Rev. Sun Myung Moon

The Owner of Re-creation

East Garden
2 May 2003

True Father spoke during the morning hoondokhae on Monday 2 May 2003 in the grand hall of East Garden with members of the True Family, eighty American church leaders who had participated in the Hudson River fishing tournament held on April 30th and May 1st, and about 120 local members in attendance. This is the commemorative address for the fiftieth anniversary of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (HSA-UWC).

Now is a time of great transition. All Unification Church members must go beyond the way of life we had in the past. From now, we should live up to every plan we make. I'm talking about day-to-day life, not some sort of concept. Every idea should be actualized in daily life. That's how the spirit world and the physical world become one. There is no other way in particular.

Newly-appointed Ambassadors for Peace asked me how they should live their lives from now. They should know that they must follow the entire official course that Unification Church members underwent historically, and that what happens presently in the spirit world must be the center of their lives on earth. That's how they can unite with the spirit world. We had different concepts before, but from now, we should be really more confident of living in the presence of the spirit world. You must understand that things will be very different from now. Do you understand? (Yes.)

What I said in the past is the same as what I say to you now. Whether you can or cannot live for the Will on the world level is the principle that determines whether or not you can be the central figures in realizing the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore you must follow that principle. Knowing that, if you lived a very conceptual life, you should change and live your life fully and substantially from now. That's how you can make unity between the spirit world and the physical world in your own daily life. Go beyond your own realm of life and unite both worlds on the national level. That's how the Unified Kingdom of Heaven integrating God's Kingdom on Earth and in Heaven can be realized.

You haven't lived your life with that concept. Things were separated. Unification Church life and blessed families' lives were separated. The Unification Church's visions and ideas were different from those of the world. Until now, Americans have been thinking and acting within the limits of traditionally American ideas. You should now transcend that and make unity originate in the new dimension. That's where you are as the owners of Cheon Il Guk. You need to understand that.

The Anniversary of HSA-UWC

When I was twenty-five, I planned out all the essentials of the Unification Church. That's how I founded the Unification Church, in that age, and in that world. The reason that you live within the realm of the Unification Church is to follow and to live my way of life in the Realm of Life. That's logical.

If you listen to it, you'll know how amazing it is. Looking at it in the past and in the present, everything is consistent. It's been consistent from the beginning to the end, from head to tail. Following the consistent principle, the world where love is in order can be created. It's the re-creation; it's not the creation but re-creation. The world God created was all lost and even God was lost; that's why there should be re-creation. I, Adam, who have nothing to do with the Fall, must take responsibility to recreate God's lost world.

To make the God of sorrow become the God of happiness, the entire Unification Church celebrated His Coronation! And then we celebrated the Coronation of the King of the Blessed Families of the Peace and Unity of the Cosmic True Parent and the True Parents of Heaven and Earth. God couldn't touch the world He created. Through the completion of my work of restoration through indemnity, God could control the creation. However, the owner of the re-created world is not God. You must understand this point clearly.

The owner of the recreated world is not God; it's not God who has to pay indemnity, it was actually Adam's responsibility. Adam should have fulfilled his responsibility in his generation. Otherwise, God couldn't stand in the original position where the original ideal began. You should understand God had to suffer as a God of incompetence for so long although He truly is all-knowing and all-competent. How sad He must have been. Do you understand?

So, how old are you? Dr. Yang, how old are you? (I'm fifty.) If you're fifty, you should have lived uprightly for twenty-five years from the time you were twenty-five. God's Nation and Realm of Life have developed from the individual, familial, tribal, national and global age. Passing through different levels of development, you have become liberated enough to come and go in the spiritual and physical worlds as you wish. You should understand this point clearly. Unless you offer God's Nation and Palace where you can attend Him, your mission as Adam isn't over. This is eternal truth.

All saints and sages in the spirit world so far have never lived in glory. They have tried hard to reach the very goal of perfection ever since the Fall. You should know that it will continue to be that way until we have actualized the Realm of the Ideal of Love, the unity of heaven and earth in liberation.

If you didn't complete this on earth, you'd still have to carry this uncompleted in heaven. You'd have to go through the training for eternity in order to overcome the uncompleted. That's the course you'll have to go over. You should be grateful for the fact that you could greet this age while living on earth, and understand that you have inherited something more precious than your own nation, more than your living world, more than your love and life. Know of a surety how precious your present life is. Do you understand? You can't drink, smoke or do all kinds of things as you please. One person with the value of a hundred! Say it, "One person with the value of a hundred." ("One person with the value of a hundred.") Everyone should have the value of a hundred people. Whether at beginning or the end--the beginning, the middle or the end--you must achieve this.

It's not God's responsibility to liberate Himself and complete His creation by actualizing the truth. If it were, He would not have left Adam and Eve to fall. How sorrowful it is that it was actually Adam's responsibility. Nobody ever thought this way throughout all of human history, not one person. It isn't God who is responsible for re-creation but each one of you. So who is the owner of Cheon Il Guk? Your families are. Our families are. Because of one family, all of heaven and earth are blocked. Because our first family missed the fishing bait, we should create the fishing baits again and hook them to go back to the original position. You can do so when you're willing to suffer even more than God in the spiritual and physical worlds. This is a logical conclusion.

As a young man of twenty-four or twenty-five knowing all these things, on the basis of these conclusions I hung up the Unification Church signboard. You should understand this. Even nowadays, when I listen to my words from those days there is nothing that requires correction. Based on that reality, you must start anew. Being in America can't be an excuse not to do so. Do you understand?

The Family Party

What's next? It is the Family Party. What comes after that is God's Wedding. God couldn't hold His Wedding. He couldn't register His marriage. Did He or didn't He? God Himself couldn't register the birth as the Owner of All Creation in the universe. Because of whom? Because of Adam. Therefore, True Parents must liberate God by placing Him above the kingship. You must understand clearly that God could never become the owner with autonomy over the things He created in heaven and earth from the smallest to the greatest. You must understand how sorrowful it has been for God.

You can't brag about yourselves centering on this small little church of lesser worth than a single leaf. Those things are not important. Because Adam and Eve destroyed the realm of liberation of the re-creation where God could be free, as soon as God recovers the power of re-creation to return to the world having nothing to do with the Fall, the perfection of Adam and Eve can be realized at once. You can fashion the entire universe anew. That's why you must have the conviction following the direction of God's will. If you can do that, things will open up for you automatically. You'll be sorted out if you can't do that. If you keep changing your minds, you'll all be blocked!

Why do I need Judaism? Why do I need Islam, Christianity and the Unification Church? They came about due to the Fall. You should understand that I must push them aside and make God's Original Palace of Liberation and acquire ownership of the Kingship of God's Nation in Heaven and on Earth with my own hands. Because I have this kind of faith and conviction, if I am ruined, all of heaven and earth will be ruined as well. You should have that kind of conviction and faith. Do you understand? [Yes.] How extraordinary are the things I'm telling you now? You should understand them. It's inevitable for fallen humankind to go that course anyway.

What was the major theme I spoke on after the inauguration of the Family Party? It was the Registration of Marriages and Births! Whose marriage registration was I talking about? Not mine. It was God's marriage and birth registration. Nobody ever thought about that before. We should make sure we have that in the day of the new start. I need to tell you this to enable myself to walk about freely without a cane: Because we went beyond the forty-year period, yesterday, on May 1st, on the anniversary of the founding of the Unification Church that has begun its fiftieth year, although I couldn't talk to you yesterday, I can't just let you go back without hearing my words. So, today, I've connected things again newly and make a re-determination by having things upside down and having heaven and earth upside down in a different dimension. I'm not talking about turning 180 degrees but 360 degrees to bring everything to the original position. That's the place where you can make the new start. So, now if anyone stops you, and if you curse them, your curse will actually come true. If you curse someone saying, "you shall be destroyed," it will actually happen. You should be sons and daughters of God with that kind of faith and conviction, shouldn't you? (We should.) Those who promise to have that kind of conviction should raise both hands. (Everyone raises both hands.) True Parents truly want God's blessing to be with you.

The next is the Family Party! As long as we have the Family Party, you don't need the Democratic or Republican Parties. We need to be the owners to build the original homeland. That's why you must love all things. That way, you must re-create all things including all the plants. They lost their true owners. They had a true owner until the time when Adam was sixteen years old. But after the fall, all things lost the true owner. Things became defiled. So blessed families must take the responsibility for the failure as if they are the ones who failed at the time of Adam and Eve. That's why our blessed families are the owners of Cheon Il Guk.

You should think about the fact that humankind was born in the realm of hell and in the realm of humanity both in the spirit world and the physical world, like twins at the same time. So all people are brothers and sisters to each other. If you can't enter the dimension where you feel brotherly or sisterly love even for your own mother and father, you can't be perfected and can't live in the palace in the other world. You'll just drift around the palace for thousands or ten thousands of years.

How serious that is if you think about it. Some Unification Church members became like Christians, going to church on Sundays, and going to hoondokhae, avoiding anything complicated in their minds. You continue to live like that. You will have more difficult peaks to cross over than those who don't know the Principle. If you commit individual crimes, you'll create very thorny paths to pass through. Your lives shouldn't be so pathetic like that. You should leave behind the lineage of purity, pure blood and pure love as ancestors of the Blessing. You should really writhe in agony not to leave Satan's stained lineage creating thorny paths for your descendants on earth. You should really try hard making serious conditions. To cross over the peak, you must fulfill your responsibility before you go to the spirit world even if you have to risk your lives hundreds or thousands times. That's your responsibility. Therefore, you must walk this course with one heart and one mindset whether you're awake or asleep. You mustn't think anything else. Do you understand? [Yes.]

God was that serious. Do you know how serious I was when I founded the Unification Church? I created the principled track. Whether people like it or not, they must run on the track to reach the destination. The trains should run on the track whether they are high up or low down or passing through dark tunnels. You should have no individualistic will in order to reach the right destination. With that wish, the age of the new heavenly kingdom ideology has come. The new age has come when you can build a nation on the foundation made by your individual selves and families. You should be absolutely well-prepared. You should always be on guard to become good heavenly princes and princesses in creating the purpose of the heavenly ideal of creation. You should become God's princes and princesses to inherit the victorious foundation living together with God. You are in the realm of family expanding from one nation, one culture, one world and one brotherlhood. It's the purpose of the whole for the Unification Church to restore. Do you understand? [Yes.]

If you don't know it, you should record my word and make that your reference. My word isn't made up randomly. Absolutely it follows the heavenly way from the beginning to the end including the entire process. They are all one. That's why God has no choice but to follow me. You should understand it, right? [Yes.]

Jesus should have completed the restoration through indemnity. Jesus should have gotten married and created his own family. He should have had all Jews belong to the heavenly nation at the same time. He should have blessed the Roman Empire and the rest of the world as well by the time he turned forty. Then, God's Kingdom on Earth and in Heaven could have been realized.

Because of the sin of killing Jesus, Israelis and Palestines are fighting. They couldn't be brothers. They should have created a realm of one culture, one nation and one heart, but Islam, Judaism, and Christianity had to be born separately. That's the sad history. Do you understand?

People are talking about our removing the cross. That's not a big problem. Jesus is dead. The sin of killing the True Parent cannot be forgiven even if all mankind perished, even if the Israelites were sacrificed for a thousand or ten thousand generations. The people of Israel could not grasp the magnitude of their crime. As a parallel age has just now arrived, something similar can happen as happened then.

Just like Judaism, Islam and Christianity were divided, a parallel age has come, therefore, those three religions must be united centering on the Unification Church. Do you understand? Now is not just a global age but a cosmic age. Therefore, the Lord of the Second Advent, the Messiah, the Savior must create the heavenly kingdom of peace in this world. In that world, there can be no religious conflicts. The Lord of the Second Advent has to come because the first Lord couldn't fulfill his responsibility. He should come to realize the realm of liberation on earth and in heaven. That's the providence of history.

Now you know it. So you should put your knowledge into practice and cross over the peak. That way, you can bring yourselves before God's presence and establish the realm of ideal of liberation with which you can govern heaven and earth. It is our destined mission to register ourselves in the new nation being praised by all the high-ranking people in the heavenly nation, to be the new people. You should understand clearly that that's still on your way. If you die without realizing your mission, you'll be in trouble. Therefore, while you're living on earth, you must invest everything you have to restore all that. You should have strong enough determination to burn your own eyes, your nose, your five organs and all, if you have to. You are very likely to fail in the history of providence. Can God take responsibility for you? He can't. If He could, Adam and Eve would never have fallen to begin with. That's a very logical conclusion.

Who is responsible for re-creation? It's not God. It's you who know everything. So we say, Cheon Il Guk what? Our families are what kind of families? Our families are the owners of Cheon Il Guk. It's not just a theory. When talking about the owners of Cheon Il Guk, you should remember that all living beings from the smallest to the entire cosmos, which is a hundred billion times bigger than our solar system, exist in a pair system. Everything exists in pairs. Satan stained the whole thing with his blood and separated them all. So we must collect and clear them all to make them new. That's why you should love plants, animals, and soils to ease their sorrow and pain for not having been their true owners. That's how you can dissolve their sorrow and pain. That's why you come to have a new view of life and the universe. Do you understand? [Yes.]

You should know to put on summer clothes when summer comes. Knowing the Unification Church, some people still stay in the Presbyterian Church or the Catholic Church. They are all like falling leaves in autumn. When autumn comes, leaves lose their green and automatically fall to be manure. Before autumn, you should have the right nutrition to give the roots, branches and buds in the green age. That's how you can leave the ties of life behind. That's logical. Understanding well, you should live your lives on earth in the new dimension. Do you understand?

You must understand it clearly. It's the Family Party. We don't need the Family Party. We don't need a party. What we need is the family in which we can attend God. That's it. Because it's not done yet, even if you have to die thousands or ten thousands of times, you should still be willing to go the course of indemnity. God wants to go for us. But you should realize that you should want to volunteer to be sacrificial offerings to be the prince of princes, the queen of queens, the best filial children, loyal subjects, saints and holy people in heaven and earth. Even if you are in the realm of God's heart where you receive God's love freely, you should feel sorry with tears lamenting the fact that you have no right to be where you are. Even if you did burn yourselves with blood and sweat for God, you should still feel lacking in serving God. That's the only way you can be free from the failure made by prince and princess who have gone through the course to find God.

Now, should you make a new determination or not? Do you understand? [Yes.] Are you keeping the record worldwide right? [Yes.] You should record this and educate the entire world with it. You must keep the record of this and use it anytime. You can't do anything unless you know the standard of the start or the conditions made for the tradition.

Did God have a wedding or not? (No, He didn't.) God created all things in pairs because He is the harmonious union of dual characteristics. God is plus and minus together in harmony. He stands in the masculine position. Even if heaven and earth changes, it will never change the fact that God is the Subject and has male status. However, such a world hasn't even come yet. You are the ones who should create even God. Because you are the ones who destroyed the Heavenly Nation and Palace, you must build them all and liberate God. On that foundation, if you are willing to be a thousand or ten thousand times better as filial children, patriots, saints and holy sons and daughters, how can there be hell? You will be the center of the palace of the heavenly nation where God can always stay and rest.

Can you understand the conceptual range of my words? Do you understand what I'm talking about? (Yes.) Do you understand? (Yes.) You should like that way. The Unification Church (Holy Spirit Association) is not some sort of association. It can't be an association. It's the family of love! Repeat after me. The family of love! (The family of love!) You're the owners of the family. When you become the owners, you can restore all your mothers and fathers. You should register the marriages of your parents. Do you understand? (Yes.) You have ancestors and parents, right? You should force your parents, if you need to, and have them register their marriages. They will be grateful for eternity, even if they were forced to go through the Blessing. They will be grateful eternally when they find out that, thanks to you, they have the Nation where they can register their children's births.

I'm like that too. I've suffered because of my faith in the Unification Church; however, I don't see my suffering as suffering. I've experienced the realm of the heart of gratitude. I could experience it deeply, widely, and highly thanks to the suffering I went through. You never know how it feels unless you reach there. Those who didn't go to the hospital can't know how it feels to be there. Restoration through indemnity can never be accomplished without going through suffering.

God has nothing to be proud of in front of me. God was not in the position to liberate the beginning process and love Adam and Eve as His children. By restoring God to His rightful position, and putting God in the Father's position the children, fallen humankind, must receive love from Him. That's the way of sorrowful history all humankind must follow. Do you understand? You must understand the conclusion. Without God's marriage and birth registration, there can be no Nation.

It's not only True Parents. True Parents exist in history having the standard with the same value, and at the same level. In the future, if the world knows the truth, people will wail every single day. There is a place called, 'The Wailing Wall' in Israel for people to repent. It'll be the same. You must have the realm of liberation over sorrow to cross over this peak.

What will the family party do? Through the Family Party, the world needs to know that God liberated heaven and earth and that He could hold marriages. We can register our marriages now because God registered the marriage and births of His children. Because God went beyond the Three Great Realms, He can return to His original position. Therefore, all ministers and people in the religious realm must humbly realize how sorrowful they are and repent. If you understand this, you will be speechless out of reverence.

Following this principle, you must make a new determination. Those who pledge to live with a new determination must stand up and pledge many times before Heavenly Father.

I've told you everything that I needed to tell you. You know things now as if you were in those early years when the Unification Church was founded. Now, you have completely inherited two things, the privileges of marriage and birth registration. You should pledge to live the life of one heart, one body, one mindset and one harmony. If you live that way, you should believe that you could be the royalty of God's Kingdom in Heaven and the people of the Heavenly Kingdom. I truly hope that you'll put your belief into practice as I close this meeting. Do you understand? (Yes.)