Look at it. This is how far apart they will become. Here, indemnity will gradually disappear. Do you understand? For this reason, one has to go past twelve o'clock, midnight, when the day is changing. (Speaks while writing on the board)

This is on May 1 of 1974. That day is the Day of Victory over Resentment. So when I was going to Korea after the meeting in Hawaii, I fulfilled this responsibility and conducted a proclamation ceremony toward God and the satanic world. I have conducted the declaration ceremony that Satan and God are publicly recognizing, "From now on history will be intersected." That day is May first of 1974. From 1954, the time that the Unification Church begun, twenty years have passed until 1974.

God is truly a scientific God. I was not aware of the fact that the first day of May was the day that our church had been founded. God is a scientific person. He planned it and matched it on this day on the 21st year, and gave me a special order to proclaim this day. Only in this way, will it completely be in accordance with the Principle. It is in complete accordance with our Principle.

You have to understand that the day of intersection has come. From now on as long as you have the confidence and attack on the individual level, you will be able to push through. If you launch an attack on the family level, then you will also be able to push over. Although you might have been frightened in the past, from now on, those on the other side will feel afraid. Our situation will improve continuously. The membership will continue to increase. This is how it will become more and more.

Eventually, we have entered the age when we can claim back the spiritual and physical that Adam lost, and having found the original self of Adam, be able to command the Satanic world. For this reason, now you can mobilize the angelic world that has not fallen to attack the satanic world. Do you understand? [Yes] Because your ancestors are considered part of the angelic world, you can mobilize your ancestors to have them help your works. Such a time has come.

From now on, those who oppose the Unification Church will be punished. The attack will come from the spirit world. From now on, such phenomena will take place frequently. You just wait and see. As soon as we cross over to the national era, the spirit world will take away the leaders of the communist world. (72-92)

Recently, I have been restoring and liberating the ancestors. Centering on the standard on which the countless heads of religions, and the entire spirit world can be unified, I have cleared the way for the heads of religions to gather in one place.

On this first day of May, the thing that we have to do is -- although until now Cain has sacrificed Abel and Abel has been paying the indemnity, this must be turned around just like the reverse image on the mirror. The same holds true for the spirit world. I hear that Non San grandmother is going to liberate your ancestors; let her do it. Let her do it all over the peninsula. Especially, let her do all our leaders who have been blessed. I am granting a special favor at this one time.

Until now, by the Principle of the restoration through indemnity, one who is loved by God is erected to the position and by sacrificing him the benefits were obtained. This is how Cain attains salvation through Abel. Isn't it so? [Yes] Similarly for the followers of the Unification Church, because you are also in the same position as Cain, who received the blessing by sacrificing Abel, today spirits of the spirit world attach themselves even to the followers of the Unification Church. This causes them to suffer through pain and making ill those who are faithful. Such things will take place. It is annoying because it is like this constantly. You are to turn them around, telling them, "Now you should not do this, but if you want to obtain benefits then you should go to the satanic world and contribute toward the destruction of the foundation of the satanic world." You have to turn them around. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes] Until now, no matter what they did to oppose the Unification Church, people went unharmed, but from now on, if they oppose us now, the spirit world will counter the opposition and bring a total destruction. When this is recognized publicly, from there new benefits can be received. We have to turn the path around like this. If I failed to do this on the earth, then for eternity . . . Because you do not understand these things, this is a cause for deep concern.

Some spirits even come and bother my children. Why? It is because there remains the course of dispensational history through indemnity in which God has to even sacrifice his children to save all of humanity. This is annoying. Moreover, because the time is coming when the times will be intersected, because it is the time when we have to go over centering on the era of the world level, and because this era of the world is the era of perfection, although inside the domain of the era of perfection is spiritual, spirits who are in the growth stage are not free to do as they will. For this reason, those in the growth stage must follow and those in the perfection stage must guide. This is how it is going to be. In order to do so, even if it means that we have to give directives here and sacrifice the spirits in the growth level, we the Unificationists in the perfection stage must not be put through suffering. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes] (72-40)

The God you are seeking makes programs for the dispensation based on formulas and matches everything to the historical plan. When oneness is attained by abiding by the Cain-Abel Principle and according to the environmental conditions, Korea will not be ruined. If this is done, then Korea will not decline. No matter how great the strength of the communists, if it walks the path through which it can become one with the will of God . . . Isn't this true? Because Cain and Abel are becoming one, because they are returning to the side of God, the time to strike is nearing. Based on such principles, we can make the conclusion that Korea will not be doomed. It is not a blind and haphazard thing. Do you understand? [Yes]

Now, what I did during my visit this time is that I have switched this around. I have done the work of turning around what we have suffered through in order to indemnify fully Cain and Abel's history of restoration through indemnity. Now the time has come when I can pray to God with respect to the enemy, "God! Please on the basis of the things that have caused you grief, please liquidate the enemy." Do you understand?

Until now, when I prayed, there was something that hindered me. An offering that is being sacrificed cannot make accusations. Do you understand? So, even while shedding blood and having the leg amputated, what should be done? I have to just keep to the path busily. I was not in a situation where I could speak in my defense, or demand protection from it. For this reason . . . Did I ever publish some protesting words in the newspaper?

Although the Christian churches have opposed me for twenty years until now, posing like a tiger whose back is broken, I have been just trying to understand them. Now, my back is cured. Such a time will come now. Isn't this so? [Yes] Because a mistake was committed at one time in history, there must appear someone who can correct the situation. In turning the situation around, it won't be enough to just use the old-fashioned way with bare fists and simply agree to bring the change. (71-256)

For this reason, you must offer this kind of prayer; "Father, through the ceremony of victory over resentments today, the Cain and Abel history of restoration through indemnity has been turned around, right side up." Until now, the communists have been at the forefront in everything. Evil always takes the first steps. From now on, the good side has to be in the front. Although the evil side has been playing the leading role, from now on, the good side must take its place. Until now, even as the Unification Church was being persecuted, God remained silent as if he was dead. However, from now on, He will embrace the Unification Church as a living God, liquidating the opposing forces for the sake of the Unification Church and demanding many times greater indemnity conditions from them, He will march forward.

What you have to understand here is that I have prayed with the condition, "Here, ancestors in the spirit world have come, and they are not willing to receive indemnity before us; as they help us to subjugate all those who oppose our dispensation, three times the benefit are to be bestowed." So you should pray in this general direction.

Accordingly, from now on, you will see that many who oppose the Unification Church will pass away to the spirit world, and in the near future many of the major figures in the communist party, nations, and the world will continue to be taken away by them. They will keep taking away those who stand opposed to heaven.

When you look at it from the Principle point of view, shouldn't there be a time when such things must take place? There should be such day of proclamation. Just like the saying, "If it is tied up on earth, then it will also be tied up in heaven, and if it is untied on earth, then it will also be untied in heaven." I have special rights as the parent, and as I bring the resolution, centering on the starting point of victory based on these principles and laws where the direction of restoration is secured, here we can celebrate the Day of Victory over Resentment where the sources of Cain and Abel's grief are disposed of. The fact that this can take place is a glorious thing for the Unification Church.

Now, the problems in the nation have become very complicated and even in the church there was this event concerning the meeting of the alumni, isn't this so? These are all unavoidable. They are not some coincidence. In this way, all must come together and meet at one point.

So, I have come on the 25th, and 26th, 27th, 28th . . . on the seventh day . . . You should understand this and I hope that you pray centering on this condition. Moreover, for those ancestors who want to be benefited through us, as they help us in our missions, they can receive the benefit three times greater than if they were to pay indemnity through us. Three times the blessing. Why? You have to understand the Principle that because we have passed through the formation, growth and completion stage, the way will open up for God to have them go through the indemnity three times for our sake so that God can help. Do you understand?

Therefore, this is the day when history, that has been taking such a course, will cross over to the side of God. This moment is that time. (71-239)

Section 2: The Significance of Today and the Major Church Holidays [Part 4]

2. The Establishment, Ritual, and Proclamation of Holidays

26) The Ceremony of Total Liberation

May 1, 1975, Chung-Pyung workshop site

What is the thing that I, the teacher of the Unification Church, have to do today? I have to win a complete victory on the individual level. Then this must be connected. In order to do that, all the complex issues must be solved. Shouldn't everything be taken care of like that? Shouldn't all the complex problems starting from the individual level be solved? This is the most difficult thing. The beginning is what is difficult.

Similarly, the beginning of family in the Unification Church was difficult. Then, we are to climb up. When you look at this, the higher you go up, the smaller this becomes. Isn't this true? As you climb higher, this gradually becomes smaller. Until this point! When you move up until this point, the more you climb . . . So, you are to climb up through this course centering on my family. What is important is the fact that we have paved the road through which we can go any direction horizontally centering on this nation. Until now, people could not cross over this hole. Here, everyone met their ruin. Do you understand? (Spoken while writing on the blackboard)

Therefore, when our families cross over this line, the indemnity course will no longer exist. When you exert yourself, all your merit will be inherited fully by your descendants. They will inherit it all. In the past, because there was an indemnity course, if we made a mistake we would have been doomed and moved elsewhere, but now the time has come when your accomplishments can be secured as your own.

Your accomplishments so far are not yours. It is in the middle. We are to pile them up in the middle. Who is to become their owner? Just because one collected wealth, it does not always become his own. Although we have been making contributions in the position of still fighting over their ownership, now is no longer such a time. We have entered the era when we can decisively claim them as our own.

So, as long as we exceed the national standard there is no need for concern. It is our Principle perspective that from now on, we will enter the era when we can make leaps. Do you understand? [Yes] Because such times are coming, what are we to do after ushering in such times? If we did not face this era, then we cannot just jump over it. So, in order to exceed that standard we have to liberate everything centering on the original standard that had not fallen. They must be liberated.

For this reason, I conducted the ceremony of total liberation on May 1, according to solar calendar, in Chung Pyung. However, do you know why I conducted it in Chung Pyung? This is because I consider Chung Pyung to be the center of the international foundation. When you consider it on the level of Korea of course this is the headquarters, but I bought Chung Pyung in order to make it an international workshop site in the future, and it is the place that I have offered such prayer. Accordingly, whenever I have time I go to Chung Pyung. Do you understand why I go there? [Yes]

Because I knew that that is the place where spiritually all fortunes will concentrate and where all important problems must be solved, I have formulated all the important ideas there such as the May 16 rally. This is how it should be. Why? Because it is an international place. Because that place is located far apart from the headquarters and at a place where the river is crossed. Because it is in the position of reciprocity that can connect to all the oceans of the world and at the same time has the significance that I can connect that object to me who is in the subject position. I consider Chung-Pyung very important and whenever I have time I go there. Do you understand? [Yes] Because there is a Principle content in everything, I have been doing that kind of things. Sol I have conducted the ceremony of total liberation centering on May first. You all have heard about it, right? [Yes]

What was the result to the fall of man? God could not become a liberated God. In other words, He became a restrained God. Next, the first ancestors of men became restrained. Because of sin . . . Next, even the angelic world fell under the yoke. No only that, countless religious people in history are suffering under the yoke. Humanity is experiencing the same thing.

Next, Satan came into being. The evil spirit world came into being. The substantial object of the evil spirit world also emerged on the earth. All of them have formed boundaries centering on one nucleus. In order to jump over this barrier, men must walk a course called the course of indemnity. For this reason, in order to create the situation in which this can be crossed in the proper manner, heaven and earth have to be placed on a flat plane. In order to be able to walk the life course following the proper path in the middle of that, the road from earth to heaven must be prepared in advance.

This is the time, leading up to now, when centering on our Unification Church the foundation on which we can enter the national realm as individuals is being laid down. For this reason, even in the spirit world, the way through which we can enter the national realm as individuals must be opened. Such a ceremony is the ceremony of the total liberation. God is bound by grief and resentment and so are True Patents, the angelic world, and then next, so are the countless religious people centering on Jesus, patriots centering on the sages, and saintly men and women, or heroines. Wouldn't this be true? Although they became patriots or saints of the nation, because there was no way that they could become the people who can be connected to the dispensation of God, they hold this great grief and resentment in their hearts. Next, all the evil spirits under the dominion of Satan ultimately have become like that because the fall brought such results . . . They also do not want to be Satans. As much as possible, they wish to return to the good side of God.

Then whose fault is it those things have become like this? That is not because of God's wrongdoing, nor the mistake of the angelic world, but because of the mistake of Adam. It has become like this because of the wrong doings of the ancestors of mankind. Then, who is to bring resolution to this? The ancestor of mankind must solve this.

When we look at the Korea of today from that perspective, Teacher Moon of the Unification Church has come in order to carry out that mission. However, I have been receiving opposition for decades in Korea, centering on the Unification Church. This could not be solved yet. It has not been resolved yet. So, because of me, God who knows me is feeling sorrow in His heart.

So, what has to be done? What are the wishes of Teacher Moon of the Unification Church? It is the liberation of the nation. The day that we can win the victory on the national level is the day that marks liberation. Isn't this true? We have to free Jesus from grief and resentment. For this reason, without laying the foundation for the liberation centering on the nation, there is no way that Teacher Moon of the Unification Church can liquidate sources of sorrow and realize long-cherished wishes. If I cannot do this, there is no way for God to be freed of His sorrow and resentment. When God cannot get rid the sources of his resentment, then it is more impossible to free the angelic world of their fetters of grief and bitterness. Without bringing solution to the angelic world, there is no way for humanity to find the path of life on earth centering on the True Parents and as their objects. Isn't this true?

For this reason, through the liberation of God in the spirit world, the liberation of True Parents, and the liberation of the angelic world, on the earth the liberation of the heads of religions . . . All this must be accomplished. Next, the liberation of the sages, patriots, heroes must be undertaken, and next even Lucifer, Judas, and Emperor Nero . . .

Until now, we have been living in the Satanic realm of the evil world, but in the name of True Parents and not of Satan . . . When we examine the principles of the liberation ceremony, as the proper path of the liberation of God and the angelic world becomes linked to the earth. God's original will is not to punish or judge people, but to save their lives, bestow the ideals and bring happiness and blessing. The way will open up for you to advance toward the good world, which corresponds with the sphere of life that each of you works in. (79-24)

What is the spirit world like right now? Since God can come down freely, there is nothing that opposes the whole spirit world from coming straight to the earth. Until now, everyone was blocked from coming based on the reason that each denomination was different from the others. Only when there is an agreement at the top and it is enforced, will all the doors be opened for people to travel both horizontally and vertically. Until now, this has not been the case.

However, now, by conducting of the liberation ceremony, at the same time that God descends, True Parents also come, and then the good sages and heads of religions in the spirit world are to come. Next, even evil Satan . . . Until now, Satan has been on the side of evil, but such is no longer the case. Since all that oppose go to hell, everyone is trying to go to the spirit world. All should hold the gun facing backwards; even in respect to Satan, we should liberate him. Therefore, we will enter the era when without anyone being aware of it, the evil forces will collapse. When three years pass from now, this will fully raise its head and appear on the earth. Do you understand what this means? [Yes]

So, in my third seven-year course, I have roamed all over America, and gathering the fortune of Christianity in the spirit world, I have returned to Korea. Because I have exceeded the national standard spiritually and after having reached the world level, drove the fortunes here, by connecting to the national foundation physically and by securing the basis for the physical world on the spiritual world victory, we can create a new beginning point on the world level that can completely indemnify the spiritual and the physical and step up to a new level. (78-224)

27) The Gu-Guk World Rally

June 7, 1975, at the Yoido square
The proclamation ceremony of the unification of the south and north and the unification of the world

Because the Yoido square is a special square, this rally is the time of receiving historical judgment before God. Do you understand? [Yes] Is the Unification Church truly a group that stands on the side of God with respect to world history, a group that can save the people, or is it not? Do the families in the Unification Church possess the subjective nature that can represent the family of the people and lead them? Have the members of the Unification Church become individuals who can fully bring out their subjectivity before the people? This rally is a great chance to receive a fair judgment on these questions from God. Not only that, it is a time when we can assert our dignity through the fair verdict to be given before the world, bringing an end to all the historical causes of resentment and sorrows of the people, and be able to give the benefits and merits as the new compensation for the suffering and accomplishment. For this reason, you have to understand that this moment is a very serious time.

Then, what kind of time is this? Until now, in the dispensation, we have been losing. Until now, centering on America which, is a democratic world in the thirty-year period since the World War II, we have been losing. What I am saying, is that from the perspective of the Unification Church we have not really been losing, but we have been keeping silence with the external appearance of a losing party.

However, we, the Unification Church, have made preparations on the individual level, family level, tribal level, people level, and national level, and no matter where an individual, tribe, people, or the world drag us, no matter how much the communists mock us and try to liquidate us, we will not perish. Because we had prepared the subjective departing point on such a high level, you have to understand that this is a ceremony in which we, moved by the will of heaven and possessing the right to victory in the name of God, proclaim the new beginning.

Therefore, we have to eliminate the sources of grief and sorrow of God. Then we have to remove the grief of True Parents, then of the countless religious leaders, and then of the followers of religions, next, of the saints and good kings of the patriots and heroes, and then even of the people in the Satanic world. (78-223)

Isn't Christianity the front line of the satanic world? Based on the foundation of having subjugated Cain, wasn't the Yoido rally held on July 6? Was it on May 7th? [June 7th] Was it on June 7th? Forty days after the Yoido rally took place on June 7th, on the fortieth day, I wrote a letter to the President. I wrote him at great length what he should not do. (1988.10.3)

28) The Unification Ceremony

January 1st, 1976, at the former church headquarters in the first district of Chung Pa Dong

Why did I return to Korea this time? I returned in order to pay indemnity for all of history. To do this, I have conducted the Unification Ceremony. What I did after returning here was conduct the Unification Ceremony. On the first of January, the Unification Ceremony took place. Until now, centering on the spiritual and physical worlds we have been unable to have a unified originating point from which we can begin this on the foundation of the nation having won the victory. I came in order to perform this ceremony.

What comes next is that today we talk about the citizens of the heavenly kingdom, and children of the heavenly kingdom, but we could not celebrate the birthday of parents. We do not have the qualifications to celebrate a birthday centering on parents. Spirits who have gone to the spirit world went before being able to celebrate the birthday of parents. Under these circumstances, people cannot function as citizens of the Heavenly Kingdom. Even if there is an angelic world in the heavenly kingdom, if they were able to celebrate the parents' birthday, then they would have obtained the right to participate in the domain where Adam attained perfection, but such is not the case for the countless spirits in the angelic world. Do you understand? If the birthday were celebrated, then wouldn't perfection have been achieved?

Therefore, I have conducted a ceremony, which provides the special opportunity for mankind in the spirit world and the physical world to celebrate the birthday centering on the True Parents. Providing that opportunity was done at the time of the parents' birthday. Do you understand? (84-152)

29) The Day of Victory of Heaven

October 4th, 1976

You have to understand how difficult a task lies behind the concept, the Day of Victory of Heaven. What is the essential factor, the origin, based on which heaven and the spirit world can be triumphant? True love, without the love of God it cannot be done. Where there is the love of God, the world of Satan's love must retreat. Satan will dominate what is not centered on God's love, and where the love of God is the foundation, God will have the dominion. The fact that Satan is giving love means that Satan is dominating already. The question is how to take it back, how to restore it. You have to understand that because the standard that can make the links based on love has been shattered, the question of how to teach this, how to deal with it is a grave problem for God. Do you understand? (135-123)

In our Unification Church, we celebrate many days that are not known to the world. Among them, one is the Day of Victory of Heaven. So, where actually is the origin of the concept, "God won the victory. It is the day to celebrate the victory of heaven"? If this universe had an absolute beginning from God, then all affairs should take place on the victorious foundation. Moreover, all the things that have come into being should belong to the one center that all things can praise and be harmonized with. This is a conclusion based on common sense.

Then, what is the origin of the word the Day of Victory of Heaven? This came to exist because of the fall. You can see it as a present given by the fall. Within the words that heaven won the victory, there must be the individual realm of victory, family realm of victory, tribe, people, nation, world, and furthermore the spirit world and universal realms of victory must be formed. No matter how triumphant an individual is, unless the family realm of victory is established, there is no place for the individual realm of victory to settle down.

An individual must stand on the foundation of a family. On top of a family, an individual can stand. No matter how firm the family realm of victory is, that realm of victory will emerge as the center only on the foundation of a tribe. The tribe on top of the people, the people on top of the nation, and on top of heaven and earth, God is to dwell. This is how I see it. (148-9)

What kind of day is the Day of Victory of Heaven? You have to understand that the Day of Victory of Heaven could be found because in history, finally, a day when the original plus and original minus can completely dwell in the realm of God's love has been established on the earth. Do you understand what this means? You should realize that the period of special blessing when you can enter the same place as the one I occupy, based on my triumph after a lifelong battle is the three-year course. What I intend for you is that by concentrating in one place the fighting efforts that had been dispersed all over the world, I wish that you can lay the foundation. (129-36)

What the Day of Victory of Heaven brought to us is that, in contrast to how God and the angelic world were involved mainly in the spiritual affairs and undertook the affairs on the earth indirectly, the spirit world has begun to do things directly centering on the earth, and is conducting spiritual affairs indirectly. You should know that this is one result that the Day of Victory of Heaven has brought. Do you understand? [Yes]

What is the present that the Day of Victory of Heaven has brought us? [Home Church] Home Church. What kind of background has Home Church come to possess? God and the direction that God has been working until now has switched from the spirit world to the physical world. In other words, a new era has dawned upon us. Accordingly, a new age has begun. Do you understand? You must understand clearly. (?5-143)

Today, while reflecting on that day when God felt joy centering on the Day of Victory of Love, I am grateful for the fact that from now on, with this day as the turning point, we can separate the world into God's side and expand the territory of victory through which we can march toward one Kingdom of Heaven. I hope that the glory and joy of each day can perpetuate the life in which we can sing and dance in the midst of father's love so that the domain of brotherhood can take shape to reach all mankind, and that you can reside in the position of parents, able to govern over the people, to receive glory and honor. (148-60)

Now, should we move forward centering on this new dispensation? [Yes] You have to become those who say, "I will become someone who will not be ashamed of the Day of Victory of Heaven." Now, those who are determined to do so, raise your hand. Please put it down. Next, in response to the change of the direction of God's work, which has shifted from the spirit world to the physical world, we should work harder than spirits and God. You should have the mindset that you will become responsible leaders of heaven and earth who will not become shameful in undertaking these tasks. (105-145)

30) The Day of Victory on Earth

February 23, 1977 (lunar calendar, January 6th), San Francisco, the proclamation of the first year of heaven

On October 4, 1976, I was able to make the proclamation that heaven has won the victory. You have to understand that that day was the same day as today four years ago. Because that day was instituted, we have entered a new era centering on February 23, 1977. From now on, no matter how much persecution we receive . . . Through persecution, those who persecute will be punished. They have to pay hundreds of times of indemnity. (109-77)

From 1977, we proclaimed the new era. We made the proclamation that history has entered a new era. We have been doing Home Church for three years since then. In accordance with that, without making the proclamation on the world level that the first stage of the dispensation of restoration, the first stage of history that God has been working with must come to an end, we cannot move into the new era. This has always remained inside the dispensation of God. (114-111)

On February 23, 1977, I proclaimed the new era, in three years time. On the standard of having set the condition of having loved the oldest son centering on the tradition of God's love all over the world, we are to cross over on the level of the whole world. Is that true or not? [It is true] In this way, the history has been making progress. It has been overcoming, jumping over the principle. So, the Unification Church is trying to establish the tradition of heavenly kingdom in the enemy nation. You have to understand how difficult that is. This tradition is also the tradition of true love. (124-143)

Centering on February 23, 1977, officially, the Unification Church has firmly secured, on this earth, the historical transitional era when heaven can enter the offensive position toward the satanic world. This is the course that I have accomplished. Officially, I have already laid the foundation that can replace the Christian Cultural Sphere of the world. So, in the historical era, the battle in court, fought out with the mask of religion, can begin to take place. Until that time, this was not feasible. (129-221)

Why do people call it New Year? What New Year means is that the direction of God's work has changed. From now on, there will be direct dominion, He will go very directly. So, we are to take over the best and highest places in the satanic world. (105-145)

31) Liberation of the Moon Tribe and the Tribes of the World

November 2, 1978, Chung Pyung

I have a mother and a father, but I could not witness to them even once. I could not share with my mother even once the words of the Principle. I have many relatives, but I could not give them one lecture on the Principle. I am to return only after setting the condition of having loved you more. I am to come here in pursuit and then return. So, finally on November 2, 1978, I performed a ceremony centering on my ancestors, and mother and father. I performed the ceremony that will bring heaven and earth into one and then returned here.

What did I do recently? Because in the spirit world, all the relationships from the earth remain as is, the spirit world is made up of numerous clubs and cliques. Just as how walls exist everywhere that is how it is there. Do you understand? This is how the spirit world is structured, just like the earth.

In that way, having done so, the religious domains gather according to the categories. What I have to do is that, centering on the central and peripheral religions, carry on a movement to make them all one, make them one based on the subject and object relationships. On the earth, I must set all the conditions to make them one. By doing so, the whole spirit world becomes connected. This is the first thing. The next is the tribes and kinsmen; the central clans and peripheral clans, as soon as they become one, the spirit world will become one. In order to do this, the central religions and the peripheral religions must be united as one. Only after that, can the task begin. Do you understand?

What I did during my visit this time was perform a ceremony in which, centering on my tribe, my clan, I brought unity with all the peripheral clans of the world, and I performed the ceremony through which all peripheral religions can become one centering on the Unification Church. What date was that on? [November 2, 1978] Yes, I performed such a ceremony in Chung Pyung. After completing the ceremony I had the intuitive feeling that there would be some indemnity condition within the church, and within three weeks, there was an accident at Chung Pyung Lake. Moreover, there was another accident in New Zealand. Do you understand what this means? On account of this, all of the spirit world, the spirit world of these two worlds have been connected and made into one. All the barriers will crumble. Therefore, your ancestors can come down from the spirit world freely anywhere without encountering any barrier. In the past, it was so difficult to come down from the spirit world that they could not come down. However, now since the spirit world and the earth have formed a domain of unity, those who oppose the Unification Church from now on will perish. From now on, more and more . . . After the third seven-year course is over, I am not afraid of opposition. Do you understand what this means?

Then, why are things unfolding that way? The earth is Adam and the spirit world is the archangel. (Writes on the blackboard) So, we have to create the position of Adam who represents the whole earth and the position of the archangel who represents the whole spirit world. Before the fall, the whole spirit world had helped Adam. So, from now on, the whole spirit world will help you, the whole spirit world will. (102-95)

Today, what are True Parents to do centering on the mission for the restoration of the world of the three-stage domain? All is to indemnifying the restorational history. After moving out while paying the indemnity, we must return. This is the reason that I have been doing this kind of work centering on Korea. I have to match them together. So, what did I do in Korea this time? What I did on November 2, 1978 was that I connected all of these. By doing so, these barriers are being dismantled. We will be able to go anywhere. Without any boundaries, we can go anywhere freely. In this way, all will develop reciprocal relationships.

Therefore, it is up to you to mobilize the spirit world. Who is it up to, to mobilize on the earth? It is up to you. Accordingly, people on the earth are like Adam and spirits in the spirit world are like the archangels. Since you now understand that the good ancestors in your lineage have the responsibility of archangels, you should command them. The ancestors of those ancestors are none other than you. This is all a part of the restoration of the ancestors. It begins with you. Since you are the ancestors, you have to take responsibility. You are the leaders of the future. You have to take responsibility for the past, the present, and also the future. You are the leaders of the three eras. Do you understand what I am talking about? [Yes]

Therefore, from now on this main stream, where do all the streams of dispensation flow? Passing through the course of tribal messiah, and passing the course on the level of the people, nation, world, and the spirit world, we are to return to God. Do you understand what this means? [Yes] That is the path that you must walk. This is the main stream for you, so that all of you have to go this way. This is where the stream of the dispensation flows through.

In order to do that, you have to attain mind and body unity. Then, you have to meet an object to become one with, and next, you have to become united with your clan, and in this manner, you are to expand outwards gradually. You are to become such central figures. This central figure must do things centering on love. You must do everything based on love. All of these resonate centering on love, and nothing else. (10-231)

What have I been doing so far? I have been dismantling all the countless barriers in the spirit world. Based on God's love, I have taken down barriers that have separated numerous peoples and races on the earth. This is the work that I have been doing.

So, coming into last year what I have done on November 2 is that I have opened all the doors of the denominations and religions in the spirit world. We are entering the time when all the doors between the nations must be opened. I have already opened the doors between religions, but what still remains to be done are the doors between tribes. We have not yet opened up the doors of tribes. Do you understand? So, I had no choice but to make the proclamation of the liberation of the Moon tribe as well as the tribes of the world. On November 2 in Chung Pyung I made the declaration. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes] By doing so, I opened countless doors of the religious world, and the realm of countless tribes on the earth . . . When the doors of tribes are opened, then the national door will open automatically. Do you understand? [Yes] Such times will come.

Because the door has been opened, faithful people of the past, those spirits who had believed in religions can be in the same position as the archangels in the dispensation of restoration of the earth to help in the realm of Adam on earth. Such things took place only within certain religions, but as the walls on the earth have been dismantled and the scope has been enlarged. The way has opened for everyone, regardless of whether or not he or she believed in a religion and all the spirits who were filial before the ancestors, and those who were patriots and heroes can all come down to the earth to lead their descendants toward the path of goodness. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes] This is the path that leads to the new era.

The work to dismantle all the walls in the spirit world was undertaken on the earth, and because now, everything has been fulfilled on the earth, what happened to the works that used to be done in the spirit world is that they were transferred to the earth. Do you understand? The mission undertaken by all the heads of religions, enlightened people and spirits to lay the foundation to expand the spirit world has been reoriented as the mission on the earth. This is the departing point for the proclamation of the new era. Do you understand what this means? [Yes]

For this reason, in the Unification Church, there is no national boundary. There is no boundary at all. We have to shrink all the national boundaries in the world. (105-264)

32) The Transitional Period

December 31, 1978, January 1, 1979

This moment today, on December 31, 1978 is the turning point. You did not know when this turning point is, right? Although you did not know, now that you have learned of it, you have to undergo a fundamental change from tomorrow. Starting from tomorrow is my era. We are to enter my era. What day is tomorrow? [My day] My era, my day, my birthday, all of them are fine.

We as a whole have to display a new appearance. We should not wake up late, and our behavior has to improve. (102-221)

33) Unity of Spirit World

June 21, 1982

You are Tribal Messiahs. You can save your ancestors as well as those who live on the earth; for example, say the Smith family and the descendants will automatically receive salvation. This is the type of messiah you are. Although the Jewish people have come down for two thousand years, two thousand years, and two thousand years, six thousand years all together, we in the Unification Church can inherit the equal value of this six thousand years in just six years. If you look here, this is three stages, and this has the content that corresponds to the two thousand years, this to another two thousand years, and this to another two thousand years. Through this, by doing this, your ancestors will be connected to this, as well as this and without a limit in the future. (Speaks while writing on the blackboard)

In other words, those who do not know religion can enter the domain of the benefit of the religion. People who could not establish the ideology of the chosen people can cross over to the ideology of the chosen people. Do you understand what this means? So, within the Tribal Messiah, all the vertical and horizontal contents are contained within. You must understand this fact.

Therefore, on June 21 of 1982, I conducted "the ceremony of the proclamation of the synthesis of the spirit world." This is the date on which I had entered prison in the past. In 1948, in other words, this is the 34th year. This is the 34th year. Because it is the 34th year, it is the time when 33 years have come to an end and the 34th year has begun. What this means is that in the Unification Church, we have restored through indemnity the whole of the thirty-three years of the life course of Jesus. This is the time that I have fought with America. The Unification Church spearheads America. So, all your ancestors who belong to the spirit world will return to the earth through your Home Church foundation, the whole will come down.

Now then, those ancestors of yours who are in the spirit world are much like the angels in the angelic world. Your ancestors correspond to the angels of the angelic world. Moreover, your world corresponds to the world of Adam and Eve. Furthermore, your descendants who are to come correspond to the future. Because the spirit world is in the same position as that in which it has to help Adam, your ancestors in the spirit world will come and help you fulfilling the mission of the angelic world. If they become one with you by helping you, then liberation will take place. This is the principle. (Speaks while writing on the blackboard) (19-44)

34) Pledge of Declaration

To the team of chairmen of the PWPA (Professors of the World Peace Academy), December 18, 1983, noon, at the main hall of the Little Angels Arts Center

It is a historical event to hold the first world conference with the team of chairmen of the PWPA coming to Seoul, Korea from all over the world. That while all of humanity and the Korean people are watching closely, the fact that in such a short time they could gather from all over the world is an amazing event. This stands as the proof that we as a whole have become one in heart and mind and deeply long for world peace.

We know that today, humanity faces a great new crisis in which freedom and survival are threatened. Moreover, while communism is revealing itself as a merciless tyrant, even in the democratic world, they have failed to present some solution that can bring hope and courage to the world.

We believe that Unification Thought, which is a new perspective on values that originate from Godism introduced by the Rev. Moon, is truly pointing to the bold new solution for the ideal world. This solution has already demonstrated its power to induce the conscientious people of all nations throughout the whole world to offer their lives and sacrifice for the sake of the world peace, so we express a deep gratitude for this.

We, the chairmen of different nations in the world who have participated in the first world conference, pledge as follows:

We solemnly pledge that crossing over the walls of history, culture, national boundary, and race, in order to build the ideal world according to the will of God we are proud of the following that are centered on God:
1) We are proud of the one sovereignty of goodness
2) Proud of the one people
3) Proud of the one national territory
4) Proud of the one language and culture
5) Proud of the fact that we have become unified children centering on God
6) Proud of being able to inherit the one tradition
7) And we pledge to build one world of the heart

We solemnly pledge before the whole world and the humanity that we will march forward with full force toward these goals.

Section 2: The Significance of Today and the Major Church Holidays [Part 5]

2. The Establishment, Ritual, and Proclamation of Holidays

35) The Universal Transitional Period

December 31, 1983, second floor of the Saint Francis hospital, with the participation of couples of each blessing as well as representatives of Korea, America, Japan, Germany, and first, second, and third Israel

When we view with the historical and dispensational perspective, there is a high probability that the Abel figure will be offered as the sacrifice. In other words, when we consider Adam as the individual ancestor of mankind in dispensational history, Jesus was the Abel figure. Accordingly, Jesus had to go as the sacrifice on the cross. Similarly, in True Parents' family, with Sung Jin as the Cain figure, Hui Jin (Abel) had to pass away. With Ye Jin as the Cain figure Hae Jin (Abel) had to go. This time, in this way, with Hyo Jin as the Cain figure, Heung Jin (Abel) had to go.

We are performing this ceremony before the New Year. Now the universal transitional period will come. In other words, the sovereignty will be transferred. The 72 nations proclaimed recently in Korea are the number of representative nations of the world. Moreover, Korea, Japan, America, and Germany, these four nations are the horizontal representative nations. In other words, we are restoring the historical Adam family.

On account of Heung Jin's passing away, communist invasion will be prevented. By establishing the 72 nations as the representatives, Eastern culture and the Western culture are to become synthesized. People is the Cain figure and the sovereign is the Cain figure. The fact that this hospital has cooperated with enthusiasm and all the doctors were moved to tears has set the condition on behalf of the Catholic church of having helped greatly. Also, among the representatives of the 72 nations, there were many Jewish people. This has become the opportunity for the religions, politics, arts of the East and the West to become one.

Because of Heung Jin's passing away, from now on the spirit world can be traveled to and from freely. Through this, the time will come when the whole world can receive the blessing of the Unification Church. On the basis of Heung Jin's passing away, the world, both spiritual and physical can turn around and come back. The opposition of the government will become support. Viewing it from the dispensational perspective, this is the same as how in 1984 the thirty years of individual private life came to an end and from 1985 we are to enter the time of public life of common fate.

Please let Heung Jin go alive. Let him build the Kingdom of Heaven centering on the 24 elders.

Please receive the spiritual and physical self of Heung Jin by stamping the seal of victory through the unity of the True Parents and the True Children.

Please receive the unification of Judaism, Christianity, and the Unification Church. Let it become the world of God. True Parents and God, please grant the blessing so that from now on we can take an offensive position in the seven-year period until 1990 so that it can become a unified world.

The reason that the Abels are passing away is because the (blessed) families have not completed their responsibilities. Accordingly, please let the families become one.

Through the offering of Heung Jin as the sacrifice, let the relationship between Song Jin and Hyo Jin become completely resolved in harmony, and let them become restored Esau and Jacob. Through the sacrifice of Heung Jin parents have to try to become one. All that True Mother has to do is obey me. (130-93)

36) The Day of Victory of Love

January 3, 1984

The term used today, the Day of Victory of Love, this phrase that the victory was won centering on love recognizes the existence of Satan. It is not the day of victory of love but the day of celebration of love. It should be the day of celebration of love. These wicked words, you have to know that these abundant traces of side affects have been left behind as the presents of the fall. The term Second Coming itself is the same, and the name Blessed Families has also taken the undesired form due to the fall and according to the laws of the fall.

In the original world of the Principle, there is no such a thing as a Blessed Family restored from the fall. Originally a child is supposed to be born several months and years after the parents -- to reach the completion stage, and then the indirect dominion, having become one with the direct dominion they consummate their marriage based on the true parentship of love. This is the child. Does a child just pop up right after they make love? It has become the opposite, even your parents have until now. You have to step backwards and move up, and drag it up like this. Do you understand? (137-254)

37) Proclamation of the Founding of One World

April 1, 1984 (lunar calendar, March 1)

In my prayer today, I have conducted the ceremony of proclamation, "Based on the fortune of the Unification Church centering on the unification of the heaven and the unification of the earth, by the command of God please institute the mainstream ideology and allow us to march forward toward the founding of the one world." Do you understand? We are to advance forward for one nation! Amen!

Now, you should have such conviction, and you have to claim the nation and the world based on your family foundation. You have to further the national foundation to move out toward the world. I believe that such a time will come in the near future. (131-61)

38) The Proclamation of the Day of Love of Heaven

May 16, 1984, 0:45 a.m., Belvedere, America, the transfer of the candle of the love of heaven, and the initiation of the Il-Jeung prayer.

We have to hammer in the stakes centering on parental love. We have to hammer the stakes in. The day that the stake is hammered in securely -- when is the day that the stake is clearly hammered in before Satan and God? This is the Day of the Love of Heaven. We are to cross over to the era when centering on the love of God we can pass through. Why? Because hell on earth has been decimated. Hell, even prisons have been destroyed. We are to drive even hell and prison into the domain of heaven. Do you understand? (Applause)

For this reason, in this era you have created the Il-Jeung meeting, and the Il-Jeung prayer meeting, but what is the meaning of the word, "Il-Jeung-Hui?' It has a historical meaning that can make the connection with the realm of heart that I have been speaking about up to now. (Speaks while writing on the blackboard) The Il-Jeung prayer meeting is the movement to become one centering on the True Parents and with the heart that loves them more than anything else. It is a pledge. The time that you pray is the time of pledge. This is the meaning behind the movement of Il-Jeung-Hui. You should understand that such content lies underneath it.

Centering on that, we have to exert ourselves with a united heart to carry on the movement to become one with God and True Parents. Accordingly, we are to synchronize it with this kind of field. This is international, heaven and earth; it was carried out worldwide. For this reason, it is possible only through love. Only love can transcend the world in this way. (132-125)

Here, this whole body has gathered here representing all the nations, the world, and the 120 missionary countries, yet do you pledge, "We will become completely one centering on the words of the Teacher and cross over the realm of domain of love"? [Yes, Father] Thank you. From now on, there is liberation. I am to move forward into the position of liberation, from now on. The period of transition into a new era will come. (Applause)

Therefore, through this kind of occasion today, the Day of Love of Heaven, I have prayed that we can digest with love even the fear of death, as well as the fear of prison. You have to understand that I have just performed the ceremony that signifies that centering on the Unification Church death has been digested with love and the legal, earthly hell of today has been digested with love.

The creation of the Day of Victory of Love and the Day of Love of Heaven is not possible without the True Parents, so the True Parents have appeared; by completing all this in this historical era they have built the highway through which the future generations can travel. Because you should know that the Day of Love of Heaven and the Day of Victory of Love are important days that must be praised and loved forever in history, I am making the proclamation at this moment. (132-100)

Beloved Heavenly Father! Although today's date is May 20th, 1984, because today can substitute the moment of the declaration of love of heaven at May 16, 0:45 a.m. in connecting to the historical day of proclamation on the standard of the East Garden family, father, please allow your presence in this place.

The True Parents of the earth are seated here and the parents in heaven are present here, and the whole of the unified spirit world of the 120 nations centering on Heung Jin and Jesus is present here, and the symbolical substantial beings of the domain of resurrection of the 120 nations of the earth are here, so based on this hour please let the sovereignty and possessive rights of heaven lost because of the evil love . . .

Now, at the pinnacle of this worldwide indemnity, we now stand in this incredible summit of history where we can proclaim the Day of Love of Heaven that can, centering on the love of True Parents and the love of God, while restoring the historical right of inheritance lost simultaneously establish the sovereignty of love.

Heaven! Earth! Since this was the day that the universe has longed for, I hope that you can stand in the heartistic realm of one heart and one will to welcome and receive the grand proclamation of the True Parents! I declare that we are going to march toward the era of inheriting the realm of love of the heavenly kingdom where God and the True Parents being present, the children of the True Family centering on the parental love, all of the blessed couples can become one, so I hope that the whole universe can solemnly accept it at this hour!

I proclaim the Day of Love of Heaven in the name of God and the True Parents. Amen, [Amen] Amen. [Amen] Amen. [Amen] (Three cheers of "Mansei," and applause) (132-102)

39) The Day of the Opening of the Door of Heaven

February 1, 1985, 3 O'clock, Danbury

Today is February 1. It is the day that I have declared the Day of the Opening of the Door of Heaven. What is the meaning of the opening of the door of heaven? As it says literally, it means the day that the door of heaven is opened.

Last year on this date, I in Danbury and mother in East Garden have finally opened the door through which heaven and earth can be connected. So the good ancestors of the world in heaven are to come to their descendants on the earth by passing through hell. Only those who overcome hell can go to heaven. (1986.2.1)

What I did after I entered Danbury, is that on February 1 of 1985, I opened the door to the pathway between the spirit world and the physical world which had been previously blocked off. I in Danbury and Mother in East Garden offered a special prayer. Since it was the fallen parents who had closed the door, opening this door is the mission of the parents who can bring restoration. It must be opened. So we opened it up. Because we have opened up the door, even if evil ancestors are in hell, now a way has opened up for the good descendants to go there to witness to their ancestors in their lineage.

In the past, there have been constant efforts to make connection to the tribal spheres in which Abraham or someone can conduct the dispensation of restoration centering on religion, or where True Parents can be born, where True Parents can come and carry on the dispensation of restoration. When you take that perspective, the lineage starting from Adam and passing through Abel, Noah, Abraham, Moses, John the Baptist and reach to the era of Jesus is the genealogy that can make the link from heaven down to the earth. There is only one lineage that corresponds to this lineage. All the rest have no relationship what so ever. Only after this is completed, can True Parents come to dismantle all the things that block the path. Without the appearance of True Parents, there is no way to bring them down. (114-262)

On February 1, at three in the afternoon, in the prison together with mother I had the final conference in which the highway was laid between hell and heaven. Although the highway is laid, preparations must be made. There have to be cars, and we must learn how to drive, and you need to have gas. These things cannot be found within yourselves. Your ancestors are to bring them along. Do you understand? Your ancestors have brought the car, put in the gasoline, and taught you to start the movement of pulling you up to the spirit world. Do you believe these words? If you don't want to believe then, don't. It is the hard reality. You should go and see for yourself.

Recently spiritual mediums revealed, "Wow! All the flags in the heavenly kingdom have gathered in one place, and deciding on one direction, they have started to move. From February of this year the door to hell and the door to heaven have been opened up." But, they do not even understand who has caused this to happen. Heaven and earth became like this when I made the proclamation, "The resurrection of the new era, the present era has passed behind us and the new era has come, and the period of persecution for the Unification Church has passed and the time has come for the liberating sound of the trumpet to reverberate all throughout." (137-190)

40) The Proclamation of the Day of One Victory

August 20, 1985, 3:15 a.m., Belvedere, U.S.A. The holy water ceremony.

The blessed couples living in the vicinities of New York gathered in the training center of Belvedere on August 20, 1985 at 3:15 a.m. right after the Teacher's release from prison to listen to the Teacher's heartfelt explanation of the significance, and participated the holy water ceremony conducted by Mr. Hyo Jin Moon.

This was based on the Day of One Victory that took place in East Garden on August 16 at 7:00 a.m., and this was meant to inherit the significance and meaning of that ceremony.

This day of one victory was proclaimed at the welcoming ceremony for Mr. Hyo Jin Moon who came back after a successful conclusion of the forty-day workshop of the blessed children held in Korea (Night of the 15th).

This also was the ceremony of triumph that celebrated the new beginning on the 16th, the day after the 40th anniversary of the conclusion of World War II on August 15, 1945. In the proclamation ceremony of the Day of One Victory that begun at seven a.m. Father spoke until 10:35, and by giving a prayer of blessing and conducting the holy water ceremony, he declared the confirmation of the right of the oldest son.

In the holy water ceremony, the True Parents and all of the true children participated, and twelve people who represented the membership and the twelve tribes participated, and all the participants drank the newly created holy water. Using four bottles of the Il-Hwa spring water as the seed water, after placing them on the table in the living room of East Garden and praying over them, they were poured into small cups and given to the True Children and the representative blessed couples to drink in an orderly manner. (Sa-Bo, #46, p6)

41) When the Unification Church Emerges Before the World

January 1, 1986

Now 1985 has passed by and 1986 has begun, and through the prayer offered moments ago, what would happen is that the world will turn upside down. Where would it turn toward? If it was turning like the needles on the clock, then after having made a full circle, they are starting to turn counter-clock wise. Until now, the Unification Church has been trampled upon by the world, but from now on, it is time for the Unification Church to emerge above the world. (137-37)

What I prayed about in this celebration ceremony today is the unification with the Christian churches and . . . Centering on the saints in the Christian cultural sphere they became loyal to the era of Roman Empire. We are to tie all these together. So, centering on the kingship of good kings who are in the spirit world, we are to bring all the patriots and heroes to the earth, to have them order presidents, kings, and all of them to follow Rev. Moon within the ideal domain centered on the kingship of the True Parents. They will hear all about Rev. Moon. From now on, good news will also be heard, and they will all say that I am famous. Derogatory rumors will abate and as the positive wind blows, their ancestors in the spirit world will ceaselessly come to them and teach them. Good ancestors in the spirit world even go down to hell to educate.

I have opened this door in Danbury. (137-190)

42) The Founding of the Federation for the Unification of the North and South

May 15, 1987, in the main hall of the Little Angels Arts Center.

Why do I push so hard to have this founding convention before May 15 was over? It is because if we were to compare this time to a season, it is the time right before the coming of the summer season. This is the time when all the things of creations are gaining new life. Moreover, when we look at the fortune of the whole . . . When did the May 16 even take place? [In 1961] Yes, centering on the fortune of May 16, the new sovereignty came into being. So, it has to be done before that. You cannot go over that date.

For this reason, at this time the situation of Korea has become the way it is now. This was not somehow synchronized cleverly. Because the timetable of the dispensation in Korea is fixed this way, all are thrown into chaos. The rival party as well as the governing parties are in a chaotic state, the people have lost the direction to move toward, religions cannot deal with the problems, and no one can take care of the situation. Here, we have synchronized it. We are to kick and climb over it. By doing so, concentrating all the fortunes that had caused the spirit world and physical world to divide, the east and west to divide, and north and south to divide, we are to gather them in this way.

Here, the fortune of the whole world centered on the Blessed Couples is linked together, and the fortunes of Korea are all connect to it. What shall we call this fortune? Centering on the end point that is like the end of a needle, we are to dig it in.

By doing so, from now on we are to declare to the spirit world. When this convention is over, all will be on the world level. All these are the fortunes that represent mankind. Through these, we are to create one sphere of whirlpool in a great ocean. Just as how as soon as the whirlpool begins to turn the whole ocean gets dragged in, although we are having it in Korea, this will move not just Korea but the whole world.

Accordingly, the problem is what kind of conviction does the leader have when he makes the move. (164-169)

43) The Ceremony of Dispensational Unified Transition

September 27, 1988, at the Han Nam Dong mansion

At this point in time when an incredible new era is being ushered in, together with the huge victory of the Olympic games we proclaimed the World Cultural Festival, isn't that so? [Yes] By doing so, I have given rise to various problems. The one central axis around which all of these can eventually be tied together and cause the world to make a new turn is in its formation. When all are wrapped around here and begin to turn, then the whole world will not fall into the satanic world but fall into the heavenly world. Thus, the cultural festival is the means to be used as a catalyst to hasten the advancement toward the one world. You have to understand that this is what it is. Do you understand? [Yes] (1988.10.3)

Thinking about it, I did a good job in conducting the transition ceremony on 27th (The day of proclamation of the World Cultural Festival). Things started to turn around from that ceremony of transition. You should watch closely. All those that had been previously divided have been matched together within the two Cain and Abel-type systems centering on the sphere of unification. The two worlds based on Cain and Abel, the communist world and the democratic world, that would bring unity have come face to face, glued to other at their foreheads. Do you understand?

Where? [In Seoul] In Seoul. Then, what happened to Kim Il-Sung? Kim Il Sung is glued to the end of the tail. Kim Il Sung is the most miserable one. (1988. 10. 3)

All the ceremonies of transition in the dispensational history are always centered on Cain and Abel. Because they could not even reach the parental position, this refers to the vertical and horizontal indemnity conditions and the center of love. Because we have become one even centering on the Parents, we can declare the founding day of the unified nation. (1988.10.3)

First: The division and unification of the north and south

Second: The Seoul Olympic Games and the dispensational point of congruence

Third: Leading the battlefront of the unification of the federation

Fourth: Formalizing the ideals of the unified one body

What is the fifth? When we look at it centering on the Seoul Olympic Games, the Soviet Union and East Germany are on the Cain side, and what about America and Korea? They are the Abel side. For this reason, in the world perspective of Cain and Abel, it refers to the alliance of Cain and Abel in the Soviet Union, and also refers to the alliance of the democratic world. Cain and Abel finally joined their hands at the time of the Olympics, so who is the one that will ultimately bring the two worlds together? Here, we have the emergence of the influencing powers of the True Parents. We have to grab on to it and hammer in the stakes. We are to return to the new world.

What comes next? Since we have done the Ceremony of Unified Transition, what is the sixth? Because the time has come when the connection can be made with both the horizontal and the vertical domains of heart from the family to the world level, we are to return to our homeland. Next, there will be the appearance of the ancestors centered on God. Do you understand what this means? We are to first return to the homeland, emerge as the new ancestors, and then connect with the national foundation. Do you understand? In this manner, the transitional point in the dispensational history has to be established. Only when you build the foundation based on your efforts reaching out to the national level, will you not face the accusations of Satan. (1988.10.3)

44) Founding Day of the Unified Nation of the World

October 3, 1988, at Yong-In, Kyung-Gi province.

Seizing this rare opportunity when heaven is opening up to open up further the door, which had been opened from the individual to the national level, on the world level is the way that the fortune of Korea will roll out to the world both internally and externally.

So, what is today? World what? [The Founding Day of the Unified Nation of the World] Yes. Because the point of congruence is perfectly in line with the theory behind the dispensation that can proclaim the unified nation of the world, the unified world, and the founding day of the unified nation of the world, because this day is in accordance with the historical perspective of our Unification Church both in theory and in experience, even if we refer to this day and say that our day of hope has been founded, no one can raise objections. (1988.10.3)

First is the beginning of the unification of Korea and Japan, second is the beginning of the unification of America, Korea, Germany, and the Soviet Union.

Through American Christianity and the Korean Unification Church, the unified world will unfold. This is the third.

Fourth, the Christian cultural sphere will become the Abel figure and the material world the Cain figure, and the materialism of the communist world and the world of spiritualism will be unified.

What is the fifth? It is the unification of the world in heaven and the earthly world. When they become linked together, the unification of the world in heaven and the world on earth will finally begin to take place.

Sixth is the completion of the responsibility of the dispensational historical indemnity. What I mean is that the dispensational historical responsibility has been completed. When the responsibility is completed, the perfect family can begin.

As the perfect structure of the family, not only of the family but also of the tribe, people, nation, and world, appears on the foundation of the satanic world, Satan's existence will no longer have any value. What it means is that it will become the world of liberation.

On that basis, the seventh is the beginning of the heavenly world on earth, and the eighth is the promise of the realization of the heaven in the family, nation, world, the whole earth, and in heaven. Finally, in heaven and on earth, the one ideal world of love will be unfolded.

I have explained that based on the pledge of unification, this kind of Founding Day of the Unified Nation can be declared. Do you understand? [Yes] What comes next? As we proceed to do this kind of works, the problem is how to educate our second generation in the future. Therefore, inheriting the ideological tradition of the Olympic Games, you have to be healthy externally. Internally, you have to be overflowing with love. When you are filled with love, then you can represent for the parental love as well as for the children's love. You have to become individuals of mature character full of love, which can represent love toward the nation, world and heaven. (1988.10.3)

45) The Ceremony of One Heart

June 23, 1989, at the main hall of the Little Angels Arts Center.

Right before the recognition ceremony for the chairman of the Korean Federation for the pursuit of the roots, from 10:30 a.m. to 11:10 a.m. in the third floor VIP room of the main hall of the Little Angels Arts Center, honoring the presence of the Teacher and his wife, twelve representatives of our church and the twelve representatives of the clans and kinsmen, thirty people in all participating, the historical Ceremony of One Heart was conducted.

The Ceremony of One Heart in which the Cain realm and the Abel realm are to come together as one centering on God and the True Parents was conducted by Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak (President of the Sae Gye Daily), the emcee. First, Hyo Jin Nim and Hoon Sook Nim bowed before the True Parents as the representatives of the True Family, and right after that everyone stood in three lines representing Cain and three lines representing Abel and bowed; then each representative bowed, and the golden crown was offered to the Teacher and his wife, and one more bow was offered representing all the clans in Korea. Then there was the recitation of the fifth section of the Pledge, and there was Teacher's prayer of blessing (prayer offering the ceremony of one heart); then there was the cutting of the cake; and the ceremony ended with the three cheers of Mansei led by chairman Young Whi Kim. (Sa-Bo, # 92, P92)

I have already told you all this. I have told you that the time of settling down for the spirit world will come. Haven't you learned that based on returning resurrection the work of unification will be accomplished? Unification will take place through the return of spirits. You have to be grateful toward heaven that is at work trying to be in harmony with the era of transition into the new history. (170-286)

"Holy Spirit" here is not the same as the Holy Spirit who is part of the trinity of God. A more accurate translation would have been "divine spirit" because the first of the two Chinese characters that make up the term, "Shin" means divinity or god, while the second character, "Ryeng," means ghost or spirit. Moreover, divine spirit is the way that the dictionaries translate the word. However, because the official translation has always been "Holy Spirit," it will be left as it is despite the obvious confusion. But keep in mind that "Holy Spirit" in this section refers not to the third member of the trinity of God and that it is identical to the term, "Divine Spirit," which is used interchangeably here to convey more accurate meaning.

46) Declaration Day of the Providential Age of Restoration through Love

August 20, 1989, at Belvedere in America

The purpose of the providence of salvation is to save man and woman. Then, the words "the providence of restoration through love" or "the providence of perfection" is how can we unite these two people with love. The purpose of these is the same as the providence of salvation.

God's purpose is to return to the age of the original love where no Satan exists after re-creating Adam and re-creating Eve. Since the love is lost, the creation must be done centering on love. This is why God is perfecting Adam and perfecting Eve.

This is why providence of salvation or providence of restoration through the love of God cannot be done without man and woman, also without love. (193-52)

The Providential Age of Restoration through Love is the age God dominates directly. (193-55)

From now on, it is the providential age of love in the view of the providence. Do you understand? The providential age that the Messiah will occupy the four comers of this world will come. That is the conclusion of everything. At that time, everything finishes. Then, the providential age of salvation ends completely and the providential age of love begins.

When I say based on the Principle, the realm of the dominion of result is the completion of the portion of responsibility based on the restoration of the Elder Sonship. The first child and the second child born after the restoration of the Elder Sonship are children of Adam and Eve. They are God's children. Therefore, since we came to the providential age that can connect children centering on parents to family or blood lineage centering on God, we call the age the providential age of restoration through love.

God's providential age has entered the age of parents, the age of love. When we do our best, simply following the way of the Principle, perfection of our spiritual character and the perfection of our physical character will be done, and the age that we will be connected to the nation will come. This is why the age is changing to the providential age of restoration through love. (19, 30, 69, 84, 100)

47) Day of the Settlement of Eight Stages

August 31, 1989, at Kodiak Alaska in America

The order of restoration is vertical from the servant of servant, servant, adopted son, stepson, real son, and Eve. Without the real son, mother cannot be restored. This is why, if there is no victorious foundation of original Abel, unless Elder Sonship is completely restored, there is no place for father and mother to stand.

Eve gave birth to two sons. She bore the first son, thus the son of Satan, as the elder son. This is why, without any choice, God has been tracing out the way of the restoration through indemnity centering on the second son. Whose responsibility is that? It is Eve's. Therefore, by connecting the worldwide foundation with the real son's victorious foundation, and on the foundation of the unity between mother and son, Adam can stand. Also, on the foundation where Adam became one, God can stand. This is the way of vertical indemnity. Do you understand what I am saying?

You learned from the Divine Principle, haven't you? From servant of servant, servant, adopted son, stepson, real son, Eve, Adam, and God, we return to the world of love. The way is to go up. It is to connect the foundation that is going up. We connect all these and make it as a pyramid. (193-92)

48) Declaration Day of Heavenly Parentism

September 1, 1989, in Kodiak, Alaska

God has been working until now since the fall of humankind in order to restore the Elder Sonship. However, through Abel making Cain surrender completely, fallen man can attend parents. Therefore, the age of parentism, heavenly parentism came; so that parents can love both Cain and Abel. Until now, God loved Abel and Satan loved Cain. Thought of Cain and Abel = Communism, and Democracy = Brotherism.

Also, God's providence has ended the age of the indemnity, and proclaims the Heavenly Parentism (True Parentism), restoration of kingship, so that God is working directly with love, God is becoming the parent of the world of the entire creation. (Sabo 96, p. 38)

49) Proclamation of Parents of Heaven and Earth

February 27, 1990, at Han Nam Dong in Seoul, Korea

The welcoming that Korea made for True Parents at this time does not end as the welcoming that only Korea made. This period was the period of proclamation of announcing the liberation of the physical world along with the liberation of the spiritual world with the authority of parents special position by standing on the top of the position that transcends America and the world.

(Prays) Within this, please proclaim that the eternal Kingship that can represent Heaven and earth to land in a direct line from this earth to Heaven. Please, also proclaim that we can go forward to the age that You can exercise Your sovereign power for the sake of love and peace centering on Your Ideal Creation standing above the entire power of satanic world.

Please accept this foundation that True Parents have paved. As I am proclaiming the settlement of the new Kingship on earth and in Heaven by becoming one with parents in Heaven, please let the entire cosmos to transcend the hill of lamentation and sorrow and to return joy, praise, and glow.

Please allow God's love, liberation, True Parents' liberation to be established centering on God's love, centering on God's Kingship, centering on God's people and earth, and centering on the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven.

All these I proclaim in front of the entire cosmos in the name of True Parents. (Sabo 101, p. 7)

50) Declaration Day of God's Eternal Blessing (7.1 Celebration Day)

July 1, 1991, at Han Nam Dong House

(Prays) Beloved Heavenly Father! Today is July 1, 1991. I know that the year 1991 is the year that is positioned for the final crisis in the providential historical turning point. After transcending all kinds of complicated circumstance from January to June, now we newly face July.

Father! I am truly grateful that, beginning today I can set down the day of victory, liberation and glory as I hold the Ceremony of Declaration Day of God's Eternal Blessing after liquidating entire conditions that represent providential history and You have established.

I pray that God will observe, and all good spirits, saints and sages, and ancestors of the entire spiritual world will observe all of these. Also, Satan will observe everything that is being proclaimed centering on the benefit that Satan can also follow, even standing in the very final situation of humankind, in the realm of the liberation of freedom by furnishing the element of circumstance that Satan can confess all his shameful betrayal that he did to Heaven until now and surrender on his own in front of love, in front of Heavenly Father's power. I pray that with everyone's observation, they will support everything that I am offering during the victorious ceremony of proclamation, ceremony of liberation, ceremony of unification that we can go forward toward the Kingdom of Heaven attending True Parents and attending Father's Will. I proclaim all these in front of Heaven in the name of True Parents. Amen, Amen, Amen. (Tong Il Sae Gye, July 1991)

(Benediction) We know that You have now liquidated the sorrowful historical indemnity course centering on July First of 1991 with God's protection for every course until today.

And, we know that every declaration is needed in order to find the realm of liberation of the original world by newly attending God, the Creator and horizontal True Parents who will become the original parents. We know that these are to be done with the unification of left and right, with the unification of north and south, with the unification of every realm of religion and realm of politics and inheritance of Elder Sonship, and inheritance of Parentship, and inheritance of Kingship.

I liquidate all evil activities and bury all these with history and proclaim to the physical world and spiritual world the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven of liberation and victory on earth in the name of True Parents. I proclaim in the name of True Parents today, on July First, at this moment that You will lead us by using the proclamation as the shield forever. (Amen) I proclaim these in the name of True Parents. (Amen) I proclaim these in the name of True Parents. (Amen) (Tong Il Sae Gye, July 1991)

With today's July First Ceremony that we have just had, the time when Parents can act as they wish has come. Until now, I could not do as I wished. If I could have done as I wished, why should I have suffered? Why do you think I did all unacceptable things against the world? Everything has a right time. Unless you complete the responsibility for the time, you cannot command with your head up. (Tong Il Sae Gye, July 1991)