The Passing of Cecilia Cullen to the Spiritual World

by John B. Cullen <>
Tuesday, 16 November 1999

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Hello to all.

I wanted to let you know that Cecilia, my wife, died last Sunday (Nov. 7) at 11:15am in the Philippines. She suffered horribly, but her death at the last moments was very peaceful. Cecilia took her last breaths in my arms. Cecilia looked like a concentration camp victim the last few months, with tumors sticking out from her throat to her pelvic area and left leg. She could only take small sips of liquid because of the tumors pressing against her throat. She would get panicky every time we would giver her morphine with a bit of juice, because to her, it would feel like it wasn't going down. She was starving to death because of this in addition to the cancer. She was at home (at her sister's) without any IV's but we did have oxygen every day for her. The hospitals there are not equipped to handle terminal cases like that. Even the doctor said to me about a week before she died that he really didn't understand why she was still alive. Cecilia was a holy offering.

She was buried, at her request, in the wedding dress she wore when we were Blessed in in August 1995 (360,000 couples Blessing) at her family's burial site in the Philippines. I also put the DP I had finished a 100 readings with wrapped up at her feet in the casket. We had an understanding that she would offer this to God.

Cecilia was able to scribble some words in a notebook in her last days. She wrote, "This is a living sacrifice. If I die, it will be for God. I do not regret after all. I am glad He chose me. Always believe in True Parents - only one True Parents on earth."

There are many, many other things I could tell you about, but it would take too long at this time.

Cecilia and the boys and I want to thank each of you deeply with a full bow for your prayers and generous support during these past 11 months.

John Cullen (with Modge and Idris)

Note from Dr. Tyler Hendricks, President FFWPU USA
Thursday, 18 November 1999
Concerning The Passing of Cecilia Cullen
to the Spiritual World

You all have read of our sister's passing to the spirit world a few days ago. I just want to testify to her amazing spirit of life and love. She served as our National HQ secretary for Reverend Pak and myself, as many of you know. She was always bright and uplifting. She was a thorough professional, as she had worked for the Filipino government, and she taught me about how to run a professional office (Cecilia, come now! We need you!) Most of all was how she ignored her physical ailments and kept working to the last, until the pain was so great that she was literally crawling down the hall. But she never let on that she was suffering; she always was giving and encouraging and happy. And she was full of ideas on how to improve our church organization. Only the good die young.

Cecilia, on behalf of National HQ, thank you so much. We will see you in the sweet bye and bye.

ITN, Tyler Hendricks