Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Middle East Peace Initiative:
Beyond Co-Existence Toward a New Culture of Peace
Closing Plenary

Sheraton National Hotel
March 2, 2003

I believe all of you gathered here this morning represent either your religious or social organization. Whatever organization it may be, you are probably the heads of those organizations. I was told that there are about 172 people gathered here. Let's say we have 172 people. But then all of you, do you have desire to become the top, the best of whatever organization you belong to, or do you want to become the last? [Top.] Then we have 172 champions of all different organizations representing all different fields of life. Then if we all work together, we can generate enough power to move heaven and earth.

Then my next question is, do you wish to become the champion among the 172 of you, or do you want to become the champion among 172 nations? What if we have to include all of our ancestors, and even the great saints in the spirit world and also the 6 billion people in the world. Among them, do you still wish to become the champion or do you want to become the last?

[Champion.] I hear your sound, so strange!

What is your honest opinion when you look at my face? Is Rev. Moon a good, handsome man or an ugly man? Everyone has the desire to be seen as the most handsome man or beautiful woman in the world. It's simple. We all can become such men and women. Then what is the secret? Do you want to know?

[Yes.] Thank you very much.

If you have such conviction that I can do, I did, even the word God cannot do it, God cannot believe it. What do you think. Do you have such confidence? If you have such conviction and confidence, you can become the champions of whatever you do in your life, even representing the past, present and future.

If you have your loving wife or husband, do you wish your spouse to be inferior to you or superior to you, much greater than you are? Well there has to be the position of subject between husband and wife. In other words, the center position, the leader. [Not easy.] Answer not easy way? Think about it, do you think God can find any single, individual person in this world whom he can trust fully? What about yourself? I can give you my conclusion. Throughout history God could not trust any single individual fully. In the world of love, there has to be subject and object relationship. Not because of different levels, but because of the order of the universe. So when it comes to the order of love, we are talking about the subject and object relationship between husband and wife, between parents and children, between brothers and sisters, between the subject figure and object figure. So as I said, if you have a loving spouse, you expect your spouse to be greater than you, a hundred times, maybe even one billion times greater than you. When we apply this kind of order of love into God's creation of Adam and Eve, Adam and Eve were created as his children. Therefore God expected his own children, Adam and Eve even to become greater than himself.

Am I lying? What about you? Do you wish your children to become greater than you? The same thing happened to God. We easily say yes, but then are we really qualified to say that we are in that position, good enough to claim our children to become greater than we are, or do we have such qualified children of our own? It is a serious question.

Regardless of our religion, we are all the children of Abraham. So you know that the human ancestors fell. Those who recognize the human fall in the beginning of human history, could you kindly show your hands? Even as the descendants of fallen ancestors, we still have the desire and wish that our children could become greater than we are, that our spouses would become greater than us. So think about it. Even in this fallen world we have such desires. In the original world where there was no human fall, when God first created his children Adam and Eve, don't you think God had strong desire to see his own children become greater than himself? Maybe you are hearing such a comment for the first time in your life.

Again, my question comes back to the same point. Centering on true love, when God created his own children, also the partner of his love life in the future, do you think God had strong desire to see his own children become greater than himself, or inferior to himself?

We all resemble God, we cannot deny that. Even as fallen descendants we still claim that we resemble God. Think about people who did not have anything to do with the human fall. When we think about God's heart, because of the human fall God lost his own children yet God has been protecting us and forgiving us, loving us, all throughout human history.

Therefore, at the point of realization that God has such pain, yet at the same time love for humankind, can we claim in front of God, "I will love you God, more than you love us. I will do more than you worked?" Then do you think God will get upset and, "Get away Satan," or will God appreciate us?

In other words, we should be able to say, "God, I will believe in what you cannot believe in." Do you think God will get upset? Will God say, "Don't think about that. Don't take that kind of action." Or will he say, "I'm proud of you my son, or my daughter." Or you may say, "God, I will do the things which you cannot do." If you become such a person in the eyes of God, even if you don't want to receive God, don't you think God will come to see you voluntarily to give you more support and more energy and more strength? Or will God stay away from you? God is in the position of our parent, so we want to become even greater than our own father. Put yourself in the position of God. What would you feel?

We are not talking about the champion of 172 representatives here. We are not talking about the champion of 172 nations. We are talking about the champion of the entire universe, where God will come to you and you will go to God and you will move with God as one body, wherever you want to go and whatever you want to do. What about in comparison with me? Do you want to become greater than Rev. Moon in serving and attending God, or less? I don't hear any answer, but some faces.

I believe I can proclaim here that if all of you can do what I cannot do, if you can believe in what I cannot believe in, even if I leave this world I will leave comfortably, because I will have absolute confidence that this world will be changed into a world of peace.

Honestly speaking, I came here to share my thoughts and my teaching. However, if all of you are truly convicted, decided to become even greater than me in terms of serving and attending God, and to do what I cannot do and believe in what I cannot believe, then I will be so happy to leave every one of you alone, and I will be so happy to learn from all of you.

What about you ladies sitting in the front row? Do you have the quality and conviction that you can even beat Rev. Moon in doing God's work? [We will try.] We will try, you do not have confidence. Yes, ladies, you can have confidence. In terms of strength and power you may not be able to compete with me, but when you possess enough love, you can beat me any time.

Comparing man and woman, women are usually more heartistic with a love-filled heart. That is why women tend to shed tears more easily than men. Therefore women are in the position of mother. Throughout human history all the men were born out of a woman's womb. So they are in the position of the owner of heart and love. That is why if you make up your mind you can do much greater work in serving God and in doing God's work than men, including Rev. Moon. You ladies should say, "I will give birth to as many children as I can, who will do even greater work than God and Rev. Moon." Then the entire world will become the kingdom of God.

What about men? There is an old saying, "man is like a thief." Men have so much desire, and even greed. As a man I am standing here. Maybe I am the cousin of the thief, too. But then if I want to feel so comfortable, like mommy's bosom and chest, then maybe God will even come to join me to rest with me. If we can create with our spouses such worth, that will be called the kingdom of God. If God exists, God's eyes and nose and mouth and ears all will want to deal with such a woman and mother. Then God himself will want to love that mother figure eternally and live with her eternally.

Have I spent 20 minutes? Usually ministers do not spend more than 20 minutes to deliver their sermon. So the time is over now, but one thing, if you truly understand the conviction we have to have in order to become the champions in our work, then that's more than good enough for you.

Is anyone here over 83 years old? No? So I will consider all of you as my younger brother or sister or my son or daughter. Is that okay?

I have devoted my entire life to teaching people, to delivering speeches, to educating people, so if I am allowed I can speak and teach you for another 30 hours. I have that kind of desire. My record speech without stopping is 16 hours, 45 minutes straight. [Applause.] I was warned by Rev. Kwak this morning that some of you have to leave after 12:00, so he was begging me, "Please make it short, Father." How much time will you give me today? Ten more minutes, thirty more minutes, or one hour? If I continue ten more hours, some of you, your fallen character will instigate you to crucify me, just like at the time of Jesus. Those people who were filled with greed and impatience made a big mistake then. So I don't want to stand on that spot again today.

Am I the host of this conference or am I a guest speaker? [Host.] I am not the host, I'm a guest here. I was invited. I even promised to come here. I was told that many prominent and respected religious leaders and scholars from all over the world were gathering here, so deep in my mind I had the desire to come and meet you face to face. But I was anxious whether Rev. Kwak was going to invite me or not. Finally he invited me, so I gladly came. Since I was invited as a special guest speaker here, you are in the position of the owners and hosts and hostesses. So will you give me time, whatever time I want to share what I want to share about God with you, or will you set the time and say, "Rev. Moon, stop?" [Answer is not unified.] I may not look handsome. But one thing you have to know about me: I am known as a champion of receiving persecution, opposition and criticism.

So even today, even though you don't like me spending too much time here, I can overcome that in a moment. So, can I still ask you to give me enough time? I would like one more time clearly, yes or no? [Yes.] I have heard. I have confidence I can talk for a long time.

My conclusion. What is the most fervent desire of God. Can you say that? Love. Your answer is not good enough for me, I'm sorry. You may not believe my answer either, but I will have to tell you the truth from God.

Is it true that the human ancestors, Adam and Eve, fell? How did they fall? Humankind has not known the answer. Why did God create Adam and Eve with the potential to fall? When the human fall took place at the time of Adam and Eve, why couldn't God eradicate, erase them and recreate new ones? Eliminating [Father briefly inaudibly in English] Why couldn't he do it?

You say love, but even when it comes to the love relationship, we see millions of millions of love relationships being cut off and separated and divorced, all kinds of disruption like that. Why couldn't God do that?

Throughout human history, God has been seeking the champion, the person who can solve this problem, the love relationship problem. That is why he has established the different major religions, so that people could work through those religious teachings. If God truly created Adam and Eve as his son and daughter, do you think God wished to see Adam and Eve disappear, destroyed, perish even after their fall, or to give love eternally? What if a gangster or robber came and put them in the bottom of the dungeon of hell, what do you think God will feel? Do you think God will kill that gangster who did that to his children? Then from where did this gangster or robber suddenly appear? Did God create such a robber or gangster, or did man?

You ladies in the front row, did you wish to be born as a beautiful lady, or you did not know what was happening, but you suddenly became a lady? Again, I am asking you, did you wish that you could be born as a woman, or you did not know? But have you ever thought, "Oh, I wish I were born as a man?" [No, never.] [Laughter.] Then would you say you need man in your life? [Yes, for sure.] Then do you need your spouse, your husband, more than you need yourself? [Yes. No!] [Laughter.] Which one; man first, woman first? [I see myself through my spouse.] Who was created first, Adam, man or Eve, woman? [Adam.] Have you seen it? You just believe it. You believe it with absoluteness, right?

Suppose either there is no man or no woman, just one single person. Do you think a world such as today's modern world would appear like this? I have given this question to many western dignitaries and ministers, the question such as what is most important among love, life and lineage, and almost everybody says love, and some people say life. What about you? Do you need lineage, blood lineage? Do you need it? Love, life, [inaudible English]. In other words, if you exclude lineage and you stick with your love and your life, they will become extinct within your own generation because you don't have your children to continue. If you stick with love only, you cannot have your descendants, the next generation following you. Am I right?

So among these three, love, life and lineage, what is more important for our life? Do you want to just enjoy your life? Do you want to just enjoy the life of love in your lifetime, or do you want to leave your descendants behind? I don't hear anyone with confidence saying lineage.

Which is more important, which is your choice? If parents are willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their children, to save their children, or the other way, children are willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of saving their parents? There you can see the importance of lineage. Without having your parents, the lineage cannot continue. Children can be reproduced; you can have more children, but if parents are not there, the lineage of your parents will be no more there.

Do you understand that much? Are you with me? Do you have absolute belief then, that my children, my own children should become greater and greater than I am, greater than my spouse? [Hope] Hope is not strong enough. Can we find many parents in western society in today's world who are truly willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their children?

If we look at the different worlds like the animal kingdom, and even the insect world and the world of birds, almost all of the parents are willing to sacrifice their lives to protect their offspring. Deer, tigers, even small insects. However, the master of all beings created by God, human beings, should be greater than those animals and insects, shouldn't we?

What about those mommies and daddies who abandon their newborn infants in a garbage can and run away, and all those miserable things that happen here? And when their parents become old and are no longer really useful, they send them to senior citizens homes here and there, and just turn their back on them. Is that the ideal world? Is it good enough to live just between you and your spouse? What about your lineage then? You have to have your children to continue your lineage. You have to recognize your grandparents, parents and children. That is the way the lineage continues. Isn't it true?

Initially the base is three generations, grandparents, parents and children. You wish to have your children, too, just like your parents wished to have you. If your parents are still alive, their wish to see your children, in other words, their grandchildren, is stronger than your wish to have your own children. When we have three generations like this, grandchildren are in the position to be able to receive two different levels of love, from their grandparents and from their parents.

In the family of Adam, our human ancestors, who was in the position of the first generation? Adam? What about God? Was God the second generation? God was in the position of the first generation, the grandparents' position.

What about Adam and Eve? Second generation, the parents' position. What about the children of Adam and Eve? Third generation. The children of Adam and Eve were supposed to be able to receive the love of God and the love of their physical parents. So these grandchildren were in the position of the owner of two nations, the heavenly world and the physical world.

[Father in English: Invisible God's nation, flesh world king, two kinds of owner combined, love is grandchildren, isn't it?] So in other words, the children of Adam and Eve were in the position to claim as the owner and king of the invisible world, the spirit world because they received love from God, the spiritual being directly, and of the physical world too, because they received love from their physical parents, Adam and Eve. That is the position they were in. The love from the king of the spirit world, the invisible world, and the king and queen of the physical world. In other words, since Adam and Eve, again, I reiterate here, Adam and Eve gave their children, the grandchildren of God, were in the position to inherit the love from the king of the invisible world, God, and the king and queen of the physical world, Adam and Eve, they were in the position to claim the entire cosmos, the spirit world and physical world in oneness. So they were in the position to claim as king and queen of the entire cosmos, all of heaven and earth. In other words, the third generation, the children of Adam and Eve, could achieve that goal.

Do you have grandchildren? In your life experience, do you think your love towards your grandchildren is greater than the love of your children for your grandchildren? You are not answering the question. I am sure you older, senior people have the same feeling, that you really wish to have your grandchildren. You want to hold your grandchildren more than your sons and daughters do? As an old man or woman, do you want to be sent to a senior citizens' home or do you want to live with your little grandchildren and give your love to them and receive their love in a home environment? Which is your preference?

By the same token, if we go back to the original history of humankind, at the time of creation God had the same desire and wish to hold and to live with his own grandchildren, even stronger than Adam and Eve's desire to hold and live with their own children. That is the way the human lineage could have continued all the way down to us without having any stain. But unfortunately the human fall took place there.

Because God was in the position of parent to all humankind even at the beginning of human history, God had his all plan. God is almighty, omniscient, therefore God had his plan to create the world of peace with billions and billions of people filling this universe. Therefore he had more desire, more hope, more future plans for his grandchildren to become his own grandchildren. But Adam and Eve on the other hand did not have this kind of plan for the future of humanity. They did not have this much in depth in terms of human history. That is why they paid less attention to their own children than God did.

But then my question goes back even further. Has God ever had the chance to hold his own grandchildren? [All the time.] Who is in the position of God's grandchildren, grandchild? [All of us, every generation.] I told you, we are all the descendants of fallen ancestors, not God. We have to know the meaning of the human fall. The fall caused the false life, false love and false lineage, nothing to do with God's original love, life and lineage.

Think about the time of the fall. Did Adam and Eve produce their children before the human fall took place or after they fell? That means the children of Adam and Eve were the descendants of, the result of, the human fall. Religious leaders must understand this. This is a very serious human problem to begin with.

When Adam and Eve were chased out of the Garden of Eden were they alone, or did they have their children? [Alone.] That means they did not have children yet. In other words, the conclusion is that Adam and Eve had the potential to produce God's own grandchildren, yet because they committed the fall God kicked them out of the Garden of Eden. This means even that potentiality of producing grandchildren was eliminated, which means God did not have any grandchildren up to this point. Are you with me? Do you understand this?

So I'm challenging you again with this question. Are you the descendants of pure God's lineage, or are you the descendants of fallen, false lineage?

Starting from Adam and Eve, after they fell they produced their children, and continuing from that point on, generation after generation all the way down to us. Which, first or second, can you claim your lineage as God's pure lineage? [Father's English inaudible. All humankind, same race, same result, sin. Isn't it? Yes or no? [Yes.] Clearly answer to me, yes or no? [Yes.]

Then what's the meaning of salvation? [Through Jesus Christ.] We are talking about the time of Adam and Eve. Jesus was born 4,000 years after that. If there had not been the human fall, Adam and Eve would have become the true children of God, that means inheriting true life, true love and true lineage from God, and would have built a true family. From that point on the lineage of Adam and Eve going down generation after generation would have been the true lineage. But they could not do it. Again, without the human fall they could have served and attended God as their God of mind and heart, and their grandchildren could have served their father and mother, Adam and Eve, as the parents of their flesh, body, representing body. That way the human world would have continued all the way down having nothing to do with the fall. But because of the fall everything was lost, and we are still struggling between mind and body, constantly fighting, constantly debating. Do you agree?

What about you? Do you always have absolute oneness between your mind and body or struggles? [Struggles.] Why? What about God? Do you think God has struggle between his mind and body? Then why do we? This clearly tells us that we are the descendants of fallen ancestors. Whether we like it or not, Satan's blood is running through our veins. Satan's life, love and lineage has been imprinted in our life. Invisible mind, heart has a connection with God, but because of our flesh, bodily desire connected to Satan, always struggle. The mind is in the position of plus and the body is supposed to be in the position of minus, but because of the fall, the body itself wants to become a plus position. That is why we are always struggling there.

So what was stronger between mind and body before the fall of man, and at the time of the fall of man? What pulled what? Body pulled mind and caused the human fall or mind pulled body away from the fall? Bodily desire was there. As the Bible says, we will reap as it was sown. In the end, just like at the time of the human fall, we will see the rampant phenomenon all over the world that people just go with their own bodily desire. All kinds of dirty behaviors are everywhere in the world. This is truly the time to reap now.

Without the fall, where do you think God's true life, true love and true lineage would have been implanted? The tools to implant this true life, true lineage and true love is our love organ, for man and woman both.

[Father's English: Not pure, original sexual organ. Now you have a fallen sexual organ, worst love, worst life, worst lineage connected to that kind of substantive being. You cannot deny it. That's true, isn't it? Yes or no?

Yes! [Yes!] Yes means "inherit." Because of the fall of man, what was supposed to be the original, pure, genuine love organs have turned into the false, evil organs, and have been misused all throughout human history. That is what we are facing in today's world. Don't we see that almost all the families in the world are facing some level of problems now relating to the sexual problem? Isn't that true?

So, since we all have families, spouses, one way or another we are in the position of king of all of those problem makers. All different levels, individual level, family level, society, nation and world, cosmos. So, since God is the essence of true life, true lineage and true love, when God looks at this dirty, stained, evil world He doesn't want to touch it or put His hand on anything.

What is the identity of Satan? Satan is the enemy of God, His love enemy. Satan took away God's own children. Where God was supposed to dwell, Satan invaded there. Where God wanted to have all humanity as his own children, Satan came in and destroyed everything spiritually, and stained everyone.

So then how can we save this fallen, hopeless humanity? Only two ways. One way is to repair the damaged and broken parts and make them normal. Or the second way is to eliminate and recreate everything.

Do you know where you can find this body shop, repair shop? Religions, the major religions are the repair shops to mend broken human beings. Therefore you are all broken machines, broken humans. You have no freedom, no rights until you are fully repaired. Isn't it true? But in order to do the repair job God needs a blueprint. But you don't have that blueprint. Do you know the blueprint for yourself to be repaired? How can God teach you the details of the blueprint for you? The secret is getting rid of the struggle between mind and body in every step of your life. Where there is conflict between mind and body, regardless of your status, your position or your education, God cannot come there. Always Satan is there. There is fighting between Islam and Christianity. Do you think God will be there? So there has to be a movement to unite them, to harmonize them.

There cannot be two different types of repair shop. There is only one kind, because God's blueprint is the only one available. Where can you find this unique repair shop to mend all these? After the fall God told people that he would send the messiah, centering on the Israelites. In other words, God would provide the repair shop to repair everyone. That is the position Jesus Christ came in, as the messiah to repair all the broken human beings.

Then who was the owner of that repair shop at the time of Jesus, Judaism or Israel? At the time neither Judaism nor the country of Israel knew about the ownership or the blueprint of God for repair. Only Jesus who came as the messiah had that blueprint and knew the job, knew what to do. In order to repair either a machine or a human being, we have to find out what went wrong. So when it comes to the problem of broken human beings, it is because of the false use of the love organ. In other words, false love relationship, false marriage, false family were the cause of this broken human body, human lives. That is why Jesus had to establish new, God-centered, pure, true individuals and families and nations, and even unite the Roman Empire in his lifetime. That was his mission.

Suppose Jesus was not crucified at that early age. Don't you think he could have completed his repair shop and done his mission in his lifetime? It does not matter Judaism or the country of Israel, every identity, everybody would have surrendered to God and Jesus. In other words, Jesus should have been able to handle every person as God wished. In other words, centering on Judaism, if all the Israelites had truly united with Jesus, even if they sacrificed their own lives, at that time the repair job was to have been done. The Israelites would have become the central people of humanity. The entire world would have been united. This kind of conflict in the Middle East between Muslims, Christians and Jews would not even have been here.

Think about the Muslims. When you came out of exile in Egypt, among the twelve tribes, your tribe was actually supposed to build the nation in the Middle East, God's nation. However, in medieval times, because of the failure of Christianity, Christianity was pushed into the corner by humanistic views and ideologies such as communism, and humanism. It was supposed to be God-centeredism. If at the time of Jesus such a thing had happened, there would not have been any Christianity or Islam whatsoever. There would just have been the God-centered family, one family under the sun.

At the time of Jesus, God had already prepared a good enough environment in all the different corners of the world. Like in China, and the rivers in the Middle East and here and there, every environment was set, even in India too. Therefore Jesus could have united the entire world and begun the kingdom of heaven on earth right here, centered on Jesus. Without opposition from Judaism and the Israelites and from the Roman Empire, Jesus could have included the people from India, even the Euphrates River and the Tigris River, and those people would have been included to build this kingdom on earth. Again, if that had happened Christianity would not have appeared.

But think about Jesus' life. Jesus came as the messiah to secure the pure three generations of God-centered lineage. The first Adam failed. Jesus came as the second Adam. He should have established to the national level, in other words even to have encompassed the Roman Empire as a nation. There would not even have been the prediction of a Second Coming. It would not have been needed. Therefore I can tell you clearly that the ignorance of Judaism, the Israelites and the Roman Empire caused Jesus Christ's crucifixion. Again, think about it. If Judaism and the country of Israel had united centering on Jesus' teaching and leadership they could have conquered even the Roman Empire. That would have been a strong enough base to conquer the entire world centered on God. The failure of the first Adam, losing God's true life, true lineage, true love. Therefore as the second Adam, Jesus came to re-establish this true life, love and lineage from God.

It was just like the engrafting process from wild olive trees to true olive trees. That process was taking place. All the peripheral religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism existed at that time. They could have naturally been absorbed by this. God did not particularly seek to see Hinduism, or Buddhism, or Christianity. God wanted to see from the beginning the one family under God. No religion, but family. We must know this by heart.

Because of the crucifixion of Jesus, Christianity appeared, but could not provide salvation both physically and spiritually, only spiritually, because Jesus had already gone into the spirit world. That is why Christianity has been remaining as the religion of the bride. Do you agree that Christianity is seen as the religion of bride? Because the bridegroom Jesus was lost, that is why as an alternative the Holy Spirit comes in the position of bride and has affected many peoples' lives in their life of faith. So therefore I can tell you clearly, you may worship in front of the cross, but the cross is the symbol of crucifixion, execution, nothing to be worshipped.

Forty days after the resurrection of Jesus he came to his disciples and other people spiritually. Only on a spiritual level he taught them. He revived them. Because of the fall of man, Adam and Eve inherited false life, false love, false lineage. Therefore they became false parents, false couples. That is why when Jesus came as the savior, the messiah, he had to reconnect to God with true life, love and lineage, and build the true olive tree field. No more wild olive trees.

If God is in the position of the first generation, Jesus came as the second generation. Therefore Jesus was supposed to have his own children who would be in the position of God's grandchildren. If that had happened, Jesus would not have been crucified. No one would have dared to crucify him. However, because of the disbelief of the people at that time the crucifixion took place, and this goal was not accomplished.

God wanted to see the end of religions. Judaism was supposed to be the end of religions for humanity. But because of the failure again, Jesus was crucified and new religions appeared, and religions still continue up this point. The first generation and second generations, Adam's and Jesus. generations, these two generations were gone. So now the time of the Lord of the Second Advent, which is the time of the third Adam, is the period of completion. Therefore this is the period when the Second Advent takes place. His mission is to complete these three generations centered on true life, true love and true lineage to God. That is the base. That is why centering on God's lineage, true lineage, true love and true life, this Lord of the Second Advent should offer the blessing to all humanity to cleanse their lineage, to engraft their lineage from the wild olive trees to true olive trees, to God. Marriage blessing. [Father briefly in English - After fallen worst parents, worst blood lineage. True, third Adam appearing, erasing everything clean up that. How can that combine ideal couples over the nation, over the cosmos world.] This unification of both the physical world and the spiritual world should be completed at the time of the Lord of the Second Advent, because he comes as the third Adam.

Look at the world now. Truly this is the end of the world. The United Nations is all divided and separated, scattered in many different directions. Look at the countries now. Where is the direction everybody is following? No ownership, no leadership in the world. Is President Bush the owner of this country? Is Kofi Annan the owner of the United Nations? The same thing in China, in Russia. The presidents, the prime ministers are not the owner or true leader of the nation. We cannot see any true leader, true owner of any nation. Centering on true life, true love and true lineage, no one can claim to be the true leader or true owner of this world. God does not recognize anyone like that. That is why God sends the Lord of the Second Advent, and centering on this figure God wants to see the true love line, true life line and true lineage line reestablished, so that all humanity can be benefited, can be blessed through the Lord of the Second Advent again.

I'm telling you, recently all those saints and sages in the spirit world beginning from Jesus Christ, all of them testified to Rev. Moon saying that Rev. Moon is the true savior, messiah and true parents to humankind. I did not ask them to testify. They came forward with such an endorsement, such a statement, such a testimony. Not because I wanted to hear that or I wanted them to say that, but because of the obligation they felt when they learned about the truth and the reality in the spirit world.

In general the major religions throughout history have encouraged people to live a single life. But now this is a totally different time, the time of family. So even those religious leaders should receive the marriage blessing, because the kingdom of God is where you can only enter as a family, not as an individual. You need your family, true family. That is why you need the marriage blessing. That is the only way you can reconnect your lineage, your love life, your life to God. And that is the only way you can produce your sinless, true children. When you establish three generations like that, you can enter the kingdom naturally, as a family. This is the base unit to enter the kingdom.

That is why the Unification movement, Rev. Moon's mission is to unify this entire world through this true marriage blessing and even unify the spirit world and build the kingdom of God on earth, the world of peace.

Practically speaking, what does Rev. Moon, being Korean have to do with Islam? What does he have to do with Christianity? Only because of the command from God, because I know what God's hope is. As I told you earlier, I have to believe in what even God cannot believe. I have to do my mission even to the level that God cannot do. That is my conviction.

God's heavenly strategy throughout history has been that of being hit first, and in return taking everything back. That is the law of indemnity. I am sure many of you opposed me and persecuted me without knowing what I am doing. Even here in America, since I came here many Christians, Jews and other religious people opposed me. Even those communists in this country instigated many people to chase me out of the country.

But the time has come. A new era has dawned with the logo of "Chun Il Guk." That means, practically, the kingdom of God on earth. The spirit world and physical world, right wing and left wing, the Muslims and Christians, everybody work together and become united and live as one family. That is the meaning of Chun Il Guk. The world of peace will be possible only where there are no national boundaries and no boundaries between religions. Also we can build this world of peace through having these inter-religious, international marriages among our children. Jewish children and Islamic children marry together, and communist children and children from the democratic world marry together and we all become in-law families and eventually become one family. Isn't it true?

Think about the moment when Cain actually killed Abel. The heart of God was in such pain and tears. Originally the elder son was supposed to give love to his younger brother, but instead of doing that there was a killing there. One person killed at that time, God's heart was broken. But when you look at the world today think about it, tens of thousands of people are being killed and dying of starvation. Do you think God's heart is at peace?

God created the angels before the creation of Adam and Eve. I am telling you, we have to repair everyone. We have to eliminate all these religions and shuffle them together to start as one family under God, otherwise there is no hope. So the true, the real repair shop for all the religious people, all the different races at this time period is the Unification movement, whether you believe it or not.

That is why I am telling you, the saints in the spirit world, the sages, they are all testifying that Rev. Moon is the only one who can unify, unite the entire world, regardless of religion and race. I did not ask them to say that, but if you do not follow this direction they will descend to you and make you work for that, whether you like it or not.

In this confusing world, enemies kill each other. Think about it. If this kind of trend of conflict, friction and war continues, every corner of the world will be killing each other. Oh, you are a Jew; oh, you are a Muslim; oh, you are Christian; oh, you are a communist. If this kind of trend continues, where can we find hope for the future of humanity? Only God-centered Godism can unite everybody and embrace everybody and build one family under God, one family, true family.

At the time of Adam and Eve, as I told you, God lost three generations. He lost His children, and His grandchildren. Now these three generations have to be restored. Those who feel that yes, we need that kind of movement and campaign and work for God strongly, show your hands please. Can I trust you?

Again I am telling you, the most simple way, it may sound a little bit unrealistic to you, but the simplest and most secretive way of building one family under God is the so-called exchange marriage between Jews and Muslims, between communists and free world people. Take Korea, for example. If the leader of Korea, Kim Jong Il's children, and President Noh of South Korea's children, if they marry together, if through marriage this enemy relationship can be eliminated, God will work with us to secure one true family under God.

And then if the time comes that the entire United Nation votes yes, let's invite Rev. Moon who is the champion of inter-religious, interracial, international marriage, and have him give the blessing to all of humanity, it won't take longer than a week to restore humanity.

I can proclaim that. The solution is not far away. It is right here. We have to work for it. If we become the true blessed family, blessed couples we can bless our relatives, our cousin's family, our nephew's family. It can multiply like wildfire. The time is here now that even if they don't like it you have to even use your force to go through this blessing, because it is for the sake of their family. Later on when they realize that was truly blessing from God, they will be grateful to you.

When I say such things, maybe it sounds controversial to you, because you think I am a king of gangsters or terrorists? What do you think? If I were a terrorist or gangster, I wouldn't even be here. I have been teaching this for the last 80 years.

What about you? If I propose here that between the leaders of Judaism, the leaders of Islam and the leaders of Christianity you do exchange marriage, in other words, inter-religious, international marriage, would you follow my direction? If you are not confident about it, send your candidates and I will educate them for 40 days. Then 100 percent will agree with it and they will go through this.

Would you do that? God wants it. Your ancestors, your saints, and the founders of your religion want it. If you don't believe what I am saying, go and pray tonight. Pray about it. Pray to the founders of your religion about what I am saying today. To Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, to whomever you are centered on, even Confucius. They will give you a clear answer if you are truly praying. They are probably waiting for your prayer.

Do you want to become bad people or good people? Then would you do that if it is the command from God? If you truly practice this interracial, international, inter-religious marriage through your children and grandchildren, you will be the ones who enter the kingdom of God first, because you overcame the enemy, you loved the enemy, showing through practice, between even blacks and whites, interracial. The white folks are descendants of the polar bear. The black folks may be the descendants of the black bear hanging around in the tropical region and eating fruits. It is natural making that kind of phenomenon, result.

Why do the white folks have blue eyes? At the North Pole you see nothing else but white snow and blue water. If you fly over the North Pole, you can see how blue the color of the water is. On the other hand, those people who live in tropical regions, there are so many dangerous animals so you have to adjust yourself with the color of nature, so you maybe adopted the color of black or brown. The hunting culture race, fighting culture race is white people. Is that true? I don't know, you know well, more than me. What about the yellow race? They have been engaged in farming, so what do the farmers do? They sit down and look at the sky for rainfall. So they naturally resemble the earth colors, brown and yellow. What about religious people. What do they do? They usually kneel down and pray to God. That is why the four great saints all came from Asia, the farming continent. Isn't it true?

What about the problem between mainly blacks and whites? Suppose the messiah, the Lord of the Second Coming comes as a white person and tries to unite and harmonize everyone. Probably black people would stab him to death. And vice versa. But luckily Rev. Moon came as a different race, representing the Asian race. That is why he can stand in between and mediate, and facilitate and harmonize them.

Because Rev. Moon can teach people clearly about God and the spirit world and about religions and Jesus and the Bible and history more than anyone else, more clearly than anybody else, that is why God even trusted Rev. Moon to do his mission here for the sake of all humanity.

The time is different now, I'm telling you. The spirit world is completely open and mobilized to help people in this physical world. For example, President Wahid, his Excellency is here. Of course he believes in Rev. Moon's work, but if he does not believe I suggest that he should bring representatives from Indonesia, the major parts of the tribes, like 120 people. Then I will give them clear teaching and see at the end of the training what they say. If they do not follow God's command, the spirit world, their good ancestors will come down and even force them to do God's work. I have confidence now. If don't follow him, it will make a problem for your tribe, your lineage place. The spirit world will not stay still any more. They will come down and involve themselves in our lives.

So now my question. Do you believe Rev. Moon's statements and teaching this morning? Yes? Those who said yes, show your left hand. Why, because the left hand represents Satan's side. So now you surrendered Satan. No more Satan.

His excellency President Wahid here heard this speech already, because Rev. Moon gave this particular speech at the United Nations conference in September last year. At that time there was some opposition and some discrimination because of what we are trying to do. But in the midst of opposition Rev. Moon clearly delivered this message to the world. The satanic world opposed. But this time I see warm welcome, because this represents the entire religious world. So, I would like to give this message to you too, but we are running out of time.

But there is one condition if you want to be released now. Since you were all given the text of my speech, which I wanted to deliver to begin with, if you promise that you will read this speech at least three times, in your home, or on your way back in your airplane, I will quit delivering this speech here. I will trust you. Can you do that? Now, show your right hands. Thank you. Both hands. Thank you very much. God bless you.