36th True God's Day
New Year Midnight Prayer

Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Wednesday 1 January 2003
Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center

Heavenly Father, we have newly ushered in the third year of the Cheon Il Guk (Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity). Last year, we concluded a busy schedule under the motto ˇ°Mansei for the Completed Settlement of the Cheon Il Guk of Freedom, Peace and Happiness, which is the Ideal of the Parents of Heaven and Earthˇ± under your aegis.

Today, in welcoming the new year, we have announced this year's motto: "Through true love, let our family perfect the true family of filial children, loyal subjects, saints and holy children of the Cheon Il Guk.ˇ± We shall begin this new year, in which all families on earth and in heaven are to take root by perfecting themselves, centering on the True Parent, True Teacher, True Owner and True King, and go on to inherit the True Parents' tradition of uniting heaven and earth.

You, Father, the source of all blessings, sent us, the True Parents, to the earth, and had us indemnify numerous peaks of resentment, and now heaven and earth can publicly stand on the same horizontal line, following the completion of the Rallies for the Harmony and Unity of Heaven and Earth, and the Holy Burning Ceremony of Peace, Unity and Liberation of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and as we herald the Age of the Peace, Unity and Equalization of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, heaven and earth can publicly be on the same level standard centering upon the ideal of oneness, from the individual all the way up to the cosmos, advancing toward one purpose.

Adam and Eve were created by the objective standard that was absolutely necessary to perfect the ideal of reciprocity and the ideal of love desired by Heaven, as the incarnation of harmony which is able to catalyze mind-body unity centering upon individual perfection based on one heart, one body and one mindset. Without the ideal partner of love, centering upon the unifying standard of harmony of the one heart, one body and one mindset of the parents of the incorporeal heavenly kingdom and the corporeal substantial parents, the purpose of the mainstream ideal of God's attributes, namely absolute love, unique love, unchanging love and eternal love, cannot be perfected.

Therefore, You utterly and unreservedly invested Yourself over and over again entirely from the smallest to the greatest, all the while forgetting the fact of having done so, in order to fulfill that lofty and cherished hope of true love, namely Your absolute wish, absolute hope, and absolute desire for absolute faith from Your object of love, whom You esteem as precious above all else, in order to leave behind for posterity the sublime and vast realm of the ideal of love.

In the midst of that, the ideal of creation consisted of Your hope for the third generation, the sons and daughters issuing out of the conjugal bond of Adam and Eve within the substantial realm of Sung Sang and Hyung Sang, after having formed Eve in Adam's image following his creation into which You poured everything, so as to realize the visible substantiation of Yourself, the invisible substantial God, namely Adam and Eve as the partners of love representing the objective realm.

Yet the fall of the progenitors of the human race left no room for Your Will to be realized, and they ended up being bound in blood ties to Satan in opposition to You, centered upon false parents, false love, false life and false lineage, leaving You in solitary isolation without a foothold in this world through eternal aeons until You eventually realize Your Will through re-creation and emerge as the long and eagerly awaited Heavenly Parent of whose existence humankind has hitherto been ignorant.

You revealed the secrets of the spiritual and physical worlds through us, the True Parents, who uncovered the origin of Satan and his identity as Your enemy of love, the adulterer, thereby checkmating and defeating him, in order to restore the original standard for which You had invested Yourself totally, that we might create the oneness of mind and body, the oneness of mindset, and the oneness of harmony, You having made the foundation on behalf of Adam for the substantial parents on earth, by originally creating Adam and Eve as Your partners of love, centering on Sung Sang and Hyung Sang, and minus and plus, and wanting everything perfected in four directions, aiming to have the family based upon the father-son relationship, the ideal destination of the substantial world, which however was nowhere to be found upon the earth prior to the Coming of the True Parents, who revealed everything and checkmated Satan from the individual level, through the familial, tribal, racial, national, global, all the way up to the cosmic level, thus freeing and restoring the realm of power that had once opposed Heaven, consequently succeeding in bringing forth the new historic epoch.

With the establishment of God's Kingship, together with the Realm of Life of the Completed Settlement of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and the Holy Burning Ceremony of the Peace, Unity and Liberation of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, we have set the standard in the Age of the Peace, Unity and Equalization of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. Please accept the foundations made by the ancestors born from those hamlets, and by the loyal subjects, virtuous women, filial children, saints and holy sons and daughters born from the local villages of this land as well.

Centering on the founders of great religions, we have called out those who dedicated themselves to heaven with their loyalty, filial piety and chastity in the spirit world. We had all of our good ancestors resurrected on earth to restore the realm of failures of the Cain side through indemnity so that we could all stand on the foundation of the restored realm of the elder son, centering upon the Abel realm. The heavenly kingship is realized in the age of equalization in which we can establish a reign of peace on earth, from every individual level to the level of the entire cosmos, and all unite in the realm of liberation without any satanic interference. We are truly grateful for Your grace allowing us to welcome this world of freedom and unity.

Heavenly Father!

Standing on such foundations of true love, our family should realize the family of filial children, the family of loyal subjects, the family of saints, and the family of holy sons and daughters together with the Parents of Heaven and Earth, who are True Parents, True Teachers, and True Masters, in making the new start to establish the true kingship. We are truly grateful today to be able to begin the third year of Cheon Il Guk, in 2003, and to proclaim the motto for the new year. May all nations eternally praise and glorify Your unified victory of having united the spiritual and physical worlds. With Your ever increasing victories and accomplishments, we pray for the realization of Your glory in heaven and Your prosperity on the earth. We are truly grateful that we can pledge before You to advance again and again to liberate the heavenly nation of the unified victory on earth and in heaven. Please reign over us as the King of eternal peace, and allow the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven to be realized.

All blessed families must be loyal subjects who can take responsibility for everything and be the owners who can serve the nobility of kingship.

Through the appearance of the original family on earth, You have enabled us to reach the age when we can offer before You the mansei of victory of liberation in all of heaven and earth. In all Your comings and Your goings and abiding, may Your victory be bountiful and Your glory eternal. Be the King reigning peacefully over all kings eternally. We pray with all of our hearts for the tradition of the victorious heavenly kingdom to begin at this hour as we, the True Parents, put all our heart and mind together. We hereby proclaim our motto to heaven and earth. Amen. Amen. Amen.