The Erpelding family shares their experiences

Value of TP, HJN, & DMN's Picture,
Value of Unification Flag,
Value of 21 bows per day

The Erpelding Family <>

June 2, 1999

Dear TP, Damian Anderson, and Worldwide Unification Family,

Here are some short but very meaningful quotes from the new 15 series books from TP entitled "True Parents" pg 189 that were passed out recently during TM's recent tour here in the US:

"From now on, we must do three activities. First, fill out the church application; second; hang and a picture of TP; third, put up a flag of the Unification Church. You must do all these three." TP

So who is exempt and so special that they need not do all these three things? No-one! Which means that EVERY MEMBER ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET ABSOLUTELY MUST DO ALL THESE THREE THINGS!!!!

"If you did these three you can do anything." TP

Which means these three elements are KEYS enabling us, to help us bring 400 million pure young couples for blessing.

"What then is the flag? It is the environmental representative which indicates the world-level Unification Church... It represents our families, our nations, the whole Unification Church, and all humankind." TP
"You absolutely must raise the flag... Now raise the flag, attend the picture of TP, and register." TP

This message # 1 was received from Heaven in April:


That this information is extremely important!!!!

So I set about trying to find a Unification Flag. Luckily our regional center had some so I immediately put it up in our front window facing the street for the world to see. Our family had already signed application (3.6 Million Couple Blessing) and we already had a picture of TP in our prayer/bedroom. So out of all the things TPs have asked us to do over the years, I felt like at least we had accomplished these three things.

Kam sa ham ni da!

Hyoong Je Erpelding's Family


Little did I know at the time, but the accomplishment of these three small conditions opened up a world of deep shim jung (heartle) prayer and deep and wide true love for Heavenly Father, TP and mankind.

Spiritual Experiences/Testimonies Surrounding
Dae Mo Nim's Special 7 Generation
Liberation Ceremony in the US.

Adyk Ja (my wife) and I are from Region # 7 and attended this ceremony in Chicago on April 23, 1999. We started doing a 50 bow per day condition especially for this event While Adyk Ja was bowing she sensed her ancestors lining up, and bowing together with her. Then one night while I was doing my bows I felt as if there was another person inside me, bowing together with me, receiving TP.

During the 7 GEN Liberation Ceremony we both had deeply moving experiences as well. While we were doing the unison clapping with the big drum, over a thousand of us clapping in unison with the beat of the drum, I sensed a spirit was being raised up out of each person in attendance every time we clapped our hands together. While Adyk Ja was listening to Dae Mo Nim's speech she sensed her ancestors sitting on her right side. A few minutes later DMN said " Your ancestors are right here, they are on your right side." During the unison prayer she told her ancestors to "Go, go to the workshop, you are liberated.'' She sensed one by one, they glowed and went up until the last one who took the time to touch our son (Jaemi) who flinched when the spirit touched him, he sleeping at the time.

After these experiences our family decided to keep doing these ancestor's bows and incorporate them into our daily lifestyle. The night we returned to Saint Cloud, MN, my (hometown) from Chicago and DMN's ceremony, during my true ancestor's bowing providence, late in the middle of the night I saw TP standing together in white robes, and HJN was standing next to TF and DMN was standing next to TM, as we were doing our bows. I looked behind me and saw an endless line of spirits waiting in line to bow through us to receive TP.

TP mention "ancestors bows" in a book entitled "True Parents" from the new 15 series books that were handed out in our region during TM's tour, Pg. 186 "So all come down from the spirit world and bow down" TP

I sense that every time we bow to TP picture, anywhere in the world, anytime, day or night, another spirit person can go to and receive TP, especially now with DMN's providence.

I wholeheartedly recommend everyone continue doing at least some kind of bowing condition, for the sake of your own ancestors, for your own spirit world, and for the sake of our cosmos centered on true love, especially all those who attended DMN's 7 Generation Liberation Ceremony.

Kam sa ham ni da (thank-you},

Hyoong Je and Adyk Ja's Family


Mi an ham ni da! (I'm sorry),

I'm sorry that I haven't learned more Korean yet, I will keep trying. I hope that you received my previous 2 messeges/sp. experiences/testimony surrounding DMN's visit to help you prepare for this new one.

Late one night, (99/4/30) while deep in prayer for HF, TP, HJN, DMN, and you, while doing true ancestor's bows I received some message. This is the message that I received; That all Unification family members worldwide could receive a special cosmic blessing by doing the following:

  1. Put a picture of TP with one of HJN next to TF, and one of DMN next to TM in each of our homes where we pray and do our bows.
  2. Get a list of every country in the world, about 190.
  3. Call out each country one by one, doing 4 bows in between each country in front of and facing the pictures of HJN, TP, DMN. Ex. "Afghanistan" then bow 4 times, "Albania" then four bows, etc., until you've done 4 bows for each country.

PLEASE don't try to do these approximately 760 bows your first night. Start with what you can, 50 or so, and keep track of where you are on your list of countries. Then after a while and you understand the deep significance of these bows you can gradually work your way up to more bows per day if you feel so compelled.

PURPOSE: Each time we bow to a picture of HJN, TP, DMN, a person comes down from spirit world to bow through us to receive TP. They are most anxious to do this so that they too can receive TP through us. HJN and DMN will have them all lined up for us, waiting in line to bow through us. After we bow HJN and DMN will take them to their special workshops that they have already prepared and organized in spirit world.

"So all will come down from the spirit world and bow down." TP

Pg 186 from the 15 series books entitled "True Parents"

A good time for these bows are from 1 AM to 4 AM. TP mentions about ancestors bows on pg 186 from the same book mentioned above. However depending on your schedule, and because of the special conditions DMN has already made, any time for these bows is OK. You don't need to do them all at once but can spread them out throughout the day if you so choose.

This is all connected with our FAMILY PLEDGE 5.

"Our family pledges to strive everyday to advance the unification of the spirit world and the physical world as subject and object partners by centering on true love."

Especially all those who have attended DMN's 7 Generation Liberation Ceremony should be able to understand all this.

Again, PROMISE you will be careful, don't be breaking or shattering any bones and ligaments trying to do too many bows at once. Know your limits, and be smart, gradually work up to more bows if you feel so compelled. Remember, we all have other missions to do as well.

I recommend using at least 3 prayer rugs to do your bows on to protect your knees.

Sarang ham ni da! ( I love you)

If we can all do this as a part of TP worldwide family, we will receive a special cosmic blessing.

Kam sa ham ni da!

Hyoong Je and Adyk Ja's ka jung (family)


Date: 5/27/99 10:27:38 PM Central Daylight Time

I must again apologize for not being fluent enough in Korean yet, but I try to use at least a little Korean everyday. I want to thank you, Rev. Hun Suk Lee and Rev. Ki Hun Kim for forwarding my last 3 messages from Heaven. And I also want to give a special Kam sa ham ni da to Rev. Joong Hyun Pak for putting together that special album with the spiritual testimonies in it for TP.

Sometimes we never know what to expect in life, as Heavenly Father sometimes may have a surprise or two for us along the way.

Hyoong Je is sending this 4th. message as he received it.

It is extremely important for all members world wide to have a picture of DMN on their altar or in the prayer room in which they do their bows. Not having a picture of DMN on your altar/prayer room may almost be compared to not having a picture of TM on your altar/prayer room as DMN is TM's representative in the spirit world. So please put your picture of HJN next to TF's picture, and DMN's picture next to TM's, in your altar/prayer room.

In Region 7, Rev Hun Suk Lee is guiding us all to do 21 bows per day for 100 days. A small condition on our part, but it could have a cosmic effect as a world wide family if every unification member worldwide joined together with us in this 21 bows per day for 100 days. Our show of unity world wide may touch Aboji Hananim's (Heavenly Father's) shim jung(heartle) and our TP's shim jung (heartle.) This is Hyoong Je's hope and prayer from the depth and width of his heartle, that all members can set up TP's, HJN's, & DMN's pictures, and do 21 bows per day for 100 days.

For members interested in receiving a larger version of the above picture of HJN, TP, & DMN, please e-mail us at


  1. An expression of our deepest shim jung (heartle) for Aboji Hananim (Heavenly Father) and Chum Pu Mo Nim (True Parents.) To show them that we can unite as a cosmic world wide family, centered on Aboji Hananim's (Heavenly Father's) and Chum Pu Mo Nim's (True Parents') shim jung (heartle.)
  2. Our show of tong il (unity) for the success of 400 million couple blessing of young pure people.
  3. For the establishment of chun joo chum bu mo (cosmic true families.)

Kam sa ham ni da (Thank you) and Monsei!!!!


Hyoong Je, Adyk Ja, Hakys, & Erpelding Ka jung (family)

Inheriting Shim Jung (Heartle)
Korean Thought through the Family Pledge

Dear TP, Damian Anderson, & Worldwide Unification Family,

Mi an ham ni da (I'm sorry)

I seem to be saying that a lot lately but somehow it seems fitting.


Hyoong Je is reporting this message as he received it 99/6/2 :

Of course reciting the "Family Pledge" in Korean daily is recommended. But often afterward we repeat the "Family Pledge" in English, and sometimes we don't recite the "Family Pledge" in Korean at all on a daily basis.

The "Ka Jung (Family) Pledge" is like a key or gateway into Korean thought and Korean shim jung (heartle). As we use it daily our hearts can inherit the deep shim jung (heartle) from Aboji Hananim (Heavenly Father) and from our beloved Cham Pu Mo Nim (TP). This pledge will help us along the way until we learn more Korean as a worldwide family. It is our most sincere hope that this pledge will be used in conjunction with the Korean "Family Pledge" on a daily basis throughout the US and all countries that are using the English translation only version of the "Family Pledge."


  1. To inherit Aboji Hananim's (Heavenly Father's) deep and wide Shim Jung (Heartle).
  2. To inherit Cham Pu Mo Nim's (True Parent's) deep and wide thought and shim jung (heartle).
  3. To help us unite as one worldwide family under TP, and bring 400 million pure young people couples for blessing centered on TP shim jung (heartle).
  4. To show TP that we are at least trying to learn some basic Korean terms, and that we will try to use at least a little Korean on a daily basis as one worldwide family centered on the language and shim jung (heartle) of our TP.

Kam sa ham ni da!

Hyoong Je, Adyk ja, Hakys Erpelding and ka jung